Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 7, 1968 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1968
Page 4
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-UK* '7.WH Cftfff f i Iff Amar/to IPf (AMI SfH WWtf If Wilt By f BO MEIER Associated Press Sports Writer NEW VORlt (AP) * Can Larry Ketbbld be the Wait Frailer of 1968 ind lead Long Island to the Championship of the Nation* aj In*! tit ion Tournament tgilnst tnajof teams? tt will be 'asking a lot of the &» foot»2 senter ffotn New York City those play helped Long Island become the country's No, I small college team and who to* day wis named to the 1968 college basketball Little AlNAmerl. e* by The Associated Press* Frailer, i Little All.Americ*n last year, did It in 1967 for Southern Illinois. His play helped the Salukis to the No.l small College spot and then sparked SIU to the NIT <j>iam* plonshlp. Like Southern Illinois a year ago, Long Island passed up an invitation to participate in the NCAA college division tournament for the national small col- Ipge title in favor of playing in th,e NIT. The Blackbirds already have beaten Duquesne, a major team which also Is in the NTT. jjFour other seniors were named on the first team Little All-America along with newbold id,; the annual AP voting by 119 sjjortswriters and broadcasters. 'The quartet, each given the VIENNA (AP) - Czechoslo- hjghest credentials were Jerry vakia announced to day it is de- McGreal, 6-2, of Illinois SJate; mandl the extradmon O f a Bp.b Kauffman 6^. of Guilford; Czech eral who has defected John toy Godfrey, 6-3, of Abi- h ^ states lene Christian, and Henry Lo KAR&fa .lltHI **M M F Thursday, 6:30 Denial fkxme NftC (C) 7:30 trcmalite CTC (C) 6s 30 niar.net Nf>C (C) 9^00 The Dcnn Martin Shot* NBC (C) 10; 00 News flnd Weather (C) 10:15 Lonnie Clbbem* Sports Show 10; 30 the Tonight Show NBC (C) 12:00 Sign 0£f Friday, March 8 KATV 7:00 4(00 8tJO 9}00 s*tfMrt - Ate ...And t*bbl* 10 (00 I0tl5 10(20 /i5 55 00 25 30 00 25 30 00 23 30 10:00 10:30 11:00 H:30 1.1:55 12:00 12:30 TOO COLD FOR WADING, but icy coattog on tree* Is pretty to look at, Ten-year-old Raymond Bailey watches water pouring out of hydrant opened by crewmen In Ann Arbor, MJeh.. where temperatures were near zero. Work- opened the line to relieve pressure when repeated freezing and thawing had broken a nearby main. men Czechs Will Demand Return of Defector CTK, the official Czechoslovak News Agency, reported: . „ ^ „ "The Czechoslovak Foreign of Kenyon, Dallas mnls(ry anno unced that on the gan, 6-0, of Western Carolina. jjWillle Scott of Alabama State, John Rinka T^orton of Kentucky Wesleyan, Jerry Newsom of Indiana State and Larry Jeffries of Trinity, T,«x. were picked for the Second team. c !Chosen as the third team were Darryl Jones of St. Benedicts, Kan., Mike Davis of Virjinia Union, Glynn Saulters of Northeast Louisiana, Lou Shepherd of Southwest Missouri and Hal Dohling of Portland State. Spitboll Rule Is on Probation SAHASQTA^Fla. j(AP));-r The new .«spitball"" < rule' ln q majdr league baseball, which has come under attack before the first game was played, will be on probation during the spring training season that begins today. As most clubs open their Grapefruit and Cactus League exhibition schedules over the weekend, umpires have been instructed to enforce the new rule rigidly. It stipulates that a pitcher touching his pitching hand to his mouth is warned once and ejected from the game on a second offense. "This Is the place to test the rule," American League President Joe Cronin said Wednesday after a meeting with his umpires. "If any modification of the rule is necessary, then It should become apparent here during spring training. basis of a valid agreement on mutual extradition of criminals between Czechoslovakia and the United States, steps are being taken through the Czechoslovak Embassy In Washington to secure the extradition of Jan Sej- na." "Maj. Gen. Jan Sejna is wanted In Czechoslovakia for offenses concerning property and misuse of authority of a public official," it said. Sejna's defection is expected to have far-reaching repercussions In Czechoslovakia. It may lead to the resignation of the ministers of defense and the interior. High-ranking mill- ;.tary.. officers , could also lose their positions.;nuc;i <..••'/» ^ The committee of Communists in the army held a plenary session to discuss the Sejna case and demanded that "both the minister of defense and of the interior should take a public attitude on the case." They said: "Those whom It concerns should make self-critical conclusions after they have quit their posts." The U.S. State Department announced Wednesday that Sej- na has defected to the United States with his son and his son's fiancee. In Washington, U.S. military intelligence information indicated that Senja rose spectacular Pipe Smokers Plan Convention ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) The International Association of Pipe Smokers Clubs Inc. will hold its 20th annual pipe smoking contest and convention in Ann Arbor Aug. 2-3. The contest winner will be the smoker who can keep his pipe going longest without relighting, Each Is given 3.3 grams of tobacco. The International record was set by the late Max Igree of Flint, Mich., who kept his pipe going 125 minutes and 7 seconds in 1954. Thieu Fails in Bid for More Power By BARRY KRAMER Associated Press Writer SAIGON (AP) -President Nguyen Van Thleu's request for additional special powers in the face of the Communist offensive was turned down today by the South Vietnamese Senate. The upper house overwhelmingly rejected his request for one year of special powers in economy and , finance, -.repeating a similar action by the house of representatives last Friday. The vote of the 60-member Senate was 40 against, three for, one abstention, and the others absent. The legislative rejection in both cases was on constitutional grounds, a fear that the president was trying to take too much power away from the two houses. Thieu already had declared martial law, under which his government has detained about 30 members of the opposition, declared accelerated mobilization and clamped on a nationwide curfew. The rejection of his request Fear* Drain of Troops From Home By CARL P. LEUBSDORF Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - Senate investigators have quickly launched a study of U. S. troop levels In Korea and at home to see If the Vietnam war has drained reserve strength below safe levels. The study by aides of the Senate preparedness subcommittee could provide new fuel for congressional demands that ground Reservists and National Guardsmen be mobilized to fill gaps caused by continuing Increases in Vietnam troop strengths. It comes against the background of new talk that military leaders in Vietnam want 100,000 more fighting men. Sources said subcommittee aides have been In the Far East about a week and are expected to return to Washington next week. Thler emphasis, the sources said, is on Korea, where ^ne United,.States.has, ,sorne 50,o6o UiSt ground troops. Most are con«- Miss., of the preparedness group, have long said reserves may have to be called up. But the Johnson administration has resisted, preferring to raise needed troops by Increased draft calls and use of the strategic reserves. 00 30 00 30 00 30 5:00 How to Avoid Dollar Drain in Traveling By JOSEPH R.COYNE Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - It would be possible for a U.S. tourist to travel abroad, add nothing to the balance-of-pay- inents deficit and yet still got hit with tho tax on overseas spending proposed by President Johnson. This would apply to American tourists who confine their overseas spending to Ceylon, Guinea, India, Israel, Pakistan, Tunisia and the United Arab Republic. Thesn are countries In which the United States has an overabundance of local currencies— sometimes called counterpart funds—which can be used by >smen and< tourists.' of the currencies were ob- 10: 10: 10: 12: 30 00 30 30 30 00 00 13 30 00 RFD with tk»b Bulce (C) Morning Dcvottortfl (C) The Today Show NBC (C) Arkansas Metis ond Weather (C) The Today Shcvi NBC (C) The Today Shot* NBC (C) Arkansas Nrwn and Weather (C) The Today Show NBC (C) Snap Jucljjm.etit NBC (C) Nancy Dlckerson with the N<?ws Concentration NBC (C) Personality 13C (C) Tho Hollywood Squares NBC (C) Jeopardy NBC (C) Eye Guens NttC (C) Edwin Newman with the News NBC Little Rock Today (C) Let's Make A Deal NDC (C) Days of Our Livcso NBC (C) The Doctors NBC (C) Another World NBC (C) You Don't Kay 1WC (C) The Hike DOURla a Show (C) I l.ovo Lucv "Bernlo Visit" F Troop IhmtJLry Ik-lnkloy Report M1«C (C) NCMS and Weather Report (C) Tfirz.nn NBC (C) Star Trt-k HRC (C) Th<- Hollywood Squares NEC (C) Bell Telephone Hour NBC (C) UiOO SI* - ftwii 6tfi - Mfi (C) P«yton H*e« - ABC «S) K«t Patrol - A8C (C) Nl'Wiy S<J«*<J - ABC (C) ArkNttiA* M«w* And W«4th«t World N«v# (C) Audi C**pfe*U Spoft* - (C) AtfcM*** «patt**M* (C) Joey fti*ta0 Stew - A8C (C) AH 11)30 12)00 1(30 1 1 53 JiOO 2(30 JsOO 3 ,'30 SiOO it 30 6:00 61 30 PM 1 1 30 8i30 9iOO lotoo 10:13 10i20 10(30 Boto'l BH( Trtp Th« finttttv* - AftC thl* Momtnn - A8C (C) MfMttfg Roiti Oietc C*v*tt 8«wltch«tl - ABC Tt«**ur« 1*1* - ABC (C) She* - Uv* <C) 6*»* - A*C (C) th« fl*t»y <?*»« - ABC (C) CMidf*f»'* Doceet - ABC (C) C«n*r*l fto«pit«l - ABO (C) D«rk Shadow* - ABC (C) Duttnt 0««i« - ABC (C) 80*0'* ilf Top Comic* - Ll*« Bob taunt f.v«nln« Ntw* - ABC Truth or Con»«qu«ne«f (C) Arkantu* ««w* «nd W*»th«r (C) Ott To S«* fh« VtMJ-rf - A*C (C) Op*ration. Entftftatftfflsnt * ABC (J»m» of Will S«mn*te - ABC (C) Th« Ri«« And fall of th« third R«lch - ABC - Sp«cl*.l Purt It "tht (load to War" ArkAn*«* N#w* and W««ith«r (C) World N«w« (C) BuJ C»*ipH*ll 3port« (C) Th« Ut« Show! "ON T«« BEACH" Ava 0*rdn«r, r !f Nbws wild i.'eatin»r (C) Lonnle Gibbons Spnvtfl Show The Tonight: Show NBC (C) Sign Off (C) Ktal-tv THURSDAY , MARCH ?,__ 6:30 PM DANIEL BOONS 7:30 IRONSIDE - C 8:30 DRAGNET 1968 - C 9:00 DEAN MARTIN SHOW - C lOrOO NEWSCOPE - JERRY HAMMONS RADAR WEATHER-VERN STIERMAN 10il5 AL GORDON ON SPORTS - C 101 30 THE TONIGHT SHOW - C 12:00 EVENING DEVOTIONAL FRIDAY NIGHT, MARCH 8, (Frl) centrated in the 2nd and 7th In- tained through sales of U.S. food fantry Divisions. ,- to nations that couldn't afford to Troop strength In the, United pay dollars. States, which totaled about 10 Army and Marine ground divisions when the big Vietnam U.S. embassies and consulates in those countries will exchange U.S. dollars for the local curren- build-up began in 1965, Is now cies without any extra charge . „ and the dollars stay on the U,S. faces further reduction If ^oks. The balance of payments Johnson administration j sn .{ nurt Cal Hubbard, supervisor of source said, "It looks [ike he's " — V\a Af~ ** —.—.Il4l**rtl nnn rt **n I 'nil t nQ e league s umpires and one of ° t - ei those critical of the rule, said he way ly from farm worker to gener- for additional powers means "" ' ever that the government will have to submit each economic and financial measure to the legislature. The Senate's rejection ap- al, apparently without commanding troops. '"If he's had troop duty, It doesn't show," a Pentagon down to about half that number and the agrees to send more troops to Vietnam. Meanwhile, Sen. John G, Tower, R-Tex., a member of the Armed Services Committee and a leading advocate of stepped- up military action In Vietnam, said he thinks call-ups of reservists and guardsmen will be necessary in the weeks ahead. Tower told reporters troops would be needed to fill gaps In the strategic reserve In But officials said the travel tax legislation sent to Congress in February provides for no exemptions based on specific countries visited. An American could buy a plane ticket on a U.S. carrier for a globe-circling trip and his fare would remain In the United States, adding nothing to the the balance-of-payments deficit. Under the administration's proposals his ticket would be ^sr^uT.i.5 *«v *'''"" -"-•- * asr.strjs.wiii had told umpires to be strict In enforcing the rule, Thos« who oppose the rule say that it will cause all kinds of enforcement problems. Young Groom of Four Days Found Dead MURFREESBORQ, Ark. (AP) -A and his bride of four days un- In many Communist armies, political officers are more powerful than the line military types, And Sejne, now In the United States, is described as the most powerful political official In the Czech defense minis, try before he fled last last month. It appears he could give U, S, authorities invaluable information on secret Warsaw Pact plans. The knows granted Thieu's request. The House's action was in part a rebuff of the government's handling of the lunar new year offensive of the Communists. In the House Thursday, a petition was circulated which could lead to a vote of no confidence in the government. this country and possibly In the subject to a 5 per cent excise U, S. force in Europe, If more tax. His destination wouldn't men are sent to Vietnam. change that. The current U. S. troop celling But by visiting only those sev- in Vietnam Is 525,000, scheduled en countries and converting his to be reached this summer, dollars Into local currencies at Troop strength Is now about the U.S. Embassy, he could 6:20 (5:25 (5»45. •7s 00 7»25 7:30 8:25 8:30 9:00 ":25 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:25 4:30 5:00 5;30 6:00 6:20 6:30 7:30 a.-jo 9sOO 10:00 10:30 AM MORNING DEVOTIONAL TEXARKANA COLLEGE - C 'FARM DIGEST^- C /- -i TODAY SHOW - C ; TODAY IN TEXARKANA - C TODAY SHOW - C TODAY IN SHREVEPORT - C TODAY SHOW - C SNAP JUDGMENT - C NBC NEWS - C CONCENTRATION - C PERSONALITY - C HOLLYWOOD SQUARES - C JEOPARDY - C EYE GUESS - C TV PARTYLINE - C LET'S MAKE A DEAL - C DAYS OF OUR LIVES - C THE DOCTORS - C ANOTHER WORLD - C YOU DON'T SAY - C THE MATCH GAME - C LAPFALOT CLUB - C WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE -BSW MARSHAL DILLON - BiW KUNTLEY-BRINKLEY - C NEWSCOPE - JERRY HAMMON8 RADAR WBATHBR-VERN STIERMAN AL GORDON ON SPORTS - C TAR2AN - C STAR TREK - C HOLLVHOOP SOUARES - c BELL TELEPHONE HOUR - C NEWRCOPE - JERRY HAMMONS RADAR WEATHER-VERN STIERMAN AL CORDON ON SPORTS - C THE TONIGHT SHOW - C EVENING DEVOTIONAL KSLA-TVVI2 THURSDAY MARCH T 6i30 Clmarron Strip 8100 * CBS Thursday Night MovU "The B«s«t Man," Henry Fonda, Cliff Robertson, Edle Adnma 10i00 News/Erwln I0i25 Weather/OrIf fin 10130 *' Tho Late Movie "Day Ojf The Oxitlaw," Robert Ryan, Burl Ivea, Tina Louisa I2i00 Weothar/Venpera FRIDAY MARCH 8 6i25 6s55 7:05 7:30 8:00 9:00 Ot30 10:00 10:3T) lltOO: •1U25 11130 11:45 12100 12)30 liOO 1>30 2100 2i25 2,30 3:00 3:30 4:00 5:00 5:30 6:00 6i25 6130 7:30 8:00 10)00 10)25 10:30 12:00 505,000, But Gen, Westmoreland, the William C, avoid any Impact on the dollar U. S com- drain through his spending. On Economics Across The Penes Your Pastor CBS News/Bent I Bob & His Buddies Captain Kangaroo Candid Carrmrn Beverly HLllbllLles Andy Of Mayberry Dick Van Dyko Love Of LHfl CBS Newi/Bentl Search For Tomorrow Guiding Light Newe/Owen As The World Turns Love la A Many Splendorsd Thing House Party To Tell The Truth CBS News/Edwarda Edge Of Night Secret Storm Gllllgan'a Island Rawhide McHale'8 Navy CBS News/Cronklte News/Owen Weather/Bo I ton Wild, Wild West Comer Pyle, USMC CBS Friday Night Movie "The Slna Of Rachel Cade, 1 Angle Dickinson, Peter Finch, Roger Moore Nows/Erwln Weather/Griffin The Late Movie "Only The Beat," Suaan Hay ward, Dan Dal ley Weather/Vespers mander, Is reportedly asking for returning to the United States, another 100,000 troops. Such key congressional chairmen as R*p, L, Mendel Rivers, Re'poHrha'vTbeen circulating p- 8 -^ °? tbem »° usce * T ™* ments deficit, that other government leaders Services Committee Sen. Rich- unhappy with Premier ™<* a Russell, D^Ga., however, he would still be socked by a travel tax designed to reduce the balance-of-pay- are There are more major of the United States already Nguyen'vTloc's'performance f^^^^^.^^r^fn^rl" league V bas"ebairtearns'in""da"li"- much about the dlsposl. and that he wants to resign. & *** s<m « John c - stennls » * fornia than in any other state. n)q w at nearby v-^/t t . th Coroner Jeff Riley of Pike P»n oMlw AU8fltic Tm . Q. nizgiiioll But on i y Organization, yut owy Television Schedule poisoning, An autopsy was be ing conducted. Running 20, satisfac* Wednesday at a NishviUe, Ark,, hospital, BJley sa{4 Gordon was on leave from the Navy at Long Peach, Calif, He said they checked Into the motel Tuesday and the motel operator discoy-r ere4 the two, Americans SpHt B^RRANAQUILLA, Colombia (AP) r- Nincy Richey of San Tex, defeated Ingri tof* of Sweden 6*2, 6r3 in the foipl of the women's sini jles la an international tennis tary alliance, including moblli, zation schedules and possible objectives of Communist offen« gency plans, Some sources suggested the Communists may have to unctert take a drastic change in many of these secret plans now that Sejne has crossed over to the West, The State Department 3Ct knowledged Wednesday that Sejne, bis son and his son's fit nance had defected to the Units e4 States, The Major General has been accused by Czech authorities of misappropriating state funds, But the consensus in U.S, cir* cles is that bis departure was THURSDAY MARCH 7,1968 (color) 5:30 SJ5PORT TH5 :30 :00 :3Q :00 :00 :00 (color} (color (color> 10:00 (color) 10:30 (color) 1?:00 M, FRIDAY MAKCH 8 A9C SPECIAL THAT GIRL ABC SPECIAL "The RJ.se «n4 Fill pf the Third Reich" Part One JO Q'CLOCK REPORT JQIY BISHOP SHOW SINE OFF (color) ;45 A.M. ,00 (color) :30 (color) tpumey Wectoesday, ¥3J* Cox prompted by fear he wou}<J be of England defeated Gardner of Miami 6?3, 6,3 in the purged as a result of a recent political turnover in Czechoslo* Vakia, 10:00 (color) TEST PATTERN BOZO'S BIG TOP SHOW DIALING FOR POLLAAS THEATER "Inferno" Robert Ryan, Rhc<l4 Flensin THIS 00 30 00 30 30 30 00 10:00 10:30 color) color) color) (color) (color) (color) (cOlor) (colorJ (color] (color) (color) i|:45 (color) 1=00 A.M. BEWITCHED TREASURE ISLE THE FUGITIVE NEWLYWED GAME THE BABY GAME CHILDREN'S DOCTOR GENERAL HOSPITAL DARK SHADOiS DIALING FOR DOLLARS THEATER "The Shadow of the Ca' Andre Morrel, Barbara Shelley ABC NEWS 5:30 REPORT THE RIFLEMAN "Deadly Io$ge" OFF TO SEE TftE WI2ARJ PEGGY LEE SPECIAL GUNS OF WILL SONNET ABC CPECIAL "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" Part Two 10 O'CLOCK REPORT THE BIG MOVIE "Night Creatures" JOEY BISHOP SHOW SINE OFF TONIGHT •AND MBBII MAKIf SIX' ONE HOUR COLOR SPECIAL STARRING DIBBII REYNOLDS WITH SPECIAL GUESTS BOBBY DARIN JIM NABORS DONALD O'CONNOR PRANK CORSNIN IH COLOR 7|OOP,M, Wli'i A C, ASH JAO HUT ' AV'i A Y Ml Hi I ( [ Mt (Jl A i I : n, M )H THE RISE ANP f ALL «f th. THIRP REICH RARE FILM SEQUENCES THAT TRACE AflOLF HITLER'S LIFE FROM 1899 TO 1933, •*• Tilt PInt tf Tfcftc Pertf TONIGHT 9100 SECOND PART* FRJPAY*-9:00 P.M. THIRP PART- SATURQAYw 8:30 P,M. All Mi I /, I e N 'j JU 10 rcitcK ••**«? NEWS, WEATHER, SPORTS. COLOR

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