Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 28, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 28, 1916
Page 6
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. JUfflWS. - ti ? 1 _ 186! $25 $40 $50 t f.ERMAN ! UTMFHAN CHURC.M. ROCK FALLS BRIEFS $150 $200 of the entire F(OC k of the L A litift m JrmLrLrU Co L. J. I). HARDEN STERLING, ILLINOIS Oldest and Largest Music House in the county. No one need In; \vithout a Vkirola so fur as price is But you rn;iy nut :;. t one if you tinn't order in time! There's ahvays a i'H, ik'in;»n<I at the Christmas season—and sonu- late-comet j naturally yet left. Don't you ( int U-ft. Cimic in today and pick ouMhe MvU- von v, »sh and we 1 !! put it aside for delivery on Christinas eve. . The- irxtriiim-iir ..Intuit above is the Vicirul.t X $75. \i)J hr-iulc-s i h<> vatim:-, nUsoi \':<ttuia ! . I, there arc Vittuis. fiuiu ; JO tu'lMlA). Kasv terms if dcs CK FALLS DAILY GAZETTE'GASf HEARTBURN, 1. INDIGESTION OR SUAL EXPERIENCE ;;;:;;;::•:,:-;,;::! A SICK STOMACH ; nock SPALLS, ILLINOIS, TUESDAY, NOV. 28, .1010. GOOD FELLOWSHIP DAY Observer) With _'Success 'at the Fir&t B.ipt-st Church. i j <;.,..,! ! Vl!.i\w.!,i|i 1» .v :ii r',.. ?':>' i ,1 il |i!..«.-t ll. Illlht " fill >->l' i-l'.-'f! frotK i- 1 . '•!% |in|li! uf \li-\\. Tin- Kii.lln rfim.fl /if th<- i Imp h »v:iv ins, \\ tin h :I^KII|I-I| In nf Uii-' lailii--s. ' all' i! uiH.ii !>.. l ii|' tin- < h'Hi Ii ;!!'!i| i n1!j;i^t;.i-. In.n itiHiii;: tin. tiOi i in.i,n. Til'.-.- \|/j. i!l<! Vli'l'i- IMtillly |i'i :i: - i| illlil IMi'iV i.i. >!sl»v .h t -jtcr Sxtnj'iUn fur. .-iii.I a jipn . in! i,.M nf. t!ii> \v>l!-, "f l;. h. \iMlimr tiMtii" n-i itriii-.J < 11 alU i HO-HI'M wm!.. AI , tlii' rv«'Mitii; li'.HH it:iM- ,i I'-pi'M iif lln> li'MiiJtt i>! tliHr s i.«ils- 1 >l, \\ IP. l.'i'frv,' n't of the liroiln rhooil. s|' llrst. oiitIlllini: lilii'liv I lie JiiliiH alul |il:llis n| till- f'lr.m!)' tt Inn Mini N|iokt' iif til! > ilifiVrt-ni frnni tin.' uni H 'ilia! ]»• M.IH n««-i| in tuaU-itn;. Kollmvitiu him. .1. K. I'hillt'S, Mr uV *\Vin. l»aiilt-.;. N. ir Williams, }•:. I it-ft Irk. Iv K,.).-n- MJ...I. I 1 . I'l-trv, ,'iiiii \V. II. ' l!:>r. !.•;(', <>' I'ln-lr ii'|i'trt.*:. ••••i- n-iiorl.M wi!i« infui inal anil all xvllll tin.' |M-ol'il|. Visifi'il. m>\rral of whom \vi-ic i otitlnvil. -tii -tli"lr h«im^ "\v i 111 i i nTrTiTnTi\«r~vi'Tni r TF'il iVlVl '• It- • 'Jjiii i," •», for 1 In in In attriul luilitlc- wor- i'.v'ri'jit mi ran- oriayiionM. ij f!n> report* jiiiiili' tin-in Ii! (Kill \\ittv. Tin* < onwri't-'ailmi ih<ir- i>y,u!ih" t:iU'jy'''.l .th 1 ' .vveuljij'.. (Hid .all " |ti»w>:.lil|i...Wvi-y 1 ' '"•• Tin- iin'iiihi>rM of th" Unithcrhiioil wlin iiiaili-- tin- it.iy pii>sj|ili' hy i^isiti^ the iw nf their t-ai'M \vi-ri-: Mi-Mrs. fll, .1 Hi.•!.!. t'ha*. Ki'lK'-r. I'n-fl .\l..\i-r. Wh. l.;\i.lic. II, J,, riia|ilin. i 1 . II. I MM*, run! l»r. Win. IVrrv, SALIC (1,J)SKS SATURDAY NIGHT, DKCK.MDKk 2 In order to reduce our slock to the minimum, before our removal to our new location, No. 7 West Third Street, we are offering 1 our entire stock at a big sacrifice.- This season's goods will be sold at greatly reduced prices, an some held over "jfoods will be sold at almost your own price. This is a very opportune' time, before TJjiiuksgivjMg, to make needed purchaser at a big saving. Read Carefully the FqllQwing Items- 1 They Mean Dollars to You . •• - - SUITS Our liil tins year's suits, going \va\* below cost. Think of it, vain*v to $i?7.r>n'at only $10.95. Our loss is voiir gain, don't miss this opportunity 7 to secure one of tin's season's most approved styles JIT suits at these i*idt< COATS. Wejwvc a few good coat values left from our third big* stock which wn have shown this year. These models will be offered at reasonable prices and we are WAISTS All this year's $1.50 Wash Waists, REMOVAL SALE PRICE 95c. Special Removal Sale Prices on our complete line of this season's « * rv f t- t * « . i wiftv/iiiv/uuiMiv i\, j i uv; \JL t/f tt.7 »3 vi4»3vi* *3 ™* n ?.,,?, V l Vyi ; ir °I *° ^f," T 1 ':; S«k and too*** Onp. Waist.,. Our stock, which, if gotten, will be offered at the same reasonable. v prices* A few White Chinchilla Coats- going at. a bargain. I SILK DRESSES REDUCED Eighteen" beautiful Silk Dresses, all this year's, values to $25.00, will be offered, at $10,03, $15.95, $17,95. K SKIRTS customers have remarked our line of Silk and Georgette Crepe Waists are the most attractive that have been shown .Mi'this vicinity this year. Leit-over Stock at Almost Your Own Price Coats, left over from last year, most- Elydia Spear Had The" ' '" !t '""• ""' "">"* " : " -\ "PAPE-S DIAPEPSIN" ENDS ALL «.- -.«,.. ' . . .._ .'I.M. • S«n I.,I |.||,,1. -VMy E,..,,I. l STOMACH DISTRESS 1^ „.,, . . . Of Talking AcrQSS , Ml K,.,^!,.,,- T) , n Mr. Kin Continent. • < '"' ' "' "" ' Nt H W|U - I: ' ifr -' 1 "- FIVE MINUTES. follnwlnj.' li'ii i', ' l.i' >; ' , ''liui': i, I h-tiM-r, • v^Jili I ,! *••.!> l"i "i. 1-1 ., " "('l)i -,' :i|! r<-,li,i Kill II','.' i in \ni im u;ini- an^tliini.; ! ..I IM. . Ul. 1 II I I l| I ' Tiini> jt ! r'a ;;i-t t niiylliiiu: j t-'M 1 >la|H-t>sln ^vlll di- BOWLINGJLEAGUE Is Proving Interesting on the Y. M. C. A. Alleys. 'I'hc StrlUf-rs ami KnttlorH contltiuoil llji- iJnwIint; I...;ii4tu« «l (In- V, ,M, C, ija. Afrp. H.,\V f-tllO «'0llrti'l V'.ili "r _ mil, i id at n I'-i'tuu- .:i\i n mi tin- ' t wttH i*,^ 1 ti In l In- rh- ; fr, KliiK»o>ii \ of '!n> Tt.tntu' T(*l«'t>M'>lH' ' '» Till I ll.Sf 1 I " ti ntul < -H'h 1.1 • n! M - h i'l, •> Tlu-h- tti-ii- o~n • i 1 '. i'< M> fll'-tt Wtii k« ii 'ill Mil i 'HUH I Iftiit w«-4'k. Mr. Kim it»i -w^ '''•• ti ii it !•! i.'i-it t.iiUinl to nil..uiiil j MirHy- wllliln Itv i,' in i til. i.. wiii- sitstu.'ii iii .!.i""i j jf your iiii'ul.* ilmi'l lit -**--..—,^t *.»i ii i Ji v 1 :• i 1 i ,-iinI i ili(-rhn iitu- ,| n^-r-r. Ill' 1 ti-li>- -u ',-. ;.|i-ly i -MI n«li, tiiliu- <it.i vi II—»"''»| i-r H— li'.-nl .in your Moiirirli, nf if ynii lmv«« •.in-artl.iiru, Uiat i'i a «!«(» uf liiilUi.i'.s- linu. tJi-t- .from j'mir (iiiHfniai v lHt. u lifty- «•• ni <'!)-)• uf l'a|!i>'fj |)|;i|i«'|iiln anil lake ii Jlu^i- Jir-ii .•<>•• ;'in'Mi n>i yui I'an. ''Tlii'n* It was IM-KUII in l^it! nnil wn« I In I'.U,*.. v\rn M i. |., --ilili- i - fiurn ciiiii.! ii idiM. Mill <-itl' H vP'rf' " -l '" ' I ' n ' ' Siwnt' <03,0nn nun hi thr l.i-»t »>"i. thi'ir *iiiiii'ii*'inn ^'f limits, id it UH |4 ( inn'.' mi a • • >'ii' j ki' ('II V. I >« HV i-t « Mil ill.l will )>,' "-no-mitii* i i>>lili.;*<r —u«» hcii'iitnt; 'if ,,'j, UHllk'i.Mli ll fuiiil Illisril \Villl (H'iil. Hit (li»- at ii- j ^i'»>i : M-li c,.'r.* or "T^lji-y iiiT i "'' '" ; A. .Mntutiiy ami a nuiiiticr' TTTrrrs K<-H' ii.s fi>llmvn: — Striker?. Finr- ........ . ...... 1!»S 1-13 _ One small lot of Silk Skirts, all we have left, small siks, formerly selling up to $11—Removal sale price $7.50. Wool Skirts About two dozen Wool Skirts, all sizes, to be closed out at REMOVAL SALE PRICES. Rig Bargains in Millinery About two dozen this season's hats, trimmed and untrimmed, values to $6.00, Removal sale price $1 and $2. We have a large lot of this season's .hats for children, from 2 to" fi years,, to $1.50—. REMOVAL SALE PRICE 50c. Removal sale price $2.95 Suits, left over from last spring, Removal sale price $5.00. One small lot of White Dresses, this summer's, styles, going as cheap as ordinary house dresses. Removal sale price $3.75. Summer Wash Waists, values from 75c to $1.50— Removal sale price 50c. Other big bargains in our line not advertised will be offered. Credit extended during this * sale. NHI . !.'!"• ITT MS T< t't:ils Rattle lt!i'ii«li IJ3 '•'n-iini'i- I if, ...ii'iui; rjiit; III ll'ii- I'liiTTniVTTrTuTTPn Jtntlu ., , f f , _ t j f )() ~" ii.* is? I ? ,ir i! ". il i . .1,. -ic, < ,, i.. I. n I,i. t' . tin »<:ii, (li'tiilitatiiig licailui'la'H, or inti/stinnl i,;iiiiln>;. This will all j;<>, and, lji'.'.ii|crf, thrro will tn> no 8i> Tuiid li;ff oVrr ill (In- Mlnlliucli tu If, KltiK«txit>: -aiil: ",ill i UJf," ttllll M«< »<!i' < "Illlt iuffulo. He mill: ''»l<>\\ is S.ik )...j«!o i? •••I i 'i(ii ; :t>.'n, i' irimliii. 1 1 T- i n Mr. IvinK.s- .,,1 i.. t.l! all In <il•«••!- >'""'' l»i'«'inli wltn iiaii.-u.niH n.,,.,» I, ,,,|- wb.-n Ih.-it I'fU'-'H l>i.-ir».-i»«ln »••« n i.-.-rlaiti for <iut-i>f-<»rili'.r NtntuarliH,. 1 iiiki's Imlil of your foi>il iin<l |rt pnmv " "(iu«iil '1111111 t' j'oii mi tin' %VIH '" « i- tlt« (into- i i.'ir ii' Yor!. !Hi" i I:.,..; l' t.- i •' t., l 'n .1 i- I'M ' ,. • •, i i •.Mtn.-i Mjiu-r." :i.i«l; JU!il " i -iinly. TiK-ii M'r. «!>'•»•".• iH it yn\ir Htnnwi'lt wawn't ' in Dcati •"Nuin thiiiiis-h nil Ilio to tin-in. H i », how In tin- \vi-;uiui " •'I 1, "<'|IMI v» 'iih< ' . ••" 'I REDUCE WEIGHT'"" j>0n tin<l wnin'M-^h'i MI iidl liKi |pc Ul«'ii' Wi-luht h\ in in -I'! "" try ,i liiili- K. u in nil mini ' i i Ii d! 'n I'M iloWII un tin- n re \vi•!•!• i wn ii'ii-jihoni'H. 'i i. , i i .j .u 1 i ••!! \\ iih moving t'l !'!»-• I''i ' .11 «, ffolll iH'llVt-r Jlll'l ill ( ii ' III l i- i.n ihi- l';ii-im j m.'iHl, , M hi' It v • ^ ' i i II'I.H i ii il. a tu I wn lint • i 1,1 ; i ilii- \.-ui iii thi-, tin'an while I U" iJ-' 11 "-"* lnl < ii •ii'_tli.«_"_..'uWiUJl ii. In-iV ii ,u|<i-n tin- '•i-i i in. Tlif-nt Wit.-; a 1 |i|» inn. i.i '.oiiii. xcalw oil H . , n\ I hi 1 in i in '«H!' Hi ' • inh \\ I % M <oiiii t liimr w«- will \\ I II, It l.,:il oVt-r $1,•ii- In i Hii-i lilt, \vliat' iidl il •t tht'i ' iiinl ti-il UyinK i'i t ,* i 'i yum >• I! -T^< a Hi- 1 lilt' MHh i vi U III- iVf t ' •Xr.'-wrS 11 *,.'. 1 . 11 .n-.'uV BIRTHDAY SURPRISE T*!HI Hi-alf.t -i'»'l tin i i" _ , . . • • Will ti-ll tli.'n "\- n -i"." >" !i 'Giv«.n M.s.3 Ulona Whitpian At Her t liii'M sum v in H.. lull' v> i ' Home ta«t Evoninn. |y Inkf "H (• -i ' ' .1" i * hi a . in (ht« ihxt Ii lit- li> inlliiw ( M"n i - "hti'Mi M-iuiil frii'iitiM iif %'» t.i, .1 '\\liUinuit (ili-HKiiulIy au'r- |}l d<M-»* nut "• i. • H i.ilni'i ',(• ,• |,i 1,1'• iMiiuir at' h<<r li«iiin Hi -lief in flvo inlimd'H frum all Hloiu- •ai'h niltit-ry M \valllnK for j'nu nt any to koi'j» 8ti»n»u'h tin* ((iitln« fin!iily l "fifi' nnil imjiiM-.stion for -many It ht'|tiitt;n in your hi>ni<-. ROBERT MCNEIL SURPRISED His Children And Grand Childrsn Surprised Him Yesterday, 1 >•> UHiiin; Willi I'''' lo M| i tin. lilt'|i|/l IIIIU. i !• I I III i I ill) tu n •<> U|' ami ii ii iiiii' !ln li'l ill) |tat ( • ut li" i>. .I 1 . <rouilii«nl# Km \MI tu ih< UUllt'U- I'tufi" ' inn ui till '•! JH wilV. l'!< i -if l i Ilu n M" .si Vtm i.i i 'In t mu!< i .11 .1 H ,«t wlkit' 1 Oil.un it In i i i i i ni ,i, •VHIHtUll-i H'<»! K J'i>l,« |-i IUI> <|l ' ijj II ,1 I I I I li I 1 1 I ,!'! l-Jv-l , it I* K*HHl 'III' '! J- ' »\l V \- II !• ' j; Oil ol KOI--I.I III "U I liil>ii|.il>'i % |. o 1. i li !<l ' s*~ f i in ' l Tlu 1 :iii';ih u.t i Mr.Vi-il rci'flviMi Iwn i>l«'<iM<int .Moiiilay in hiiitor of Ma M'Mli lilrihilay. In (h« alti-niinii) all of II*H cliililit-n mri'i IH<'I! him hy n.iiht'iint? Ot hi.s h'Hiii' <IIH| Mi'i'inllnt,' tht' a!!''-i li'iiin vviih tiitn. In tin* ovi'iiitiK mioili^r KIM |ii isc wan I'lniiiu-il hy hi.s i:rainlr!Hl- ill.ll. who l-|.i:]|l thi' I'XrllillK' !**•' hl' ; I'ntli attair.'t jvi't't 1 IhonuiKhiy I'lijoyi'd Ity.nll |ir<'.Mi-nt. THE GUIDINGSTAR CLASS Of The Confireostionnl Church Met l,ast Eveninfl. Tlso >!iiiij|ni; Star • lai'jt of th<- ('..n- rii r. il n'ti'il ihiiuh In hi .1 niit'tinu I i-1 In i itju i« i iitlt liiilhdiv { t \ti>iiu; ,i( Ihi' In-Tin- oi \\ l>, '[nil! H! muni; .'Mill i N< V> toll oil \'.i I Thill) USE -.t ili'h-il it. Thin 11 • • 11 nu 'i! IN HI 11 i ' '. i n inr u i < | ii ni ni iloiii'j I uii v u m k "Mi.s« < Jim i.j ' iiinl i'i01 hi Inn. Iniioii; (In* I'Scniiu. wnlr ii>an'>' j"i'i'lt> .iti'l '''• nut\ i > H>''hm< ntn \\>'it> >ii<i\t<ii .1 ,! 1 \ 1 I I, I I 1. II.I-, Thi' (.'Mi ,1 I , i ' '"«' '—.*',.,.. i..,,., ; xiTY COUNCIL MET >• i ' ' -' 11 in* i i \.t -.n-i i y ! HI if j Bin ill Amount Of Business Was Tr in Ji»f,l, '", """ "." ""i.. 1 .!:.^ J" - -MI, ., , 1 . H «i in un -1 «. Hl.'i ,| ! ' . Ill III ill I ' f It •« \\" Pel role urn Carbon Coke awl forgot lite a^h ]>aii. Car \Yhite A-H!I l.uiup*Ciul in tlu.^ \votk. E YlHJE KDhJl, ORDKKS Johnston Lumber''Co,- drains jnut strains " .J f,lrf)iei1i ami leaves its r)i"» tyul c.iu'worn t'S- Hi'. - jhc *i,'/"5 l««-fur(i lior lime. l-i itht | \ihaj.\vt iivr.titl I Hi)'-ui,l tul*( I ,4, i }>. .iit'-i i',"inl ,unj of i ta I'm! 1 H * i Oil.' i.i • tl' M^lhuit- i! ' i. ! In .1 MI , Sniu^ tu itij.i 11, li. I r ! 'i i . •' ! 3'u.' 1 ii}» In t . 1IJK iii I3!t ID'.I 131 Totals .' .Tr.9 7S-1 EVANGELIST INJURED R..V I-' «•> If if.. i- injtiml ami MH.s l.Ulhni iir, a Hiiiilcni at Nurihtnvi-stcrti M'ii|H'rvllli.'.<waw ki.llcil Sttnilay win-it an aiitniiinliili. in wliicli ih«\y wi-iv rldint; ro|l«-iU o\cr a'tliirty. I''Mil f'inlt.'iiik.iiii'iH, They itui fliiln, a 1-i-IJKiuiix IIK iiti-riuii. KilV |iroli!ili|y will ri>ciivt>r. l{»-v. Hlff IK known- to ninny nit-tn* lu-r.f nf tin' Trinity church in iliia rity. Academy Block Both Phones Sterling, 111, •valiI I>r. 11)^i.iii, ".hvtt if tin 1 iliitKiM'Sri? | lirurfs that < tju*'cailli' at. Knnya_s ("iiyTT arc :iSfi-< ( it i« ci'i'lain tin- <\lt-< a.'-i' Is' iln-Mily |,rc\'a|i nt !n llliii-MS. If that ; "'P t« trni- no may he l,'iri< tn la -c \vitli riti j ;| nil <-l'iil«'ini«- Kirnilar l<i (In- hisi o;ii-.' ! Strii-t. i|uara|iUii"f', un- nii\v' in i-ftv> at Kansas f'lly aiiil St. the icsiili thai nt tlir Jurnu'i Hll'll'.'UUX MORE CATTLE SUSPECTED. j ty seat of i;rnndy ~ Th.- rail- ni\fi\it. City. -M'i.,- Nov." V7.- Svrnr- i 1 '" !t '^~'«~ "> ll!(> I'asHiiTTjJiTTTrr f , * . .- .. ~ -. . . *-xiiri-.'-Ls liusii)i'**.s. 'I'hi* ruiiiii 1 . l-'iix mill' s of (h<> iiili-flion for'W lc i fi-< h-ral i ,,,' . ... ,, , , . , ' T! " Illunuy t nil.ii railroail. arl«t-n out of M-iti> hv.' Hti.ok f-xports hnvo .-liar- ,(„. , m i.,irof tin- I'ux ami IlliiioiH -rivers* !ht- lin-.ll ,st*•!<•;< yiinls in tli..; , |V ,,,.. , al ,,.oa,|.. ii'ar (hat ihf fi,uulltioii rniKht ilivt-lop' ' ^^Si!'"™'^^'™^":^ 1 ^.^.! THREE KILLED'IN CRASH trailltiK' In xtoeli r Hii' ila>\- ' >hio. < '.dora do, Oklahoma, aiiij Wyoinhit; h.ive ile .H I "". rnun \Vuun.-ia, Xi-hr., Or. .I:im<-H IHi-tn-1 Interurban Struck an Auto in the Ink', I'T.Hl hoail of UK- lared on .all mi hurtNUi ul' indiifitiy, annmiiiu'd last frnrn Kansas, Nrlira»-ka and >late.«i. Ti Vtoiu ullu-r-wi Hti-ri nauiiii in < 'hiu nl»i YOUTH IS A DIRECTOR -uls.ort lmi'i;ri;Ulu'ii from < 'hi< aj,.i jiiiil Aurora Boy of 16 Chosen Member of ||;IV sifiWi.Mui. wlu-M mi ?iEWS BRIEF .Illllll IfilKHIl. Siniiii ami I Oil ft|M>nl Hunilny < Diullt-y Frond line and llerhort Htnltli. Duffy. Water .Canill, of l»ixon, in thitr-rityr of J.tixon, Sunday city, . Krank Uyan IN ri >* llltien.s, Henry .Mclvevitt hi Uixon, in thin In lilw homo- last «i I'ondon w|.ent .Sunday in Dlx- " ' on. . Ann Uy-'ili aiul V.Mc Homl wcii! nrH in Dixtiu ^iiinilay <«' t»,sc4ir Knark, ,1. t;. ('ha|nnan, .I'l. A. MI-MI and A. ,1. IJuark tnotuied to I'olo Sunday afternoon., # '• .^ .4 1 f « w. • I I!., I i U' -'i •y Si'li>-.', jiu* nun of ,\Jr. anil Mrs. J.iiio Shh'* v ix vi-ry ill with i it/ii hioiii hlti'i \(l*i U I/ |to\li>, t>f l-'lllloll. |H i'l-l.' j-i>« ii'lfinr ihi' \\ink at tin- luuw nf hi-r •i'Ur. AliH. Will Uuyji' Knm ,M • ill to I'hiriK" thi* lUijUUliii:' Ml-- S I 1 N'i'\\t II anil j-oii. Ti'<l \\ nt tu i'tin u;o Imlav whitv tlicj N\ ill M i li'l Tliank'-iriv llli;, ' ^y CAME AS A SHOCK - (4'nntlinii il fs-nin I' < lilt- ) louiiii in » ili..\ t ,.| . mli. «tut c*'ii H" St Jo I I'll MlJ . M \ I I ll ll t\ • .it O lit III l ' n IK il \\.tniuli, \t !i| I'lulil S! lti-,1 |,h H i' t-hi|illu nt \s < ni In K in- ic i'iu,>w|nn> (Mil of tin i.isil.' u 11* VS iKon ,\ < o mil it « I- i! ..U |.| lilt "I II H.. ill -I M !,»• <•« ij p. ,i. ,1 r .1 > t\ ii ii> i ,i 11 !i i ii ti i iii \l Hi i l i" 1 Ml _ r- i i ,i! ivhi-ni \» i 11 ' ( . i ii« u • i *. I i, Mi. \\ ! ll t- I'I I hi l lit , . ,.j ,1 u l ,<• c. I . , I!. ill I'. K i I'.il i I . < it I !• i i ! \ '' I I! l'|. 1, |l I 1 ' ', 11 ,-. A.'. , t t). ,,imr i i-:nst si; Sixty . eailiiaiN of cattle arc In in^ h"l<l at t'llntim, la., for ( xaniinritioir mil Jinllicr oiih'i.H ,-IH tn tin-ir ilisi,us,-il iiul foiirn'i-n ,-ar.s un->-ltnt)ai'ly ilrluyi'i) it i i.'ilcii.lnii.V', III. FINDS PLAGUE IN KANSAS. -—Hillilht; — Ki;J*.;~~-fvnV7 iSr"--~t Rail Board. Htnoiig iiinety-eiKht 1'ead of eattle on the farm of Juhn Si-hniidl. ncav T»-H- oott. ,\vaK ji'Sierday |irononni'i'd the, foot and niouih di.-Jtraye l»y Dr. I'. T. Klsi liner, 'rniteil Si-aie* 'Koyernhient ve-tetinary .*ui>'i.'oii. After th tion a <|iia'rantiii« "WIIH jdaeed on the laim by l»r. Klselxnor. The euttli.- \vi-re lunchaseil in Kansaw t'lly atul n-aeh<>i| liei'M last Thur«da.\-. iHcoriJiiii; tu.AJr. S'-hnndi. , • For fill Sufferers Snnsplc I»n • *nf e nt t k'e i-' n m M u ii J'jrumiJ I'Hr Tr f « i ; Suburb* of Detroit. i ..'Di-iroH. Mlrh.. Xov. as. -Throe jicr- j si in H «'<•!'<• killi-il an.I ilin-c ottu-rH in- i jiircd, tw'n pronalilv- fatallv, lati> Snn- !PI Indian ti'ullcy car 4-nislii-it into their aiiloinu- noar thi' iioiihi'i'ii »ily limits, 'i'lin - Aurora. Ill,, Nov. 2S.~ThV« yniniwNt! ih-ail: . rail mail <Un-<-(or iii tlu> wirhl HVI-M in i Afr.«. l.ara s \V!il;i-nii-yi>r, I'I yar^j^lH.' Aiififi.'.i. 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T r » .i i in •• n t j I'fVi .-» tjuu k re. . u i.. hli o'lniK ' ,. • ------ , ,..-«, lu lnuritluliin ami , 11 m ill troul.l.-.. (,, HH j)ii\ u-y ,if ,'our .MM liun.f f,u, ,1 | 1((v HI ,,|| i lllll.-l"«|jl ,\ Jl,||,r|, |,., X (Ifj.'ll lOllJ* ' »•«•*• nuuiiilo fur <|lnl »ilh liuokUt «MI Ml lit-,. Ill (.(.mi!)!,!-, if Joy I ai l.ij Uji luuiHui } i hi\i | n1 , FHf E SAWPLE COUPON * j!., M«|,|. il'.jt ll. " * " "'"I '" «»' ; i . .s.i ;. i There cart-xmly bo ones reason why F.grt-l c'ar» have sold and are to«lay selling frojn five ,to tun to Qno over any .and all motor cars made, and that ruason is: It is a^'better car from any ,im! eweryatnechaniciil qualification.—tho-records of mort* than fifteen hundred thousand Ford cars. prpvc it. With the nc»w large radiator and enclosed fan. str«amline hood, crovyn fenders front and rear, entire black finish, K. nickel trimming^,' it rs a -'niost attractive car in appearance. RisJiablo Service .insured thiou'yh. ninu thousand Ford a<ient* throughout tho country. Runabout $3-15, Touring Car $360, CpupuM $90 r i, Town car }'i95. S*-d;/fi $C-!5, .dl'f. o» b. OetroiY Com« . . ........ G in ami let'us show you how -easy they AC*J to p^ On salir at. "~~~~ ; Samuel Frank 1 • ; Kock Falls "'-.'•

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