Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 28, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 28, 1916
Page 2
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f«i»V. THEIR ANNIVERSARY Wilh Your New Dress fnih A nnfv *•<•*, Try Of Mf. An -I Mr*, j Chapm Celebrated Sorirfiy, j - O •- •• - '•• • : •'• . mh • .!.!!• Boofery Thi 21 Ease Third St. [QRRISON DAILY jGAZETTE MORRISON, ILLINOIS, TUESDAY, NOV. 28, 1916. BA2AAAR SUCCESSFUL j ARRANGE FINE CONCERT *T«ke In Over $565 In Two j Will Be Rendered By Holland Band Njghti. j Wednesday Evening. '!"'!.-• Holland Milil.-iiy halul will ?;ivc n piihlio. r, uii'it on \V«'dtto»d;4y i•%•«••• till.-.,' a! V ."'I at tho lUili-h" Reformed thm oh, A lino piv«ram ha.M IM-OM pro- Ph« hnstaar Ur-ld l.y th" j:iUok:ih«! HP Artnoiv on KrJdav .'ilu! H.Hiir- a laiu« % titiwtl on liolh o\-o- -! ,M; WERE MARRIED HERE Davertnort Couple Married Saturday By Rev. Phillips. ,. i;,....!,;,. \v f!l i,(. r and .\lK~- M-->\ M. f'h-jii!. <•->;!( <.f I •.!-.* »:!•"! i. I.)., n.-r, Ulij'ti d in in.'i I ! (.1 (:• i-\ !:• -. . I'liil'i):-' at .4ht- i ;M H'-O>.,I i | at i , •• •(„'•• H.I MI) i j i v . 11 • M fhoi.n :< f '!''*-'•! Kn t_'- .."]"!"•* 'A.-I.-- ;irt- ailt-jidtd and I'!' f"' ''!:'i!"ii muii'-h att-!y a i t'-r ! In- « > ••! rmt-H. 1 ,. FINGER INJURED A. W. Burkiti Had Finger Badly Mashed Monday. , V \V. Hnrkitt V.HH the vj.-'titn of - T i !<iii;ht ai' idoitt Mondriy tnotiMtm, H>wan ropairinu im <l<r!rir u.i«iiir ,.( tho C. I). tiallonlhic homi- w In M tho thiul finut-r ol his I, tt hun.l aot idon! t\ • aiiirhf in t|n- .sear '• .-tn.d....<\a« badly m.'ishod, SPECIAL SERVICES. N H|'o< ial ThiiiiUDiiix iiiK si-rvli" ua« hy tho chri-d.m Kndo.<nor ot" ilu' I'ri'-shv tot l.-in <lniir!i-.!t tii< ir nni :in«; Sunday. ,\ .spot ial feature of the I'loyram W.-IM a lino M.IO ri-ndi-rod by Ittfft. The tolal r»eeipt!« for tho two I'-'"''* f'.r the <»< • a-don and • e\ oryono ling amonntod to $"«-,. and it is!"' 11 !l " welcome. Th.-ro will ho n.. Mi I c>< 1 that :tft<-r nil hills paid •Will el»"rtr between Mi!"* H»I\ S4~->>. Will bo u«ed for Iho del-oration in dlnlMi: room In tho now tpiar- ELECTED OFFICERS l'.«a!tn In' I'jitnl. ' »\e!tlH« , •"l-'e.stlV M^l' h, " ..... Kami.. Soprano .«otn, w v\ ill In- rendered l" -.-T'.tind. Inez — M|N Of Frethmen Clan Met And Organize. - ....... -.--. •*!i>iophoii«« 'I'.iaftotto. "("nine I'nto Mi-"—-McttKr*. <'. and |{, KonUoH, YOKO! nnd XHidcma, Violin f.«vio, "Ai *« member* of ijio l-Yi'Hhinijn .-In*.. J "''„.,,,,•„ ' num ',' H ^' M ., 1H ..,,.,, Mr . „,„,„,, Im UlRh M-hool hold their .irst smvr T)|Wij(lH Ani( , !l( . ,.„,.,..._ inn on Monday e\eni»K and or-. j;. )ll( | . • ~ Steed, electin« the- follow-in* onu-or*: " Man .,^ '-Katuner"- -Band. ""d-afcer, "Star SjanKK-d Iiiimwr." — l-*irniiin Knnx. oilier. - | SLIGHT ACCIDENT . will ho lie-Ill after Thanks- ! for the purposto of .doflditiK; on i £ar| Weaver And Party Collide With cotois and other matter* of; Car Driven By Harry Wait*. ij Karl \\Vavcr and a party of friends ! \<'eio on thHr way to Clinton Sunday i aflornooii whoii thoy.wore overtaken. ijusi west of tho CoHivnwood m-hool REEVED AT HOME lioiij'o. hy a laiKo tar ili'tvenTFy Hurry \\"alto. of f'rophi't.xtowri. T.hc Mo/rl- «nn- hoyn tnrned mil to tho *lde nf tin' road a.s far as poxsihle. and thon while tryniR to hrn-k still tarthor out of the way of the hit; ear they killed tbf en- •Tlu- Inn ear lo *am.' jlbfa's Liniment Robs Tooth- \* n n11l , (1 , p aSH |,, K stnu-k um Kid<» of liohe Of Its Terrors. Pain j«» (i ''"'• il - ix-ndinK 1 IIH- wiu-oi oonsid- -\i \ it -i —V — 1 -''"''-!'— !in 'l'_d<dn.K '.L 1 '"'*.'.damaKu'. j.ho_n«- V&niSn68 In a. Few i... j m i rw f <)r which amounted to-ahour t«:n dollar.-!. .' • . Minutes. to'iiftcc tlie Moor nlt'iiight il»p njjoiiy of a' throbbing tooth. |lt'» lilnimiMlt WiH qlll«'kly relieve In und ulvt» yo'u rJ-wt, • ni>l«liiMU*»n and the pain Jy dlsuppetirn. Sloaii'K Linluioni right t«» th»« irf tht» trouble.. ' ~ wartniitK bn1»n H rollfves con- ancl mlnutcH louthafh HOOthd the thro)) of u tooth that nt ftxt^rnully. Aching Mlinn. wont. hruiufH. chllhluinH, Kiiruinn. inid .stiff <«ffnctiv«'ly tr«*t- KlOftn'n J.lnltnent Cleaner in |BU««y plu«t«rH or '» Llnimont tit <U1 dru« i ii,po THE CHURCH SESSION Will Entertain Congregation Thursday Evening. The session of :,the Presbyterian ehtin-h .Will entertain Lite c-oriKrt'KuUon at the ehurcli parlnrM Thursday eve- ninjj. The honrn will be spent socially, a. Miort proKram rendered and light re-. JroshmenlH will be served. MORRISON BRIEFS Sin-riff If. T. Horry wont to fCrio Monday on olllolal ItitslnoK.*. Mix. I'hatlofi lUuiilan \if*lt«-il frji-mlu in Storlini; Monday. .Mrs. M. i. Could ntiinioil to h.-r hornf in LyndonMi'tiday afir-r n at <ho hoino of l-Vank QuaokonhiiNli. for a visit nt ihf «'has, I'ryo homo and with othol roiailvo.x. Mi.iH JOSHIO Ms-Lt niian rotitr>i<-<] from a vi~(t of xowial dayx \\lth hoi KiHtfi 1 . I'Miiii, nt I »a\fiipi)rf. !•'. Trainv\oln rotunicd Monday from a visit, with n-)ntlv«>H at \\'inl!«-ld, Kan. Amos stiilciip wont lo t''lint(ni on hiiNliifMH Monday. Mr. and MIM. .\l A. Hr»oli,'i, of Kdian. S. Ui'ik., Who haVi- Uot;n visiiliiK- at tho I*aao'I.i-wJH honit f for sovoral clays*, wi-nt to Clinton Monday for a with fr'lfinds In thai illy. IJoinuai spoilt Sunday \\ith in liivon. ''athorimi .Jurki-ns rotnrnod to hor tionii* in Call Stuiilay atior vl«itiniJi tor tho pawl Hovoi.fl day*, at the $101110 of hot- sflntor, Mrs. llolit-rt U'att. Mrn. I>. («. Ai'k<-»inaii. of Malvcrn, loft Monday aftoinoon t'ur r-'la.. ufu-ro who will .spi-nd at tho li'iiiii.' of hor .HUH. Thanksg the winter. <!. I >. \Vohor, ot 7>toI-Uifiri, {;•< vln- <• at iho holm.- of hor duughtor, Mrs. Murray Ultchii.'. • ' MlH» Miiriti 1'romin, of Stcrllhifi spent tin- wook <-nd with frlondrt In thiB city. A. M, l/Uoil^oii, of 'Fulton, 'was « <)iiii|ni ni4 vliduir In 4hin i-iiv. M»! HER RELATIVE DIES Mr«,~ O7 rtecelvei Word Of Death Of Sister-inlaw. .Mrw. O. MrJOlruth of this flty rc- 'lved \\onl on Sunday t»f tho death of a HiHler-ln-hnv. Mrj«, Hnriih MelCl: luth, of Movllle. la., "which • Haiurday. Mrs. delClnit an opfi'iititui for Bf»H *»tnnen ut a hog- in Sioux' City on Friday whii-h proved imsniocfSBful uiul her death VBIHO as u re.sult. Shu. was. ufivi'hty-T three yi-wn* 'uf «KC>. "'She. wus un old of thin olty.' Jiitiii Url«tl«> -and Mrs. I'aiil \VllHim niicnt Monday \\ith frl«nd« In Sterling,.. '. Mrs. John AlHnt and duiiKhtcr, Vern, of rro|iht-t.«!ow[i, visited friends in Monition Momluy.—: : ~ Alro. McKay i« • very ' III with pall .sKuien unit It i« r«'jx>rtt«tl that H may b«* tu'w-rtsary for him to .submit to an oporutilon bi'foro ho I» rPlU'V4j<l from thlM attack. . Miss Anna Miller n>turned to hor home in flinton Monday /ift»»r a vlnlt with rclntlvoK. Mrs. Hcboct-a llnn'li was taken to AKatha hoHpltal at Clinton Hunday wlu'i'o «tio will iiiiilertto an Qporallon for uCilI NlonoH, from which she ,liaw stttTertnl 1'iif som«' tinu>. ..''('iuir.l«?K : >JiitMh, of l.yAinsi, W-JUK R hn«- viuitor in tlibi city •Monday. Jin tho work will make H ft ncrow.Hiiy for, ;thosr- tihippin;: lo h:-.»••• )):- ^focl( ;r-tl that it :i;as 1.0 i,ul !•>• noon. I work .a i-.i't-at h'al'd^hip bolh on thi' 'JMdpp'-r and l?:o ni.-.ui v,\ , tu. si-U. and it. wiil timli HOT TEA BREAKS A COLD-TRY THIS t a ^rn.ill p.*t Kiij-'f «>f uuinoiin; •!'ii-.iiii---< -•(*•- it will ni.iko i! ti"i !:r''a>t TOO. or n& the (Jormau folks itt <ho d-.iy fi-r imo-t fatm»-rs who.<.ill j; "li'tm!>'it ':<•!• Hiii-' tiu-o." at any t* n distaitoo ;iiid f«pe<'i,i!|y !li'.-.o «,h-irnt:ii-y. Talit' a t;'b!t-> jM.ionfuI .tif who f-otno h<-rt' out of tin- i*-r- ! i'i..> to-.i, jmt a cup of hoilinn w»ii':r np- ittory on arcoiirit of tho p!lri-.s paid ion it, pour through a tdev.' and drink and tVie conrti^y o\t< ndod. ; .1. teacuji full !«t any" tim«-. It IH tho I! would .Not-rn that witli- tho aiiiotint tn-i: i i iTfvtiw w\»v to lirf^ik u folil nnd ofliur-inoss tlotie «n tho brnin-h in ihi.-j.i-ure wrip, a.x It '^pri,* iho poro.i, ro- Hino that tho oott«-r M-ryioo. i-oiiid IK» i ti*>vitiK coiu - .( stion. .vl:-o .Ittosonn thi 1 PROPHETSTOV/N BRIEF.S. Mr.". Xt-llio Hoiifit y was a ii-c-i-ii! ar- ! ". i tt 'I* inoxpon. u lyo. and entirely st.ihli-, therefore rival iii town from an* ;!(>M m-o of sty.j'.y Mtv*. >Jowht'r. TJm« duflor hns be«n oral WK-UK, f?he • r> ;urns wtll and ! urt't-i-|MK with a M-Vt-ro r t old rot ht.iriv if a|iTio;ir.i (•"lint for any- ithltlK. "• i! vj a lenileiicv In niol'i' or Ills Scene from "The Millipnnire's .Son an d He Miiiic Thanskgiving day, n<atinoe a iu) night. ERIE NEWS j «^fe^ jK ^^^5 Jjf. '• Glasses $3. EXAMINATION .s or Eye*G lasses, with or without . The E^*Glasses have the very latest rer pif^" mounting, on and off with nul, best gold filled. Each eye is e$* amined separately by an EXPERT, and the lenses ground to' order and guaranteed THE CONCERTJAVORITES Furnished an Interesting Program in Lecture Course. Tho cnti-rtuitiniciil Kiven at ANHern- hly hull 'llnirfdny o\i;ninK hy Hit' Con FavoriteH, .wan attcniU'd by a to that ol" last year, mid the Well | lo.i-.-et| with tin' ('.Nfoili-nr jh'u i linu Inink and of ftolo.s, trio.-), ititt'i!', and .'to' .him. lint (ho rondoivd by the tluoo t.U- |pi>>sii'ilitlfH hi ented ItullfH.. anil ht> will nook » ciimato (or the winter 'in tho f iinprovornont. (for a shi.rt: >tay with relatives, 1 _•-_. -•- ! -' Y,i-o Miildh'ton, who has-been -ill for iiij-h..' of_-.,C-:<u-jda. Vi-i'o(itl.y jst-veral vvoek.M with typliold fi-vcr ij> ;SS4 j (.' ''»'t >iil i i:i.n iod tiU- _«'oi-p>t- - ot Kdwar'd , i!llli|"VillK nifoly (it the . pfofi-lit time, "•% .----.-- '— , Itjio'jfi to tl-.iK plnco from tho province, IbontK -so far imin'ovod that it ha«-boon Girl nt 'he Academy of v an^ after «<»v< nil days' *tay start«-d tuijthouKht advisable to let the nurno go tho return trip home Wt-iiiif*day ey«-ii» and be Kt-t JI|OP.I; witlr'the help of thtc honti'. He sit* in bin 'dhulr sit short .»-. Cooi-go I'oter.-ion and Mrs. Will i' Wolfe nrrivals Jn"tow'n Wt'dtlert- s a furpj'iso ,| U y cvoniag for a visit with their par- having it>"r-U!.i«. >j^. jm.l I5rs. f;,-o t -Ko' Warren. ! i<. Mr. liar- i'l'ht-y will remain some* Urn.'' «1S r.;iriai!< II tty the president df tls n urtoil at-i'iHtntiint and better i IKi'tlil.. ;ind Willlt Health vt*'r>' i«tor. Inti-rvalH tlurliiR thi' ilay nnd with no lnu'kxft will «oon bt- iin thi- Htn-'-t. Mi. and.Mrs. Kdwsti'd llnmnionil worn pasKiDK'TH to Kiislii-cr. III,. S.'ittirdny nuMTjins^ wlit'ro tlu'.v will .!»«• V;»H'«tM In (ho lionu' of tht-lr son,.llari'v and f;uii* H»u.-t -HI make .his, the man that the M- l«'-t >..Uonul H ooMtu; to, n and htu, »"" Tills the third number in the Krie lecture t ourwe, anil WH8 a return eii(;.iKenit')ii of this company which so lU-linhtt'd tlu* Kile ju'o- pie . lust year. The eiilertalntneni 'given Tlumidiiy nlKht wa^ fully REMEMBEP THE NEEDY, At t}ii" meeting of the M. M Aii. •••• j v -- ilety Tuurtidtty rtftt-rtuton, tlu> ji»< U- i Hi'Muud Uotli, who Inp of two bairelB of elothiHK f'»r the l1 "' I'ntphetntown holu needs' in Chii,i«o \vas (omplotcd mid ' a '' ( "diim (he Suihiu; Jin-ino*-* ( oj- M-nt tu the A.-b-ny I'aik M 1C, .hunhi 1 " 5 ' ''"'' ""* I MS| N '-" '" »"'«"• " ll! for dbftubntlon. The c.ill was K!\I-H I 1 '' 1 ' 1 ' 1t: ' 1 " Ul "" y.».-.u«d b> Mr, Ilai-r by th* M..-let> of th.U «-hurcJi to ill,-''••"''» "" !v l " l « 1 " '"" 1 "'-" ;l I"''-"' •KrJe *u-l.-ty and w-w Motnptly re- " f l ""' ll " llit - lll!)l d,|.. nd.ibl,.. ypondeil to witli lihoiah dotiiitlonH, of — — —t * ERIE BRIEFS. to home and 'will" ( otul job on thfi liiirltiiKton as The MISWH Andci von*!, throo 'wolt' pahenfferf< lo Chicago ihix '\>\\ be liken to Chtcvo f r ex inn 'Weio paheiiRerf< 10 t nieiiKo mix i Ilion and treatment. '}U< in threatened a ' l >' ninrnlou for a ntav with M- with bl.n.d poi,on-i., : and Miff em KI..UI- •""' frj( '» rts for rt f " w t!a >' ! '- Mr, and which hay I>«'»MI roiii|iU<ti<il. Th< v ph-ti liy family. \.i(at«>i| hy tin-in i« now -ttiK Lit SURPRISED TWO COUPLES The Jolly Twelve Engineered Very En- , joyublo livtninj. j The .lollv Twt IM- at tlnir nit'iiu^j la .1 \\t>K vi,| pus, ,1 Mi aiul All;- I'leli-oS Moo ttoin o, it bt HIM their .iiiiiiveiH.iiy nnd ltn,-« and .Mr.H J.r,n K1 .»n'« where!." ",""• """"-" «v"j'i,e,. , . ,, , ,, i «, in town j-ome yearn ain taiiuht Ml <Uid Mrs Mooie, Woitt io honio of Mi* and Mis l>.i\t Good Old Home-Made Family Cough Remedy Muck ttettti 4hn« ~Hte«dr* _ . Ill !:• ...m.i-> home Mr. and Mis I'rod \Vnriiet of I-'atuo, North I'll.ot.i. w»-n> arrhals Thut.-- i j., , (US ,,,^ ( , t|u! K ., V1 . ,)„„, ,, ,, K ,. M1| . day moinini; .m.I ai- pue»(s nt th,-'j,,,v., u b,-m« ihni tt I'th \\eddm hunie of MI.V \\'ainoi'H lather. 1! L j.uinu< i -,u \ At Hi Huntu'll • jiiny -i^ HI t!u I\«H ,Mr aii'1 MM \\.(!tii AVoiiil, fioin 1 , t , MM» i ii' >>io .tlt-i w'lu« h Oreiioll, Hie \ivitim; tin- l.lltei i p.H - ] fi it .,(_ \,,|, ».|\,i| )u (h( •. llllo of Vnt». Ml. .mil .Mi>.. 1C M KelM nlil':- i.uhti Vi •> Pi'iit Mo.n.- won Hut h-r, and ojlb»r Hlatui-. In IJno. i hoitoi » ind .Mi-, \\ili t > ibn-* liioiiKht Ml.vj. C.ii I nib, i,-, limn Ncbi.ihl.,1 « i 'up ti-i i. ii a KIN Kl °t Ml and \ll> .John lli\ii. i '!" . .loll. Tvvihi pt*vi»i't,i Mr and the p.iM \\ 11 K. M i"> i" ii I in}*! i •* w i v l li \tooi t ,uid \l i and Mi- I! niM.ks I in with Too mut h amtuti"ii i-. the'taii-i of iho tiotible \\llliout douhi John tin-on, v^lui hhh hoi n livi'ioph- jeihiov,ti for N>-vnr--ti tUonih-. pt-t' lift lute \V<dtt>vl.l> nirfllt, tin objectlv<> (point beint; I.o?, Aawflt-.v, P,tl., tho .-.late ;Shat maK* •» IMI .-itU-ntt!. and u in claim id h.t.s a v,<ivi!nt«t \Cho t^ ,(bh to --11 iwoik mutteih .us to aroinitdiAh th.ii j end. Well ho will remain duilim ihn wlntoi i\it<\ piihaiiss inulv" thi< htute his fiit,u%- hoim>. <*h.tile* Ithodcs. who hiK Jlvid_l :unl who lionnht .1 '• ovt r a wgo di^pobinj; of J ( afti r liuyiiu* has pni't h.i.^od at-Min, 'j thin Hint' pajiiii; ?.',i)ut) for a io>u!« IK i- ,'llht lot MUith nf tile ruilm.i t ,-"!'«. i l "' !n;l)t worth the m»ney and \\I14 hex, J'J'" • si home good enough for UK' av*ra.-e " j pt I Mill. l>r J, H..M<ihher will shortly,' lophetwtown for Arizona aeootminnied Don't fool with a cold. Cure it. VM«» CASCARADQUININE Tho old family rthiedy—ln ial)lct forni-sufe, sure, cm>y to tiilsc. No opiiitrs—im unpU>iuiunt lifter ctffcU. c.uns coUls in 24 hount-Oiip hi 3 days. Money back if it full*. Get tht> Sfnuinu box vvith Ki-d Top and MtjJtUl't pkturu oti it-25 At Any Drug Stora . If you combined the euralivo propi>r- tK'8 of evtfry known "rmulv-mndt'" <-uut:h , you would It unity have in ftll thD t-urativo power that li«'8 la tjiis einipli' "home-uwdt«" wiifh syrup- which. taki!*i only u ftnv uiinutva tu prepare. Get from any dnitk'i»t 5J**i <>un«'« of Fmoc (60 wiiw worUO, tmur it iat*» a pint boitht utid fUt Clut buttht with plain |;raiiulttU'd «u«ur' ttvrnp. Tln> toUl coat JB about fi4 cwit? ami nlvoij v»m » roll pint of rcullv ln'td-r ftui«l( bMup than ou. couW buy rvady-wudu for §2,60. H|K)il«. svrup ii ol a OR. GOULDING, Optician ' o a nnij/i o n-livf. It pll-HtUlUt ailll Twia i'iuwx mid s tion j*t't» ri«bt wt t)u> aud nivt'8 al»uo*it iiMi Imwau the phli'tini, »top» ihti nasty tli rout ticklt' uiul lu'ulm tin) wire, irii- tiiti'd mciubruiii'M lluit him tin 1 thruiU, clu'Kt'auU Imiiu'liial tul«--n, so ufiitly anil t'ttsily thut it U r««Hv n«tiwtiitiini;. A d^y'a' us« w'11j| UMtuHv ovcrcouif tli« ordinary «^,uiju;li'^-«.u(l 'fop lnuiiehititi. t-roup, \vbofjptii{» tuui'li and tlu-nt i» nothjui.' ln-(tor. . is u '»»o«t yfllunbln i -. .t fioini i ' u *idi nt of Ntwlon io'AH .• u • O'lplii v, lib .1 i!s,ii ,li It i«a t o|,.jj hhip ' |'ii ol it nit < -d UK -> p u tii rdar jl Ml and Mi-* ilooi^t- \-et«, |( tl i'l I- j "• d I i .1 i, . \!l h"id .. o,,,i i(iiio,|j day e\i mnw lot \nadii, !li t-> ~\« nd j '• tbt > ilw.iv , d< the \\intti on tl.tii" nonnVtt i«( *i i> i •— 'I, MI- i,;,,,. ,,,..,, ,x,,,, T fl A |M DISCONTIMUED to t,« about (!,» ili-.t ol .Iniiiilj lo , Mr, nnd Mi,- Alton I' wil/ !.-,IKI , |1> i > n h. ! I"! tilt ' '.(I. '•> , v ,, The Automatic Sealing Burial Vault I'h.tve .Hi i- t iit " their . nu l"\ nit i t map iiiit'i- ,i!(t . .-:>i n las . t nd \\ itlt iii» it I iiiiih< in Mix I ud I'. -I ti. It ulid >,( \ III* V l|U . I I \\ 'lO Wt It ,\li 'i:id Mis- J.t^'i '' } '" ! '' vv jitt* i ' i I ''<ofi ,Vn<t< i '.'i ! I I W \ i 1 !•> ' i'l III' I I" it t s i v i i ' 1 1 r i 111 ;.i n la; , ii'i \Si > i. i:p H f ^s"Bvwn Off of '• Gem ial Run, ' \" i> HI ^i.i ' u < p 111 'hr.'j •i • Ii pi' -, ^u|> i i in . f {' K on : t. ' i .1 i | 'i v, 11. i ' ,i o,. d i \ • • .1 • t .1 '. il n. , I \ t i « !M> o ,Vi : *t*l,1 ?**! Kui is i i H'. t '> "1 *»•! HI H' tl «buJ|ioui)d of t-'i'imitu- Nurvvav piiu- ex \\Hli ,'tuiia.!xij juid htt«, Of THE BEST EYE COLLEGE" IN THE WORLp • §vcr Obe.rmiUerrf' Store Bell Plione 101 -W First ilvfi. and East Third §t., Sterling-, 111. • OP$N SATURDAY EVE'NINGS ' .-• ......... ! ..... "" f TOBACCO HABIT . s EASILY OVERCOME! -„„ ?!f^4 *5',H--;j 'K PRQPH£TSTOWN NEWS ,, WILL COME TO, N STERLING j ' \ •' . i • t V !. . ' M - U'- ' -, ' • 1 ! , i>" ' ! 7n , ',i , ' J . More Beautiful tlun Stone or Sip el. of n infoi't i d i out K to, \vJMi a /•! i/o inaUes It ay :ii» i v »oii» lo iiin! into as ).;,! if.'. 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