Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 29, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 29, 1916
Page 3
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J?AO£ 1HUR& HEAVY MEAT EATERS HAVE SLOW KIDNEYS Eat bess Me it If You Fee! Backact.y_Qr Hove Bladder Troui^fr-^TSke Glass of Salts. NO ni;U) »>'• P-'-vn it. wli.t <-.;!•; tn.-at InR (!(" ki-.lii. \t i>."f:i«|..ii iliv. ?:i\-1> :t twit-known :ii!f!'..i >M- f^rm* -jitte—ncid-..jvJdL.ti- .<:>,•.«!'_" .ll'.:!.. .K'.!.-.- 1 '.'}^ fhpy bf-conif- <!\<-|-*!ii l;.-d ffi'iu Hi«- irfmln, *tr-t "Nu^it and f'lil lo !ilt«-t the wn«tf' nn<l )«>i«on« fro-rn thr tdmitl, tht>tt w> -«f»'t «<!•-!; Xi-,-irh nil rhrnim • >Md.i.-h'--i. li\" v tri-iil'i'i-. ii<-r- • ti?7in> x j • • !i i i>!>''M!'"-^ and ttrlnary dl«e-n!et« < »m ( ' fn.-in "i kidneys. TOP niotrifnt y'mi f«»'t n dull arli? in Ihc Ithlwys or ymir ha. k hurts «>r if the Urine H I'li'tldv, iifr.-n«ive. full of NOdlfhent. hr< s-ul:ii .-rrf p:i><-;;i'_;e or attended by n animation of MCiilditiK. wtup ' eating meat and ^< t about four ounces t)f .f«rl Frttlt from nny 1/tntnn.u-y; (aloft tableKpoonfti! in :i ni--i"« of water before breakfa-'t tind.'in a few d:;ys your kldrfpya will in-t fin.-. This lYim'.nis nalt* Is made from Ihf in-ill of >;ni|i'"< find lemon jutve. ciimhtiird with lithi.i. ttnd hns been n«»«-d~f«<r «j«'iV« > r«tlonM to flush nnd stimulate the kidney, tils.. to -neutrally.! 1 tln % !icld« in urine >-o it tJO longer rali*i"« !rrMati'in, tint* ending Scene fr^nrv ''The Millionair*'* Son and the Shoo Girl," at the Acndemy of •f Music Thnnskgiving day, tnfltin<*e 8 hel night. STAY-OUT OF WARiHBUi mm Democratic Masses _ Sweden'From Entering European Conflict. HAVE THICK, WAVY, BEAUTIFUL HAIR Jnd f?nltM I* inexpensive ntjd cannot Injure; m.'ike* a dHluhiful fff.-r\i •>. cnt llthln-wnter drink which everyone should take now nnd then to keen thu JcldnPj'M f1e:tn :t»til active find the Mom! pure, thereby nvoldinu ^''-rlos Hopes Women Will Adopt This Habit. Well As Men QtMt of hot water each morning help* tin took and {eel •Clean, «w«et, frtth, ROYALTY DOES NOT CLASH EVERY PARTICLE OF DANDRUFF ___ j DISAPPEARS AND HA'IR STOPS COMING OUT. Queen Is German While The Crown Princess Is Of . British Birth. J Draw a Moiit Cloth Through Hair and j Double H* Beauty nt Once, Your huir liplit, wnv,v. fluffy, Happy, brlKtit, "nlcrt vljtorouH nnd «kln ; a uat- 'iirnl, rowy mn)pl»'xl«>n nnd frofdmn from Ulritms nro aMsured only liy clean, healthy bk'ud. U only i-verV woman and llkowl!**' fvcry man could n-allze the wonrtern nf UH- mornliig innid«' twth, whnt n Ki'ntUyttiK < % hango would take plac'n. thuutinnda of ulckly. men, womt'ii nnd OF- muddy I'otnph'x- Ilia inultiludoH 'if "i<&Bd«wn"8," "brain fags" and-jM't«ilnilHt« w*.« nhuuld «<•«> a virile, oi)UnU«tlc throiiK ot nmy- I Cheeked iiooplc everywhere, ft An tnnlUo tmth in had by I «nch murnltu: l»«foro brcnktust, a of ireAt hot water with H tfn- Inntead. of t he anocmlc-lookinu flirhi with "nerve wreck*." iCnlti'd l*r«-*4t Si.-iff I'om-'.poiiiii-nt ) I)«j«|ii1f ihi' far-t thai l he i^ilt < n of Sweden I* fleim.Mi :un! I hi; I'ruwn I't'ineesi, her daiiuhti'i *iti-In«. I" l')n>4- linh. It I* .*aid they iK'V-r h;i\'i' el:i><lr.'il uyof Tin- i\-;ir. : The (.Mu'i'ii of Sweden, formerly i nttil li ' "Diiiidi i Jiii liiilr (!«'. Hi?" 1 ." .liiKt try thl.« ' tn-iistfu'o rloth n-ltti n lltilc l»ainl«-f- , in»> nml f!ir«*full.v ilnnv it throiiKli yniit ! h:iir. taKini; nnt- «W;ill strand at a tlltln. ThH Will rli-ausc lh«- llait of ilust, ilirl Jaiul cirrcuxtvi' oil and In Jn»t n f^w ! inotni'iiiN ynji have tt«nittl"-d the beauty i iif yinir Jmlr, of bi'iim 01 the war .«h« < Senna n • of llif moM Intelliiieni n. Kroin tln>. NMtt irf been .'i center i-f |iro- it, I'.ut llif Crgwn I'rliUM-xM. formerly I't iiH'i-cf Mikrcaret uf Ciitinauuht, Is-wiUl to )»» Ihi' ino»*l tactful of women, nnd the combination of liilelltueiU 1 '' mid (net h:i." prevented ruptur* lnfl<vjei>M niothcr-in-lcw iitid MIU'M wlfi'-^T iT-fiiifoii notnrl.tii«ly hiird lo nntlntain. - , rlt in H.iid ht-ri> thrtt for .«oni» i \v«>«'ks now llu 1 Qtii'iMi is no loiiKi'i' nw ;n.-iivi- us furnvrly »hf wi>« reporti-d to he. Until «orm> t'hroo. monthH IIK*I *hi' bud aw ht-r rintit bovver hf>r klnsmrni. :<oii of ti ilnu^htcr by niorn(}ntU: • niiirrliiRf," f L!idw!«, of Hnvaria. nnd tln'i'«>fori' a« ftfrnian »« ^lu 1 . His j DutKhTliK* dif'Niilves ««.y«>r.v jturtli'lo of , diindriilT; <j, i l(>,'in«*t. i «. ji(irUlf*« and irivlK- lorati'N tin 1 «i-.;l|i. Tiiii-vi r Hir.p|iiiij; Itoh- j iliju and faliiim hair. I v )!ul u-lftit "uill pb'.-i^. 1 you tno^t will ibi- after a f-w \vi-ckf*' im> when you 'will nctmtlly se«> new hair—flno and downy at. lit*! yt-.-i --but rontly ni'vv 'hair KfowliiK !>li over the «!il|>, If you ji'tu'e fur jiretty. '*->(t -hair and lots of :il Hiirely »:et a STcfi-nt bottlo of Knttwl- unt'H iJaiidcriiie froiti any dru^Kiijt or (fillet Votinii'i'. and just try it. ; Snve your hair! Heautify it! You Will «*vy thin wax the best L'5 rents you } cVor spoonful of limestone pho«phate in it Mo wa*h from UM> Htonirtdh, liver, kid' noya and ten yrtnU «»f bowels the prv- Vlous duy'M IndlKfutlblo wiiuto. Hour ^ *BrmentRti«w» nnd polnon8, thus : tho ontlro iillnipntury. oaiml before rputtlnflt more fowl Into the wtomnch. Those etibjoct to nick h««»dacln«, hil- | colds; nnd purtltrulurly thone who havo .. a pallid, HHllow conipl<>xlnn nnd who _ arc. con»tlpiiti'd v^ry oftpn, urp urKPd to obtain a quarttr pound of llmo- -, Htont- phoHphntp HI tho drus Ntoro •which will r-«i»t but a trlflo but' Is 1 : sufflclont to dfnmjn«truK> j tho nulcK and rf'tnurkabii- chanxc l!i both health 1 and npptiunuK'o awailliiK thpao who practice'tnternut Muniluliun. 'Wo niiiHt ,rpmfrnbfr that ItiHldn cleanlhioMB is OUTHtJlJV bo." •. more fifiporl/un th'nn. ouTHli , CUUHO the Hkin doi'H not uhtiort) Infpur.- . itiec to eoiitainlnrito thu blood, white the pores in tho thirty fuct of bowels ' 'do. mnn«. A?. Marerhal <if the I'ourl hM Intblenee was Kl'eat. tind it wan lliloliyh him mostly that'the Queen e\ertt-d an jHllueJin* fin tl*» pollllcH of Mwedi'i) a* they bore ti|H>n .Hi' 1 war. Thi' uiiiverwity of U|mnbi, rdil'.vl nnd ino«ii inilueiitial in tin 3 country, i>- iin- oth«r eeiitiM'^of t^uiMi•rvullsrn mid pro- Oormanl.HW. ' Thl« i^ perhapfi becuiiKe the I'lilviTfiity K rail nn ten bt'loiiK to-the "r.ulinK « N l«nK««»" or rifibllifv. nnd tin- Mobility wr-iMUK tw ••»«•«' !;"nii'thliiK men- (K'lllf? lo ittiflf it) tin- duMtrUftillll of tile rulliu; iiublc'M of iJi-rinaiiy. Hut If Qui'fn, (.'otirt,. arnty. eireleK «_ft d_J hfU?<lh[Uiy._-' ' P _!!llUl' r ! K. J-'' ! 1? I'l'lljlf ^>«^lcn, ar«< pro-fiernrmn. why did nut Sweden lone HKO Join, the war on thi 1 nld««'of tb<* Central I'owerN? I linked this t|iu>silon of n luunber. of ini'ii, b«nkM% fidltJU'8 4 "«nd biiftlrn'.sH iinen. Kuninied itj» th«f' rvply wan this: •Tho bulk of llu' (lopulHtlon of Hwe- den |s Ut-mocratio in the extreme. There .is. «>ven u fairly HtronK rurrent In Sweden favoring a Hi'pnblinin form uf (MH-I-I innent. ()nci» n your, regularly, ij.ii)' tjety ui> In the leuUlaliil'K and VOTE IS TOO PRECIOUS r-"FOR REPUBLICAN TO | RISK UFE IN FLIGHT \\ f aHhinuloM, I.*. '*-. N'ov. «'-'.—The Itl- (,.,•,.^1 ..down i.v •'." r>. l!l' ikl—. He- j'lUlllii'JUl < -..!H.|.--'<r- I »ll:tll-t-^-<-t frolll a, iii the ail nf aeK'pbiin- Tli allil iiptil-ehrll- bi:>' i .iili amii.-;. AtnoiiK tbtit ihi.'Ns^ no time for any He| juibllcan I" he mklnn unii'-eeHHar chsiticeH, Hiivins in.-idi- tl»'- illwht from I'hil Wii-diiiiH'on in snfeiy, and •if. M'lUe *'(' JfJU'ri llilVilllf OK tabllxhrd it'* pre<-. d -lit Mr. .liiisikle.V they think, litioiild be willing. l»> let Well eiiMil:.:h uloti". Hume of hi^< friend)* are in the K«'Utlernat\ from r«.-nii!iy|viiiiia the t?r*-at truth that lin- , til tili- -i.iiu-Mii.H. of f lhe I'uiiliiil of tfie int-xt bi«n*i-.l-<'determined extreme, vnlue attiti-he." to the life of evvf.V KeJIllb- Itc.ui eli-rted tu that body, and that hi8 daily HiKht.i enn.stilulp a ^'fili'l diK- r ,. r .., r ,i ..f II..'- pulille inti-rest. ^ Overcoats— for Thanksgiving wide assortment of coats is here for you— there is a-wide latitude in style, fabric, pattern and price. All overcoats are sdlinir on the '"No Clearance Sale" basis which means better coats for the pgice paid & than is possible under any other system of selline. •*•' From si/c 3 in boys' overcoats to size 48 in men's, we're fullyy prepared to cope with the mosjT exacting demands as to every detail of wfiat good-coats should_.. be. Don't put off deciding the overcoat question. You'll,find we have solved it for you; its simply a matter now of your personal selection. Special Values $15, $16.50 $21 $23 $30 . Fur Lined Overcoats $25.00 to $45.00 Clo. Co. .ippoinlment to the State l>ep;irtmelil ity offielnJH of the Aimirlcun lied (.You*. |je with Hargeon CJeneral vf Ihe Army (Jordan, when the latter xtjifllped ConlHKioUHXItsruM'* out-* of I'ulia. ' • " Or. -(''iirhunh. in hU limpeetion work in (iernuiny. will investigate the nati- lt«ry rondillonw of Hie prison carnp.s thv health of ,thi> : t'l'tHonert* nnd the quality and 'utiantity of l^ie foosl »ui>- plled them. He will tnake. fc«ijuent re- jporls on his jnvrsUnation to the State iJepiiiinient. through the ICmbufsy ni I'.erlin. " ' "" ' ' BOASTED OF APPETITE NOW IN THF HOSPITAL AH! BACKACHE GONE! RUB LUMBAGO AWAY Pain from back with small trial bottle of old vst; Jacob's-Oil." Ah! -1'uin in gone! .H Quickly','—Yen. A'lnuml ln»uint relief from noreneMH, 8Uffnt'tW,"lnttiMi«t«!t their hnprs She ih eenaln, hoWi'\i-r. that ronsreuHmen aiul .setmtors? will ••>•• Hie wimlnm of pttMMliiK the iimenlment in tho «e**8ionrt of tho next and pain fclloww a gentle rubbing with ."HI. Oil," PUTS IT UPJO LOWD£N Governor Again Reprieve* the Convicted Negro Slayer. Springfield, 111,. Nov. S'J.-~?!<»v. Dunne wa« "paused tho buck" t<* tjnv'. l.vleet Knink O. Lowden In tin* Kl.*>ton Scott i-ontroverHy. rpon receipt of the iiMial reply from Sheriff. .U'hit" of Jackson county, <Jov. Ounrip aualii feprievd tlu- foiii"ii't«l Ne^ro inurdei'er. This* reprieve IH scheduled to expire mi,March 16, 1917, njjvernl months after Kowdfii will IlllVO l»M-onie t:ovei'inu'. This Is llu. STOP CATARRH! OPEN NOSTRILS AND HEAD Cream Applied la Nostrils' Head-Colds at Once. j If your noMtrilH are chiKB«'d nnd your J head IH ntuffi*d and you can't breathe 'frooly bwaunn of a cold or catarrh, ju«t jitft a Miiall bottle of EJly'H Cream Kalm Hit liny dru« store. Apply a little of j thl« fniKralif, •nntlMeptlc' crwinj „ into |j-our no«trllH and let U pcnetrato .through every air passage of your head, and hrnllnK tho Inflajued. mut'oua membrane »nd you get GIFTS FOR FREN|H SOLDIERS. Kew York. .N'. V., Nov. 29.-~ChrJMt- eheerx for tho French soldiers, "»!'»me\vlierc In I'V« neo^'- ure help- hold the IOUK .ciild DghtiiiK Hue, =, Will bo gathered loiiiuht tit,- the ball "L«RsqUfct d» H«il'hu" at th«K.\Vnldoif« '•Astoria,. Mr*', KtiKene Ainloiibier, pre-s- Ulant of Hie Meeieiy, IHIH reeejv'ed a ll»l of Holiiiei.-i uhii ure without CrU-ndti to »entl them I'hhMtniiiH (flftn. Thetiff ^^* 1 ? •rho-ttr»r-tp—nTT»tvr-Klft*r f nun «(7('|eiyr 'I'obhero an ft form it lulr t>ha re nt the conmlgn- mcn|. l*rt)c«-t'd(4 of ilii.t hall to go to thp gift fund , &OY, PLEASE PAGE ADAM. London, HUB.,. Nov. L'U. -The thirdcn ' of |'>len in the Miine old (iarden, A . Toronto unity miigt-im rejmrled that ^ hl» BurKUul Kit wax stolen one niwhi •pn, lip ttlcpt In th" cradltf of t>riKinul RHEUMATISM CAN SECURED! ; Lumbago, Gout, Sciatica find Uric Acid Complamts. Ttioujsands ttn&w what Kampfmuel« iJBf»«? ftheumaUe Kemwdy >vjH . do- for . lumbago. KOUI anU Kinilrt-d uHed by e*ce*a uric acid iu or JloiulJi. your ca*v win b« rvllovvo if you «itl ; '4inly give )-o«r»clf ft vhanco by (afcint: K, R. H, . / d what Mr. W. A, Willon, 5I« »irt'et; ^ouiavillo, Ky., 4li.« l>' l iietU of others who ,are e'a a« I w«w. I wuut t^tidd u >vora of p«ilH(! on behalf of >our wond-rful . I wi'* 1 Buffering with rh«-»i» my l>low«! WH» In ba.d urdor mid health very much IUH down, Wo* inaucwl to try your mtMtlclno. VkWeb I Uid, but with noun- rcluct-unc^ lit ffl^t ftt* wtluT .rci'nnjuu'tuiprt (tMiic— had ' fulled to In-netU inci .uid ^ tu-eilfit |H'ii|").si-.s H HepublU-. ilr> IH not howled down.' lie Is not hanged nx a traitor. H« In not ImpriHoncd for |ese-miije.«yy. Tit the contrary Ife i« listeiM'il to quite luc.lhotlgh be were propoKini; the build- inK of ri poM office at llapiirniulu or in- cre;i>'inj4 the tux oji .tobiicci^.. A do- hnte follows, n warm debati^. various nicmberw <-f the body 'of liiw»jnukere MnthiK their vie\v,s on the Huhject, Then comes u vote un<l the Hepubllc IH tlefi-jjted. ThjH Hhuw.s th<> absolute demoi'iacy •it I ho bottom of Kwcden, The fulled Wtatcx, jno, hiivo Miine inlluencc on tho. mitioniil mind, thoimh the "ruling would tjcarcely admit H. fl r lttd tq any that H H. U. cme.l'nm tlio hiK cffleH," 11 HWi'den ^'dltor re- mucked, "knnwx murr- about the United Htate** than they do' about any other country. And most of them know «'hi- CHKO, MinneapoliH, New Voik/uiul nth- Ameriemi t'liieK bettor thmi ft»-i- t |i, Stockiiwlm. The ream.n for thiH l» plain. l .Many. Kwede^ have K"iic to the I'nlted Staiew. They have- m«-t with HUecCH* then-. They like the country, So they \Viiie home glowing account}. of .the ki'ent iiiuntrj. the cities and lowiiK,- and tell thfc forkx'al h«»TiTr> how (din ami lhat In clone 1A the Httttex, All this ban a direct influence. It' maj not be n pres-KJnw^ ami aKurct<*l\c.' hut if in conM.'int. Sweden I.H wure to Jjf- conu 1 n Ucpuhhc HOIIIU da>. Not lie. culixe it wanlK to copy un\ other ha(ion but IM cause the whole leiuft ncj of ileino.-|-nt-\ i» in that dltectioii and ,S\s,.<|i-n. hi-ut ainl ,^,nrt is (*, ,ij>;i r.'ilit I . »li<n't mean \\n iiie i;niiu> to him- a revolution or .'uiyihlug lii:. \t>i- ifo 1 menu we arc uoin« to i.cci.m,. »t licpubhc in\t \ve«-|.. \Ve will i.Vcllll*- liil" ,i Iteptll-lii-. i(u H |, of the p'i'ple. l»> euliM.-lU of th H -ii\ ni S\\ed«n nnd perhup*. that 1- , u)jv ibi i..,|i . u, • M i-edinui> int. HJH< ill | Utixigh -he IK, and all the • IMII I .<!ri- ! ' I ll- ii 1 hi* N ,t"iid ' I'liliii'.; ( I,i->-i. . ' ii,i\i li'ii hoi in. vliiil inlhnil'i i'ii l>! ii in. .\\.,)i jj n:i rln >»d< ni IJiim.iii.t i.'i> - ii ' I 1:1(1 d ;•'.'.iM"- most H\4ide; do i »! win. v\ u ,\iul lltoiiub ihi-jie I u i~ d.n v» i .11 i Je- tmii' lit- SwiiUi! CASE UP TO GOVERNOR Effort Macfo to Save Alleged , Slayer From the Chair. i I'.y. I'nilcd 'I'rexc.l' •Albany, NOV. l"i. Whether rharles* (•'. Slielovv Hhall he killed''In the-fh'c- tric chair at Hiim Sins may be determined today at a public hearing 'before fJovetnor Whitman which comes as the climax to >a HU(*iaUied, dramatic tiKlll let M'ofeh of per-'ollS \vllo |n>. lieve Stulow innoceiil d"^plt<'' bin co,n- fexMJon H<- nude the confi'h-ion Hftcr he MUM rncH'lele»«lv mi'Mtioned by prl- ''"' r 'lenied it 'Tir rrlmvrd "uf ronfi'KHed to the torluie of iiue^tli'iiliiK Htlelow ha*> been npiievid M vejal tjmtrt. Subt-ei|in-nt («> -lii^ eonvicuun Hrwln KliiK WIIH t.iKen'lnto t-u.stody and <-onf. *sed In th<- ida.\lnu of Char* b'« I" I'help.s, and Maiv.arel Wolcolt. for whoFie deathri Slivhivv wa.s convlcl- "d KIIIK'--* eunh" ^ion wan made vol- uii!.irt1> A tier a ti \v d.ivi. he withdrew It- i * filielnw \\.t* d'-nii d a lie\s tlial, the louit luddinK lha( K|HK'« coiifehslon wan not 'adei|iiate to warrant one, Thone who believe SliMow innoeent will toda.\ pi«-M>i.t Uu-ll Mile i.f the e/lhe In (he ,-ii\ i riinr II) III" hope of eoiiimut<rtion.iir ii»l pnduii loi the ion- detuned man. THE PRESS AGENT FELL , He Will Marry the Girl Whose Praise* He Sany, l IH I mied l*ii-».- ) ,iu(u i,I in,.ill .\«.t b'-i.(li>-«" '-ill i.< iil.ti >• v in]' 1 iiuv " " .'i v\ hn 1 n! t;l< i t\il i-iiiv^ .11 'I ni fnl i-\pn ''-luii^ dellol- ilH lit I ' -I U-.ld til fi inltiltle (llllllllH Si • ! r '111'I. t- 1, "t! I 'l t -I III) III U I Hie I'M' Ii ii \i.'i". .i» :i lu<ii« in,i'ii i nt d ut^ i<iitiin> !!•• •> '' (>!•' ** .1 • ift to i -the /....•in', i '..',!,-- lii.l i.n> ii i '.' liilu nu! !t i->h t i ,i -icil n \ ii in 11 • h iiiit 11"- In .u I. I- ol .HI "i .4 III,' i ! n) 11 4ll Is W i •> < •• •!< e ./ i, • It i.-l. t I'l. and (ill llu le. - i.l u 'l ,,lt I-1 n .it'i HI {. I! T!,» \ in li> in III i' 1 1. il "t'l lit '-,,' \ 1IU, tl.l \ • i.uii, !•- ' i' 1,1 ,..i" iit.i i'v! ! " tHy United J'ruwU • Danville, 111., Nov. i!». lh-ln»<ki was the |{jiH»enHor of nu eiiorm- OUM appetite. He boa it ted of "his ability to eat anything. After celebrutinf? the election of the presidential candidate who bears hlM given name VVH- MOII 'Hinted he could eat a pound of mnM aijy food.--turf. llj- took ill more territory, and made it two pounds. A b>>lai|ih»r. MijsKeMeU 'twas ilnporisibtt* to eat i.t pound of crackers ami Immediately thereafter to drink » <|uarl <if water. Wilson made (t bet ho cmild do If. lie lost. He considerably over c.stimuU'd iiiH ca|»acity^afUl in now in loool hospiiTiT in n Rii 11 tills miotlilUK, pen«>liruilng oil, right on your painful back, and 'Jlke miifific, relief comen. "St. Jacobs Oil" ,la a harink'MH backttche, lunibajjo and (H'latica cure which never disappoints and doesn't burn the Hkin, Straighten up! Quit complaining! Slop thoso torturotiH "«tltche»," In ft moment you will forget that you over had a weak back, because U won't hurt i or l»n HtlfT or lame. ftojj.'.t...tuitter! (let a Himill trial bottlo of old, honest '•Kt. Jacobs Oil" from your now and fcei this lasting rollef.. tenth reprieve ^ ran ted by Cov. WILL BE THRASHED OUT PLAN A BK5J3ARBECUE Illinois Students Will Celebrate On Thanksgiving, illy rfUtt'rt I'rejw.) I'rbiina. III. Xov^ t'fl:—riuilflc to K<» to their homes " because- cla.sses are idtd ,!>m ope day at ThanksKiv- , I'nheltilty of IllliioU tiiudenth have pliiuifcd » inon«ter Vevvl to bexin ut noon and l««t until Into ut FELL FROM LOFT; HURT; THEN WELL ,oO(i tttudeiith lu the, accampitniment of WUKIHI loads of other "Turkey 'J)ay" idi'li.caflcw. This unique, which I will be nerved iii the I'tiiverwiry Armory, the Urgi-Mi buildlim on the cailip- UH, ^111 be tnti'T»port*cd with cabaret uctM L>y .student* and i>rofen«lunal tul- j*-tit. Af'i-r. dinltiK. the cok'brantM Will d.ini'i.1 th« uflernoun 14way in thu <Jym Annex,' which^ provides "the biggfat jdanre Moor at Ihi) I'nivelHily: liufful 'I'lirrcheim will be M-rved Hie ilancerK late In UH- afternoon, and there will be more llajlclllK I" Ihe eVPIllng. On How a Man Who landed Wood Pile And Was From Head to Foot Found Qvtick Belief. ( ))n i lilM'i) .1 tune Kih\in I'tilnain. Who ll\c> in the quiet, preU) h.intlrt of \Vcm!< 1 l*ej((it. Mns..-.. clinibeil up inio tt lilft lo KCt MUUe bllihllutf ni-UeilHl. H <»>• tnauN another ni-in living In the i^ntjv IIHI.-I 'offeti ilo. SutUlvnly he s|i|ipei! anil f«'ll. Ti'll f'et-l below WH.H (» [iiie uf \\(ni 5 l ,UnoUnl nnd 'iiu-u In). H vs.i» .1 uunt) tiunble, uuU Mr. I'tVtuuiu ts 111)111 tiKji.uofully in thi' b.jek,"~TU' i^''o\rml with luul^c.-*. au<l vMi T»R YEARS PP. Anna Howard Shaw Prodictj Fed' oral Amendment. j j'hjl.uleiphiu, l'H., Nov. ^:i. - Ucfore tlir uilmtntMtrullon KO£'» out of jnffU'tt .i ftulei^l amt'ndiiH'in wllf lmve \\n-tn p«h»«cil !•>• both hoiiM'M of con- and hi''temly for uitillCttUon by my «ia that K. Uf~K w,|l t for Mi,- U tl-on 4 ' y l uw t i'ripp with T< Ii. MiilT . t»T \ >.« ct l>< MA¥R]ED 42 YEARS; SUES i, WILL AID isr. EMBASSY j VVi'l t l .,H- ,t t H' iMditttl 1 / » i ,k»n Can si ^ j ur.M dii\ lu- b^imhl a lx>ilii.' of l.illhllellt wliU'lC'h'ld been le- ">irltun \Vjihiu « ver) lew .ifeu«'s-« vanished and li.ui tU».ijjb tl il K, R, 1 K. ts. »ol»l niifl Tji» "HfertsJntks Omy Co. cotfiei §t, *net First Ave-, Sterling. Ill, ' < .,' , i.ii .u i . , » Si ' • , • ;, • «\, MIS i < _,,..'• r t ,|. ,..,.. ^ • ' i >• , < '< «. 'i ' • -, .11 iii ; I. ' < » . I, I! . tl '. t ... I ' ,,.![ •, •. - I • , D'. Pmf,...'» Wi'i i i .,H- .« " T V . , - tit riJI the f.uth of tlu- Hev. lir Annii Hhww, UK< »«KC of hitffmKc. ' fkho iliM L:IW<I''| (be wo|niin'i> put I Hi the 'election bCftire itilille.sxllln the iit'Lli«'h'ti> MH'lety in the liiond Hiieet Ihealtr on ."VVImt it* Auiei i»'aiu^nt'.'" Tilt MlffrUKlhtW Will 111. live u lililll f<i| jibe umeiutinent durinu the " » ornwiK |,-hult Ht-si.sioil, but iir. Shaw {f-ftlijikis the |'r«».i, ">( othci bii»>uic«t- will liCiHiiiiU' The Foot And Mouth Disease Quarantine Will Again Be Discussed. k HpllHKiteld, l'l v X,n-,, :-U. - V!,<- uld liRhl hmwcen the l-Vdoral jjovernnient' and the_Mtntt' livestoojt jiXitxiutitiiuU-ui: j rr thr r 1 ! oot'«tid mtntth-'lrJtmwtt tfimtwtt^ iln'f probably wllf IH< thiaHlnd on? when the I'nUed Htaten Uivt-istoi-k Han- Itnry AsMoclitttlon ineelM at the l^a- Hallw IjOtCl III Chlrugo, ' l)ert lilher and-7. . , Thia wus tho nuui'iiu-i,t made today by Dr. <>, K. Uywon. ntate vei^f'inuHuii, who is ansifiHN to II|JMH' the entire mat* ,tc«r liffure tht« livinfUiek inen of iiu> iHiuntry,'and have them ri'iuU.r a Mi 1 -1 diet, '' " > • • ' ' iJurinK the early day*, of tlio break In lllhioiH, tho Kederal tor.s Instated-uii I'lai IIIK a full uuaran- Hne i n llm county in uhk-h the'dl>.eahe vSaii prox'uliMit, Till* (|Uui.inline pce- veuti-d the movement ol anj li\i-H-ufk from tho'Ciiuiitvi " Kioni llie Ill tit the Mu 1 '- ll\ ejjliii'k collUJliMbioil riiiiU-luli il Ihls im tii|nl \Su.i wrong- and litHiHled u|>on I'ornun^miar- Hiittuv! ai'ta within ,t radtuu ol 1'rmn ,'! io 5 nllU'd of tlu» oiubicak ThU ul~ luWud .Mhijiliieat .of cattle IIMIII nil | f 1 of tl»< couniy outsidi* the «i radiuM, Pr, l>>M»n'si idea, in a^.ini jjn.«hiim tile foyl^ nnd mouth 411 irantine j methods inruuid !•• la ut f an exi-MS 1 Mon fioin the i-i^ni uttt.ii .uul !ii*» led- i-ial Koviliuilint .»•> 'to Hbicli isi th*' hi »t nieihmi "J'he uiiiin tri.'ubi,' ,n Jiv«stnU iirif • ter* ;ii ihe |>H-M n: turn.' In', l^i-n, h,jid iitdav. "i* ih>-' l.o'U i>f iinifoini] rrgidutioni*. The i'hii«mji f > iiiiveiiUi'm ! l,- esprcled In il>" ni > h iu\\,ii'l l.ia!.it"~'J U'liul-itiiin.s iiiitf-'itu 1 bi-i ' liiHtaut relief. ' I Ah! bow Kood It f««l«. Your nOs- Urlla irt'o open, your head IB'clear, no jmore hawkitiK, miuffllng, blowing; no [ more, hnudacho, drynciM or Htrugglini; j for breath, Ely's Cream Balm ia Jimt '.what xufferiTH from head colds and ca- Uirrli need. H'M a dellKht. II WILL FLY TO THE POLE Ni'W Yoik. Nov. I'U.- To soar over the not ih pole in a hydroaeroplane la the ambition of Itoald Amundsen, tho Xtirwi-nuui explorer, who a few ycura' na~|7f:~.\itt<rnd~seir~«rrived~hi're trliin~ I'upt nhiiKi'ii to iiurehaite two hydro, ,ten>|;|aneM for that purpose, ytart' ing in the Ntiniiner of 1HIS, he wild, ho i IM .tu lu- In. the fur nuith from to |1\ e' years. fdull follow the coa«t of Siberia until tin- H'e breaks up and then (Irift 'toward the polV," t'upl. AmumlseH Maid. ' "The How nhuuld lake UH tw- u point Jtonu'wheiu bulwtieii SpiUberkea and (Irwnland, nftor V* have mado ( an iilmo*! complete niri'lv- ofllip top of Hir-Klulte,' I hope to be within 100 i,' «»r HO at thfci farthest, wh&n I l\\p- »hlp. Then will .follow tho i»y hydroaeroplam* or' »leiiKe. "( rate in'lhliiK for tlu* were ac«:otn« Tliat i'cAt .i^'eaily Im^ been achieved and It lias r0Hiilte(l In little or 510 prilc- lieu I >;i,n>d to anyliod) . liut if, Im \liiK re,')'U/'U II'O imrUu'imiKist rcijltiiiH. t ..HI «i<Mf'Tfr;u hjittxiarrwton^. I i'ur- a aimi^yt" »ir cjuTenta - ^r J 73. r iiiSai''< usually yieldb to tKe purer bloodi and greater strength V- nt t-aii lie «, JIHt al Distress After Meals TRY H OSTETTEBS Stomach Bitters I |il< p llfb" tin 11 ' Sllllli-tl ii tO rell(v i ii.i.i .<'. i-ix ih > i.'.n <*.tiJ ).'•(• t!' ) iheje 1^ nu litlUt'Cili ri'Klila' lull Ii^id I xv ill J'|P>.-I.{ tin- tn iM.u i i :•-!'• il .< i -I. .t'lltlnll .illd I tri'-^lt'JIi' •> •'' r-!. ;• ''*.'*-'*.'.'' I I H.I !l WilS i-l -',li.. '. i ' 'I -tti' f •' " ."it i nf llM-MliM '.. .' ll'.'! !,- !, I -• i I.U-l-t of -'!'$' ll-J (< l» ' .1 ' ' • -I > .. IHI ltd l >", f ~" ' ' t^t. i -' •'•'<{ i' 1 ' i>'' . 1,1. it v d ,- i '-i : . i • IMUUION oroafcs. |t$ rich oil-food enliven* !h«4yholQ system and »tnjn«Utens thi organs tji Uuow off the injurious ;clJ... Many doctors thepi^ • lv*-s iukc Scott's Emubfon 'UiU you must stand firm Iwv5ru'e- b , N. J. Itofl

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