Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 6, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1968
Page 2
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NireftUStt CIETY 7443* jCotendor of in DfTEgBAT, MARCH 6 A Family Pollack Supper wilt t* held it the First Presbyterian Chafed Wednesday March 6 be* gin/ilng it &50 ptfn, The sapper will be followed by another pro* gftffl, under the direction of Mrs, John & Lot 1 6ft Japan. MARCH 1 Heftipstead County Asso- clajlon fef Retarded children will meet Thursday, March 1 at 1t30 P.rp, in the City Hall, Hope Men's Golf Assoda* Will meet at the Hope Coun* tf$ Club Thursday, March 7 be. girtnlnf at 7 p.m. for a bar be* qt*i prepared by Jamie Russell. A-ta«eUng will follow at 8 p.m. to be of interest to everyone In th$ association. nthe meeting of the Eastern SUr Hope Chapter • No. 328 will be held Thursday night, March 7 in the Masonic hall. ^Mrs. Blanch Robertson, tHs- tt;kt Grand Lecturer will make her annual visit. All members aifi urged to come, ''Weather permitting, the Sr, Citizens Club will meet Thursday, March 7 at the Youth Center at 1:30. All members are urfced to attend. ***, • - '•The Victory Homemakers Extension Club will meet Thursday March 7 at 2 p.m. In the home of Mrs. Clayborne Rowe. All members are urged to attend. . • FRIDAY, MARCH 8 i-The Laneburg PTA will have a spaghetti supper in the school jinchroom Friday, March 8, 5-7 parti. Price per plate is 50 cents for children under 12 years of age and $1 for adults. Pee Wee and 8 d.m. oftcf 4 pLffi, first place was shared by: Mrs, MaHftC. HeftifiXafi! Mrs. Harry Hawthorne, Mrs. Lloyd Spencer and Mrs. George Robison, Mrs. E, P. tounf > Jr. art Mike Kelly. Mrs. J. C, Broyies and Mrs, Bill Wray were second, and Mrs, J, M. Duffle aftJ Mrs, Frank Nolen. There were 5 tables of players, Coming, Going Mrs. Taylor Stuart is visiting in Bradley with Mr, and Mrs, Jack Meek. Guests of the Frank Kings over the weekend included Mr. aid Mrs. David Scott and family, Arkadelphla; Dora Ann King and Karen Brayant, North Texas State University, Denton, Tex.; and Don Purdy, Texarkana, Mrs, Frank Grachek, Me- Casklll, Is visiting relatives In San Francisco, Mrs. Ruth Purnu of Rogers, Arkansas B 4 PW Club President, was honored with a dinner at the Grim Hotel In Texarkana Tuesday night. Those attending from the Hope club were: La- Vela Mouser, Pat McCain, Virginia Hosmer, Tommye Byrd, Betty Jane Foster, Odelle Collier, Bonnie Beckworth, Mar- jorle Rogers, and Mary Anita Laseter. London Bridge May Come to Arkansas M^T (MR| STARt nVnll If vnifi Mi CMHrtn Art 1IEMISFAIR FLOWERS BLOOM on a bright navy background (left) in this Wettway Petltes pantdreti. Two tieri of ruffles hide the panto. A bright red bow accents the collar, Nardls of Dallai like* the look of the '30s for traveling to HemisFair (right). The double- breasted jacket has short sleeves for warm days. It Is in polyester doublekalt for easy care. HELEN HELP US! by H«Un Bottol YOUTH ASKED FOR ITI This column is for young people, their problems and plea* sures, their troubles and fun. As with the rest of Helen Help USI, it welcomes laughs but won't dodge a serious question with a brush-off. Send your teenage questions to YOUTH ASKED FOR IT. care of Helen Help USI this newspaper, ALARM SYSTEM ELIMINATES LITTLE ROCK (AP>- When London Bridge comes down, It may land In Arkansas. The city of London put Its his- FLOOR PACING addlt basketball games will follow torlc bridge up for sale last . 6 year after announcing plans to °ear Helen: replace it with a modern steel and concrete span In'the school gym. Proceeds will be used to purchase glass backboards for the basketball court. /•SATURDAY, MARCH 9 'Alpha Delta Chapter, Delta Kappa Gamma, will have a combined luncheon meeting with Nashville and Prescott chapters at 12:30 p.m. Saturday, March 9 at -the Town and Country. All local members are especially urged to attend. MONDAY, MARCH 11 The Hope "Council of Garden Clubs will meet at the Chamber of Commerce Room at 10 a.m. Monday, March 11. TUESDAY, MARCH 12 The Hope Iris Club will meet at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 12 In the home of Mrs. C. P. Tolleson. BRIDGE CLUB MEETS A three-way tie for first place highlighted the Duplicate Bridge Club meeting Monday night, March 4 at the Diamond. The My wife never out grew "sitting up with the baby." 0 nly now A Little" Rock'lawyer and two it's sitting up and waiting for the prominent Arkansas business- teenagers. She refuses to sleep men revealed Tuesday that they until they are safe In their beds, had formed the London Bridge To keep herself awake, she Corp., last November to attempt reads. If they are five minutes to purchase the landmark. overdue, she paces. She gets m* Ray Thornton, the attorney so nervous I can't sleep, and for the corporation, W. R. she's driving the kids batty. Who "Witt" Stephens, president and needs Mama waiting to welcome chairman of the board of Ar- them at the door? kansas Louisiana Gas Co., and ! argue, but she says this is Jack Stephens of the Stephen^J^J&Oy.-.^ Inc., are the f inc6T^rti6Tii^^^^^ 1 ^'^^^'^^"^"'* ""^ Thornton said the corporation Dear Ab: was considering locating the "-I'd say your wife Is an anxiety- structure In parks at Hot n^i but that won't change her. Springs or London (Pope Coun- You might suggest the "clock ty). He said,the group original' ly had hoped to place the bridge over the Arkansas River cure." A friend of mine sets an alarm clock for the time her teen is due home. Then she puts but that engineering studies lt outside her bedroom door and Indicated that this would be 1m- g°es to sleep. If he comes In practical. before his curfew, he turns off —'—"——•— the buzzer button and Mama Early Egyptians treated continues her rest. If he doesn't tumors with an ointment of make his deadline, the alarm arsenic and vinegar, accord-sounds and &bma may then start ing to the Encyclopaedia pacing. So far, she reports, her Britannica. " KXAR KOLUMN i I BUY AT HOME HI-LO An exciting new game on KXAR We put X Hope Dollars in HI-LO Jackpot You call us and guess how much. We tell you only if you are HI or LO. You narrow it down til you guess exact amount Buy At Home • Buy In Hope And Play Buy At Home Hi-Lo on sleep has never been disturbed, A good Idea? • •> H. Dear Helen: Here's another whyohwhyoh- whyohwhyohwhy. Why did the Good Lard make men and women so different and expect them to live together? I'm haphazard; he's precise. I like salads; he likes rare steaks, I'm spur-of-the moment; he's a planner, I like to talk; he likes TV. I'm a spender where he's a saver (hobbles, new cars). I like the snow; he freezes, he likes the desert; I swelter. Yet even when we fight, we 1 re happy that we have each other. Are we - - CRAZY OR SOMETHING? Dear Crazy or Something: Nope - - you' re In love or something - - and liable to stay that way. Perhaps you're like red and green • • so different you compliment each other. - - H. jBSsos .. )ear Helen: We have an r older relative living with us. He's 70, but looks 60 and Is In good health. The trouble Is, his personal habits and grooming leave something to be desired. We have a nice home. I just can't see him sitting on our good upholstery the way he looks. Yet, when I suggest that he shave and get cleaned up, he gets furious. He says he isn't going anywhere, forget It. Why do old people get so careless?--CELESTE Dear Celeste: ... Because they've lost Interest in life, and therefore, in their personal appearances. Your relative "isn't going anywhere"* • that's his big problem. Aim him toward a Goldenage Club, a hobby, retired friends, church, volunteer work • -anything to get him back In circulation. Include him on some of your family trips, even If only to the supermarket. And insist that he "get fixed up" before every outing. He'll soon regain his pride when he learns he is wanted and needed, - - H. P.S, It won't be as easy as I make it sound; you'll need to nag a bit, grlend, • - H. Copyright, 1968, King Features Syndicate, Inc. By CVfrtHlA LOWRY Af» Teieti8Ioft*SMio Writer NSW YORK (AP) * It is a musical event of theft Attar ftubensteln, CHstrakh ftfid the Dolshoi Ballot appear together in one concert, the occasion Tuesday night was CBS's 96-minute special, "S. Hurok Presents," tneprtj- gram was presented with complete simplicity, It opened with Oistrakh playing the Bath Violin Concerto, the Bolshol Corps de Ballet and three soloists then presented a portion of Adolphe Adams, "Giselle." the final, longest portion was the fl-year* old Rubenslcln playing Beethoven's Wtno Concerto No, 4 In full. During the final portion, the camera became more active and Inventive, moving from close- ups of Rubenstttn's face to his hands on (he keyboard, also doing some double shots and focusing on some of the instrumentalists In the orchestra. Since the telephone Hour started It last season, the business of skipping mlddle-oMhe- show commercials has become something, of a TV status symbol. The sponsors of the Hurok show, a mutual fund, had only the briefest, soft-sell statement at the program's end, and In a curious Innovation, gave the home viewers an intermission of absolute silence for a minute between the three segments of the program. Earlier, NBC presented!) summary of the career of the late Clark Gable. MGM, the studio for whom Gable made most of his films during his long career, produced the program and tagged it a documentary. Actually It consisted of bits from many of his films, a sketchy biography covering his prestar years, and some very brief, but hardly incisive reminiscences by people who knew him then and later. In spite of the gushy, superficial writing, It was a fascinating show to watch. We saw Gable the lover— he gathered into his strong arms all the great women stars from the early 1930s to his death In I960— from Garbo to Ava Gardner and Marilyn Monroe. We even saw him as Rhett Butler In "Gone With the Wind,"— Just a few clips from a film that has been withheld from TV broadcast, Time to Avoid Stayman Cut < , It Is a big night for specials and ABC, with them all, has pre-empted Its entire Wednesday night schedule to make room. The first Is "The Savage World of the Coral Jungle, "7:30-8:30 EST— second In the undersea series of Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Then comes a half- hour called "The Now Generation," that has Ryan O'Neal of "Peyton Place" Interviewing Mia Farrow on her life and ideas. Princess Grace will be a tour guide on a musical trip around Monaco— 9-10. Then comes the first of a three-part adaptation of William L. Shlr- er's massive history of Nazi Germany, "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich." recwili ol th« week sui»ej "Love Is Blue," Mauriui "Simon Says," 1910 Kru!(gum Co, "Valk'y of the Dolls," Warwick "The Dock of ihc Bay," Rfdding "I Wish II Would Rain," TempUtions "Spooky," Clawics IV "Just Propped In," Fir%« "W»lk Away Rpner," Four Tops "Bonl* of Win*," Fireball* "I Thank You," Sam and With Succfff NOIITM A 8 fl s a f A9 WESf ¥ J 10 8 7 4K872 4104 ¥82 * 18 84 4KJ53 sotrrn *AQ4 f KQ4 Both vulnerable Norili till S*atk 1 N.T. Puss 3 N.T, PM» P«M Pass Opening lc«d—¥J *iri no isposal , * • , "1 lit* tn* water »mt»wf te* they dlf bit notes t» tftt There are many eonvifi- llons that any good bridge player should keep in his tool kit. One of these Is the two* club response to a no-trump opening to see if the no* tr urn per holds a four-card major suit. This convention is called "Stayman" after Sam Stayman of New York, th« first to publicize it, but there are almost as many variations as there are bridge players. We use our own form o< Stayman combined with our Jacoby transfer, and almost every good player in the worid employs some form of Stayman also. , In other words, it is a good convention but, like all good conventions, it should not be used with every hand. In the Tri-State Regional at the famous Grossinger's Hotel In Liberty, N.Y., the mixed pairs event was won by Gilbert and Doris Brown. Today's hand shows one of their good scores. Doris opened one no- trump and Gil saw no reason to look for a 4-4 major fit because he had honors in every other suit. He just bid three no-trump and left Doris to struggle with it. Doris won the first trick with dummy's ace of heart* and promptly lost the diamond finesse. West led a second heart to her queen and she led the nine of clubs, covered by the 10, queen and king. East couldn't lead another heart and shifted to the seven of spades. Doris played the queen and .was delighted to find 1 one 'flWersii*thjit worked. She led the eight of clubs and lost that finesse to the jack, but it didn't matter. She wound up with two spades, three hearts, two diamonds and two clubs for a satisfactory nine tricks. It was particularly satisfactory when it turned out that four spades would b« down two. AM,) The South American horse- fish sheds its skin like a snake. "VMWM4," KiwM "Chriity," MaofcaM -Myrs IrtcfctorMf*," VMal NQNFICTION "Brtwff* PartM wri CliM," GNM« "NkfceU* wM Aksaa4ra," Mat* «nt Nil** API," Mwrh »O«r Cro»4," Trey»« LET'S TALK ABOUT MOVIES By VEIOA SEAMANS f new trt ft few of the Ihit Mf* mad« this y«f *s town report an instant btat seil«r Id this flef«w>f*Bostoft eommtffltty. Instead of stuffy list* of mo* nlctptl iccomptlshmfinlir, tht tiport fe«tures yotmg seheol children's comments about thttr town of 20,000 poputfttlon* Children's drawings by the hundreds illustrate It with i youngster's imagination, the report, "as children see us," Is the idea of Town Mutftf* «r Richard J. doweru fn M Introduction he says: "There (« a simplicity of truth In the eyes of children." Although most of the report contains sober accounts by various town officials, here are a few by the youngsters* Police: "The policeman helps me when I am kidnaped." Firemen? "The ftremaa help* us if our house is on fire. If your brother Is In the house the fireman goes In and gets the boy out,* 1 Highways: "Streets are very Important, We drive on streets to go places." The park department? "Trees help keep the sun away from hot people/' But the street lighting depart* ment gets a dip "We need a new light on our street," One youngster dismissed Memorial Hall Library in big letters: "Libraries are for book worms," Parental conversation at the dinner table probably inspired this: "The town meeting Is accepting our road. We payed a hundred dollars for It. Others payed a million." Big Boundaries New York City was described by the first Encyclo- paedia Britannlca 200 years ago as being bounded by Can* ada on the north, New England on the east, the American Sea on the south and Pennsylvania and the Iroquols Indians on the west, yoat offtett tfesftift fof am tea *«il*1 mrt tottef f* fi«ft t teiepnow in tin mm i* i eftfffisy to tin ouse. Wftfi tlW pf«»l* of the Unl(«d Sttfti dlli von fof Jdtice, ym don't Iflte to **<$ him wtitiAf or for c« aim to to thfoutfi chitnnets, Your bftfBsi daily owret* \» pushing the button in fotar posture efcaif wMit jwft tiiif for your afternoon Mp, Ail Id oil, you're doing m will tfiAt your gf ay.f»(r«d old ffloth- «r is in« only one in fto» world left with the eouftgf to ettl yo« by your first naroft- and *N'* t bit timid about doing K, Yep, man, your iffttff is okay, Yofl'Ts got status Inflatus for sure, School May lost Front Sfoft LITTLE ROCK (APj~Aifct« Education Department official , said Tuesday that the Wat*** sekft School District could loos* • its state funds if it doesn't raise local funds to meet a $4, 030 deficit from the district's 1M64T fiscal year. Harvey Snoil, assistant com* mission* r for adlnlstratire • services of the department, said that any school district that goes into the red In any one year looses state funds until tha district raises local funds to overcome the deficit* Joe Simpson, Wabbnseka district superintendent, said Monday that the district's teachers had been under paid $4.030 during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1007. The deficit was created when the $500 teacher salary raises authorized by the 1067 legislature apparently weren't fully distributed in the deficit. Q — The bidding ha< bc«n: West North K»»t Bwtli 1 V Pas* POM Dble Pass 1 * P«« PM* 2V 24 Paw ? You, South, hold: 4AQ87 V3Z •KJII +Q51 What do you do now? A — Pau. Your partner waaa't •tronc enough U> overmll »t the •tart or to Jump after jrrar double. He !• Juit competing fee a part acore. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of bidding one spade, your partner jumps to two spades after your double. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Current Best Sellers (Compiled by Publlth»r»' W»«kly) FICTION "Topat," Uric »Tht CiMff«t«M «l Nat Tarn r," can open this • tit Tonight Is the last showing of "HAMLET". Tlwrs. ' Fri. - Sat. is Walt Disney's "THE HAPPIEST MJL- yONAIRE," a singing heel- thyroplng musical, the happiest picture o( the year. Stars Fred Mc&fcrray - Tommy Steele • Qreer Carson and GeraWine . Follow 'The FUm-Flam Man' on the road to fun and adventure, the entertainment Ires' of the year. "THE FUM-FLAM showing JU'e Sbow Sat. MAN" • Sun. • Won. at the Saenger, 3e sure to meet Mordecal Jones, the master of back-stabbing and double- dealing, you'll get plenty of laughs, and yo«'U enjoy it, too. This week-end at the Pixie Is that comedy Wt - "PJYOBCi: AMERICAN SmE" *iOi Pick Van Pyke <• Pebble Reynolds Jean Simmons - Ji*m 8o*»riJ* and Van Johnson. Tn« feature Is a western • with Le» Barker to the OF THE RENEGADES." A week-end of gocri fan>Uy entertainment ^SP M4$ bring Mpra aal P34 to tne movies . . . Aetioo i_ J a&S&S^fS&G&f^^ If a new washer would brighten your we can help you install one in a hurry, fust visit our installment loan Department, and arrange an appliance loan. We try to make it as easy as possible to get a Joan. And we make our loans easy on you too, with low payments- M fote OfHQff

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