Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 29, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 29, 1916
Page 6
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mx. •» HLLWQI& WEDNESDAY. W0V, . .J. SowK's D. G.. Co. A Greal Display ol Pillows Down i" W<»w P nt ac!o o f fa n cy f ick i n ff, s i ze 20x25, 6«.<- IOACIL Floss Sofa Pillows, 22x22, 50c EACH. 16x20, iOc KACfl 11x16, 2{k- EACH. We also have a nice line of Stamped Pil- w "Topsr fp embrokk*r-just the thlnt for a nice Christmas jrift* i FALLS DAILY GAZETTE BOOK FALLS/ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, NOV. 29, 1910. GENTLEMEN'S NIGHT Will Ch.-irgp Of Both Program And-Supper. •» [jp Korelcn ,M i-.M'ii. TV *-'». i'l; •<> MHhodiHt ilnn. h '.\ ill h,'i\i- r'-n'le* ''« JllRllt H'-M K|id.i> i-. eni'!« HI .Me K hall. Alt ni'-inti. r.« • i the «o. ; ii ty th^lr husband*; and 1'iieinP- rite A shoj| IHIMIII. * - *-'!••'•<!' 'ii -.Mil be held by Ike \\otni-n. Tin it ,i t't'ogrrirn will ™ cm-it h> !h<- ni' " ll plo|lll*M 1 t» I'l* \i IV !:'>'"l \ Slipper «itl n!«.i tie »,.|v.-.l !-v lit-- I MUSICALJPROGRAM Given Tuesday Afternoon At The High I School. The- lliuh and the eichth .Mad.-" had The pleasure of hearinK ;\ : -.1. nti-ii man *«|-e.-ik yesterday on the ' -.tcb.leci on -m'lMc. Several reeoid« will pl.-ived on the Vii'trola llT'd after !|'"-e had bei'ti played he car'Tullv <-v- slnined t.-it h one. In his l«-i tuio" he ; Id li'iW niiiMe In."I of ii'.m.-i ted amorm •I Me Indian.*, ami also other intclcsliii SURPRISE PARTY POWER PLANT IK'mS?! OR AT BUSINESS Illinois Northern Utilities Co. who are delicately constituted, Choose Dixon As Central who have thin blood or pale Point. cheeks, will find in TO ERECT $280,000 PLANT SCOTT'S Will Generate 5.000 H, F, And ~~ Supply The Various Towns a true tonic and a rich food to ... overcome tiredness, nourish their ^Oeryes and feed their blood. Start with SCOTT'S to-day—and say "NO" to substitutes. Served By Company. EMULSION \"i (>',f-r n !"! i!i SCENE FORM "THE BIRTH OP A. NATION." to all that altcn.l. The men will < ook ,-iil tin- food: 'ivts (hart:.' oi the *••• rvliii-, and' Given Miss Lylla Strnwn At Her Home wash all the iih-"iii-V A tine _" Last Evening, ' About twenty-five Hi-hoo) fi (ends allie ill 1:1*1 e\eti!liC and pleasantly in priced MIHH l.>lta Klrawn at her h.,UK- '"1 l.clii.y avenue. The till!" wa,*- Hfeiit ill playing nm- «le .mil itutnex , liiirtui; the e\ejiiiikC tine K-fri'shnieiitM \\ete served. The uuejils dcp.-iU'd for their home* at a I , M. ith Mr. and i .- • t..:-cd :«ll ilav ;' THREE KILLED COMB SAGE TEA IN «pend Thank- K\\ \MK Mi-. Hail Pt-tts hi I *.hop-- V. ill "M!:: n,! I,, .„,„., *,,„ •„. t >„ UAID rn DARKEN IT >.••'.> «be,, .-hi.u.ii ..PC,,,! TIM..!..-,-:Terrible Accident Took Place: nAm IU 'JAtmLN H r t • Vta! OUR READERS In Carroll County At Death Curve. FREE SOCIAL GIVEN Largo Crowd Attended Social At The Christian Church Last Evening. A free Hoeinl V\;IH tfiven ItiMt I'Venlnl; at the Christian ehureli, A >-oiiil #l?.> d Cloud attended ;>Vid the evening \ spent in plaMna s;ainefi and ha vim; a judicial i;nod time. During tiie eveniiu: dainty r«'fre*hmentw wolo »vs \vd MRS. KADELTHOSTESS Sho Entertained The- Bridge Club At Her Homo Yesterday. Mi,". -John Kttdel entertained the Utidi-e Hivh at her home yeHtr'riluy afternoon. Cards' were enjoved the afternoon and dainty i mellts Weix' served. Traveling To Floiirfa By Aoto. <,™,>w,,,,|. N..V ..4, l'. l-Mltnr Inrtly Cn/.ette: -n-y»,, lffw . -m «<HO V vo, , ucdui mrvu. ; Grandma kept her locks (lark, •^FREIGHT TRAIN HIT AUTOi ^SaSelW 1 ^ Sulphur. . . _ .. .-_ . And Son And Passenger Died Later Of Injuries. ' *,'r,'iy. THE MEETING <-ntt'<l pat- ll'utniU.'itU*- |: ally prevents thoftuiuu from [creeping up. •c ia no oikir— tha c]rtnn §rof tkip hwiVer «<*l« l'io .Mijn Hllli! '" ' Regulator on lop of drum Minis IK-HI gtrai|(ht up or tHilM-nri) Into tin* room i»a dt-sircd. In front rnfikrs to KU«J nud ,_o— 'Ho- 0 i'tt* |^, mica in window but Ktitwtau- ' fino brass P OH Hf«U'r is fciiuplt- to n-- tr'icki btwUlcH u wtvk «Uh rettioiiwblu vain; " Jatits a foason. * Holds one? gnllnii nf ki*r»- : ftctU3. Inrlii-.-itor I,)IOHS lunv ' tnuch is lit tin: - Any •ulls iiwnPirf^ct inn OiFr Perfwlion{iinqki'li-RN Mra!i r i> i'i (tii'liis Intih aiui'l-' iftcln-9 in (liunietiT', fiuislii >l JH jwlisliwl atcol or hint) i-r- 1 with Innu'i.-.f/i i-i' Japnii or in-'.»'). varii-H f^na . ! '"•> b> for tho Irian,,!' li.uio Utark. S«W by all reliable ' J/.lli ttif" po"' Hi"! ">/f. | hgt-i fit t*i i iiiil-l- • l\<<llt tl'llll ll! Iff Oil Company The A. F. & A. M. Held Regular Meeting Last Evening. • The A K. & A _M liehl an Inter- cKtinK meeilnjf last eveniiiK in the Mti- snic hall.. The rcciilar Tiintine of IniHi- neNH wan carried out, A line ilrill was Kiven, Tlio Muster, <*. A, Kndrl. K.'tve ,-v report of'-th which w.-m ilichl at rneetitiK l i ',Very day • (,'« o|>|e an- nrrjx-int; in their own earn from various pl.-n !•?• in I he north. Mr. Wander o.f Kitluart Iteally i ornpany wrnt to Ohio thin fiiinnier. and reiurnoiJ iu"tlil» way Tilt' trip oi'i-uplt-d I'fuht days < otnliiK donn, atul the t-vkl for their jtar'y of four was :il,ioiit ei|!Uil |u the lau» of lv\o hy rail. < !i>od i.;:ol". lino M «-n' i v,. I'll fly towns, A« «e are lu'ejiiisji hoii.^e, and the uilterVloi-M the inai HiMitiK, .you tuny bt> • -iixiitUH to know prii•»«.•* of thiiiK'rt. A i.'UKe loaf of bread t«>n e< nis. (imkies tell rentH :i. do:*ell, rnek't-fH II cenlfi, kt'i-oHeiii' lj citn of i^uinxyrap ill. ( «vj«. 1.'."•'!-"! '""! '"' l * >: i " 1!li !? o ** l « (> "i "'•''< Hi'h- i.oraled miili r,'n-nis-a olii.'miKi.r* n]"«•"''•""•;:. "« ; ainc to Mt, earn," pinindx for 5" la, ham or Mi.iK ,"u. Now Ih The n!d-tiine Miixtlire of r^l rind Sulphur fur «l.'trHenin« nti raked and faded •hiiir l» mother's, recjpc, and folkn are ni;aln u.«ini; It to keep their hair a KOO<|, even C'oJlif, Which i.^' IplltO Mi'llMlhle, JIH \M* ;»re !%-ins? in an a«e when a youthful In of the Ki'<'ute«i nil van - 1 'lie nf the \\or.xt aulotliublto 'I'.'i Ithai «*vi r took plfieo Jn i.'urroll »oimtv Wii»: Ihif at.KeiJ 4f:irn erosx- i t.'*' i .11 -, ., • .1 ' I NowadfivM, thmii;h. we don t have tin in« luaili i'i;tve, as it i.s ealieil hy i trouhh-Homo (,•<«)( of ttathcririK (hi* *aiM railroad men, o hen n freight train ile- i ; ""l '*» tn>'ili.*ihed an auto lontailllliK Ihlee pi'ople Thin i.s tho lieaviesl i^rad' 1 on :ir: in •<> • .' r ilm ; ou; pi ,j|.|. "i'Sii ' ° ; <'i>-> '• '! 'hi! <-i| \ ,iv | (.1- 'i.-td 1 - ; '.''•"> •.'c.-iiri po\'. <•!• piarit. j - :! " f !•'• i-o!n|-ao-.- MI l>i\on j •I.-'-MI.) niM h,- I.|.,K. ,i f,,! l).,, ' "I I in- i:= -i r ; !!( >;|t . Mer.- : '""' «1-1 Hi oi' iji u ui.o him ry ' " ii 11 dill t ai-l^-d for. Modern Structure. j i'< ; ..-li-, ti-d for- (is,. |,!:HI( i -• • Die tra« plant a-ljaer-nt to the I I-. It', IT The hlllidilf.* i« I'l III- ( >•!! i' !•••! i f til )< ':, and H ill },« >n.. nv '' The plan« and ppei !lii aliofiq rail; a building that will he niodf-rn aiifl; i-ottipli (e ill evty way. .Machinery to} i-d "ill hi- the i.-it(.«I in <-Vfr\ ! Scott ft Uuwnc. BloosnGcld. N.I. te-26 •ti I'll! I.HI- . i •-..- .i-'Mh-ii ;oii I'l i'o;d.-- .-rj, .,, )f-,,, sl I' Pi' \ya^)i:!,i;t'-'! i'.-'^f j' ;t:iti(- ( | Shi iK.ti.-it f-. »JH -leiiifi i •<!•• ('. i i, !. d l'i >!i OriflHh iii -o |i-al- i;--t|. a rnii<n<-r -i>< t-. ^fartle with ihiir • i'-?i!^iV>i i-\ «-fi liiar la^t ^aHelilift f*-u juho \\f|c «hi ii!fe!ve«_ a part nf what j - ; ,;is t!'!:H- in iho'-i- in<"!n< ni'iOH d;i\?T Tl.e fn.--( hail of th<» pit tux* io\(t« nili*- peiio.l i lorn I*t;o lo 1 *';,-, wj'h i\ >• >,-(.|;e-< whieh by their borror tlu-iii- ;hi- bh—iiiifx of |.ea,e. The i'l iialf Mr. (fiitliili diMit'M to tin- •niiinif drnina of I •i-eoii«i i u- t ton ho«x tii" Miiilh HI the i hit' h of 1 '.ii-jii ! h.-n:i:er and the' S<a!awai: ,ii'. It «,'!.« >;t \el-t by llli* Siottufl of thi- <'n olinaf. 1 hit- ihi- dl a - : • (.lift l| 1 i .0 lir-K j'.« ;-« niMl The ( vi - ,*: the H|>-•• -!a'oi •-- took tia<-l< ward* |i>r i!!!\ \earH and ." e h^torv in the inaktTii*.. Tin-; woiideri'itl sf>''' ' " b* i-s made still in..i'- itni>n>.««ii\ o In Ihe all ut nil! 1 -!', ihli-l |ni'!.-d h\ !hiii\ pbk'.'l tnii-u iiin.- Tli" niani.i't of pi i-Honta- ael an ollieial of Ihe company .mate.) I 1 '"" !"• i ea*-p,., < he. iihi.«?/.H of reality. fi'Kterdav that liie jiower | Va-j' ' o be |,uill s., that an addition may'be! COMES WELL RECOMMENDED. Made, an th" 'oui|i;iny IN looking ahead' "'i"' 5 " -Millionaire's Son and tin* Htop Hid •'t'lisiiieriiur ll;e ueedH of S fie pub- !l '"l, "• hu h will b» Mill at Ihe ,\<aw e!i(y-li\-i* or fifty .years heni-r ,J\ i'''" IV '"' M""!' "ll '!'ha nksi;i vi'is.;, Ilial- ion of HM* «-outra<-|H on the bulhN ' "" '' iu "' nii:!\t. Nov. :;"lh. is a pla> for may he ,«ublet lo outside partic.s j''Vi ry one, \-niii!.', and old alike, ,t illa- way. .Th.-- mat hln-ry to he Installed "ill l». ih.- I.-II.-.K; and im,*! modern j "' ;i for" the in-iirialiiiii of elertri,' 1 *.' <-r that modei n s> i.-m e ha-i d"-I '' \ (-loped. ' I *" Giant Smoke Stack: I l!l "lie ft-aluie of thr- plant, will he Ihf ! ' !l !h« Klant slack ilia! Hill to'vvcr l?."i f.-et ! ,•'" about the i>rotitid and rnav l«i < i.ll- i sinn-ieii of •( otu-rete or u|. ( .-I. Mamini-lh -tuibin/- encine. iho Jin..!) j-oui-itiil in this !-•<•' tinn nl 'llie state. wHI ^iner.'i!.- .'...inn hois., powi-r. and iH h.' placed so (ha! othdM may be hb.-d... t'.i. t lie. l.!.-.i.t.ti.-j-v,- .shiiult).. huUiu-^a i Ih" I'utiiie Wai rant lioini: fit. Io t IK i i">T e'vei'j i'l;i\ ' life \\iiil "inte"i"i-«it]iiK~ To Abandon' Old Station. j human i i:aia, lei,«, clean and whole- The poucr IH to hi- divided |n(o two! 1 """"' '" lan«'iai.^> • as well as «lory. itil«». OIIH of l.iniii, and oiii* •*'"' au'lhor has • K"H.-n entirely aw.ii>' The POVM-I- «euerat-I "'" nl fl "' ''" s l'«'»i!'Ui d at Dixon will take the place of that K.VV beinir made in mnall iifisy inlxlnt; at hom »ti»ri"f «i-ll the i • july-lii-yi 1 pru- uci, imprrivcd hy the addition of other c.'ilied "Wyetli'M Sane ntld Sulphur i 'ompiMiiul" for ahonl, ,'in cents t!^* «',...\1, ,v Ht. I'ii'.il railway hi Kh:iu and Sa\;nin.». and trains p*PiK a bottle. It In ,very popular becaux west xllde il'irt'ii llu> incline at u rapid ,.nobody t-ail diyeover it ban been ! 'ap- rale. iijli.'d. Simply moihten your coinli fir a Mondiiy nfiei-noon Mrs. Han 'l-'ul-i'- i< ) >ft hrnsh with it ;i,nd draw this your hair, taking one Minutl from their i at .'i tlnic; by morning the uray - .- -•-. ,, .... i.i . r. hair disappears, hut what delitfhtH the nt«. a can of corn':<""» ilt n'i' -K<> >' •" their car. After j |,,,H,.M W ith Wyeth'M .Sa k -o and .Sulphhr s-haK ,".'». Now Hi.-'- inuwsirilni? thfir buslnesM they U-fi iCompolmd, IH that, besides beautifully n-iils from r'ox !Uv-! ! " r honu« slioitly aftc«r four oVIoii-k. A | darkenlnsT tlus hair afli-r a "few appli- ,r. and CKKK ti'i t-enls,' laid voslerday. j lmlr !|111M " ' ! «" >r a "'H 1 '""'^ nu-.-saKO ' eatlons, it alfo i.roduceH that «ofl Vn. i-i'diin OI'L-M ouiv MI \vii\- «,, d..-Ji' *'»« received tliut .Mrs. I-'ulrath wan oimro ami appearaiu'e, of aliund.'Ui'-(> i n. i itaiu «>,I-M oni\ ..(». \\ ti> «,, Ue.u , , . ...... ,„; which is .HO attractive. Thin ready-to- In this \variit . Hlnmlo I'U'iit yi.>f Inwt'i'tM liul f. IM i dead, as was man half K of tfraxrf l in life. i h< ittnl thtil prepat'ation n u«i« li-i-llv '"'""' '" '"I"" « >v 'o" '"' « «ieii|;iuu|| tOlh't '• '- 1 , requisite for those who donire a more youthful appr'aranee, it In not Intend- intimi*. These station* will bi« ahan- onr-l uh.-n tlie m-w imlhtlim is (oin- pietcd. ahoni the Hist of I lecernlw-r, 1:*I7. l!\ one year from now, IH.von will be furulsliini; the juic«» (or tin* entire .Htrini; of 1. X; -I', toun.s, ini-Iudim; Sterlitit,'. Krcfpoit. Memhda and many other Mnallcr piaci ,«. A partial list of thr- new niaehinery ' onlniefed lor hy the utilltjc.s peoplii and the cows of'tlif *anu> hi K!VC*U he' An j)r Colchour hurried to tin*m-ene.',.,1 f nr tin- euro, mltlKalion or p'evon- I.le i'oimd .Mrs. l-'ulruth a mashed iiiilp|ilon f.f " -- «— of human ll' while Herl 8chn Kveciit two hotbd OI.:K« wit,h toast, 1 '"' 1 ;i <Tu«h ( .d arm. «imply Urn and couV- for"bH'akf : .«t. \"V« have an • un """ 1 ""' 1 ' ll "' w J'">'|" ! >? '< <•»• , ulea. (uir dear friends, no doubt, plan) 1!l '*' < " (> l«nvm« .Mt. l'arroli, J{.-v. I. .". Christina}; Kiff. Well, h-l them anil- - (! - Wiedo, an agent for-the Illinois <>ne new r.nim K. \V. I'nlt turhlni- generator, J.!5.7'ii', eipiij menO "."ill K, \\'. eijiiii'infnt, H.IM.IO K. \\'. —> ft. heating .surface unit, unit. <'.''".,7a<>. vice pla.Vfi. wiiidt have *o am* e|comely been foist e I on the'|iat|ent public. <e -orniv-.-KlhnfN 'The .Millionaire's Son and the Sho.p Ciirl" at the Acadi'my >.f .Munic is xai.l t.. be tlie one beiit b<t "(i the popular pi lied ciituU. J'r»'.>-n I'i'l ort.s I.loin the cilleri it ha.H \ i.slli <l are iinanimoti.H i!i their pr.-UM- ol both pla> and coni| ai.i'., a« ui II ii>- ii;i coin- I'lefcncMi in detail and environment, Forget It, Anyway, When you havo forgotten how W|H« unil nsi'fnl mid PMM! you arc, tlifre may be scum* In<vntlv<» for olhcrN to tnuk»» tli»> dlsi'ov»r'\—Arkiinwis Rein- ucriit. Two ,',(iiin «i Stiilini: lioilers. Two fij;ht hy. ten, .Murphy furnttvcr', that BACK FROM THE NORTH. Sir. and ASrx. <j'iiarlf» 11 Khiek nre their •''•i'iightcr, Alrn. Humlcy itnd children toniuht ln>m their hutn York. X. I'», Mr. Rum- will !».; hoc in a day or two. Us took a car m" .-.lo.-k to tlm til; 1'aill ' Mr and Airs. Humify h'ft hero v nearly fi.iur years* ago for th<" north, and h.'ivu hcen very successful »»-44vv4t^4iwuw4Hi — They, AV.U1 M|u-iuL-Xliu winter here and si-nvl their childrrn tt> local w linol.s. . Air. Uuinley him u. man emphiycd u. lako oari» of his utock durUiK his ah.s«'iic»>, Holh Mr. wild J Ijumley ari; well known In thlp coun- -ty, wlM'j'u they lived for many yearn, ROCK JFALLS BRIEFS •AlrtJ ,l, 1, ijcwiii* wfiu. to Davn'iiporl loi|i»y wheri- Kite w'ill tipcnd riianks- lai TiMubN'.siin relumed homo yos-' tri.lny ii-oiu I'arry, Hask., (,'anmla. J,'\V. .1. hnsoii wrni lo Whoaton today where h" Will t-pend Tl i Spate, and It nn,v, A of anil v'MiHtr-r, will cnriu 1 ' >mf««'ly hy express in nvo or liireo ilayx, anil till our henrtrt with joy, Any breed. Soinn of Jitek Max'K Hhodo I>!;tnd ltei|« will do \ory well. A word Jo tho w Iso, Your kiiitini-KK sdiull nc'ver lu» forKot- ten. , Unnloninu; in 2Vovemlu % r. \Vhnt do you think Uf that. Y\V mado n J*!nrt t!il»i mornlin-'. putUnK in sonu* lettinH 1 , radlMhoK. carrots, anil onioiiM, Nwxt. xvhen w«* n*'4' lAwint ««in<> Ktniwtiorry hy Mnreh. _|__ ^. ___.._.._ tre'twriind one HiiiiHl'uvtlon in In re'ich- ing 1 for an orftnK<\y>*l!en you uru thirsty, inwtead of running to the IIOUHO for n rtrlnk of tasltth-sn \vati»r. Tho onuigf trees havw u il<*jisc foliago of ahiny KITen. . A kind nt'lKhltor has K'vofi UH a peek or Mini 1 ** fruit, niul lln« \v«t»nr>n folks or« inakinE it into :».»ort of inann:il- iidt', wliciiiR rliid.'i and pulp, water and Hiiu.'ir, ,aml boiling to 11 jelly. Y£III' - geniiiiM' I'enn.^.v Iviuiian tutist have Jain'' hread !)nco liHies a day. You caii'huy i?uava.niul ornuao jt'lllos r> lloiiu\ ami *A)i] Soi-jeiy of. wli«p obtained pnnsaKO ill tin' .monument In the park, lie >. i "the model Mildii-r thcre~on lop-Khould > repre>'-iit ji bf-ardless boy and not a ' mini with a IIIK moustache." The monument ha« now stood for tllftt hi* riled after, whllo hein;; thont'ht of 'that mistake", l-iilrnih ear. l,e w,uitint« to fro to the j «> |1 - J "'ly "'l 1 '.'^' year*, and v\o m:ver honu> of tieorg l.augtirlnrfi. short diM- liuu'ij hi'low M'acker. Ho wan no badly Injureit about thi> head- and body If v. uld plan now, and have our riljihed lo a ('linton hospital. Hoih U erde ami young were pliued in the «if the fr*ii;ht train w.hh'.h. hit tho auto, and Inin-ied to t?avanna. from where* tlu*y vvciy Hinrtcil lor a Clinton hospital blli \Vledc liieil bet'oni r(*(U'hinv; then ho died on the operating t/ftilo, 'not recovering from the shoi-k. -Hyw.thii Hccidctn huppt'iK'd IK to g«!t lit, as then 1 were no i'», esei'pt the* engineer, lirt'tnan um the pt'ophi In the car, ;iiul .'ill of tin hitter Tiro deiid '...Mrs*. Full-Hilt . wan i.'im of tho best known w< men w ho t-ornoH to .Ml. <'ar- roll iroin lltt> country. She \v«i!* u bun- int'?;> \\oiiuin, and s-evend farniK with her hiishandv . Ikssidi'H tins dewd l:id, i ho fiiiiiily of two- oihci at the l .;roi-(*ri('f! In jar», -•Air. ititil Alrn. U. A, .IcnkiiiH wt'iit to ocK |wl mil todny whero they will KEEP JOOKiNG YOUNG It'a Easy—If You Know Dr. Eavvard8'J31ive Tablets the ~Hrr^ori^mtg~youi»"g" is™ tp feel jounu—to do this yon must wt'-tcl.t votir l;vei ;uul 1 i.wcls—there's no IK'<- >( » ,. s. a s»Huw nmijflt-xton—dark riiyis umUr your t-ycs—pimples—a bilious look iu your f act—UuU eyes with m» j-jiarMc. Vmtr ductor will tell you ninety |vr 'cent of all sickness comes Oom inactive bowels and liver. Dr. luhvat Is, a well-known physician iu Ohtn, i«-rJ«ctcd a vegclit\)lc fOtn-" .jrnuiid i'uM*d with olive oil to act on, tho, liver ami bowels, which lie gave W his patirms for years. l)r, Udwartb' Olive Talilets, the sub- stitule for calomel, arc sciitlc in their aeUun, yet always effective.* The/ that exuberance- of spirit, that naturjl buoyancy which should be _en- jtwedjiy, everyone, by tuning up the liver and elesrTug the s-will -know - K«lwards' Ome ^ by thv-ir olive. color, lOc atul All -USB Petroleum Carbon Coke and forget the ash pan. • . Oar White Ash Lump Goul in .tliis week. fUHJL, ORDERS Co TFJiE PHONE NO 88' .•\VP~mfiy~llvK \Vo may live wllhotif h li'.ii ci\ ili/.i il .man cannot « iiilOlll i.ooliH. I'h-iUy «>f HpwimenH to ,*i|udy .naluml hi»iory. Hesidi'.s meadow lark«, u var- iet> of fii'Midiy NouKHler.s Hit uni'iir! our eottiiK'*. (in*l t\\<> crlUeU; nuvtf niailc hold ty-hhp into our IiviiiK ro<im, While a thin >e!lo« ii;t«lcd iakn uhorn two tent long, with n^H around u -dark hotly. holdiy townnl the l'«e<l. 1 a.-~Ked a neKt'o ahont IIIM nalure, and u hen he Milil (he dtiip \\as harmless, I allowed him to Klide- on ^lii.s wuy. Snakes onloy lifv, too, A \\*:irn> tain today at wvt-nty. \\ . \V. Uuvlf. THAT CHICAGO STORK IS SURE SOME BIRD Chicai;o, til, Nov. ":>. Apartment IIOJIM ?> in iy not he the hcM pl;n~e.s in ttllli'l lo le-u" i hlldlfll. hill t'hicutio'K >tork ih'i.-.ii't MllH' fit them- Hot oik children, lialt'h jitid Mi,s-i Irene. • Tim uuliimobili' was HiniiHlied lo 'pHnUTw. and lay ttlongside, tho track. I'lailiicd iht eo hvt.-;«i, NEWS OF THE q. A. R.; By Goo. 0. John. The old sohllcr lmy« D.f the* t'ivil wur liofd tlwir I'oHt nn'i'Un'K Hami'tltty niKht with v»vj< pic-shlt-ut JVck in tin* Coin- t'ommander Konncdv waw and he M nd.i no otln-tul I-NCUSC uh.v, and ilicn too, thcrt* hs '' I'utt, \\tio lrold.*> otfli ial chair munlicr ihret*. ho was in the Ktmu hout. TlU-> muy have K<>m« a ti^hiiit;. Al thin infftniK ^he uisiml iiumh(:r of j-ii U \\cio cMunted, nen'ci.iUy from lhrv<* to li\i>. -.vitll Olio old Jsoldier.s vii'lww added, cina all of'tlu-ac. lire lin^ •^eiiHR t.ift-s wiih ages MMciiinw three setnv .'lli(.l tell, uxi cj>t the wjilow, \\ho larks two ywiM ht-forc sho m-t,s uit in< I'CUNO of pension. A rci'ojt fruit's l>> uiuU'f-.'H indinit- TTTrffdrriliiVs i hldicn. ly 1'ioin liojiie at ami a.s it v. as not uttlt uvl. tho ( .a-inl i mum ini'er— » haci.n.4 if [ din. The ripott inttm.Ufd H ! 'U tln-u- Viiy "WI..M.; doun in IH- chow ,sui>-two l.ttuilj wilh t-le\cu l"'nniaik" and if liunsii, then who (Hildii'ii oi- 'The l.nt;i-hi IamU> f •* '"' bi-iai-.' la it the s ..\ei iiuu-nl al nth.-, Iu s l" ' ' ' '' ' " " '-•-'• t .- ol hi h en < htldl i n. I [<aii ii l'i >(,Hh old. iu« liiiimt; p.ih of twin* ih' in (in Reeley v Institute For the Treatment of Liquor and Drug Using _ Suet cuful foi yean In difficult c»«f« of ' tr«.l only' t>v ikil!>'«t tiiHily pi.j- I'l'dMtll |Ur!tiUIK,l'lt},'*. i 1' (IIO I'l / 'U -. III. ' / J'otat'H" In the J-Kfn uiih a ln.«| iuii--h .Mid, milk i-s beiU'i iur \oiu jtliiill all l;i j !<••<, i ,ikr« ami 1 Tho iti-i ir-Moiis on Ih" Moor ran mo,-t- ; 1\ aioim th.. i,i [ HI,' all II,e fat ill- .1 ML! ;i lilin-' i;-v!i •:< -i, \. r '"Hi' i ,\ i.i.; j |. p. !|i->- \\ . ii *-"u lfl<->-l ' ' '. /,! i' ' i ft u, I I nn... U »>il! . .1 . . .! s ' .w'iiy, that «oldl(>r hoy would- Mire come lU.twn and ordered In to j Jakr Jielp's harber ?^hop. The, iii-Ht me<*tinj' in '|)eceinhor will hold our. annual elecijon. There, are an open bwln KO far made? or much ck'ciionoei-Jnjf up lo this <late. \V<". nmy make a Kpoech later lo hold our own uflh'o down. iiTiwn. n Hiildiei'. veiei'.'in nf the uili l.i< *»th«'r c'luipriicnt. called for by th f* of the ticu 1 plant which'! h'rwj. immediutely urtd the detiiiii-d f'Xpi-ndiluri'.H rcijiiiri'd by im- provemeni.s, ai<(? a« |ollow«: llulidiiu; M'llH-tiire. luehiiltllK Ilia- i'tiine-ry foiindittioiiN. JU.'!, 1)011, f lliilhllnif "HiipciKtriictiirc, sin*! -work, J^H.aun, Jloiike crilt, $*,«»00, .Motor turbhuv room craiu*, ' • Wouldn't You Like to Get Rid of That Catarrl Spanish war, now coincH »in with a mt'MtmKi* d> tin* I'oHt, artd IH recoKni^ed mi the Hour, and KUVO a splendid talk. '.''otnnidn Drown huld.H a po«ij,lon on the staff of |||M Slat." ('ommaiider and olll- ei^illy reiircMcnts ihif* section of Illinois, and WUH at tho Into council nicci- itiK at lln< .Soldlera" Orp'han Homo at Normal, near the city of HloniniiiKton. Ju thin "homo" ho wiyo thero aro over four hiiiulrcd <»rand Army orphanii and about one-third BM many HpanlNh kids, 'and lo keep (hi* hedK and lablcH tilled, soiui 1 ! out.Hide orphaiiH uro taln>n in. The.HH chihlrcn aro fed, clothed and t'choolcd with"' tjh<" h^'Bt Ih" Hlato xhollld , $."..r.fii1. . Smoke line and uptake, $l.fiOO. *'oal handling eipiipment, $l.'!,iiOii.° I''i'fd putnits, Ht-rvit'o pti(np«, hcator, (•((,'., JS.ii'llO.' I'lplnic connection!*, I*,' 1 .', 000, <!ullerlos and miHeellaneoiiH Iron work, $4,500. 'J'lilcIC WufK, ' JI.IMM). <!r.adliiK aroiiitd power Htatloiif $|,O(MI, Klectricul wpiipnu-nt, Installed, $"i7/' danc« tuui lh« fare of tlfoir-tdcth. • GIANT EAGLE KILLED Illinois Hunter Shot Bird That Measured Seven Feet. JSloomhmton,' III., Nov. *',) A ba-ld eajUt', meamiruiK neven fei-t two int'heH fi'aiti lljt tu tip. wai tllleil Ly B Jumtea' near AHHumpilou, [\\. ' It i.s bi>lit*veil to !«• the male lo um< killed-a wi-els o n« in* Clinton, 111. -Wlieji «hot t|a- bird had a, full thrown rabbit in 0110 rltnv and the other wan ("tuuhl in'a ntoel» trap Mitli thrt-e feet ol 1 clialn Ulached. ' ' DEATH7MURDER, SUICIDE iieno, N»*\., . .No 1 ., "',>. - Coniinual inoiMliiiK UMT tin- i.leiiUi ten ititji* UK<I if her husband i.s believed to havt* lU'oiupled ,Mi>. o." I'. .lohnwtoii In 'hloiofoi'iu hei ihree i hildrt'ii and'lheii iiikw JUT own lite by flu- txttnc memirt, i'wi» Miuilt MUis fcuFfcivd no ill ri'- lllltN * f AMUSEMENTS ~) SEAT SALE NOW ON. I>. \V. (ii'ilhth'H HtupendoitM B|K»c(aclo of jieaci> and war, "The Mirth of 'n N'st- tion." vyill play u return entfaKcment at tho Academy of Muttlc KrlHay. Dw. 1, and Ssiturdiiy, lH>c. ','. .Mallnce at L':15. .NiKhtH HM5. Heal t.alo at tin- AH ov»;r tho country it has iluplican-d Woll, 'here ii your opportunity. I am going to give away, during the next ten days, two thousand pack* ages of Cause Combined Treatment to thoso. who need it, and if you want relief, sign the coupon at the foot of this hotice, and the free package will be forwarded to you at once by parcels post, • . o I-want to prove io you that (iausn ('oinbiiicil rie,iimcnt will relle\e> your in an-d N't-* tho inarvolotiH recordH mud* V'irk, ' ('hicniso, lioHion. rittHburgh, 81, in^ton, kun i-Yanels<-o and l,os / U'hero return i-nKiiKeiiK'n'ls litiyi 1 phiywl, tho alleiidaiico WUH even vyli(*k*o that wa.s possible than (h« lirnt tinu-H, I'Tftpcu hundrcil pt-rlorniunfeH hitvo been given in New- York'City j Tuloiuv ~n\vF ieVi 'iiuitliiir jieopio'liavir bej.n thrilled by (lit* vvoiVd*»r« tif tht» Ki'-at (iriltuh Mpoctsu'U?,. ' ' riodueed durinK-tla* tiftie-tli a'nrilvcr- Hary of-I he cloKiiiK eveutH of tint Civil \V,ir tin* play offerw an nnnsnitlly vivid porir/iyal of illume cpoeh-tnakiuK evt'iilH,- |t i-i.'jiiNt over half a cen- tiiry slum* l«ec'« mirrt'iider to tirunt, 1 eatmo It at the root of the t.rouhlo and Kiv»i» prrinnnrnt relief hy removiiiK the cau.-*e, ThlH i» ,th«» only correct way to treat catarrh and if you want ijitick an. I la.MiiiK icwultH, rtcnd at onc«; for the, frtm pa<-k»i«u, l>'ill uut the coupon heliiw nud pacliUKii will hu iient -to. you hy return mail,. _ • . FREE " Thl« foupon is t;ood' for .11 p'tck- siKe of (tAI ! HH•—<-H-»MMifcrtM->'~(-?A-'; TAIt'lti I, TUKATAIKNT, sbiit tii'«< by mail. Himply lit) in your, nmiul' and sn.M'rt'ss on ttolted lines below, and mail lo C. K. UAt'HH, 403 Main •St., Mui'Hhall, ,Miih. The High Cost of Living docs nut vvuj'iy the fanwr.- .He -is a sdh rlFot I i'ot )irTm»(l!F < Ts 1 --i iti f H" iTiTP^.^^If- -v-t- waul tarn prnijiua'r.aiul-nmlvi* money lliorn'.s no; liko tin? jirt'sont in wliidrtu start.; !*«'( uic ivinnv \vlu-tlu«r" you would pro for to locale iu Xehra^a,, Coforaiji*, \\'yotiiiii"; or Montana and wht'lh.rr.yoif want <o lake, a ironiojjto-ad, l>ny a'eljenp t'ani-r or .dr.-ire irrigated X,''laiid. It is my l)ii>int'.ss Hrsl, to a<'<|iiainr you \\illt tlu> spIendid'Opportunitie> thai exist at vai'ions jioinl>\ ah;n t tf vht- Uurlai^'tou "Hailn-nd, and' ^u-oiul, lo^isvi^i y«Mi in securyijLf (hat lora.t-iou which is In-'i*>uitcd J-o,- •r'i'jiert'V iiotliijio ju IK- ojuiH'd >»y wad • iunv .lotjay. . S. B. HOWARD, Iimmunuil Arvent- - C. r B:& Q. R; E, Rooni SO, Q Buildini--," Omaha, Neb. - Biiflingfori Bourn

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