Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 27, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 27, 1916
Page 8
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PAOE EIGHT. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE u m v. . a? AMUSEMENTS, AMUSEMENTS. AMUSEMENT'S. U S1C kjpj&^i' Friday and Saturday, Dec. 1st and 2nd ' 4 Performaees 2,15 and 8.15 \ !). W. GKII'TITirS EIGHTH WONDER OF THE WORLD Most Realistic and Stupendous View of Stirring Events in the Development of Our Country TAKEN FROM THOMAS DlXOIv\s, 'THE CLANSMAN" Prices Matinees, 25<% 50c, 7"k'Prices Xfeht«. 25e, 5<k% 7f>e, £1.00. Symphony Orchestra of 20 •'-.'• No one seated after 2:i& or 8:15 Seat sale Tuesday 9:00 A. M. for all show., ui the Sterling; Pharmacy. Mail orders with enclosed check ndtl en<:cfl ti; G. S, Oims!r-d i-.ili n.-.«-re prompt attention. VAUDETTE-Tonight Special! William Farnum in "The Em! of the Trail" SOCIAL AFFAIRS ANNOUNCES Miss N.-vn Gillmsn Will Arniurfd Jacques On Thanksgiving' Day. r .1 i in:in ,n I '••• • i u r>-;i'< Hunt -. at n-un! }•! •< .•-. ,\'- • .-"MM-,' TOMORROW, \-. :i' .!••• : : - , :• <! Mr--. At:ri.»r> . !!! Ti;f \\r^- t ill" I'r.urth St. •T: Th.-ir.k «£!*'."« of fV»Hiff« known in J William Lucas and Bessie Ix>ve in "He.31 To Pay Austin" COMEDY Joe Belmon*. in "La Cabaret" TUESDAY Edna Goodrich in "The Making of Maddalena" THURSDAY ~ ' Bkj Than'icusor day. Attratts'on—"IsUiftd of ^generation," -I' JOINT SOCIAL EVENING , Epwo'-th League and Gleaneri' W*H Enjo/ Joint Social. TI -r!;i -!f'\v < v- «dfii; Is th<- rr»ni!ar _r.<.,!{!•••' »iH;/i> <"-i i h" f il'Tin'-ft' Hub i»f ' • -iii'. ,•••!• !•• ; i 'Snitch !>ul i[-~s«-ad uf th** ;ij:!d.n nti i-Uiif; • isU'.ht at.thf humf> <>f .- -in m!" r. rtii-tisu.-rs uf thf club wtjl • < \•• 'iUii.;- itt the rhurrlj. A K»H>il ::;«!!'• i.-: :Uii.!'.:in:!triI and (i lar/jri c*r*<tw> THE JOLLY CIRCLE CLUB Mat and Night GREAT - THANKSGIVING ATTRACTION I PI » "• it \'> «'M Kt.d ;.;,,(. r: mi j, in . ;_•-,, » .^"-' < • ! «.,u' ;,.,,! Si),,'.., ;,f j,,,,., i ,] '. i. :i!< hi ui:- >i'!,l •,, l : ,rj,, mi Ml !•. ! .. ' il;" M'ljdiv i>ty i; M '.,;,, .>•:(,,!•<• thii.Will B<s Eralertained Tuesday After•''•'•• •'''' ''»• '•'!"• i-'l i-M'<-h Mji' MIH! noon By Mr», De Murray. 1 <•'"-• i -\n\ »? <• i unii'irj-!.-ttit>K the Mt < M'u)u> I ,>r Murray will i"itpr* '" : '-'-' *''• : < 'ii \\- u| «.,|i| u j') ,(,, !:s!!) tin- ,luil\ Cii'i-li' r'llili III hlT ht Vi, V',. ! i m« h;^. ,.«.(.) ,,,). ).. t iti- <>f 5hf--\ d"'iv!i(f'il fifl»-i noun is f»xpfwtf*(l. ''..'.'. ! ? '.'-' ( '' ! "'- r "' ! '" s whii-h (!)•• r<>l»>wirii.r ' GAVE A" DINNER. i.-ii.iii "\V. \\'-(>avis. I'dHur ( ,f Tin-• •'''' ;it! ' ! -^'' N - '*• "'^- l.'onlrhy tlolijt I-' -iv «.f While-..di- Cuiiujy. Illhiiii", ' f''Hy ''H!'i- : :iin<d at dirrni'r ypwterd ' --inxiii i-i !!>- ii!v ,'uT<>n){i iiili .i ' -^' r " ^' '' •^tii'/i'f and diuurhtf-r. M.t* ' nf wifi •)" j ,'-| n;,;IM< r, Mlv- Su-.|i '""'• «' ! 'd Ml Hid ,Mi>. l'!aS'«'iXi' ( • ,'i ii".i'i!nu! hum,- hi TI- and p,\."'' N» : tKuii, ;'»T tiotiif- un I Is The Season's Biggest Sucees* GEORGE KLIMT'S NEWEST SENSATION The Play with a Hard Punch MIL THE ROCK FALLS TONIGHT \ Nit'iiiiy l,-K"i> furnc-ily fi-.-itiiriruT •Itllllc ItHrhli.' In "WHERE IS MY WIFE" Also the Universal Weekly. Expose of a Shop Girl's Life Filled . with Tense Situations By , C. HERMAN Th» Story of a Girl WRo> H ad No Mother to Guido Her Every Act Gripping J ELI HESS DOWN TOWN. Th«' iiuiiiy I'ni'iidM uf ('uni liu lur Kli HI-SH uil! IK- tu li-am Una im i.- I : im Ill' 1 !i|i>iMl nuu. and Ihi'ii- !?* f>i'i".i llidi.i'a! lull uf litji liciMK aliji' lu I' 1 I '« |i work In a few wt'i«|jM. Mr. lli"*,s" hi«» lii-i'M ire) .UiU and firs lift- S^IM di.s- (laii'i-d uf fur suir.c time, lita IM' lui K<lilU-i] HII l;i|ddl> uf lull' thai hV I I!»iuw 1-uiiNidiH'd nut uf daiiuiT, il /'<»( ih<> THE G. O. P. ELEPHANT. The (!. ' >. I', cli'iihanl which inudi* n rc.'it hit i)i i hr lii'tnncratii 1 tmriuiii* In ' OBITUARY MRS. HARRY 0. SMITH. Harry O. Smith. ni-<~ Alihlo •« anil l-;mil> Sparidglt', was tit thr >f tin- tntarpratad by «. Superior Company of Human Actors A Clean,* Wbolssome PI«y, Filled With Dramatic Int«ntity Mat 25c & SOc Night 25c. 50. 75c & 81 ,.!H iii ;:!'• at di'inand. Tuniyht il {will b«> in thf paraiiv in l\rii i and Ii f will, ha vi'u |iiar< uf hunur. Next \\'ed- 'nt-.mlay t-vfiiitit; il will In- in the |iai'4idi' at tin-'I'uUuii d> nioiifitiiiliuti. - , \ I-uri.,T ,V S.. fl . ; I'.iirs. I'm nit ui-v . ^'••-, ••y.''-'; ^- h-'«;'s.;';, 1 rd l ,.v !„,,..- „,,,„.„,.,, ,. 1M t ,. iy . fll ,,,, v , !llli(V; Mini !u h. i- !.<,|ju- ||! N'fiii'.-i^!,,, ,.,,,i •,,(,,i ii i,v ,. ' i i i i, Harry U,:,l, „,!,,,,., KUda,' 'and ' w' '.i:, 1 ;.',"! "'s,.,';;;,!:" 11! ,, ^oni ' V "" r ! w.iiK,,,, ,.,.,. „,„.,,, Smill;iv ,„ Aml>il _ x : M(ii>4 ( , r:iri Klli ,. t _ Vj wlu ; (jj(i{ h) . i , n vis _ i \V II. I.;, ,'ifli i-ci'ii! tuil.-ty ill <'hlr.ik'i nil;:: f.-r lh«- Jta-.| yi -ir in l>i-ijv'"l- Cut M !"''! :;.;-,.! iv i v< ii':.',; wiiij friftids inl'"'h,, and jftiHwcd away at IUT 'i'i->!.«',vn 'ii\"!i. . i l-onii- in stiTlhiK Xuvcinhrr 23rd, inu;, S-t- TU!;:; It-nrii-iii, >|..'.:i! Sa t u i it'i v i.i-n- .-.n IHIHI. , rhimo. Shi'' a;t.-ndt>d the jnihlic nchmd : «"•>-••" -' jai l^iiiark, fhadwlck anil .Millcib;.'- IJixun. si,, at . ,» u M s> nUr,-. 1ni-r,sfiii.- ,«hf.n.~- "• wiDti-/- uf ,JSf»» shi« unilcd with thi- JOHN A. WAEP Attorney at Law MONEY TO LOAN On Upftl Kstnte Security MORTGAGES FOR BALE 411 Lawr»nc» QldUt Sttrllna. lit. I Mrs. \Vf.|..v df, ,,f Uixuii Sunday afd riiuun" ,n Hi'riuitr. l.ath itu; i-..(iy :,! \\ uudrnan li.:di. in FARM LOANS AT 5% I 5, 7 or 10 ycari, up to $100 p«r 3cr« if security warrant! MORTGAGES FOR SALE W ,JQHNM. STAGEE 'Law office Stager & Stagsr city. Mr. .and il:-, lAuiuii <>.i;»v. phctHtuwn, s|M«nd S;tturdav i~— -i-iii-ii.—n:i_i4wiiU4-f -i-—;^,j,iM +t i^- ti _^j44 ir _ tH) .i_ivJiLiju—aiu;—i^Li^iii|..,| f :t u)i laroilrr-' Mil •/.,'), n ( ,,:, , ,,,,, , .;• ,,,,,, I,., I I,- ,-V, |)i IH," » |d*.tth. 'Inlu |h!.S )),,/«,» ,, uflvMii.di). ii, IM,. : M;,,, ,j,. nfl j,, Wjld'-r w. nt t,', Jj, H An- A. F. MiUi-i _ut»i»i-_ ariK> tjvn I and '!(!« '" iMsi rll - v j.himliiuid and two daiiKhtcrs. hi«r liuith- ,Mi,,s iJia.'i- Sw.irlhuiit and J,..> K"il-,»-r. MrM. ICtnily SpanoKh' nf M ian rnuturcd tu Dlxnti Sun-day cvonhiK vlllc, n hr»tln>r. i\ A. Spam ,-ln-rc they alletulei! the Runilv tlu'ii. onc !M', injury. *-| St'Uts now mi at thi- SicrliiiK 1' haimacy BIG THANKSGIVING DANCING PARTY Wtdnckdny, Nov. 29, 1916 .Woodman Hall Coehran'* noita—Public .invited. DANCING SCHOOL IN MYSTJC WORKJER . HALL Every Monday Evening From 8 to 10 P. For i»rlv«to rail H, H. KELLEY, Bell phono 430R Mr»«. Klnssley K0w»r*l« <>f I'hllniU-l- phla, who was oper'iifd i>» .Sauaday ai the Bter!ing lux^jiital, in Ki'tiini: alixu. Hifi«.of _!._.. _for.^; Men's -HandkerclVTs with silk initial, 5c Men's "Fleece" Lined : Gloves, 25c „ $3.00 Men's Gauntlet Gloves, $1.00 „, $4.00 Menus'Union Suits, $1.00 ,„ $5.00 .Men's Sweater Coats, $1.25 ,„ $9.00 Men's Wool Sox, • E\if* ^ii/* l JltJC to Olrv Men's v Shirts or Drawers, .' ., • 39c ,, $2.25 "BELL'S" DANCING SCHOOL IN WOODMAN HALL Every Monday and Saturday cvcnino from 7:30 to 9:00. . Bifl social, p'anco from 9:00 to 12 boCli nifjhts.- Privatd losspna Bell 276-R1 f' NEWS IN " TURKEYS ARE HIGH. ° U'luh (in- ['i-ii'i- uf lurki v.; ihi, tall \^'r\ hi;'ii v!' a !T:Ui a '.( tut niH itl'i- 1 ln ! - ui tu rr .), A. riiulniers i'1-i-i ived wurd tuday id' liu' death uf hi.s Mister. M»'.-<. K*lielU- A!e\!ind«'j', uf Chk'ai^u, which uri-uri'i'd Uiix inurninK at 3 uVluck, She (ia>< ni.'ui.v Trii-tids and ivIutlvi'H IH.TI- wliu T rt ill- !*«• i*m p i-'.v-t.«i-lt»rt'f-,t uf hi-r- iK-.-ith.•—^Ji~v jt'ha!r.-n<!i will «u lu llie city Ihis t-vcn- jilh; In lie |ire.-i 111 at. tilt' l'UIH-|'J\l. JCHRISTIAN SCIENCE THANKS- I GIVING. ' 'I'liei'!- will he r.t'1-yiccs ill I, O. O. I-'. '•hail Thaiilvi-iuiviiiK- <lay by tin; ("hriH- *..!!i.:.i.n .tj.clviii'f:. <. v Jmt-du~.-»:uineumciuK ut i I" !.'• u'fiueS., l-h'eiy uiie in We.lciiilH' lu \ 'attend tlu~~ H'u'vic*-}.. .^i.. 1 i - , _ j' GAS MAN VISITS STERLING. i A. Ii. Mtcru~ll, Mi|ieriiiii-ndint uf a I'.'TV )a!;,•«• KJIS (daiit at Atitilin,"Miiin.. ' i.s vi,,itih^ in StiTlhiK- Hi> \vn.s fm•- fniiTiy I'uniit'i-it'd with, the 1. N. I'. iiAl.-e in Sterling t'u i- a nninuri' ui' i tit .-..-. jVc,it'< and In- ha.-< many aeqtiainlani i.-s I IK i<- « Im wi-H' «lad tu MC him .u;ain I DAILY WEATHER REPORT. •niyht and 'I'm-MJay; in-ohalily tain; :niii-r tuvn-.-ju' -n smith ) . ""< LITTLE ;LOCAL3 W-.-i'dt Hll" : •-> Hiudiu lur. Xman lihiiliiy.'* i>li|.» ''TMIllTKel' Went lu Mr. an.! .Mrs t 1>. H. .Llew< ilyn arViv-'many oPlii-r .-mil H. T. FERGUSON INVESTMENT BONDS ' Net-J to 6J)$r cent Exempt froprTnoome Tux LOANS ' y INSURANCE 310 Lawrane* BMg. gtarllnfl, M ^ r i> : \ . K.' »'.,, iy.;. liar; !i)iii>.li| . » •Jtidv;«' A, A. WidfiTMiM'i' ,Mi>! i.' tins al trniimii ,,ii liusuii-.^s. i''itiiit:t »'.- Sii.iVi-ly Xu Hutu* i'u?-- M'lu. M. •;)-' iUii \,i-. I'-ii-ll I'thuiu* V"i>--.*' Vt'.ijiii ti '•- i rii ! .;i I inn i. \n-.-itKf J.aiist- _-^_.. > jHiiN i.'tty .'rs-d ! iutuundiir,: l'«\\ n« Cur <t ' lni j i.e_\ !'.'i:i| ']'tiailK.-niVti.i;.-.. ,'J'lH Ui >'-• :ir<'- -i,!-!!:-' IK- tfiii (> .1 , ui-. JH-I (luinul, iji-. -'•• lvV"(>i.\ iiiil^ and <hii I; s iv,i'i!l>-' fWil t i M • |ie|' |lilU,>.i Su il nil! )>•• set-It (4 .VWil-^Hd l-ik*- --,>• -V-l-.\- i'i.-t !%»Wi ' • ''"...' j " H ' r ' ' - OiiMCCRTIC JOL-LiFMlATION- I,. . "':,*,'. i ! ' " • A i«U"*-e ji!(tlH'*T ''l.M i.'lsil*-^ tue Ml.'nu i ,U|^. |:iK.-f-i uf till , ih< •' IH-. - -i -ri. -i. uf I'l. .-;.l tsi \\ i! | i.'i-.aik KHni' id's tin-, mmuii.i, | Sii- IcMllvr U!l- : M'-!i- Thru- : I !•,'.",. ti-.l. !';, "' .- •' '•'•'• --ivtH , '!'•!'«• i'llMHl- V. . J-i i ilrr.i! r. Till --U, u ii|) fill... .-UrllHlg . I,-, ^» \-s • • *' • *.«sr« Maim.' .\|i-U<-i»ii y h-l'l-.'l'' ; r Chi Jut, n J).- ( ;-. f ,!..! will! lu I' Idi "SPJTCiAL ^ . " |7,50'$10 $15,$20$25, •l ! -- H: i • J . Idea) Gift The sig;n of the treaty of love, No other gift can campare with the diamond. Aside In*' I'l-t'-sti^c if adds (u tim wt-aror, it lias what OVITV irit't . e sln.w a hn-M-o Jisw.rtiiionl'oniH? jinost, llaw'loss diiinioi ll tin? .latest platinum muun.tiiitfs, as Wl .|| as flic utht- s • also a lar^-t' assoriuH'Ht uf duster tlimiunuJH- •t for.$75.00.... 'riit-^c tlianionils arc M-t in |/-lati ana liavt' the H'rWt of n sin.^!»' .stone. fti-HUMiilH-r uc --.ell tlH-s,. (jiaiiioiuls on wivklv nav \vilt>!| Diamond rings f rom $10.00 to $aOO.OO. p <yirly ami avoid the rush. -, tl Hhd T. Jennings ,:'"••' Optician , ..y

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