Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 7, 1968 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, March 7, 1968
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•fr Union Plan* to (Ap) - seven union executives who have been in Memphis to direct the 25- day-old strike by 1,360 sanitation workers say they will appeal a contempt of couft ruling placed against them Wednesday, Meanwhile, 117 strikers and their sympathisers also were in court to answer disorderly con* duct charges stemming from their mass arrest at city hall when they staged a sit-in against police orders. They had refused to leave Tuesday evening after the council took no action on granting union dues paycheck deductions, the major point that blocks agreement by the city and the workers. City Court Judge Ray Churchill suspended the charges against the demonstrators for 60 days and said, on their good behavior, the cases would be dismissed. Most of the striking garbage men are Negroes and many of •the people appearing before Churchill were either heads of civil rights or ministerial groups backing the sanitation walkout. After two days of testimony, Chancellor Robert Hoffman found the seven leaders of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employes in violation of his Feb. 24 injunction forbidding 22 union officers from encouraging the strike. Hoffman handed out 10-day jail sentences and $50 fines, but allowed the union leaders to post a total of $3,500 in bonds and go free pending their appeal to the Tennessee Court of Appeals at Jackson. Jerry Wurf, international president of the union, was among those found guilty of contempt. He posted a $1,000 bond. Escapee Held in Little Rock LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Dick Dean Crouch, 25, of Kearney, Mo., a Missouri escape who was captured Tuesday near Salem, was being held in the Pulaski County Jail today on federal charges of flight to CrpdSn 4 wal olfjf qFlwo prisoners who escaped Feb. 25 from the Clinton County, Mo., jail at Plattsburg. Freddie Lee Fudge, 33, of Kansas City, Kan., was captured Sunday near Salem. He also was being held at Little Rock. The FBI said Crouch was being held on a charge of armed robbery and Fudge on a charge of molesting a minor at the time of their escape, Weather More Springlike By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The weather in Arkansas is becoming more springlike every day as skies are remaining generally clear and temperatures stretching into the high 60s, Warm temperatures are forecast through Friday along with increasing cloudiness and a chance of showers in West Arkansas, High Temperatures Wednesday ranged from 69 at Texarkana, Arkadelphia and Clarendon to 55 at Blytheville. Overnight lows ranged from 21 at Gilbert to 43 at Texarkana. There was no rainfall reported for the 24-hour period ending at 6 a.m. today. Dredging Bids Submitted UTTLE ROCK (AP) - Pine Bluff Sand and Gravel Co., and Eugene Luhr & Co,, of Coium> Wa, flJj, have submitted the apparent low bid on an Arkansas River dredging contract, The firms are Involved in a joint venture, They wilt dredge Pool No, 7, which lies between Lock and Dam 7 at l4We Rock and No. g near Cpnway. The firms' bW was $1,950,350. ZOOLOGICAL FIRST is this six-week-old matted tvoff, one of three born at n Frankfurt (Germany) zoo. The brood represents the first successful breeding of these South American animals in captivity. 9 Marines Lost on Icy River QUANTICO, Va, (AP) - Nine enlisted men, lost in the icy waters of the Potomac River, were the objects early today of a massive ground-water-air search. Eight Marines and a sailor stationed at the Quantico Marine Base 1 ,were training in a 25- foot canvass .canoe on the river Wednesday afternoon. The capsized canoe was spotted hours later. Helicopters, boats and Ma- Pittsburgh, clear rines on foot joined a massive Ptlnd, Oe., clear search at daybreaJc after an all- Ptlnd, Ore., cloudy night effort turned up no trace Rapid City, cloudy of the missing men. Richmond, clear The canoe, which the men St. Louis, clear were to paddle across the river Salt Lk. City, rain and back near the base, was re- San Diego, cloudy trieved shortly after the search San Fran., cloudy began about 6:30 p.m. Seattle, rain A base spokesman said four helicopters, two Coast Guard If •altar Experiment Station report for 24- hours ending at 7 a,m, Thursday, Migh67, Low 31, Forecast By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ARKANSAS «* increasing cloudiness and warmer tonight and Friday, Chance of showers mainly West half chiefly late Friday. Low tonight mostly in the 40s. Weather Elsewhere By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS High Low Albany, clear 38 8 Albuquerque, rain 65 41 Atlanta, clear 62 31 Bismarck, cloudy 57 26 Boise, clear 51 37 Boston, cloudy 32 20 Buffalo, cloudy 33 12 Chicago, clear 41 25 Cincinnati, clear 44 23 Cleveland, clear 32 18 Denver, cloudy 61 29 Des Moines, clear 52 28 Detroit, clear 42 20 Fairbanks, Clear 40 6 Fort Worth, cloudy 56 45 Helena, clear 51 25 Honolulu, clear 83 69 Indianapolis, clear 47 25 Jacksonville, clear 56 42 Juneau, tog 40 26 Kansas City, clear 55 33 Los Angeles, clear 66 52 Louisville, clear 47 25 Memphis, clear 59 33 Miami, cloudy 69 59 Milwaukee, clear 35 17 Mpls.-St.P,, cloudy 44 33 New Orleans, clear 65 ,42 New York, clear 40 21 Okla. City, fog 64 '48 Omaha, clear 57 36 Philadelphia, clear 46 26 Phoenix, clear 75 54 Hjn (UKf fTJMt rftpa wf wnUfi Big U««rt Ar« f harply Critical ol ffofvlc* off Post Offlco Dopt. Stan the City of tef of ofCitysireetsi __. r _ also recently purchased a street firms using thlrd*elass mail are cleaning machlnei Where is 1(9 And is It used? If an effort is made to clean our streets then it evidently is a poor Tampa, fog Washington, clear cutters, six Marine and Navy Winnipeg, cloudy 36 17 34 10 58 44 75 37 56 31 50 22 51 41 65 54 57 50 52 42 62 51 51 27 36 30 boats and four 12-man ground crews joined the search at daybreak. Two Marine crash boats from Quantjgp,.,., and three ground crejsir Arched through the night. The water temperature in the river was about 35 degrees Wednesday. One source estimated a man in top physical condition would be frozen within 15 minutes at such emperatures. School Bonds $12 Million LITTLE ROCK (AP) - The' state Education Department said Tuesday that Arkansas voters will decide next Tuesday on $12.976 million in school bond issues. A department spokesman said 27 counties with 32 school districts said they would have bond proposals on the ballot. Deaf Mute Escapes Jail BERRYVILLE, Ark. (AP) Kenneth W. Crow, 20, of Eureka Springs, a deaf mute being held for parole violation, shoved past the jailer's wife when she opened the door of his cell to give him some water, and escaped on foot. SIGNS GOOD from Page One nicating with the isolated men who could be anywhere in the massive, winding caverns of the mine, perhaps as far away as one mile from the base of the shaft. The searchers carried their CT- Trace) Reportedly, Nugent Wants Tour of Duty WASHINGTON (AP) - President Johnson's son-in-law, Patrick J. Nugent—reportedly seeking a Southeast Asia tour- will report for active duty this month with a Washington area Air National Guard unit. The Air Force said Wednesday it has approved Airman l.C. Nugent's request to rejoin the 113th Tactical Fighter Wing, which he left to move to Austin, Tex., when he married the President's daughter, Luci, The 113th, based at And rews Air Force Base, - Md., was among the units called to active duty Jan. 25 in the wake of North Korea's capture of the U.S. intelligence ship Pueblo. Friends say Nugent, 24, has been "anxious to go to Southeast Asia or Vietnam for some time" and feels the chances are better with the 113th. The President's other son-in- law, Marine Capt, Charles S. Robb, is to report to Camp Pendleton, Calif,, late this month en route to Vietnam, Morrllton Man Killed MORRILTON, Ark. (AP) William 0, lamb, 19, of Mor< rilton was killed late Wednes- own oxygen supply and wore day night In a one-car accident Camden Man Nlllte! by Car CAMPEN, Ark- (AP) •** Roy J& N«tti §§, of Camden was in- j«re4 fatally Wednesday when be wa§ struck by .a car while erpssini a $0"^, Trite* §aja Nutt was hit by a ear driven by Miss Wanda Harris, 33. of B Bow**- Announctf I «r Rftlt€tlm **» kpjpp announced yyeoass*!/ he WQUJJ pjwa P. masks, They found hints of deadly carbon monoxide present in the shaft, but one said It reg. isteroj only "onettenth of one per cent." "From what we hear, things my not be too bad," said Wil< liam L. Meadows of Sturgls, Ky,, head of one of two special six-man rescue teams flown in for the search, The two men finally went down shortly before dawn after workmen overcame complications with the newly fabricated M man cage." The elevator affair snagged in the shaft some 300 feet down during a testd.rop. Welders made modifications to the 5-by-5 platform which js gripped by a triangular framework of iron pipe. Edward Holer man and Pilford Holmes, on loan from Kentucky coal mine companies, began the slow, 40- minu'te journey downward. The rescuers reported that once on the bottom they coufci some ajlr movement, ob- W Ms* the time they tmt darkness. started up, they in the dis- about two miles north of here on Arkansas 95, Police said lamb was a passenger in a car driven by Gary W, Johnson, SO, of MorrUton, Officers said Johnson appar< ently lost control of the car and it overturned, CHIEF FUNCTION From (Page One) to hear from a censtituent," Anybody who doesn't have any* thing better to do than write cjopey letters to hJs epngresj, man is sure leading a misspent life, "You, are one of tbP§e Jucky people whoga feee is their for' tune." Or, in yo«r ease, adisas* ter area. "Now <jon't wait lor a specific, invitation, Phpae roe anytime." But when you try tp, gujter« you'll find I haye an unlisted number, '*when all is said and dose, Jim, there's m friends like 9ki friends." &fey&? if 11§* Mm lor a 19, he'll ieiiJ »§ ittve, "Lpng tjroe m see," ifeybe tf \ jU§t close my eye§ fit'H diS&P' pear. gfambling "atetit the service they get, But some big users ftffee With the Post Office Be* pitlment that the third-class Each morning the city business* service is fine, men sweep in front of tfielr res- Ais Associated Press surveyof peetlve business. Each morn* the nation's largest advertising* ing there seems to be more null senders showed some dirt, paper and debris* t rea« sharp criticism of the service- lUe that the City has a lot to particularly In Boston, Atlanta do, but don't you think a little *nd Los Angeles, more could be done on the streets Third-class mail includes, for (cleaning of) In the downtown the, most part, advertising and area, promotional matter mailed in Hope is growing, more peo« bulk* Since it costs less than pie are coming to shop every other classifications of mail, it day and it's a shame for them do « s ^ get priority treatment. Still, the Post Office Department— as well as the mailers — wince at the use of third-class's common nickname— "junk mail, 1 ' "One man's Junk mail," postal officials say, "is another man's bread and butter." A Post Office spokesman said the department's Customer Relations Division has had few if frdffl Page Oftt deettraliou al fcee value, and tfttrlftg ffie first paH of the month a series of letters were written 16 him setting forth the specifics ot certain pertinent in* cidents. However, before this was fully developed* Rights Hot Violated FOSf SMITH, Art* City, who claims Ms 8M rights were violated by his w, „„...__ -—-• .j.-fciftd-i were VlQiausu MJ mo «»»ooi ire-re ^ NMMl^Kf.eto 1* on a fcise |MM «£*•,«!. Wednesday a writ of ha. Dial Senior contended before U,,j& Judge John 6. Miller e was kidnaped in Okl*. Dec. 6 and driven to A> to have to wade through the dust, paper and debris in order to shop. An Interested Businessman (Name withheld by request) MUHTON IS from Page One capabilities," y He repeatedly refused to say what these objections were and Murton later said he wanted the board to make public Its objections because they were "a little vague in my mind." There has been considerable friction between Murton and mailing houses in eight major OlliCSi w»^» f'"••>—«•-—"• i • •• ^.i . three Chicago mailing titans somewhat, tint van Ttoh was -^ Sears Roebuck, Montgomery named Snanee minister and he Ward and Spiegel, all reported **$ known to favor replacing satisfaction tun postal handling toe, 1 ' , tj . of their wares, Montgomery "k>c, however, did not sur< Ward called service "unbelteva« fender at this point, bu having bly good," and Spiegal reported instituted certain InvesUgaUons kangfls te face a ehftfg6 of _ thai ZIP does, Indian! loading under pressure from his advis. Ifti $30,000 from Sam Sexton of mail trucks to bypass con. ers, took those Investigations o Jtj ^ fa Hannahf toth -^ gested post offices, and better "****& ""^ to ^ demonstrate F(Jft SfflU h Md Dr< cooperation between Post Office his diligence in this matter of Qf Oklahoma City, and company have resulted In corruption. He further extended M1Uer sald Dial's marked improvement over the a « invitation to this unit to par- " wron gfui transportation" n past six months, ticipate to the fullest," Oklahoma to Arkansas "In tt. But a spokesman for Hub ' Again it was decided that we se if i s not a constitutional viola. Mail Advertising Service of Bos- ^ ould acce P l w, Loc s invita* tlon .» wter present legislation ton, who said his firm mails 15 tlo , ft - , ' , . . Sexton had testified at a prior tons of material a day, de- , Now » to absolutely assure hearing that the three and Hoe scribed third-class service as L 00 s destruction, his enemies M C c u tchen of Fort Smith gave "violently atrocious, worse than nav , e tu r ned to _ we local press, ma i ^ey t n November 1965 any other time In history. Even £ lvln & them ] he same ln / orm f- for mining and exporting tanla. with Zip-coding, there is ex- |fpn they had earlier given to Ilte ore m Brazil. Sexton il'. complaints from big third- class users. Those produced by the AP survey, the spokesman said, "will be checked immediately, I can't understand why they would complain to the AP be- tremeiy poor handling. service is vile." The Hub spokesman said post al officials "think all direct mail is junk mall . . .Civil Service employes simply don't work as The this unit. RIGHTS BILL f rrtm Pao-p OtiP irom i'age une. • authored both amendments. Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller for tore they complained to us." several months and the issue reached a climax last Friday when Murton made a remark which Rockefeller apparently interpreted as criticism of the governor's numerous out-of-j An estimated 22.1 billion pieces of third-class mall will flow through the postal system by the time the current fiscal year ends June 30. About 21.5 billion moved last year— and the leged that the mining venture was misrepresented by-Dial, Qualifies His Stand Adopted 72-23 was an amend- LITTLE ROCK (APj-Pul^ hard as company employes. The ment to make it a federal crime kl County Judge Arch Campbell government workers go at a to transport, or manufacture for sa j d Wednesday he would^t ,....- .......^ transport In interstate com- seek ree iecU6n this year "if merce, any firearm, explosive county Road Foreman Marion Department or incendiary device for use in Ward seeks the post. Ward has a civil disorder. made no announcement of his Aimed at among other things political plans, but a number of home-made firebombs and signs have been posted onvari- mlnes, the amendment also ous county roa d s that say, "R& would apply to teaching or dem- member Marion Ward." i({ onstratlng how to make or use pace no private employer would tolerate," A Post Office spokesman said it had received no complaints from the Hub firm concerning third-class mall service. state trips during his 14 months volume is expected to go up to nearly 22.9 billion in fiscal 1969 despite the recent rise in mail- Ing costs. As 1968 began, the bulk rate went from 18 to 22 cents a pound, with a minimum charge learned that of 3.6 cents instead of 2.875 board were ; cents per piece. The pound rate In office. Rockefeller had said no one In the administration knew Murton had gone to California to attend a conference but later was forced to retract that re mark when he Haley and the aware of Murton's trip. will remain the same, but the When Murton returned to the minimum piece rate will go up state, he was asked about Rock- to 3.8 cents next Jan. 1, and to 4 efeller not knowing he was in cents July 1,1969. California. The Post Office estimates the "Well, that's possible, Ididn't new rates will enable it to cover know he was here," Murton about 75 per cent of the cost of quippedl causing a burst of third-class bulk mail, bringing laughter from the newsmen. in revenues of about $182.8 mil- Murton had also said Rock^- lion by July 1969. Third-class feller had made a commitment rates currently cover only 61 to name • him^ commissibrier, b'f P". cent of the cost of the serv- correctiOfl¥Sitfr^^j{^erhQr^s- ice, a postal spokesman said. sued a bllstelHiigifcWnday^ight The figures are available only denying that such • a; commit- '* Vi . . . '." ; ment had been made. / A? Rockefeller said he had "reluctantly" concluded that Murton's continuing association with the prison was not in the best interests of the state or the prison reform program. Haley, who had said he agreed with some parts of the governor's letter, was asked if he agreed with that particular part. "I am not going to comment on that part of the letter," Haley said. Haley, who said Monday that the letter reflected his views exactly, also denied that Murton had been asked to resign; either during the meeting or be-! fore the meeting when he met with Murton. | However, Murton said that? prior to the meeting Haley in-> dlcated that a resignation was: a "possible alternative." j Haley also indicated that he; wanted Murton to remain in his, present position until a commissioner of corrections is named and that if Murton is able to work with the commissioner, he will be allowed to stay, "If Mr. Kforton cannot work with the new commissioner^ then the board will ask Mr, Murton to resign," Haley said. When Murton first appeared before the newsmen, he quickly excused himself saying he could not talk at that time, The strain over his status, that had been in the air for more than a week, apparently had taken its toll as he temporarily lost his composure. OIO Plan Net Acceptable UTTkE ROCK (AP) - Qov, Winthrop Rockefeller was ad. vised Wednesday that his H« region plan for a statewide antit poverty program isn't aecepta» We to the OfCse of Opportunity wader present iflgl pgo Director Sergeant Shrivt § f said he couldn't agree to the relocation of the Com. Action Agency program that the plan, calls tor if U *er a put iBto effe?t imnjedit ately, M K is to accordance with this view that our gvjideltees for ganjgatip?) of communit agencies,,, state $bat first prior. ity in fwdtef wm & given to those ge^gjaphicsi areas aj» ready served* ta$Jyidtof in* cj eases is assMaftcg to ims thJt 119 S|fiyer RED SHELLING from Page One of casualties said 2,191 Americans were wounded last week, a relatively high number although well below the previous week's 2,675. The U.S. death toll was exceeded only by that of the week of Feb. 11-17, at the height of the Communists' lunar new year offensive. them with knowledge or intent they were for furthering a riot. Another amendment adopted by voice vote, would make it a federal crime to commit, or threaten to commit, acts that obstruct firemen and policemen in carrying out their official duties during a riot. Violations would be punishable by up to five years' imprisonment. Long, who also spoused The Americans said 3.849 both those amendments, said an Communist troops were killed anti-riot provision written into while South " last week, while South Vietnamese headquarters put enemy casualties at 5,681 killed and 827 captured. There was no explanation for the discrepancy. South Vietnamese headquarters also reported a sharp drop in government casualties last week-139 killed and 770 wounded, compared with 434 killed and 1,435 the weekbefbre., ' the bill a day earlier was worthless because It would be unenforceable. He referred to the Senate's 82-13 vote Tuesday to make it a federal crime to cross a state line with intent to incite a riot. Consultant • Has Resigned -;. LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Former State Rep. Nathan H. Schoenfeld, legal consultant to the state Insurance Department since May 1, 1967, said Wednesday that he had submitted his resignation, effective April 1..; Voted With : Majority WASHLNGTON (AP) - Sens. J. William Fulbright and John L. McClellan, both Arkansas Democrats, voted the against the majority Wednesday wfleh the Senate voted to table a mb- tion to reconsider an earlier a person's intent would be an insurmountable obstacle for government prosecutor^.'.':'-' 2 .'' '•• have..made it a federal crime •to* .instigate^ •riotfjthat*inter- fered'With commerce. 1 - " : .n 9SSES*** i +*<to'i*M F-te^BwiSB!'^ THE TRADING POST W5.J15O25I,ThirdSt,

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