Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 28, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 28, 1916
Page 8
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Mot STERLING DAILY GAZETTE TUIS&AY, NOV. 2S, 1916. Vaudette TONIGHT- SPECIAL Wllllnm The Crsfyirig." Tomorrow —Vaudeville Also Three Fine Aets •** "The- Orlp «.f KU1." FURNTTURE-The Gill oi Thoughltulness At Last You Can Have a Comfortable Bed Davenport viiJK l»,-<y, MrtHm'<". ' Friday, t)i«- In •/•*••'«'. p«-Tf"rrnlnR l>»-:* In th*- fcorM. Tup«d,iy, "\VTtrrt< Arc- Sly <Miil For years bed davenports have been made—-but^sueh uncomfortable things. Now we are offering you a perfected one—The Kelly Softseat Bed Davenport. An exceedingly Comfortable living-room piece and it also contains a full size soft bed—not a close-to-the floor makeshift. i LYRIC *M^^9 JLaT",ii tf "•'si ti Till **•&. ^^^ > IHbAHvb( ROCOALtS TONIGHT ,Th» *ee«nd epitode of the great serial, j "LIBERTY" j "Biding With Death" | Alto * big comedy, "THE BURGLAR" j MYSTIC WORKER THANKSGIVING DANCE In Mystic Worker Hall, Sterling. WEDNESDAY, NOV. 29 Music by preetin'e Orchestra Member* free '- DANCE THANKSGIVING EVE At Ourr'i Hall, Harmon Pour-piece Orchestra Tnhiolt Xt I<nir;tn 'One Step this Saturday' Trot this Monday' Pleasing Appearance and Exceedingly Comfortable Is it any wonder that the Kelly Softseat Bed Davenport is the only one comfortable to sit in? A Regular Bed not a close to-the-floor makeshift SCHOOL from 7(30 to 9sOO and big dance from 9iOO to 12.00 evcery Mon-' day end Saturday evening*. Monday* are^prijte nighti— Shoer or sweat ere, MRS. F. R. BELL & SON Woodman Hall "DANCE" And Be Merry •At Bell's Thanksgiving Party IN WOODMAN HALL .Wednesday, Nov. 29 Favor* will be given to everyone. ^ till JHorninfl. Cochran'e Orcheitra. High School Foot in K. of P. Hall, Sterling, THANKSGIVING NIGHT "Hooters" Invited ,» -Dlxon_6Vpl»q«. Orchentra 8;80 till morning • ''Mr*. Molvln, I»«»rl Mitntx and Kldd are aaalatinir i*t the HterlliiK Department Btore, Mr, HnU Mrs. Oo. Gronls delight^ fully tntertaliifd at dinner last c-v«- • fling, Mri und Mr«- IwiwU-r ('onion. Tho evening wu« upent In niuHio and gnnicn. of thu* Simple and Easy to operate. You don't have to wait until father comes home c . * A Christmas Gift Of one of these modern Davenports will give pleasure to the whole family, beautify the Jiv- bg room in which you spend so many hours, and afford a comfortable bed to the unexpected guest. ———--—-^—__1_— Make your selection now to be delivered when you desire—the day before Christmas, if you wtlfi. ~;— ===r~ • -, Spring construction built lor Comfort. Observe occupants are away from cold drafts near the floor THEROYG* Carpet sweeper or broom can be used under front and side rails DK STORE U FURNITURE .^UNDERTAKING . Come in and let us demonstrate this wonderful D.aven- port. A large variety of styles —prices surprisingly reasonable Special convenient credit terms 8'ladly_ ar~ranged on any purchase—if desiredr""" • f NEWS IN BRIEF ^\ twSiSTJIJI •» J at WPHt Knd jiurk and Dlxon lilK'i ' 3:00 p, m,, cc.* «. WIIH n Dlxon viHltor ( l,«wlf» Woodruff's Studio for Xmn« photon.* JSaturday. Woodruff's Studio for'Xmux photos.* | **" membfrs of the Loyal Order of No dinner will bo aem-d^r KIk«'' Moo "° :U1<1 tht ' lr wlvwi ' mt>ihfra a " d flub, W«int»sday account of party Sim MIM* Hpeiit Saturday I'venliiK In "J Olson, where In* fair. » iy vuffiuS^Ji.! 8 'S ^^'^ «"» '•' ^ 1^™^.^ rtV in^^ h\rmon,nK. ', 0n n'sht,N«v. 8«tl,.. for bl« initiation and n.v in tn«) meninu. | gowj ,, nlp (V s., y !tn J>o M(irkt 8M ,-j.,» the\ Q'Rrlwi HtltKul, of Nfl«on, ftH«*"i Iwst in Hil« citv. | Dancing party" at Woodman hall, | Btc'rllnt.', Tuvsduy night. .Nov. 3?. JKoruetlilng new, don't miss U.* ' Friday and Saturday, Dec. 1st and 2nd 4 Pcrlormaees 2.15 and 8.15 a W. GEIFPITH'S EIGHTH WONDER OF, THE WORLD Most Realistic and Stupendous View of Stirring Events in the Development olQpf Coiintry People { Horses 8 Months 'Wt • i- to Produce COST / $500,000 TAKEN FROM THOMAS DIXON'S, **THE ClA NEMAN" Pricei Matinees, 25c,,50c, Wc—Frlces Nights, 25c, 50c, 75t», $1JO» Symphony Orchestra of 2Q , Ho one seated aft^r 2:15 or 8:15 Seat sale now for all"shows at'lhe Sterling Pharmacy.' Mail prdor» with enclosed check addicted to G, S. Olmsttiud will revive prompt attention, 'ii^M^L^^^^ end at the hoinw u of Norjh Dixon. f»t«»rllnsr and Dlson jilayeilno last game.— Hw* Ihcrn yiiliiK afternoon. 3:00 p. m. 2. r »c,» Chlldron's blwu »ergf dn-sse*, HKOB C to 14. A" >3.f»i) yal«« '• for »2.98, at "Heckmun'a.* tlu' week- All ni<>m!>crH of. tln» T-Trarrtrr man. Mr.*, t'oilln, ,M.I«s at -Fourth Ht. I o'clock,* mot>t \Vv»lno»«1ay ut 4 Dain-d ;tt Tampioo Thnr«d"ii~y~ night, t-Htru.* ' •' T. Y. Davis AvsiK a punBtMiK^r to Chi- morning. : - Houie of F*aturee ' • GRAND-TODAY = Edna Goodrich in "The Making of Maddalena" Also Selig-Tribune News ^r—-^-^-W^^ — i —' r Wm, Pesmond and Enid Markey in "Lieiit, Danny, U. S, A," THURSPAV Thanksgiving day. Attraction—."Ulind of Regenoratior*." TJMIE—USUAL PRICES FOO I BALL! THANKSGIVIN DAY Gam$ called at. 3:00 o'clock ADMISSION 25c STERLING HIGH SCHOOL vs. DIXON HIGH SCHOOL West End Park, Sterling PREVIOUS SCORE 0 AND 0 Just rcci-ivtM u now KhipMt'itt of H. M. Hnuilt'y t wont to ChU'agO nuiffft. which. *•«• cun.siilcr i-faHtinahl(>, inoininK on i'oitj«! thf rist- in the. lur murkft.> C- I,. "Alilioii t.Vi.* Lloyd TuriM-rc 1 «>f•-nixon, spent last in HiiK city 'at thi! \Vi>i3f! GREAT 4 THANKSGIVING N ATTRACTION Mat and Night The Seaicn's Biggest 8ucce»» GEORGE KLIMT'S NEWEST SENSATION The Play with a~-Hard Punch , , / •• ; TIIE-:—— .' •' -• ^aai ^aj iBB^aaai ^a^a^ a^p^i|a^a^ •^•^pM^a^f^^aW ^^Hf^ ^W ^W ^f " WPIP 9jfN$ pBaw ^iw ^^WWHIW ^^ftj^F of a Shop Girt'. Life" and file Filled with Ttnte . Situation* ^^l^^r ^^PPflBB^y ^B|(^F^ '^^BP' . * ^drfJP W^Hf WPJ|| ^Hp l^HWW Py.W. C. HERMAN ,Th« Story of, a Girl Who H ad Mb Mother to Guide Her Every Aet Gripping in the Extreme by * Sup<>t '' 01 ' .CP m Pa"y of Human Actort 'sltopH i'lo«cd all day Thui-H- duy—opfn 'till :i o't'lcn-k Wedm-ada^* night.' , . , Watc.h for tl\(>,'bijj display of-holiday Kuml.s which in L»*»lnK put in. i;i»n.dhiwH Jit-ift'i-'kinan's.*. If 1 you hav«« not . bi.uii.vhl any of tho large r.iMt-iii. i>|utf.s«>, ordfr it ut onv«». as it i», -joins in»'. It IB very- go.-i!. John II U<nr/.fi is tht' happy avviuT of u new I'Mison 1'honoKi'apli juwt bought of l'crry.& "Ho«w«r.* Beat' tlir liish.w*«t-of living K«t Thanli?giving dinru.r at C'ushman'*!.* Frf'sbjicriiin baxiKtr and hotn<>* t»al»» inn si t ilo 'ai i'hiii'cii AVi'ilni'Mht.y, IH'i', i!, p«»r, « !»' "- l^uhiii- I'.ordially' IhvliVd-*- All kirulK of l.ulK and l';ui«'.v -Woodlawn" ..J'-'t.- <-rt'atn ami tsln rlu-js, fm' Tiuiiikjjgiyiu^ I'hoiH,' your order i-ar- ly,' fateriitig Dairy »'o.» ThiHikwgn ing j»aU« on fioakw at u IQ.Cfc discounr lor this vywk ut IhH'k- tnan'a * Jc«hn,'|i- lU'iiK*-! is thv har'py owner oi ;t new Kdtiion .-Mlujnut;raph'' just t-of'I'urry & Jhio\»-r,* T its ti t'uoii 'amj iH'lli'unij). ilav, n" ic<"' .-ri-am. Ail (lav..;-. i .Sd'i HSIJI )».ury <"'*> * . . ' ' | ..Th* b«-,si neSvvt .ANtVr>, dinvt, r'loni Ifrotor ana si-.tsd'"'ni«viT; rilvvays i-i HtuvJ- Bell 780.R Interttnt* 177-R1 LEE & HUOGANS TAXI pNB Killiane' Cio/ar Store Careful Drfverit Pr<>hipt Serviee Rj>a»onable Philip Ji TTORNHy AT LAW ™^.,, 411-414 L»wr«nct Bldg. JACOB CANTLIN LAWYER 5':" farm loan*. Prepayment privilege BELL 439 ROCK FALLS, ILL. H,E.VanEppte,JM.D. Jlopms 10 and 11, Jennings' Jewelry Store * Whol»»ome Pi«y,'.fTlM With Dmraalic InUtuity _JPric«fj Mat 25c & SOc Night 2Sc, $0, 75c & |J,00 i<ow nit j..iU- ui the Sterling'. !' i .V.-Ul!i' i !;u>:i- "\\ .1, .1!: a Dm •'.;. ji il, ( - it Adiii'Si-r,.il »'.ny 'J ,OB. F. W. I'rui-iicw T,imttw4 to EAR,, NOSE *nd THBOAT BRAIN" 8URQPRY ' 'J In i2 it., m.; 2 to 4:30 p, m. i'H'ih l;'i"nr l,UWl'«'IH-l.> Hi.lK Both Pljonv* Siirrlina, HI.

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