Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 21, 1944 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, July 21, 1944
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JULY 21, 1944 NAUGrATUCK DAILY, NEWS Personal—Social rr+f*f*tf+ti*44* Doll Show Held At Rubber Ave. 'playground ElizabethHackett \ Engaged To Leonard McGrath /, dull ciii'W wjui hi'-lil \\Yil no.i- il.iv flfsi'vnonii at the Rubhor Av,,..„,. [ilayuroutiil, with •' prlxcs hp- Inj. nwnriU-d to I he following chil- (lri ,.,: Kdoo Lou Shelter for the oljt'.-<£ '1"": Sanilra Mik'.monis f tht , 'inw-.-n doll: EMiol Vost, foi I!,,. jmmll'-.'it dull: Corn-ma Gal- liii'oi. C" 1 ' '"''' h.iby doll: I'nlriclrv S.ininn-. for a fancy clt-ossotl tlo'.l. "pDniiii Soii/t-r had I hi- most un- n>'.l(Vtfon of dolls. i-xhihitoil Iho bent : ( >r lioll. winter dolls won. pri/.c' f^\- l-'iiitvni'r Kini^: ;tnfl Prnnces Viorrn. ami foiviun dolls for KtUol V<!<: :im! Jackie Kubbell. ..Vwi.r.l." wrtv also rocflvod by Ann.i Mutoh»>!t, fur rnodium-sitfixl dull, Anna Aniato for bos! div-si-cl doll. C':irnl Can:i|HM'i for <iotl with h.'<: ImriiiMii.'uli' di't-ss, nml Ann fi:ilvi:\ fur a i-ryinir doll. !i.«iifil ^ Return From Vacation Ac "Cherokee Lodge" itr. and Mrs. Genr^x 1 7'. Johnson and iljiiinlit'-r, Jani't, of 30 Gormnn Mr. niul Mrs. John K. Hao'-eLl, of 1SI3 North Spring street announce «ho enKajjcmciiit of their daughter. Kli-/ai..ct.h MiipfKirel.. to Leonard Patrick McGrath, 'son or Mr and Mr.-!, rcdvartl J. McGralh of !>M Baldwin street, Wn.ti>rbury. 'I'lto wedding is .scheduled to lake place In the early fall. Outing Sunday For Methodist Choir Th-> choir of .the Methodist chmvh will hold an online cil tl:o mi miner home of fikljw Wynti. at Bantam lake Sunday nrtern'oon, A picnic .-tipper will take place in the ,'nrly evening. . A hoUdop roust waa held Wednesday afternoon in honor, of Patricia Ann Shea of Cliff street, who celebrated her 13Lh birthday, Those present were, Madeline Galvin, Elvu Kompl'cr, Juno Young, Fr.-ince.s Ward, Juunctte C'Donncll, Jean Honan. Helen Ann Donovan, Dorothy Allen, Nancy Bauket, Shirley Hayes, Marion Sue Cortellini, Mnry Lou Shea and Patricia Ann Shcii. Also Edward Galvin, .Robert David L. Noble, Dorothy Beavers Married June 18 BpRpUGH DAILY DIARY Pfc. J. Simmons Visiting- Parents slivi-t an«l .Miss Jrunnc 1 Jsrumfietx Vurnn, Arizona", of "-I Ai-tnii .-urei'i have returned tram I'lyiniuith when; thej- spent n IWD'ks' vafsiiion at the Jolin.-ion sunimi-r home, "Cheroko.o Pfc. .lolm Simmons, U. S. Army r Ctv.-|w, is spenclinfj n. furlough wiih his parents, Mi-, and Mrs. John Simmons of Lewis street. He is stationed at Gunnery school. Returned From Visit To Wcodbury irnan-t B. HnrUins n fi'.'ul has t-rturni'd after n woi'U's visit Conn. Mr.-Mrs. T. Leary At Ycrk Beach Mr. and Mr.':. Thomns T^enry of Francis ^troo-t are spendiiiK'.'L two woi-ks 1 vacnlion nt York Beach, Maine. Announcements )i'avc, been" i'C-. ccived here oTthe mai-i-iaKc. of En iii^-n Dnx'id Lyons Noble,. U. S. N R.,,of Niiugatuck, Conn., to.Miss .Dorothy Bejivei'S, daughter of Mr :ind Mrs. Gcorgo G. Bcavci's ol Fort Ontario, Osu-ujjo, N; Y,, which occurred -'on June 18th, 134-1, in the Dou-lin>,', Stephen and Thomas Clcvclnnd Park Conpregationnl Owens, find Prank Klonoski, church, Washington',- D. 'G. ; JUnsifin Noble is the won of Glenn y. Noble oC 259 Hillside avenue, Nnujratuck, He i.s U'gi'nduate of the Nau^atuck high wc-hool, class of 3930, ;\nd of Rensselaer Polytechnic •Institute of Troy, N. Y., class of 1D-IO, where he was an instructor of mechanicul cnKinnerinK and electrical cnfrineeriiij.? until his'-anlist- ment in the U, S. Navy in June lfl-13. Hu is now stationed nt Wash-. in^ton, D, C. ' , Miss Beavers before her inar- riaK'C, wiis an aircraft comrnurli- cntor for the Civil Aeronautic Ad- niintstruLinn at LynchburK-, Va. Paul B. Passeck Hospital Patient Paul E. Passeck of Highland avenue, Beacon .falls, is a pirtient al St. Mail's . hospital,'ry, wliei-e he will uivdci-g-o an eye operation l.ociay. Candidates Seek Support In Town (Continued from Papc 1) JULY 1944 « M. T T > » 2305678 9 10 11 12 13 U IS 16 17 J8 19 JO 21 22 M 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 JJ Coining Events .'TONIGHT •St.'.Mary's Carnival, Church •'Ground* Until July 211 ; " TOMORROW SI 1 . HedwlK'H Uu/.iiar, Church Puvlllon SUNDAY Service For Vets Making Progress , (Continued from fagc 1) St. Hwlwlg'n Bii/ji oOo MONDAY Visited With Mrs. William McDermott Airs.' Sybil Glynn returned today .o hor home in Wowt Harlfon.1 uL'- lo r spending :i few ilays with her sisttr. Mrs. William Mc'Dcrmolt of Two principal trsiininK b.isos of I hi; U. S. Marino Corps ni'o located at Pan-is island. S. C., and at San Uirfjo, California. 24 OPA Odd Lot .Release Men's, Women's and Boys' SHOES No Ration Stamps Required NOR WASH Shoe Store NEARY BUILDING NAUGATUCK Plans fay .support of guburnat- orial^and congressional candidates are expected to be made at a meeting oTthc Nnuffntuck dclCK.itcs to the state and congressional I Xorth Main street. Democratic conventions, scheduled i for Monday at S p. m. in the court room. The tov.-n committee will also attend the meotinjr, called by Dan| iel .). Callahan. chairman of the t.ou-n committee. Jiach of the 22 delegates has a hall' vote. Tho same proiip of delegates will attend both conventions. •' They are: J. Francis Cullon, Daniel J. Cailnhan, Hai'old Murtha, Peter r. Mecsran, John !E. Ash, Rdwarcl Ryan, R. Milton Shea, U'ardon I^eo J. Brophy, Rocco Kado. Thomas Eroder, Richard T. Parkinson, Mrs. Xor-a Stimdbridjire, Frank Madden, Thomas Nash, ill's. Mary T, Cuinu, Ci-eslo KI:mas- xcwski, Geoi'h'o Lambert, Henry Sau'icki, Luke Comiskey, Peter Klukis. Timothy Hanlon and GCOI'KO Froehlich. Parent-Teachers Aid Collection (Continued from Pafre 1) Papor Salvni;c Collection _— 0 Oo TUESOAY -Tuner Solvut;ti Collection oOo JULY 2!) Clunibake; Tennis Mnklnj; Kci>t., 'Cotlon Hollow Grove-. SATUItDAY Dnn<><?, Y o n I h Ci>iuliiitt«i_', Women's Chi I), \\.i- Xorma] niOiit consu.'npLion of the '. S. amounts 10 more thnr. 17 billion pounds, or abcnit 1Z1 jiounds per person each year. CHOOSES BEAUTIFULLY 'DUTIFUL LINGERIE PECK CO THE MILLER WATERBURY — CHESHIRE asked to hold waste paper for tho collection on Monday and Tuesday i'n order that tho borough may meet ils quota. Chairman C. Arthur Faprcr is con- fidcnl. that Nau^atuck will turn- in al least 50 tons of paper next Monday and Tuesday for this product now is (he No, 1 critical m,'.U- crial in the country and already some pla.n<ts have been forced lo close down due to shortages. The Parent-Teachers IcWer which i'r addressed to all NaupHuck residents, is as follows: "During I ho past school year tho pupils of .the varioirs Grammar schools did a wonderful job of col- lectlntr old newspapers and magazines to add to the pile of salvaged paper. "Al tho present time sera.] L« one'of the most urgently'need- ed malcriuls in tha country to.-help tho war efforL. Old papers;, are processed itrto cardboard and cor- ru^atcd box board which arc used to pack hundreds of different materials which are sent over-scat* to our brothers, husbands, sons and friends. These packages- in many cases actually carry the life blood plasma for our fip:h!in£ men. By savin)? old paper'everyone can dir- eclly help in winning tho •war." ; "Ncxl, Monday, Naujratuck's town trucks will travel tha streets oru "•e side of I ho town and through Bristol Terrace, collecting bundled papers Unit are placed at the curbs. On Tuesdny the trucks will tour 1-ho west side streets. "Up to dale, Naugatuck has not 'reached CO per 'con!, of Us quota of scarp papers. At the time o'f the last, local collection, two months ago. !he collection oh ths I west side was quite satisfactory but the of paper Ral-horccl on Inn cast .side M"as voi*y disappointing and was much loss 1 lhan w.'i.-v collected on former drives. It is hoped l.h-at l.h-o cast side of town can pet together all the papur thait was nol. put out la-si time and will show I ho town, folks that- the cast side is on the Job to help win the war. "Let's nil gel. lo work. Tie. up al! those loose magazines and newspapers. Ham all those old wrapping papers, bayw, old envelopes and any ol-he'r .scrap of paper into old cardboard rartorw and Sunday niffh, 1 , or Mond/iy morning put them out a I the curb on the 'east side of town, and on Monday nij_-ht. or Tuesday morhvnp on I he west side. ".Remember, scrap paper Carrie tho munitions of war -rijfh-l. up to the battle front. It is your figh Make America safe for our'chi clrun," Marines And Soldiers Land On Guam (Continued from Page 1) No ollicial estmate of the strength of the Japanese garrison is available, But it is 'assumed that the enemy has tried to improve his defenses in the past few months. The invasion expands America'.s foothold in the Japs' inner defense zone. Capture of the island will provide an important new springboard for future assaults against Nippon proper.. Gunm fell to the Japanese after only minor resistance on December ilth, :3.)1—four days after Pearl Harbor. The island was defended by -100 American sailors and 155 Marines. Guam was ceded to the United Statos,aftcr the Spanish American] The Board of- Advisors named at the recant meeting includes Warden Leo J, Brophy, George- Froehlich, Patrick H. Kellcy, Miss Helen M<:Doroujirh, Mii.-s Helen G. Moorncy, George B. Lewis, Harold Perry, John H. Schmuck, Edward J. Sodlosky, Rev. Albert E.. Taylor, Dr., N, A, Townc, and Harris Whittcmore, Jr. James F. Kissane ' was namnd chairman of tire Finance Committee 'assisted by 'Carllon W. Brislol mi! Francis E. S. Caulficld. Mrs. William Noble, Jr.. was , named chairman of tho Membership j Committee, assisted by WJlliam V. lalgot and Robert W. Lowed, About 30 attended tile meeting which waij, held in . l,hc parlor of 'he Maple street fire house. Tho ofllcial membership of the Service For Veterans to date includes tho ffjJlowinjf 47 oj-ganiza- loVis: Salvation Army, Naugatuck ^hemlciil, V. F, W. Crusader Post, inighls of Columbus, Christoforo Colombo, John M, Russell Mfg. Co. Local -108 Int. Ass., of Machinists, B. P. O. Elks, Lewis Engineering Co., the Bristol company, St. Hcd- wig's Church Corp., St. Geoi-go's Lith, society, Natatus Tribe No. 25, T, O. R, M., American Legion—Nau- galuck Post No. 17, George Wlgglesworth and Son, Inc.. Methodist E. Church, tho Risdon Ffg. Co., Naugatuck Rangers Conn. State Guard, Selective Service Board MA, Na-ugatuck Fish and Fame Ass'n, Inc., Evergreen Chapter, Order Eastern Star, J. C. Raytkwich, Jr., tho Naugatuck Fm.-l Co., Naugatijck chapter, American Red Cross, U. S. Rubber' company, Naugatuck Chambcl- Com.-nerce', _ Nnugatuck War Council, Naugatuck Woman's Club, W. J. Mcgin. Inc., Naugntuck Parent-Teacher Association, St. Francis' Club, Hillside Congregational church, Naugatuck Teachers eaguo, Carpenter Local 80-1, American Legion Auxiliary, Svea Lodge No. 2-1, O of V., Fraternal Order of laglics, the Naugatuck National bank, Rotary Club, the Connecticut Li>;ht and Power Co., St. Fran- els' church, Sarah Rogers Chapter, D .A. R., Borough of Naiigutuck, Naugatuck Veterans Council, the J erry Press, United Rubber Work- rs No. 2-15, C. I. O. and Unemployment—Selective Service Represcnt- tive. i feather Report Massachusetts. Connecticut, and Rhode Island: Clearing and cool or tonight. Tomorrow fair, liltlc chang-e in temperature. Temperature Report Red Hermans' woke up this morning, looked up through a hoi.; in the ceiling, and saw a cloudy sky. Well, Red said, another cloudy cool day i.s in store for everybody, And Kcd pulled the six blankets over the red head and went back to sJcop. We, loo, shoulda stood in bed. The lowesl point of Ihc temperature recorder was CD at G a. m. Tho weatherman makes no promise of another heat wave. Midn-ight "G ^ 0 a. m r,9 0 a, m 73 Noon 79 1 p. m ... 81 Electrical Supplies Lighting: Equipment I IIOMlt 'EM WITH UOMBS Victor — Columbia — Decca Kecords SWAN ELECTRIC CO. is CHURCH ST. ^LEISURELYSHOPPING j >,Mirrors . . . Artificial Flowers \ • • • Paintings . . . Statuettes . . , J Spun Glass . . Pictures nnd j picture framing CLYNE GLASS SHOP 20 Harrison Avc, ROLLER SKATING TONIGHT Lake Quassapaug Park i A fresh coat of paint on the wood-work and walla will make that room new again* And if you use the tight paint, you can easily keep it clean and aew looking with soab and waterj We recommend • Murphy Paints Ext«rib* • CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL. 3507 YOU WILL LIKE THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR An International Daily -Hrwi paper for these four important differences! NO SENSATIONALISM—NO CrtlME—NO ANIMOSITY THOROUGH NEWS ANALYSIS BY EXPERTS MORE EXCLUSIVE FOREIGN & DOMESTIC COVERAGE CAREFUL CHECK ON NEWS FOR ACCURACY Th« Seiche* Publishing Society On«, Norw«y Street, Boston I?, M»»chuiotn Price $12.OO a Year, or jfl.OO a Month Saturday I«»uc, including Magczinc Section, 92.60 * Ycir Introductory Offer, 6 Saturday luuci 23 Cents Name...'. . „__•„ „;.„ Addrm ___ Sport Shop's "Heartbeat Col lection-of.... Pinafores For Play and Work! $O98 Breezy pinafores — "clean-living" fashions! Th ey rate high among washable work- ables ...their crisp and uncluttered fabrics are Fahrenheit foil- e r s. Ginghams neat and precise. Chintzes gay lovely. Sketched:— "Gingham Gal," neat and precise. Ruffle or square neckline. 10 • 20. SPORT SHOP SECOND FLOOR IT'S LORRAINE FOR,VALUES METROPOLITAN- July & August Watcrbury SAMPLE COPY ON REQUEST PICTURES TO GIVE OR TO KEEP Visit Our Balcony Display GO UIGHT UP ANYTIME AND SEE THE LARGE VARIETY FLORALS — BABY PICTURES ~ NUTTINGS , OIL REPRODUCTIONS Many Sizes to Select-From . MIRRORS? WE HAVE THEM, TOO! FRAMING — PHOTO FRAMES VOUK PICTURE STORE SWEENEY'S The Curd nnd Gift Shop ART. AND STATIONERY STORE Move the family outdoors, right now,. todnj r ... THEN c.nll us to come and pick up-your Jiving- room suite. "We'Jl do such .in-.all-ou't rcupliclstery job on it that everyone-will'. think it's a new suite.-For such a w.ond'er-- fully Jo\v price we'll take the insidc's 'ont of each piece, give it new springs (they'fe .back yon know) do any rc-dowcling that's needed. Then, we'll cover the suite -with a master's ^tonch. Phono 3-1102 for samples aird prices. OPEN ALL DAY THURSDAY TILL 9>. Jt. 27 CENTER STREET Waterbury's Oldest Furniture Store

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