Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 6, 1963 · Page 4
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 4

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 6, 1963
Page 4
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4 Gdlesbu It Will Be a Sham e If All You Need a Baudaid and -A 4 By PETER EDSON WASHINGTON (NBA)-th6 ftefct six months may be ad fateful AS any half-year since the end ol World War II. Developments now coming fo a head are important to the United States internationally and on the domestic front as well. MOSCOW TALKS between Russian and Red Chinese leaders may set the course for the future of communism. A widening split between the two camps, which now seems likely, greatly alters the international balance of power in Asia. The most immediate result might be a decision on the resumption of Red China's attack on India later this year. Finally aroused to the Communist men- the real threat ttm Red China President Kennedy's trip to fiu- Stability in Europe is questionable. is its advance through Burma and Indochina into the Malay peninsula. The threat of further Communist penetration into Southeast Asia has been increased by British faHure to persuade the Russians to help stop the fighting in Laos. Pakistan's foolish flirtations with Red China as an ally that might help against India further heighten the prospett for trouble in South Asia. AFTER fHiS Russia-Red China talks in Moscow Come American- British-Russian negotiations on a nuclear test ban. The outcome will indicate whether the threat of nuclear warfare becomes more acute or is eased. If the latter, thefe may be some hope for eventual ace, India is now said to see that progress towards disarmament. rope is being hailed as a great personal triumph, making clear America's continued support for Europe. But the extent to which the mission advanced American objectives tor a strengthened North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is still uncertain. The proposed NATO multilateral nuclear force, armed with Polaris missiles, has been temporarily shelved. It may never come into being as long as the opposition of French President Charles de Gaulle continues. BRITISH AND Italian governments are weak and may fall The German government will change this autumn with the retirement of Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. The Netherlands faces elections. The failure of Europe to twite in a common market or for meaningful trade and tariff negotiations with the United States weakens alliance Russian troops In Cuba ttmtffifcg the mwt serious irritation to Up United Stat** ( The State Department mm maintains then art hotf * the time whole Alantic when it needs to at a show , strength against the Communist front. The possibility that the Rus* sians may revive the Berlin crisis at any time is a constant threat. The Near Cast, Africa and Latin America are in a ferment of development, still unsure they can govern themselves as democracies. Argentina, with elections set for July 7, is battling against a revival of Peronterfl. Brazil, Venezuela and British Guiana are prime targets for Communist In* filtration, some of it exported from Cuba. THE CONTINUED present of left in Cuba to put dowh I Hun- If these Russian troops should start shooting Cubans, the States has made clear to the So* viets there will be Amcrtean intervention, A showdown this year is hot ruled out, Si* months from now there will, ( be a clearer picture on how many,; of these problems have worked out. Depending on whether they nre Kennedy administration vie* tories or defeats, (heir effects on the American presidential. and congressional elections in 1904 will be great / * ckyAide's Hideaway Eludes Direct ryList By The Washington Staff Newspaper Enterprise Assn. WASHINGTON (NEA) - New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller's chief political aide, George Hinman, holds forth in the pastel- tinted, thick-carpeted offices of the Rockefeller brothers in New York's RCA building. The .other day William Prendergast t research director of the Republican National Committee, came to call on Hi run an 41 but floor he was on. forgot which He asked the lobby information man; Can THE ARGENTINE ELECTIONS. If the meth- Illinois, as it is elsewhere in the nation. About od of choosing a President in the United States 84 per cent of the state's. 10 million citizens sometimes seems cumbersome, weighted, and have some form of it, according to the Villi- short of the truly democratic, consider what nois Business Review." Health and accident in- it's like to run for national office in Argen- surance has grown nationwide from 12 per tina. cent in 1941 to. the present national average Voters in Sunday's national elections must of 75 per cent. More than 1,800 organizations choose among lists submitted by 10 political issue some form of health and accident insur- parties. . Voting is obligatory for all eligible ance, and premiums in this state in 1960 ex- voters—voting age is 18 years—with the ex- deeded half a billion dollars. An interesting and hopeful aspect about you tell me where I might find George Hinman?" The information clerk quickly thumbed through his list but he couldn't find the name. Puzzled, he asked Prendergast: ception of those over 70, the physically ill, those living beyond a specified distance from the growth of health and accident' insurance a polling place, electoral judges and officials, i s that older persons, who had little chance of and civilians attending to official duties or buying it several years ago, can now obtain * a . irs » . "What is he, the plumber?" \Vhen Prendergast laughed and mentioned the magic name •'Rockefeller," the clerk picked up the telephone, got the unlisted floor, and muttered sheepishly: , "Fifty-sixth floor, sir." RICHARD GARDNER, deputy assistant secretary of state for international Organization Af- before simply curing overpopulation through artificial dissemination." PUBLIC INFORMATION specialists of the Department of Defense — harassed by accusations of bad handling of the news have adopted a phrase from Homer, "After the event, even a fool is wise." ' FINANCE CHAIRMAN Richard Maguire gave the Democratic National Committee meeting in Washington the shortest and least revealing report ever made on how much money the party had or did not have in its treasury. "It's like my wife's cookie jar," Said the red-faced Maguire. "No matter how many cookies she puts in, it soon gets empty." None of the committeemen were impolite enough to ask the chairman to translate that into f numbers of dollars on hand or in debt. The general understanding was that the party is in the black thanks to President Kennedy's $l,000-a-ticket dinner and gala. But when a political party has money in the bank, it doesn't boast about it. The act is to put on a poor face — to beg for more. SEN. KENNETH KEATING of New York received a letter from a senior citizen of Buffalo in support of Health Care for the Aged. The old gent gave his theory on why the bill didn't pass last year. He said it was due to the fact that the young people of today don't have enough respect for their elders. "It Then he concluded: seems that the whippersnappers in Washington today respect old age only when it's bottled." AFTER THE SENATE approv­ ed a resolution designating Sept. 17th as a legal holiday to be known as Constitution Day, Sen. Karl E. Mundt, R-S. D., observed: "The way the Supreme Court has been going, one wonders if the holiday will be 'in memoriam to' or 'in honor of the Constitution." U. S. CHAMBER of Commerce national headquarters in Washington is going to run up a flag and march around the flagpole at 7:12 p.m. July 9 in observance of "D" — for Deliverance —Day. At that precise moment, according to chamber statisticians, 52 per cent of the calendar year 1963 will have passed. , Op to that moment corporations that pay 52 per cent of their net profits in income taxes will have been working for the government. From 7:13 time than figure out things like chamber President this," Edwin Wilmington, I also says P. Neilan, Del, banker. "But I also hopt the House Ways and Means Committee will cut taxes and move D-Day back a little closer to New Years Day in 1964," THE ALMANAC By United Press International Today is Saturday, July 6, the 187th day of 1963 with 178 to follow. p.m. wiU on be through Dec. 31 they working for themselves. "I hope our economists have belter things to do most of the Oth er Editorial Opin i public services. The military are ineligible. it regardless of physical condition or age—a Presidential electors are not legally bound Methodist bishop in New. York obtained a pol- to vote for the party Presidential candidates icy last Thursday at the age of 100, and noted They can vote for someone who has not even that there was registered. The Communist Party is legal,. indicating the growing acceptance of the in- cent United Nations conference "no panic" in the transaction, was speaking oetore a joint meeting of the International Council of Women and the National Council of Women of the U. S. on "population explosion." Gardner related how at a 're­ but a federal decree 1 prohibits Communist surance program! Party candidates. But Communists are not the problem. The real trouble is with Peronists, * * # Intensive enrollment drives aimed at persons 65 and older have been scheduled by at "Outer Space" and "Population Explosion" were listed together on the same program. "The connection, of course, is least four major insurance organizations this obvious/' observed Gardner. summer. The companies will ask no med- AFTER PERONISTA GAINS in the ical questions and require no medical exam- March 1962 elections—promising to give them inations, and the applicant or a relative may 10 of 22 provincial governorships and 44 seats bu y the policy by mail. in Congress—the armed forces removed President Arturo Frondizi from office and ordered him detained. Frondizi, who had been elected in 1958 with Peronista backing, had allowed Peronists to enter candidates in an election for the first time since 1955, the' year President Juan Domingo Peron was overthrown. So the army ordered Frondizi re- Health insurers are eageV and, we suspect, able to prove that a federal medical care program is not needed in this country. • • * IS THERE A PENALTY? When the wheat farmers shook Washington by voting down the Freeman plan, they did so in the face of placed by the Senate president, Jose Maria f n . aid ^ inistra ^" that no other wheat Guido, who subsequently voided the results of the elections and recessed Congress. legislation would be forthcoming. That threat was an attempt to coerce farmers into giving Under Guide's decree, pro-Peronist par- " Pt "f^ C ° ntr01 ^ ° Wn affah ' Sl ties on Sunday are not permitted to run can- , but ^T'T " 0t 3 Pm ' ty t0 and JS " 0t didates for the offices of President, Vice President, provincial governor, or federal senator. bound by it. No matter what other pressing problems But die Popular Union Party, pro-Peronist there may be ' ^ Congress now should care- is cooperating with the Intransigent Radical fully work out a wheat biU which ^ U he a Civil Union (UCRI), the party of both Fron- step toward an eventual tee market, but dizi and Guido, and five minor parties to whlch wiU not P enalfae farmers for the form a Popular and National Front support- g° vernment ' s own mistakes in the past. ing the Presidential candidacy of Vineente The existence of enormous stocks of gov- Solano Lima, leader of the Popular Conser- ernment -° wne <* sur P ll <s wheat hangs as a vative Party. threat ov the commodity markets, and This has caused dissension within the there is now no assur ance that they will not be dumped and drive prices down to a ruinous level. Past performance of the Agriculture Department suggests that such sales might be made to "teach farmers a lesson." It is the government which must learn the "There's really no population problem since you can always export the excess people to other planets. 'This is called;'*, he said, \ V ^ ; MAILBOX Courtesy Needed Editor, Register-Mail: The word "courtesy" covers a lot of ground like our cars do nowadays. In parking on streets let's give the people that live along there enough room to get out of their driveways. Those who make U-turns on busy streets should also use the full meaning of the • word. And four wheels should be used in coming out of places of business instead of burning tires on two. We may blame pedestrians, but we all have to walk sometimes. So some of these people that get out of cars might wait on the curb for sign to change and not stand out in the street; also wait for the sign to change instead of walking against it. This word "courtesy" is much abused. There would be fewer accidents and hurt feelings if courtesy were practiced as it should be.—Mildred Fulton* TWO IN HARNESS. Any set of statistics flung at random upon the commons is an invitation to speculation, and never more so than when it concerns our own behavior. The Labor Department has just announced that almost a third of all the married women in this country are work* ing, including far more middle- aged women than ever before. Jeremiahs will hasten to attribute to this fact all the ills which beset us, from the increase in juvenile delinquency to the spread of TV dinners. A more interesting speculation want to lead something resembling the Renaissance mold, then we must realize that we cannot achieve it through capsule-style knowledge and examinations which, however am­ is why women strenuous double UCRI and among Peronists. The UCRI previously had named Oscar Alende as its Presidential candidate. A further complication is that Raul Matera, former leader of the Peronist movement in Buenos Aires, on July 1 announced that he '^on. Farmers want to be free to manage would accept an offer to become the Presi- lheir own affairs, and have voted so. Ulti- dential candidate of the Christian Democrat- lately, this will mean a healthier agriculture ic Party <PDC), a small and relatively new and a lessened tax burden for all of us. Any organization. Some say Matera is still loyal attem Pt to punish or "discipline" farmers for FIFTY YEARS AGO lives. Money is, of course, the first reason which emerges from polls and surveys: rnpney for^ spending in answer to "the revolution of higher expectations," or just money for fun. Some moralists instantly condemn the first ground as well as the second without pausing to consider of what these higher expectations consist. It may be something as simple as a better house, but often it is more complex. . , Above all, it is the college education which has become the expectation of between a third and half of all the children in the country. The correlation between women's return to employment and the youngest child's reaching school age has often been noted. Has anyone surveyed the relation between women's return to employment and the school status of the eldest child? If they did, it might put the upsurge in female employment in a less meretricious light- and less _ _ * Quotes From Today's News (Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.) By United Press International ST. LEONARDS, England Peter Robertson, a car salesman, referring to the Profumo scandal in explaining why he and his wife are changing their names to Lord and Lady Robertson: "I was so disgusted with reading about some of the naughty things our ladies and lords get up to that I decided to show them what we working-class people riingly devised, test,only memory. Far too many examinations are based strictly upon the more mechanical functions of memory. When learning is like a stream flowing between high banks, with tributaries forbidden, then not only education but examinations, too, are but navigation tests of a straight course. A little intelligence and a good memory serve. —San Mateo (Calif.) Times The moon is full. The morning stars are Venus; Jupiter and Saturn. The evening star is Mars. On this day in history: In 1699, the infamous pirate, William Kidd, was seized in Boston and deported to England. In 1928, a preview of the first all-talking motion picture, 'The Lights of New York," took place' in New York. In 1944, the most disastrous circus fire in U.S. history occurred in Hartford, Conn., at the Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus. The toll was 168 killed, 350 injured. In 1959, Russia orbited two dogs and a rabbit in a space capsule. F • A thought for the day—Daniel Webster said: "There is nothing so powerful as truth—and often nothing so strange. j- H (Jalesburgr Itegfsfer-Mail OUict 140 Soutb Prairtt Stmt, Gaiesburg, fiUnoU TELEPHONE NUMBER Register-Mail Exchange 342*6161 we could do." Entered ns Second Clam Matter at the Post Office at Gaiesburg, Illinois, under let of Congress erf Mprrh 3. 187ft. Dally except Sunday. CHICAGO-John representative board of of Davis, youth the NAACP directors, replying to James Meredith's criticism of leadership among young Negroes: "It grieves me to hear such talk. One just has to look at integration movements in North Carolina and Tennessee to see the quality of Negro youth leadership and the tremendous sacrifices these youths are making." Ethel Custer Schmlth._..Publisher Charles Morrow .Editor M H. Eddy—.—Associate Editor And Director of Public Relations H. H, Clay Managing Editor Representa- SUBSCRIPTION RATES By Carrier in City of Gaiesburg 35o a Week. 4 By RFD mail In our retail trading zone: 1 Year #10.00 3 Months f3J0 6 Months | 6.00 1 Month |1J3 No mall subscriptions accepted In towns where there Is established newspaper boy deUvery. Advertising Company Incor National tive: Ward-Griffith porated. New Voru, Chicago, Da- troit, Boston. Atlanta, San Fran* Cisco, Los Angeles. PhUadelphla, Charlotte. MEMTER AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATIONS ^•'•'•''•••••Sl^pBpaf^BlBBaBfj SH^BSSSI**^*^^^*^^^^^^*'*^***lSBj^^p^jj^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use or republication of aU the local news printed in this newspaper as well aa all AP news dispatches By Carrier to retail trading sons) outside City of GaJeeburgT _. 1 week 30e By mail outside retaU trading zone tn Illinois, Iowa and Missouri and by motor route tn retaU trading zone. 1 year $13.00 3 Months asta 6 Months 1 7.00 t Month |ll» r- B, m.11 ou^nitooU. ,ow. IIS^ISS HOP TP — — **** NEW YORK Windsor, •more of an aspiration of a grab.—The Sun The Duke of answering for himself and his wife when asked to comment on the Profumo sex-and-security scandal in England: "Of course we've been following it in the could Crossword Puzzzle Answer to Previous Puzxle (Baltimore) in tne newspapers, we avoid it? But we no comment to make." How have REMINISCING Of Bygone Years PARTY LABELS won't mean much any- to Peron, and he is likely to get a good many their independence should be interpreted as a Peronista votes. cynical attempt to preserve a bureaucracy * * • which was not serving well. There is an opportunity now to phase out way. Presidential electors convener July lhe . 3 ^' ear * old unsuccessful experiment in 31 to choose President and Vice President. ^ econoniic controIs ,hat have been im ' On Aug. 12 national senators and deputies are f 0 ?* 1 0 " the farmer - and Con ^ ress should to meet to verify the count of the Electoral lclp make ^ ^Mrawals symptoms as pain- College and to elect a President and Vice ! ess 35 P ° SSlble lor those who have becn f « rc * President if the Electoral College has failed to do so. Sunday, July 6, 1913 A large crowd war present for children's day exercises of the Swedish Lutheran Church held in the church auditorium. MORE THAN MEMORY. As long as the present adult generation can remember, parents and educators have been attacking the "tyranny of the examination. 1 ' The arguments are familiar: Examinations cannot be true tests of knowledge. Success depends too much on cramming and there is luck in the HOLLYWOOD — Mrs. Carlotta- Llano, 45, crying in anguish after critically wounding her 15-year- old son whom she mistook for a prowler; "I wish somebody would shoot me. memory; mere is choice of questions; dents suffer from "nerves" some stu- and Now You Know By United Press International The Bornean earless monitor, lanthonotus borneensis, is one o{ the rarest lizards in the world. fed this narcotic for so long. In any event, the influence of Juan Peron, still in exile in Spain but relieved of UPPER INCOME GROUP. James Hoffa. President of the International Brotherhood of munication by the Roman Catholic Church, is Teamsters, has revealed that truck drivers sure to be felt. The descamisados-shirtless are now members of the upper income group obtained a new member for the Rev. Iver Johnson of Melrose Park, Chicago, delivered the sermon at Emmanuel Methodist Church. The Rev. Mr. Johnson formerly attended Knox College. TWENTY YEARS AGO Tuesday, July 6, 1943 A mock trial was held by the Kiwanis Club to determine why some of the members, had not are not at their best; performance throughout the term is a better indication of a student's knowledge than a short, sharp its native Borneo is in the New test. The first one seen slive outside ones to whom he gave higher wages and a feeling of power—will cast about one-third of the votes. 000 those who have incomes of more than $10,- organization as promised. a year. It's enough to make a kid drop out of HEALTH INSURANCE is big bushes in cipal makes. school. That's probably more than hi s pnn- Henry Fonda tiie motion was starring in picture, "Immortal Sergeant," featured at the Orpheum Theater. Nonetheless, there is evidence that the public confuses success in examinations with real learning. The truth of this is often demonstrated by university graduates, particularly in arts, who if they remember their course —can repeat parts of it but seem unable to draw on that breadth of knowledge that generates original thoughts and makes the truly educated man. There is confusion in the ultimate aim of education. If it is to create Bacon's "fulle man/' a cultivated individual, one cast ia York Zoological Park, according to Animal Kingdom, bulletin of the_ New York Zoological Society. From The Pasts f2 Preseol But now la Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near iu. the blood of Christ.—Fphesiaus 2:13. * V * A man may go to heaven without health, without riches, without honors, ^without learning, without friends; but he can neve- go there without Christ.—John Dyer. ACROSS 1 Camper'* sleeping 4 Caroper'i knap * e Most ampers are — 12 Feminine appellation 13 Campers like a dry —• 14 Enthusiastic ardor 15 Correlative ** neither 16 Uthest 18 Observed wfa camping 20 Fine-grained rock 21 Sea eagle 22 Fishermao'a gear (pL) 24 Cotton fabric 26 French verb 27 Depot (ab.) 30 Community to Texas 32 Nautical term 34 Concedes 35 Pierce witt| something sharp 96 Middling (comb, form) 37 Low sand hill 39 High cards 40 Bail water 41 Priority (prefix) 42 In circuit 45 Locks of hair 49 Disputed 51 Pronoun 52 Woody plant 53 Arm bone 54 Anger 55 Weights of India 56 Breakfast, fo* instance f 7 Church seat DOWN 1 Baseball Una 2 Wild ox 3 "Green thumbera* 4 Drawing room 5 Seed appendage 6 Unite firmly 7 Hebrew measure (varJ 8 Blackbird* 9 Athena 10 Endure 11 Grafted (her.) 17 Hold in regard 19 Ordinary language 23 Nickname 24 Type of soil 25 Bun 26 Believed 27 Moon rocket, for instance 28 Far off (comb, form) 29 Fruit drlnka 31 PispassionaU 33 Armadillos 38 Stinging plant 40 Music makers 41 Bicycle part 42 Deeds " 43 Crevice 44 Heavy blow 46 California £6 Merganser b0 Aggregate 4

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