Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 7, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1968
Page 2
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« Mfftn SOCIETY 7-3431 Befwteft 8 o.m, end 4 p.m. Cofendor of Events 9H fttORSOAY, MARCH 1 ?., The Heftpsteid County Asso* elation for KeUrded children will ,meet Thursday, March 7 at 7:30 j>,ffl« 10 the City HalU Pfis&ytefHfi church win prt<j« lice at 3:45 pgffl, Moadiy, Mftfch 11, The Adult Cholf fill practice it 7 p,m» TUESDAY, MARCH l& fte* ftoh* wan** r^if i*«v*i. fl>« Hof* fr to CWb *M meel Toe Hope Men s Golf Associa* 4 , *.** h %,| «,..«j a * iifeti*h IS ;1ipti will meet at the Hope COM- J[ K 0 ^' 3? MM *cM> tw. tfy Club Thursday, March? t* , to 2* ^ 6f **"• c ' Pt Ol 'ginning at ? p»m, for a btrbt» leseo> *que prepared by Jamie Russell. - , , lt „, . The Circles of the first . "A meeting will follow at 8 p.m, byterian Church will meet tues. be of interest to everyone i« day, March 12 as follows: - No, I and 2 in tee %e association. The meeting of the Eastern Star Hope Chapter • No. 328 will be held Thursday night, March ? in the Masonic hall, •J Mrs. Blanch Robertson, Dis* .tflct Grand Lecturer will make h*r annual visit. All members Hire urged to come. VFW Auxiliary Post 4511 'will meet in the Hut Thursday 'night March 7 at 7:30. ^•FRIDAY, MARCH 8 The Laneburg PTA will have a spaghetti supper in the school lunchroom Friday, March 8, 5-7 p.m. Price per plate is 50 cents for children under 12 years of age tod $1 for adults. Pee Wee and adult basketball games will follow In the school gym. Proceeds will •be used to purchase glass backboards for the basketball court. ^'SATURDAY, MARCH 9 - : Alpha Delta Chapter, Delta House at their home Kappa Gamma, will have a com- ington. Hosts for the bined luncheon meeting with Nashville and Prescott chapters at 12:30 p.m. Saturday, March 9 at the Town and Country. All Jocal members are especially urged to attend, "'• There will be a Country Music Tamboree Saturday, March 9 at 7V30 p.m. in the Patmos School "AQdltorium featuring the Rainbow Melodies, The Beavers, The Westerners, and a special band, The Lone Star Melody Boys from Texarkana. The public is invited. No admission charge. nrlMONDAY, MARCH 11 Hope Council of Garden .Clubs will meet at the Chamber 'ofCommerce Room at 10 a.m. ^Monday, March 11. ::v The Faith Sunday School Class iof the First Baptist Church will i-meet Monday evening March 11 over which Miss Sharon Collums -afr/riSOln'the-.ho'me of Mrs.Clyde presided. ,, ;_ ,, _£pffee wittf"Mr's." Opar Hervey Out-of-town guests were: Mr. Mouser Circle No, I Chapel it 10 a,m. Circle No. 3 in the borne of Mrs, Charles Wilson at 10 a, m. Mrs. G. B. Hughes, Chair* man, Circle No, 4 in the home of Chairman, Miss Edith Garanflo Circle No, 5 in the home of Mrs. Robert Wilson at 2:30 p.m. Mrs. W. E. White, Chairman, THURSDAY, MARCH 14 The Arkansas College Choir will present a concert in tht First Presbyterian Church Thursday, March 14 at 1:30 p.m. Easter music will be used with the Faure Requiem as the major part, CELEBRATE GOLDEN WEDDING ANNIVERSARY Mr. and Mrs. Ruby Long celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary February 25 with Open in Wash- occasion were Mr. and Mrs.: Cloid Bittick, F. V. Porterfield, Jamie Boyette, and Gene Norvell. Decorations throughout the home ranged from a large replica of wedding and engagement rings to a hanging basket of gold baby mums. Gold-flecked material was used for the men's ties and Mrs. Long's dress. She also had a white orchid corsage. In the dining room the serving table was covered with a gold satin cloth. Yellow fruit punch and cake squares were served by Miss Gloria Martin, Mrs. James Gilbert, and Miss Juanne Reynolds. The honored couple received many lovely gifts which were displayed by Mrs. Dub Pinegar and Mrs. Billy Dougan. The 143 guests who called during the appointed hours registered at a book Coming; Going ton ROYAL PAIR is Queen Hope Namgyal and her new-born daughter. Baby is second child of the queen and her husband, King Palden Thondup Nnmgyal, of the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Slkklm. Their first-born Is a boy, Prince Palden. H HELEN HELP US! by Helen Bottel fne ReV, tit! Mrs. Jet fy KkJd art! Jason Douglas, ft, Walton Beach. Fla,, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Kidd. Miss Kay Camp, Crossed, spent the Weekend with her moth' er, Mrs, frewey Camp. Mrs. Jack Ptitchett, Prairie Grove, returned home Monday morning after spending a week with her mother, Mrs. H. 0. Green. Mr, and Mra, Pa*fo« Jordan, Magnolia, were also weekend pests of Mrs, Green, Mrs, E, J< MeCab« and Mr, and Mrs, Sytf McMath are going lo Lafayette, U. ( Friday to visit Jack McCabe. The Me- Maths will return in a week, but Mrs, McCabe plans to stay longer, script before the start of filming and never referred to it, Nor did he believe in deviating from the completed script; he couldn't tolerate the expense of having the crew stand by as he made changes. But he did Improvise on "The Birds." On all his other films, Hitchcock proceeded with almost machine-like precision. Not only was each script tightly organized; he made a practice of sketching each camera angle before production began. He was ever the perfectionist, seeking new ways to bring thrills to audiences. ffrfto and Mrs. Roy Mouser as hostesses. All members associate members are urged to be present. WSCS Circle meetings of the First Methodist Church will meet Monday, March 11 as follows. Please note the time of your meeting. Circel No. 1 - 2 p.m. with Mrs. R. D. Franklin. Co-hostess Mrs. Claude Agee. Circle No. 2 - 2 p.m. with Mrs. Guy Downing. Circle No. 3 - 2 p.m. in the Mary Martha Classroom with Mrs. Wayne Russell, hostess. Circle No. 4 - 2:30 p.m. with Mrs. Ed Whitman Circle No. 5 - 7:30 p.m. with Mrs. Bill Reinhardt. Mrs. Lyle Moore will be a son ' BlevlnS special guest at the general meet- Ing of the CWFatthe First Christian Church parlor Monday, March 11 at 2 p.m, She will have a slide lecture on "Japan." All members and interested guests are welcome. The Faith Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church will meet Monday evening March U at 7:30 In the home of Mrs, Clyde Coffee with Mrs. Opal Hervey and Mrs, Roy Mpuser as co- hostesses, All members and as. Out-of-town guests were: co- and Mrs. Ralph Wray, Houston, and Tex.; Mr. and Mrs. Jim my Wray, Shreveport, La.; Mr. and Mrs. Harley White, Okeene, Okla.; Mrs. Minerva Eubanks, Blytheville; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hockett, Milan, HI.; Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Mangum, Shover Springs; Mr. and Mrs, Olen Wilson, Idabel, Okla.; Mrs, Roy Waymlre and children, Parkin; Mr. and Mrs. David Norvell, Russellville; Mr. and Mrs. John Curtis, Camden; Mrs. Perry Bolding, Mrs. Virgie Bolding, El Dorado; Mrs. Mollie Bale, Erron Puryear, Nashville; Mr. and Mrs, Theo Long, Texas City, Tex,; Mr. and Mrs. David Shoemaker, North Little Rock; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Epperson, Houston; Mr. and Mrs. Russell Wil- sociate members are urged to be present. Pro Easter Permanent* (Curv, Body, or Foundation Wave) Operators Unda Judy Diane TUESDAY BRIDGE CLUB MEETS Two tables of club members went to the home of Mrs. George Robison on March 5 for a local Tuesday Bridge Club meeting. Spring flowers were seen at several points in the home, High scorer for the afternoon was Mrs, Syd McMath, and second high was Mrs, Harry Hawthorne. Pie, coffee, and cold drinks were served, Births The Rev, and Mrs, Jerry KMd, Ft, Walton Beach, Fla., announce the adoption of a four'Week-old boy, who weighed 7 pounds, 3 ounces at birth, He has been named Jason Douglas, Grandparents are Mr, and Mrs, W. 0, Hidson of Magnolia and Mr. are} Mrs. Cecil Kidd of Hope, A threnody is a dirge or , funeral song. Tonite Fridiy<Siturday Adm, ,50-100 aenger •f...i Dinging my§ip§! miieof the magicaj §ty» of 'M§ry Popping 1 ! .*. 99 YOUTH ASKED FOR ITI This column is for young people, their problems and pleasures, their troubles and fun. As with the rest of Helen Help US!, It welcomes laughs but won't dodge a serious question with a brush-off, Send your teenage questions to YOUTH ASKED FOR IT, care of Helen Help USI this newspaper, TOO SURE OF HER Dear Helen: I've been going with this boy for a year now. At first he was considerate and very sweet. But now, here's what he does: Whenever we go to one of my dances, he expects introductions to all the girls and spends most of his time impressing them. But when he takes me to one of HIS proms, he doesnH introduce me to anyone except the girls he knows. Then he socializes with them all evening, leaving me alone. He cuts down my clothes, my family, my friends, the way I de- my hair. My folks are wonderful, and they've treated him awfully well. He's been rude, curt, smart- alecky, snappy and he finds fault with everything I do. If I fight back, he gets mad and sulks. Now he's started college, and It gets worse. He sometimes stands me up, or else he comes by without calling and expects me to drop everything to go out. Also, his hands are getting happy. He says my morals are too rigid for a college man. Yet, even though he talks about the other girls he knows, and compares me unfavorably, he still says he loves me. Am I wrong to to • • PROTESTING MILDLY Dear Protesting: Mildness won't change a boy who uses you to sharpen his eeo, I'd suggest a toot-stamping protest march — right out of his life,- H. Dear Helen: Why do mothers, if they can't make up their minds right off, say, "Ask your father," but, be- for you can, they get to him and slip him the right word to say, which Js "Noi'WlM Dear Jim; , , , Because a man's "No" carries more weight than a woman's, Moreover, she's keep« ing the final verdict where it belongs - .with the head of the house - . while neatly shifting responsibility so that she won't be called the villain. As a boy J know says, "My dad Is my mother's biggest weapon. She sure knows how to push HIS weight aroundl" «»H, Pear Helen; I am nine years old and my sister is 13, When ve get into a fight, which is a lot, she calls me fatty and { call her Pi f Nose, How could this be stopped?*» WORRIED ONE Dear One; Your mother could help a Jot if she would get you kids to* get her on a peaceful day and figvjre out why you're so jealous of each other. This won't stop ill the fights, but it mav slow down the aame-caUing. — H, Dear Helen; I am a shy boy in high school think this certain girl is all I want in life, My problem is: *'Hi" is the longest word I've said to her* Sometimes I can't get that out. Sometimes she seems to take an Interest In me. How can I get to know her better? - - SHY GUY Dear Guy: Telephones are terrific tor breaking the communication barrier. When you aren't worried about what to do with your hands, feet and bright red face, you can do much better than "HI." Give her a honk on the horn,«-H. : This column ),s dedicated to family living, so U you're having kid trouble or Just plain trouble, let Helen help YOU. She will also welcome your own amusing experiences. Address Helen Bottel in care of The Hope Star., Copyright, 1968, King Fea-j tures Syndicate. .Inc. : ( , A? fefetlstowRidio Writer ww YORK (API - ft* stfonf^yed feietision vte«*f »tth sUmtai *nd slaying po*8f hid t roftlty special evening on Wextatafcy nijtil. ABC bad four «xtffteofriftttlif pfoffams !« t row- a wildly mixed b*t, sikf etch, it) Us own »iy, excellent, without 96 much as fllpplni the dial, there ware the stfht of set anemones, which look like flowers but are not, trapping and devwirtnj a passing flshj Mta Firrow was confessing she often retreats In « "little fantasy world" of her own? Monte Carlo In all Us glamor and beauty was spread before the public and finally, there was an Illustrated history on conditions tn Germany that led Hitler lo power and to World War It, First program on the schedule was the second In the Jacques Cousteau series about undersea exploration and experiments. tlon. The oceanofrapher and his crew of divers and photographers this time explored the colorful and strange marine life of a coral atoll off the coast of India, The photography was marvelous and the glimpses of the ocean's flora and fauna exciting and exotic. Miss Farrow came along next, the cooperative and relaxed subject of a sympathetic 6jr fttf foffBtf *P*f* ftice" ftotietgttf, RfAft fte ywffif iefrtis «*» freely f»f fcMty ftt»* tlonshtps, explained fwr deep Interest (ft Indian religion and meditation. Sft« was ml Mfcitf about tnd d(d not foiontMf »nf* ihlfig »boui miffltf** f fit half toaf spwial is apparently ft test ran for « rofttre series tftd tti fitlled "The Mow Oeneffttiott." "Moftta Carlo *,, C'«st t* Rose" wan an aHfttl and ImtgU native comblnallon of guided tour, variety show and fashion show-our tour guide, Princess Grace, wore a different Dior costume tn each of her many appearances* The monumental task of adapting William L. Shim's "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich"- the book ran to almost 1,500 pages- was begun with an hour program, the first of three to be broadcast later this week. Researchers have done a thorough and imaginative Job of rounding up appropriate material to illustrate the march of events-old news reel film, still photographs, cartoons, and have also interviewed some of Hitlers Intimates and followers. Tho first show told of Hitler's troubled early life, and then went into greater detail on his emergence In the Germany of the 1920s when the economy, political structure and morale were weak and disturbed. The narrative carried the Nazi chronology up to 1933 when Hitler became chancellor of Germany : i; i c • ' I? UNOKU WRAPS, comedienne Lucille Ball bmidtoi up under a far c«p« on arrival at London airport. and the Third Reich was bora, It should be noted that all of the special programs on the network wore produced by an outside packager, David Wolper, and it was an Impressive showcase. Bob Thomas at the Movies By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-Television Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP)—Rare insight into the mind of a creative film maker is offered In a new book, "Hitchcock," by Francois Truffaut. It took a Frenchman to define the impressive stature of Alfred Hitchcock, who for more than 40 years has been making films in England and America. He is virtually the author of the suspense genre, yet he has never received an Academy Award for direction, although his "Rebec-1 ca 1 was selected the best picture of 1940. fruffaunt, director of "Jules and Jim" and "The 400 Blows" and a former film critic, has | long been an admirer of the Hitchcock art. He came to Hollywood for extensive interviews with his idol, and the results of their talks have been published by Simon and Schuster in a hatrisomely illustrated $10 volume. The ease of their conversation is remarkable, considering the fact that their remarks had to be interpreted—neither speaks the other's language with enough fluency. But there was a meeting of their two minds that transcended any language bar- rler. Truffaut had done his homework well; he seemed to be familiar with every scene Hitchcock ever directed, Tne pair devoted much discussion to "The Birds," which failed to achieve hit status in theaters but created a sensation in its recent television appearance, Hitchcock said that he became interested in the original story by Daphne du Maurier when Jt was printed in one of his mystery anthologies. He admitted that he lost his usual cool approach during tbe filming. ' "I was q«|te tense and this was unusual for me because as a rule I have a lot of fun during the shooting," he sajd. "When I went home to my wife at night, I was still tense ar^ upset. "Something happened that was altogether new in rny experience: 1 began to study the scenario as we went along, and I saw that there were weaknesses in it. This emotional siege 1 went through served to bring out an additional creative sense ia me." Hitchcock stated th^t he had always before memorized his AGENCY ? Like To Save Money? 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