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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 29, 1916
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It letting pteplt know who <J«n't know whet y*« have en your th*)VM t» »*tl. AND DAILY STANDARD a people don't, knew what ydw M.Y*- «*r your •hel- ves t» 'tell. SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO. 128. STERLING, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, NOV. 29, 1916. PRICE TWO CENTS, IRS.SANTACLAUS Has Been Invited By Local Merchants To Visit The SHE WILL ARRIVE DEC. 6TH Mrs. Santa Will Fly From The Pole And Alight At Foot Of Community Free. There miy be no Snnt.-i Clnus for th«Children of Interline thi* y'earl ' For the firfit time In his life the i>ld Hntlit mny be compelled to disappoint the youngsters, The war In Kurope Is responsible for Banta'tt troubles. With every able- bodied man In tho old country nt the front, Und with all of the women tnk- tfijf The"plBPPS of th<« fnert In Hie ni'uiii- tlon factories, Santa is unable to net enough help In his toy factory to turn out the thntittandft of plaything* nee- world. The result Is that, rather than disappoint the children entirely, he is BtaylnB at home this year whittling out the toys' himself while his cood t»ld wife Is doing- the brut she can to distribute them among the kiddies. Yen, Mrs, ftantn Claus Is c«>mlni;: Naturally, *di« Is Homewhiit timid; 1» THIEVES Ralph Overholser, Of Genesee. Reports The Thefts Of 20 Porkers. WERE TAKEN FROM FIELD Theft Discovered When He Rounded Up The Drove To Sell Some Of The Best. Th»>i«- is .•• i vc-ry indication Itutt hi«'vr-K have st"!*-H twenty dc-ntl of li«ij;« flum Itnlph Ovi'l hol«»-r of (ien''*ci> township, war f'i'lt'fn. insiil' 1 of the- pa.«t month Hi- two, and there Is* not the slik'titffit rvlilencM -tending I" show Who thl> thll'Ve* rite. Mr. •.-Ovcrholjter hml a corn field ron- (Ifffpn acres'. of rorn in the latter part of September into which he think- turned ninety-two hosul of the 1'iirn n» fust as tln>y wanted it. !rt«tfiie|^ of iloliiK It for them. Thi.M "cheine in practiced to a large oitent fact IIBM been suffering from nervous proatratlon rind SUIKC frlBht ever Wince Bantu told her she would have to take his plncp. Hut thn family pliy- declare* that sho l« roco nicely and wilt arrive in Sterling promptly on schedule, she will make her flrst public appearance under the ftUBplces of tho HtorllnK Merchants Early Christmas Buying Campnlgn committee on the evening of Dec. fith^ „.!. at »: JO o'clock, -In order to show that Kite is as highly respected AH her better known bus- band, the committee will havo erected ft booth «t the corner of LoeiiNt -and Third street* where Mm. Wanta will be plwmed to receive the kiddles and will * Mend wireless telpRrams back to Santa in order that he may know what toys to prepare. , . Like ttll amateur performers, Mrs. Santa ha* nelccted the hanlent posni- ble method of making her first appearance. Always of n >tlmld and retlrlnn nature, ahe IH deathly afraid of reindeer and absolutely refused to drive Sajjta'n team. There being no automobile* at the North Pole, the merchants' comtnitiee wan nuxeled over getting her her*. She Anally nettled the mutter herself by declaring that she would fly to Sterling,'and, In order ta avoid n family row, Santa agreed to let her have her own way. So she will come throtufb the air, At 8:80 o'clock on the evening* of Wftdnttday, !>«;. 6th, Mrs. Mania will * fly down from trie North Pole-to receive' the letter* and other requests from tho klda an to what they want tor ChrUtmuH, v ' Shortly before 8:80 o'clock "that evening a buttle ^ll_jvllli_j«lgnjaL,.jilxe, Ou(~oT~ffie"Btreet llKhts In the Hcction, Very soon a spot light will d!»csio«e Mn». Santa Ilylns downward .from tin- vicinity of the top of the Lawrence building on First avenue.' She will alight at' the foot of the big community Christmas tree at corner of Locust and Third tit re-eta. and then the street light* will be again turned on. ; : , Ira, flunta will remain l)i«>n» long enough to receive thn letter* of all the "*Wl" prenent, and may bring some. sift* With her. All the youngster* in thin fetation of ihe Btate with parents •re invited .to come out ami see Mra. Santa. is called "hogging corn." At one side of the Held WIUM n shed for protection agnlnst storm, nnd plenty of water HO (he stock required no attention. The Held start* niton! eighty rods from the hiiune nnd catend« to another rond on the hack where there i« a gate. The bogs being scattered all over the corn field Mr. ()v- erholsi'i- did not round them up to count them, taking it for grunted all of them were there. A short time n«o he butchered one hog and it weighed about the average, a little over • two Jjuhdred pounds. % '-' • A row -uays nHo...> sell o best IIORS nnd rounded up the drove and upon counting them made the discovery that there were only seventy- one instead of the* ninety-fine which there should have been after killing the one for meat. He then looked over the fences very carefully and found nothing to indicate they might have gotten out. Then It dawned upon hilri that some one had wanted them bad enough to run the risk of being caught and stole twenty. Whtfher they were all taken at once he can not say, neither can ;U he tell If they were taken a month ago or very lately. In fact be knows nothing about the theft at all. except that he is shy 20 porkers. AM hggs on the hoof are worth from eight to nine dollars per hundred pounds and theise wore exceptionally B££/£Y£ JV/«£/?E nne. It is thought would have sold for nine dollars per hundred. As, they would have averaged a little over two hundred pounds nplece it is evl-. dtuit .each bog was worth < at leant eighteen dollars. The twenty hog* would therefore amount to about $380. Tho job IK -connidorMt one of the boldest robberies committed In this «ec- v tlon in a long time for n number of hogs like this could not have been load, noise, thus betraying the thieves. BOY <flfAS ELECTROCUTED Employe Of North Wettern At Clinton Grabbed Live Wire. While at work In the North Western roundhouMfl In Clinton Monday forenoon about nine o'clock, luuph Lyons, twenty-fouj* years_ oldi_jaji_t'mplay_e_-uf* the company and the sou of a widowed mother In that city, lost his life by be- ins' accidentally electrocuted. He_w«s at_work rtjliiit.on a u erupt!LIU conveyor" which was operated by eieeV , trie power, the current being furnished through & trolley wire. When tho Accident occurred, It in believed thai the young man lout hla balance and ruuglH hold of the heavily charged Wire. He, wax immediately taken down-by fellow workmen and a, physician FORTY CANDIDATES Taken Into The Moose Lodge ing Last Night. and the lung motor brought into service. After working over him for an Jjour with the best of medical skill, lit never regained consciousness, having filed soon after receiving U\e shock. He leaves hla mother and on&,brother, MOTHER OFJISHOP DEAD Mr*. Catherine Coughlm Muldoon .C P«t«f« Away In East. Cathcriiie Cpughlin Muldoon. widow of Johp Muldoon, died Haturday igorn- Jnf at her home, 996 chalkstoiie avenue. Providence, H. 1. Her family was Of distinctive . historic' Irish lineage. She wax born on tho funion* • buttle lUskl o» Anghrim. (iitlwaj; county, lie- Hhe wa* the mother of A «'la«s of forty candidate* was taken into the local Moose lodge last evening at one of the iargc«t meetings of the lodge this year. Over 250 people enjoyed tlw» evening, a number being down from Dlxon. The work was put cut by the drill team from the Dlxon lodge and this part of the evening was spent In tho'K. P. ha.fl, LrfUer th« crowd went to the Moose ball where light refreshments wore served pnd the rest of the evening was spent I nf orma lly. A rt drr>BMer__ _wor.« .„ ._mjule_ dtirTWg "tfie e'venlng by Ren-. Htoddard, W, G. Kent of DiKon. Jl, W. Uvflse and ICvan 1,. Hoed of this city. . . One. of the jdeasant fe.atiinia of tlie evpntng- wns"flHr"preScrTco~r>r~Trr p: Uucker, national director of 'Mooue- hoart. . . — no /four —no four- Charles Gregg, of Htonn Luke.-Wis:, is .here visiting over Thanksgiving ul t|tp- hom'e_of_ bis aunts, Mra, and Mrs, Andrew CUHH. THANKSGIVING PRAYER lly (Sconce M'irtin. (\VrltlVn for the I'nitcil .Press.) Though we he Hilnd. Kill!• may we HOI> Thy Handiwork and • know Its worth; Though we he luirnh, still may we * speak Thy Word lii Thought and 'IVed: Though \vo he Deaf, still may we *•• hear Thy Voice and do Thy - Bidiilng; ; .,Though w«'be Halt/Htlll may we 'walk Thy \Vny nor go ..astray: And though we nee a«id hear and apeak-and walk as men. Still may we know these things tiH.but of earth; of only passing need: And • If these gifts IMS ours through'Thee. It nood» mtiBt be that we can wrong no man. • Almighty (Sod, Kriutt this bo our TAKE WARNING UNION THANKSGIVING I An : Excellent Program Has i Been Arranged For Observ- ! ance Of Holiday. SENTIMENT TRIUMPHS »VER BUSINESS IN THE THANKSGIVING DATE .(lly rutted Press.) Nov. 29.— That Thatiks- oceura tomorrow, the ..last | ' •• -- - i Thursday in November— is a triumph j "It has long fteon the ^ custom 'of our i " f " l<! """''ioned American sentiment i,.,,,,,,, .. , ,. , • . , . , . jand tradition over "buslnens," pcol.lo to turn In the fruitful autumn j Merchant* «„ many of the of tho year in praise and thankaglv- foreseeing that the last Thursday com Jmg to Almighty G«<J for - His ' 'mstny lng lhe ta * t <lny of th<> monln - woul CAPITAL MOVEDj VILLA CONTROLS Roumanian Capital Is Now {Capture Of Chihuahua City Located At Jassy Near The I Was Admitted Today By Liner ------------------- Oefa€t0 tJfficlats. GERMANS HOLD GIURGIUlDEFENDERS WERE ROUTED This Town Is Only 36 Miles From Bucharest And That Explains The Change. (Hy Cmted Presi.) H. '., Nov. L'f'. - l'r<'R!'*'•*« of • Jen. von Mackfnscri'H forces from the newly captured town of Biurgiu on thr Iwiiiibp. was thr- crux of thr- notimnn- Inn niliintion today. If the Teutonic w»dge of entry rnn beNcbefked and stopped until th*> Koiimruti\ji army has fallen luirk on Its' latest line of defenses—presumably along the Argesiu river—the Itoiimnnlan army, relnforcr-d >y tlusKhins, may jet turn the retlro- iient Into a victory. It was pointed out here its a <on- Inued hope fur the Koimimiiiin sitim- iiru. that the tierlin official fttntemcnts ire still ttignUlcnntly t»l!f>nt oti Uie cap- ur«* of large numbers of troops or ranspiirt supplies- imllc.atiit>! in the iew of the.VllicM that tlie Houmanian etreat h.'is been an orderly one, and ins esoapfd most of. the encircling i novement on which the German Hfil- <an campaign hft.« been based. .Paris reports that the Itoumanlnn •npital has bei v n inoved^J^mporarily to assy, 200 miles northeast of lluchnr- •st. close on the Russian line, bus been on firmed, Such n move, however, houtd_ tiotjie unexpected. With the Jermiin forces occupying Oiurgiu, they .re only 36 miles distant from the prcs- tit capital of Roumnnla. In front of hem, however, there ore three rivers o he- crossed, each well situated efensive purposes. for SUPPORTED BY COUNCIL. tHy rnlted Press* Athens. fJtci'i-e, Xov. 29. —With King rtstuntine presiding, the crown roun- il has determined it can not oppone he (Ireek governmt-nt in its decision refuse the duniMiids of the allies or disarmament, It was wild today he council's resolution has been for, •anted to the allies through Vice Ad- Villa Made Final Assault When He Knew Foe Had Exhausted His Shells. BULLETIN. (By United Pre**.} El Pate, Tex., Nov. 29—VHIittM , have navered the Mexican North »Western railway around Our man, '" cutting the forage iupply channel ta Gen. Perthlng't American «K- • pediiion 80 mil«i from the border. (By United Pr»t») El P««o, Tex., Nov. 29,—Fearing wholesale m«e«acr«» if Villa cup- turet Ju»r«i, 300 Chin*** in the border town, are procuring p«r- mitiion from U. 8. cuttomi «u- thoriti*» to cro«« the river to the American *id* in cace of »m«r. geney. Th* Chinese «xclu»ion act pr«v*nt* the international line b«> ing crotted except when this p«r- miiiion it Mcured. The Chin*** consul d*el«r*« there ar* 1X>80 Chines* in Chihuahua and that Villa has threatened to slay all of thsm. VILLA 18 IN CONTROL, (By United Pre§«.) --JOlJKuso^JTjuc^^iiV'^aLs^TJifi-JiUae-ot Ohlhtiahua, Mexico, Is today dominated by Poncho' Villa, bandit leader. Early today Mexican defaefo offlclali* admitted the capture of the "northern capital." rhihuahun t'lty. The fate .of the six Americans known to be there, l» unknown. The- ••arranj'.tVita defender* have been <fut to pieces, split into two remnants and routed to th« north and south of the city, of which the bandits are now In possession. Villa aimurowl control of the city Monday. After thla adml«nton by defacto offldalB »rav* anxiety was espri'8Bed by U. S. de- fllrlttJf over the safety at finands. SUIT DROPPED TODAY Association Of Commerce Collects $25 Dues From One Of Delinquents. The suit of the Sterling As*Noctation of Commerce aguiiustDr.**'. M, r'rye for $25.00 delinquent dues wa*» dropped In tho Hterling t'lty court this morn- Ing as the dues we're thin morning »-et- tlcsd in-full. ' __Sams inonths .11 go, ih«> Asfc Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ptfge, of .Peorla, «re here to spend Thanksgiving at the home of .Mr». Andrew Cans, of Coninieriv. tlnditig it hud -on its l)ookw about Ji,. r iiifi.(iii deiiqiH lit ilm>.s. nil>stl.v from rcsponsibh* persons, felt it their duly to piviceeVTTir by Kiill If necessary. Worn atartcd. various pert>onp «nitN were tl up, «tmic - Muldoon of 1 tuck lord. l>r. John 3* Muldoon and Mother Mary Irene, of tft. Patrick's «cadeiny,''t'hU'«go, ^h.e futjeral will bt» held in I'rovi- dvnce joday. Beyerul prie»t» of CM- and lUu-kford It-tt to attend" tiic ILKS' MEMORIAl. SERVICE Will ubkcrvn ivff*,t 8unrt«y ntierniiun a» (i iQeinnriitl tlsty tor dfcuub.i-4 K!k.< Tin- irie«ilin(,{ will 'be open -to everyone ami all are "cordially Invited to ai'.eml. .' A I"J.ikei h«» bei-1,1 ' eiiKJvKi'ii -aati music proj-ureii The *rrvire*> will »t4rt .at ai'iiO o'llyck • , , N& OA?sfTE 'TOMORROW. • Io ttccordun'cs with the ujrtuU vustmn The lia/.eit<i v\)U nut j>uUit,Hh t.'in.a- row tl-ut it» employcM may join with tlui K»'»>'ial pobhc ia a i>r<«p«'i- itl'.sci ..- STORE QHANGIi HANDS Five and Ten Cent Star* Bought by < glbort Epler «jf Albion. ' •The Ilvw and ton cent on We«l Third street, better , known as "the \Vymuii" «lorp~ was bougbt yctiteriiuy aft«rmion by Klb«rt ICpl«-r, of "Albion, a town in . thw wnitlujm -part .-of tlu< state. Mr. rTplcr tooiycluir«« of the tftock this morning. Tim «tora wa» bought 'six imuiths u«o by q. u; Slit, zel, of Disoii.' (if air. VVynutn, tuMiiiK llm stock in a' trmic. The Htorc ban bowl ill clV4'rts»' : .of tbc uluughtfi- of the OWIUT. Mr. i£plt?r it, 41 liuHiliiiK .VOUHM who bus hud cotit»id^i'Hblv exp«-ri- In this khul of liasim'ss. He it. a iyurrted inan ami vxpt<cl«' to move " dirt not puy inn! were deciding «> tlm CIWUH, vvbcn tbc nm tier, of an ainic-. iib)(< H(l)UHtiiicnt of I ho ciiliri' amount of -dell()U(mt dticn vva»» brougbt v ° tip by tho dirwior* of tbd AwHocliiiion on on<> Birto ami trader* antniig the <U-lin- on th« other., . The amicable ailJUHtmcnt propoHition fell tbrouKti, however, ami varloua'per- KOIIH' In arrcjtrH. j iucii'hllag ttomc wh>i had prpvlously .Iceldeii lo light tlie cu|. lection, dM'kled to pay up in full and end furMit'r emitroyerny and oxponm>. Tho Assoi'iiMiiiit' of <*«irniTi<Tco flirec- t'brs nay (hoy bad umplo legal advice as to their »|tlci of the matter before b,e.ln, s and, mer^le^to „„ J nallon,"r-\Voodrow Wilson. j In "accordance with (he president's proclamation anil, the 'good 1 - old custom of assembling In the house of God and returning thanks fin a public way on ThanksBiylUK Day. a. I'nlon Thanks-, KiviiiR scrvico has been arratigei'r fur t o ~ be~he!rt tomorrow morniiig~at Tire" Trinity United Evangelical church. corner -Kant" Third street ntid Hftli avenue, at 10; 3d a. m. sharp, • The following program will be gly^ shorter than usual, sought to have th president proclaim Thanksgiving r>ay, Board of Trade In President \VilHon a eommunlcntion November 23r Thf Jcwfler S>w Yorkucn for the earlier day. Merchants In other cities themselves far the" earlier day am several chambers of Commerce adopt "earlier Thanksgiving resolutions.' Bui Pilgrim tradition trlumpheO,. TTVT 1'nMiidc, "Abi«ln With Mo"— tra .Mrs. Abrarn Jfey, nrcumpanlat.. . Song, "Doxolojjy"--! Vi Invoratlon (lev. J. W. Song, "Holy, Holy, Ho gat ion. •.'.-"• PrcMident's I'rwclainsUion— lU-v. K. C. Harrta. Scripture. P«idrn 10;t, Prayer— Dr; \Vm, M. Jones.. Annoiuu'cni«nt8 and offering— -Rev, W. \j. i.'ollln. , ' GETS INSTRUCTIONS Special Harmon, "A True ThfinkHKlving" —' Itev. F. \\'. I.)putMche. ' - .... lly'mn. "America"-- <'origregntlon. Ilencdiction- Jt«v. t'. -At, Irvvin, NOT HOOFARODTH . A. KUgour Gets Message v From President Live ^Stock Association. "^ ,). A. KilKout' received a dispatch tis afternoon fronv'A'r'thu'r (1. Leoharfl, reHident «>f .tlie International Live lock (exposition, telling him the dis- hoof and H else. Mr. ».s»> reporti-d in be tlu lotith disea-ye waB H nomcthir' Cilgour is loading hi» prize Hock on Gerard Will Tell Gensaaay Of American Attitude On Several Matters. Hy. Robert J. Bender (HtalT CorreHpondenti-nf 1,'nlted Pre»H) Wnshingtuu, IX C., Nov. 29.-r.--U. AmbaHHJdor Gerard will confer today With .President WilHonVn the imstruc- tlonM -wljlch he will carry back with him k ti> Uerlin on. Dei^rmber 5, bearing on the different <iue.silonn now pending between this government urtd 'Her, many. The nioht agKiavating matter in which the two «oycninynU_ are. now at Issue in admittedly its deportation of iiflgiau civilians into Germany. It IN contended by thin government that the reafing of Belgian, men from their '.lun'iillvH to work in the mlnea of Germany while the Belgian women and children are left to suffer, in Inhuman. But beyond protesting the~._,lJnlted Stales |w Kelple»». .•Nevprthclowt ll'reiil- den}, WilBon will Inform Germany that the civilized world will look with disfavor on if itontinuatjou of the new German plant). . ; '. While no •admission IH -forthcoming t4> entering niilt.s for duet*. In It IH »alrt that, an opiKirtiiuliy i.s now to be Hivrn all jhe remaining delin-' fjueiita lo pay up. and that if no-attention i» palil. further action will he f am fly to sterljnjj fn the fu- le CHI'S anil will i.siitoii a( Chicago iwilis i« the Cniou Stock them to .thc'ox- The fob iH -Tunis.' Chicago, Nov. 21*. ,1. K'lguar. Stei-iiiiB. III. . (>(»('( ui'i* itfiiixM i aiiir Mather think the trouble ;it Kaiiwat*- City is pot fool Hint nioiuh tii><eut(e; but ;i form jif (liK- 'ease that ha» utfeeli'<l lnir«e. i s .10 Nebraska. Colorjtdti/Hiid luiirc <ir lfws« at nurke(,s. |t filtow* in a ?jnd forma I Ion of vew: tmi- GUS. BREIDIPia STOCK Meeting Of The Creditor* Held T«e» day Afternoon With Rtfarcc. • Icavr* i.i««' ba«l e.ffect.' \Ve ha\e dtcid- • . •• * ed'to bold tin- *how «ind ar« notifying At u meetiiin t>» OH creilitor« of the (| j|> ^hjtiitoi:- In adminlHtrallon' ulunn or u circles th«t felt over the report that (H-nnany I'ontemplates revival of her 'former mibmarine cam- tJerard will convey to. the Ut«r VVilson'M n»an Ki>v altitude on thin question. Ilo will ern- phawiite that this government haa gone HM far an it» patience will admit and auy .ncr'-by I'. boat c6mmanderB eljow- ii>K intent to violate pledge* given foi- luwiUK the S untie x ttlnklnk. .will be nie.i according in the pr»t;ram laid down by the president, at that time. tuie- Mi»». jStitael will probably return to 'her home in pixun soon. ASSOCIATION FOHWED - • • • Formed In Palmyra Township; lu> ' f'Hlntyru A^rtimStiiii'ii. - ittn or iiaif>nicu win, \\ill Bfc»n an to muintuiii the higii twt'uty-f«iur. . urn thi< »ilh.ff| '!--.— K, H- H«y • J. i'.- WatisWurtii. tus •» ami -K il ut- two o'clock Ui the oiTiee .f Attotney l\ 11. H'aril, Frank \V, llaskell. receiver of -the block, liiutie liiw report, tliis eniifiig iiisi work ;».s re- cnver of the Mork Mr. HasKi'li- v ;is tbi-» made tl'u*4tt'e of the -Mock.! and a» »m-h ivus directed t'o i>uy met" to ] the witV (>f _iVtr llre,i%«n«; tilr sum of ! t,h*> ','*«'US|'li"iv. four tniiiilrt'd •Sh'Ui.trs. 1 •iiicludetl tbi ; htiiiwe'holi.l KiWxlt', j In .J.'J.i'T, sitid a check tor-; <if fur tl| iiiformution iMUl.|;iiidatice.. Notify your local paper*. Arthur. -ti. i 'resident. GAVE FOOD AND CLOTHING Union School Pupili'Gavc Liberally to the Needy Families- , «Sti|-fttilti-iidi'Ut <*, II. M.-ifcy.'i'jf tin- MORE (Hy t ! iiile<l J'r r.oiidun, Kim , N'ov, 3u;--A' Central News filtjimtch from Amsterdam thn Genuaii * iji hurl I .lea h»ve. all the you UK men In A tint hot and iiiB^t. litdKiati towiiB, and aotirtt'd all young men in ._ l.o»i> - aln _ lo— prepare toi'.'ti'.i.nHpi>rtAtiou td Qer- the bttlutiVe, ROBBERS GOT $1^000 Four M«ake<i ^Bandits Robbed Hazelton, Kan»., State B«n%. .the t'cmral aii«|Nj,iiiviilu »« iiUdis iuive !, WII.M tiiiiu'ti .o\er : Vl>l '> libi-nilly. to the needy f,t«lUlte*. to-' to her. U is* «'-\iiec((-d that the lU'isiy r- !; ». • I' 1 ' •-•_'>'* "thc-'ir' W.I.H iituaiy aj -tUv l-'iuU'il l'i'<-n»,/' .S. Oixon. r'ef<•!•«'«>, "ill dci iun- u ili-"fW:»KDII load of the trifls und it itu-)ud.«.>ti'j ir-vt,',, KUIIR. .Nov. iJ'f — The HJJZ- vldetul'of'tive per ••I'lU 'inMile ».f"u_ few \ f«'un*. J.-lli.'..s. «-uuuf-U ' jjuwij.. tntuiblert K-ltuii Stale Hank was robUtHi by <yuf A i'iirt«in ^iintn.ini vxiil t>t« he-M ; of isll ktn<id, ami b(-,**i of all, u <re<tt j ujufkvHi .ti^iiiijin who blew the ^*fd. inuf es«';it)i:d with f 12,ot">. The intu back t'l-r it'pertrul of ninety duyij. alter ptmouit,!, of clothing. The-' -ti<<i»utiotiK tlmt-the tin hiiuil wilt t»«> tunu.-.'d-I.wexo turiK-ii over (<•' th<' iiit»»ihi;ra of over j>r«j-raia IM I tiiitn'ichi wiJl \< i <-t (-«. !,! Hit'lA- H. \\ll.U-h ' li.r i.r ljuv.,' Jiire t Jlt'lU « turn iii fdy wl 'fii" v a» auto, Tin; yt'gKtnt'n bound uri yotinK. ll)t.-(l t'«|le|ib"!i* > «Hi« iljt th wiHi tin m. two. Fournet. who made tlic original I yfj^i" 1 " ^ have been in th« city. At the aaroe 'GERMANS ARE"ADVANCINO. ' tlrae lhiu r0t)ort ' 1 « %achpd the bord * r (Uy United Preae) Berlin. Gcr., Hy Wlrcle«» to Sayvllle, L. J., N'o\% 29.—"a«n von. Pbik*{i< hayifs army IH advancing victor-lowly on the whole Wjillnchlan front," de- claned today's official Htati-mont. "The dt>rvridlnir army IB moving eastward in dlHordor. -Tlip movements of th* DiuTTiWftrmy "cdrrespijnd with the army In the north. In the Dobrudja there in only minor flghtlnjf. On trie front of Archduke Joseph in the for- enui.of thft rarpathlHiiH. and on the Trunaylvaijinn front tho Hu«nlunti yea- hat nil foreigner** had been slain *n-. ther report wan received that Villa hod conveyed all faraljrnen out of the. city end ntarted them for the twrdtf.. Agemts of the American «tAte department made'A.demand on the Carranza, nfttclalB at JUarw to obtain norne newa of th« fate of the Americana and citizen* of foreign countries known to bo In the city at the time the attack b*- gan. ^ (Continued from page 5.) . ADMIRALTY CHANGES Villa Timed His Assault According to report* reaehlnu her*. on tho fifth day of the siege, Monday at« o'clockV"vTTlista"1tOTaeBTTnih«sa-tntor the city and after a short hand to hand conflict Hcattered tho defenders, ..Th« attack WBM made on VJUa** knowledge of the exact amount of sheHs and riflo The shells had been exhausted and tha rifle ammunition wan falltnK, and Gen. Sir Jeihfl Jellicoe Is Made First Trevlno with about TOO cavalry fled, escaping toward the nouth. As they were fleeljiK frjuu the City a column of bandits fell upon them, killing many urid throwing, the ^remainder of th» (By ITnJted Prn»») I-Carr'antlHtaji Into confunlon. *"i London, Km?., Nov. 2'J.-~In commons /™ m , th , e ftnv deull « l**^ , ca ^ ur * o.lay First Ix,rd of the Admiralty "bulned U appearH tha Villa knew exactly the number of flhelln Trevinoj Sea Lord According To Announcement Today. litlfotlr announced the selection, of >lr John Jcftlcoe UH Iir«t aea lord of he 'admiralty und Admiral Ueutty UH 'ommHiider of the ijrurid fleet. Sir Henry Jucknon, retiring tire sea old of the udmirtilty. has been ap- >olnted admiral and itreni'dftttr"«r~l'he- •oyal iiiival college at-Greenwich, Halfour alt<o.Htuted Unit due to these (f'ontinucd on page S.) HARDLY SPORTSMANLIKE. (By United Press) Tt^ondon. Nov:~ 2».—William .Wad« bamH, 38. was arrested aa he stepped from prlnon and charged with falling hun«e« there will be u number of j to comply with the conscription act. ranufers in. the makeup of. the" ad-]{Though Wndham explained he had !Lln»L*i_jM«jrd.._an.^^ ofLheen confined «inc» 1918 and hadn't bajtges In tin; higher commanda of [hoard of coimcriptlon he wax lined 110 he fleet, "'...... and impressed Into th«* army. The $2.50 Bargain Price EXPIRES JANUARY FIRST . There nro Hubscrihers tt» The (Jtiisette wlio ure wnit- in^f for u cut in pricw in KubHoription rates. Don't wait, frientlH. Then* will be po cut. It is impossible. TH1 $2.50 RATE IS THE LOWEST BATE POSSIBLE. '•: te • THE SUBSOEIRTION PRICE GOES UP JANUARY FIRST. ,.•;.-. MiH'li-as .Tho (iuxet'le nereis the raino there is no* way to avoid it. .A dollar raiK« on, BubHerfptioiii? will not save 'The ,(laz(»tti' from loss. Kvery-home in Whiteside county ought tk» have tltfj Whitesido County I>mly—The. Sterling Uaily Gazette, no matter whaf'tjie cjJsf. r > «. t Nothiiuf «>n«' puivhaseH i.s KO cueap compared lo the «',o>t of production as The Daily Gazette. " ,,* ForVity dciivt-ry in Sterling and Rock Falls it costs only ONE AND TVifo-THIRD OISNTS PIE MX- For -mail "delivery out.sujle -of HteVling and JUot-k Falls the- OIKS! 'is LESS-TH^ ONE OStTf PIS »AY. The |>ri'M'ut price" of $L*.50 a year; V^y mail outside of.Sterling and Hui-k FalU -i« tho LOWEST BARGAIN PRICE that can be made. Pitting off .renewal will only make- The 'Gazette .cost Aujre nt'U'i; January tirst. * j WHV NOT RENEW TODAY AND TAKE AD •VANTAGE OF THE $2.50 BARO'AIN PRIOE?

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