Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on May 16, 1974 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 16, 1974
Page 7
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Insurers Fear ^ijj 7 'Chain of Command' While Ray is in China ' Expropriation 9 FUNNY BUSINESS NEW YORK (AP) -The commercial health insurance industry, recipient of more than $14 billion in premium income a year, is becoming increasingly fearful that its business will be "expropriated" by the government. At least 16 health insurance bills now are before the 93rd Congress, and some of them would result in a transfer to the federal government of at least part of the financing and administration of benefits. One, the Kennedy-Griffiths bill, would leave little role at all for the commercial companies. "It could put us (the industry) out of business," said James Bingay, president of Mutual of New York. The health and life insurance industries' advertising budget has been raised to $5 million from its normal $1 million a year, and .educational and lobbying efforts have been increased. Despite this, an industry representative expressed fears that the insurers might be unsuccessful in presenting their side of the health care controversy, and that legislation conceivably could be passed "before we even get in the stadium." "It's a very political issue," said Bingay in reference to the question of public versus private control of health insurance. "A congressman can generate favorable response with headlines. The public can get worked up over the idea of something for nothing. There's so much compelling dogma." The industry's position is that there should be a comprehensive national health insurance program but that it should be serviced by private industry, that it should be phased in gradually and that the poor should be subsidized. "Let's do it together," said Bingay. "Let's build an American system"—as he sees it, a cooperative, private-sector effort by the various elements of the health care system and the federal government. Opponents of insurance company participation in a national health plan have described them as fat with profits, unresponsive and inefficient. The insurers consider that assessment to be inaccurate. They maintain they are barely able to make a profit. In the 1969-1973 period they say that 20 large group health insurers averaged only one-third of a cent profit on each dollar. Inefficient? "We're competitive," said Bingay. "If you turn the business over to government, what competition would it have? None. If its expenses rose it would go back to the taxpayer for more money." While conceding that insurers could do little about By Roger Bo/fen EXCUSE ME,a-B-BOT I Tr JO Iowa Daily Press Association DES MOINES - Prior to leaving for China, Governor Robert D. Ray laid out some detailed plans for coping with any emergency that might arise while he is out of the country. If need be, Lieutenant Governor Arthur Neu will be consulted. But for the routine affairs of state the governor's staff has written instructions on how to proceed. Prior to his departure the governor met with Highway Patrol Chief Howard Miller, Adjutant General Joseph May, State.Safety Commissioner Charles Larson, Lieutenant Governor Neu and members of the governor's staff. Wythe Willey, the governor's executive assistant, said the discussion covered possible contingencies. A chain of command has been set up within the governor's office so that someone presumably would be able to respond quickly to any possible emergency. In other words, if one of the aides in the governor's office is not immediately available, another aide would be in a position to assist. It's possible that the governor's office might be able to communicate with the governor during his 10-day stay on the China mainland. However, due to the uncertainty of the availability of a communications hook-up, the governor has taken some extraordinary steps to assure the continuity in the operation of state government. Both the Iowa Constitution and State Code of Iowa are "vague" in dealing with a governor who might be unavailable to perform his duties because he is out of the country, according to Willey. The Constitution provides that, "in case of death, impeachment, resignation, removal from office, or other disability of the governor, the powers and duties of the office for the residue of the term, or until he shall be acquitted, or the disability removed, shall devolve upon the lieutenant governor." Willey, a lawyer, said after researching state and federal law "it's quite clear" that disability does not mean "unavailable." With the advance preparations that have been taken, Willey and others involved believe they have the situation under control within the legal framework of the Constitution and State Code of Iowa. general inflation, critics maintain that they declined even to exert pressure where they could but instead simply paid the bills and raised prices. ''Our sh irts aren't completely clean, but more is being done in recent years," Bingay said. He said efforts are made to .cooperate with other segments of the industry in restraining rising costs and prices. TOOK THE BUMPS LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Gov. Dale Bumpers of Arkansas came to office in 1970 in the greatest landslide victory in state history. M EMBERS of the local life underwriters association are entitled to display the meaningful emblem of The National Association of Life Underwriters. They also subscribe to the NALU Code of Ethics. In doing so, they accept an important liaison role between the client and the life insurance company. Only by observing the highest ethical balance can your life insurance representative avoid any conflict between these two obligations. In keeping with the purposes of their organization, members of the local life underwriters association accept personal responsibility for helping to shape the character and direction of the life insurance business. Through their association, they are engaged in a year- around program of activities designed to guarantee you—the client— Sale prices good thru Sunday only Limited Quantities No Mail Orders Please *• Self-improvement and training for the life underwriter so that he is competent to help you plan a security program that meets your needs and still fits your pocketbook—and to give you continuous service so that this program is always up-to-date. *• Protection from misrepresentation and other unethical practices. Association members pledge to adhere to the highest standards of business and- ethical conduct. *• Federal, state, and local legislation relating to life insurance that is in your best interest. *• Greater understanding of what life insurance is and does, and of the indispensable role of the career life underwriter as a family and business financial advisor. The life insurance agents, general agents, and managers — members of this Association — who subscribe to, endorse, and actively participate in this program are listed below: Have you reviewed your life insurance program lately? If not, call your life underwriter today! West Central Iowa Association of Life Underwriters AUDUBON Dave McDonald Far Kevin Pauley CARROLL Reese R. Abbe W. L. Chambers Kenneth Ebner Myron Johnson Merle Stevens Lambert Thelen M. H. Van Valkenburg Jack Thein Ray Beck Norma Avey Rogert J. Empke Jerry Wilson Randall Mantz DEFIANCE Dan Shaben DENISON Harold Ahrendt Ronald O. Bierma Jerome V. 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