The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida on April 24, 1991 · 183
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The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida · 183

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1991
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rrorrr yfTT ww'w m' —7m i rr ry PM" ‘ r r r ' y n- r f ’ ' $ ' V i ' ' f d i tf r r f BRO WEDNESDAY APRIL 24 1991 THE MIAMI HERALD 17A Pratt awarded $12 billion engine FIGHTER FROM 1A the award marks the Pentagon’s most important economic decision of the 1990s v The plane dubbed the Lightning ' 2 is expected to begin defending the nation in 2002 nearly 30 years after the F-15s it will replace took to the air The F-22 “will ensure that our pilots get first look and first kill” Air Force Secretary Donald Rice said as he announced his choice just after the stock market closed for the day “The ATF will ensure American air superiority well into the next century” Rice said Lockheed and Pratt submitted lower bids than Northrop and General Electric although he would not say by how much Fast flight The F-22 will be able to travel 15 times the speed of sound — supercruise — without pouring fuel into afterburners To fly that fast existing engines must use afterburners which are special engine chambers into which additional fuel is sprayed and ignited Using afterburners consumes five times more fuel and provides a blazing bulls-eye to enemy heat-seeking missiles The Air Force said Monday that the Pentagon has cut its planned purchase of the high-tech planes from 750 to 650 reducing the total cost from $110 billion to $95 billion The angular F-22 and its unusual trapezoidal wings will out-fly out-shoot and outsmart anything flying today or in the foreseeable future Air Force officials believe Its stealthiness will allow it to sneak up on enemy planes and its speed and agility will make it hard to hit if detected they say The plane leapfrogs the existing stealth technology displayed during the Gulf War in Lockheed’s F-117 fighter To preserve its stealthiness the F-117 must fly slowly which may be acceptable for bombing missions but can be suicidal in aerial dogfights Rice said he could not detail the reasons for picking the Lockheed plane although others in the Pentagon and elsewhere speaking anonymously were less reluctant Superior maneuverability Defense officials said the Air Force was impressed with the F-22’s superior maneuverability During recent flight tests the F-22 Miami man botched job probe finds Columbus panel $720000 in debt By PAUL ANDERSON Herald Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — When he resigned as chairman of the federal Christopher Columbus anniversary commission in December Miami businessman John N Goudie left the commission near collapse and more than $720000 in debt congressional investigators said Tuesday While their preliminary probe found no criminal wrongdoing only “mismanagement” the investigation is continuing officials of the General Accounting Office (GAO) told a House panel The new commission chairman said he hopes that a reorganization will restore public confidence in the commission which is planning next year’s celebration of the 500th anniversary of Columbus’ voyage to the New World The commission needs to raise at least $3 million in the next 18 months to afford its Ex-cop’s $225 million disability was fraud Florida officials allege FRAUD CASE FROM 1A grand theft Attorneys for Florida Physicians Insurance Co of Jacksonville said Boca Raton neurosurgeon Douglas Martin 41 hired private investigator Jack Harwood who since February tracked Lenahan to his yacht ADVERTISING INDEX Airlines American Airlines Pan Am Two Us Air Auctions Dowd Could Auction Automotive InterCity Auto Inter-city Auto Star Transmissions Of Flo Classified Index Automotive Employment Real Estate listings Clothes Joseph's Neman Marcus Peter Rent T Jmoxx deal flew horizontally while its nose was pointed nearly straight up thanks to thrust-vectoring flaps that deflect exhaust from its two engines The Air Force believes such punishing maneuvers and the plane’s miserly fuel consumption at supersonic speeds will rewrite the rules of aerial warfare in the Air Force’s favor The Northrop team emphasized speed and stealth over agility in its F-23 Gray Ghost Military experts in the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill also noted that the Lockheed team plans to build its version in Marietta Ga bringing 2000 new jobs to the home state of Sen Sam Nunn the Democrat who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee “Secretary Rice has assured me that the Air Force conducted a rigorous and impartial source selection" Nunn said Boeing will make the F-22’s wings and rear fuselage in the state of Washington General Dynamics will make the midsection in Texas and Lockheed will attach them to the cockpit and forward fuselage at Marietta Losing defense work For Pratt the F-22 engine contract will inject $24 billion worth of development money over the next 10 years into a company that has been steadily losing defense work to budget cuts and program expirations “The government did a wise thing” said Gary Reich an analyst at Shearson Lehman Hutton "They got a terrific engine and they kept a second source alive and in busi ness Reich and other analysts had predicted a gloomy future for Pratt’s West Palm Beach operation The plant employs 7500 people but is in the midst of a cost-cutting program that will pare the payroll to about 6400 by the end of 1993 Pratt officials had said 1500 more jobs would go if the company failed to win a share of the $95 billion fighter competition Good news bad news "The good news is that Pratt’s engine business remains very much intact and has the opportunity to remain at the forefront of military engine design in the 1990s” said UBS Securities analyst Wolfgang Demisch “The bad news is that for the next few years the ATF is just scaled-back plans he said “I’m an optimist but I can’t afford to be anything else at this point" said Frank J Donatelli a former White House aide who was appointed by President Bush in February to replace Goudie “What should be the home stretch for the commission has become an ‘Operation Boot Strap’ to salvage whatever benefits are possible in the limited time remaining” said L Nye Stevens the GAO’s director of government business operations Donatelli said he has reopened negotiations with Texaco and the government of Spain over the planned US tour of copies of Columbus’ three ships the caravels Nina Pinta and Santa Maria Texaco backed out of its sponsorship in September when problems began to surface Spain which began building the ships under an agreement with the commission quit the part dock in St Petersburg and throughout the Keys In West Palm Beach on Tuesday the attorneys said videotape photographs and eyewitness accounts show Lenahan to be fit and active “I think he fooled everyone I think everyone — except perhaps Dr Martin — thought that he had demonstrated all these ailments" WHOWILDDOWHATM A team of companies led by Lockheed has won the Air Force contract to build the new Advanced Tactical Fighter Lockheed: Forward fuselage and systems integration final assembly General Dynamics: Middle fuselage tail landing gear armaments PRODUCTION SCHEDULE Tuesday: Contract awarded May through October 1991: External aircraft design finalized prototype flight tests continue October 1991 through 1992: Internal structural design and refinement of all aircraft systems continued flight testing assembly line set up 1993: Production begins of 11 full-scale development aircraft 1995-1996: Initial production begins for Air Force order of 650 planes potential Navy order of 585 1998: Full production begins 2002-2004: Peak production rates achieved depending on funding 2016: Air Force potential Navy orders filled Additional orders foreign orders could keep line open SOURCE: Atlanta Journal-Constitution JOHN PINEDA Miami Herald Staff J REJOICE: On Tuesday employees of Pratt & Whitney in West Palm I Beach Dan Murphy left and Otto Eichmann cheer the news an engineering program not a production program so I suspect there’ll be considerable amount of pain for Pratt’s production people” Employees at the West Palm Beach Pratt plant reacted joyously T uesday when John Balaguer president of the company’s engines and space propulsion unit stepped before them and gave a thumbs-up said the insurer’s lawyer David W Spicer At the trial in West Palm Beach last spring medical experts said Lenahan suffered “debilitating complications” from severe meningitis-induced dementia a result of surgery by Martin in December 1986 to correct a spinal injury A neurologist testified Lenahan FI221TEAM cockpit avionics weapons Boeing: Wings rear fuselage avionics engine installation and exhaust nozzles training systems Knlght-Rkldar Tribune News sign then confirmed the news Some lit cigars some patted friends’ backs some pulled out whistles And some wiped away tears A group of men raised signs that spelled out “We win" Two others had prepared a computer printout: “Back on top again!’ Susana Bellido in West Palm Beach contributed to this report nership after a $600000 payment was missed While the original plan called for a 50-city tour Donatelli said the best he can hope for is “possibly 12 cities if you’re lucky" His revised plans also call for more modest observances such as an essay contest for elementary schools a lecture series and a scholarship program that would be funded by a commemorative coin Goudie a real estate broker and Republican fund-raiser had been appointed chairman of the Columbus commission in 1985 by then-President Reagan Other commission members and staffers told investigators that Goudie ran fund-raising operations largely by himself and he failed to keep adequate records In five years Goudie raised only $888700 toward a $33 million goal Meanwhile businesses that signed licensing agreements and other deals with the commission alleged that he was playing favorites with friends Meanwhile Goudie’s own finances fell apart leaving both him and his business in bankruptcy Goudie resigned his commission post in December needed a cane to walk could not name the month year or president of the United States and had problems obeying the simplest command such as closing his eyes or sticking out his tongue A young man who answered the phone at the Lenahans’ home would not comment BROWARD NEWS ADS Classified listings Brandy's Shoes Broward School Board Colony West East Coast Jewelry Flo Heating & A Hondo Players Cord Ft Lauderdale Swan T Hollywood Fashion Ce Hossh Inc Utxnei Estate Buyers Miami Herald Onole Golf Pinecrest School Shenbel Wicker 7B 5U 68 SB 3B 68 SB SB SB 48 46 S Fla landscaper held in 76 bombing He lived quietly built a business BOMBING FROM 1A search for Paz and Customs got a call over the weekend from someone who thought he recognized him "We got 52 calls to the show several of which came from South Florida" said America’s Most Wanted spokesman Jack Breslin “The FBI had suggested for some time that we do a piece on the case It was ' probably one of the most complicated stories we’ve done” Paz was indicted in 1978 on charges of conspiracy to murder a foreign official unlawful making of destructive devices and unlawful 1 storage of explosives 1 "He’s been on our fugitive roll for years and we’ve been actively i searching for him as we have for other fugitives" Gavin said "As it happens sometimes they’re right in your own back yard” Paz has owned Green Heart Landscaping in Palm Beach County since 1985 He lived in Lake Worth with his wife and two children — a boy 7 and a girl 2W Agents arrested Paz without incident as he drove to work in his pickup truck “He didn’t seem really surprised” Gavin said “He said he was glad he didn’t have to live as a fugitive any longer Of course he could have done something about that a long time ago” Neighbors shocked Neighbors said they were shocked to learn that Paz whom they knew as Frank was an international fugitive “He was a very nice hardworking man” said Olga Perez a neighbor in West Palm Beach until Paz moved his family to Lake Worth several months ago "That’s all I know about him He would sometimes work until dark and work seven days a week to take care of his family” Sherry Owen lives next door to Paz’s apartment She said she called the police on Paz twice because he was playing the stereo too loudly “He got very upset and told me never ever to call the cops again" Owen said “He said to call him first" She said Paz came to her home with several friends after she called the police about three months ago “He was confrontational” she said "But after he and my husband talked he invited us over for drinks Getaway car in bank heist j was stretch limo police say BANK FROM 1A called police About the same time police heard about the robbery from the bank and broadcast a description of the getaway car Detective Sgt Mark May noticed the limo on Interstate 95 at Hollywood Boulevard Other officers joined the procession and stopped the limo at Northeast 15th Avenue and Ives Dairy Road Cunningham said “The limo driver was being followed and didn’t know it” Cunningham said “When he saw cops popping out all over the place with guns he offered no resistance” The passenger who had closed the screen partition between him and the driver had changed from the dark suit into a floral print shirt The bag containing the money was found in the back seat “He quickly pointed out the driver had no knowledge of the rob Bourgeois (Boor ZHWAH) a member of the middle class “Listen dear heart the very rich are different from you and me they consign and buy their clothes at Deja vu It’s sooo bourgeois not to follow suit!” 3 m m RruM lor (hr Drsiani 2’9 ROYAl Rts lor the DesgnmgYYomin Vhi arr rordiallv SPRING Fabulous dream furs from some of the “glamour closets” of the world all priced to gladden a beautiful woman’s heart Informnl Fathion Shotc all Hay S alurHay Aprd 27! (mr anil rnjtt)! Deja I’u does not sell furs TERRY THOMPSON Miami Herald VIRGILIO PAZ ROMERO: At West Palm Beach court I mentioned to my husband how paranoid Frank seemed about the cops I couldn’t understand why it upset him so much Now I can understand it" Glad the hiding is over At a hearing a few hours after his arrest Paz told US Magistrate Ann Vitunac that he was glad the law finally caught up with him Vitunac ordered Paz held without bond until an extradition hearing Friday He was held in the Broward County Jail in Fort Lauderdale The bombing severely strained relations between Chile and the United States for years Not until last year did President Bush agree to normalize contact between the two countries lifting sanctions imposed after the government of former Chilean President Augusto Pinochet was implicated in the assassination Bush did that after newly elected President Patricio Aylwin said Chile would cooperate fully with the investigation Pinochet who still runs the army in Chile has refused to allow the extradition to the United States of Gen Juan Manuel Contreras Sepulveda and retired Lt Col Pedro Espinoza Bravo Agents say the pair masterminded the assassination Letelier served as foreign minis- ‘ ter and ambassador to the United States under President Salvador Allende who was overthrown and assassinated by the Pinochet-led military in 1973 He later became an outspoken critic of Pinochet I Paz was an alleged member of a I Cuban-American group that FBI! agents said was recruited by mem- bers of the Pinochet government to assassinate Letelier bery” Cunningham said "We feel very confident this guy is ‘The Jockey’ ” FBI spokesman Miller said referring to a serial robber thought to be responsible for more than 20 robberies in Broward Dade and Palm Beach counties since June 1990 The nickname started with the robber’s height and because one of the first robberies occurred near Calder racetrack Miller said Moore is being held without bail pending his arraignment this morning in US Magistrate court in Fort Lauderdale Police said limo driver George i Albanese 44 was not involved Albanese 44 talked to the FBI after the robbery then continued his workday He couldn’t be reached Tuesday and didn’t return several ' messages “He’s got a pick-up in Kendall at 5:30 and he better make it" said Ambassador Limo manager Todd Urwin P0INCIANA AY VIA TESTA PALM BEACH a 33480 MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED OPEN 10 b MONDAY SATURDAY TELEPHONE 407 833 6624 imilrd Mi tier annual UK SUK of endangered species i

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