Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas on July 2, 1967 · Page 16
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Brownwood Bulletin from Brownwood, Texas · Page 16

Brownwood, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 2, 1967
Page 16
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t' if: , AUGUST DATE — MaJlsa Kay Benningfleld's par- mil, Mr, and Mrs. J. D. Bennlngfield of Goldthwa'te, •nriounce the engagement of their daughter to Albert E. Andres, con of Mrs. Grace Andres of 0*19 Matalffl, Dallas. Bride-elect, a 1963 graduate , of Goldthwait* High School, recently received a •f bachelor of science degree in education from Texas Tech. Her fiance, a 1963 graudate pf North Dallas JV Ifiigi) 9<*0Qi; ! ->»,» r senior at Texas Teph whfre he Is a member f of Scabbard and Blades honorary v military fraternity. Wedding is planned for August • 11 at First Baptist Church of Goldthwalte. •f I l4 t*A, <a.tJ -.t. m wnicn m m 'Ha 10 tak« alofig and mm If M flitfe pifit wfttain- n*; '" I iwi nWCii MMW W tnt wlftk •I tftt HIM time in u many NMftieti M i wilt lieid for •erving *adi p*r*jn. t use ptas- Hf ttnUelf wltti the tight Hals. At itrvtng time, t empty the titti into • large covered plas- HC lerving pail and our tap water into the pail. THt tffdtin portions which haft been made twice as strong cool the water without becoming too diluted. In the meantime, the froten pinu of tea have been used to cool and keep our picnic food fresh. 1 call thii double duty! The tumblen are already cool and each has a nice chunk of ice because they will have melted slightly by the time you get there. H. N, N. IHMMMt Dear Helolse: 1 never apply varnish with a brush anymore. 1 always get too many bubbles that way •long with streaks. Instead I now apply it with a soft cloth. Just rub it on and you will have a nice smooth finish with no bubbles or streaks. Martha P. Folks, t» sure the cloth is lint free, {tried it and it's the greatest. Faster too. Heloise LETTER OF LAUGHTER Dear Heloise: Her* is a special hint for those who travel with small r^ ^^ M§, W QM nttli WoftMH wwch has • ban and •ubtwt band on it (about is at ypwr dUh€ stote) . » . and then throw away the ball MM rftbbftf itriMt Keep the p*ddle M the front at of the ear. It's • good reminder to the children to stop fighting, putting their heads or arms out the Windows, etc. if they know you'll stop the car and use the paddle on their little behinders, you won't have fflUch trouble! Audrey bear Heloise i t find that peg boards With the little wire hangers ire a real help in keeping things IN order and dangerous things OUT of reach of small children. I have one board on the wall in my sewing room to keep my thread, scissors, tape, etc., within easy reach and in plain '.y'Jtfji *i- t » &ste * elC. 4ft» jg • 1 , ijgjkyi^i^^ »«ii ILji** • iltfi 1 annuocraim na IYIBS. nosi •HttU •"**• f ti» liJUt tW> tt f<Mi UIIRS (WO 1 •m WJIO u* • '™ atrtftorftt) if the ii«f it JfbHfftta£ fj£ lo^t AtJtfBI CKJW 10 lire oTCul * * . leal will mm MR! Mi* neloise A**- *,j fHN MfigCfl tin little ihelm eati te naftafif- •I ifll spatsf any *ay you want. they are ifie*piflsive and one can buy Iheffi ifi any silt. Mfs. J, D. Guesi Heioise; fietow evefi tfyiflf to hafig euHaiAs which have been washed, t always foil a marble through the easing that the rod goes thtaigh. theft the curtaift rod goes through easily. No snags! Anne Cameron Dear Momemakefs: !! you have a houseptant that suddenly gets a yellow leaf or becomes dry and degented ... pinch the leaf off immediately as it WON'T grow healthy again and it Is only sucking the NEEDED life from the rest of the plant. This is especially true on ^ tltff II i WSftwrtul wljr Id p* M oM toothbrush M |(Wl use. When ffiy htttband getl cigif- ttte tobacco in his pocket*, 1 tuffi the*n inside out and use aft old toothbrush to brush out the tobacco before laundering. Gladys Craig Thoxton Rtlatiwi Calibrate Tedoy Miss Loleete Thatton of San Angelo, D. A. Thaktofl of San Antonio and c. s. Thaiton Jr. eX Abilene will visit today with their father, C. S. Thaxton of Apt. 101, Sunset Terrace, in observance of his ftSth birthday, A native of Louisiana, Thau- ton lived in Cornahche and Brown Counties many years before moving to Brownwood in 1928. His birthday comes on July 4. UM TN0 Ads Pint Baptist Group! Held Joint Mooting Ijlig^wlBjiigfgtt jjysjgf ttiooata^ii a^kfl^lAgt i^^sMowWI ^VM Rl^rwvll vlrClvl <&M •Vkaalll •••aaViaat a^HiaaaaS^IS K^K w Fifvi wviifi vuwvn nm Wfa^^Ajtejci i|«Kjte_g£|jB.j| vutMt %MB% IsV nmviy IIMiiiiftj wiin ran. w. | #**J^l.*&J BJrfiiiallfca j, v/«nif!iiiRW pmrain| . L. Caffiitt oH the missionary calendar of prayef, and Mrs. fiert Low laid the ptayer. Mrs. Bill Burleson read a letter written t6 her frotn the Rewind Mrs. n. M. Nichols, southern Baptist missionaries to data. tt wag announced that the nefet business meeting wilt he held July 11. tt Was also announced that the Riddel! Circle, with Mrs: Cadenhead as chair* man, will serve as hostess for the third Tuesday luncheon in July. Mrs, f ruett Fry gave the program from the Home Mission magazine. Members attending from the Riddell Circle were Mmes. Carnett, Burleson, Lee Lamkin, C. J, Plett and W. J. Cadenhead. Tennison Circle members present were Mmes. Lucy Wat' Ptnn R«lofiv§§ Hold Rounion At Cox Ranch MfcftCtMV (BfcC) - Anntrti rUMM HP Mrt, J, C, PefirV* famii? WM MM lilt titkcfii •t Bit fiffcti st MM. s. i. cot ffi the Coloridd Kivtf tear Meffetiry. Amoni those attending were Mrs. Penh's daughters, Mrs. 0. N. White of Port Worth, Mrs. Cap Massey of fifo*ftwood and Mil. C. E. Kitby of Brady. Other* present included Mf. •fid Mfs. id Rose and Mark of Houston, Mf. and Mrs. Benny Alley and Jackie and Benny of Austin, Mf. and Mrs. Charles White, ChaHche and Malcom of San Angelo, Mr. and Mrs, Mites b. Massey and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kirby, Rickey and Jirfimy, Mr. and Mrs, L. ti. Underwood and Jon Poole and Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Cawyer. Mrs. J. C. Pefln, Mrs, Ethel Cox, all of Browfiwood. And, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Baucum, Kathy and Doug of Fort Worth, son, H. M. Rice, Low, Fry and Britt Towery. f ALTRUSA OFFICERS—New officer*. ;, of Brownwood Altrusa Club include, i left to right, Miss Cleo Richey, treas- - urer; Mrs. Albert Bonser, recording ! secretory; Mr*. M, U Attejbury, vice president, and Mrs, Mjke Wright, pre- TENNIS REPORT GIVEN ildent. They were installed at a dinner meeting Wednesday evening in the Riche Room at Holiday Inn by Mrs. J. A. Fuller. Miss Lucille Wat- Installation son, U tfre tary, Held correiponding s«-cre- For Altrusa Club Officers Mrs. J, A, Fuller used the theme, Altrusa Club, Wed- pesday evening at HplWay Jnn, * f er NamttOfficers ' |»aj< pf Grand Mrs. Wlian io«Jud« Mrs, i first vice A,F, Mrs, 68 year wwe Mrs, Mike Wright, ldfrt; Mr»> ^M^ L, Attfr- , vice pretidtnt; Miss Cleo Rjchey, Mrs, Bons§r, recording secr&- tary, Miss Lucille Watson is corresponding secretary, Mrs, Fuller read duties of each officer M she was install- 4 - , ^ Mn EIU« Locks presided 'at the dinner meeting, She was presented with • past president's pin and also a gift from her sister, Mrs, Firman Smith, Outgoing officer pinned white on te new s, Mrs. Locks presented Mn, Wright with the president's pin. Board members were recog* jed. They include Mrs, Locks, Mrs, Wright, Mrs, E*rl Foster and en wwjverMry yew, iwlwiing a visit from the as.^1^-. Sfifch-Pofcfi Meeting Held In Singer Home Business and social meeting of Stitch and Patch Club WHS held Tuesday in the home of Mn, W. C, linger, Mrs. LaJa Mobley gave the invocation. Mrs. Roy Harrell opened the businejf, meeting, Mrs. Marga< ret Manley, club president, pre* sided, "Secret Pals 1 ' were revealed and new names were drawn, sang "What « Friend." . led by Mrs! Jessie GHmer wiih Mrs, Elizabeth Torniinson at th> piano. Mrs, Kate Baird gave the df* votional, Psalm 12«. "Get Wel|" cards were signed for sick mem* hers. Mrs. W, C. Singer gayfi the treasury report. Next meeting will be with Mrs. Lelg Early, 1035 W. Cot*. meree, on July u, Those attending were Margaret Manley, Early, ley, W. C. Singer, J, K, Singer, 1% Hw«U, Pearl Johnson, Ql«4y» Morrison, Gilmer, Tom^ " W. i, Williford, Carmlchael, Luke Clark, L B»d who will b* movjng swn Qklihomt City, Okli! . .»<r'. "ffid* UPPffli 990^9- W^timtoim. , 11094 <iwiU^ if . less "•*^y OPEN TUESPAY ONTGOMERY WARD 4™ OF JULY 9 AM to 5:30 P.M. TNI rAMILYf WARM It ClilMATINO WITH TRULY AMAUNO VAtUIS! THESE PRICES GOOD MONDAY & TUESDAY ONLY | FURNITURE | FOLDING ALUMINUM IAWN CHAWI VINYL WEBB, ALUMINUM FRAMES LIGHT WEIGHT, FOLDS FOR STORAGE 2 44 EACH RECLINER-*Naugahydo covered roclinlng chair. TV and full f rtelint position!. Choeso from boigo, avocado, black or cordovan. RIO. $74.95 ROCKER^ComfortaUo swivel rocker with foam soM and button tuffod biscuit back, Covered with nylon frioso in choice of colors. RIO, $44.95 figbt foot modern SOFA and matching CLUI CHAIR Dacron wrapped seat and back cushions. '288 RJO. $»M,95 DINNITTE in-High protsuro top in white "Moreao' Itafhor grain 1110 finish' Chain are covered in supported vinyl in whito<gold or ^ I 17 RJO, $149,91 SOFA SUIMR-EAILY AMERICAN WING BACK WITH FULL SIZE INNERSPRING MATTRESS REGULAR 249.91 178 lif ht Pott Modern IOPA«*Utst (MNow both, RtversiMttt«1tvsMw»».CHoiMtlC«l*rt REO, $199.99 M89 |.P«, BEOROOM SUITI-UirB« «**Ml triple rfrnwr, I •host on<l panel be^, Mo^om wflmH finM, io|, MS 91 9'P«, MOOERN BtDROOM IWTI 139" w iwWWW IW9P (PJMl |NHieJ RMii WWW BHiWil fIjUllli MO. 1149,91 y jr*,- .^n -t- -r t r.r r f-r~i q* • -rj j^-'-^-f- - ™i_ f- ..• f ^ *f * -. py - ^ =l-^lfS-f^" '*• ••oM^^M.tfB A ..< ^ v -: : /i 5 : ( "" *".' "• t *'. - ipfc^filfi THE WEATHER PREDICTION FOR JULY 4TH IS HOT BUT THESE PRICES IN OUR FURNITURE ft FLOOR COVERING DEPARTMENTS ARE HOTTER Early American Wingback SOFA-Choice of geld twt«d, quilted print, or supported vinyl. M89 REG. I239.9S Mattross or box sprinfi. StyU Houso quilt queon. Mattross hat 612 $ J J coils for oxtra firnii support, 4 side guards stop odg* tag. 14 •?*t y«ar guorantto. Blue satin damask covtr. Choico of twin or full site. logu!ar«9.95 FLOOR COVERING SPECIALS DU PONT SOI® NYION CARPET CARPITINO OP CONTINUOUS FILAMENT NYION Pill, 7 SOLID COLORS. REGULAR t.7l YD. VINYl ASBESTOS THE REGULAR I tO CARTON 9x9" DURABLE Till NON^OROUS SURFACE RESIST SOU 6 '«*o. m 6 80 etN. O-FT, INlAiD THRU DECORATOR COLOR BlINPI- SPARKLEP WITH METMUC. REGULAR 1.59 Pi WOR-1 SAU ON OVAL RUGS OVAL FOR 9*17 AREA 3««' HAM RUNNW fCAYTW $AYf U4| 29" » MONTHS TO FAY

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