Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 8, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 8, 1896
Page 3
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H. 8nld«r. Boy and •''! Qor«rnra«nt boudi. Loan •OM7 •& pononal Mourlty.aziA.conatw- ala. Iiiue ipeclal certlHcatei ** depoflti Marine t p«r cent' Inttrait w- 'a ton one mar; 1 p«r cent, per annum ^ ,nfin depo»- (t»d ill monthi.' .'J<?-L . .v, EOZM In Safttr Depoilt,^i.ult* ot tbli tank lor tb« depoclt of d»d^»).,ln«unnoe MllclM, mortcm«e* and •thtr^rallui.blei, mxMd at trom W to W r«r y«ar. • • KROEQER & STRAIN, Undertakers &Embalmer$ t 610 BEOADWAT. CHAS. L. WOLL, x UNDERTAKER '•••• N» 417, Karkot Btreyt Cftll« attended to promptly, day 01 Onion and Mutual teltpbon**. Offlc«, No. l(i B*ild«no«, No. UL LIQUOR LEAGUE. The State convention of the ludlaua Liquor League will meet in Indlanap- olts on Septom'bcr 17 and 18. A call has been Issued to hold In that city at the same' time a mass meeting of saloonkeepers, to Include all saloon-keepers, whether, members ot tlie liquor league or not. This meeting will be for tho discussion of the Nicholson .bill, and with a view to .take action looking to bringing certain Influences to bear upon the. next Legislature. ! GOT A 3JEW NAME. •Bernle Wallace, toe ticket seller for B. E. Wallace's big circus, has tnany frlcnds here -who will be surprised to leara that since the snow -has been In! foreign phrte, he lias tacked on a new name and Is now "Slg. Bernordo." Tlu Quebec, Canada, Morning Chronicle,; says of him: '"• , i An Interesting feature of yesterday'*) show both afternoon and evening, was: the ticket soiling of. Be'rnordo, who sat In ihe wagan and 'dealt out tickets and; change to the 'extent of thousands,; made no mistakes, kept cool and han-. - died the crowd that surged -round hlml with' the greatest ease. The rapidity,' with which baik clerks handle 'money; la mere child's play for hun. ' '• ; Geo. Harrison .baa tne flnwt line of hammocki In th« dty. . : THE RAILROADS Honey Pool of Western Roads is Discovered. A CUT ACKNOWLEDGED General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. Through the refusal ot rlie Clilcrnso Groat Western rond to turn over $!)0,000 io cash 10 even up Irs perceutiigft, the existence of a money pool nmoiig tlic roads west of Chicago IMS boon ills- covered. The fncte lu tlii! case leukod out hist night aftt-r Mic lUljouniim'iu or tin- Intor-Sfcrte Commerce CoimiiJ.-sslon he:irlns 1" Chicago. General Fruljilvt Asrait Stoihr, of the Clik-iiso Omit Western, was tin? l:u* wi't.-in.'S.s birrm-i- .tliL''ciijimiJsslou yesterday nt'turiinnii. Stohr was the Urst railroad oflim' over to acknowledge to the eoiiiinUwion tlu jtlviug of a cut rule. He sahl on ,T 11111"' IS lie atvtliorlml :i rate of 1 cent ]KM- lnuidreil poiimls beluw tariff on :< slii'.i-. •nieirt of thirty carloads of export jrniln from Kansas City to Liverpool, England, After the adjiniramont ii was lUst-overcd'that Hie present .•it.fi.'tiip:.-' of uomjK'tl-toiK ol' tlris roail to pivvi 1 its Hllioers guilty of rah- eiiltinir was <xi ac-foimt of tlie n.'fus:i-l of tills Mm- f>' turn over $90,000 which it was ahead in a iiioiwy pool now in oxluivtifc iriaiin.L' t-li« i-oailso-f the WCSHTII Frftl.etit As»v ciu.lion. The pooMia.s been in secret operation for nearly one year, and I In- Great \Vi-*tiT«'.-; lack ot' conlldcnce In lira stalillbty caused' it to refuse to even up its balances. Tire" Western roails liave all alotij: prol'ussed innocence o[ maimaiu'ms any part, of an arrange- imiiil for tliu division of tnilllc or niciivy If the commission sees tit, it can now prove t.he existence of tliU pool heyuiid i':c shadow of a doubt. UA1LUOAD NOTES. . Tin: his Class L engines, of the Pennsylvania, are giving great sati-sfacHoL'. They haul heavy trains seventy-live jniles a.u hour with. easo. In July the middle division of Hie Pennsylvania moved 109,004 cms if. which G4.5CO were loaded. The movement for July. ISO.'), wa« 120,773 caw, of which 72,358 were loaded. On the 17tii. the Pensylvaula pnrpo-'ei to make one ot the fastest run* ever acc.oiupll.ihed by a' special between rlttsburg and Chicago. It will carry t:iie delegates on route to the Young' People's'Christian. Union convention at Omaha. Peru .Tourna'l: Thomas Hull, a Wii- bash Ureimm on the Eel River division with Engineer .Elmer Solltt sot his' right lep cangnt by .a lever in the cab '\Vodivesday and the limb below tJie kuee was nuite painfully bruised. He. Is at the home of Mrs. Walter Curlswcll No. 209 west Eighth street 'In, the. care of a physician. It will be several days before the patient, is able to resume his duties on the road. There is more Catarrh, in this section of the country than all other diseases put .together, ami .until the last few' years It was supposed to, be incurable. . For a great many years' doctors pronounced. it a local dls-: ease, and . prescribed local remedies, and by constantly failing, to; cure with local'treatment, pronounced It Incurable. Science has proven catarrh to be a constitutional disease, and therefore requires constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. .T. Cheney & Co., Toledo, .Ohio, is the only, constitutional cure on the market, .It Js.tak.ea Internally >n doses from 10 drops to'a teaspoonfui; It acts directly on the Wood and mucous surfaces of the system. They offer one hundred dollars, for any -case It fails to cure. Send for circulars and testimonials. Address , V. J. CHENEY & CO.", Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 75c, . REPUBLICAN MEETING. Hon. W. D. Owen at Walton Saturday August 8th. HOD. W. D: Owen, Secretary of State, .vlll addre» the'citizens of .Walton and vMnilty, Saturday evening, Augurt 8th. There will be other good; speakers present, innate-and-a good .Republican time for all. Remember the date. Saturday, August i8th. ~CON.YENTJX>N '• Of Young P.eople'8 ; Christian Union, Omaha, Ne.b., Aoigust 10 to ,24, 1806. For .this occasion, the Wabasb Knll^ rood will sell tlckete from all stations, to Oma'ha, Neb.,'and return, at one fare for the 'round trip. Ticket* on ealej August ; 17 afcd 18 limited.for return-to ; and taieludiin«: August 24 and 25. For full particulars'Inquire of any Wabash; Ticket Agent. ' •"••'•• ' . j Those wlw enjoy a day's ;outlngr •hould not foil to take advantage of.thei exceedingly tow rate to .St. Joseph .via! ttie Va-ndalln 'Line. Train .leaves .ttiei station every Sundovrat 7 a.-m. Fare; lor the round trip, ?2.' . ' : % - • •" j One fourth off on pants at Ferguson: &; Jenks'. ••• ; •• ; ••-•• - : . .;_;. j is- I'unk BolUeIl,.secietiiTj of the.Pap ultet campaign committee,"gave to. the press yesterday, the following statement: "The election, last Mamlay was characterized by frauds more widespread tlian in any previous elections, and Inthe black belt'was conducted in cleil- auce of law and eoii-tenipt for the oppo- sttitou. wliiich tlio law required to be recognized by from' three to ten representatives nt every poll. lu Montgomery, at Hie court house poll, an illiterate suspected his ticket wad wrongly marked, showed It to u friend f<> deeida and the fnct was developed that a Goodwyn ticket had been marked for Johnston. The liliteratc was -trusted iind jailed for showing his ticket, aud the marker;- who was guilty of a crime. wa.s not Interrupted. In Hie black Iwlt enmities the reports sta.tc that Dallas or some octlier black belt comity will send up rlie usual majority, which means Chat whatever majority may be needed frc-iii these counties will he sent up next Saturday, when the vote will be cmi- v.-i^seii, •Tlie I'opiilistN lire, very much txns- |ii-r:i'ted nn r.ccomit of flu' 1 wrong )>nic- tk-ed npnn rln'-in. :UK! will no-l support MJI; Bi-ya.n Di'iiioi'i-a,tk- electors. They, will-put out .'in electoral rickci for Bry- :i.a ami Va-istni. Tlie Democrats can t a la- down iholr ticket, veto that tivki't nr .-.i'i- lOO.lifiO vcfa'S practiwi'llylixst. If this sha-ll be done: rlie I'lrpullsls will 10- l'n.<e in vote and let the silver DuinOCMt" work out t-licii- ilesiiny and repent of i'lr niea.iine.-is. Se.l.f-rosj)ec;. -iminhood. and civil liberty ure ilonror to fonie ii'ile rJiiin free silver nr juiy nthtr po- ILtieal issue. •"Hon. .-\. T. Gooilwyn MiiUie ii-bull- ilanl anil effective ciimpaign. visltiivg miarly every county and speaking TO t.he. largest andl'i'iicw ever aconled n speaker in this State, He has been elected by from Ki.OOO to 1S.OOO nni.iorl.ty- in the •white Comities and received aJiqi't 40.000 votes, lu the Mad; belt, but tiie.se 40,(X)0 votes are. counted for .Tohiiston, giving him a majorityof about 25,000. "FRANK BAI/rZELL, "Secroi-.in- Campaign Committee." GOT HIS SPEECH OFF FINALLY. "A political -speech is liku Biiuniio's ihosi," said Attorney Charles Ackerman. "'When it is ouce reaOy to,stalk it won't down. In 1S84 .Stuart M. Taylor aud I were contesting delegates for setrta 'In the Democr.'i-t'.c national convention at Chicago, and our lulosinn was to boom. Justice'Field for-Ercsi- deut.- Taylor was to.make ihe nominal-. Ing speech; so he went to work at 11 tlie-: night before, -wrote all night, and'to- gether we revised It in the morning. I remember one catch phrase which contained the words: 'And you,.my Southern brethren^ when last we met, looking Into each.others' eyes over f-he gleauiinc barrels of flashing: musketry.' otc. "The speech had hardly been completed ivlien we found that the Cleveland, boom had-grown to such proportions that we could not hope io .nominate Field. Taylor immediately announced that he would nomlnatec General Rose- crams for Vice President Tin? contests were decided against us, and Taylor was chagrined to find that iie.could not get a seat In the--convention. But he still had Ills speech about gleaming b:ir- rels.and flushing musketry. .<-.,. 'When; we returned to San-Fraucisco a rousing^ bi£ ratiQcatlou meeting was held in--Plate's Hall. Taylor was: Uiere wifch.his 'speech, worked over for the occasion:, .and. he mode tlie hall ring with 'And you, my'Southern friends. If any. there be within the hearing of my voice,' -etc. Ultimately -it brought 'him. good Federal appointment."—San Francisco Poet. ; . . . -.- • NORMAL FC1100L CLOSES. The Summer Samal, School closed at noon yesterday,,. ; A class of ejght finished the course. .'Ihey, include. ^Uss Anna Claybaugh, of Franktort; Miss Mary Corbln, of Howard county, Mrs. Elizabeth Seudder, .qf HcmTock;. J.,\Sri Haoit-y, 'Of. Sclrcleviile; Howard Wag- iiurnr-North .Manchester; .and. Miss Maude .Walton,, .B. F. Hancock, and Miss Stella Hunter, There \yas no.grad- uatuig exercises. There, were over twu hundred students this term, it being ttie most prosperous summer school in th«'Wstory,of'the Instiifcuition! , .HE REFUSED TO STAY BURIED, The other tO^M. at Indtounpoilfi,. J. J. a young man, was hypnotized i, , by Professor Edward Boone ( and. buried ! alive n.t-Fa.lrvtew Park,.. under, contract' with the Street .Railway , Company that; he should stay tarlcd until. Friday: night. An air chute connected the coffin; with the upper atmosphere. .This 'morn- 1 tog- Wyatt. came. to life and.,yelled lust-! Jly. up the air sha.fit untll ; .he, was , .re-J leased. • . ' r. .- i , ••,. [ -TO CLEANSE THE 'STSTBJij " '. EfEectuaUy : .yet, gently, when .costive or; bilious, or when the. Wood fa- In5pure ; ..orj sluggteh, to permanently overcome ,-lia-; birnaV.constlpatlon'i to\ awa'ie : -'tUe- tod-; neys and 11 liver 'tp.|a" lienitny activity ,= without; irritating or .'weakening-' them,: to dispel headaches', colds, .or"fevers,j of "'"' '"' " ' ' ;: ' '-' '' •' • Wtiat 'you. \vnnt " when : you :; are' alllrig; a- a medicine 1 , thaVwlU cure, yon.. Try- Hood's.. ^awaparlUn and be v conTlnced] ' '' ' ' A PROFESSIONAL RELATIVE Terre Haute Tribune: M.T;.Goodman aad sou ot "Malcolm, stood at tne corner of Pourth and Main yesterday hftei 1 noon viewlug the opera house ruins. Suddenly they heard a harsli, rasping voice beli-Ind them.exclaim: "Yes, mj nephew, I am your long lest uncle, Jesse Tryou." Tlw vote and t.lie sclicme were not now Io the Goodmans! aud When they turned to behold the speaker .they recognized lilm at a glance. Not so with the long lost, for It lias been over three years since he fleeced Mr. Goodimim's wife and others out of $-.10 nod he lias doubtless had fa many other victims since then rhat he could not remember them all. In 1S03, the loiii?- lost appeared at Goodman's house and claimed to be'Robert Hughe'y, a cousin of-.All's. Good'inan'.s -wliom siie had nol seen for ntiuvy year.'!. H-e had the family history well In. hjmd and Ills fake was not discovered nntlil ho had col- Iw-ted ,f-10.iii advance for some ..fruit "lie was galng to-.ship trom liin big farm In JUciilgan." It Is needier to say the fruit never came. Mr. Good man and his son heard him promise yesterday to meet his newfound nephew later, then followed him' down to Sau'tonl's grocery rut Second and Walnut, where lie again attempted 10 rlal'in relationship under tlie ua:i>c of. James I.toyd. The proprietor w.-is Vivo smooth for him. however, and requested him to move on. Olliccr Welch \va.s jiiit on Ills trail and placed him under arrest as he was nlwut to halt a farmer at the W;iha«h bridge. Lloyd. Tryou. Uughey. or wlinev.er lie ;^. Has :', strong facial resemblance to Bill Nye. and is evidently :l prot'essionn! crook. At. police headriuarters he gave .the name of Wm. ,T. C. Brown, and insist.? Unit, that is correct. ' Under the name a 1 Brown he will lie able to claim •many thousands of. relalives. 1 P.rown today admitted having done tl-me at .Teftei-son City. Mo., uoiler the name of Mason Still. ' COLORED ODD FELLOWS. A special from- Richmond says: Tlie Grand United Order ot Colored Odd Fellows, rlie Grand Lodge of wh-ich has been in session here for two days, elected the following officers: Grand master. W. F. Anderson, of Lafayette; deputy grand master. W. Cl. Brown, of .TefCer.souvine; grand secretary, W. E. Looudes, of Madisiou: grand treasurer, John -W. Brooks, of Knightstown: grand warden, Allen DanieL of Rklgevll-le; grand chaplain. Isaac Wor- flald, of Richmond; R. A .Roberts, of Shelbyvllle: .T. H. Keennr. of Jviiights- towa nnd Aaron Taylor, of Evansville. compose the Grnnd Lodge executive committee. The next session will be held In August, 1897, at Shelbyvllle. The. present-.session will, adjoiiru tonight. ' of '.It* merit. Sluee 1878 there have been nine epidemics of dysentery in different parts of the country in which Chamberlain's: Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy was used with perfect success. Dysentery, when epidemic, is almost as severe and dangerous as Asiatic cholera. Heretofore tiie'b'est efforts of the most skilled physicians have failed to check Its ravages, this remedy, however, has cured 1 the most rnalisna'rit cases, both of children and adults, and under'the most trying conditions, which proves it to be the best medicine In the world for bowel complaints. For sale by B. F. Keeslins druggist. $8.00 CHICAGO TO ST. PAUL AND ' RETURN. On account of the G. A. R. Encampment The North-Western Line (Chicago & North-Western Railway) will oil August 31 and September 1,1S90, sell sxcn'r- sion tickets'from'. Chicago to St.' Paul and return at rate of $8.00 for the round trip, good for return passage until September 15, with privilege ot further cx : tension to September 30, 1890, For tickets and full! Information apply tor agents of connecting lines, or address A, H. Waggoner, T. P. A., 7 Tackson Place, Indianapolis, Ind. HALF RATES TO MILWAUKEE. On account of the National convention of'.'Republican'.League Clubs, August 23, 24 and 25, The North-Western (Chicago & North-Western Railway) will- sell excursion tickets from Chicago to • Milwaukee and. return at rate'of one, fare for the round trip. For tickets and; full Information apply to ticket agents: of; connecting lines, or address W. B.: Knl8kerri, : G. PI & T. A., Chicago, III! HALF RATES TO OMAHA. ; Via the'North-Western Line '(Chicago) ,& North-Western R'y) August. 15,..16; and 17, 1896, one fare roc the round; .trip. On ; : August; 24 excursion, ticket*; at veiy low rates, will also be.sold.from. Omoha to:Denyer-and.tlie famous Hot; Springs.of 8optli,:Pakpta.. For fall-In-'; .formaitlon apply^to'.ticket agents of con-• hectlng lines or address W. B. KnlsVernl G. P. &T..A., Chicago,.lit .'..--:-•. '. u SPECIAL EXCURSION TO FORT ; ;,'.....' -. - .-...WAYNE. .. .•' • - . ; . On; Sunday, August 9,,1890, the; Wa-; bash-Railroad company .will.'nura *pe-: '.'club-train.; to; Fort; Wayne, .leaving Lo- 'gansport ait 7"o'dock,a. m.; retnrnlng; leave Fort .Wayne at 8:30 p. m. : Tickets' ;good for special train only will be sola at rate.of $1.00.for the round'trip. i '.,,.--.- - C. G. NEWELL,. Agent. : If you're a butcher, you want Pearline. You want it for the proper washing of your frocks and aprons, and to keep the benches, blocks, floors, shelves, hooks, etc., as clean as they ought to be. There's nothing that will do this like Pearline. And it takes so little time, and so little trouble: and work that there's no excuse for _ not doing it. Keep everything dainty. and sweet and clean with Pearline. and if vour uroccr sends you somcthiac in place of Pearline, be Peddlers and some unscrupulous (jroccrs will tell you " this is us good u' or "the same as Pcarline." IT'S FALSE—Pearline is never peddled, ji TO _| and if your grocer s ** JjSCK honest— send il luck. 608 JAilES PYLE, New York. Drawings of All Kinds Made by BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman &;Patent Attorney. Spry Block,- Logansport G..A. R AT ST. PAUL. Special Bates via Pennsylvania Liaas. for National Encampment. •August 30th'and 31st and September- 1st are the dates upon -which low rate round trip tickets to St. Paul will-be sold via Pennsylvania Lines, the short route through Chicago. Tickets will be good returning until 'September 15th,. Inclusive, 'and W deposited with the Joint agent at-St. Paul on or before Sep-, ternber 15, tlie return limit -will be extended to Include September. SOtli. The raites-for this occasion will -bfi exceptionally low via Pennsylvania Lines, the only system 1 of railways over which trains nil* from Western Pennsylvania, West Tlrglnlarphlo and Indiana to Chicago Union Station, the natural' gateway, from those States to the Northwest. Daliy fra3tos ; rifefe'Plttsl)u'rgK; CoTrim- bus, Cincinnati, IndlanapollB and Louisville make : convenient connection at Chicago with St. ; Panl trains. Arrangements may be'made by G; A. K. Posta or partlo of' friends to travel together on special trains or special cars that will go thironglr from starting point to the Encampment 'without change, If the number Justifloe It... Information on the subject wUl.be cheerfully furnished I by rcpjrescatatlveB ot the Pennsylvania ) Llnca..." • . . . • SUNDAY. EXCURSION TO CIX- ' ' . ' ' CINNATI.. August 9th'; via Pennsylvania lines; $2 from..Lpgausport; excursion train leaves 5 a., m, central time; returnlns leaves Cinelnnnitl 7 p. m. central toe. Base ball game, Qtoclnuatl Reds vs. Louisville, League teams'. Lots of time to «ee the Zoo; the Lagoon.;, the Par'ts .'and other attractive resorts of the "Queen City." . .' '..'," CHEAP .EXCURSIONS...TO. THE: , WEST ANb NORTHWEST. , j On August 4,18, September 1,13, 29, j October 0 and 20, 1S90, The North-; Western Line (Chicago & North-West.-: ern R'y) will sell. Home SeeKere' excur-: slon tlekets'at'very low rates to a large: number of point* In tb« west'and northwest. For full Information apply to; ticket agents of connecting .lines or ad-; dress W. B. Knlskern, G. P. & T. A.,: Chicago, 111. -.'••' .- •• .WABASH LOW RATE. ; Hom.esee.kers Excursion, August 18,; September'l; 15, : 29, and October 6'and! 20,, 1S98. Tickets : wUl be sold .at one; fare,for the routtd..trlp. pl«si?2.00 Irani Logattsi)ort to .points In- thc.iwest, southj and southwest; .For full particulars In-J quire of Wabash .ticket.'agent.- •-.-'•< SUHMER TOURS ' - VIA "BIG FOUR" TO THE hOUNTAINS, LAKES and SEASHORES • • Solid Vestibuled. Trains With Wagner Sleeping Cars New York aod Boston ' from ' • ' ' • J Si, Louis, Peoria, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, via. CLEVELAND AND BUFFALO , "The Knickerbocker Special." " "The Southwestern Limited" Six Terminals at the Great Lakes. -* Chicago, Beaton Harbor, Toled* Detroit, Sandusky, , CleyelantL 'Tourist Rates In all Direction*. : -. E. O. McCormlck, ; Pass. Traffic Manager., D. B. Martin, v Genl Pass and Ticket Agent "SIX •'" ' ' '--BIX.'' Special Train EXCURSIONS -TO- Maxinknckee Lake '' ', /"I ,VIA THE'.,'', .'.'.;. VANDAUA LINE . i • .'••. > July ipth, 36th, and August and, 9th,,i6th, 23rd. Fare for the round trip $1.00. Train leaves Vandalia station at 0*6 a m. ; TAKE YODB VACATION NOW. - - Go to the picturesque Macktnac Island via the D. & C. (Coast Line). It only, costs $13.50 from Detroit, $15.50 from Toledo, ?1S.OO from Cleveland for tire j»unfl trip, Including, meals arid berth*. Tickets good for 60 days, bicycle* carried: free.--'.One thousand-miles of lake and river riding on new modern xted : steamers, for-the aupve rates. Send 2c .for SUustraited pamphlets. Addre«,' A. A. Schantz, -G. P. A., Detroit. Subscribe for The Journal, 40 cents. •' St.-Joseph tea mo«t dellsrntful waort •during thta extremely torrid-wetQwr. Fare for the round trip, $2.00. Tain leaven Vandalte «tation-at 7--00 «. aV •every Sunday.- . • '•:'.:. •Subscribe for Tbe Journal-

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