Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 29, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 29, 1916
Page 8
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STERLING DAILY GAZETTE .WEDNESDAY* NOV. 29, AMUSEMENTS, AMUSEMENTS, AMUltfWtNTi, GRAND-Today William Desmond and Enid t Markey in "Lieut. Danny, U. S. A." '<. , ; ..,-'tJomedy—Chas. Murray in "Feathered Nest" THANKSGIVING DAY: Reverend Cyras Brady's "ISLAND OF ftE- GENERATION" starring Edith S!orey;and Anftne Moreno iBndorsedby pulpit andpress. r tfsuaJ Frtcei Afternoon, 2:00-3:30—Night, 7:008:30. Academy of Music Friday and Saturday, Dee. 1st and 2nd 4 Performaees 2.15 and 8.15 D. W. GRIFFITH'S EIGHTH WONDER OF THE WORLD Most Realistic Stupendous View of Stirring Events in the Development of Our Country TAKEN FROM THOMAS DIXON'S, "THE CLANSMAN" Prices Matinees, 25c, 50c, 75c—Prices Nights, 25c, 50c, 75c. $1.00. Symphony Orchestra of 20 No one seated after 2:15 or 8:15 Seat sale now for all shows at the Sterling Pharmacy. Mail order* with enclowd check addnMMiT^o Q, 8. Olm»te«d will mc*iv. prompt att.ntion. Every child will be admitted on a paid ticket. CHESTER^ Academy Mat and Night GREAT THANKSGIVING ATTRACTION Th. 8«iMnV Biggest Succ.i* GEORGE KL.IMT3 NEWEST SENSATION Th. Play with a Hard Punch, THE MILLIONAIRE'S Exptf. of a Girl'. Lift SON and the Filled with T.nM Situation! VAUDETTE Mor*n and We»t. novelty. Stillman, mixed tickle*, MeConn.H and Auitin, a itudy on wheel*. Aluo "The Gri|> of Kvll." Usual •v / -• " / ' Tomorrow? matins, «r**t vaude- Utlle au<1 >|MH*i;il feature "Jim", i , ' X" j Frldat'y. Sullivan'* bucking bear, A • / priff - ttfc the box .wh« can rid* him. [| Tucmdfty. "Where Art'.My Chlldrcnr Choice of Any Woman's Suit in Stock at $12.50 None Are Held Back. No coupons, None Sent on Approval BE AT THE HEAD OF THE LINE WHEN THE Sale Opens, Friday Morning at 9 o'clock YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO Mfes IT We could hold our Suits over as many merchants'do, and sell them later on*.as the correct thing, but that is not the policy of this store. So we are selling them at a price that will clear our cases, for only TWELVE SEVENTY FIVE Many a woman will take advantage of this stupendous offer. Be here when the sale opens and get first pick of all the best values. Choice of all Woman's Suit in {he store that sold up to $35.00, <C19 7K choice while they last at . ^ , , «D1*. IU A New Shipment of Women's Clothes Just Received Choose Your Coat Now; Save Yourself Disappointment You who are putting off buying that soft, warm coat in that engaging new shade have little idea how rapidly the popular coats are going. To us, it seems as though all the city were asking for Coats, Coats, Coats. / -. And how quickly women are o'n this subject of style. You hear them asking for ideas brought-out but yesterday: side belts, bunny-ear pockets, slash pockets, generous tcollars, fur trimming, raglan sleeves, set-in sleeves, semi-fitting coats, flare - from - the - yoke and flare-f rqm-the-belt coats. We are glad we have these wanted Coats—and lucky to have theiti alseC for right coats are terribly -scarce. The new shipment just unpacked will be a reveration to many as to style and price. •-- B ;: ^ Priced at $18.00 and $25.00 Other Coats priced from $12.75 to $65.00. EXTRA SPECIAL FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ONLY Choice of 50 fine Georgette Crepe Waists, all the latest styles; special for Friday and Saturday only, at $2.98 an who rides the bear. The llebekahn meetliiK ia«f night. Come to th<* dance, nltrht at Woodman hall.* Hi>«.t the hiRh coat of llvlnsr . Kul TlmhkSfrivlnK dinner at Cushmun's.^ Hoy Shelley upent, the day In If'ro- nhetHtown, Remember its a food and delicious. "Woodlau'n'" Ice cream. All flavor*, brick and bulk. l*hone your order now. Sterling Dairy <"*o-'After l>«»c. 1 will be' located n.t lu9 Kast Third utrt'et. 13. A. .Cramnerg. ion the road to upend Thanksgiving j Forest Park and Mi** Neva Morris, of Important 'with II!H family, . jDlxon; will be ThankuKivlttK day guent8 Barber 'shops closed all day Thun*-' a t th« Jacob pngle home. ' till :> o'clock J night.* Your friends can buy Wednecday \ Thank.«f;i\ing function complete can Rive them except your photoRr'aph, " Httnltn fur ChrUtmaH photos.* without "Woodlaw'n" Ice cream. A 1 anythlnK you j large assortment, or. tell i)8 your desire, . We can make it, Sterling Dairy Co,* 2ura Hewitt, M!»K Mabef Salt Mr. and Mrs, Henry Kohl will *|><M)d ! nm i Thoman Ronan. of -DeKalb. are ThanksKiviiiK at tho Kd. Derwcntjexpecteil down tomorrow'and In com* home. jpany with "Mint* Ooldio Jlewitt of thl« Five course Tluinksi-lvInK turkey j e j t y will motor to MorrlUon to dinner at Cushman'a Cafe, 11 to S;the day with friends. !'• "»•* • ! The Country Club will be closed for Kit O'tlrien. of Fulton, wlll|, ho K<s . |wm ix >c . ] K , Key« to club Mr. and Mrs. Franz Wiemkem o'fKtpen'd Tluuik^givinK In tl»l« city with j house will bo at Galt'w Uook Store Franklin Orovf. *ix>nt last night in this I relatives, j AU j,, nda of Uulk anil fa , lcy -Wood- Clty. ., ' _ . • , St. John's annual chicken plo din- lawn" t"e cream and tihrrhcts. for Thff Country Club will "be cloned for By W. C. HERMAN The Story of • Girl Who H ad No Mother to Guide Her Every Act Gripping in the Extreme , lnt.rpr.ted by a Superior Company of Human'Actor* I A Clean. WhoUtom. Play, Filled With Dramatic Int.ntity [ di_—— Mat 25c & SOc Night 25c. 50. 75c & 81.00 Seals now on sale at the {Sterling P hamwcy' FOOTBALL! THANKSGIVING DAY Game called at 3:00 o'clock ADMISSION 25c STERLING HIGH SCHOOL ^ vs. DIXON HIGH SCHOOL At West End Park, Sterling PREVIOUS SCORE Q AND P HOCK FALLS TONIGHT A »tronfl drama of good chiwr, 4 'Behind Irife's Stake" Al»o mroiiff comedy, "Love the Fair" THURSDAY'S PROOEAM 4 A thrilling drama of love and .war, Tigress of the Ai«o Tho Big Tramp Uoniwdy MYSTIC WORKER THANKSGIVING DANCE. In My»tio Work.r H*ll, St.rlina by Pr«tiri'» Oreh.»tr* M«mb»r» the ««i»on Dec, 1st. Keys -Bt to club Forest Hamsdcll IK home from a trip A dance will b« given' tonight ,by the K. P.'a in their hall to which all members, Pythian SisterH and their families and friends are invited.* ; C0HK0. basuiar and cooking sale, at Wreiding's store. Dec. 8th and 9th.« .Karl Fine went to GalegburK yeater- day on business, to be gone for a couple of days. J»*DANCE W Be Merry Bell's Thanksgiving • . Party ; IN WOOOMAN HALL Wednesday, Nov. 29 F.vor« will b. «ive« to everyone. Via tim. f«r everybody from '8:90 till High School Foot Ball Dance in K. of P. Hall, Stalling, ' HIM U'lV" ]!!>. lU-d i.i >• pli • i- ' >rrh»>:*tl£ s.3'i t'tll UVK f NEW8INBBPF j * ^^^ wi ' ll ' l * l(l|l ^ l '" l ^ w *'^^^ ..... "" --^— -—-••-.-•• -••_-"• •-.• \ pRtCK TO-PC^UMTp THURSOAY. ! TIK< c.tntractors* of the^ixtb avenue i-pavi'iK system, will work tomorrow if (t |» Tluu»k»««Jvtfti; day, if they «-on pru«nii< .«»ff!ele»t tiiitnlwr of men to Wiiw 'a f-irt-f. U they can continue a* the rs.u* ihey ha vw been laying brick today, Mu ''inl of the briek laying (<,tr Ihe wini*') wUI ))i« <'«,»mnh>te(t by Thurtt' i.4V nir.iit It is hanl u» «»•« nu-n IM wufK'f'Trrt htiUiiaj, but the i«u|M'rUit«'iut- ent tin V'-H > honpfur lha't lu» jnay mid tiyffu-yi!' fumber «» krei> the \v<»rk g«- FOOTBALL GAME FRIDAY. at. Man'* HiKli NI in""<>t <A»U t |! i > >t i> A N C E THANKSGIVING EVE At Dwrr'i, H^li, Harnion T! >ii»Ht»Btnn J; U •'«> b«» a nuo)- -•! , nu'i) in ,si,'ifui)5 attiudiuK "u> iul ri^ktti ««-iK ,<a,il it will pro!)!> t«ike tht'in »'«ni' time t>> <'t>|n» ,.|ij«- ilti'if task They raim» tn t'i»ur i m-, isu'iuding ;t i.tnunit f«r 'i'ln- Cj |JJ1V«> If'lj) »V\Jtt'h«t| (.if tmttt M uir-K h' u- i!-.<- i»t- •.'H-< l» ((dill Hi. \ !H,Sxh U;.-n DAILY WEATHER REPORT Til-' I't'u ift" wi.tlli and bull Krktuv «(t«'n»"uu .it '! tK* Wv«l Km! Lit!! I'ttt, >'! - i.'.. i '-. ii .1J . 1 Itl '" ''• M.". ,i.i . ;,> Buy Useful Holiday FOR MEN AND BOYS Men's Handkerch'fs with silk Initials; 5c -,,;.. Men's Suspenders, •.. ' 25c <lo .:50c Belts, 'all sizes, 25c t 50c . • ' Neekwear, all shapes, 25c t( 50c Gloves anil Mittens, 25c t ,,$3.00 Hats and Caj ' 50c Men's Suits, $7.50;,, $25 Men's Overcoats, ,:.$5, 0 $35 . Obermillers' IHT anil bH-jwmr. MyalUx Workor ImllJ Thanksgiving. Phone your order par- December t*tn.» ! t v . feierliiur_Diiiri!_Ca* vxlKi, Jr., in expected out from Chicago tonight to «|« v nd Thnnk«- Miving with relatives. Holidny opening, hand made gifts. Friday and Saturday. Prlvcllla Hhop,' 105, West Third ntreel.* , The Y. M. C. A. tat'tory league bowling learn, Hilda Jane Jaroble urn! Trace)'! Mis* -Ruby Ohalrn«»r« und Wll- Imin Corke- will leave Thursday morning for Aurora where thf«y will attend the football game between the Aurora eaat and west side, team*. Mr. and Mm. film Herrick, who havej 'the {*i>arepk-kfn<, find tin- returned ' from Wolfs Point, Montana, will bowl tonight at x:ooj H fi er a two weeks' vlfislt. left today for oVI.nk. Public invited.' *. j Chicago where they will make their Mr. ami Mrs, John Kohl, Mr, ami [t,om«>, and Mr. Herrick will resume hln Mrs. Dan Kiunmlt-U will go to York- duties at the Ci'iitral Trust Company. vllle Thanksgiving to npeiirt the day nt | _ -^ r - .-.. .... ., K , : ,,. the Clarence Beei-her home. I ««unAi o u *we '* TDr*T Come tn the .lame, Thanksgiving i oUnUULb HAVt A I MtA I night at Woodman hall.* ^h* - St. .Mary's High wclioolvH.Ht. Mary's jThrouflh Kindnew of T, A. Conboy, High xehool. Clinton. la.. ' footba.ll \ Proprietor of Up'To-Oat. Knd Park.* Kterliiig Whole«jil« Grocery will i 'Most ail of the children of be and Hoc-k Kallt* «ch,ooU* hud .c|o»eil nil day Thursday! Nov. 3"th.* U«»v. and Mr»- A. 'W. <»UH and an op. portunity of hearing a r<*nuwned traveler and « repreKeiuatlve of the Victor ter, Margaret, went to Chicago Jlelght*, {Talking'Machine .Co,, from the factory 111., today to spend ThanksKiving with -at CiinuUm, N. J., a Mr. ThVm. t'. Uat- c'ltff. and wtt.H enjoyed, by teachers ittt we)! H«< pupils. Mr. Hutcliff 1 made liin ,"Charit«» Kngle, of MliwHuk*-'*. Ml»» hp.a'dnuar»«r» at The Up-To-Date Mu- P&uliuc liern. .Alim itaruihy, Myer,, of -fie. timmwMl^M iMje relatlves. They will return in tim« for the Sunday Coal on Thanksgiving . • ^i^^ . • ' ^ip^^ is almost a ne r cessity. To cook with coal on that day" means th,e turkey will be done right and -no disappointment in not bei ng don eon THANKSGIVING Dinner. RANDOLPH HOTEL 12:00 M. until 2:00 P. M. 75c a plate Oynii'p Stew Celery ..• , Olives Roast Turkey 8w«»«t Potntows • Hoa'Ht Ooom< Apple Sauce I'rlme Hoaat Hcrf- Or«'«'n Pea R Maahed potatoes Plum Pudding' Minor Pumpkin Apple Pie Iw Cream Fruit 'Cake Coffee Ten Milk JOHN A, WARP Attorney** MONEY TO LOAN On Real E«ute Security MORTQAQE9 FOR 8ALB 411* Bldif., Bt.rlfng. Ill, FARM LOANS A? t '"". " ' "'-- ; - - '5, 7 or 10 y««r«, up to $100 p.r acr« if itcurity warr.nti MORTQAQE8 FOR SALE JOHN M. STAGER L«w office &t*g.r A E. T. FlRa080N INVE8TMINT PONDS Net 4 to I par o*nt Exempt frow Infant IPM _ LOANS ' . INSURANCE 310 Bldg. fttHinft Hh B«!) 780-R Int.mUt. 177-R1 LEE & HUGOANS TAXI Min KiUian*' Cigar Store Careful Driver!, Prompt B«rvie« R**»onahl. Pric.t time, Our Leader gives the most- heat to the toitVand-burns right down to ^ ash. Clean coal lasts longer. Will send it in the morning if you say so/ Peoples Ice & Coal Philip H^Ward ATTORNEY AT LAW 411*414 L*wr*nc» DR. F. W, BROPRICK Friuitio«> T JmU«d to EVE, EAR. NOSE *nd THROAT BRAIN 8URQERY Hour*: » to 1* %. m.; I W 4:S9 P- Bt I.Hir jJL».tvnct» Both St«rling, HI. \

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