Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 29, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 29, 1916
Page 5
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MIRLTNO, ILLIWiS, WEtmtlDAY,NQ¥, Thanksgiving dinner will be doubly enjoyable if your table is adorned ,/ with a vase of our CHOICE HOSES, 'CARNATIONS, NARCISSI, SWEET PEAS, or the queen of autumn flowers, CHRYSANTHEMUMS, Can supply fancy fresh stock at prices to suit your demand and retain your thanks. Try us on this and every occasion where you want flowers. J. A, Swartley & Sons GREENHOUSES /' ~ Both Phones E, 5th St. and 17th Ave. SOCIAL AFFAIRS HAPPY SOCIAL EVENT j Hf!-J In J^J-ie Fourth Str-ct Church Parlor? Lust .- h <!>;•)'• «t •*..! <A ('nr : < <.f ;,, i-'mif-fh S't i hen h rir- Ki'Wfirth I, •••;!?,!!* Thftnk^- l lirl, I ins; nigh? in »hp "'' 1 -* Thi« w/is tti'' flrM thf licv. l^-acuf f-altinf-t rf-c («•»! by the fciirtli df- >«!«'ii;K f'f X!i«« Fixi'Ir-trnfU! 'ii H;iiTith..'t](l. who fi'.Vfd Mr? of (•> I -, i SUGAR CRANBERRIES Per quart APPLES Fnney cookers, per peek GRAPE FRUIT CORNMEAL HOMINY (Ynrli ' (i Ihs. for ORANGES California.'Navals, PORK AND BEANS '1 loe en us fo CRACKERS Frcsli, X Ihs. for MACARONI .'! K)e packages fo COFFEE Penny Blend, .'IfK- grutlo, por RICE 4 Ihs. whole head fo LIMA BEANS New stock, 3 !T>H. fo SALMON Regular 25c grade, jier. can BACON Fancy cured, per "pound PRESERVES Kogulur 3S« jars, •2,jars for PANCAKE FLOUR 3 lOc packages fo SYRUP Per gallon DATES '2 15c packages for 55c < itinir i'mc-iii to tlic- last. A tirt'-il but hap\ i ('mf>.Hiy «'tijoy<-d tbf Ui«(y and sea,- •!i'!l»!c r»-fr«***hm«-fit!» with which thr ifsls «rr»' *"^i»"fd prior to their df>- uiMri' An HrrnfMit ivhich added 'i'-b !•• n\t- J>IK ''X-MS artd'cnjoynpnt of thf rvrniriK nrow from th*- fact that •In- < '.!f;th"r» t'litb grac'loujily postponed 'heir fiifi-tinn and jninrfj fnir*-s with Mir l^aKtio ft»r tho onnsion, n fon»ld- ff.-ition « hi<-h the lx"aKit*> yotinR' -pco- t'lr thi-ronnhly !iiit p rr-<'i;it»'<) and hopp tlui! tnany similar joint affairs may bo possible- in tho future A GOOSEJDINNER Mr. And Mr». John Ott«n, Of Lyndon, •Will Entertain., . Mr ,i!nl .Mr.". -lohn iMtcn, of tendon. will I'litrrtain at a bit: ThankHRivinK dlnnf-r tomorrow. Table decoration* will bf> jciliiw and bidwn, and the center pli-i-i* a lar^, boiHinM of yellow rlir\H«nthnumx. The following gupsts will enjoy thr- ardiir, Mr. and Mrs. Henry otlon and famlly.Mr. and .Mrs. Andrew (Mt"n nti<\ family, Mr. and Mt.i. M, I*. Wewtendof and family, Mr; mid Mrs «'han IMeterle and family, Mr, and Mrs. Marhn Dletcrle and family. Antiin |/»titx and -family, M!**<-« •Martha I»itt7.. llernk'e Ktixacll and Jat'K ST. MARY'S CHOIR Will Be Gueats Of Father Conelley, Of Walton, Tonight. •Member* of Ht. "Mary'H choir with tnTt r~rt I tret or," M f w." Mr C; "V\ji fdr~wHI go,to \Valton this evening where they wlil he giicM* of Pat her Conelley at the annual unriwh banquet. Fort l>^r- horn I'ouneil, of Chicago, composed of fifty triple, will uhw> hf> present and will gave an old fashioned minstrel show, this show to ho the entertainment of tho evening. A hnn«|Uet will follow nnd n large crowd In expected. About thirty, members of tho local choir will go down to Wnlton In cnrs. "ENTERTAINSXO.D.CLUB Miia Gebhardt. Entertained Tha Club • At Har Home Laat Evening, Minn Kva (Jeblmrdt delightfully entertained nt her home last evening, IMfi Wallace street, the A. t>. D. Club. U was In honor of MiM Klale Mercer nnd 1 Francis Fornter, whrme marriage will occur Thanksgiving Pay. Tho evening was spent In progremdve eu- cher. Mlna Thressa Forster nnd Francis ForHtcr received tho prizes. A dninty luncheon wan served and the colors were pink nnd white. It was a Into hour when the guests departed, all having enjoyvd.a most delightful time. WANT $395,50 M<-:Mi •••• • •"• n i- "t', H n •1 .-< i I \ in ; line <hnt •TV-nth (<< fr*-f adv i m.i< h thine city U>~ «ij-V i_if. St«>! •- ii:nl rf"ti.H-«t -•- 1 in one '-'vr f l.'tni'' worth of 'iMiitf. The ptihlic was to }*v»rn thnt. th*» x ,•»(••• bp-= (<••£•<><! fur i|>ujnf !(!>-«- t,f ihf- only )>;ivf it. sr)l---:idvi'r- • .Tii*t ,/i.T armi'1-rm-nt Th* Ofl- 7,1'tff this morning RRUfd up 'thp rf-cjiuf t« rnnd* 1 on this pap*T for ff<-e spni.-f in thf ftr*t rtinil only, nnt] the amount «if fre»- jpdvtr- tlsing by :*H sorts ot locnl requests for frr-e "pure- were counted In this Kmlmrtte, Thi>* R-ittf <>hl,V ah ortlihftry moil and. Illustrate* tlint tho nrjwap.'ipers havr In the past done n<> intu-i) fi«r the public nnd dime it wishinit money or price that practically -everybody reRnrds It an n frrr jitney to jump on find ridp nt will without cost. The «uddeii jump In the post nf print paper, which makes even'- the 1>JK dnillf'jt see tl>eir profits dwindling ftwny (fid the Mirinll on*-* face bankruptcy or heavy • losers, is bringing th«? publishers of the country to n «en»ie of the fnct thnt they been fn»y rnnrks In giving so fri'fly nf their substance. A lln««. <>f type |j« worth ten cent.M in The Oftr,ett«» on any piii?f i-jccept the first, where the pricn is 15 centfi. Nobody would think of ciiinj; 'to n grocery or dry K«<M|S Mure nnd r»'<)uent n driiKition of n ten-rent can of rorn or n (Ifteen-cent yard of ,Yft tlic npWfpitppr i« n»ked to donate mi av'-rngn of from $50 to lioo worth of Mpncp pvcry day to MIIVO Hhin- huitlipr, tlmi'. tnoncy, or labor for htmdrwlM of p<»oplp who do nbt nrt»m to rVnllze that n lino of tyiip is worth a «-«n of rorn, an noinlxnlon to tho picture shown, u diwi of lc<> cnt>am, a ten- cent Hmyk<-\ or two loaves of l'eopl«- puy for everything el*«» f or ~1 UM'f" ~"~~ and must expect hi-r^nfter to pay for every line of type that Is cla.ifilfl<xl as advertising. AMERICAN CAPITAL Will Aid Argentine In The R Stimption Of The Big- Enterprises Stopped By War, By rh.irl»'«* TV Ht«--t«, ;irf (8t-:iff f VirrfMriondmt of I'nitfd IT**." Kurnos Airf-B. AiK'-t»f if IK. NV.\, L'-.i Mlnist*r "f PuMir Works T>«ri -!!•.. f frc'nt the t>?TU'«''n St;H(-s for lh«» r*'Si>rnpU«'n of ttnpdrtnnt public '-'tiUTj.rispo which thr- Kurt.-f'fsn war hfls tied up for mnnv months. The c-ttf r is understood to have beori mml* through l>r. Richard Strong, who was Introduced b> UIP big Argcnttn'- bank* __ _ r.tlve lit "«tronfs North Ameilcnn in- with money wiliinc to In cumpletinK such uri(!frfn,kincs A* tb«» Hueno* Airpsi hnrbor works and thf Argentine owned railroAd*. It W-HH hloo reported North. American money is now enllatpfl in thf development of ArR<nitln«'> oi! deposit*. The*** nPKOlinttiins hnve hi>en con- lucted liy the frjRoyen ndmiiHstratinn All Hint (ttty official would say today »>• is that "we are dealing with TV pre- American oil interests, whtmc have ctinducU-d « survey from Bolivia to Cape Horn/' Minister of Agriculture Pueyrrt-dun i» the development «cheme. FOR THE THANKSGIVING EVENING MEAL Don't fortrcf to order light iiourHiiiiu:, r»Hvi.jv diarist- oil food .MTU, I h<> *nrr> {«. jn<-liid«- Pf'XAXf f * If IPS. ' T* 1 diir^stihh' ihnn <'\ iv I VH'O T !i «'• f t'-l. r nnd tastiest n re POTATO Von ran always xlfperul on irrttiiiL-; fiuMti !"iv>!i a^ they're shij>fie«i tlirort from th«- k»'tf!f fin- «lay thcy'r" nindk'. Don't ju-'t onler any kinti. -V«tu'rf Jiahle fu get n tnstf'less or greasy brand. (.«*-t tin- be-t al liic j-arne prie<» and get tlioiii fresh nt ANKENY & CLYMER STUDYINGJVING COST VILLA CONTROLS j observers pn'int out this without heavy (Continued from, Pago One.) anil «»vcry »nove ho made was planned to force Trevlno to expend thin ammunition, Wlien by actual count tho bandit chief a»crrtoin*d the Hliellv were' nearly g<mc, tbo Una) was begun. Indiana Have Deserted. . ._. th<* city UKanst the government troops. Blnce 1781, the city of Chihuahua has had a bloody and turbulent hlMtory. Uavolutlon haa followed revolution In Mexico and the town has been attacked exactly 20 times. JOLLY- CIRCLE CLUB Held Vtry Pleasant Matting At Th* Home Of Mr*. DaMurray. •'.' The Jolly Circle »'iu.b met yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Oeorge DeMurray on SlKth avenue. A good attendants \van preuent nnd all enjoyed n most delightful afternoon with crocheting, embroidery and fnnc) work. A dainty luncheon was nerved and the next meeting of the club will in the nature of a Christmas grab hag, when everyone will bring a pr««- the defaclo cavalry about 10') Ktrontj, fled south 'to Hauvs. (Jen, Muigiti'M col- 1 fimit of government troops, which NttU'ted north frotti Tiirrc'un to rt'lii (force the Chihuahua garriHon In. the capital, wate forced io half by dPNOf- "would" TiriT~llJBlU~"»Fgal«i«T Tllla, "accoril* ii\K to a ChlnuHO refugee who reached 4-'ort Hancock. Kl Paso mWlta'ry^cifclca doubted that Villa will try to clone Chihuahua. It it* reported tho dofacto Kovernmeiu will miiNH their fortwa north, and xouth at onco in nn effort to recapture the town. Gen, Qonzalea Raturna.. (Jen. Qonxaleu, oomrnmidcr at Clfl^, after startIhg aouth >vstci- dtly morning with aminunition und re-, iiiforreinents, returned to Juarez during thf nlKht. JIi« offlcort) Bald they had ftoiut UH far uouth uH Villa AJunuda, up Franeinno Trovino, brother nf (}(«n, Trevino, who penetrated the lines and hud ridden to the north. The. fall of Chihuahua IM a severe blow to the (U-fucto governm*nt in northern Mexico. , However, military .THE CASSENJt SONS SALS. Good Pricaa Realized For All Of The * Cattle And Hogs. C«siH?n» Hon hail a -very goo'rf «wlt> Monday on the Kd Coo farm, noutbw<-«t of Agnow a few miles, The (•alo aggregated over five thousand dollars, being* very satisfactory 'to the ____ .__._ well, several going up to the ono hundred dollar mark. Hugs aUo brought good prices. Brood SOWH weighing two hundred piulnds wild from, twenty-live to thirty dollars each. Horses did not sell so well. Hay brought twelve dollars per" tun in the loft. In fact almost everything Hold for prices satisfactory to i ho owners''.. 1 Frank 'A. Humley was auetloriM't 1 and M, »KL Wtlger clerk- STRiKE CALLED OFF (Hy United Press) Ottawa, Out., Nov. jj9.--.Thv western Cuiiada .coal mlm'rs' strike hats. been called off -mid fuwtructifMia to this effect were wired- west by the men> representativea following a conference here. The Flavor Lasts— "^ ^ * Jn thy making of• (Irupe-Nuts 'ihoj-e is addod-to tho s\Yc»»t, rich nutruuont of vvholo wljeut, tho rare 'flavor of malted barloy, a comhination t'l^ating H most un -usually. dolu'-ions iasfc. The j>.alat(> never tires ul'. it, IVopU' cvorywlicre have funnel that' • " it, tho most nulritiuu.s and dt-liciouH c*«rea!'|i)i>d known. Kvery table stionld have UH daily ration of Orapo-Nut^ ; "There's a Reason" nt and" flien everyone* will'"recclvie" a present. THE PpviJTY PARfY At St. John'a Church Last Evening Waa Largely Attended. •tiver a hundred yrunu people enjoyed the Poverty I'arty given at Kt.'John'a church last evening under th<» auapi- itm of the Clas* In th* Corner. Good clothes were forbidden and |t waa a poverty stricken crowd which spent the evoninR' at the church. ' (iameti and uttiiiin of various. Hindu were enjoyed and refreHhments of pop corn and applet* were Bcrvc.d. A timall t.iiin WUH charKcd at thu door and home made candy wa»-on «ale.—-A neat~BUm will be added to UIB class treaaury. THE KENSINGTON CLUB Waa Pleaaantly Entartalned Yacterday By Mra. Reeia. Tlic KViitdngtun Club' apent a pletiH- iint afternoon . yesterday at-the. home of MrM. William lleew!. Mrs, Henry was present MJ< « guest of the GOLDEN^ WEDDiNG Of Mr. And Mra, H. B. Johnaen Waa Calebratad Yaatarday. The golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Johnson, prominent residents of. near Co.etn. was celebratwl In a very nlc-asHTU mannor yesterday. All of their children w<w at homo for Urn day and n pleasant family reunion wa* held. A.tlne dinner was nerved at noon and the day spent informally. \ Mr. and Mr*. Johnson were married fifty yearn ago near Pralrieville and have lived In this vicinity practically all of their live*; They have eight chll- Jren, Jhlrty-on*? grand children, and »n<» great g-ntndchiid. Friends will wish thorn many more years together. ENTERTAIN!? IN DIXON Starling People" Will Spand Turkay Day In Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob EcJiternach, Ml«a Harriet EJchternach arid Mra. F. Blelle and two sons will spend Thanksgiving day In Dixon at the home of Mr. and Mr«p William McOlnnla and Mm, Julia Hooker. Other guests will be Mr. And Mrs. Kdward Hooker and daughter. Mr. ond Mrs. George March and Don, Mrs. Ruby Hartscll and Mr*, Lydla Morrlll and daughter, all of Dixon. GAVE FARELL PARTY (Ity United WnablnRton, D. C-. Nov. 2!». The de. rnrtmentf" of nsrlrulture, romt^erre and iiodtofflre nnd many members of rongfeH* nre lenKiiert together In nn effort to check the high cost of living, an the. dlri><-( re«ult of appeal* from the pfibl If. whose UNs Rt'e tapped by home of the hiRhcNt co.tta on record. General Iniycott, food dictatorship, I'ood embargo and government price i-'onlruU-.-all of tlu-so and rnore are rw- ommrndrd in the ma^m of meaitagei* went to I'reaident Wllnon, cabinet membern find ron«r«'S«mwt, While the iipl'eulH will n«>t effect tho prlt-« list which the turkey will be heading tomorrow at from 30 to 35 cents a pound, yet official* hope to make a dent at leant lii tho prices hereafter. The agricultural department IB malt- Ing plun« to iner*a«p thfr crop yield «» an effective remedy. The* commerce branch report* progrew* ip pondering over the food cost and the distribution problems. FLOW ERS Your 'riianksgivlim; table \vill mil !»• I'-hmplHo without thi'iii. We have ,n~ splendid suppty of CHRYSANTHEMUMS as \vt»ll as other seasonable flowers. Pli^ilt- us the last moment and see how miieklv 'X-.. ' : ' * .we enn Sterling Floral Cc*. COLD That it What the Survivor* of the Marine Call U-Boat Attack. (By tTnlted Press) New York. N. Y,. Nov. 29. — "Cold blooded murder," wan the dednration of aurrlvors of tho torpedoed nteamrr Marina which wan flunk by ir German »tihm(irinc. Forty of them, nil home tender*, arrived here today on tbeTun- ctinlu from tilanffow. JesKo T. Ifnncock, of Richmond, Va.. w«» one of theno who termed the action of the German commander "murder." ."There waa a heavy ti«vt run, nlnff," he said, "when we hrard an we- ploBlon. Thero had been not the alight- e«t wundntr but we knew the Marina had been torpedoed. The Marina started to nettle at once but'did not keel pvcr on ita aide." .rapidity has marked th<' Ot-rman ln» .Ivanlon of Houirifiniii. Th»> Teutonlfl I Advance has uvcragc'd from JO to 15 A SUCCESSFUL SALE Mr», Henry Armttrohg Realized Good ... , ,, Pricta At Sale. jhllom.-ter.. dally. t MM. llenty ArmntroiiK. who had a Craiova InluibitnntH «H«eri the rtou- publlc naif, of hf-r farming effects and'nianiart iroopH 'evarwate<l the city" (t «tock Tuewdny wan very much pleased j week before Hie Oennanx entered It. with the price* received. Mrs, Arm-* When the Teutonic force,* arrived thoy )>trong live* on a farm went of lUntnd i found the village resuming itn normal TJrove three milefi.Hnd an »he intends nlid peaceful ilfe which It enjoyed be- ({Uittlng fanning «he of every- ' fore the war. thing. While no record price* were received for any "'one thing, yet nJI nold well. An K, rietcher, of Morrl- Kon, wan ouetloneer. and CJaiJH l!enke«! wits clerk. BOWLED J.AST NIGHT Cherry Pickers and Light Roller* Had Interesting Contact. Owing to , the absence of several mcmhera of the Light KoJler« team the game between that team and the Cherry Picker* la«t evening at the "Y" wan a decided victory for tho Cherry" Pickers who won by X2S1 pln/i agiiinat 770 of the Light Hollers, The were as follows: McOee ColqulKt ISO Light Kollere. 127 174 181 Total .307 3S5 Chert 1 }' I'ickerw. , Afternoon For Mrs. r knox. Mr«. Glen Smith entertained teen ladies Monday afternoon .at her hom» on 17th avenue. Tho occasion was a farewell for Mr*. Earl Knox, Who IB moving to the country. The afternoon WHS spent with needle work and tho hoBteHK served a dainty luncheon, TO WED 'ONjEC.--.2dTH. William Eller, Of Starling, To Wad Dixon Qjrl. A quiet wedding is announced for Wednesday. r>ec. 20tb, Mias Carrie Asber, of Dixon, to become the brldo of William Kller, of this city. The marriaare will occur ,_at ^the^brjd.e's CONTRACTS AWARDED Navy D«partm«nt Aceept* Bide For Coaat -SubmaHnaa Today. (By United J'reaa) %Va«hHgton, D. <'., Nov. 38. —^The navy department today, awarded contract* for 18 coatit ttubinarinps to the F.lectrl<y Boat company at a cowt of 1697,000 eaoh. nix ,lo the bake Torpedo Boat company at a coat of $694,000 each, and. t bred to the California Ship Hulldlntf company nt n cost of $698,000 each. « It altio awarded the Contract for One 600'ton submttrfrie*1» ih» ISliJctrlc Uoat company at a coat of $1,1S.9,000, Smith 174 Bley , JS3 HoofBtitler ....144 Ttoyer ...121- HtchardHon ... ... ,110 144 161 1SS 155 788 160 i M8' 30 15 15 14 16' 139 768 Total '...738 This game makes the OW!H leading with 14,041 pins with the Eaulca «ec. ond with 11,519 pins. Tcir|Hsd« Ilont company at a cost Of $U»5,000. club, wliilo a plcuaant Bin-prise the prcwencp of MTM. >\'. 1* Itciger. of ChicaKo, a former member of the club, who Is ben* for a TliunwkKlving pay visit. Needlework wwa the diversion of tht< afternoon and a didnty lunch was served. • . » AT THEtlNN HOME Mr. And Mra. Mat! Linn Will Enter. . tain Tbankagiving Pay Ouaat«. Mr."and Mr». Matt Uon will home.'Rcv.'araf of tho Dixon German Lutheran church to officiate. Many friendu Extend congratulationa. AT GAlfHOUSE Witlxer. And Murdtnn Will Enttrtain Thankcgiving Day. Mr- and Mr* J. D. Harden and -Mr. and Mr». J. Q. Wetzej! wilt entertain ft large company of friends Ttmnka^lv- Ing day at the G«U 'House. BACK FROM EXPERT WILL DECIDE / Waahington Official Will Pa»» On tha Cattla Distat*. (By United -Press.) Kansas Cltyi Nov t 89,—A, Kich- horn, chief of the pathologica division of the government bureau of "animal Husbandry, is expected to arrive from Washington today to make a tlnal test us to whether the atm-k yards are in- footed with the foot and mouth disease, "Klchhorn will- make the final deci- CAPITAL MOVED (Continued from Page One.), terday attacked in many places but were defeated." THE FRENCH STATEMENT. (By United Pressl - government offlrlalw and stock' m»n declared today. Men who are acquainted with the symplomtt dwlare there is little doubt that tha stockyard* here arc Infected. iuln »i Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow tit their home on Ixtcust street, Mr. nnd Mrs. John .Shelley and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. I'loy Shelley and son, Mr, undr.Mrs, Archie Jtutt.and «<>ri, Mr. and MJ'M juliUH i>inn, Ix^U'i Hirdbull and Thuinu's.- Rom«yn Riohtm»y»r R*turn» Prom Mrxico Afttf 8«rvief, Mr. 'and ftlm. Alonao Richtmeyer were very much uurprlsed this forenoon when their son, Hom»yn. i«mo walking In on them. The young man completed .his four y«nr» service in the r»'gii|ar arjny November "2nd, and made IiusiUi to get home to eat Thank*' AT HORNER HOME Thanksgiving Dinner Will Be Enjoyed By Relatives. A, tauiily • dlnnor ' will . l«< enjoyed Thursday at thv home of Mrs, A. 51. Homer t>n Bight h HVCIIUC, and the guc»tn will b« Mr. Mr«. W. *J. Muiir"mid'".t'i'auKliter «>f t'lucago, Mr- and Mrs Kd, Hunter, .Mr an.d Mrs. llnrry Ihiit^ and latnily. Mrs. Mjiry Ktii'Tli 1 tttid Mrs. IOI'IH ij^inu'r, all of Hits (^Tl.w.,'' 'i^ " AT S. $. RQYEa HOME, Mi. und Mr'» M. Jo.hnsfun "and two *i«, Mr und Mis* U K Krcld^r. U. U Hoti-liki-sji and Mrs. tUn-iiej Si-hick, • if jVitirunillt;, w ill \m ^ Thai>K«Ki viiij.; ;|;iy ill I )n giving turkey with his parents He had written he was going to be lier^ by December J».t, but "the pa rent a thought he was joking. • Although he ha« ended hta four years of nervice, he i» «flll on the reserve list for another thre* years, and may be 'culled any time during that time. As it is he has to report ,tb headquarters every month and upend one"we*k of each year in 'camp at Fort Sheridan, Chicago. He ha« much to |c}l of fxpeileni'va In Mexico, huviusr -been with the troops in Mexico tor the past year or more. > • ., INSURANCEJS BOOSTED LOIB of tha Amarlcan 8ta«rn«r Cham- ung Hita *tha Undarwritara, t - ' (B^ United Pre»»,J ' New Tork, N. Y« Nov. 8a,-~Marine liiHuranfle rates which have been from 5 to 8, jter cent to the Mediterranean, points Jumped to 8 and 10 per C«MU today. The ,lqsn of the American stuamer Clicmuug felt the New York underwriters hard -as a large part of ita |$OQ,000 Insurance was being car- nothing to report except rather violent cannonading south of the feomme," said the official statement In commenting on the weutern theater ac, tivitlea. : Continued progresa of allied forces north and weal of Monastir,' waa reported in^today'n official statement. 1-^ist of Cerha the 8erbiana;brilllant. ly carried a height .despite violent counter attacko of the enemy. The enemy suffered heavy losses In these action's, Northeast of Monastir French Kouavcs pursued the Teutons and car* rit-d the heights east of hill 1050, .N'orthwcst of the city a violent battle is in progress, The French are ad- jk;ai»cjng towa rd_ __h UI _ .121I__whlt % tL -ifi. .strongly fortified. The Italians under Gen. Herrail urtt progressing around eLOSIN00UT SALE John W. Armstrong Will Sell At" Public », Auction 8«turday> Pec, 2nd. John W. Armstrong will 8i?ll without rwiiTui Kattitday, Ut>c •','nd, un the C, K. VV'<-!|s farm, otu- mile »u»»»l of Mot 1 ', ilKuu, 14 head of 'tow?., a.11 <if tlwrn nvilch i-u«!i, ^5 ion* of timothy hay in burn, und lki<) bushels of corn in the STERLIN&JEPT. STORE Maating Of Craditor* Htld Tuaaday Afternoon. . A matting of the creditors of the Sterling l>ej>l. Htore, bankrupt, was h?4»J Tuesday atiernoon_ahaut three p'«lock Iff (he offlco of Attorney P. H. •Wjird. Very littl« wan urc.nnj Hshed, Tho referee,, had not completed a full liht of the creditors And therefore no Uivldent was declared. Thr. report of the receiver,'. Kara Murhevt, was made. thought 'the »i-feree will declare 4 dividend of fifty per cent to be paid tjio creditors in a. lew day*>. The law limits lht» Hrs.t dividend to fifty per in-lit. The balance i» held back for ^ Ijm.Ued lime and tly>» paid ov«-r- The feporis »ihow a little over thousand d«Har» oji hand h tlu> i>a.-i)Urt!i'> t.t<n:k uf tho ct>m P. U- Ward and J-r M. Htagvr were prilnleii aitiaiiv>j« for the GERMANS TAKE FOUR TOWNS. (Uy United Press) Petrograd, Russia, Nj>v. 89.—i)ccu> patlon by the enemy of four towns along the front in southern ROumanla, was admitted in the war office statement today. The villages mentioned were: Prunmari), Toppor. Vlereau and Hlobodeein. BANKERS IE AV£ BUCHAREST. Paria, France,' Nov. 30.— Uep«rt» re. Give Her A Bracelet"*'. Watch Whether she ~l?e wife, sister or sweetH heart, no other gift could •please her more. We have \ a wide range of the new^«igiiH at prices that will fit any purse. Hallmark 15 jewel, $15.00 Hallmark 15 jewel, gold/ _____ $25.00_ _ Slgin 1> jeweiTgolTSllec $25.00 W. T, Jennings JEWELER OPTIClAff celvxed here the diplomatic corps and bankers yf Kucharest have left thti capifal for Jast>y. where tho temporary capital huw been established. .MAKE MARVELOUS PROGRESS. With the German "Army «t- Craiova, via, iivrlin'and SayvJPe, L. I., Nov. 29.— Marveioua- ASTOUNDING REPORT JFOR STERLING The wife i>f a merehunt had >tom- uch trouble w> bad ing Ijut-X»aat, fruit e could eat nuth- and but water, Hwrything ela* would sour «nd fer- bucHthorn in vrij> and KILUEO IN FOLDING BED. e. \\is., --Xov ^'!l • - August Hill, aged 4», a iannvr, w«u. lonnd dead at his hi>mi> OPOT txxunls. d;»at.h result-. ment. ONK SPOONFUL bark, glycerine, etc,, as Adler-i-ka benc/Ued lu-r INSTANTLY. IH-cause Adlcr-r-ka flushes the T1KK ullmentary tract it ANY CASK <'OllKlljllltio(l KOMI' «r gaa and prevents ,uppcntiicitis/y It h«w Ql'U'KKST action of anything vvt- »wr Miltt,' Thv sterling I'hurtitacy. •31*1 lathererl is half' slmvt»tl-that'8. what every amii will say, A' §ood lathor nioaiiB a clean and conit'ortablo shavo. For ovory day service and lasting quality use one of our 8pt in Hubher Hhnv- ing HritHhos a( HO (jonts; Hiiin« Ihat- -are cheaper . and some that atu mure exponalve a 1st). Hendricks Drug Co. The H< Ti H 1 u , s (,,,4. h«« trlod Hi* pull n i..'»t- Caroline Hamblock, Chiropodist Shampooing and Scalp Traatmant. 109 Fibat Av*. 0*11 Phont 371-3 Best Service Equipment Ca Forster 5 Funeral Director!

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