Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 19, 1964 · Page 11
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 11

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1964
Page 11
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Italy moves to curb By PHIL NEWSOM UPl Foreign News Analyst The end o£ the first 100 days of Italian Premier Aldo Moro's centcr-Icft government finds important changes occurring, both in the nation's "miracle" econ omy and among its left-winj political parties. Italy's economic growth in recent years has surpassed even that of France and West Germany. But it also has led to galloping inflation which recently has caused a flight of capital and a trade deficit threatening her gold and dollar reserves. Over the weekend, the United States and a number of European banks moved to tide Italy over its financial emergency until the government's own attempts to put on the inflationary brakes take bold. The help came in the form of a billion dollars in credit designed to halt speculation in the Italian lire. Spending Curbs The government's own efforts have included new taxes to help meet a budget deficit and measures to curb consumer spending. Particularly hard hit was the booming business in new auto mobiles which rapidly has been converting Italy to a nation on wheels. The curbs include tightened restrictions on instaUment buying, a new auto sales tax and vastly increased gasoline taxes. The austerity measures have brought complaints from both labor and bu.siness and have led to strains within the Jloro government in which left-wing socialists are participating for the first time since the years just after World War II. Uo Alternative However, since there seems no pratical alternative to the center-left cooperation of Socialists and Christian Democrats, the government is expected to survive and there are hopes that steps to halt the inflation ary spiral have been taken in time. Directly connected with Socialist leader Pietro Nenni's de cision to lead his left-wing party into the government has been an important party split. Leaders representing 40 per cent of the party membership announced in January they were breaking away from the Nenni leadership and forming a parly of their own to be known as the Italian Socialist Party of Proletarian Unity. It gave Italy three Socialist parties, including the Democratic Socialists of Giuseppe Sara- gat, who now is Italian foreign minister. Nenni is a deputy premier. Communist Split Outside the government but pressuring for a voice are the Italian Communists, who themselves are split. One out of four Italians votes Communist, but in the party conference which ended Sunday in Naples there were com plaints of a declining membership and charges that the leadership had lost touch with the people. An important element in the debate was the split between a pro-Chinese faction and the leadership of Palmiro Togliatti, the Communist veteran who cautiously advocates (he coexistence line of Nikita Khrushchev. Khrushchev's suggestion that Italian Communists improve their relations with the Catholic Church in a spirit of coexistence drew little public reaction from the delegates. It had been interpreted as a move by Khrushchev to improve Communist chances for a role in government and to check the pro-Chinese. Diary published Pope John bitfer over his military service ROME (UPI)—To Pope Johnous imposition on the ministers:classes and who did more to ease tension between the Vatican and Communist world than any other church figure of this century wrote this way about a May Day demonstration in XXIII, the army barracks was of God.' terrible and he wrote in hisi Later he drew this lesson diary, "how ugly the world is, from his militarj* experience: what dirt, what filth!" \ Servant Of God That was in 1901, when thoi "I do not live for other than late Pope was in the army. Itto obey the signs of God likell903: is one of the cntn 'es contained a little soldier at attention be- 1 "The workingmen. but within the diary which Angelo Ron- j fore his superior...! am aiout religion and without God, calli kept from the age of uiseri-ant.. .and the Lord hasithe poor, exploited by the dem- to 81—a year before his death; shown me His orders.. .1 lovejagogues, the unconscious crowd —and which appeared in Italian! health. Here is sickness. God I lives it up today, bawling its ibook stores today under the ti-lsends it to me. Well, may sick- mainly Utopian ideals which, jtlc, "II Giomale Dellanima";ness be blessed then." at times most just, are almost (Journal of a Soul). | Pope John was drafted in No- always deformed and pro The Pope spoke with rare vember, 1901 and served as a faned." bitterness of his military serv-non-commissioned officer in the Collection Of Notes ice, saying "I had to submit: medical corps. The diary is a collection of, myself to military sen'icel The man who later WTote en- notes that shed light on Pope which is an unjust and barbar-jcyclicals hailed by the working John's spiritual life from his! young years in seminary until one year before bis death in 1963. On July 9, 1961, Pope John fold his private secretary Msgr. Loris Caponvilla that he could publish the diary, but only aft er his death. "My soul," he said, "is in these pages." Msgr. Capo villa recounts in the preface to the book that Pope John said to him that evening as he leafed through pages of the diary: "I was a good boy, innocent. little timid. I wanted to love God at all costs and I didn't think of anything but being a priest. .And meanwhile I Farm wage guaronteed in Estonia MOSCOW (UPI)-The Soviet Union announced , today that collective farmers in the repub lie of Estonia are now getting guaranteed monthly wages. Tliis was the first implemen tation of Premier Nikita Khrushchev's proposal for increased material incentives as a means of boosting lagging Soviet farm production. struggled against an enemy in myself, the love of myself.. .1 took everything seriously and the examinations of conscience were detailed and severe " Redlands Daily Facts Thuri. Mar. 19, 19M-11 Safe breed of tobacco seen faraway CHARLOITE, N.C. (UPI)-Tobacco researcher Kennedy R. Keller said Wednesday a "safe breed" of tobacco can be dcvel oped — but it may take a tong time. 'We think we can develop a safe breed through genetics as soon as other researchers identify harmful constituents which can be eliminated from e.'dsting breeds," said Keller. The search for the harmful constituents, however, might take a "great deal of time," he said. Quote of Day WASHINGTON — Rep. Peter H. B. Frelinghuysen, R-N.J., attacking President Johnson's appointment of Peace Corps chief Sargent Shriver to head the war on poverty: "Shriver will be the czar and he could knock heads together." TREMOR HITS CITY TRIESTE, Italy (UPI) — An earth tremor rocked this Adriatic port city Wednesday, cracking some walls but causing no casualties. The head of a stone statue crashed down from the facade of SL Anthony's Church onto a parked car. Who Has a Birthday MARCH 20 Arden Reynolds, Jr. Fred Kuhn Doug Johnson Cecil C. Carson George Andrews Ray S. Mounfjoy James Mitchell William Graaf Moore, Sr. Bill Scheen Steven Tupper Donald Hampton Richard Boyd Karl M. Lindsay Mike Fowler J. B. Hundley Kenneth Frintc Joe Boyd Thomas' MeCollough Karl Lindsay Sigfred Miller Happy Birthday from n E. Stat. Ph. 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