Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 21, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, July 21, 1944
Page 6
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Pag« Six N#-ITGATW3K DAILy NEWS FRIDAY;-'JULY 21, Hop Brook Juniors Defeat Prospect St. Playground, 14-13 In nn exciting baseball game at Hop Brook playground yesterday afti-rnoon, the Hop Brook Juniors (>d|-cd out Ihe Prospect Street youngers, 1-1-13. It was anybody's contest during thf gnrno and th.v llnnl issut 1 wasn't settled until the last inning. With the score 32-5 in the sixth Inning, tho Prospectors bangod out a m.'SM of hits and pushed over live runs to take n 13-12 load. But Mop Hrofik came back In the last of the Tth with two more runs to win thn till 1 , 1-1-13. The batti-rifs were T. Szcxopow- ski and P. Mallane for tho winners nnd Foy, Forost and Smith for the losers. CoslanHno Works Hard To Get To 133 WiUi-rhury. July 22—I-ulu Costa n- lino Now York lightweight, who rnf>.>ts Willie 'Pe|> in :i 10-roirrxl bout here at Municipal Stadium on July 28, 1* hard at work propar- Inf for thf coming -head-liner. lAlIu puts "In 12 rounds daily at n New York gym. boxing with throe sp.-ir- ring partni'i'.--. -He started gym workouts Wednesday ar.d weighed !•!:: pound'.-.. He must make 133 for tin? Pep bout here. Costantino gave Beau Jack a ruin) l'i),'ht in January, losing tin- decision but the referee, Kddia Jo- ni'lihs, voh'd in favor of f.ulu and gave him eight of the 10 rounds, •rho two judgvs vot<»d for Beau Jack. Lulu 'lias had 11 fights th!-< y»-ar atul is sporting a. five-bout win streak. St. Loo Beats Yanks; Cards Take Giants Twice At N.Y. AMKKICAN LEAGUE . Clrvdand 2. Philadelphia nctrolt 7. Washington 0, Boston 11; C'nicugo 7. St. Louis 7, New York 3. The Standing St. Louis . • New York Boston Washington t 'IUCJItJO Philadelphia W. T<. Pet r,0 38 .50 . •!•! 33 .. -15 -II . . -13 •!•! . . -13 •!•! .. -II •!•! .. 37 -13 . . 37 48 .•132 .-103 .'130 TiwIuy'.H Gnine.s, ntclieni N.-W Yo'rk ai Si. l.ouis -Uublel (G-7 JVA. Kramer (£t-9>. .Boston at Chicago—Terry (3-C) v.-:. lioss (0-31. r'hiladi-lphia at Cleveland (night) — Hinillu (3-7) VK. Bagby (0-0). W.'i.s-hinjrrnn rut Detroit- — I lael'ncr (7-OJ vs. Trout (12-S). (lly Untied Trrm) The St. Louis Uro'wn? gained nnoihcr game on the New York Yankees, when I hey beat them, 7 to 3, in an arc-light-contest.. The Brownies jumped all over New York's Hank Borowy in tlic seventh frame, when they chalked up five runs. Borowy served up two gopher balls to Mike Charlak and George McQuInn In the seventh whic-h ratted the St. Louis cn'W the five runs. Danny Calchousc who relieves Xi.'is Potter In the fifth, was the winner. The Boston Red Sox 'boosted their stock in the American league, wi.'h nn 11 to 7 victory over the Chicago While Sox. They let looi'« with nil guns, and blasted throe Chicago hurlcrs, Jake Wade, Joy Ilavr-js and Ralph Mnl'/.tbergor fov :M hits and 11 runs. They .bunched the runs in four innings. Frank Barrett was the winning pitcher. The Tiger.-, launching an early five-run atiaek, edged over thu Washington Senators, 7 to C. Rudy York paced the attack with tliroe hits, driving in four' runs. > The Cleveland Indians nosed out the Athletics, 2 to 1, behind rookie Steve Grontek's five-hit hurlirjj,'. The St. Louis Cardinal", as usual mado the best showing. The flashy Rcdbirds won a slam-bang 10 to '2 di'clsion over the Giants In .the opener. And then uontinued wil.h flying colors in the nightcap when they knocked in, four runs in the lltti stanza to win, R to 20. Mort Cooper coasted lo all easy victory in the first bout., wil'li Waikur Coopjr and Whitey Kurowski pacing ' the attack. Cooper lilt a two-run homer, a triple und a single, and Kurowski, got a triple and three jingles. Tho Boston Braves edged out- the Chicago Cubs twice with the same score. 5 to •!. nnd pushed the Bruin:; into the basemsnt. The lid-lifter went 14 innings before -Chuck Workman's single scored hurlar Jim Tobin with I ha winning marker. Thu Ecanlowncrs' jumped on Claude Passoau for 12 safeties an:i five sratterd runs to win the afterpiece. The Pirates shared a pair with' the, Philli-.-s. The Bucs skidded along to a -I to 1 triumph In the first game, with Ray Starr doing the hurling. But -they lost the second bout 3 to 2 in the llth frame. 1 Charlie Schnn?,, who catna in in the llih was the victor. The Brooklyn Dodgers lor.l another. Tho Bums were the victims of a It to 0 whitewashing job al tho har.'Us of Harry Gumhort and the Cincinnati Ri>ds. Young 'Cal McLi.s-h, Iho Brook 1 ? hurler, wilted under an extra base attack. Iron Man Ray Mueller spearheaded the attack with a homer. able 7-4 In 10th Frame Jim Thorpe And Carlisle Indians Were By Jack Sords Pop Warner Coached Red skins To Many Wins Over Big Football Schools - Many moons have set Ini Manitoba's skies- slnco tho days w,hen the Carlisle Indians roamed 4.1ns gridirons of America. Bul. .those Kedmen, coached by Pop ..Warner, irjever will bo forfi'ot- ten by followers of the pigskin And the greatest Indian of them all wsi-S bl'£T Jl-m Thorpe, who 1 also wet* one of l.lie most famous alh- Ictcs of all lime. Of course, there wore oUier Indians a-l. tho little Pennsylvania school who helped Jim rnaintair.i .his pedestal in .this tfall of Fame. . Among them wore Gus Wclr.h — • quarter-back, of the Indian loams of -1911. 1912 a,ncl 19.13— and "Sweet Conn"' w.ho was a watch-fob j^Liard at 1C5 pounds. Little Bear was another star member of 'the Carlisle teams. Amonp Ihc legion of stories about the Indians L-. the on:; about the time when Gus Welch smacked Little Bear rn the HOBO during a NATIONAL I.KAGWS Cincinnati (',, Krooklyn 0. Pittsburgh -I, Philadelphia 1 (1sl). Fhiliidi-lphla 3, PitUburgh 2 (2nd). Kt. r.oui.-i in. New York 2 (1st). St. Louis G, IsVw York 2 (2nd) Host nn r>. Chicago 'I (1st), Boston fi. Chicago -I Hind). Till- SUlllllIng St. f,oi!i.i .17 23 Cincinnati -IT' 37 I 'illsburgh ,. '12 Hi; Nrw York -10 -13 Brooklyn 3. r , .17 Huston 3rt -17 Chicago 32 '15 Dodgers' Basinski Sent To Montreal .<t8 Toilny'<« finTnp.s, Pltrr^rs St. Louk: :it New York (night) — Kri'Ohi'itn (7-2) VM. Fcldnian (S-3). Cincinnati nt i'.rooklyn—ITetissei (7-. r .) vs. Dnvis (W>. Pilisburgh at T'liiladolphia (nig.h't — Butcher (7-H) vs. Gorhoauser ((!- l*TI »TAOi '* OMWWV O »MVlMOM» J//n 0 <» s IJON'T FOKGICT THE STJI UAH LOAN DIUVE! ! HIGHLAND GROCERY 92 HIGHLAND AVE. TEL, 4H80 KOCCO KADO, Trop. Great Oak Farm \ 0X1 OKI) ItOAD Tel. 6040 MILK — EGGS Delivery To All J'nrlj* Of Xou- York. July 21—(UP)—The Brooklyn Dodfrors hnvo added an- Oi'her recruit to thrir kindorj, r arten korps. Twomly-yeai'-olcl Barney Koch i 1 : t h i; latest tirtdRion to Deacon Branch Rh'key'.s celln-r* contender, Knoll rnovns up from thp Dodfc- cr farm a! and will replace Eddie BjLsinski —who k'oos to Montreal. And the doddering DodRors have s<!iil ln:fiekler Eddie Miksi'- lo their fnterstate Ic-aptic farm at Trenton, ^'ovv Jersey, on option. Manajrer Loo Duroclier— who has been strangely silonl. of late—says he will Koch at second and niovu Eddie Sttirvky to shorlslop. Former Teacher Says Dewey Was Outstanding Henrietta. N. Y. (UP)— Char- acterising lior former pupil, Governor Thomas E. .Dewey, as "a real scrapper—a lad who usually ,ow what he wanted," Mr.;.. C. W, Moore thinks he'd make a vory •ood Prosident. When she taught history to the Presidential candidate in Owasiio, Mich., he was the outstanding pupil, she said. Others, too. had all •A's" on their report cards, bul. they larked what Tom had — an iggroKsivo personality," As i.s her custom when new honors come .his way, Mrs, Moore -lent tlic GOP Presidential candl- !atc a letter of congratulation on his nomination. The Bear was raving mad and wain-ted to know who had hit him. Gus loid him Mint tho blow had _ been delivered by one of thu members of tho University of Punivj-ylvania loam. For l-h'o real, of that gamn he was a bl^ 1 bad Boar to the Pomv loam. Warner always 'worked 'his boys pretty .hard ('uirinp; tho wank by .having what he called "tribal scrimmages." The Redmen wen: divided imil.0 their own tribes and had regular practice agnirujt each other. Then On Saturday the Brave-. wouk! all gather into ono war party and scalp I'lio whitu men on the gridiron. And tho Carlisle Indians scalped many a white football loam kii their day. Yale, Hurvai-d, Vandoi-- bilt. Michigan, Army— I hey all .f.-.-ll before tho alUicks of the Kodmen. But tho game -thai they treasured more than any oilier was -the annual fracas wil'li t h c United •Stnle.T. Military acatlomy. Warner nnd his Indians liked to tackle Iho Army. Ln. 191J the boy?, who made the i odds picked the. Army by a wido margin ovur the Indians. It looked I iiko tho West Pointers really had Iho team lo wipe up tlio gridii-on with Thrope and 'liis cohorts. About five minutes before the game was to start Pop Warner strolled into the Carlisle dressing room. His Indians were dressing rjuiot- ly and with little display of emotion. Their stolid faces didn't .'betray one bit of the excitement thai must have been playing around in their minds. Warner let his gaxc rove around the room. Ho stopped for a minute when his eyes came to rest on Thorpe. Tho big, pcrfcclly-buill Indian was silontly fixing a shoe lace, The Indians slowly gathered firound thijii- coach. Their slightly- brown bodies wore bulging under shoulder pads and jorsics. Thi-ir coal black hair shone in the dim light of the dressing room. Then Warner started l.o speak and he made ono of the greatest talks ever heard in a. dressing room. It rivaled the ono given by Knute Rockno in a later Notre Dame-Army game. Warner spoke softly, yet every word was heard by tho Indians. . He said : • j "From t.he shores of LiUlc Big Horn to the banks of Wu'indnd Knee creek, Iho spirits of your poo- j plo call to you today. Tho men who died in Chief Joseph's retrofit over the mountain; the Cherokeos who marched on bleeding; fuel through the snow out of their ancestral lands tell you that ycu must win.'.' For a moment Warner didn't say a word. He just slopped ar.d looked at his boys. There wasn't a -sound us he continued: •' "These men wi> nro playing today are soldiers. These are Iho- long knives. Yoii are tho Indians. When this giimo ia over we will know whether or not you are wu.r- rlors." Thorpe socmcd to sense that the speech had come to an , end. Ho marled lo pull on his 'headgear. Warner look a deep breath and sai'd : "That's all. Lot's go." The Indians slopped out from Ihe starling whistle and pr from Ihe start that Ihey were the warriors that Pop Warner < felt they were. . '• Late in the third quarter the Indians hail a slight lead and the Cadets wore clumfoundod. The Indians had the ball deep 'in their 'own territory when Gus Welch called a play that sent Jim Thorpe off tackle. Thorpe, took the 'pigskin — luckoc 7 it. under his hig n.>;ii— und went sailing down Ihe field. One after another Ihe Army boys bounced off his big hips and shouldros and,, in lass .Lime lhan you could say: Hiawatha, he wat in Iho uml stone. • . But thorn was a . handkerchief on the ground and -the play wa.« called back. Little Vederneck— u 135-pound linesman — had heo.n caught holding and the Indians wore penalized 35 -yards. Thorpe slowly walked back down tho field and stopped in front of Vedoneck. Ho towered over the liny Indian and said: *Piil your hands in your pocket. I-Ioro I go again." And ho di'd just that, Jim Thorpe went 90 yards thi-ough Iho Army learn to score and auw up thai game. That was 'the spirit chut made tho Carlisle Indians thrilling football loam. MUA/CRieF; Footwear Plant, Chemical Also Win Naugy Dusty Games Lewis, Chemical, And Rubco Share Second • Round Lead Vitamin Pills May Be Cure For Brooks Avid Brooklyn fans, living by Iho hnnks of the G-owanus Canal, aren't taking .the Brooks' late poor showing lying down. Some of tho "fails have brvnidod •together into a new society, to take cnre of tile present, crisis, .' . The society was formed at New ~vv,fi<' • Hotel. Governor Clinton, nnd the following resolution was adopted : "Be it resolved, at this meeting of the flock boosters, a Ci'ce nsso- oiation of Dodger t'nns formed, especially to cope witli the emer- yc'iicy." And it goes on to say that stops will be taken to convert the slumping Dodgers inlo block - buster:-;. And that in turn, will Justify the confidence folt in the Brooks by the flock boosters. The new society analized the Bums'- recent losing 1 streak, and prescribed thu euro. Obviously Iho Dodgers wore ir. need of multiple vitamins. It's well known that tile two league - loading teams, tho Cardinals and thy Browns, lake vita.- 1 mi'ns before contests. 1 So, ir. il-s second resolution, the flock-boosters resolved to send multiple vitamin pills to Manager Loo Duroch- cr—with instructions on how lo use them. A new committee is being formed —to quote the- official statement— to explore for means and ways to furl her cope with, this i'nturcstin crisis." Former Phila. "A's" Hurler To Perform For Meriden Club The "Bra;.-.scos" will be al I heir best for this encounter as Manager D.ivi recently announced tho signing of throe more ex 'big-leaguers. | In addition Billy Johnson, ex-Yan' I koo, will bo back at third; Cy _ , ,, ' , _ -• •.,„„,, ,,. I Bluck, former Chicago Cub, at sec••Randy" Gumpor! Conmo Mnck s Russomando, of the •formnr srpccilhall » h » I s . lllol ..,.' in * colllcl . : Rcllio , formci . '. On j-«i fir' Brasscos, Contelccs Fight It . Out At Stadium Saturday Nig-ht I.he mound for tho M'eridon tclcos when they invade Municipal Stadium. Watsrb'jry, I'omorrow night, t:o battle Frei! JDavi's "E cos" hi the first game of a th rec- lame Dorics lo clocido the stale semi-pro tiLio. Gumbei't who recently stopped tho West Hnvnr, Sailor:, S-2, and tho Graton Coast Guards, 7-1, has been hurling t'hc bosl ball of his career for the Mcridem outfit and 3 sure lo /jiva Davi's bipr-loajr'.iei-s plenty of trouble. Other stars on Ihe Meridon outfit are Bergman, and Wilkcs, kite of tho 'A'.r.orican Asso.: De T^in'iri, of Buffalo: G-oi-icia, of Newark; Korbin. of Norfolk, and Di:gas. of Toronto. GEM w *: 'TODAY - SATURDAY Kogon Drops Decision To Ike Williams Now York, July 1 21—(UP)—Ik Williams, sensational N«w .Tersc.v lightweight, won an_ easy 10-rouncl decision over Julio Kogoh, of Ne\v Haven, Conn., at Madison Square Garden. Canada's totui area is about 3 ler cent larger than that of tho United States, including the tcr- "itory of Alaska, ALCAZAR FRIDAY - SATURDAY "HIRED WIFE" "FALSE COLORS" l»r> NEWS nnd FEATUBETTES Now inj his 0 PHIL SILVERS .OH InlroDuci ncific Coast Lcaprucr. at shoi-t. Howie Hnclt, properly of the Red Sox, will be behind t.hc pinto, with Lefty 'Pcx'/.ullo .and Lofty Ve'i-dcr- nnic rLP roli:>f pitj^hei"s. A former Americn-'n'-lengrue-hurler will start on the mound for tl:o locals. This s^mo- will start at S p. m. sharp. Lcwis Engineering won a. thriller from thn Eastern Malleable Iron Co., 7--J in 10 innings in a Nauga- tuok Dusty league Softball game. The score was evened up at four- alljn the last of the sixth as EMI scoVud a couple of runs. But in the Iti-st of the tenth, with two men on. Warren let drive ;i triple to put the Kngineers in the lead. Warren scored on tin infield out to make it 7-4. The Ironmcn went down in their half of the teixth with no. runs. Tiiinpolini, hurling for the winners and .striking; out .1 half dozen, also got himself a triple to aid in Pro Shop" At Hop Brook Gets Supply Of Equipment Hop Brook Country club, in making improvements on its golf course, h.-is also been making attempts to handle an increased number of players. Ralph Hanson, club manager,, announced this morning that a now supply of golf balls has been received along \rith tees, clubs and other golfing- equipment. Beginners can get everything they need ;it the club. In addition, arrangements have been made with Joe Bracken of the Waterbury Municipal club on ]£ast Mountain to take care of any club repairs that might be necessary for local members. The club will be the scene of the St. Francis c.'ub tournament Sunday. The Xaugatuck ICows tourney comes up next month, and Tiny resident of the borough is invited to enter. Richard Sweet, chairman of the tournament committee at, will make an announcement pertaining to The News .tournament soon. Length of the Seine river ir. Franc* iff. 252 miles measured in a straight, line. Because of its numerous curves, the river is actually •172 miles long. BUY WAll BONDS AND STAMPS the scoring. l^ewln TIOW hn.d *. 3-i rr^ord in the second round. The Englnecm defeated Rlgdon Monday 'night in . ij playoff of "a postponed game. - *\ The score by inningx: Lrfiwis. . 1 0 1 2 0 0 0 0. 0 ?,—7 ij , EMI.. . 0 1 0 0 2 J 0 0 0 0—1 ..7 o Tampolinl and Pizahi; Eorno and Ynke. Th<; Footwear plant of the u- S Rubber Co. hit the Bristol Co; hiirll cr, Meyers had to take an'8-0 vie- lory. Gallagher threw flvchft ball for the rubbermen, strikinR out 5. King started the scoring | n ihu second v.-ilh a round tripper with the bases vacant. Ccllcllo c;imc up in the fourth with two on ana banged out a homer, also. Rubco is now in a three-way tji; for the second round lcadi.-r.ihip with Chem and Lewis. The- score by inr.iings: : Ru bco • ,• 031420 0—8 12 j Bristol 000000 0—0 -5 1 Gallagher aiid Slack; U«y:rs .ind Moody. In the third game, a seven-run fplurge by .the Chemical in th c fiflh Jnning spoil(.-d an otherwise cood ball (fame with the Risdori Co. - • Timely hitl.inp, wjlh n'o one pl»y- or .standing, out featured the Chem attack. But ,'or lhat one Mascola pitched good ball.' losers. ' • . ; : Ed Uraskas was on ;he mound for thc winners, and was effective in the pir.ches. Tho score by innings: Chom. Co. .021071 0—11 30 1 Risdon 011000 0— 261 Uraskas and Booth; Mascola and Ijirson. BASEBALL SAT. NIGHT WATERBURY MUNICIPAL STADIUM S:00 P. M. Meriden Contalcos \T5. Waterbury Brasscos ' '"Also "THE LONE STAR TUAIT." and New Chapter Tlay 'CHEAT ALASKAN MYSTEUY Today: "UP JX AKMS" Chrysler and Plym'outh G. M. C. Trucks J.C.RAYTKWICH, JR. ACCESSORIES ' Repairing 100 SOUTir MAIN ST. Telephone -IDOfi '•• •• 1'roiiiiit, KMiert WATCH & JKWELWY i'TUSl'AlKTNp William Schpero . • Jeweler 180 CHOUGH ST. — 1 night Up •— SNACK and $O QC SNIFTER SET « 1 «vO STRISIFS CENTER ST. I>IAt 8-87U2 KEEP ON BUYING fllll WAR LOAN' "E" BONDS: HELD OVER The Magnificent Romance which celebrates 20 years ofM-G-M hit-making! WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER Starring IRENE DUNNE A CLARENCE BROWN Production «**ALAN MARSHAL and W i,h RODDY McDOWALL • FRANK MORGAN -VAN JOHNSON • C AUBREY SMITH DAME MAY WHITTY . GLADYS COOPER Screen Play by Cl.udine West, J.n Lus.ig , nd George Froc.chef " Based on the Poem "The White Cliffs Directed byCLARENCE BROWN. A Mccro-Goldwyn-Miyer 'Picture Alice

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