Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 21, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, July 21, 1944
Page 2
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Page Two NAUQATUCK DAILY NEWS FRIDAY, JULY 21. 1944 W.P.B. Denies Gov. Baldwin's Assertion On Labor Shortage Hnrlford. .Inly 21—a: P>—Wsir Production, bon.rd officials deny Governor Baldwin's assc-rllon I •'hut No. 1 critical labor shortage area classifications for five central Connecticut ci.tie;i him 'hiiuli't-LKt piact*- mont oC new war contracts or renewal of existing coiUructs, Tho governor made tho assertion As We WERE SAYING.. In May, l!»:n, whllr UiiH*taii wciithiT iihsiTvrrM from Moscow were camped on nil lci % flot practically 'if Hit 1 ->'»r!h I'olr, thi-y c.xprrli'iu-cd day* when (lie ti-inprraliin- wclit as high a* US ahuvc 7<>ru. Woolcy hair, wnvy hair, straight hull- lire the thrno classifications in which nil mnnk'nd inny be divided. according to Prof. A. C. I'taddon, ISthnriloglst, Cambridge University, -tvlth wavy hair the genet a! ehiirfuiro-lsiic of Americans of European origin. TXMI.Vllllf till- I'hlllll Of H pIlllllMll- Injr company tlmt i> Biblt- In the pocket of it >i'Idii-r could deflect hnllrts and oilier mlwtllt'H. Mir Federal Trade Ci'iiiinlssion nalil it would deflect nothing m'n'i 1 dangerous thiin a «|iiMil Inilli-l. During the lim" I' takes you to leisurely rond this column. planes of the Air Transport Command will have flown L',000 miles. Natives of Uliik inland In the Smith rarlfic win fllrnb trees a* nlfiihl.v as monkey* hecunii: MO enamored uf Signal Corps men in —hiivc the .-i Army stringing wlrrs. that s|ilii(-s are tin: most coveted and. when secured, prl/.i-d possession on thu Island. Our Personal I^an Department was orgiinixed. to me"', the normal borrowing requirements of the average man find woman in this lo'-alitv. H Is not. limited to Nuugaluek Na'ioual deposlun's, but includes everyone of good character and with a steady job. Because we try t.o fit. o"r loans to i hi- individual require- 'merit, it is not difficult to borrow, here. In t'nct. we rntike a point <i r . nuick decisions, u.sinlly getting our loan ch'.'dc into the hands of thu applicant with -•! hours. There is no more reason to be embarrassed about asking for r> Personal Loan, than about ordering a bag '.-f Hour, for they arc both forms o:' commodities that are un for sale. A Naugatuck National PERSONAL LOAN will cost you but SO per year pur S100 borrowed, and you may take a full y:ur to repay it i'n sma'l. convenient monthly installments. Your applicatoln may he made in person, by mail, or by phone 'J'-Sti, Srveral-tiino.rcivl.sed TuwnseiHl "dlcl-aire" plan, lacks only Jl> slgiiallll'i-s to get 1> 11'Mlse vole, J-rovslluiis: monthly annuities to nil over (i<>; to mothers and the disabled. Money raised through ;$ per cent lax on gross lucuine, i-A.-lllding first SI.!!tH», all Individuals mid corpuriitiiiiis. On basis of 1!M" natio'nal income, iiiiiiuily estiiiiati.'d S!«,W» IM.T month. ... Today's anecdotL-: A sergeant wasi training somu recruits on a rit'le i-ftng(.'. At a hundred yards the order to fire was given. After tho smoke had cleared away, the target was revealed as smooth and un- tnuchpd. The sergeant gave the order to move un to fifty yards. Again the 'Irlng "rclei- wua given. And sMIl tin- target was untouched. They moved up to twenty-five yards—with the same results. Ordering the troops into closed rangs. the sc-hgeant, red in tho face and restraining himself with difti- cully, .shouted: "fix bayonuta and charge!" In l!>»:i Ifnelc S:vin tunk In some- tlilnit like $:;i),li<M).l>|i(l morir in the --ale of airmail .stamps»n he paid Hie Airlines for mall Mglit eolored imckages are cooler tn tonrh than dark and, he.. isorli lieal, I hi: liirli !;III (hey iilisoi'li heal, the eolitaltiers may actually the contents of a pack- to melt. Said Marvin 13. Roscnberi-y, chief -'ustice, Wisconsin Supreme Court: "The place to begin the battle against crime Is In the ligh-chair, not the, electric chair. TIII; NAUGATUCK NATIONAL BANK Member of Fod»rol Deposit Insurance Ctorporotlon In ;i letter lo War Manpower Dlr- eclor Puvil V. McNutt requesting; Llitil the citir» bu Irunsfcrrud to less RtrlngetiL ralln-fvs. The chairman of l^c irunlral Connecticut area production urgency ciiinmltlcc of tho W-P-B—Clarence A. \Voodruff—declares that placements for June' clearly show that I'lio UcsiK'nation has not in'Lcrfe-rcd with new or ron-cwod contrnctii. The cities alTcDU-il are Hartford. MericlLMi, New Britain, Watcrbury nnd Bri-s-tol. Local W-P-B officials say chances for a" chatipe iti the classification are remote. any LOW KK-NT ritO.IKCTS n-Jhins-lon. July -21—CUP)—The National Housing; Administration has announced it wi'.l revive some low rent projects suspended by l.hc outbreak of tho war. Admia-itftiin- tor John Blandford. Jr.. said war rUorw wilt soon be able to rent purchose now housing for the first time since tho (^.tablls'hmcnl of I'onslrucClon controls. >Ic said maximum prices will remain at $0.000 and maximum ah el- tor rentals at £50 except in a few xceptiomil areas. • ... Japanese Beetles Have Appeared In If augatuck Yards Although not reported In great numbers, Japa'n.eso beetlei'*., have already been ncitud lo some extent in Nauga'aiclc yards nnd gardens. These beetles arc bron/.e anil very distinctive in .'ippetu-anco, also very disthnclive, like their human namesakes. Japanese 'beetles Ti.a. v i> been known to eat up gardens nncl lawns nnd to do groa-|. t damage ' to elm •trees.. Niiugtituck 'ban e-rcapcd an infestation. of the elm Iree beetle wiiicli has caused widespread damage to old elm t.rccs in the Bridgeport. and Faii-ficki county" areas. The current dry spell is taking a loll of lawns at mtmy Naiigaluck home*. UUY WAB BONDS AND-.STAMI'S .ROSE SHOP More of our famous DRESSES The More You Have The Merrier Your Summer! ROSE SHOP 87 South Main St. — Waterbury dues onel eer," » -' ^^^1 $;•"'/• / - • ;•• .fit- -. / • / ,)\' .• - ,4x*L, -i / ^r^fe-4 rtrm and clijrnit.y perfectly blended '. Get in on tho fun Iiy visiting the air-conditioned Statt; theater, Hertford, ' stiirtins today, lind viewing tile K rp!llj <-' ! < t luu/yh show' in a decade! It's titled "Keep 'Km" - . . »nd hrotlier. It Jiuudline the ftliuw Is Li- K«.v<!, "Tin; Daffy Auction- in person, with a sincln^, ikincirii;, ciivortiinr cast of -IU tal- uiilod "si-ruivhiill" ontcrttiliuirs In a .joy-jiiiiinmil jiiinhorei! "'wh'o ffivc you Ihe /."nii-Ht, laiiffh-ihfcst- !•<! nioiii'.-ntH you've cvisr .urijoj-co. To adiJ to tin; Ray fostlvitles, linyi: ulso Drives iiwity $250 daily In cash and prl/.cs to ihcmhcrs of the audience who participate in Ills shenanigan*/ Included In the hljt merry show Is WBlly Ward with Mity. Mllford In "Fun on th<: Keys," Morey Ainstcp- iljini, stiir of Mutual's "Liuifi-li «fc Swinjr Club"; June Lorruine, "I'rinccss of Mimicry"; Joe, -Lou & Marilyn, nacl others. On screen IM ".fuhnny Doesn't tivc Hero Aiiy'nmrc" with SlmonuiiSlhioii' & James Kllison. There will ho a midnilu show toiii|;lil. (Friday) only. WAC Now Seeks The Enlistment Of 22,000 More Women Tho Army has issued a call ,£oi 23,000 women to join the. WAC foi scrvicor in ' hospitals 'and laboratories in the rehabilitation and cure of sick and wounded soldiers returned from combat duty'. Women nre needed to assist medical of fleers' and mii'SM'In"20 types of' -worlc;. ranging- from medical tcch'riiclan's 1 to Instructors lor the blind, and'''deaf..' With; tho ; -'great demand on nurses rind corpsmcn, it la neces- sary'to supplement the' staffs Jot' hospitals' : -' with' trained women. High -school graduates without other training or experience will be sent either- to Hot Springs; Ark'., or -Camp AUcrbury, Ind., for special draining. ' College -graduates without experience will be assigned os psychiatric assistants in army hospitals. Among- the 'specialists'- needed, arc social workers, laboratory technicians, dental mechanics, dental hyglcnists, X-ray technicians; medical • stenographers, pharmnciHts, hearing-aid technicians, teachers experienced In the instruction of the blind and deaf, and teachers for' rehabilitation work: 'Special representatives of the COTTON HOLLOW CorrcNpoiidciit'M I'lioiic S3M> Two laylors Spend Furloughs Together With Parents Pvt. Wilfred Taylor and hi; brother, Pvt. Kenneth Taylor, both sons or Mr, and.Mrs. Wilfred Tay : lor, are visiting home on furlough The two boys arrived • from camp yesterday. Wilfred is stationed at Fort Miles, Del., and Kenneth is home from Camp''Hood, Texas. Enterliiln-s Client Loul.-ro .Hill 'lias as'her guest, Rosemary. McCarthy of Watcrbury. 3oth young ladies arc trainee nurses- at St. Mary's hospital. A hot dog'roast wns .held' Iris I. night with several other fellow trainees- in a.t- cridahce a-t "Miss Hill's' home. Surgeon General's 'Office will bo oh duty lit the WAC Recruiting Office, 160 Temple Street, Now Haven, Conn., to explain the program to prospective recruits. 12 DAYS OF HICCUPS Five flags—those of France, Spain, England, the Confederacy, and the U .S, have flown over Hie state of Mississippi. Los Angeles July 21—(U P)—A 31-year-old Los Angeles machinist i i« over—temporarily; at least—a 12-day siege of hiccups. Electric shock treatments brought an end to .the spasms which started when the victim,. Lawrence Schonc couldn't find ,1 house to live in. When stunned out of the hiccups by Clio shocks, Schonc ate his llrst full meal since the attacks started and then fell asleep. Observe W<--ddlnRT Dale Mr. and Mr.3. Harry Winnie ob- icrved their lOCh- wedding anniivcr- ,ary today. • Birthday Roimt ri:inncd A hot dog roast, .lo celebrate the slxWi birthday of Roberta Moffalt, daughter of Mr.' and Mrs. George Moffatt, to being planned for this Sunday. The youngster's' playmates will 'at tend, the roast. MONJ2T.VBY CONFERENCE- WAR UONDS AND STAMI'S Brc.llon Woods. July 21—(UP) — Quota problems .arc slill unsolved at the United Nations monetary conference but delcgate-i arc optimistic about an early agreement' being roai.'hed. Russia, is holding out for a reduction of il« <juota set for the ter.. billion dollar world bunk. Observers say a compromise of one billion dollars may be agreed upon by the Soviet. Army Plane Breaks Record In Flight; ,..'.." ••" i * "'• . '• ' X London-Washington Washington, July 21—(U P)—A record non-stop flight, tvia been m.adc -by An -Army transport plane which flew from London to Washington. The 3,800 mile trip w.-j.s .iccom- plijflicd in exactly 38 hours. The War department, in an-nouncin;? this aviation feat, rciys the plane broke all previous records for nonstop flights by a land- plane. . Th2 pilot, Major Henry T. Myers of Timton, Georgia, aays he didn't try to cstabli'Jh .1 record. He just took advantage oi "tail winds wherever possible. ".'.••'' '."••'" • Funerals Scotland's island of Staffa is a bit of land without any residents. U is visited by many as a resort but no one is said to live there permanent! v. Funcriil Of Mr*. Mary Fcclcy The funeral of Mrs. Mary A. Fccley, who died Tuesday at her home, 22 Oak street, was held this morning al 8:30 from the residence to St. Francis church where solemn hifjh Mass pf. requiem wns celebrated at 9 o'clock by Rev. lohn McTcaguc assisted by Rev. eorge Dunn as deacon 'and Rev. Joseph Kbchunas. as sub-deacon. The "Funeral March".was played by Miss" Frances Higgins, organist, it the-processional, "Panis Angeli- cus" at the offertory, "Mother of Sorrows" after Mass and " Kindly Light" rat the recessional. I3e.ircrs -wove John Hanley, Jamos Fcnton, William JTixdn. Si'., .lichnel ODonncll, David Dillon and Michael Murray. Burial was in St. James' cemetery with Father Dunn conducting the committal services. Organization of Ihe U. S. treasury dates" to ScpUimber 2, 17SO. We HFC \vmrrbHn-. On| r DIED SEM HOW—Frederick, of sti-cet, July 20. 19«. Sunday at. 3 p. m. at Immiuiii.1 Lutheran church. Burial In Grovo cemetery- CAKD.OF THANKS We wish to thank our tr.iiny friends, relatives nnd ncighbori" and especially the \.'alcrbury, Taj;, company, the Deacon . Vu'l'ity grange and the Xaugat'uch 'Ret Cross for the kindness and iym. pathy shown us during our fccrot bereavement, the death of t>ur beloved wife, mother and daughter. Patrick J. Horan and Family, ' Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Tbomu. J ond Family »» Too Late To Classify IDS.) ' DODGE S«:dan, heater and RCA radio. Good condition, $200. Apply 37 New street cor. Hillside avc. Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334^ FURNITURE 1760 WATERTOWN AVE. (OAKVILLE) STORES 175-185 CHURCH ST. NAUGATUCK Q WAYSIDE STORE OPEN THURS., FRIDAY ' and SATURDAY EVENINGS UNTIL NINE P. M. . Every Night On This Cushiony, Resilient 100% Staple Cotton stermoor Mattress * BOTH STORES c L 6 s E: D ALL DAY M6NDAYS . .JULY and AUGUST 49 PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE Cushiony, resident—made us Ostcrmoor has been making.these all-cotton mattresses tlu-ougli all the years. Its softness and lastingness aw qualities of Ostennooi-'s traditional manufacturing process—famous for generations. • •-•••-• \ou owe it to your country to keep fit and energetic. We urge you to come in nnd inspect thii fine Ostermoor as the best possible aid'to health- bringing sound Vest. . O f HER OS T E R M Q OR MA T T R E S S E S $29.50 $35.00 $39.50

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