The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida on April 17, 1989 · 69
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The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida · 69

Miami, Florida
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Monday, April 17, 1989
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TV-RADIOec ANN LANDERS2C MOVIE TIMES4C LIVELY ARTS5C Monday April 17 1989 PB T Suzy Eastwood now may be making Streisand’s day Barbra Streisand and Clint East-wood? I love it! The word from Hollywood is that they are “seeing each other" which translated means at least one or two dates All has not always been perfect in the long Clint Eastwood-Sondra Locke relationship a miracle of longevity by Hollywood standards Recently when the going got tough Clint got going to Utah to ski with his kids As for Barbra she still hangs in there with all her old boyfriends o j Jon Peters Richard Streisand Baskin Don John son Maybe now she has one more bell to answer Family feud What’s happening with the family feud over the proprietorship of star-shaped Gardiners Island one of America’s last privately owned enclaves? The clash erupted nearly eight years ago between the hereditary half-owner Robert David Lion Gardiner and his niece Alexandra Creel (Mrs Robert) Goelet (a surrogate for her mother Alexandra Gardiner Creel Robert Gardiner’s late sister) They are struggling for control of the 4000-acre property The Gardiners a New York family acquired title to the island in 1639 through the courtesy of Charles I of England’s land grant to their ancestor Lion Gardiner an English-born military engineer They have kept the property tightly in the family with no internecine warfare until the 1980s Alexandra Gardiner Creel rarely Visited the island and its 27 miles of beaches located four miles off the coast of East Hampton an incredible place with 17th- and 18th-Century outbuildings a windmill a blacksmith shop the bound boys’ residence and Lion Gardiner’s carpentry shop Not to mention Bostwick Wood the last great white oak forest within hundreds of miles and the magnificent bird life ospreys wild turkeys peregrine falcons and owls And a colonial-style manor house In recent years however Alexandra and Robert Goelet — he is the chairman of the American Museum of Natural History and a naturalist and preservationist — have been using and managing the island more aggressively riling Robert Gardiner The dispute languished in court until this the 350th anniversary of Gardiner’s Island In a decision this March the court ruled the use of the island by the two hereditary owners Gardiner and Alexandra Goelet will alternate at two-week intervals The judge allowed various designated rooms as belonging to each faction for the t purposes of decoration and display of art and memorabilia Despite the feud both factions are celebrating the island’s 350th anniversary in separate observances The Goelets are holding a graveside memorial at the magnificent Gothic mausoleum in East Hampton designed by Renwick (who designed New York’s St Patrick’s Cathedral) where the founding father Lion Gardiner is interred Gardiner’s celebration will be unfurled over the Memorial Day and Fourth of July weekends with naturalists historians preservationists and friends in attendance Cook mine rare Sean Lennon on spring break from his private school in Switzerland had a hot meal with his mother Yoko Ono and some friends at the Hard Rock the other night He and mummy wore matching sunglasses and all the girls in the place were looking Sean over Yes he’s growing up I Also hopping into the' M Hard Rock for a ham- 4 burger were Olympic y Gold Medal winner Greg Louganis in town to do a commercial and boxer Boom Boom Mancini graciously signing autographs Such a sweetie Singing Simon Carly Simon still riding high from her :ademy Award for Best Song Let the Riv-Run from Working Girl is opening an t gallery on May 2 which she’s calling Riv-run of all things The first exhibition includes artists from artha’s Vineyard where Carly lives and ill benefit certain charities such as the Ha-lden Foundation for drug and alcohol re-ibilitation and the Association to Benefit lildren in New York City The Riverrun will be located at 135 Cen-al Park West a lovely site with 15-foot ilings mahogany everywhere fireplaces id a divine view And all sorts of divine pes are coming to the opening You’ll iow them when you see them We love geeks in the springtime By RYAN P MURPHY Herald Writer Ffont-nunncrs pril they say is the crudest month And did we mention the weirdest? 0 er the course of the next couple of weeks a cavalcade of strange-but-true (and in most cases warped) entertainment properties will tumble into the public marketplace at a frightening pace Morton Downey Jr teen-age murderers roaches and fat people who OD on Cheetos (doesn’t this sound like a Geraldo show guest list?) are just a few of this season’s stars Strangely enough the majority of these properties come with positive advance word of mouth Geek voyeurism is all the rage A continuing series on what’s hot and what’s going to be hot In the film arena Heathers — hyped as a teen-age Blue Velvet — is the odds-on favorite to be this spring’s sleeper hit and with good reason The movie follows the exploits of two lonely high-school losers (Winona Ryder and Christian Slater) who seek revenge by knocking off the school’s popular kids such as the cheerleaders all of whom are named Heather (thus the great title) It opens in South Florida on the 28th At the preview I went to audience members cheered and screamed as the mean A-list kids — most of whom are blond and wear biking shorts — were bumped off one by one Not since the Walking Tall series have I seen such a reaction The film’s greatest moment (which all of us one-time teen-age outsiders will cheer) occurs when the murderous duo kills the school’s two top jocks (who are as vile as they are stupid) and arranges the crime so that it looks like a gay double suicide Unlike most teen films this one is void of any heavy-handed moralism: the killers get off scot-free A movie with a happy ending — hurray! Hurray! is not what you’ll be chanting when Turn to FRONT-RUNNERS 3C Morton Downey Jr: His new album is certainly topical I FLEA FACTS WALTER MICHOT Miami Herald Staff Poor MacDougal gets a bath at Holy Acres Kennel in West Broward Bathing is one of the few ways to help rid him of fleas Scientific name: Common flea ctenocephalides canis for dogs and felis for cats Varieties: 1600 species found from the Arctic Circle to the Arabian deserts Size: 004 to 04 inch Leaping limit: About 200 times their body length — eight inches or so Life span: Egg to adult from several weeks to nearly a year Age: A fossil flea found in Australia is claimed to be 200 million years old Typical pet’s colony: Untreated animals can support 60 to 100 fleas a week Egg output: Females lay 20 or' more a day up to 600 a month but about 300 fleas on one hapless cat produced 10000 eggs in 24 hours Cocoon size: 400000 fleas fill a gallon Food: Blood about one-tenth of a microliter per slurp be it animal or human-About 53000 feedings will put an eight-pound cat in shock Health threats: For pets rashes infections hair loss anemia other blood diseases For humans itching infections anemia The Oriental rat flea was the principal carrier of the bubonic plague that killed a quarter of the people in Europe during the Middle Ages Durability: Freeze a flea Thaw it out It lives! SOURCES: University of Florida Encyclopedia Britannica veterinary manuals and veterinarians They’re coming after Fido — and you’ll be next! By CURTIS MORGAN Herald Staff Writer f hey bug Sherry Narron’s boxer They gnaw her six sable Burmese cats They’ve even infested the stuffed leopard lion and gazelle her roommate’s father bagged on safari The Fort Lauderdale woman has a bad flea problem a problem shared by pet owners statewide A mild and extremely dry winter has pushed all the right buttons for frenzied unfettered flea breeding Philip Koehler a University of Florida entomology professor who is a specialist in fleas believes the population of the six-legged leaping bloodsuckers now is at an all-time high “The only way I can assess it is by people com plaining and I’ve had a lot of people complaining so this is probably a record-breaking year” he says Many veterinarians kennel operators and pet owners in South Florida agree the flea count is up “We’re selling more flea products we’re doing more baths and dips” Delray Beach veterinarian Albert Angel says “The start of this year certainly has been worse than the previous year” Things are so bad that emboldened fleas are putting the bite on veterinarians’ pets “I know it’s bad when my own dog gets fleas” says Dr Marilyn Nowicki of the Davie Animal Care Hospital who found a few on Astro her old English sheep dog “The fleas seem to be much more active I think they’re bigger this year” Florida’s high humidity warm temperatures and sandy soil create the perfect Petrie dish for flea procreation The adults feed on blood from dogs cats and other animals Females lay whitish eggs smaller than a grain of sand that end up just about everywhere an animal frequents — carpeting car seats bedding lawns After two to 12 days tiny wan and bristled worms wriggle out to feed on flea feces called “blood crumbs” and other obnoxious material These larvae then weave cocoons they will live in from days to months before emerging as blood-lusting adults The weather can control fleas in several ways Koehler says Extended cold snaps kill adults and Turn to FLEAS 2C Troubled kids need help in developing self-esteem IHOWPARENTS'CAN INSTILUSELF-ESTEEM By CARL M CANNON Herald Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — When California Assemblyman John Vasconcellos proposed spending millions to promote self-esteem among Californians a lot of people poked fun at him But self-esteem is no joke Among professionals who spend their lives trying to help the troubled children of America a consensus is emerging: instilling self-esteem is the most effective way to combat illiteracy drug use unwanted pregnancy and violence among the nation’s young In a year when concern over the nation’s children is paramount in the White House Congress and state capitals across the country it is an approach that offers hope Ask Jack Lawn about drugs He’s a no-nonsense narcotics officer and former high school basketball coach who is the administrator of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration Three years ago Lawn began dispatching his agents into high schools where they sought out student role models usually athletes to convince their peers of the perils of drug use But “it doesn’t work with kids who have no sense of self-worth" Lawn says “They Turn to SELF-ESTEEM 3C Self-esteem is a complex human trait that involves the interworking of a child's innate personality the quality of love and attention the child receives the child's own ability to accomplish tasks and in turn to derive satisfaction from those tasks Finally it involves what Dr Stanley Greenspan calls “a child’s inner harmony” — how the child perceives his or her own actions and feelings In his book The Essential Partnership Greenspan describes well-loved children who suddenly suffer a shocking decrease in their self-esteem for a variety of reasons The jealousy they feel for a sibling might make them feel that they are bad even fiendish people Other children might begin to despise themselves because an undetected learning disability makes it difficult for them to follow in structions and do well Dr Sol Gordon a psychologist and educator in Belmont Calif offers the following advice to help parents instill selfesteem in their children: Convey to your children that nothing that happens to them will be made worse by talking to you about it Teach your children by word and example that we all make mistakes and that it’s up to us to turn those mistakes into lessons Teach them that failure is an event — not a person Let your children know “We’re not complete without you” Finally — for the children themselves — and quoting Eleanor Roosevelt “Nobody can ever make you feel inferior without your consent" — CARL CANNON 'i 4 'A

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