Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 21, 1944 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, July 21, 1944
Page 1
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• ™' I ' ' " • ' - '••- .-'..' ••.-;•'.<;•>•.'•,;•.•/•',.;'. • •-.'- . .' ' • ' ' ' ' •" ' 2 Join the Connecticut Scroll of Honor for <^n;lisenhower by Buying an Extra War Bond ..'- I • '' /- -. ' '• '•'... ''.', , • :••'.-*'• ' * • * *^ i ' ' • ' • i '£ INStlRU.; WITH WAR BONDS Vol. LXVIII, No. 169 ESTABLISHED 1885 'A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community',' WEATHER Fair And Cooler Full Report On PURC 2 FRIDAY, JULY! 21,. 1944 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Three Cents Honor Scrolls List 148 Names July 27 Is Deadline For purchase Of Bonds For Signing: Scroll 1 \Villlnm Cr. Bole.', i-haii-man ot' the NntiKJituck War finance bixird. mid this morning Clint bonds. entitling buyers to sign the Honor Scroll which will be sent to Gen. Dwicht D. Eisenhower, were sicll- ,ny very slowly, •Approximately 1-lS local rc-.'.idcr.ts hnve signed I ho scrolls at the Post Of.'icc. Ihe Savings Bank, and the National hank. In the breakdown. Pj \VCTI? rt-porled, in approximation, at tin- Post Office 1 , while t!hc Sav- injrs bank IKned 3S. Only 15 names arc listed at (he National hank, The last day to purchase a bond ur.d be eligible to sign Ihc scroll Is July 1!7, Mr. Boies said. Xo larg bonds were reported being sold, anil the figure probably hovers near the S-JOO mark for the 1-IS signers. Demonstration For Roosevelt At Chicago Injured By Assassin's Bomb Frederick Semrow Died Suddenly Last Night I'VcrlTick Sorrirow died ,<iurldcii.|y Thmwlriy night at his home, 2<tb May street. Ho was born In Rn»KIH and ha<l resided in Naug.itnek for 30 years. Mr. Semrow was formerly employed at the local U. S. Rubber <'omp.'iny plant, retiring six y^nrs RSo. He -was a member of Ihe Imm^nuel Lutheran churcli. Surviving are ihU wife, Mrs. Ot- t/llo (Cable) Semrow, two .ions, Arthur of ;&,ugam,cj;... aril .Staff.. Sjrt. Avald Semrow of India: four dhujrhters, Mrs. Elwood Hare, Mrs, William Krucger, Misses Anna find Ruth Semrow: n brother, F'crdf- nnnd, and. three grandchildren, all Mi-re is tin- sci-n... in Chicago Stadium as d.'legntcs of the Democratic National Convention acclaimed .•senator Bar-Wry 1 -* iinmlruiljrig spi-ech arid enthiisiiisllcnll.v di'iiinnstrutw] tli<;ir .support of I'n-sident KooM-volt. .riac-ariLs >v ( -r<- flourished hy delegations ihruilKlioilt tile hall, reading "Roosevelt and Victory" :unl "Jlmi.srvelt and a I.astlng 1'eaee." (International Sounii|ihoto> Two Years In Pfc. Wilfred E. Litke To Furlough At His Home On May Street Service For Veterans Making Splendid Progress As 47 Firms Join Group services: will be Sunday at 3 r>- rn, at tho Immrin- uol Luthrrar.! chureli. Rev. Hnrold I'l'Cji£. pastor, officiating. Burial will .take placr? Monday morning in Grove cemetery at the convenience of the family. Friends may rail at tho Aldei- so:i funeral home. 201 Meadow struct, Saturddy from 3 to 0 and 7 to 'J p. rn. 50 Expected To lake Part In St. Francis Golf Play Chairman Ernest Al'lftn of tho !>r(igiv, 1,1 rrornmittRC of St. Francis 1 rl'ih. who Is iii charge of the golf ' r 'iii'n,-inif!nt of tha^ftroup next Sun- tiny 'it tho Hop Ri'-onk club, an- nmnrcd today that plans are be- Ine mai-ln for at least f)0 Kolfcr.s 13 !;-.]<(• pivit |n the one-day event. It Is planned to start play about ^ 10:30 o'clock Sunday morning and - «nch pluyor will finish nine holes ni(! thfn stop at the club house for refreshments. He then v.Mll go buck on the coin-SB and finish another rt) "n<l, td mark up 18 holes. Ctuiirmnn Allen statod that the fVfi m win »„, „ kickers' handicap tmirncy ,-,iu! tlu- play will be geared 0 Hi" fiip.-itiilitics of each one tak- '"K pitrt. ( Jfhn K. Deogan ofllcial s.Rrtor anil scorer and all Indications ur c t h, lt thu tourney will he ftnothnr success story for the St, i'r«neis' clud, With scorr-s of entries due in to<my und Saturday among those al• fol . p | ny firc Jo Advisory Board Formed Committees Named; Office To Be On Church St. Director Clarence E. Jones of the Service For Veterans 'today announced that definite: progress is being made in connection with .the formation -,ot n stromg- organization for the aid of returning war vnteranM.' one that will be actively functioning, tt is hoped, wilh- in the next few months. At a recent meetin-g he-re, it wn^'i decided lo accept the invitation of the N'augatuck War Council anci open the office of the Service For Veterans 'in lhc former S. N. Id. Telephone Co. building at 295 Church street, and a secretaiy Union City Gets Marshal's Okay '• v Pi'1'c :: ^»ysTi'^^i^n'^»iSC - F;'"^5ho:i wild Kits morning thnt'-'thb carnival in Union Cily, \inder <tfic-auspices of Lhc American' "Legion, was Inspected 'find' foinxl -to be free of fire hazards as possibly could- be, The canvas and lhc electric wiring, undergoing i.-aroful i-cruUny by the marshal was'"okay.'' This wns the third' inspection that Mr, Shea has made rcccrflly in connection wit.h outdoor events, bo Installed just as soon as Ihe j since file disastrous circus fire in JAI'S UKIVJSN BACK building is formally open ID:- vote-run'.' aid. It was deckled that Ihc member .ship of the Service For Veterans include any .'industrial, labor, governmental, religious, civic, social, benevolent or veterans orgarii/.a- tion in Nuugatuek or vicinity, eanh group to have a single volo. Forly- ycvcn local or.ganr/.ation--. have .11- rcady formally joined the group. The official directorate of the Service Por Veterans is Clarence K, Jones, director: Miss Helen O. Moroncy, assistant director-: Harold Perry, 2nd assistant director; and Mrs, Robert. Anderson, secretary. Continued on Page 3) Hertford two weeks ago. The marshal gave the go ahead signal yesterday, "but made another last minute check latc.r in Lhe day. Ceylon, July 21—(UP)—The Japanese drive into'India is • almost back where it started. Today's Allied communique .reports that the Japs have been driven •off the Imphal plain, back into the hills bordering Burma. —^oOo—i— YVITIIDttAWING TANKS •-— Allied.— •Kx|)c'd.lUoni»*y-v,JE:otcc> ; .July 31— (OP)— iVrnrilwJ 'Romrtel ~ is withdrawing hi* (jinks from the plains southeast of Caeji In. Normandy to avoid encirclement l>y the British hrc-ak r tliroiiKli: Tno ;ire driving a strong pincers into the plains along the roild to J'arls. ' ..- 2,000 U. S. 1'I.ANES I.VVKSTIGATION ON ' Francisco, July 21—(UP)—A court ot inquiry investigation of the- Port Cli.icago ammunition stiip hliist ffeti». underway today. Meanwhile, t.he -Iwclvlh naval district n-renounces 'that 'the 'nayal maga- x.ine will be reconstructed. Only four bodies h;ive been rccovoi-nd from the explosion th«t took 3H3 lives, injured hundreds and did millions of dollars, damage'to mili- Ijny ,-tnct civilian pi'opoi'ty. Parent-Teachers Here Help In Waste Paper Drive London, July 21—(UP)—A'pow- erful air fleet'of some 2,OOO.Amer- .ican planes struck at. the sources ot Nazi uir power today. Eleven hundred heavy bombers, escorted by fighters, pounded an aircraft assembly plant at Hcgcns- burg and vital ball bearing factories at Schwcinfurt and Eberbach—all .in Germany. . ____ 0 Oo BATTLK FOIl LWOW P.F.C. Wilfred E. Litke of lhc United States. Army, has arrived in this country from the Aleutians •where Tie'spent the past 24 months on active service. P.F.C. Litke will spend his furlough with his wife, Anna, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Allbert L,it"KO of 220 May street. The local soldier left this country n 1942 and spoat Ihc Jonig intervening months on defense work in ,he bleak Aleutians from which x>iiit a number of Naugatuck soldiers returned several mor-ths ago. . P.F.C. Lilkc was able to return o the Stales on the Army's new •oLation furlough plan, a new idea t'hat'kaep's a constant turnover of veteran 'troops that, arc stationed overseas. This system, within a limited time, will arable all soldiers who'have served a certain number of months overseas, to furlough at home. Maj. Johnson Awarded Silver Medal New Havener, Known Here, Is Hero Of Hazardous Exploit The Silver Slar medal for valorous deeds in combat during 'the firrt World war will be presented Major A. Allen Johnson of New Haven Sunday afternoon on the New Haven Green. Pictured at a staff meeting' some time ago am Adolf Hitler and hid chief military udvixcr Col. Gen. Alfred ,Todl. According to Uie Berlin radio, an misinmin'x Jtoi>il>-burned and bruised the Nazi Fuehrer and slightly injured >Ioill. Ten' other members of the .Nazi command were reported injured in varying decrees, (Internutional) British Forces Make Powerful Drive On Road To Paris France, July 21—(U P)—British forces- in Normandy are making progress-'south-of, Caen—in their powerful drive down the road to Paris. ' Their capture of Bourgucbus yesterday annihilated.-the southern anchor of Germany's second defense lino,'.bcyond"Caen. .. ; . ; .._ ' And;IjLodfty.'s;Allied! communique ^--' 1 Aloscow, July 21 — (III')—Soviet front ilispatclies report the hat- tie for in 1'ohind is In "its final phase.' Tinsslim inohiln forces are closing in from three directions on the key stronghold guarding the southern route io Horlin, oOo-~ NKVV JAP CABINET Send Out Thousands Of Letters Asking For Cooperation in Campaign , The '.Vruig.-itui.-k Parent-Teachers Association Is giving every aid to the Waste- Paper Collection campaign Ihfit will take place in Nau- galuck next Monday and Tuesday. J'"rar.cis A, Clark, president of 1 Min-thft. Herbert Sctillln, An- the-P. T. group, i.s an active mcrn- i- Drily, Oot'Kc Carroll, Thomas °er of the waste piipcr salvage * Ihe , Ernest Allen. Edward . Bernard Sullivan, Rw. Dunn. Arthur .Rompicre, m Painter, J. 'Rudolph An- arid Alfred s fr-c will be included in .,[,.;i, lon rin(1 a CCl . t(l | n sum 1111 ho deducted for prizes, Chalr- " ; nn Allon stuted. Accident Victims lest Comfortably 'ry Rnn.Hon, who was injiirocl working with a state high- "rncv| h y unit, and was <-i'-q>1mlt was '»rm -<< m a good condition at St. hospiln.1. ,i (I Ornkc. who suffered a !fg while working on Ihe 5f Joel Anderson on Field at •'. wan renting comfortably ••'nry'.i, authorities nt the 'l «' s i'kl this afternoon. commilleo of the- Naugatuck Salvage grou)! and through .his ettorls IhoLi-s-uridsloC letters liave been sent on in connection with the collection here next week. On Monday the collection will be on Ihe cast side of the town, with the stores in that section to, be laker, care of that same day, as will the Bristol Terrace sector. On Tuosday the colllcctlon will be on the west -side of the town and Ihe stores in that area arc •asked to place waste paper on Ihn curbs in, front of t-he stores and the truckmen .will pick up aa they go through. A truck thai is not associated with tho NiLiigaluck wa.-tc paper (,-ollectlon campaign has been making house to house stops on Lhc wwt side of the lown for the past wome days, but local residents are Continued on Page 3) \Vup workers Boro Playgrounds Extensively Used This Summer The .sinnmcr playground program in Naugflluck Is going along smoothly, it was announced this morning, with the attendance at each of the six recreation areas "good." Athletic events between playgrounds carries a large amount o£. interest. Bait games between the various areas are pia.ycd several times a week. Baseball is the main Intel 1 - playground activity, and younger boys as well as older boys participate, Horseshoe pitching contests among the playgrounds 'may be arranged also In the near future. ' avenue playground, which S;.ir. Francisco, July 21—(UP) — A tentative new Japanese tabi- net has beo:i drawn up,\ Tokyo radio says General Koiso expects to submit a list of candidates to tho emperor tomorrow • morning. The general is. taking tho Ichd in forming the cabinet, .although Admiral Yontii wns named as-'co- premier. '. * ' CKKMVIN BI.OOD BATH Andre—on th'o' Ornc river four miles.south of Caen/ Besides seizing Bourguqbus yesterday, General Dempsey's . men ,von the nearby town of St. Pair- one mile below Troarn. Once the ritish. are in full- possession of Troarn's red clay highlands—they can send the tanks lunging hrough flat country in a drive o get behind Vimont. This base lies on the Paris Express railroad—eight and one half miles southeast of Caen. A British ank column is already fighting in Vimont's outskirts—and the town s threatened with encirclement the Tommies entrenched in Jourguebus and St. Pair. A late disp.atch from United 'ress War Correspondent Ronald lark says the Germans have failed to smash back British forward positions. He asserts the Allied offensive south of Caen is now over the hump. At the base of the French beachhead, the British took advantage of nn abrupt enemy withdrawal—and cleared he entire Caumonttilly road. They occupied St. Vaast—on the Scullcs river two miles south of Tilly. U. S. Marines And Soldiers Make Landings On Guam Under Terrific Barrage MAJOll A. ALLAN JOHNSON. Jap Opposition Not So Strong- As At Saipan Invasion v (By United' Press) A powerful force of United Suites Army and. Marine forces has begun- the" reconqucst ot'Guam. •. London, ..Inly 21—(UP)—Adolr Jlitlcr i.s plunging Germany jnto a hlood hutli in reprisal for an attempted revolt which throat- enud the nation with civil war, German reports Indicate that Gestapo Chief l-leinr|ch Hlmmler has sent lo.val forces on a ruthless hunt for persons suspected of taking part in the uprising. Playground To Hold Pet Show Tho Salem playground, under the direction of Mrs. Charles F. Daly, director, on Friday, July 28, will hold a pet show that 'is expected 1 lo •be one of the highlights of- l,hc sea- opened this summer, Harold I son for tile children who arc reg- E. Chittenden said, has the smallest attendance record, but this has improved. Prospect' street, another playground opened this summer; is well used. Supervisors at each .of the centers provide programs of games and instruction, which arc well- received hy the children. —When you think of Viicatlon nnd find tluit -Ifff's Holiday Clol.hes, It's Ru]>luiol's Rcslmiriint olYnrx delicious, lieulth- 1 NiiUtfatiick's Fiuthlon Cenlcr, where- fill food* to keep one In tip top | Style nnd Low Price go hund In , Ihcxc hoi, xMcky'U»yn.— Adv. hniid.— Adv. ular attendants at the popular play area. Children at the playground have sketched very effective posters for •the event, and one poster is now on display in The News whidow. "Bambi" -and "Thumper," 1 popular Wall. Disney characters, may-. be noted jn 1 !.hc poster, which, is -Very effectively drawn. - - .. —Cush paid for musical Instruments, piano*, radios, phonograph*. Metro Mimic Mart, 88 Church St. T<:1. (558",—Adv. Local 45 Calls Special Meeting For Next Monday Local'. 45, United Rubber Workers of America., today announced that -a special meeting would bo held next- Monday night at 8 o'clock. at Llniden^ark Cor Hie em- ployos of -the mechanical and main- tPinanco depnrtment of the Unlt- •cd States Rubber Co. footwear plant, •• The meeting will be -addressed by members of locals in .the mechanical departments of the Chicopce Falls, Mass., and Passaic, N, J., plants of the United States Rubber Co., where the United, Rubber Worker of America is the bargaining agent. In addition, international officers . of the Uniiad Rubber Workers of Ameri'Ca from Newark, N. J. will,.,attend Monday -night's meet- i'H'g, .-.President George Frorfilioh also slated today.'' • President Froehllcli declared that 'Local 45 is very confident that the National" Labor Relations Board election -here next Tuesday between Local 45 and Local 468, International Association of Machi.njs'ljs, A. F, L., to determine the 'bargaining agent for the employes of the mechanical and maintenance departments of thc.U. S. Rubber Co. here would: result in a victory for the U. R. W. A. Stripes~'on the: first American soi retaken from the Japs since the war began. Admiral Nimitz announces that oiir troops swarmed ashore on uarri early yesterday and seized jcachheads against moderate ground opposition. Powerful reinforcements arc pouring Wshore today under cover of massive air and naval shelling. •'Front reports say the initial resistance is less than that cn- countei-cd in the first stages of the Saipan battle. Hundrods of American carrier- based planes—and the big guns of battleships, cruisers and destroyers —paved the way for the invasion. They blasted Guam with an almost non-stop 17-day bombardment. It was the greatest attack ever mounted for an amphibious operation in the Pacific war, The terrific barrage of shells nnd bombs soared to its highest peak in yesterday's early morning darkness. Under cover of the exploding missiles — tractors, tiny assault boats, and other landing craft set out from transports toward the flame-bathed shore. All landings were carried out j with pin-point accuracy. The Japs were unablo to keep us off any of the beaches "we had chosen. An American spokesman estimates the size of our forces at about three divisions—or some 45,- ( 000 men. Red Cross Sewing And Cutting Room Closes For 2 Weeks TJi'efRcd CrbsS'So'wihg- an<T : Cut ; ting Room at the NaugaUick Y. M. C. A. will be closed for two weeks from July 2-1 to August 7. Mrs. Ed- gai- - CosscUe, Production Ciiair- ma-n,. announced today. The -new quota for sewing will be in soon. Mrs. Cosscttc stated, and additional volunteers arc needed due to the needs of the armed forces in military hospitals in this country and, abroad. There is such a demand for surgical dressings at '.his time that it will be -necessary -that tliis production continu-c. Mrs. Co'sctte declared today, the invasion and the drives on the Pacific war front having built up a terrific need in this field. As Uierc is a constantly growing demand for surgical dressings, Mrs. Cossette stated , that more volunteers arc needed in this branch as well. The local chairman :i-sks that as many Naugatuck women as possible plan to devolc/a few -Tiours each •week 1 tllis most important phase of th war effort. NEW AKJIV IIOSriTAL Continued on Papc 3) WnJthom, Mass.. July 21—CUP)— flic newly built. $2.000,000 Bo:to Vrea Army Station hospital wi ic dedicated tomorrow. The mod rn hospital will care for all sic md injured military personnel sin tioncd within 1 75 miles of Boston Housed in -10 buildings, the hospiuil covci-s an arc<i of 90 acres. Candidates Are Seeking Support In Naugatuck ROBOT BOMBS . London, Jury 21—(UP)—The German robot bomb offensive against tondon went on through the n-iglit ind into daylight this morning. The winged-explosives fell in-clusters) on southern'England and the capital'area, ., Almost 250 Absentee Ballots Have Been Sent To Servicemen Absentee ballots for local residents in the armed forces arc still being .sent out, Raymond J. St. John, town clerk, said this morning, Since tho mailing started July almost 250 ballots have been Friends Of Leo Gaffney Of New Britain Already Active In Democratic Circles Whether Naugatuck's Democratic delegates will support Attorney Leo Gafl'ncy of Nc\v Britain or ex-Governor Kobcrt Hui-lcy for the gubernatorial nomination at the coming state convention was not known today. It is known however that efforts have already been made to line up the support .of Kaugatuck Democrat's for Mr GnfTncy and possibly like efforts have also been made by Mr. Hurley's friends. Thomas Spellacy of Hartford, former mayor there is receptive to the nomination for U. S. senator, it is understood and indications in some circles arc that he will make With 276 new voters made in the ! a very strong run against the GOP mailed. Although servicemen can request ballots themselves or have members of their immediate family put in a request. for them, many have been sent out' at the request of voter registrars. Major 'Johnson- is rational commander of the Army and Navy Legion of Valor. The award -will be made during- tile review 'and retreat ceremonies of the aviation, cadets of Ihe Army Air Forces Training Command scliool at Talc university. . .. ' Major Johnson, served throughout tha fii-st^Worid war wiOl Company "G", 102nd .infantry,'- 26th. (Yankc.c),i-i3ivisi6n,--H.Tid--»iK -a. smijxjr- and'scout on "special assignment a.1-the .front with army iTitclliprsncc. . The Now Haven man who i'.~ well known in Naugatuck, single-handed, captured .a machine gun Jicst that was holding up "a'battalion, advance, in a very daring exploit. Another Naugatuck Soldier Reported Missing In Action Pfc. M. Robert Scars, 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon Scars of Pond Hill is missing in action in. Italy it was learned this morning. A War department telegram to his »rcnis stated that he has been missing since July 1. The telegram did not go into detail. Entering, the service in August, 1942, the local soldier had been overseas for- 1G- months. He was employed at the Pratt and Whitney plant in Hartford prior to his entrance into -ithc Army. Pfc. Sears is a graduate of Naugatuck high school. Hope has been expressed by his parents that he. might have been taker, prisoner, and is safe in a. German prison camp. WAR BONDS last month, -and more yet to come 'nominee, supposedly the current before election time, and with scr- incummcnt John Danahcr, whose -vicemcnrs votes included, a record ! isolationist stand previous to the ballot is anticipated in elections in Naugatuck this fall. When the state and national candidates have all been selected for the elections, x Mr. St. John will send out lists of state and national tickets to the servicemen, U. S. entering the war is understood in some quarters to be laying him open to a gre'at deal of cutliny. by members of his own party. Continued on Page 3) A rixy A :r force ; Tin's is tlic release that'cr.sts oiT t.ip tow line of a glider plane. Onca this handle is pushed down, the pi ilcr is on its own. Our gliders i-ayc boon -.perfected into hu-o smps-thnt can -transport jeeps and ready to rolJ. Jfore u-Jidci-s are needed. Buy more War Bonds tnil hold 'em!. , U*$,Treasiirit Depart

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