Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 6, 1968 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1968
Page 7
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MFC (MR) STMlf PnMM 91 ImNt ,; Pwvii B< inp 13th Star Color Show: Marlneland (Flo.) Porpoises go through their show at Marineland, in this photo a lively female has outjumped a Fla. ( original of America's major outdoor aquariums, big male and seized the fish. Beneath her the where the editor, Alex. H. Washburn, made these male registers low-level disgust. 35mm, Kodachromes 10 years ago. This was a brand new added act when the editor saw it back in the 1950s. Marineland installed a trained porpoise Flippy as the star of a new exhibition pool constructed after World War II. w . A . ... .. A . UAI . ^ Picture shows Flippy crashing through the paper shield of a suspended hoop. Behind and above •••^^MB^P^M^HB^^B*^^""^^^^^' ' the porpoise is a boom with a dangling rope. In a companion act Flippy leaps and pulls the rope, ring* ing a bell. Then he gets the payoff-a fish. Porpoises are smart. Sometimes Flippy demands pay* ment both before and after the act. Marineland has a quaint custom: When a honey- for it. So perfect is a 200-pound porpoise's con- decision: Two porpoises jump sea swimming at 45 miles an hour. In the exhibition tank they pick up speed underwater and then shoot is high is 20 feet in the air. The U.S. Navy has clocked porpoises in the open STOpec**- Ho-hum-another porpoise, another jump, another fish. Porpoises aren't fish, of course; they are warm-blooded mammals, giving birth to their young, and requiring air just like other animals- they can stay underwater only about a minute at a time. They look like miniature whales, to which they are related. Two Enter Race for Congress LITTLE BOCK (AP) - Two congressional candidates Wed IQF the Democratic primary Tuesday, They were Mariaflna Mayor Clyde Aodrews, who filed for the 1st Oistrtet, and former state Rep, Hardy Croston, who filed fer congressman Iron) the 3rd district, A« esteated 800 persons, jBQitljr scj£oj*ge children, and ft §18*11 pep tend playing, a eatgbjr tuw aseempanied Aju 4f 8W§ is bi entered toe old Supreme Gmt reero at tee capi» o to formally file, ertibUsIitti fiscal re* to tot girls were wearing large boxes on which had been written, "to- testified Clyde," Andrews said conflicting reports about circumstances surrounding the Vietnam War would prevent him from taking a stand on the war until he reached Congress, "! do think that Congress has been most derelict in its duty for not taking a firm stand on the war," Andrews said, Andrews is. the fourth person to file for the seat now held by Bep, E, C, "Took" aatbings, who siys he will retire when his term empires this year, Croxton of Rogers saw, he planned to develop the issues in the campaign later, tat in* dicated be would not avoid t*k« ing t stand later on the Yiett nam war and the balance of payments deficit, He seeks the seat now held by John Paul Hafflmersebmldt, * issue 47 t said ssbmidt bad reaped the nts of m ouistafldteg public re* go back to practicing law," h« said, "l think I can make a roost meaningful contribution to our democratic process," Croxton is the first person to file tor the position, Hammerschmidt, however, has said he plans to seek re-election, "I hope to conduct a cam* paign without doubietalk, 1 ' Grox* ton said, but he added that it would be difficult to win against the financial resources of tht Republicans, He said he would fully explain his stand on the issues, inciud* ing the Vietnam war, later, He said, boweveri be was concerned about a trend toward "decision by popular miscon* sepUon" to which the govern* meat allowed mtswoceptions to go iMchallenged because tbi risk o( cballenging them was too great* He said this might asve biea the case with tbs government's handling of the war, He also si4d he a§r@9d with a • remark he bad. overheard ^ "it's too i»t9 to lost," slid he was t.bs «irtfeey dro't elect w, mi owned Virginia's Colombian Airliner Hijacked By CHARLES GREEN Associated Press Writer HAVANA (AP) - Havana Ra» dio said today that a yoroamau and two Colombians hijacked the Colombian airliner diverted to Cuba Tuesday with between 32 and 36 persons aboard, The broadcast said the pas' sengers and crew were guests in the Hotel Versailles in Santiago, where the plane landed in east. em Cuba, it gave no indication when they would be allowed to take the plane bask to Coiom* bia, but this is expected soon, ^ the past, passengers aad crew* men of hijacked planes have usually been allowed to leavi withto 24 bpurs* The broadcast §ai<4 the crew was forsid to fly to Q\^ by Taly AaHayej a JordJulaa whp UVH at MUsiPj Colombiaj En« riw§ orti? Acosta a^d Five "barking dogs"-porpoises treading water awaiting the return to jump for fish. They do actually bark like dogs. And they have something to bark about. Up on the platform with the trainer is a pelican, a fish-eating bird with an enormous appetite. Any time the trainer gives the pelican as much as one fish all the porpoises bark in protest. This Color Show was produced entirely by The Star's staff with the exception of the de velopment of the original Kodachrome camera film, a restricted laboratory operation. Washburn made the separation negatives on The Star's 8x10 Berkey color separator, first of its size purchased by an American newspaper; and the. press plates, registration, and press work were done by Mechanical Superintendent Billy Dan Jones, assisted by Gene Allen, No, 2 pressman, The eolofflbim PC4 ptoe was' the third hijacked to Cuba this year and the sixth since last Aug. 6, including two other Co« lomblan aircraft, In each case the hijackers asked Prime Mi»» Ister Fidel Castro's government for political asylum, bwt there has never been an announce* ment that any of the revests was granted, Among the passengers. Tuesy day were several children, a Co* Ipjjibiaj} senator, two congress,* jueo and an aide to President Carlos Weras Restrepo, Emttio Vrrea, No u f s, citisews were re* ported abpardi The plane carried four crew mepabsrst M there were COB* fj&tisg reports on the number of p a s s e n g e r s, Colombian! sojjrses said there were Havaaa fWt> said 38i After the p&gg landed at in eastern Cuba, told a newsman by telephone that three men with guns had seised the plane and he believed they were Colombians, Before Urrea could give more details, the telephone connection was e«t, The pilot, capt, Pedro Viles, radioed gpgota during the flight that he was betog forced at gun* point to take his plane to Cuba, The airliner, which was owned by Avtaaca Airliaes, was on i milk run around Colombia whes tt was s?i?e<i, The Colom, bias goversment said the three pnmen commandeered the plage ajer it left Maicao, a small towa par the Yefle?*elaj8 border is an area where gas* troite guerrillas have beea re* ported astive, its Hslley's wW in Hew Police Head Says Ho Obligations UTTLE ROCK (AP) « New State Police Wrector Ralph §cott gay Tuesday be took the job "completely free of person aj pr psiiUeal obligations ta any person ar greup," "The governor dW not even ask my paiitteal iffiuatton," Scott said at a promotion sere? moay at state Police hei4quir' tersbere, §§ptt t who was sworB te last Wedne^y, sjjd mafly persoas had offered biro ^ssist^ice yj getting bis joli, b«t he slid be tuiftejd, dow^ the pflers t>ec|u^ be mnted tp b* free to ope rate fte o|f|ce wittot betog sybject- ed to undue influence, "If there is any office in'tbe state government which should be free of political pressures, It i§ t|U§ office," Scott saidj Scott, a retired FBI agent, was an instructor at the state Enforcement Acgdemy ; at whea be was appointed School Mftiict , Ark, Malvern School pjstriQt ;ba$ bjeg warned it must & luUy tategrated by the start of-tht 1968»6S school year or teg federal aid, rt?eived tbs warateg CegartfflitBt of Html, aftd Weilare is a letter , &4 said tke distf W W9<4d cpntUiue uMer Us.

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