Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 21, 1944 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, July 21, 1944
Page 5
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FRIDAY, JULY 21, 1944 NAUGATUCK Waterproof Watches jjlmcliprnof uml \Vi»trr|>ronI BULOVA Military $^^«*f50 Watch .. Ladies' Watches BULOVAS — LONGINES up WM. SCHPERO ' — l.'|>stitlr.« — IIOI'SON HI.OCK 1»» CIIUUCII STKKKT Roosevelt Accepts; Bankhead May Be V.-P. Dark Horse Chicago Stadium, July 21—(UP) —President Koowevnlt accepted his fourth - term rcnoml-mation Vast night in a broadcast from his train jit u west const naval -basn. He listed tlu> primary aim* of the Democratic party as first—to ,wln I'lio war: second—to form a worldwide organization to insure Lha pence; and third—to provide employment and a lUcccnil/ Uvin;.: standard for returning veterans niul nil Americans. Tho fear of a. Wallace-Truman deadlock for the vice-presidential nominal ion haw slaruxl n search for n dark horse at Chicago. Tho r'lmp of Senate Majority Leader Barklcy of Kenl.uoky—w.ho formnlly presented Mr. Roosevelt's candidacy to the convention yesterday—is being heard as the clilL'f dni'k 'horse now. Yesterday, Senator Eankhcad of Alabama wo* being considered. But lilM boom subsided when it bacamu known that., his .own delegation was apparently., veering Into the Wullaca cump. ' '•• The .Wallace, forces now cu-urn almost enough-'vot^-sj to win on the first, ballot, -but supporters of Senator Truman a'i-c banking strongly on the effect of Presld.-.-nt Roosevelt's latter' :to National 'Chairman Hanncgu.n expressing his, wUling- ncss to accept either Truman or Supreme Court, Justice Douglus as his runining.matc. 'Some obsei vcn-:i bcllova that .If Truman and Wallace arc deadlocked today there is a fair chance that the anti-Wallace, an-tl-C-I-6, anti-New Deal votes will swing to Barklcy—relong with enough other support to put him over. : However,.the contest apparently still Is wlUi> opoh. Gov. Broughlon of North Carolina announces that his name- definitely will 'be. placed before I,he convention as a vice- presidential candidate. Broughton.. also, is expected to gain muuh support if the two leading, contenders 'run Into a stalemate. Balloting is expected to begin, lato this afternoon. One out of 10,000 persons Is said to bo subject to albinism, which Involves a lack of normal coloring pigment in the 'hair and uyeu, a.-, well as in the skin. l-JiOMl'T SKKVICK! » Hrlri); yiuir vaiuitlon dry cli-:»n- J Ini; lien- mid !»• ii-sKiin-tl uf J IJclnTiiuiri'.s |ironi|>t SCITJCL'. J D. LIEBERMAN I ^B CIIUKCII STHEKT J — S I 1 K C I A L — 33.1'IKCK S/l Cf| niNXKR SKT (for C) <±e«JU CCHNEER *9 CREDIT JCWCLCRt '_ It} SoafS Main S*. — «-1 KKiil.S'l'KK >"O\\ FOR FALL TERM OI'KNS SKI'T. C,TI1 L ,COI,I-K.OK 24 CKN'I'KAI. A Grand "RECOVERY" for An Ailing Living Room Reupholster—Rebuild—Restyle Think a Minute ... REUPHOLSTERING MAY SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM SPECIAL OFFER— SOFA & CHAIR $69 rliDiic IVntt-rliiiry 4-»»'.i5 or N:tiiKutuck 4ti'JO for Appoliitim-nt NO OBLIGATION FOR QUALITY IN UPHOLSTERY .., INSIST ON THE BEST Griffin IJPHOISTERIMGCQ FREE DECORATING SERVICE PHONE 4-8895 BAZAAR!! ST. HEDWKTS CHURCH GROUNDS THIS WEEK END Saturday — Sunday ENTERTAINMENT! PRIZES! Treasure Chest Awards below, and take part in this novel and entertaining contest, that may prove very profitable to you. Breen's Sport Shop 207 Church Street Chuck's Friendly Service 109 So\Uh Main Street » Sweeney's Art Store 213 Church 'Street Carlson Furniture Co. '175 Church Street- Sodlosky's Drug Store 411 North Main St., Union City Kwasniewski Meat Market 39 School Street, Union City • Zembruski Tailoring Shop 443 North Main St., Union City FUN FOR ALL!! Held Over At Strand Irene Uiiime, star of M-G-M!s "The White CliffK of Dover," which opuim today ut the Strand Theater, and Alan'MurHhul, her lending man, tntiko' nil engUKliig cuuplc IIM they hold each other and dunce to their heurts' content. The picture, bilHud on Alice Du«r Mlller'H poem,.-"Tho Whlt« Cllff.s," captures all the warmth of an Amorlcun who ROCK to EHB- lund for n visit, meets and fulls In love with u British jcentle- niiin, iimrricN him und then IOHUH him to a greater cuusn. Hitler Orders Armed Forces To Arrest Qr Shoot All Suspects (By United Press) Adolf Hillor appears to have regained firm control of Germany. German dispatches indicate that Gestapo Chief Heinrich Himmlcr is trying ruthlessly to "smash all truces of the revolt that was touched off by the attempt to kill Hitler. Himmlor has been given control of all armed- forces within the Reich. He is reported to be using loyal army, navy, air and Gestapo troops to track down anti- Hitler generals and. other leaders of the uprising. Himmlor is apparently embarking- on an unprecedented reign of terror as a result of the coup designed to throw' the Nazis out of power and take. Germany out ot the war. Armed forces, as well as civilians, have been ordered to arrest or shoot all persons suspected, of participating in the revolt. The German D-N-B agency says Army battalions have executed some .of the leaders of the coup. . . Among those reported shot- is Colonel Count Von Stauffcnberg, the oltlcer said to have planted the bomb in Hitler headquarters. Possibly the was ,the signal for the start of the uprising. The bomb exploded only six and a half-'feet uway from Hitler. The explosion klilcd'one of Hitler's collaborators, woundsd a <lonen others and burned and bruised the fuehrer. Hitler, Reich Marchal Hermann Gocring and Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz themselves disclosed the uprising in a scries of broadcasts. They asserted the revolt was led by .1 "criminal otMcer'.cllque,",-Hin- cluding a number of generals who hnd been ousted by Hitler. ..These leaders were reported to have;set up a rump government and ns- sumcd both civil and military authority. But D-N-B claims the revolt has been smashed. While there is no immediate confirmation of. the claim ,the Nazis continue to control the German radio network, news agencies and newspapers. Such control indicates that the Hitler regime is weathering the gravest threat In its history. German authorities again clamped an iron censorship on communications between Germany and the rest of Europe after permitting the release of meager details of the assassination attempt against Hitler. HENRY ALDRICH FILM SHOWING AT THE GEM THEATER That Aldrich boy is in town again, and he's 'head over, heels in. love troubles in Pat-amount's "Henry Aldrich Plays Cupid," which is now at the Gem theater. Diana Lynn, the young actress proclaimed by the Film Daily poll -as the 'l.op juvenile performer ol 1942 is Henry's high school sweetheart, but his love troubles do not concern Diana. They ' are thej'r.e- .«ult of 'trying to find a wife -for Mr. Bradley, Henry's bolany-,-.In- structor at Ccn-lerville High..-From •all reports the complicatlonis*'that develop top previous Aldrich,m'lx- ups in 'affording hilarious ;com"edy. In "Henry Aldrich Flays Cupfd," the w.hole cast axccls siuceythe roles provided give them ample opportunity l-o- display 'their'-talents. There is comedy galore, : ,plenty/.,cf uclion as all concerned, get iHto a mix-up and it all adds'up.".-toia treat for aud-iemceii.. Another in^the gay Aldridh Bseapades;.->''.'CupM-" scores a 'bull's-eye!,; -:. >r- -^v. 5 ;*;?^ Filling . -his stellarTrdle r^.'^fi 1 ? screen's effervescent Heriry ; 'Aldj;ich is : Jimmy LydonV.whUe'vPharlle Smith again plays Dlzny. <* "VeVa Vague, one of Hollywood's topnotch comediennes, :h-as'an important role in."He'niry Aldricht-Plays Cupkl." Jolm-Litel and -Olive Blakeney are Mr. and Mrs., Aldrichi.and Vaughan Glaser is;the pjdanXic Mr. Bradley. •' ; The second lead is "The Lone Star Trail" and there i'3 a,n.-;w chapter play, "The Great Alaskan. Mystery." . • Brazil is 250,000 square-.-miles larger .than the U. S, . . ... '•• -r, ; .. Hartford Workers feeivelwards . Boston, Mass,, July 21—Harold K. Black and Whltllcld.-S; Chap:man, war workers at the Pratt and Whitnoy Division ot the Niles- Ecment-Pond • . company, West Hartford, Corin., have received, national War Production Board hon- 'orsTfor speeding the output of vital precision tools, and gages, Frederick Bowes,'' Jr., New England managed of WPB'a. War Production Drive division, announced today.' "-,' Black's idea 'was a method of aimulaneou's grinding which elim- ;inates_ considerable grinding and measurcmeht-.-by- trial ..and error. •„' Chapman';devised ' an improved pantograph "engraving method which speeds.the job so fast that it hus been passed on to the manufacturer of the machine, for inclu- sion of the'.new feature on all. (u- Lurc m'odels,"th'us "plowing back" the' benefits' tor hundreds, of other critical war plants. -. .:-,. HOY; IB, HKI.D , • • Brockton, Moan., July '21—(UP) —A 15-year-old ..Brockton youth is held in $5,000 bail, in'connection 'w.ith l.he death of 'his father. The boy— who li accused of hitting his father during an. argument—is licld on a technical charge of -Juvenile delinquency. His 38-year-old fath- .er, Arthur H. Blair, died of a fractured^ Hkull July 5th. The boy was ordered held for juvenile court after a dJsU'ict court hearing, COCKKYIip BEI'ORT "• Boston, July 21—(U P) — The regional OPAV chief has termed a newspaper report that -.gasoline rationing will'end September 25th —Vabsolutcly cockeyed." John Gla- gay said that the idea was foolish, tie also said that gas rationing in New England will -continue and- that the end is not even in sight. Education For Returning Vets Hartford,' July 21—State Manpower Director William J. Fitzgerald or the War Manpower Commission today urged returning veterans of the present World War to take advantage of the higher education opportunities afforded (.hem under the terms of the recent G. I. Veteran'« Bill passed in Washington. Mr. Fitzgerald said that many veterans have already returned from the various battle-fronts ot the world, hut that few of them have taken advantage of the higher cducaion program. One factor which deters the veterans from taking advantage .of. the higher education programs offered at different colleges and institution he said, is their desire to Uikc the op- pbrtunlty"'of'' the "present "perioil of high wages. in area* ',0^ ready, employment; " '},"•. .. '*/i;/' •..*• • $} Mill Owner Is Of f ered Job In Grocery -Store* : '• — — ' • • -•'•• Milton, Man*. ;.<U.P>V-Ar1.hur ^ Wallace of 'Milton',? ;whb "has bc«« described "a' "fill:' dignified • lii» duxtriftli'sl.," will vou'cli for.th1« one> On his lii»t trip to Valatle, N. Y y Whore his mill. Is : located, Wa.llac» decided to prepare' a chicken iwla^ lor his dinner. > .'• -•-> •• •' • ft •As' he entered ,lhe..»3ocal chain Htore to do some shopping, he noticed a large- «igri .hanging: on the door: "Boy Wanted'." .,.-. - ' t* A clerk, who also . happened to he Oie mBanBcr, approached, 'an* Wallace asked, "How mudi • Is tni celery?" • f- "Eighteen dollars a ;wcek to starl " Iho manager- replied /quick; ' ' ' " BUT WAR BONDS AND STAMP* FREEDOM LOVING 98 EooutiCul! Man-tailored styles in assorted shades. Practical! Of Spun Gabardine and Cavalry 'Twill with side buttons and pockets. 12 to 20. WRITE TO CAMP OFTEN PATRIOTIC STATIONERY Stop in Murphy'j today for <n iiiortmenf pf Viefory and P»-' triotic itation.ry. Boi.d or IB p«ck«g.i. 1C, . , w ,|| -'ijfi- • • •. ?!'» ... or both for th«t boy or girl in eimp. LONGER LASTING Enamel ware Damaged .-.3&.Price White with'cheerful red trim triple-coated for durability. THE TIME HAS COME WHEN ALL MEN WANT STRAW HATS for Dress Pint qualify straw hats that will buck up your FINK morale no end. Murphy's have your favorites in QUALITY front pinch' shape stylet; of woven mesh or woven; textile braid. Tan, Grey, White.- Siiei $^ .47 ALL YOUR ' VICTORY GARDEN SUPPLIES At MURPHY'S—Including STRAW HATS FOR THE ENTIRE VICTORY FAMILY 37' All kindi and «ryl»« of protective itraw h«t»—for men, women ind children. Mexican itrawi, enameled or naturali, plain end fancy crowns and brims. Some helmet shaped with ExRay Vitor. Prepare your family NOW for summer "Garden Days" ahead. ^••A?>.^.R»fy^*. i A > .*8r*ri^'.?Sy /?• .ViX'.AV.^Ti..£?£..•.•• *•*..•••..«>•• Art Needle Work !i SliRlitly I/ Soiled ' * Price Everything in tttmpvd piecti from B«bi»i' Bibi to Chair Sell. All en fin•It mjt«ri*lt, cornpl«4*ly finithvd but for th«- fun of embroidering. Swell weyi to «clv» your gift problemi. for johnny's Homecoming y z •. Price . FURLOUGH BAGS When Johnny comes marching hoi\je on leave he'll appreciate having one of these 1G or 20-inch regulation khaki collapsible bags. Heavy water-repellent army duck with zipper closing. STORE OPEN TONIGHT ' UNTIL 9 O'CLOCK WOMEN'S SUMMER HANDBAGS $1.98' Keg. ,fl»| Q7 S2.9S .. • «DA.»«f • BLOUSES Build up a ; Wardrobe • Reg. I1.-19' 97 Si:ei for ' '(( Women ) and \ Mitfti! Smartly tailored . . . ItyUl of w*ih«bl* rici in while «nd' color*. TENDER SKIN NEEDS BONNETS Pretty percale prints with protective bruckram brims, tape trims '.."''*•• . ' i/ 2 Price Frah! Tittyf Chocolate Mallow COOKIES 21c lb.:^;'; ; POT CLEANERS *3for 25c Clc«n> Scour* Scrub* A Tampico Fiber cleaner treated with plastic emulsion. Needs no. cream or cleaners. ... NAUGATUCKiCCONN ^ ••

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