Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 29, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 29, 1916
Page 2
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LW& ILUNQ|SJi'EDNESDAY...NOy. 29. 1916, •• ' : , : T:-. y.i i >ii;iui«iiiiii>'irnfc" .- j ~ - — • —T IT"- •• -~—WAS MUCH ENJOYED Entertainment Given »t M. E. Church. Make Thrift ijoosetiold Word Teach the childrem to be thrifty. * Habits f o/med in tMMhood are not apt to change ift after years. The key opening box of with more than fifty shines and a HOME SIT , "for poITsnlng Is an outfit unequalled for economy and convenience. « SLACK TAN WHITE At fill dealers — Take no »abitlttite. SHINE WfTH SffWQtA AND SAVE BOMB SET* [ORKISON DAILY GAZETTE MORRISON, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, NOV. 29, 1916, A GOOD CROWD GAVE FlNEROGfiAM Social at James School Proves ; F' r *'. Second and Third Grade* Ob- Suceetsnil. ', serve ThanksgivinB. f i;p crowd rtltrtidrd tin- l>;t'*k« t The t'ir«t, ^it-niid ;ind third grades Held nl tin- .I:*IH'.-• srh"id ti^lth-tt 'lie smith *!i!f school «d>.--ervi-d thi» city on Mond.-t.\ i v,-tiin~- The Thank-iuvtii'- d:iy lid* jifti-fnonn by Cher, Mr*, liumji -uni tt-.t- [>npn- h-id holding a joint * nt' t tnlnmcnt. A fine H firte l>i » f"f Hi*- < iit'-r- . i>r"Ui;in» w.i.« rcnd'-p-d. the ("t|iil« ilurinu t?!«- til.-.! !>.iit nf the- ' from < .u ii iir-'di- cuntrlhutifi»r .tcvi-nil KolloUiiiK thi" ; t*ie !>!«xe» w« re ' uumlii i-.«., .l-'i>llvwliu: the pr«>i.:rnm n IKtltl, KOIIH- of them I'lioiitri; nn.iifiially .randy .*;,,.• \\;\n li> Id, the j.i.iceidx t«> t price a... The I«I.!|.!H ..f tin- even- !•<• dnid-d t»'»w.en the different cr.ult s Showed mi ndditi"ii "f f"it> dollar* . and to IK- lined fcr the iMirjrhaxmn of tre.'t«itr> Hldfh will lie iadditlonal liteiainie for 'lie |IU|»(|K i«i;irn!-< toward mnkltisf jThe |ii*i;niin rendered wa« n« follows*: . ,..i«»l. \ SOUK — -Grade 3. ". '."'.'""' .. " . i "..", '..'..J ™ | l>i,i!iii;.ue, "Th;uiks(jiviim"— flratli* 1, „ ,-.,•»,' St.iry of First Thfuik.«t > lvlnt:~- ISi.yn Wonderful Remedy!from cnui.. n j,,!.- .-Mid i 'Snrxi'-- "•'"!" '' ... t.i!..,. :t S!-. ]>h ltd I.' '.I I '-" I n'u--.!l -i 1 ' <! w ith Sli<i< - I , A S<-« nir Travel«'i:it" 3. I'l,»n<!. i:U N'Ttuin-. ill I! MMff'V Ojitli ,'i-'. N< '!• i Impr-'.injiUi in F Sb,<tn> M,t.l"i <>i»f«i Alvin \V. Hoper t. I'li'ttirri. * Stint!'"'*! in X.'it'ire Hunh Ci>rt< Illinois Railroads Reduce Accidents of All Kinds ia> Sprint: Sntjc Ulluwtrnti-fl wltli t=li»U'«» (h) M«>rnln« < From Vi-i-r <Jynt .Suit) (Jii Alvin W. Kiffipr 6. ricturpp ntul Mnsio. A Ijfsson friiiri (inti'M Hcok Cork arid I'rof, Hop«.>r for stomach trouble ONE . DO.8E.-'-.WlLJ~--CONV|NCE—T- no*, Coneer and t'lr«.»r« of the and InteHtin**. 1 *, Autu-lntosiea- Yellow Jnimdli-e, Ai>|ieudU:iti»and [Other fatal tjjlrnents n;»nH from Storn- Trouble. TliouHaittV.** <>( Slonwifh' eron* owe their complete, recovery, to.Mayr'n Wonderful Itemedy. I'nlike |ft&y',ottrt'r for Ktouiueh ailments. For iittle t>y HterllnK I'hrtrmney <\», imd from f l-'irst dc 3. lon. (Jrad ^Kl vlna -Oil IM - Lucl|f> Iriitn. l!«'clt:itlc'n, cirniln • 3— Ii-li'li utle 1. tirade J—Keni/eth b'titti- l-'olk l>.-im-i>--f;nide I. Hfeitntion, tirade 3--Alice Mretx. •, SOUK -<irailc ~i. • H'-i'itatinji. (ir;ol> 1 3 Jlvl'-n l'"lft«'hcr. Hi'^it/ition. (irailc 3---,I..nhi Wnlsoi^ ri.'i.v--<;rii«'l«'>r* l 1 and 3. "America," HONQR THJlFTEACHER ] Sunday School Claim Gives H. E. Burr Farewell Surprito. Tlie Sunday M-hool I'-in.** 'tniiMlit 1>V 1 H.'K. Ittirr. piithiTt-tl at IUH li«<mi« on I F^irtlnnd nvenu<> Tueedn>' afternoon him a Mwpriw. Therf w«>re 'si'tit and tin 1 iiftnrnoon \V»H pleiuwhtly f>i«'iit In a .«ocial way. A luncheon- WSIK Kervd at four o'clock,' I Mr.-Ilurr wast i>r«'-s*<iiti-«l with' a hook OM a remi-rnbrtinee frotij the eint*n. He will leave- with.his wife In a few for Callforiiiii where they, will i the winti-r, remaining until Aitrll or May, FAR&WELUSURPRISE Friends Surprise Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Monday Evening. Aboiit H'-VMity-flvp frit mis <>f Mr and Mi«. Simon Mathfw catln-inl :it th,<-!r bome near Hnuhd fii-ovc M«iiul:iy nnil tcndi-rcd tlM'tn a fai<urll Mr. nnd MIM. M.tth< \v nrr* t.'ikcn i-ompli'tcly ut)ii#;irc« and w<-i« -iatily a><torilHlii'd whrn their »n- 'd KU(">IH arrlvi'd Init piovi"d as u K<'niii! ^io»t nnd chriirnir . The I'Vi-tihiK Was foi-l.tlly j»pt-nt. Hfvcral niiiHii-al nttinbcrH w»-rr n-ndrv- cd and tinich cnjn>^d, jiictlrlous r<'- frc^hinfiitH wcrf fjci'v«-d. Mr, nnd Mr*, Matlu'y have 1 recently ?<o)d thi'ir'plm 1 " riritl pxpf«'t to move in n (short tinio to Tlii-y we >:tt of Hoi thi-rn by the T(U> r(><Mpi»'nt« of DOES TheHotel Sttcces^ri Chicago A comfortable, •^* home-like hotel in the business ccn- ter ol^the dty offering every convenience and every service. 6e*f "food is served in l/iu New Kaiserhof Restaurant at moderate prices, Rooma 9!,9O up .> i .UA ...-/- . . * BOTdliYOO? ORGANIZE CLUB Odd Fellow* Meet and Organize Monday Evening. • ' A mci'tiiK 'wan In-hl hy mcinlc-r-' of tin- (Mil I'Vllows <m Mrnnliiy eVeitlm; for the |iuijio«i> of oru;tni/.in>u a woclal eltih. t'hrlrt Kolilnxun was eleett'd to us Nccretary nttd tre.'istn-or of rutiiii/.ation and the <:xecii^v«> fommlttee WHH choxeii an follows: Anderxon, I'^eil Hnrmiin inul tili-nn HtuniicrM. The rule* ami IVRU- n« will In- drawn 11(1 hy thin corn-" '<• and latur |>reKi<n(i>d to the rtlcm- hi'i-M for thi-lr npprovnl. 1'lu-y will also hav«« charftc of the ptirrhawlni; of the '" oom< «<(|iillinti<nt ami furniture for tliw clul> • • . '~ft At $OCIAL"MEETING Enjoyed By Pythian Sister* After Regular Meeting. 'flK''l'yUiitin Bluttirn IwM • thHr r«>KU- lar int'i-tttiK lit th* 1 K. of P. dull on Monday ovi'riliiK. AfU'r the liiisiiu'MH KCI«- Minn. H Hopiiil' ov^nlng wan euohro t<*rtnlitineiu. Tho honorn wt«ro won by Mr«. J'fiul WilHAn anil Aloe' McLvnn.. were nerved. Many Doctors Use Murt:rcl 2. So many M'.fT. r* t > ! ! avo r-'ii):.! relief in-MiisiiT''le thr.t } m ..::. .'.,>. \, !,. v „ >?iiall j;ir ;>nil t: y it. jii»t Njjrcad• it ittrwijli the fm}:crr.. R p .;b i.t in, l;ir-t V.HI fi-.'l ;t gentle K^"«', a dvlici'iv.s, C'toLng" coiniort, .Mv^terole runts the twitiHe*, lousetis up stitfctied Mtisier.oic is a clean, white ointtncrl, made r with toitttf mttstard. It penetrates to tiie seat of jiHfn and tlrivci_U'away, lutt dor.s, not |>li:>ter Uic tcndcn-st skin, It takes the place tif the mu>by ( uld mustarU' plaster. is rcfomnienilcil for Met Home of Mr*. W. N. Humphrey Monday Evening. The Proiuresodvt»' Heading Clrcltt en- Trtt <it the home of Mr». W. N, Humphrey. A fine program was rendered and a dainty lunch was Ht-rvetl, The fi»Kt"tnt-eUiitr will be held at the homo of. Monday evening. Seth Hurlbert on next 2 State PuBtic UQIffi«^ t^ommission showing that fewer people were killed on the steam railroads of Dlinois during the year ended June 30,1915, than in any year since 1899, despite the great increase in population, in'track mileage, ingrain service and in passenger and freight traffic handled in the past sixteen years. As stated by the Commission, the total At a speed of sixty miles an hour, number killed in 1915 was 709. Com- day and night 365 days a year it pat^d with the year 1914, " - J ' this was a decrease of 20% per cent. As compared with 1913, it was a decrease of 30 per cent. f \ Of all the pers6ns killed, four hundred and twenty- seven (427) were trespassers. The Public Utilities Commission thud comments on these casualties: Large Majority of All Killed Were Trespassers \ "While there was a substantial decrease in all kinds of accidents, it is noted that, of the total number of persons killed, 60 ^ per cent were trespassers.'* Safety of Passenger Travel Onhr fourteen passengers were killed on Illinois railroads in 1915. This was less than 4wp per cent of the total number of all persons killed. The passenger traffic handled was equivalent to carrying two and one-half billion (2,500,000,000) passengers one mile. On that basis, a passenger on the railroads of Illinois could travel 178,571,428 miles before meeting death. would takeover 339 years for a man to travel that distance. Why There Are Less Accidents \ThePnWic Utilities Corn- mission's statistics as to passengers and trespass- ,ers killed show how much safer the railways of Dlinois have made it to travel in their trains than to trespass on their trains and tracks. This decrease in railway accidents is due mainly to the vigorous '"Safety First" campafen carried on by all the companies, and the expenditure of many millions of dollars for stronger tracks, steel cars, safety devices and many other improvements. Could anything more strikingly illustrate the situation as to railway accidents in this state than the fact that over thirty times as many people are kitted while trespassing on the property of the railways as while traveling in their trains? ' Illinois Railroad Committee chifis. crinip, asthma, pleurisy, lum!>;'$?o, iieiiralm'a, .nprams, hruises, htiiT iuvk, -tieadachc ami C4»lds of the chest (it often COI Regular inspection of Militia Will Be * Held Dee. 12th, <'apt<iii> Jiuwxn of Cojnimny I ha-s received wtml to the effect thai tho regular iiiH|H»«:lon of tho company will l)o held on IJei-. U'tn by Cautuin J'at- . Ther«« wa« a very K<»'d utlendanee at the regular drill »m Monday wentnK. The niTvlee unlforma were KJV^U out to the members uf the eomjMUiy at Urn I time, GOLD GONE! HEAD AND NOSE CLEAR First dose of "Rape's Gold Compound" relieves all ' grippe misery. JJon't may Ht«ff«*«,l-u|»! yult idowiiiK and wnifflm;' A do*e of "J'lipi' 1 * Cold Compound' taken i-very two hour* until three dose* visited friends in .SiertisiK Tti> sd Daniel . I'ldnney r< turned to his luy after viMthli: in' sister. Mr»>. Hiury taken will «nd mlnery and hn.-aU r>V uj» n severe cold eilber in tho head, flie.Hi, body or lirulis. It promptly opens' C!OKK«I-U|) nostrils and air pa.%nas;<.K; utops nuwty «H»or nose running: relieves nii-k I throat. Two Place* Ba'.tp Filled By 8nb»ti-1 11 ™" 1 * in«.« ' . ' I "I'i un«l stiff- Twti of the rn.%3' farriers on the rural rout<?« «i'« tiikliiK Bhort; vacations ul i'- ' . ' s° ^Br "fll W mi mmi > ^|^ iHI • 00 on neeoimCof KOgur Knox, on route 3,' i» being relieved by HubHtltuto Hurry AiiHpuolt. whiln C. l« tukinjr th« place, of Joe Kndx on rotite^ on>. PROBATE COURT RECORDS --Kittyto of JfMiunih Krohn, rliwntwd. Affidavit of posliiiK notlce» to rreditors uml u|ii>rovtKt. u j U> - H es«t, , • ,..,., compound i« the known and et»«*ts only 25 rent* at dlUB stores. It arts nut uatiiistiAce, tahtejj nice, and C nt> inconvenience. Don't uccept u stltute. . ' in Chleaijo 'I I the home 'of JLUirch. .' TJi'v. Sternt'HrTSv who fi!!«ij tin' jud- plt m ih«tl.>utch Uffifi.nii'd I'htitt'h "n Sunday returned to hi* Fiome in Kala- .iiuiKoo.Mifh,, Tut'.stlay. Jui- Kshicman. of Htcrllnf,-, .\\u# a Vihi'tor in t!u. < -' cuy TncKduy. Mr. and Mi*, l'. K, Smith, -if I'n.M.i. havi' urrivt-d find will UMI fi«r ;i «••« •layji at the Simon \Vhi.-t)fr hunif ai>d with otln-r frit-lids. Mr*. <Jeor«<« Atilne vi,--it«d nl;tti\i-> rti Stvrlim; Tut sd<iy. ' " ,-S^UJ' -Miithf-w h;ls IK.II \< ry ill r-ir the jiut«1 and it lisis )„ i-n I'i-;in.l that the utt.jrk \\lll d4 \i-l,.ji u,In jill! Dtnol'il.!. Miff. Kviielick, tif, lift! jMnk.s, S, 1>. is. viMtltiK at tin- \V. 10, Tttllfi- homi- in this eity, Slu- is an old i.-Mdt nt -o? for nficrnoon wa* ftpent. Luncheon w.i's ' pleo.. visited Smutny with their •iriM-il; Ttu- next lii.i-tirm jil.'ua- will >!(>r, Mr. nuJ. Atrw.' Harold Maxwell. , I.e. with Mr*. Flossie I'bHs, D.-c. 6. \ M r .' and Mr--. lhll..Tt l-.-nnh JUid {children. Mr, ami Mr*. Milan Frank* ; fat her and children and .Mr. and Mr«. i joh n ~H< »KoU-«4!d-*I-m« l>lu£,._\li.v i'xii. JHturu— with ht-r mother, Mr«, .1. f. Crotn. , K in.stf* Sunday of Mr. and MIH. J. C. \S m. J lories was taken to thv Slt'r- COLETA BRIEFS. C COLETA RfEWS berry hy J. 4. f of IU-4nrii-lf uhnen, Hannah (l^fTrow wild Mary Mu- their attorney. \ ' EXAMINATION WhyNolOct v Rid of Eczema? and ohjeet to allowance of 'cUilin""BU'd by Hudidph olinen.' « ' Estate of. Jaeoh Fra,nk. dect-aKed. Will iirowntiHl and prMtlcm to prohuie fllfd. DedinniH |>i« teHtatum ordered issued to Herman Ixmtf. notary i>uldie at U'jiki-ni'y. Trt-Ko, f'ounty. Kan. to take rtepostioh of N. K, KUne, uttesttiit; J» B. ^LUS MET. J. 1!. elub im-t with Mr,- \Vi-ttiifftlay linm hospital Monday win re hi» hail an ojieratioii and is Kettin^ alunn nicely. Mrs, . Harold Ma.vvvt'll who has tiwii ijuit "ill-is un[>! i>vu>i; slowly. ,1. ('. Cront hhippt-d a load of cattle Kitnt r i'iiin on Wcdin'.sda.y !< ft for N'orth'-rn MirhiKan to visit with hi.s »l»tci-s, Mr*. Lovina Irvin and Mj>. Kdith ,Mi't-sk< ! r. ^ Mi-, and Mr*. - Kmory* l'..r!.s Xvi-rr Kif-'slM- la&t Sunday uf Mr, ami Mr*. Milton PnO'«, Alr.s. Will l!a,st. of ('h:i,lwlek, MIK. Harri.-viin vi«itt'd Tue.Mlay With Mrs.' Jacoh Carwick. Mr. and Mix. FrciJ t!arwii-k ami Mr«. with Mr. ami MI.S. Ch.nli.i t!arwi< - k. Mr^. Myrtle Carh'itiRh «tul Win. lltir- l»>.>. \\«ir htonuht home Thuisday from tin- SU'rhnK hospiUil, JSi'th. ,-IH- B.IIII- Mr. and Mr,«>. A.1»-ifSlpe ami H'on'si' of l'"air Hiivcti, Mr. ai,»o- Mr«. Sam (ilpti and Mr. and Mrs*, fhirvnci- Maxw»'II visited Stmili'iy with Mr. and MIH. M. Mr. and .Mr*, l^'uu 1 - l.«*echr-r -and (•hili-lrt-ii* s-in nt Sundiiy 'with. hi;< hfo- tli< r. "1.! ui?» u<-fchi-r and f'lintly. Cure that cold today. »neinb»ri« t--n very I Spectacles or pye-GIasses, with or without 1 rims* The Eye-Glasses have the very latest M ffnger piece! 1 mounting, on and off with one hand, be^ gold filled^^KaclVeye is ex* umined separately hy an MPEItT, and the lenses •-j-roundsto «rder and DR. GOULDfNG, Optician CRADUATE OF THE 8£ST EYE COtLEG€ IN T^E WORLD .U your fikin JtcUea -«ud burua witb ee^'iim "wr *«y suei turmviitio^, uu- elghtly «kin iliw^tfe-, giuiiily iratiM Uto Sore |»lact«4* >vith Ki-«iuul Kua|» und Jjoi water, dry, and apply & little Kouiuol Oiutnu'tit. t'ltuttlly • tU«-~ iU-Wag stops /JXKT4 NT* .» /•1'j £uu «a lunger havo tt» dtg-ftiid Bt-ratch, liealiug i.K.'K>iW. "Thtit Kstute of H»»ih 8, Wolf. d«ci'UMVd, : Inventory tth-d and iipprnved.- * \ •I'lKtule of Sar-'ih Smith, deceased, t'Uilm allowed, U. M. Fi-yc. 4'.'l,&i>; J, Cantlin ulloued ft-e of ».V e of "As.fl Andcrtion.'d t'o-partiierslap inventory fih-d amtTip- Ueut- *lmo«»t always rwtti thr- tortured, iud»tt»«-4 «kln to ' uer't' lurflth «]uk-kly. 'vanity, uml At li ' by Uwk'rs for.ovvr " . CtRADUATE Store ^ Bell Phone.101-W Ave. and Bast Tjiirri St., Sterling, 111. . What Motiry Poet for Your Skin '.•uiuot buy a itur«ir. ui"r« .\Ml Ihr lu-illllisj K. -j(in( »t. l»l\" to t.,'|i 1 1,,- Cl'U K. -Ii 4 ;.»! I'^vtiUil, )>it<tutt* of J,kcoi> It. Adaiiih, »U'fe.«*t«'d. j Affidavit t'f IMOUIIK und et>« ttlii-a'tt- .of ] llilishiiiK notive* t» creditor.- hied and ' MORRISpJ^BflflEFS Mr. anil Mi> Williuni «'Hn-in wiut to 1-Vi'i'pott ic«|ay «h'-ri' they will Kjiund Thanki-viviiiK «tth relatives N , Mrs. (''rank Kntmcr sspifiu Tui'.-'d.i) with frit-ndrt in Clinton. ' Itf, and Mr,- rt.uih HH.MT i-ft 'l'ii.'?i. nt in MWliiiK T«« > #i'l;»>, Mi.-.- \Viil ^L.tii-Vf A vtry pleasant nfu.riKwm w.»» Kpt-ut l.y the Tlumblf clhli jit tit. Mrs Walter }«it.iYf!}'tt home. Uefr.-,)i- tnent>j w»'r»> sei \«nl. ; Air. H ml Mr** Harrington, of T.un CASCA^A QUININE Tho .iKJ fi.mlly remedy—in talilrt- ftirm-^uie, utte, easy to lake. N-i <>piiite«—no unplcaiiint after effecH, tiurv* colds in 24 houra-Grip in-J duyx Muniiy back if It fafU. G«t the Hcnulna UM; with Rod Toj» and Mr, Hill's picture on lt~-<Mcents. * At Any Prw Stcr« The Automatic Seajlg Buria[ Vault Your Cold! of Wxsre Beautiful than Sto)u or 6te«'. "(i»i,t>d i,MII iftf, wl'h a gli/.i> that «naLe« It an r(\itt\.-» t.i txttt^ttirt' as Kl.i*" 'i in' \ific-tn.jtir MM! c.mnot f-iUlj w.t«r"<.in M'v.i « ;it, r utidm ai\ toinliiintiM The only vault that ig are the cause a!tl» and serious I ! troubled llj'uft la!: i\..or.e »• in,iS. !,1 !t c .1 \»<v i ll- It noun eiU»tiej| Ulldpr m.»de KjUt ttiiij »UOB ttU m- ! r ,.i< i ij/i' 1 , ^u, t-,-1'. l>v'lt t II-«c t! <• »•( I .r! ,»l'i :-M.IC i.l • ..nt. a va.,:f, '.' V >t- ! tit Ii «' l ji til \Mv ^"l K i MM i,j'\Kl*U a t tl,, \ut.!, - |< t-\alitu ' ' 'i. '"» ''• t.-ti i'.' tt,. j i ' , ,' v,t'|i iii<'itl \v)u*h ^ < ' * i • *i> J « ' t ' .1 n <>t tin, v.iult .il'd t-.ui'' -' ,. i ' .V i '"I C^Kl-U i lit , . i. i I H.tlj i'114 Ul. ,, ... FOR SALE BY ALL UNDERTAKERS ', '-'-• . Manufavturcci by . . J. W. HODGES. Lyndon* III. ___-' J_ '. A'rimE^.f WENT TILE: VVOHKS , . ' "

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