Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 21, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, July 21, 1944
Page 8
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Page Eight NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS FRIDAY, JULY 21, 1944 HOWLAND-HUOHES "Watcrbury's Friendly Department Store" JULY CLEARANCE Chenille Robes $4.98 Ceiling Price, $5.98 Luxurious style in wnshnulc chenille. A luscious array of color. Slacs 14 to 20. FASHION FLOOR Cotton-felt Simmons Mattress $19*95 Ceiling Price, $24.95 Full slw only in this nnllonfil- ly known fnvorlce. FOURTH FLOOR Printed Table Cloths ea. Extra large size. 58x78, heavy quality cotton tnble cloth In attractive print patterns. Very colorful. Ounrnntccd fnst colors. Fruit and Mexican patterns. STREET FLOOR Garbage Can .69 5 gallon gnlvnnlzed gnrbngc can with pnlntcd lid. THIRD FLOOR Maple-Finish Beds Clemnce Ceiling Price, $15.00 Full size bed — sturdily constructed. mellow maple finish. FOURTH FLOOR Summer Dresses Clearance $^-99 Ceiling Price, $8.95 Misses' ?.nd women's sixes nnci stylrs In casuals nnd dress. In cottons, linens and sheers. Brc!:cn sizes. FASHION FLOOR Muslin Crib Sheets 65' Ceiling Price, 79c Well-wearing muslin. Size 42x72. FASHION FLOOR Children's Polo Shirts 69^ Ceiling Price, 89c Short sleeves, neat stripes, several colors. Sizes 2 to 8, FASHION FLOOR Turbans and Snoods 79^ Ceiling Price, $1.00 Wrnp-sirr.imcl or ready to wcvr siyl?s. Assorted colors nnd mntoi'lals. STREETr FLOOR Girls' Sweaters Ceiling Price, $2.98 Attractive sweiHcrs In a Roy array of color. Sisos 7 to 14. FASHION FLOOR Handbags $f.69 Ceiling Price, $2.95 Woven fnorlc one! Kernlol bnics In smart sensonrU colors incl styles. STREET FLOOR Mesh Gloves 89 Ceiling Price, $1.00 Wnshabls nil white In slip-on slvl:. Sixes 6 to 8 STREET FLQOR Ladies' Umbrellas $2-69 s of $3.!>3 and $4.98 10 rib uml)rel!as In assorted plaids nnd prints. STREET FLOOR Group of Percale Dresses .38 "Fruit of the I^oom" pcrctilc dresses In KB.V colors nnd trim styles. Sizes 12. 14 and 16. THIRD KLOOR Trimfit Cotton Anklets Ceiling Price, 39c Ll?ht :incl heavy weight-socks In pin In nnd fnncy styles. All plain colors. STREET FLOOR Rialto White Poplin Shirts $2,- 19 Ceiling Price, $3.00 Full cut, sanforized shrunk, fine qiwllty poplin. Sizes 14 to 17, Inclusive. STREET FLOOR Cannon Bath Towels ea. Cannon's Harlequin Pattern one of their most popular hath towrlr- Sizes 22x44, sollcl color with check insert of white. Soft, absorbent, nnd colorful. Colors of Rose, Blue, Green. Peach nnci Maize. STREET FLOOR Boys' Sport Shirts .19 Ceiling Price, $1.39 Cut nnd sewn, stripes and solids. Sizes 8 to 16. LOWER FLOOR For Victory Buy War Bonds and Stamps Hero Sergeant, Known Here, Gets Two High Awards (Special To The NuwtO New Haven. Conn., July 21—By direction of the president, the Army Air Forces has presented two of its highest awards, the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal with one Silver nnd one Bronze Oak-Loaf Cluster, to Technical Sergeant Hymnn Sar.hnoff, a combat veteran no\v serving as a Communications instructor nt the Army Air Forces Training Command School here at Yale, . Sgt. Sachnoff is a veteran of 48 bombing missions in North Africa, where he served with the Ninth Air Force. On a mission over Tunis In April, 10-12, flak caught' the quIct-Hpcak- ing-Sachnoff. He got it in the thigh und the explosion set the ship on flro and his gun turret crackled «-ith flames. Carrying the hot, jugged chunk of metal In his flesh, he fought the fire for 10 minutes and flnaly put it out. . Then they sent him home to recuperate and teach his radio lore to aviation cadets here. . Scrgt. Sachnoff, some months ago was the principal speaker nt a meeting of the Naugatuck Rotary club and proved one of the moat interesting guests the club has ever entertained. He was also a speaker hero at a Red Cross rally some time later, State Group To Aid Servicemen With the cver-incrensinc return of veterans of World War II to private employment, Lieut. Commander John F. Robinson, state director of the Selective Service System, stated that he is as.slpn- the ofllcers of the Manpower Division of. Selective Service to cooperate with industry in the i'o- hnljilitiitino of these men. Commander Robinso'n stated that the work of his staff will be practically a reverse of their former duties. These ofllcors.hc snid. arc experienced occupational advisors and heretofore worked with industry in nn effort to have employers release for the armed services physically fit men whose status did not demand occupational deferment. Florida and Cuba are only about DO milcj apart. '4:00 p; m. '•;- - - WABC—Broadway Mal.lnce WJZ-WATR—Et'hcl nnd Albert- WTIC-WEAF—Backstage Wita WOR—N c ws'; y,-Ram bl Ing 4:15 p. m. WABC—Ma-linco, News . ... * WJZ—Nation's ..Monuments WATR—Don Norman Show WTIC—Stella Dalian 4: SO p. in. WATR-WJZ—News WTIC—Lorenzo"Jones WOR—Remembrance Music WABC—Off tho. Accord. ;-,.- 4:40 ,p.' : ni.;'.. WJZ-WATR—Blue- -CoiTcsponidonts WEAF-WTIC—Widdcr Brown WABC—Raymond Scott Show 5:00 p. m. WEAF-WTIC—When a Girl Marries WJZ—Hop Harrlgan WOR—Uncle'Don WABC—Fun WHIT Dunn . WATR—Terry and Pirates 5:15-p; m. WE AF-WTJC—Eovb .and Loam WJZ^Dick Tracy,- . .,'* •• ; ; .. ATR—Melody'' Rcyuc '•'• WOR^-Chick Carter y'-'". '• WABC-^-Murphy''Slstersy.,. :• '' WEAF.-WTIC—Plaini Bill. WATR-WJZ—Jack Arms t rorig WOR—Tom Mix Show 0:45 p. .in. ' • WABC—Wilderness Road WEAF-WTIC—Front Puge Farroll WATR-WJZ—Sea Hound WOR—Superman - . • (i:00 p. in. AI-/L Stations—News .6:15 p. m. WABC—Lynn Murray Oreri.; Chorus WATR—Music Tor -Dining- WTIC—Victory is Oar Business WJZ—Hop 'Harrifran WOR—News: Ir-widc Hollywood WEAF— America ' <i:.TO p. in. WOR—News WTIC—Strictly Sports WEAF—Serenade; Sports WJZ-^Whose War? Sporls WATR—News; Songs 6:15 p. in. WABC—World Today WATR—Pleasure and Profit WOR—Sum Lamax WTIC-WEAF—Lowell Thomas 7:0(1 p. m. WABC—I Love a Mystery... WJZ-WATR—Blonclic '"'-.'• WEAF-WTIC—Music. Shop WOR—Fulton Lewis, Jr. . • 7:15 p. 1 -til. • WOR—Answer Mar. WABC—Wo Who Dream WEAF-WTIC—News' of the World 1:HO pr m, WOR—Keep Ahead Yoiu- Answer WEAF:7-Roth Orch. and Chorus WTIC— Quiz ol Two Cllloa WABC— Friday on.Broadway '-•' - '• • / • 7:« p. in. •;- -^ • • WATR— Red Cross Program WEAF— News . : -'" ' ' , . • 8:(K) p. in. WABC : — Oliarlcy Ruggles. Show WJZ-WATR— Watch World Go By WOR— News VVKAF-VVTIC— Cil-ics Service Con-.' ' •' • i: • . 8:1.5 p. nt. . WOR— Nick Carter . ' ; WATR-WJZ— Parker Family. . ; 8:30 p. m. WtrC-WEAF— Tllln Man •yVOR— Freedom ' of Opportunity WATR-WJii— Navy VrOR-r'inn WABC— Service lo the Front 8:00 p. m. WABC — Pays to be j'R-norant ' WEAFrWTIC— Walt/. Time; FranK Munh • '••-.•;;.-; • ' WATR-WJZ— Gitns Busters^ WOR— <hibriel HcaLtcr ; : •':'. ' •. • • 9:15 p. ntri.;, . '. -'•" WOR— Screen -TcaL "•''" • ..... 0:30 'p. ni: ..... WEAF-WTIC— People Arc Funny WABC — Brews tor Boy I;/,. " WATR-WJZ— Spotlight on. Martin WOR— Double or Nothings • 10:00 p. m. WEAF-WTIC— Boston Blackic WO R- WATR-WJZ— N e ws WABC— Moore-Duranle Show . 10:30 p. m. WABC— Stage Door Canteen WTIC— H.-'V. Kaltenborn' WATR- 1 — Newis; Ravazza Orch. WEAF- — Sports Newsrcel Z-^Sci'VicC' LcHei- NOR — Syniphonctte 10:45. p. in. WTIC — From New York VJZ — Kay Lorraine WEAF — To be announced. 11:00 p. in. ALL Stations— News 11:15 p. m. WTIC — Harkness of Washington WABC— 'Shop Fields Orch, WATR— Eddie Oliver Orch. W.JZ — Song Team; Kobbltirs 11:30 p. m. kVABC — Boyd Racburn Orch. iVTIC-WEAE=— Aul.lior's Playhouse VJZ-WATR— Va-ra Cleave Variations iVOR — Prima Orel;. 12:00 Mldiiljjht >VATR— Sign. Off rVEAF-WTIC— News; Mr. Smith >VOR — Fields, Coi-rca Orchs. VABC — News; Strong Orch. AMU— News; Fields Orch.; Fishpond . ... Nearly $100,000.00 Is Refunded To American Workers ; Boaton, July 21—Leo A. Gleason regional director of the Wage am Hour and Public Contracts Di visions of the U. S. Department o; Labor, today announced that tola restitution In payment of bad wages and liquidated damages Jol child labor violations cjimputct during June 1944 in New England amounted to $91,861.14 to 2,861 cm ploycs. Of the total amount Mas sachuactts nrms were found to owe $47,828.71 in back wages to 1,601 employes. On addition to this amount, a total of J1.990 was assessed against three Massachusetts firms fur child labor violations. The amount of restitution computed in the other five New England states is as follows: Connecticut, $2,687,01 to 27 employes; Maine $832,17 to 52 employes;. New Hampshire $759.74 to 64 employes; Rhode Island $33,870,81 to 930 employes and Vermont $3,883.20 to 172 em- ployes. WMI WORKERS LEAVE Holyoke, Mass., July 21—(UP) — The "stay In" strikers o f the Worthington Pump Machinery corporation arc looking for jobs. After 30-hours of inactivity, the 600 strikers loft the factory last night —,incl the strike disintegrated'. They were protesting a Navy cutback order which resulted in their dismissal. Ofllcials of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America—a CIO affl!i- ute—described the "stay-in" as un- LUthori/.cd. NOTICE! TO OUR NAUGATUCK STOKE. CUSTOMERS: Due to war time condition*, we arc compelled to clone our Nau- iratiick store. CALL US For the day our Route Mnn will h<; on your street Free Telephone Service Kor XauROtuck Customer* Call Enterprise 4700 YOU CAN'T ALWAYS TELL A BOOKf BY ITS COVERS-IT'S EASIER TO TELL i A MAN BY HIS CLOTHES. 1 You don't see the busy executives of the country — untidy or sloppy in their dress — they probably wouldn't be busy executives if they .were. Men- big men — like to feel they're wearing clothes they can respect —look up to — and line up to. Rogers-Peet clothes for instance —$55 to $95. Records! Courteous Service Rayon yarn cn.n be made inlo c'w' paint, brush bristles by a. se- ret process. SHALETT-LUX I.uiindcrcrN — Dry Clej>ncr» 28 K. Main St., Wntcrhury Main Office & Plant, • 22 Walnut St. Ext. Watcrtown — Na Mlddlebury Two*Week Special! BOYS' SUMMER Shopping 1 BASKETS $1.25 $1.50 Mail Baskets^ $1.00 TEMPLETON'S TEMPLETON'S CORNKR •-WATERBURV DIAL 4080 O*o Toll Charpc) LOVJNE KI-tCTRIC CO. 8 Church Street SPECIAL TO DUE DANCING FRIENDS!! Friday, Saturday Johnny Rock 'n' Hi* Ro>* and Bye Boy* . , . . Polkas and Sweet Mimic Bill I.nh.ick Polka Orchestra 5 10 9 Sundays White Eagle Restaurant BRIDGE STREET Member of Connecticut • Kehtaurant Association .. SHORT SLEEVE KNIT POLOS Variety of Colors. — Sizes 1 to 14. Group 1 Reg. Ceiling Prices 79c, 89c and 1.00. NOW 59c Group 2 T . • Reg. Ceiling Prices $1.19 and $1.95 NOW 89<* Group 1 Group 2 SUN SUITS Assorted Colors Sizes 1 to 4 only. Reg. Ceiling Price $1,95 NOW $1.39 Reg. Ceiling Price $1.00 Sizes 1 to 3. NOW 49* WASHABLE SLAX SUITS Tan and Blue Sizes 4-6-8 only. . Reg. Ceiling Price $3.95 NOW $2.95 WASHABLE OUTSIDE SHORTS Gabardines, Tan and Khaki Sizes 4-10-14-16 only Group 1 Reg. Ceiling Price $1.95 Group 2 NOW $1.59 SUSPENDER SHORTS Sizes 3 to 7 only. Reg. Ceiling Price $1.95 NOW $1.59 WASHABLE SLAX PANTS Group 1 Reg. Ceiling Price $1.95 DIVIDENDS DECLARED TO DEPOSITORS JULY 1st AMOUNTED TO $86,000.00 NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed Group 2 NOW $1.69 Reg. Ceiling Price $2.95 NOW $2.45 GABARDINE DRESS SLACKS Browns, Tans, Blues . Size 8 to 16 Reg. Ceiling Price $4.95 NOW $4.45 100 Years of Service For over 100 years this plant has continuously served our nation with quality footwear and other, fine rubber products; both in peace and in war. UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naugatuck Footwear Plant 162 CHURCH STREET •NEW BICYCLES • BICYCLE TIRES & TUBES • GARDEN FERTILIZER • LAWN FERTILIZER • HY-TROUS LIQUID FERTILIZER • SPRAY MATERIALS • KLEEN-FLO Clonnx Your Oil Tank Condition* Your Car Motor V • CHIMNEY SWEEP . t CIcuiiK furnace Flue* « OIL DRUMS — STANDS — FAUCETS ; •CEMENT PAINT -'•"-) TrniiKparciit Filler and 4 Colon * The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church St Phone 5236

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