Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 6, 1968 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1968
Page 4
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Kiwanis Club Has Special Guests MK (MK) stu, PTMM MUM The Negro Community Charlotte Gibson Pat Westbrook Susan KflcCain * Ki'i &J'3 iH^Wd an«8» 1 m""^» _S2»; ff^K * 5J? man ''•••• "*** aZSff™' Toy/or Wms Henry Haynes photos with Star camera Junanne Reynolds By fester Wcks Phone PR14618 or 4414 THOUGHT FOR THE DAY Life has no blessing like a prudent friend.-Euripides saw It, CALENDAR OF EVENTS The members of Bethel A. M.E. Church will sponsor a "breakfast" Sunday morning March 10th, from 7 'tilt 9 O'clock, at the home of Mrs. W, C. Lowe, 410 East Shaver Slfeet, At 3:00 p.m. March 10th, the senior choir of Bethel is sponsoring a musical program featuring a "Hundred Dollar March", Choirs of the city artd surrounding areas will participate. The public Is Invited to b« present for both activities. Rev. J. E, Hughes, Pastor. The Mission Band of Haynes Chapel Baptist Church will sponsor a "lemon squeeze" in the lunch room of the church Sunday March 10th, at 2:30p,m, You are invited to attend, and each person is asked tobrlngalemon. JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES The local congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses have returned from Magnolia, Arkansas where they attended their three-day semi-annual Circuit convention. Mr. Surley Bernard, Jr., presiding minister and delegate, said, the theme of the convention was "Strengthening one another to remain In the faith". On Saturday, a baptism ceremony of newly dedicated ones was held and eight symbolized their dedication by water baptism. With keen anticipation, delegates heard the feature discourse on Sunday afternoon, entitled, "Why does God permit wickedness?", by Mr. Willie Anderson, District Supervisor for this area. To the many delegates and visiting friends assembled, Miv, Antler- son said, "The climax of wickedness is at the doorl How vital, then, for each one who loves life to take note of these evidences of tho Bible and history that point to the near end of this wicked system". OBITUARIES : Funeral services for Mr, Clarence W. Dennis, the brother of •i Elder 0, N. Dennis, will be held « Friday March 8, 1968, at 2:30 p.m. at the St. Matthew Baptist "Church, McNeil)-Arkansas, ftorch 6» 5:30l* ;'1H«nt1U'y t-Hiiht^y Re pott 6:00 Hews find We*chci* Report 6;30 Tbf Vlffiinlrtn RPC (C) 8:00 fetftCfc ir«f,tf tfflU 8BC (0) 9:00 $un Per Ymi'r *I,lf« NBC (C) 10:00 V.»V3 fml Wither (C) iOil!> Lormle CSbbons Sports Slu-w 10:30 Thi- T<.ntj»tU. Show NBC (C) i?:oo sign ore' ftftftrt KATV . JUtB 6 . ft (30 . tfc* So* ftttatrttitt - Afti Sp»«til with toil* Ryim c'»*e t# lust* - A4(J, Sptctnl with Prtnefl** (It Act 'Hatch 7, 1968 st-<« xiM ftn the t 6iA5 6:55 7 j 00 ?t'25 30 OO 25 30 00 30 10)00 10; 30 II; 00 U:30 12:00 12:30 RFD with Boh Bulee (C) •MorntttR Devotions (C) The today Shew NBC (C) Arkansas Hews find Weather (C) The Ttut.ly Show NtJC (C) the Today Show KEG (C) AvkflnSiij* News and Weather (C) th> Todfly Show NBC (C) Snap Judgement RBC (C) Conecntentlon NBC (C) Personality KRC (C) the Hollywood Squiu-cn KBC (CJ) Jeopardy ttMC (C) Eye G\t*$o N^C (C) Edwin Uewran with th« News .f.lttlu Rock Ttxtfly (C) 10t30 Worl.t N«-v* Jo«y ABC {£) Let's Mrikc A 00 30 00 30 00 30 00 30 00 30 30 3.0 00 10:00 10:15 10:30 12:00 Liven th« (C) NBC NSC Days oJt Our The Doctors NT.C (C) Another World ?Ci5C (C) You Don't Say NBC (C) (C) (C) (C) Tho Mike DougIAS Shew I Love I<»<cv F Troop lUmtley J.rinhlcy P.rpoift K.'.C Nnv-'fi and Wofltboj, 1 Uepovi; (C) U.vnicl Roonc NttC (C) Ir<m.iidf< NSC (C) Dragnet NHC (C) The Dean Martin Show NBC (C) Newu mid WonUhor (C) Loniite Gibiiens Spot'to Show Tho tonlf,l.t Show NBC (C) Sign Off AM 9 1 30 - ; lit 00 ' 1U30 UiOO liOO ' tt30 .' 1«S5 ' 2»00 l at 30 3 1 00 JjJO 5 $00 5 1 30 6iOO 61 30 PM 7:00 8lOO fl$30 (C) th« rufltlv* - A8C tht» Morning - AJIC <C) PlKMtSRl top - A8C 9t30 lOtOO ftewtufcftit - ABC tr«*«ut« t*U - A8C (C) Th* ftoan Shaw - U«« (C) Mtvtyvtd 0*rat - ABC (C) th* n«by fl*«« - ABC <C) ChitdMft'* Ooeto* - A«G (C) G«ft«t»t HodptUt - ABC (CJ Mrk Shadow* •< ABC (C) Dattn* G*ffl* » ABC (C) 8o*o'» 81* fop Comic* - tiv« Bob Toun* lining W«w« Truth or Con*flqt»«nc«» <C) Ark«nnd* H«w« «nd vr««th«r Batman - ARC (CJ ...And tMbbU HrtKs* Six * S(i*et«t That Girt - ABC (C) P«yton PUe« - ABC <C) R»t Patrol - ABC (C> Falony 8qu«d - ABC (C) (C) 10t20 10t30 111 00 Wot til Neva (C) »ud C«mpb«tl Sport* - (C) Ark«n*aii Sportamnn (C) Jo«y Bluhop Show « ABC (C) KSLA-TVQI2 i. WASHINGTON (AP) - A ,"$45,000 Hill-Burton grant has ?beeh approved by the Health, ^Education and Welfare Depart- Iment for construction of North -Arkansas County Health Center • ;at Stuttgart, Sen. J. William . : .Eulbright announced Tuesday. \ Goldwater ;0 CoiTf Go for ; Rockefeller Poss Catching Record NEW YORK (AP) - Charlie Taylor of the Washington Redskins won the National Football League's pass receiving title for the second straight year in 1967, statistics released today by the lague showed. Taylor caught 70 passes, two less than in 1966, though he missed three games with Injuries. Ben Hawkins of the Philadelphia Eagles led In yards gained on pass receptions with "TTfie 1 Hope 'High School 'Lady Cats and their coachpMrs/ Charlotte Gibson, were special guests at tho Kiwanis Club's*? regular noon meeting Tuesday. Mrs. Gibson Introduced each member and told of their outstanding performance during the season. The program was arranged by Joe Bar r entine. Pat Westbrook, Junanne Reynolds and Susan McCain explained to the Kiwanis Club Tuesday the need tor a youth center In Hope. They also asked for the support of the Kiwanis Club In achieving this new center. , •;< »».<„-(„ f- Mi*s. L. 0, Crofton will be hostess to the Anna P. Strong Club at the home of Mrs. M. L. Ruth- ; .erford Friday March 8th, at 7:30 p.m., In their regular monthly meeting. AH members are urged to be present. "'; By JACK BELL f-5 AP Political Writer ' ? WASHINGTON (AP) - Bari7 1,265. Homer Jones of the New : - : ;Cold water, saying he could not York Giants caught the most ' -'support Nelson A, Rockfeller for touchdown passes, 13. I : the Republican nomination for Jones also led in yards gained resident, has reported nearly per reception for the second ^Lll his 1964 team is working for straight year with a 24.7-yard Rentzel of the the had best ' sRichard M; Nixon. : ' : 2 "I and my fellow conserva- Dallas '—lives want no part of Rockefel- single game, catching 13 for 223 ^ler," said the 1964 Republican yards against Washington. •^residential candidate. &•% He noted the New York gover- j-Sior had not actively backed him '-"an 1964. -$% Goldwater also said in a tele- ,S..5phone interview from his Phoe- ^iilx, Ariz., home he has never £ voted against a Republican ic 1 presidential candidate but Warsaw Pact Motions Are Wrangling By HENRY S. BRADSHER Associated Press Writer SOFIA, Bulgaria (AP) Leaders of the seven Soviet Bloc nations gathered in the Bulgarian capital today for a Warsaw Pact summit meeting threatened with more wrangling between the Russians and the maverick Romanians. Bucharest's delegation walked out of the international meeting of Communist parties in Budapest last week rather than sit er In a game against Philadel. still for criticism of Romanian policy and Red China, In what looked like an attempt to patch things up, Soviet Communist party chief Leonid f. Brezhnev stopped in Bucharest on his way average. Lance Cowboys Walter Robert of the New Orleans Saints caught the longest pass, a 96-yarder from BlllKlrn phla. National convention) but it will certainly be counted and would have reservations about reported to the country." to Sofia and met with Romanian • party chief Nlcolae Ceausescu. • The Soviet delegation arrived in Sofia today. It also included Premier Alexel N. Kosygin, Foreign Minister Andrei A, Groyko and Defense Minister Andrei A, Grechko. At the meeting, which is expected to last until Friday, the Communist leaders will discuss the Soviet-American draft of a proposed treaty to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, the Vietnam situation and other subjects, Communist sources said. The nuclear treaty draft appeared likely to be the chief source of trouble. The Soviet Union is believed seeking unified support of it from its allies, but Romania has opposed the draft in the Geneva disarmament' talks and is expected to repeat Us arguments here. After their walkout in Budapest last week, the Romanians warned that they would not tolerate any criticism of their positions at the summit meeting here. The last Warsaw Pact summit meeting, In Romania 20 months ago, was highlighted by a dispute between Brezhnev and Ceausescu, Tho Soviets wanted to tighten control of the pact, Romania wanted to loosen it, and they battled to a stalemate. But there has been little recent discussion of changing the pact's command structure, and foreign policy issues appear likely to be the chief topics at the Sofia meeting. In another East European development, the Czechoslovak Communist party downgraded its chief Ideologist, Jirl Hendrych. It apparently was another step in the liberalization of the Czech regime since the ouster Jan, 5 of Aritonln Novotny as party leader. Novotny, who rose to power In the Stalinist era, was replaced by Alexander Dubcek, Rockefeller. * "I would have to see some change in Ws positions," Gold' water said. "I would have to know his position on Vietnam, I have never heard his position on the war. I don't think he could come out as a dove but I just don't know where he stands," He said he also wants to know Rockefeller's stand on the labor issue and criticized the governor's handling of the recent New York City garbage strike. "He is going to have to make some rather strong cases on these issues," Goldwater said. "There ire a lot of members of our party who won't support him as matters stand." Jn. other political developments: ~Sen, Eugene j. McCarthy said be is trying to attract New Hampshire ReDublican wrjtenn votes, in the New Hampshire prjmary, particularly those that would have gone to Michigan Gx)v. George Romney, for hj§ aotiwar Democratic presiden- •• Mw- ' u ... Republican support, the Minnesota. Democrat said at Dover, N.H.. "woi't liave any bearing on" delegates (for the Democrat- - Third party presidential candidate George Wallace' campaign in the midwest got off to a tumultuous start—drawing a noisy crowd of more than 5,000 persons at Omaha, Neb, About 50 hecklers threw bits of placards, sticks and small stones toward the speakers' stand then struggled briefly with police before they were ejected. -The latest Gallup Poll says Nixon Is favored by 67 per cent of all Republicans and Rockefeller is the choice of 30 per cent. Rockefeller had a slight lead— 47 to 45—among independent voters but trailed Nixon 48 to 44 among all voters. Goldwater said he could enthusiastically support California Gov. Ronald Reagan as the GOP presidential nominee — but §a,id he is convinced Reagan (Joes not intend to seek the nom- jnation. He said he expects to talk to Reagan further on March 20 when he attends a dinner in California. Goldwater said he thinks, however, that a Nixon-Reagan ticket might be an ideal choice for the Republicans. Television Schedule WEDNESDAY MARCH 6.1968 5:30 (color) 6:00 6:30 (color) 8:30 (color) 8:00 (color) 10:00 (color) 10:30 (color) ll:30 THURSDAY MARCH 5:30 REPORT RIFLEMAN "Young Man's Fancy" ABC SPECIAL "The Undersea World of Jacques Coesteau" ABC SPECIAL "The Now Generation" WEDNESDAY MOVIE SPECIAL "Cowe September" Rpqk Hudson, Sandra Dee, Gina Lollobrtgida 10 O'CLOCK REPORT ABC SPECIAL "Monte Carlo,.. C'est La Rose" SINE OFF 7 .,1968 10:00 (color) U = 00 11:30 (color) 12:00 1:00 (color 30 55 1 I 2:00 2:30 3:30 (color (color (color (color 00 30 00 30 7:00 8:00 9:00 (color) (color) (color) (color) (color) 6:45 A.M. 7:00 (color) 8:30 TEST PATTERN BOZO'S BIG TOP SHOW DIALING FOR DOLLARS THEATER 10:00 (color) 10:30 (color) 12:00 M. Ktaltv WEDNESDAY , MARCH 6, 1968 6:30 PM THE VIRGINIAN - C 8(00 KRAFT MUSIC HALL - C 9iOO RUN FOR YOUR-LIFE - C 10:00 NEWSCOPE -• J.R«WY MAMMONS RADAR WEATHER-VERN STIERMAN 10(30 THE TONIGHT SHOH - C . 12:00 EVENING DEVOTIONAL THURSDAY NIGHT, MARCH 7, 1968 6:20 AM MORNING DEVOTIONAL WEDNESDAY MARCH 6 6(30 7»30 8tOO 8i30 9i3Q 10 tOO I0t25 10«30 IU30 12»00 Loflt In Space Beverly HUlbtUlM Croon Acres Party Mason Family Affair NcWa/Erwln W«ather/GrlCf In Jonathan Wlntats Sea Hunt Weather/Vespers THURSDAY MARCH "7 Show 6 s 25 6«45 7«00 ' 7j25 7:30 8s 25 8s 30 9s 00 9t25 9 s 30 10s 00 10s30 lls 00 Hi 30 12s 00 12:30 Is 00 Is 30 2s 00 2s 30 3s 00 3 $25 4e30 5s 00 5s 30 6s 00 6s 20 6:30 7s 30 8s 30 9s 00 10s 00 10:15 iOsJO 12(00 TEXARKANA COLLEGE - C FARM DIGEST - C 6i2S 6»55 7i05 7t30 8tOO 9«00 9i30 lOtOO 10t30 Economics (Mon-fhur) Across Th« Ffnc«i (Fcl) Your Pnator CBS News/Benti Bob ft His Buddies Cupealn Kungftcoo Candid Camera Beverly HlUbUlUa Andy Of Maybcrry Dick Van Dyke va Of Life t U".'t. - C N PM - C C C TODAY SHOW - C TODAY IN SHREVEPORT TODAY SHOW - C SNAP JUDGMENT - C NBC NEWS - C CONCENTRATION - C PERSONALITY - C HOLLYWOOD SQUARES JEOPARDY - C EYE GUESS - C TV PARTYLINE - C LET'S MAKE A DEAL DAYS OF OUR LIVES THE DOCTORS - C ANOTHER WORLD - C YOU DON'T SAY - C THE MATCH GAME - C LAFFALOT CLUB - C WANTEDs DEAD OR ALIVE -B*W MARSHAL DILLON - BiW HUNTLEY-BRINKLEY - C NEWSCOPE - JERRY HAMMONS RADAR WBATHER-VERN STIERMAN AL GORDON ON SPORTS - C PM DAWIEL BOONS - C IRONSIDE - C DRAGNET 1968 - C DEAN MARTIN SHOW - C NEWSCOPE - JERRY HAMMONS RADAR WEATHER-VERN STIERMAN AL GORDON ON SPORTS - C' THE TONIGHT SHOW - C EVENING DEVOTIONAL lit JO 12 roo 12:30 ,l»00 1»30 2: 00 2i25 2«30 3>00 3130 4«00 5iOO 5130 6,00 6i25 61 30 8tOO lOiOO 10s25 10t30 12sOO t » )i*i" IriMl > .:, t *»,. .. .» Search Foe Tomorrow Guiding tight News/Owen Aa The World Turna Love Is A Many Splendored Thing House; Party To Tell The Truth CBS News/Edward s Edge Of Night Secret Storm ClHlgan'0 Island Rawhide t McHalc's N.ivy $ CBS Nows/Cronklta News/Owen Wcather/Bolton Clmarron Strip * CBS Thursday Night Movie "Th« Boat Man," Henry Fonda, Cliff Robert8on, Edle Adams Nawa/ErwLn Weather/Griffin if Tho Late MovU "Day Of Tho Outlaw," Robert Ryan, Burl Ivaa, Tina Louise TONIGHT UNDIRSIA WOftLD Of JACQUES COUSTIAU COLOR 6:30 Th* NOW GINIRATIQM COLOR 7i30 MIA FARROW RYAN O'NEAL Tony Randell, Ginger Rogers, David Niven THIS MORNING BEWITCHED TREASURE IS14 THE FUGITIVE NEWLYWED GAME THE BABY CAME CHILDREN'S DOCTOR GENERAL HOSPITAL DARK SHADOWS DIALING FOR DOLLARS THEATER "Destination Moon" John Archer, Wamer Anderson ABC NEWS 5:30 REPORT THE RIFLEMAN BATMAN ABC SPECIAL THAT GIRL ABC SPECIAL "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich' 1 Part One 10 O'CLOCK REPORT JOEY BISHOP SHOW SINE OFF WIONISPAY MOVII ROCK HUDSON 6INA LOLLOBRIGIDA BOBBY DARIN SANDRA DEC In ^iVMVlR SEPTEMBER" IMAGINE HAVING YOUR HIDZAWAY VltLA TURNED INTO A HAVEN FOR TEENAGE TOURISTS, I COLOR 8:00 P.M. WIN A CASH JACKPOT MR FORTUNE GIVES AWAY MONEY WEEKDAYSDUHING THE DIALING FOH DOLLARS THEATRE, a 30 AM AND J JO I'M HE MAKES ANO THER CALL BETWEEN l j 30 AND t> 00 PM KfbS-IUtVlilUN IHfUt ir.gn OH

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