Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas on January 3, 1980 · 2
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Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas · 2

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 3, 1980
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4 -2A FORT WORTH STAR-IDIGRAM THURSDAY EVENING JANUARY 3 1980 - - -- r1241: : : : 'Akar Aboed 4 4t t ' t ' -14-11""0"'"'"'"A0Aloommo gtx4-0A 10 0144141 l''' leitrtWitOP441r4'40000 40" wot 014 4 C1174b417: :ii '1 - 4 7'1—' s 7 1 4 &7 1 'X 4 ' -444"41111‘e- ' 1 5' 1--- ' ' ' 4 $ 43 07444 9411t Z 3 i 4 'N'to011111Tr"'''''''''" - '"- - ' ' ' 4 li' ' ''''' Y P -1 4104'4 t O' 4 V : -1 - '' vv' '" c' ' ' 1 4 ' v ii "---ztx --1- a 1' ' '''''''‘tv - - st - ' t' P-11F ''s ' vh 4 kr 19 4 1 k at 4 -4- 0c 4 s k - - L —e'''' --s - - — ( 4 AA A dt s l'ha'''''''' t00 Z 24 - 1 ‘ Z' 't t ' ' SI ! I ' 41 s 46 tkfke Ct4 ' ' ' - )7 ' Itt 4 ' - 6 4 P "A4 ' e''''''' 7 r 0 t 1 c - ' " : -- ' 4 boa A ' A - t t i-- ' - it t l' ' f ' : ' 4 4 - ! ''itt 44 f :wium ? : t A - - - s ax- 1A1 ' i - ) 4- 40 I p -'I k ' 4r : 4 1q - V T' 44 "" ' ' A A A vv vt ' ' -4' ' vv 1 1 1 h i ' ' '- $4'' 1 ' "'- ''' 114464v " x ' tot 1( & o ' ' ' ' '''' v'' ' - 1 :1 : 4 k c ' ss -v A tt-' - "-O - " v t ' 'i "' '''S ' ' t '''-t-'‘'2 1 -i v '' ' 1- ' '''''' -tv : -' ' ' c " ILk: t --'1-'41'-'11":" ' 7 '''l ''''' 1 ' 1 '''''''41"117'' a'-'''°'"'' ''' l'''111'611" ')''''''- l''' ''''''11:1trit"''' 17-'°7'''a' I - '-' '''' '7 - - '''' ' ' 0 4 vv 4i I 4 t cv 4 - i tr'''' - : t 4 7 i 4 4 t P'1 $ i e i' iv S1 r t ' ' ' " '''''4 43"1""16464'1""' C:7''- ' ' ''' ' 4' '' ' f 'S ''' ('' '' A t '' f '-'- ''' -1 - 1 ' -I ' - -41-s040'°4404414 0 AK - - SOVIETS IN AFGHANISTAN Sosiet tank equipped witb cannon patrols airport in Afghan coup pressures US By GEORGE C WILSON lt1980 Washington Post WASHINGTON — The Soviet Union's deep involvement in the Afghanistan coup has a shock value that could prove benficial to the United States in several areas a wide spectrum of military lead 'ers said Wednesday For one thing they said the spectre of SO1 et troops fanning out through Afghanistan underscores the reality Ihat : the United States has no launching pad for itsown military power in the Persian Gulf arra - The Soviet invasion came less ihan two rnonths after Iranian militants took over the US Embassy in Tehran and held Americans there at gunpoint The most the United States has been prepared to do in response militarily is amass warships off Iran The Iranian crisis spawned a fresh LOVE ME LOVE MY RAT tips from 11 :' 24 0 ' 4 4 i el' - I it 144 t t'4444 1 v '44 ' ' ' too '"- s 1- ! t 5 :-1:'4 4 :a 14t ! it 4'' i P444 P - ' 0 I' 4 i t --:7i1 P 4 i1 4407 bats - ?' ' 1 II - 4dr r : ' ' 4 6 4 i''''' '04 't '''-' '- f4' 1 : : ftV I i It 11 I :: f ' J r ' 0:k'i ' r-1041 f f t 1 1 1 Attf d ii ' ':: '''' 1 '"41:7A4' - ' ' tt44-41‘ sii 4 ' ''' Columbus no ordinary varmit White rodent wins affection of rat-hater HOUSTON AP) — Perched on his master's shoulder Columbus is a white rat leading a dogs life and couldn't be happier "He's a great pet and he's wonderful with kids" says Kelly Dil len who wants to be an animal ' health technician and admits a longstanding grudge against rats in general - "We had a behavorial training project tin school) and most of the ails used rats except me" she says "I used a dog I just couldn't understand why anyone would want to work with a rat" But when a classmate decided to release Columbus in an apartment complex after the project was over the soft spot in her heart for animals overruled her own distaste for Columbus and his brethren "Columbus knows me and he knows his name" Ms Dillen says even though Columbus is probably a menial midget when compared with the neighborhood pooch "Yesterday he was on my sister's shoulder and I came in and he ran straight to me Of course I feed him so he also identifies me thmugh that" However Columbus is no ordinary rat and bloodlines count — even in varmits Columbus says Ms Wien is a Long Evans Hooded Rat bred especially for laboratory work - "It does make a difference" she says "Lab rats are bred to be bet Waldheim Iran's G2otbzadeh to hold second meeting today et Vfrim rrreting the rimarich and kissing the hand of the shah's twin sister when ate was represtraing Iran at the United Nations Waldheim and Cliottrackh said after tteir first rreetmg that their talk cc Iranian grievanms against the sha-h ard the United States This was in line with the Iranian guArrrument's conteriticr that ite secretary-generai came to Tehran to tear its si of Or dispde with !le United Stat es not to negotiate the relmse ci the C2111 ve Amerifmns A 793-word For Ntrastry comb batch of justification papers in the Pentagon for using bases in the Middle East as at least a temporary arrangement Shortly before Christmas a team of Pentagon and State Department officials ming through several Middle East countries seeking permission to use baseVashington sources report that Saudi Arabia continued to greet this idea warily while Kenya Oman and Somalia were receptive No formal agreements have been announced however "We have an expression in the Penlagon" said one general in siaiing that Afghanistan would provide a fresh sense of urgency to the search for bases "that every time we get into deep kimchi (a Korean spicy cabbage dish) the Russian do us a favor This is going to help us" ''Afghanistan" said one Navy official "has nothing to do with the national security of the United States directly But it —Atomised Pr es Userphse Kathy Di lion gets driving her pet rat ter-natured intelligent and to stand pressure They are also much cleaner lie washes himself like a cat after I pick him up" Although she is amused by the adverse reaction many people have to her unusual pet She says much of their aversion to rats can be blamed on bad press "As a breed they've gotten a lot of bad publicity from television and the movie Willard' Also I guess vognen traditionally have always disliked rodents" "Nlikt ly they look at him Colurnbusi and say Yuck' One woman I know ran clear across the room when she first saw him" she says -It's the tad that gets them It is pretty ugly and gets worse as rats grow older" she says "I do think people should realize that there are 'rats and there are 'rats' When she finishes her two-year course at Houston Community College Nis Di lien says she would like to take her love for animals on the road and join a circus but says she muldordy do it bra year "because I know it would be rough" It may be lonely too A close friends father recently told her it might be difficult to find a steady boyfriend if she insisted on keeping Columbus perched on her shoulder "I told him I just didni care" she says "I guess it's gotten down to a case of 'love me love my rat'" nique made m mentIon of the hcstages Waldheim said they were discussed The militants holding the hostages say dry will mit be released until the shah returns to Tehran for trial Walleim is to report to the Security Carol on Monday at which time the council is to decide vkether to irrwe aurorae sarrtions on Iran Meanwhile a private rnmion to Irani behal- lot the hostages ended in failire today Six American dergyrnen and a p-ofessor of Iranian studies who arrived an C h n s t m a s Eie to seek the release of de captives left for hcme raises the question 'How the hell are you going to get there?' " It thus helps make the case for finding bases in the Persian Gulf area he reasoned An Army officer with Mideast experience said the Soviet intervention in AtOanistan dramatizes that the president has three fundamental choices when it comes to using military power in the Persian Gulf: Do nothing find bases or spend an astronomical ammount of mon Analysis ey building new planes and ships that could reach the area from he United States If military leaders who have siudied the problem had their way the United States would not only obtain the right to use bases in easy reach of the Persian Gulf but also would store military equip Film industry box-office hits ring in 1980 HOLLYWOOD ( AP) — It has been a happy new year for the film industry which is reporting financial box office bonanzas with holiday attractions Blasting off before the other big films "Star Trek — The Movie" remained the leader with a three-week gross of $41 million — the same amount the space epic cost to produce The number of theaters showing it in the United States and Canada has ranged from 850 to 1000 Steve Martin's film debut 'The Jerk" has been the surprise winner of the season by drawing $32 million from 700 theaters Considering the comedy cost $44 million to make that's not bad for 19 days Universal's other year-end release "1941" has amassed a respectable $15 million at 600 theaters in two weeks despite negative reviews Walt Disney Productions' most expensive film ever the $20 million "The Black Hole" is also expected to be its greatest grosser For the first 10 days: $165 million in 889 theaters Previous record holder for the studio was "Mary Poppins" Fort Worth Star Telegram (USPS 206260) MORNING—EVENING—SUNDAY Combining the Fort Worth Star intake lished February 1 1906 the Fart Worth Telegram purchased January 1 1909 thee Fort Worth Record purchased November 1 - 1925 Second class postage paid at Fort Worth Tinos Published daily at 400 West 7th St 76102 TELEPHONE NUMBERS Circulation Department 3354837 Oust dial D(LIVER) Classified Datawlmen 737'8587 liust RES-ULTS) All Other Departments 3369271 MEMBER OF ASSOCIATED PRESS Subscription Patric Monthly by Corti Delivery Morning co 'veining coly $300 Morning and Sunday or Evening and Son-day $4 75 Mcening Evening and Sunday $675 Single copies Morning a Evening 15 Sunday $ 50 By mail in US OnSi PosSOSSOnS Daily and Sunday $4 25 per month Pus pastag co $30 25 per year plus postage Daily only $4 00 per month plus postage or $28 00 per year plus postage Sunday only $4 00 per month plus postog or $35 50 per yiScor plus postocps rot MISSCI copies call you carrier ce distributor or Customer Service Department 3354837 EDELIVER) 600 am to 9 30 om cw 4 30 p m to 7 30 p m Saturdays — 730 dm to 10'30 a m Sun days — 7 30 a m to am 0 am "We live in Grand Prairie we had no response from Dallas papers" GM ran this Star Telegram classified ad I'PO-Tram Am T-Ify mon op lion 6 000orties 6ntlimirranty tauu&asa-cligic "Sold in two days in the Star' Telegram" said GM Stor-Telegrom aossifted Ads Work Best just dial: RESULTS 17 - - - just dial: I tl RES-ULTS ---"-----s $ " —:-----or"ci:Nrvcis":ro—" --— --is' t 74 Vo471 NOM NUS NALL MO Otop10” 1120 Lisp MAIM liestist le 11 t I k - - I a Kabul left while Aeroflot Soiet helicopter awaits a troop transport to find Mideast base sites rnent as well One officer said the ideal would be to duplicate the base of Korat in Thailand someplace in the Middle East A second prospective benefit military leaders agree is Afghan tribesman pinning down Soviet troops Vietnam-style "It will be interesting" said one general "to see whether the Soviets occupy cities and lines of communications and leave to the Afghan army to go after the guerrillas in the hills or whether the Soviets go after them" The latter course he predicted would prove difficult and force the Soviets to go after the guerrillas with helicopters — the same way American troops pursued the enemy in Vietnam The image of the modern Soviet military machine trying to crush the native Moslems uprising would be an exploitable propaganda opportunity for the West another officer said To make the Soviet stay in Afghanistan Detective's actions questioned 'Son of Sam' officer (-1980 NY Times Service NEW YORK — The Bronx detective lAtiose activities helped spark speculation that David R Berkowitz the so-called "Son Of Sam" murderer might have had an accomplice when he killed some of his victims will face deparlmental disciplinary charges because of his actions in that case The detective Henry Cinotti has been placed on "modified assignment" pending a department hearing Officers on modified assignment do not carry guns or shields and perform mainly clerical duties Specific charges against Cinotti have not yet cleared departmental channels ULTRACASHMERE WITH THE RICH LUXE OF THE REAL THING Just arrived! An exclusive new collection of trendy dresses jumpers and coats in Ultracashmeret the fabric that feels more like cashmere than cashmere itself But it's spun polyurethane woven in Eng:and Featured dress in green burgundy grey or silver 4 to 14 $135 Fashion Shops all Cox's stores El MANN' OM i 11 111-1211 LAPICASIII ate I Lansisint 11311-1711 MAIM ISt? VO Sem 111134D111 MOW UM Camp Is 17147111 Ike Mir 4 WO Two Wel Sat WI P uucorscolovelliaprr °cm m c° SI CHAOICA VISA NOM NUS NALL MO Otop1 NW 929 Lisp 164 Me 110111 le 11 t "as painful as possible" one military leader said the United States should find a way to arm the Afghan guerrillas — perhaps by sending the equipment by way of the Chinese or the Pakistanis Besides underscoring the need for bases in the Persian Gulf area and pinning down Soviet forces in Afghanistan for an indefinite period US military leaders said Afghanistan would help cure the Vietnam "never-again" hangover of the American public "You can't wish the world into a peaceful place" said one officer Military views as to why the Soviets moved into Afghanistan varied One high-ranking official theorized that the Soviets saw the country "slipping away" and were not willing to let that happen Another predicted the intervention was part of a master plan to dominate the oil-rich Persian Gulf Still another officer theorized that the Deputy Chief Edwin T Dreher commander of Bronx detectives said that the investigation into the possibility that Berkowitz had an accomplice had been concluded several weeks ago without uncovering any such evidence Cinotti could not be reached for comment Another detective in his squad said he was on vacation Berkowitz who was arrested outside his Yonkers NY apartment on Aug 10 1977 had told the police that he acted alone when he killed six women and woimded seven other persons with a 44- caliber revolver during a one-year period He is now in the New York State Correctional Facility at Attica Some police officials have been skepti L '11'- '''':t' 4tv - -00r-4 -‘ ) n 1 -:' N c I -11 I 1 f I ti It -1 t Ir- ott -Al) '20 1 ( dit i' 't '' 446) $ ! '1 f - - I ' ' ‘ '' ' ' -:- 1 1 ' 4-r1 ii ‘ t i '-4 1 A 1 4 r ' v les ) 'At' ''''' It f' 1 )47 fv 11 ii iriiit ‘' ' ''td :' !117111 ?'tl 1' 0 - 1 Irt: lit! ''g i C41:' to'' i 44( Ii ' ! ie IIi: tfr IAti' ' I 1-' 0 1 47'e At 141 I 1- 40i 0 i' ) )1 i'i - e11 t t'01' i 4 f 7r' er ) il? l''' Ill 4$1 ( i ' V ill: 'IY fr :TA t ie ' 1 I 4 :!-ey f t ' 11 1 '1 ' 1e 1 I usive -r 1 11 Ilit''' 'i i t ' 4 4 idy i i I flil 1 J 11s I 11:11' 1! 0 I 1 coats m i '' r :- ' irk4 1 -le r4'' -1' et 0 - 4 0 like :IA ''-fi'' ''"49 111 ti i 4 ' t nere mt '''11 li' I 11 i Dly- 'i t 1 11 1' A 01 4 - 1' 1 9:and 4 ' 41 I 1 i ' 1 )en '1 11 il ver i'0 ‘1' l' i t-t n 110 1 t ' es ':'1 i 0 ti i I l I 1 -t 1 tilil 1 4 w e i ilt ' 1 I 01111- t f::0 r '! : k if il t t mission right Soviets wanted to stabilize the buffer state predicting this could end up being stabilizing for everybody in that part of the world Adm Elmo R Zumwalt retired chief of naval operations said neither U& rights to bases in the Persian Gulf nor President Carter's plans for increasing the defense budget would keep the Soviets from pulling off other Afghanistans The United States Zumwit said simply has neither he conventional nor sirategic nuclear forces needed to Lake on he Soviets and will not have them "for several years even if Carter moves briskly AM he's not moving briskly but making frighteningly modest increases in he defense budget" "Ws business-as-usual while the globe is 'Aiming" Zumwalt said The United States must spend an extra $50 billion a year for the next four years on defense to calch up with to he Soviets he said punished cal that Berkowitz had an accomplice One sore point reportedly involved a trip by Cinotti io Minot ND to inquire into the possibility of a link between Berkowitz and the late John Carr The detecive made the trip at his on expense and on his own time although he is said to have carried with him a letter of ntroduction from a police supervisor John Carr who was 31 years old when he died of gunshot wounds in Minot in February 1978 was the son of Sam Carr a Yonkers neighbor of Berkowitz Berkowitz who did not personally know Sam Carr had referred to the older Carr as his "master" who spoke to him Lhrough a log and ordered him to kill p )1 4 aL2mxmI

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