Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 29, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 29, 1916
Page 4
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fwtti t MUMS. WEDNESDAY. NOV. 29.1916. * FJ- us tip jjr^U'ful that .our «i Jt is. If we h«*» f-H *n<l!«. 1ft ll.« bf> THANK OFPERIN6 SEftVfCES. 1 The fp^rm.-in Thnrik f»fJVrlnsr *.:f-rvj<-r« ] - • • • T '- - ' •• - • -- ANNOUNCEMENT OUR STORE WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY THANKSGIVING. Out special offcryufsfor Saturday as plentiful as., in the past, on all three floors. Millinery Sale Now On 1-3 off I * * Wyn'e-Deaver Dry Goods Co. thilt fl friendship h"tft*> tin's hrrn rrsruir- nl . ill T; i-v.r rtftfr ni! rmr nfr'v?!*. a little !? i"*" 1 ?? 8 '*">?<> rainy day. a comfortable hem" ,circle of pf-od friend, 0 . That <•'!« he ent'tufih to inrtkp rv<*ry frirtn f-r<*tv wornnn vf-rv f.-r The M'-xif'sin-Arncrif an .feint r >m- mls»ion fli'p^ar.* to hr> jointly out c-f joint. -ffl— -we- -<-"+*»>. -»H»J, rrMV*?-» tnkes tf-ftl genius to trot .forth a smail cannon nnd return The dr4nand for potatoes and cnnl. and the therewith, nro running about neck nnd neck. The most ffllcient way words is tr» try to persuade tc> b«> sensible. to wnste folks Hlg tlirs In the-h"t»s*« this time of y_C«j- means nia-ny flics at largo next Ninth 'Tt !r; i Tfm'f:'' i'.:it i:irf n ; p' ;H(':ni!,rtn! o !: ; tleHrfil. WILL NOT LOSE EVE. |i,.p n h> Tiovtr wt-nt ff I>ix''in Tu r - K <',.iy to •;< ••• !;'?!<•' Th'"-m.'i a Krwin, who is in :JH; strnri-; in fh<- ' > " by ."» J<t«no thrown by n p'nymnte. The physic-Ian* <<'•'«! .Mr. Bfiy'-r the bi-v would not \\\*P his eyesight nnd mtKlit be removed to his home today. Mrs. K vTrnuJWfin, of Morrison, wni I trrKteTttm? tnftyrr, - — r- Dr. nnd .Mrs, Herbert PMtltt. r.f M<. r - ri«on. .wire in Sterling this af(r-rn<>f>n . nn « trfliliriK expedition. mid Mrs. I. L. Weaver nnd STERLING DAILY GAZETTE AND DAILY STANDARD YP:AH dr-Hlre t" liuiiil. Construrtion of factories < .Mend* from New Kngland t<> the mlddl^ we factories were B» nday. 1). W. OU AN DON * HON8. KdltoM and rubUsbffa. Offlcfl. Ill Weat Third -Htrect._ __ BrUered at Pontoftlcf«. HterlltiK, Illinoifl, an Second Class Matter _ TERMS OP SUBSCRIPTION. By Mall, Outtld* of Sterling and Rock Palllt, Anywherf in the United 8t«t«* or Canada On« year -tn advance ............. 12. fi Six 'months In advance, . .'.--.• ---- J.zl lJt monthB. per ini>nth .2 • By Carrier In Burling or Rock Full*, •r by Mail at tht Starling or Rock F«H§ Pottoffice Otto year In advance ts.0< #te months in fcdvanc* 2.60 Thr«« months In advance On* month In advance |Bjr the week, payabJe to the carrier .10 '' ? THE MARCH-OF INDUSTRY. It In wld that t450.000.OiM) are be- rln^ »pent in the United Htatos for th«' construction of new fact or I PS and of- butKUttg*, HtaUHtlc* gathered by The Engineering the American. Contractor. the demand for our Industrial pro- hoB developed an unprecedented FOR THROAT AND LUNG* iirtranoBX cououti AMD COUNT Eckman's Alterative •ODD B* AIX UKADIRO Greeting Cards w is the- select your Christinas cards. Why not let us make you up your INDIVIDUAL GREETING CARDS? Some iclass. ILSeejour samples.. .„ GALT'S BOOK STORE thriifll into markets where they never before have been known. Their mater- Af f!rnt munitions! |nl, <|iinllty-and price h»« made us the only' institutions friends all'over the world. " It would making additions; but n.juv lilt lines off ),,. ,, ur fa'ilt alone If we aro unable to industry 'an* Involved In a m-ramblo to retain the markets won. btllld. Ill New York City the by-ptn- d'lct* nt lijflimtrlal prosperity are note- wnrthy. TlH'ce plans have hcen formulated for the ''onslruotlon "f 7"» Kar- aites and 2.~> theatres In the near future, and .probably all Mill lie Mulshed wlthi'n a year. Indtmtrv IIIIH KM IIJ>K and downs. A period »if great iu-tivity sooner or Inter IB followed by a period of lessened activity, or a tdim down. V\> are not prophets or the, sons of prophets, but wi Tlrrtint "think mtrlt n-trt»tnrntlntw-build-- |»K nctivlty as the prpNont cnn con* tlntip Indefinitely. Mlreat J Industrial pr«nbietlon In course of timo rf-stiltfi in" a HurpttiM of 'productn.' These have to be \\Hirked off-'Hoinehow, mid the favor- llo method IH to attempt to cultivate foreign trade for thlH purpose, A( prrsent we havn little competition Itv some of fortdgn nvirkcts. nnd our Htirplus productn nr« easily diKpo«ed of. With tho end of tb" war the Immediate, effect probably will be that we will have greater difficulty' In dls- \Vllh tho end of the war will come a lowering In price of many goods that arc now bringing fabulous figures. Paper, fur Instance, is mirff, to slip back to it more reasonable price and that will be something that will prove of great benefit to ptibll«hcX» who have bet-n bard hit by the present figures. LET GRATEFULNESS PREVAIL. Kvery business mnn has anrj'oylhg experiencesi. The grocer's boy gener- nity~ fails to rtetirei—.the Tpnrttctihir package that th'e particular Mrs. Smith, The nparr.«t approach to a gold mine Is a warehouse stored with cggw. H look? ns if Itottmanta is trying to make a ninth-Inning finish. f CITY NEWS IN BRIEF wanted on thf first de- the other packages that nobody was anxious about went home particularly livery. All COLETA METHODIST CHURCH. Hunduy school session at 10;oo oVltick and the preaching service ot ir,<i<t o'clock next Sunday morning, The theme for the morning sermon, "t'.'iv- ttiK the Last Mile." There will b«* n<> evening iH.-rvlce on act'outit of the speo- lal .services being held nt tho Christian church. The Junior nnd Senior choirs are nl work on a Christmas service of Hong and stofy to be given on Wun- day evening, Dec. 24th. The committee In charge of the Christmas box for the Lake IllufT Orplmnge desire to have nil lhc» mntprliil In so the box ciin be shipped .not later than Dec. 15th. Any one desiring to help in this KO<M| Work can either, see or phone the chairman of the ' committee, Mrs. Cumin tUishman. •if our surplus product!), in. the foreign markets- of the revival of. competition *tv|tlv'nations, now ; at war, . There IH nlw> a posstbitlty that foreign nations may the more readily compete with UH In our domestic markets when the war ends. In I ho case of' some cltiHses of material, we of course will need'* their products; as, for Instance, in the caso of dyestuffs, certain kl'nds of crockery, chinaware, tex'tlles, etc., which.,.we dp not manufacture. There will atwayftj)? a market here for. stuff that IH better made elsewhere, just UH we will always have a market elsewhere for material--* in better •machinery—t hat martojn the t'nlted States. That n'readjustment'will take place after it he war is almost certain, and there is no po'lltlcs in the statement. It Is something that itt reasonable and logical to euppose. Tho main point is tliat In the present condition of the country, it is Urn duty of <sveryon» to get an much, out of the situation as -BO thitt when the readjust-- ment arrives thero will hn'nn hnrrt. ship. This anticipated readjustment, however, is not to be local to the United States, but will be world-wide. Because of the. war the United States lias been able, to get a grip of certain kinds of foreign trade- that it whould never lot go. Our goods have been Every For ConstipatJon RANDRETH >i-i Sure The man who pro- tnJsea to tftniiB In J.O bushels of potatoes all of w.hirh had been soltl for today tclepbone.l this morning that' hj» wife was sick and they could not be brought to town. \Vllh the big- pest rush of orders tbc store ho* had in months the delivery wagon was laid out for repairs and everything mu»H«»d up. The grocery man's experience applies to practically every store in town, to every line <if business. Everybody gets lib btttnim every day. After all it In the obstacles \ve moot that makes life Svorth living. Wo grumble and growl, complain and gather a crop of white hair fifteen years earlier than ^'o should, becaiisie things don't run smoothly in oil and (in ball bearings. Everybody thinks his lot in the hardest. Everybody thinks the other fellow has a picnic, n June fishing trip or a winter deer hunt where the game crop Js fine. There la nothing to It Every business house ha» Us trouble*. Even down to Thanksgiving Bay, Mother never gets the"turkey just right to suit>hcr, although It will just melt,In your mouth and every doggoned kid in the family oat* so .much- they are elck for a week. Vet mother will oob up with a long apology because things did not go just right. That wa» the way o? life when life first bugrun. Adam had .Because he ate the apple and Eve has kept'him In hot water convince hlm-lhot Hbe. didn't Intend to get him etorted wrong In the.llrnt place. It IH bccauBfi of all these various worries and troublea that coma to us through life, pomlbly that a day was «et apart for Thanksgiving, • Our worries are an every day companion, but one day In the year we wa-nt to forget, one day In the year we want to rer joice, one day in the year we want to nil up on turkey thankful. If w« can't have turkey let UB be thankful with chicken, if n«H chicken for duck, and If not for duck for roast beef, if not roast bft?f for wJ}M§y£f-J!i The PRAYER SERVICES. rejmlar mid-week devotional service, will lie held at Fourth tftreet "cliurch Thursday evenhiR. In view of the Thanktiglvinir occasion tho meeting will have aeveral features of special Interest. - Song and music will have a IHTK« place on the pruftnun.— -Mn*. Mark UelUel wlll.sinK and a select ion will be given by the Young ladles' Quartette-. composed of Mius Bethel Stull, M|M>. dniiKhter will spend ThanksRivins; with Mr. and Mrs, O. I). Wowlworth in f>ix- 011. The latiioR nre «»l«tpra. M. II. Burton, of ftockfortl. Is expert'•d tonicht fur a few days' visit with her mother, Mr.". J. A. C.nlt. Mrs. .t-ihn Hehrens. who Is c'inflned in the h>.<.ap(tnl fi'liowlrsK nn «iper;itlnn remsiins at>oiit the snme. Mrs. .1 \V. BeekitiRhnm will.ppend Thrtnkscivitic with her sinter, Mrs. Mnrt Lftiruix at (lap (Srnve. Mr."find Mr-*. .1. II. Mench'-wlll enter- tnin at tlintier tnmnrrow. Mr. nnd Mrs, Dun Kber«t>lc- and won. Krfmiitt. Lellriy Kmmitt and IViwnf mottireil tit f'hi'-!tt,-tt f»<lrty to spend a few <l:tyn. Thf-y xvf-nf iii Ui> Ktnmitt car.'" .1. C. Hestrdori, cif Wak'gan, spent yexlerday liere on buslnes.«. Mrs. H^nry Wnlher, of Milledireville. spent Wednesday In this i-Hy shopping.- !{ny O'Hnre went to Mollne today, where IIP has areepted n' positloh. Mr. nnd Mrx, I". H. Andrews nrtd itaughtor. Dorntliy .Jane, of Chirac", came yesterday tn fpi-nd ThnnksclvltiK at this lumio <if her pnrents. Mr. nnd Mrs..'.I. A. Ciichran. Mrs. J. M*. McAn'drewK was operated «>n at the Sterling hospital thl« mum- inc. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Pass will en- at DR, PRICE'S Cream BAKING POWDER * • Pur*, Healthful, Depentlmlilii Made from Cream of Tartar No Mum—No Phosphate Mr, nnd Mrs. Ami>« Mutt and cmi, <>f rntlotn, cmne W» (hif-julrty for it visit ThankvplvlniK with complaint < xi f|»t the one Ma- administrator John K»irf!«!« Tin of .(he f'Ktate of ejcreptifin was the t'rof. nnd Mrs-. ('. II.-Marry and fam- f main point nt Sf<siie nnd the one on My will fpend ThrtT»kj<K!vifu; with Mrs. j wlilrh the suit was brought; Another jhrjiiirh cf the (-•».•«<« hn« gnne to the < liiish?!, ; ;ij pi iijiti. (Miirt fur adjudication. tr-rtnin iihout lwrnty>two ThnnkcKi\!tit: dinner tomi»rrow. lvttu'1 MurHh, Mi«* JJornthy M|SM BeNHle RclUel, Miss mid Kathryn burn will render n piano «olo. Subject of t the meeting, "Thanksgiving Memories." The meeting IH free. to all. A cordial invitation IN accorded the*public to ejjjoy thtt txsoefttn ,of the occasion with us. Kf Howl UK the service Will occur short meetings of the finance and mlaulonory educational committees. • , ,t-. . , Klutatt. of Chlr.'igo. and M!MB Aiirom. arrl_vfil_laHt in !»iicnd ThankHKivInK i«t tin- h«m«» of their |wrr»nt«, Mr. nnd Mm, W. L. Klut.-tK. Kathfrlno Hurkr wr>nt to Hnvnnnii, III., thin mornitiB to Hjicnd Tl»nikM)ilv- !HK with Hflf-n over. MlwH^K Kdith nnd Ktln-l Kinrrtltt will "|K-nd ThankHKtvltik' dtiy «l the H. T. huriic In Dixnn. Annn and Hazt-1 Finch left la., tn this ftficriuxm f.»r «i>«-nd ThnnkxKlvInK with thr-lr ,Mrn. Hort Dic-«chl«T. Mr. and Mrw. U, I,. H-pfriey will out ThankHKivinu tuiki-y with Dixon rcla tiV.'H, Jnttn JIalJ!\Kfi-—and^\\'t\llnm (Nionoy. of Tarnplco. were In HierliiiK «ui a »lu.|. Marty's parint" in IUxoii. Mts. luiy S:iinn.'ii .went t«> K'-iiush?! \\ i.« , t !iiH nini niiiK. I, II Stewart went In Omnha toil;i\ I'or a visit. Jnhu Tbnrni was a pa-»«eni;«T !'• l*e«rui this ni'iDting. \\ llli'it'l Andrews W.-IH a ftafi.neutjrr ti« Mi*»rison this nmriiliiu on business lift f \Viiiu) and »nn \vi-tit t>i Itnck- t--d:i\. « Mr.« A I I'ish went to Chi>-a.i;o tn. day f«i- a .sjiiiii visit. Mr and Mr". I'ranll Mnrpb>' and family vi ent. i« MlntmiitlKton lodviy wlu-ie they u ill spend TbanK«f;tvini; at the home -if Mr..Murphy's m'Uher. .N!r,« U. \V, Mni-pby. Mr. ami Ml" John H .**ri\M-enci- left this tnniuliig lor Leilarix*. Ill, where they will Fj"'!id Thiinksglx'ing at the thi'lr' daiiKhter. Mrs, \Vnrd ADVERTISED LETTERS. Advertised letters at Sterling- 111., poatoffica for the, week ending, Nov. 27th, 1916: Ladl&j—MJim , Florence Hoffmonten Mrs. "Hazel Hopkins. >Ir». Shirley Shlltz. Gentlemen-—Don. Cim- pol8, Joseph H. Daily. P. V. Degen- himlt, R. V. Gardner, Raymond .K. JarvlH, John Laut*. Dr. Jiuneu B. McCarthy, Donald O. McKay, Jlev. U, A. Millerf, Wm» Pool, Clauitc J. Roberts." Jack Kyan.-~A. M, .Clavin, P. M. RETURNS TO KANSAS. Elmer P«art, who formerly' lived' in Sterling and Hock Falln, him be«» trip today. , William 8|>auldlne returnc-d home to Rlmhurst this nftvrnnqti after n fow day/» with .Sti-rlinK Mpn»r«, Hoot. O'Malley, Uryun of Dlxon, spent lant ev nnd may" be. . us forget the, worries and tlm turmoil of every day life and look at the bright side .of existence and be grateful for ,all the, blesslngit we clnljy. He has be<>n gone olcven yoarw and during that time he haa.had KWM! oriipB and flii« year eapeciaily hi« crops of small grain were extra good and He obtained excellent prices for th«*m. In this city. *.!. \V. Hill, iif Dixon, was here yesterday visitiriK nt the home of A. 1*. Porter with ' his •'stater, • Miss Porter, who is ill. ted. Shultz was operate«l- on at the Sterling hospital Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Chas*. Woodburn and Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Newbanks motored to Clinton Monday, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Trunk, of Polo, «p?nlO!0nday in this city. W, K. Barkrnan,-of Polo. ^peiit> Sunday and Monday ut the home of Oeo. Maxwell, • • . Ina Dombush and Bert Bell, of Paul- Una, I<»w», are here .visiting at the home .of Mr«., Mary Johnson on l^ocuai ati'eet. John Morgaridge, of Grand Itapidn. npent Tuesday here on buainesth K. M. Rfch returned to his home in Chicago MnrrATT" \\ fill tn"Mt, \'rr- : lion today where she will spend Thanksgiving with MI«N HrOen ICvans, whii IH attending school at Cornell. Ki'ancls Fornter went to .Morrison today un business. Minn Mattel Mangtte left today for IH-Kalb W'berii f>he wilt spend Thanks- ulvliig nt the home of Mift< Klllian Mrs. ,1. <*. Malcolm, of Jollet, spent ye,«tciday In this ciity. Mi.i« l>«'lth Hroun, who has been at ti'iidiiiK the American Conservatory of Music, in Chicago, returned home to day to spend Thanksgiving with her mother, Mrs. Kiln Brown. "scar Knack returned homo today from a business, trip to Hochelle, 111. .lamex T.'"\Viii"R'."V\'ent"To""nc"he'va I hist' EVIDENCE BY MASTER Partition Suit Of John Hartmnn V«, Robert Thompion Started. Iv.-Idem iy In tin' 1 partition cnsn <>f .Inliii I> Iliutinii) >-i iil« vornuHjlobrr't TlnimpHAii et al«. AMIS taken In-fore MitMei in I'bitutery f'«r tbe ''Ity Court • •I St*-iltiiK, It. VV. Hecxe, Monday, nf« UTtMiiui In tlsr olHcn of JudKP... H. t.'. \Vnrd. The nuit was brought to ha*ten the ,«<'tilrnii-nl nf the estate of the late .\il.itn Hrti-timui r.nd Caroline Harlman that a division of the properly of the rstafe may be apportioned to the heirs. The estate roiiHlstH of the fropcrty on lCa«t Third street, iust west of "the ^llill 1 '!! laundry.' It is a choice lot 'and it IM ex'iiected the rourt will~order n , .-.ale nt the property. Tlio Master in ("tiiinccry will take the rest of the evl- \fr nnd will then report bin td the City Judge. li-iut< BIRTHS He BayH ho great changes in thn If we have,health, let u* be grateful for the Kreatunt blessing In life, be- with hettUh we can s«t every- clue we ought 40 have. lf_yj twin cities, and says he finds the greater aharo of hl» old time, friend* gone, He hais been viwUJwg his Bister, Mr«. C. F. Smith in Sterling, and his brother In plxon. WILL A game of football will be played at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning ut the We«t Knd i'ark between Ht, Mary's l?um Jind one from Control Ht'hool. -The line-up for Ht. Mitrv'n teirm follows; Hlght End, Robert Reer«;-KiBht Tackle, Frank Stern: Night CJMurd., Jwwph Knuple; J|ai'k. Thwma« A Real Shoe Value Jiist now when pricey ace flying^skyward^ are offering a real value in (fae.of the season's latest styles in ladies* footwear, The illustration shows a new ", glazed kid boot, eight inches in height, leather heel and laced f)atte,rn,.which we are selling at $3.50 • Can be hud alio in button pattern. e Yott will be surprisetii in the big values we are pfferitig in new foolwear. Prices range from ..,••.- t • '- " ^tfjf ^^P ' ^HF ^^^^ ^fwjtf ^Pr^pp* . ... ^w^ y^j^ 9^t*ff ^ff ^ff~ ' ^f. ™ fHil ^Wff flP' ^^ The |ine§Ohoe stock in the Twin Cities, .. . Oleauon; .Q'uarter Back, HarriH Kan. naliy; Cent*r, Leonard Hrodorick; Full Back, Thomaa M<-Andr<mn; l<ett Half iJaclc. Thomas McCue; M Lett Guard. Robert "Thommon; Lett Tackle, Wil. Ham Poyle; Ixsrt End. I*M> O'Cuonell, _ reliitlveS. L. H. Friedly.iH improving from hi« recent lllne»H., JumeM St. Clare IN very nick at his homo on Fourth avenue, Fred Ovewreet. of Dixon, spent Monday Jiere on busijie.sH. Mr. and Mr«. W. K. Palmer and Mr. and Mr*. Harold Palmer will upend Thanksgiving with relatives in JLyn- CITY COURT ADJOURNS Two Divorce Decrees Were Granted by the Court Today, The city court- reconvened this morning at 10 o'clock and after concluding -the- .business brougiit before It, the judge adjourned court 'until Monday forenoon nt !) o'clock. The Jury Is So arrive that forenoon at 11 o'clock. There will be* jury trials most 'of next wee.k. In addition to the num, her of jury cases mentioned lost, week, nnotht-'r one IIUH been lidded, tVic Kauff- uian divorce cane from Eric and the case will be heard Thursday forenoon at 'J o'clock. The case Is. contested by the defendant. At .the .Kitting this morning' Judge C. 15, Sheldon heard the. divorce case of Harold GhiHshurn agultiKt MurgJiret fmm Tiunpleo, Tin; charge JfJifi_luilKii_K unit- HTfU'CiCMAS. — A dnuRhter was burn to Mr. and Mrs. Halph Htruckmiin Tuehday murniiiK at their home on Fourteenth uvenue. LAHRON.—A diiuphtor wn» Inirn to. Mr. arid Mr*. James l^ifKiOi Tuewdny mnrnliiK at their horiH- In Hopkins tdWIlMllip.. SCHHVKU.—A KOII w"nH born Monday-to Mr. and Mr». Hftiry Hchrycr of 805 EttHt Hlxth «lrret. L'j;i!**it>'.j ed -t h« decree,. , The. next case was tho divorce case of I.cnter Weaver against Daisy \V caver, ,Tht> case was heard butt week but the decision was not rendered until ihiH morning. A decree \cas granted to the "{"omphilnaiit. .The charge wrt» STRONG EVIDENCE la the Statement of This Stirling "' . Woman. Backache in often kidney ache; A common warning of serious kidney iiln. "A StltCfiJn Time Saves Nine"—f~ Don't delay—use Poan's Kidney Pills. sJ'roflt by Mrs. Bruaber's experience. Mrs. B. H. Krunker, 716 Broadway, Sterling, ttaytt': "My back pained me nnd It hurt mc» to stonp or straighten. 1 hud dizzy Hpells and Hpcckn uppear- 1 before- recommended "eyes. When a friend Doan's Kidney Pills, I used two boxe«. They gave mo quick relief, and removed the ailments." Price 50c, at all 'dealers. Don't Mimply a«k for a Aidney remedy—get adultery. " Uoan'a Kidney I'Jn»—the name that The CUHO of Meyer .usaliiHt \Vleder- Mra. Bruaker had. fo»tor-Milburn Co., bolt wan taken up. The judge Kraut-j,.«,y tti jguffalo'" N. 'y. ed all of-tlie relief asked for by the " .,''. #•'..•' SHIPPING POUUTRY. The manager, of the Sterling H. & M. market on Firet uviiiuie baa bfcn getting in more turkey*. «MSO, ducks and chickcim tbau-ht! can cllsiKme of locally, and bus tthippod riiuny burrcl.s of llie dresaetl fo'wlij 10 tho vljain ttf mar- ie 03<e»nd\v kilctata. IBw.uaUu kets ownert by tkw H. & H. ^»eapU» In Chicago. The last shipment im-ludea ten bum-la of excellent blnla. Thia In an indication that poultry la more plentiful than had buvn expected. The t>ry Goods and Shoe Rooms of the Sterling Department Store •-, will be o'clock tonight IUtlNO!8 HI8TORY, On Nov. ;'», 1806, Vinuenues University was incorporated;\Jt wan the rtrsl iitKtilution to be so organiseeiT^in liuil- aim Territory, which then included' lilinoiw. On Nov. au, IWi. A provitiioa- tti treaty uf pi'uc« w«a bitjncij by KiiK: Ittiui and the I'liiitni Htutoti, marking the end of uctuul huaiiiitiw in the American revoluatton. THE FOOTeAl.1, PARAQE. The football iwrade tomorrow fcill "at the High echool" at ^ o'ctoc^ WMd follow Ui«.vB|up wild Oold "trail, HtwrUng ou Kilth Third street ,i 7 i«itt o» TlUrd «ti'eef to 1 Ay/'uue B • on Avenuw 1J to l-'ourrh street, mi FwMrth ^treel to Aveiitte K, o«, AviHmfc K to the east tjiit« of F §ABY. The infant d»ugh.ttr af Mr. Had-M.r«i,. Barry >Vii»on, btiit' 'WiMnbij. ni^hi «t tbs ho»H< of Mr*. U'i^w^i'.-s «ii«U'r. Wilkt-r. patuied.uwuv luxt was inade-ttiis ufif.nn.«'ii-~iii On account of having to sell our fixtures, our , Grocery Rbonrwill be open and ALL GRO- ^~ CERIES and FLOUR must be sold at .some • price. ,. ; .- • ''. •;. . . Flxiures Must Go At Some Price Such as Sanitary Grocery fiKtures t l Auto Truck, Computing Scabs, Show Cases, Rug and Linoleum Rack, Cash System, Tables, etc.

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