Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 28, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 28, 1916
Page 4
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MILY AND DAILY STANDARD tmu Mai tt-tf'i t-t- «|;>vf> 1ft' \r irn ~ t'-it- Third TERMS OP -SUBSCRIPTION. \ ^. „ . i By Mad, Outride of $*«r!tne) and! RocV ; Fsstlis, Anyvdhsr* in tHe United ; • -• •- ; 'State* or Canada ^_ ' ....... ..... J" "•*> ••^irif *-i!!. One y»'-Tr in .' Six m«nt!"''?" 'In rutv;'in<- Ixi0« tftrtn six month*. month By Carrier In Stsrling or Rock Fa!!*, cr by Mail ut the Sterling or Rock Fall» Pettofftce One y-nr in mlvtirire .... ........ S" f! 0 Si*... ninths.- In.. advance. .„>,,,,..,.? '5 Three* in ndvnnee ........ ].-" One month in ndvam-e ........... 4*> I'iy th<* wp'-k, pnytiblf t<> tin- <nrri'T .10 it is -,-< ,'! w •Til n, '•,!! V .it if;-' 1 >;>• itrv I'KH rsllv, !;t w. h it I« V)"H»-vf( f: .ln\ ut t?f that ROUTE OF THE The < '<m>|!i< niiw < ';un< ni'\ < r ><!i-i-|,«f. It n« ', »-f jf oti« trail's more tli in tin- man lnt«-tlUv-n<-e by kn'.'. oKnl'/ine lli»- .|i>Ti th;»t i« ' proeeeds !" <I" i «»-ernincly (t d'-m- vviKO !»l- ;fnd rf*~ for it. find nit intf w i'!i :l vitfor and petsint* il' y Hint 'brooks de.ficrlp- tinn. Itei'.liiitinu hi • Miiii'f'"* years t\Kf. •the dry u .t v- tn.ih H IOIIK time to Kit her inonieiit'inj. Hot il bus Kftth'"t»-d njl it ut "il« ;«t hist, and tlit» ntonv tnoioi-rit '.mi .M So «<> lt;ivc ilt r tin K\MI> toii. i in-Koti. Hf^uth 1'ako!.-}. Xi l.-ili-.nna, < 'iilorailo; Iowa, Mttmi' i«i|'|'!, s but woitli- HtntcM « iiiK rilri ady tin- tli'e f":unil: XV'ushinK- ii'it:ttifi. .North linkota, ,"i bi.i.cVn, Kansa*. »k- o. AriKoiin. ArVuimm!!, MiehlKiin, Tenni'c- Jtf-rt \\hn nr<- vhltf ftlaVf traffic to cntf-r m tn-w hii!«l- iris: tli*>lr wi>m'-n to litre ni'-n <>!it of th'-lr )i<,'?ne s-f;tt( 4 « nnil (Ic-n i '.!!*••< tin^ hlackmall from f!n«jn nnd.-r itir»'ftt.«t. f>f «''v(.fi.«iir'i nnd Impri- Monrnont. Vfdernl nld should not he offered Mich firs !ndftf»r>v tiff-^ntly n In I'hllnrlelph'in. who took this n^jvart- of tbe iMnhn white plnve art. The nation 'idpnild rejolee .it the •tu'tleal nnnihllntbm nf the whltn though wbife "iltves Adler-Rochester Clothes Our Dress Clothes JF you have waited until the last minute to buy a suit for some formal function come here, we can take care of your wants. Our dress clothes are designed and tailored -to afford 4he~w^arer- upmost freedom of action. Unlike some dress clothes which cause wearer—to si'.-. AliibatiiM, (Ii-oruiu. North Carolina. Soiiili Carolina. Virginia, SN'cst Vlt- i;lni;i and .Mnuif. ' T cour.M«'. in Hoino nT the :i!m v ..' tli«' I'.ruliiblHoii law Is not y»-t in I'on i>, 1'iit it wjjl Tfc> lij .latiiiiiry I, «i ilioi-ahouls. ; l;i • riildtiloti, Horidii itlld I't.ili have tlixtlnctivi'l v dry li'nl"liitnt«'«. \\hlch i." ih.- next ihitm to iii-itiK dry. It ix salt! Unit In both UU-KC stati-H th<« IcRixla- ftjri' «ill K|'«'"illly IUIKH I't'oditntlon lawH. Then 'then- ar<- tt numher of brnrn-rttlrjt— that nr»> or will-ltt^-fntlr* 1 - ly (try, naint'ly. l>«'iroit. Tii<-oiiia, Hc-ai- tin, Onuid Hapids, Dntahfi and KatiHtift City, The Platan ImvliiK mofn than r>o ]«>r I'l'iti of their jropulaiiion living in dry territory arc the following: Texan, L*>ul*iat!a, Indu'um. Kentucky, Minnefiota. l-'loiida and New Hampshire. Thoso u nUU«'x In which from i.'.". p«*r Cent tu tin per cent live in dry territory aro California, ("tali. NVycmttijt. U'lacoiixin, HlinolH, Missouri and Ohio. Those ntat«'8 in' \vhiiili lesx than "•• per cent live in prohibition ttgritory aro Nevada. New Mexico, I'ennnylvin- ia, Maryland. IX'leware. New Ji'i'Mi'.v, New York, CunrH'cticut. Uhode I.Hland, MaHsachu,'u;ltK and YeftJlont, In tin- pr«'H«>iu Kt'ttvrtilioii llu* Cani«*l will get them all. py.-iH.iblu i; "id dis The which Court, HUM Interval for the entire country, Thefce two. men went from fall- live their horrible* lives 'hen* nnd thorns. Thn tuiti"r>. however, should so Plow lief.jre rmtlUnK of the Matin .net a club In tho bund* of nnpcfnptiloun black* inalleri. \Vbettier Ibis will !*»• donp de- pendt ni»>n tlif iuierpre!rtt%in pliuv-d upon the 1,'tw by the Hupreme Court, MAY NOT BE SO BAD. ,, The outbreak nf font nm^tnouth ills* i-ft*,'- iirnotiK the entile of other stntr-H In MIX di.ecotit'M llntr find rtlwnuniRlnsi rlKht after thi-i wertioii bud become ;»p- putentlv free from th<» disease. Hut it may not be ff4t lind after nil. It ifi thai it Mifvy prove n iii-' 1 , If no outbreaks o< < ni In Illinois. At present tiie dise;u»o irt ronlined to oilier fttatej* '1'lH.i will keep nuntM't- ItiK enltle nut and if after it proper period of time It I* foivnd .that eattle from Illinois can' IK- Ireeelvei! it will me-in better priee* fur tin- borne product. If the cattle from the cuttle t'taii'K of iFie west lifenieFd ouFTof Hafe~ IV purpiifti'i* the demand for home Kr<iwn cattle nmy iril'renjm the prk'o for Illinois ftirinerx. ^ Thin is :1 jMirely *<eltish <vny to look at the proposition, but" if this Ktnte after ilH former experiences can get iiny real comfort out of even a t<c|!l*h view of conditions, the furrnerK life en- tilled to all they cun (jet, for they have. i*lt>od the brunt of (hi.* diKoase, t II IK certainly to he hoped that the outbreak IH not a bad one. that a Me<kr*.j is about all Dial will follow, and that i fioon normal conditionx will prevail. THE FIFTH ESTATE. The moving picture nuiuwuy IP ended the Hftll estate. T|u« fourth, a« 1« gel)- enilly known, in the pren«. The fourth is reluctant ii» permit the fifth helping kind, but ux'a matter of fuet movinsr etjHO of l»B(f/i and f'omliH-t'i. i!« before the IT. S. Biipreim- , picture^ are but an extenHlon of.thoeo thiit diiln't move in the public print*. Tbe new tlfth estttte rwlly i« a purt, same an air of man can lounge in one of our dress v suits as he would in.., 1 ' a business suit. We are showing 'a beautiful, tailored' dress suit at $35.00, Others up to $40. "sizes 34 to 42. We have all the: furnishings in keeping with the clothes. Dress.Vests at $3. Silk Vests at $5. _jsar- "Gloves, Hbslery- jthey are all here. Wyne • Deaver Dry Goods Company Ladies* Home Journal Patterns for December IOc and 15c Grand Unvailing of Windows and Opening Display of Christmas Goods? Wednesday evening, December 6th. 9^0/J /*/% Our Store Opens That Evening for Your Inspection , . * . . A ttJPl^ (kf-r Silk Underwear or's Italian Knit Underwear of cotton and wool silk TIH'Tlts in flf'«;]i tint ami wltito. L i s I o 1* ni n n Suits with vest tofts of silk §1 and $1.25. All Silk Y.'sfn $1.50 to $4. Knvolopo Suits $2.50 to $5. l>looinnrs-\vlnt(\ f1«'Hli and black, $1.50 to $3. (Main f!<ror — Underwear section) FOREST MILLS•o n <} e r.w e n r <>( I'Kni.ti fjti.llity i* \v o-rri f n . miV'es ,-iti'il c'llUlren. Am! I h«> b*>.«t f«>nture »f all. is tlu> f:n t that we h.'iv* tlu- jroiids. Hien neck. low neek-w«> llitve your sixe In* cot ton, wool, or silk and wool. Separate R n r mi-ins 25e to $1.60. t'nlon .MuitH 50c to $4. Th<- Infants' K°oils are known foil. You Will Love Dove llndermuslins r clfvt 1 !! y CM rs'wo. have sold merits in Sterling. f;i< tin!) for th.'it U-nglh of tifw. thr-y must be of r-\i r-llrnt rnnt«»rlfil3, of fiooil (ittinK (|imliti««« inn! well mfidr. They must nlsn cotitain all tin- new ff.'ittir*>9 of oaoli n«'aK«in find jdvt* full value for the price you t>ay. rruiy ''Dove" iifiilff- at this store for 25c and up to $5, without four of dl«- jsiitlKfactlon In any way.' Famous "Gordon" and "Round Ticket" Hosiery FOR CHILDREN l"»e will buy white, tan nnd ' black Hose of lonK staple cotton and fast colors; sizes 6 to 10. 2m> .will buy- Hound Ticket How for glrlsjn two welphts of Therceri«ed , nHje, iTr^bTa"i"R7 white and colors: double knees nnd wlew, four 'thread heels anil , toe*; «lzc» &V4 to 10. will buy Hound Ticket for sturdy boys when they are ut pluy or dreswed up. Comes In two weights nnd the colors are* fust; relnforcc-d knees, beelf, Holes atid'toeM; nlzes G to 10. 2'n' biiyn the best of Hose for Infant* . In all. colon*, silk Unit-; sizes 4 to 6V4. Or eashmetfl Huso with Kilk heelH und toes, in bliu-k. whin-, red. t«n. pink 'and blue. « nir'n Is truly the Hosiery Htore. FOR WOMEN !',<• buy* Economy lirand in tan oi- black cotton. 2".c qualitieH nre-Phown Jn Wool, three weight* of cotton" In bhu-k, tan, white nnd biilbrlf_ 3r,e buys exrelk'tit lisle Hone In three .weight*, black and white, f.Oc for silk 'lisle, black and white in regular nnd out, also wool. r.'Jc buys thread siilk and fibre »Hk boot Hose In 1G KhadeB. 6f,c l.myji reKtilur II ullk Hone In «ev«.-ral Rood shades that we are I'leunliiK. *'!'• 11.25 wyj buy tlireiul wilk HOMO with lisle top-in black, white anil IT colors. A wide run«e uf'fnn- clo*, t«o, at this price, . Wonderftil display ^f 3c, 4c,^C, 10c, 12%c, 15c, 25c, 35<v50c, 75c, $1,^1.50.. tolLdke^ Take elevator to and from our Economy Basement, Re$dy-to-Wear, Millinery, Rugs and . ' " • ' ' : . Y"" j • * __ ___ \_ __ •___ _ ___ Drapery Departments— Why t \ walk? ,. - — — — - l >< or <axtennion, of the fourth. Both Ret under the skull of tho public in the way—by makim; them think. . CAUGHTQNTHE FLY No w I f- ! he prlt'e of cotton hod j-e- muincil at- Its 1{»H price In the south. Mr. Hughea might have hud a better chnnco for n Uepulrfican landtilido in the,c.otton country. AH It wa«, cotton went, into 20 cents In time to keep the south wolid, aa imual. And just as the price of. eotlon goes up In the south, up goes the price of cotton goods in th« north. Hetuilers pay they,may reach the levels of the civil war.' In that CUHH it- would be clleH| wear uilks und Putins. A phyMiolan lii X'e\v York in «uinn fur $l<','*U(|-llt;glimiC_-.IliA-JIJUm>il_did Hot appear In tho «lty directory. Home doctors don't bellevo In-mlvertlslug VK- cept when It can*W obtalneil free. Kvery feature «tory originatinK In Now York and referrltiK to some phase of the city's life, has to refer to j«ky- scniperrt. *^1 Kngland is consuming more chewimi «um than ever. What for? To keep ' workers prefer gum to tobacco? , "Isn't the world full of funny feminine 'feet'*" an editor asks. Yen, brother; «om«r of -them seem to lie badly Jn need of pulm; <varmerK. No wonifer .tho price of" Hour in, «P Just consider the number o? Charley chapllri .con»ume» in them into somebody's face. f Over fifteen hundred people partook j of the fret* oyster supp'er duririK the |evening. .Never in the history of the county ban anything of thin magnitude ever been pulled off. It will be an occasion lonK,to'be rememyereiTr^ " Following the «upper there we're npeeehe.M In Bureh<-H'» hull. Hon,^. A. . of_Moline. made the principal To be dressed properly don't forget the hat what ;* you want is here at >.-«.-. .Others up to $10, Store open Tuesday and Wednesday Eve. Never again for years to come such ffreat saving chances. Be on hand early tomorrow mosninff—it will be your last chance to secure desirable merchandise stripped of all its profits. Every article on sale—every article marked at a most sensational price* A Kuropenn chemist i« -produclntr synthetic milk from peanuts. It may yet como 'to panw that wo may produce from moonlight. Fixtures lor sale at i k €OSt Sanitary grocery counters strictly up to date, Bhow cAies 4 cafjh carrier- systeiii, electric coffee mill, t*loaKTitc^' : ifflrtwp' desk and chair, roiling shoe ladders lino* leuin rack and rug rack. Investigate at Tired Feet • ' ' . ' lUude coniforUiblp if you wear tho .improved t'litjhioii solo .shoe, A niin- t .iatiuv mat tress insulo soft' uiui restful to tender foot. ThousautlK of people will wear nothing else. • Try .one pair mid be con-, irf *ii<.ti the (Old)' or . Ur. ' A. lived cushion s>h'U' pt'eviously I'm tciile.d but.Dr, In .that Oklahoma -town, where the undertaken) U>ndt-red -n buriuui't to iTic doctors they 'evidently believe in ad- \Vo have "no OHO for blackmailers: but st»mo of their rich . vU^ms seem to stumble Iniii the pits of «ln altogether •too \Ve are told that bread is cheap* r_ in KniMand than in the Ifnlted" Slates. Hut then, consider our higher btaiulard of UviiiK. * Another thmtr tliat kc'/ps Uuv cost of living up is keeping iioust> »nd dtesxiiiK for the wtke 'of i tiuu in cushion H. G. Bray I. W 21: : g. third St. THE ERIE DEMOCRATS Celebrated The Recent dential Victory Lasi Bveniog. . Tin- Mnnoj-ratir'JolHhcuilun lu-id at Kric lus-t ntiiht under the auspifett ot the l')emoerutic t-lut> oi city was line 'of the greatest NUC''i-?<.'e.'4 « vcr bud in tbe counjy of tbi« kind. Tbe little vIll.iKf ^as^nlled with Uemocruts. not only from that place, .many of the f-m - roundiiiK towiiH w* 11. AjWJliK^' tl» l> number from sreiliiiK ao-l Hock' italic wt'fi' i'<ty Attorney Jacob t'anUyi, of itock Falls, alut Altoioiy Sim Alee, and! Jollii Duffy from Sterh-ntt. Tlie pura>U' wti« n \>(K fcalure und tiu>. <i. l». I'. »•!<?- pliaiit (rum Ste.flM.tK. mu<ie by ^l^. O'un- 1 i«'ii. WHS tln» bii of -the evening. MaityJ ... ' . • • . i"e< tt'iiti appropriate* *»vi)t«-ncv»• tx y the .{Mnocrat'lc victory AVCI address. Judge Olso'h "of" tiTo' county court, of Hock Island county, also made a talk. City Attorney Jacob Ciintlln, of Rock KnlIs, WHS also one of the speaker* and made u hit with the victoriousi Democrat*. Tho Hallin^er family, composed-of the father *'and three children «aiiK several MoleotioitM. •The Mrie bajul.uml the KrJe orche«- tru furnished inutile during the even- ii>R. After the H|ic;ikltiK u free dance was Ktven in the hall and lar^e nuio- burw p;trtl«'lpatod. r The credit of the deniooNtmtion to a'great degree IH due to Dr. H, Ij. Ijeltue, president of the Krie.Democratic club .and Attorney Karl Scott, wecivtary. THE STATElfGISUTURE Will Consider Amendment to the Child Labor Law. < .(By Uni!<Hi J're«».) Sp'higm-ld, 111., Nov. 28.-—When the legislature of I.llinoitt convenen next Jun uary, an'nnirndment "will be offered to thv chihl-hibor law to prohibit the employment of children 'under 18 year* except during vaeation nea»on, recotn- mended by Oscar F, Vel«on, of Chicago rfitef "State"""factory' inspector. "The conservation of the child IK tho foundation upon which any kind of pre- parediu-H.s muni rent,"- Nelson wald to- diTyr~Tn r <r^nare<nTiai the preMent~eoiv^" tilt Ion. of highly MpWlalUed indumry h,'*« removed .any chance of a chlld'rt MurvivittK Ions term employment without bud effects. "The boy bandit problem can b« traced to the rebellion of youth HKUihM: blind alley employment," -lu» Maid. "The ntai«\ muMt ..face ij^e fiUtjyt|.on now und the most practical way to meet It i« to prohibit the employment of all children under :tj years' except during school vacation" At prcHcnt children irf IllinolH between 14 and 1»> are. allowed to work the year around under certain limitations* aw to hours of labor* .They mutt hn v*»~«• <!ertUk 5 ute - tt»-» hew—that- liunn have beeji complied with. In a r insjnclnl Sent*. Teacher—"What Is Uiu capital of FloH^tt?" Bright Boy—"The monajf (hey get from us Northerner*."—Bo»* ton 1Yttu*.'rlpf, SthiO nicely ileciirnte.d for the occasion. I t)l!i> lif llu* K("I/lit cVt'llln "t' .the «.V-i enjiifci' llH" free oyMcr Cupper |u'!«i' in (lu- .Vitliloi ii.i.|o. 8iK liuudi.»'.»l. s-iiil . wvic ft-.;, *:• -i! Ji\ \\&li 't'tl ..the frv'li'oy,-- tcr'^uni 't;j. y ;-., M "-i'S <'.„'.! .Jll'l all «'f (h.-; ai-ii v« U .'i,j M;, - [', i.-.. . i ' ' WPR ^ - ^IS^^- ^(PpPIHPF ^^B • yJHJ9 fHHI ^pP(Hw. -^Mi^^^^ ^^^^^ - HI ' ". Trade Ijere anyway, No drill? stO|;e, xvi'll-olUVr'-ywu .better trading- fat'ilities than we clo. None will endeavor to eater to.yo^r satiafaiJtion to any better degree than we do. No store eail sell you'^fttfir goadi/.-.-Alk^tHlier, it is better to trade at your "libnu'"-'tJni^ store »n.d v by t'om-entracing your buy-- iujf, you atTord us; a ,stil,l liettef't'liuiH-e to sell riglit and ser\-e ri^bt'. It will, ut least, pay you to find OUt l ™*> ' ' ' r'*; •' '•' ,.' \»-\«jJ|iMKJMI The Pharmacy Co, . BIOKFOIiP'S, Sterling,-Illinois Bell.K07-R ' PHONES interstate 15 Phone yaur wsntf—Prompt "d^liverx »«rvico. • : - -I | \ • J3

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