Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 27, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 27, 1916
Page 7
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STERLING, .IL-LWOIS, MONDAY. NOV. 27, PAOl SEVEN; Bntiflcd To Tit!*" On sord But Gophers Air The Best Tc;in-.. SOCIA AFFAIRS ~ . CRAWFORD-POTTER _AtTCTTON...8tALKS,.. CLOSING OUT SALE. GWSStfB RATES ONE CfiNT A WORD C'.ott LOST W- Orrvirrr:d Snhmlay iiins At The W, M.- Me Kim Hdfnc. ' R.h-s HELP WANTED —MALE •.n;\ ',.(';; Vn .-•••> -*M <>r Ti;A- if - P ! rmy, StUJtl lt"i»; Si;- 1 hv:t"fi« CHICAGO STOCK MARKET, j... •;. ...i., ,..,.f. M •. r i •,,•',.-,. K HELP WANTED—FEMALE v. \vrr.ii AT THK •!- GIVEN FAREWELL STAG t«> Mi", i In--')-.. -;>0r(j' -I.'. .!•• : ,, In a'ti'l I'lino'i^ '' -i i puckeye* Entitled to Honor. •> e\'- i-ii '• ••'! I'! etl! if !e>l to ' li'- ! i!!. ,i|, f,,|- ! !i. ..ori-ril'- |-e.'•-••!• >• '.'. . • ; >,, |,| ,\ •.-'.. <l ).' nil' •• '.. 1 II '-I -. te,i»(i»-. I'u.I- hi ' '' of /-..JIli I, .'!'!• ' htlf elexfis t. I'M- . <l (H f-l'l'e li'll-il. ^- * I 1 1111 f •' n . i; u' i I t " V. : I t t -. t I: t : i ' ' ' '•* ! ' < 5 '• '" I nf ..hi,, li-in, I.,,! fry li i" i«. « |...~I .Ml|.K shown bv it-: !r;»«o. .\ftel L.fltt:teli i if .iU .••!>. fftll of the MHI....I. flu V l>lie\t to wa' 1 "iinpl -i IfVl'ly -and .1.'•(. i t' i i i < • i n. -. ^ »11 ; * .. ..I t ,1 MI;> iin-ti! of ,' _ I . mem-. Ma ••;.-•• H of, Francis Forstt-r Givten Merry Farewell: , ,| i,if,,j, ih. !iii-j By Young frten Friend*. f . s-nti'iiv v<..t'i..,i.. r- j M.-«--I- IMwatd ' > i'• 'tin. 1! and Iv!- j j\\,ili! I!,tin v.' n- b'.sl--Tlmi-.«•-.I iv • v n- I ,:;,,.t . of H... k T- I: ;U':; :i' ,." •-.".!:. p;'C* a! ! h. ll.-itiv hum' j ,.l| i|i,-i.l.. of t'he ! ii. ni.tllil- I'lalK"-' I! P-•!-.-! ' •(", Who j.-ltr -' -, ,,-, ;.,,-k <[•: thejthi- r a M I; of tn> n "» Thanl;-.- !,, v ., tli*. -taim.'iv. J..-I-, me li-i'. i;u. -.' u. I'.- tifti.n joun: i,Mli ',;.,.,.; .Mai v jtn. n; on nib. i" "f P.- P. >el" loi'-- .tub >.| th.. i •>- iinii: u i-. - I" Ml Hi pl'i vim: irdH. AI liil'ilnn-.b! -.'ipp> r u.i-; ^<-iv- ENTERTAINED SUNDAY (Mr. and Mrs. Mark Reitrcl Entertained Guetts Sunday. .Mr. and Mi". .Matk tleit/e) ent"r.- taiiH.! the follownu: uu-'v-t.t at dli r Snl;.lav at t'h'-il holll'', FiltH-l 1C. Hi''-, ..f IMx.-n. Mi---.* Mildi-td Hull:' H'-vIe Iteif.'i-l and Caroline Connors-, lb :<•! ' '. .. . 1".'" CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET. I 'I--.i a;.», 111 . N'l.V . 2 t 1. L''''" |«':!!<.!' t (lam P'V.i;^a - '. : .'. i m p I i * < H I ' i > i : i' 1 wlnniMir ' • ' <•".••>•. . .<- •!.. , ,,..| ( 'af. . \V A N T K O - S A I -KSI .A I > '.',',' }--. \V, \V'»,hv..i!h <\. , Ap I.-, • ''""••.,,! W\N"n'.l> c< i,M pr.Tl-'.NT < '• ;. ; . f inn 1 s of t lire'., t" -;• > *' * i v t . . 'M -!, '.'J 1 -•-•'. i :T. 1 - J ". . X" 1 IHSVI' I. !i-'' »ni«.l. : !i'(/ii.t, ,N' ,i<,in race rr-;-ofd "t -' ;"''i avd hi'-'!..'!! ; r<-p'':|(<.ill\ !;lie-.| IH hi ltd thin J '.'. t in ,'tac«--t. Hi '.'.ill inn !-- f i'llM. •-' a tup • hi-! tll.'MllM-l ai •• p> ! ('••• f " i V I C T '' It M. with -i 1 ?..:!)' rifii- 'hftt'-r than ^:,P" H' )v v" -\ i.:.nt.'l ..odi l-iii.'ll hi soled, y'h'.se \vbo hat. W»l l-:ed ,,t > i • n bofb fii.rve-s unlki.l (hi'ik HIM! TYPEWRITERS t't'.eks w il h • ami « of Cbii ano. CARD OF THAtiKS CARD OF THANKS. "H \v" . .-nit. AVrlt". . -J4I i-r i-h'iii'- I' II 'i I ff v,,ii !,:-,.,.• ,.ft'i-t: fni n :tnr«- .ir n ! I. I 't:i\\ ford. • t i- iu,if!<'ii of honor, ahd Ml' Iii. if -M»! I i-'.n. an bi-Mt -, v. • 11 tn't'-t .1! the lni|iii.\'. \ ;-. I b\- I !<-v. M sv in and I , \.-batii." .1 LI the -ofr ; ;:! of pi.i n» and lliuf« d \ HUM .) *•". I ••''' No " yello\v !M ''i y*i I -2; , with tin 1 Kafm- cluinee V i< tor M « ill b ;..' l-:"./.M. Xo a uhH. . :»l l--"'i!'1; N". ;-'r'h«: K'lnpniaior - :M. .inn Nannie lUb-v j I uhite. !•! '<t '.'.: I- J. -No. 5 white. *t* t ; ; 36 .by Hib'y M.'.linin i':!" 1 ^. H>- i«j l-;:'.i^'i. No. r. u lute, ir.'fi-.ii. j a jiooil u>"'ful hor«f nitints c..|t^ of tjo.Hl iiats N'o ^' v,h!'«', •>,'> ."!-1 '•/ ~>1 I-1: ' ' ^\z« and ctinfnrniiitlct!, HI- w.tli'i In v- , i , • - i •••',,-'• •< t Xi s ^ botb fhi!:l" iind <l»iibb. h irsi. --^. Vie' " ." .'. .','., ',' "<,'!' ""->i--i v I-'- 1 !''"'• A> - r< ?r< ' : "' " lcl 1>;1V : : ' l ' Ini "' '"" ^^ l' 11' . ,11*' •» I'T, • 1*1, ,5i-|.'t J », -lit..,.., *.„ I r t ,,,,*. .- . :.' Ii' K'.hinil « I'm i T\ |n Wl it' r I-:\< ha r, ::•>.' .">"-' ii,,,. i.i'j.ln---".- an.! **•- ;-•-)' ,!i. : . !l) ..i' "1'ir lili^Iiai'i-i. >••. ->i AH" rt A!. in« („ lWt,.r M in, 1 FOR SALE—FARM LANDS Vfi'« l-;«1tri \b it;< an..! t.iniiH 1 , . j ^----- % ^---'- --,--~---.- --.--•- - ->••-' Mv.:>.M.;..-.v..i. t . n ....r.u....v. : , i HMA ,.{, M. S .:m ( rAHM, ,,n rAS,I LEGAL NOTICE j- ^a^^risTHrr,:;' 1 ;;^,;?^,:;;,, 3 ,:;!,! ~""'"" ! full infoirnatl'iti. Munm r A-172 N. V. i Life Midtr,, K?iti«ti« Cify. Mo. THE CROCHET CLUB l:--)|-|".v ' 'a- 'li, :•'". l,'\" V., :'. $1 ::•-./ i-fi LEGAL NOTICE. ..f Illinois. 5 ill i f e tulii- ',v,i:i a .lnvclv Vi r s:i!in ami ft;"'tevat l»tl. ob-erv er it V |»!«o(,'i i far ati. «'h . iiii'l wniilil vii i" iiH-ft Jinv 'I'" ii noli- 1 ...Mr;.. \Vill .b'bi-i-...>n, of .lotd.'in. .I.--( [lithtfullv i llti-l !..iil|i d Ib'' ('loehet flub j t . I l-'tiihiv' aiteiinn.ii 'I hi" nftcrn oon ! oWf-l- \V.|e a .show- ' «">" -^petl! cr< ieh« t t»!i: and tlailltV H'-j irof'.whit'.'-"^.^... 1 . '"MU'S Crawford wm ,- j <""'«'" '""• «' !| - *" rv "'- I'"'""'*""" ' In white yown t.immc.i with tiny pink j^'"'^" *nioyed the MOV'.- I.uds and her tloweis were whit "" |ro-,e^ aitd I'of lie! Me Not", •'•'• 1:00.1 finalit •< half f,-n :.' \< n :',. No ?., $!.'.''-l , ;,, ., \ nilih:; Me. i . ! I ",-J :Vf-:»fs '>!.!; 1 |,,| l,,,|| .; ^.-,1; ,..|,|; |j „., , ,_,—i_ ! roan bull L' year-- old; t Mailin:: heif-j STERLING CITY MARKETS |^y il ^/r,,7. ^^^': ' fCorteeted HallV.) i .MHO tit the sarii" time and place (MoneH I>ill«n Ctirnpuny,) jThoina« Mathew-< «ill m.|i tln>-e of bin veari old. ! \V;,tti -i.|.-- County. l;i th.' Cj|. ill! ( '• Term. A i> I'M 7. In i I- me. t >-. I ''• ,Mr,,....... .».;. ii.ii! ll.-nrv 1> I.< ff v ,., ,(„. i,n,u FOR SALE-MISCELLANEOUS '..•i',-rnp!.-iiii:in'. ,,,,,---,-.-,«'« »MIMNATlnN. CHINA .urf, ,. I; u- T-M HKM. ' 'iihl ajiii.'ar tlhif. |..,, n( ,. A)n ,, ,(,.. ri-ri'trtony "iiinl -fn awav Ihi' '" -* 1 ' -j {,,(,;,,,,,,; ., r.vnn'r- 'Ul|i|)"r \V!i;r W New No,-^ yellow corn Sfi'^f I born bulls, t 1 ENTERTAINED AT DINNER. I N-w No « yellow corn M'*<-j 4" lfl -'^" Mr- IMrb.-r l'fnn,lM..|ii d. Ibihtfulh- White ,,.,(.. ... ... - ,,,e' t wo-t dtdM .-ir- bre.-db,.r ew«, Ihe »-.'" '••"" , (nainder hr-ini: fat tuiek- lambs. Alfi al dinner ye»lerday. Mr. NO. .! nii\ed oat« ••»> v .«irH»i.. ••-•'», , i \ i * • ' > • « • ». '• >i s ' ''i >. a i M?'., .. f\iii;|er, and Mr land Mt«. ••••in I.' lev i r, M ihtnli -l-i-fevi-r. H.irry S. I/f« v. r. l-;iv,e M, h.-fwer, Ait)..'* I.,, !;ii,at..-tb l.-f. '."i, ,' I.. I.' fey..f. Klntna l.efevrt. Marv Holirer. Ira Mob- ter, l-:ii/.:ib. Ih 1.. f"'.e!. Abmm L<fe\er. l.ivlll-'l I,«-feVer, A-It "It l.'feVi-r. |-"|or- r, liavbl- M. h< fev.-r, John .i-frver, •ni; SAI.I: :; \viirn; r.n.u: r»:M: I \'earlitnr Khoit l| b-'iti. Anton i-'iuek. ,\'e).--on. rinin.. :;i-:!"'», liivmi. '«n SAI.I; - (.'KW-i'ii'iir ,!er*",v niitb' |ii::,". Call or Miti-htll, .M«»rri u '»ti. IJotb K«|. «. i . t f.- ,!•.,,,,- »'t Htlni'iH ,i s llie . | j ;( j j j ( j \\'<-l j,\ 1 hn \'in^C en;, i ^\' \n no?. • Of » «-bmi|> or of ti..t IwUnK de ! run. lion The colur scheme j u M s llH teal Hll»m:ih. -TlH- I'M. I j,,,.,,.,. ,.[,,,1 iniiu: tab!.- tle.-i.rallon«. Our-'j' • iiH uinl tic in suITt' lent nt t ! i<- i n • ino|» tin- cattli' with ,.,.t n i,,. ! Mile Mr, i left on their honeymoon and after !>«.'- i • ib Ih. y will be at hotrie in ;.!ii in a banibionie refidence ba.i ju«.t r.'-cenlly In en eornpb't- ifoid. la t-d. M_IM, I'o'.t.'r i-. the daughter of Mr.; .IIH'I M i < I'lniir Crawford and / IIIIH l' friend* in Ibis city. She has Ine.Miav, aftetnotin, Dec, *!, A. .IHI-M employ.-.1 as l.ooUl<e.-er nt the Uli-j.T. Unnderson of. th"._llorticulnurai J)e' ni.l-j Northern IMilltien offices in thix i pat tnient of thc'M'niv. r,«ity of tlllnol.H, iity. Sin- l,,iH be. t) prominent in thflwill handle the topic, • -Apple* Scab and f ^ . (,„,,,., 1 i!il set of th»• city jind niiiny'.Methods of Contiolliiis,' It." Mr, t.un-j ' - 1 '-. '.;|j^,J»*i.. FOOTBAl L SCORES, WEST. If} Stilte. 2,'J; Noi !hue ; iteril Icano, u; Mlnne.Koia,. 4',>. H, il. WSyeoiiHln. 0. e, 0; Indlniia. ". l<a. 31; towji. 17. J»!inu>, ,4i',: Alma, () . EAST. \ny, I.'.; Navy, 7, p, '2(t, Til (IK, Kl Kthiun. CH; (..illaiidi t; itt. , , Of iVnivJU:' \V- V'H. Wes|,, » i\),-«. |;,i St.nith, Kh-anor and I.'nink program follows:' Hvtli>IHli'l:'"'l"i l.ih-inoii, J' l ; -- m j. : i, MI -, (1 .| Mi-y II. S. '.f'-t.'",. Mr Tn««rf«y 'Morning, Dee. 5—1 land Alr-f. !•*. 1>. Humsay, Harry'-Hon-J Munlc. - ; • iehy, I'.ert 'I"»|<IH, Uoyd Itrown. of Mbr-j Address . of Welooinc-rHononible rfyoii, Mij!« I'leaximtN, of Hock !.><hknd. [Mayor of I'rinceton. . 'Ci'uwfor.l. Mr. and' Mm. Tom I Ue^pons.. for 'Sodt-ty - A. T. K.Hhley, , WAITTEB | f ,, vl r ,\Vaitin I* L* f m r, Hrirharn ' fri.-n.l--"will wi*h her bappitie^H in her idersou hu,.-> bad chari;.. of the Mprayuu; j '* K * innv tu«nv, .The s;ro..m i-s lb>- son of j«,f th«- fn'iverMty oreluirdH in southern ! - - . Ni-w- potattieB, pk. ... ...... ....... f>0c ;^ K:,rvn«Kus r ;,•;;«:,-, fc™**™ »^^ ^^»^ leiiinre, bunch ...... A. ...... .Be U. .11. LaiiRford. Both YorK I*., «; Coluinbiii. 0. d, C; Mass . | ; A 3.. Pilfth, ir>: .FOOTBALL GAMES Saturday By St. Mary'u And "The Outlaw*." -n-HtiiiK Kami- of football wu» Hi jtsteniay beHvi-en St. Mary'n Ciawfotd and ihi'tiuhter. Mr. and Mrs j I'ixon. -- • c, -|t, Curdiek and daughter, of C.hi-I Report of l'rt»M''»>' — A - \V. Hrayloti, •;n;.i, Mr. and Mrs, M. .).. K"|.:.-r [ Ml.' Mori in. .ilttl ilaui:hter, of I'eoria. nf TrenMiirer—L. H.fuller, !)nbni|lie. . Hi il'SKIIi II 1 > ('(Mlim- _____ (Vuirb 1,-Alii'e K. lln|l"' k k. l!»Ttha Jinllock' • c'o'u'lel,. Iroi' iMM.'l Iron be.rl.end, 1 I *»«n. WIHinm II. -K.,N,,ni. Mason Mr,.^. WANTK your plmt.waph. They can bu A. ISrosw. Anhnr T. Cult, bin .-bil.'i. Iron bed, 1 walmit bo-k . . , . I'iMil T. <;?>». Mnry N. (iali.| ' ntiyihiiiK you CLOSING OUT SALE. I. In the jiceond JutV .M'-Cue. „»„.!>• llni'inan. madi n IlitiK ia.'-Ule tr»hn K.'innalty, the i;,'.-lb. fullback J in utopuphiK a touch- IBU,. lat. Mary'?* .won »>y um-ore of 0. |j, W. VoRD.LEADS MOOSE, oru. III.. Nov, ^7. iilH'delphla, vlcie >, Order of Mn<itii'7wi.iH elect ipreine dlctiilor of the [vacancy caUKed by the- ilc.ulr of ppy P»viM of cieyeltind. The «u- CUiMK'll met at Mooaeheart, the al licadftriarterc, H|X milt-H north Aurora. M JJUUIAL Test for Diamond, it (liiiiiunt'l vltiK Into « bowl Iw&tcr nixl thi* Htoiu-n will glitter tho Hijuitt; but mi ImHutUtii „ iMHHSHilU-UB-. brUH««C i V_HttUW-lV4lr [• If you look.throiiKh it iliuiitoud.tit Bt'k dot on it jiU't'i' of while JIHIKT p" will set: ouo bliifk n|n.'<'k ijull* 1 If the dut l« Ifliirrt'.d or iiiul- lied thti Klottti IM probably not Ki'Ti- Was Given Friday Exerting, at the Prni- rifly.ijlt?.. School. ..... ........ The • Flasket KiiHal wiiit'h wan j^iveli l-'riilay eyenlDJl. ___ ; L'_ the I 'nijrl.-yille wlionl was a' ilei'hb'/l Kiicocstf. A line pruurain was uivcn the fore* part of tin- "V.'niliK \vhit:h CiiiiHisled of ulialu- •uiit.'ji. i ecUutii'iis. priinury jilejiartineni drills, a duet by Irene Lel-'eyer. Klean- or ShaiiKei 1 , corn*-! mdo by Howard Ittltt and a t-ounle of renditiKH by MI'H. Hurry Ityi-rs. Later the haHkctH wt're ftol»l which brought *>v<»r lifty dollars to be »>4«-il for the benfllt of tho itchool The school IH taiiKht by MinH 1-,'niina -Kiier-Milc and ,Mi».s Alary T'urtilott. The fiillowint; Htlended from tfilM city: MISM^M Ktlicl Kminitt, Laura {iraehllng, Kthcl' Kiiuuitt. Amy Sivittn, 15» Ifi mcetitiK. • Tuesday Afternoon. Dec. 5—1:30. Kurly and Late ' Hh>:lit of 1'iUatoi's — CuuHe and MethndK of Con.ti-ol— .lawn Woodman. 1'aw 1'aw,- MU-ll. ' . -"old my- farm I will ««>H a\ i eluvlro, Ultchon clin'.rH, f.ipboard. calf-I 1 '. public auction on the premises, six ' inet, 1 I'ala.-o WindHor liard i-6al burn- ' if h iiKnown he lU .id, bi« unknown JUJ 111H, »I»»IVI**JI *'B* t t l'i |jr«\'lll*m.-^i * T ** % 1 |4t' 1, 1 * it Itl* ^' > > I |HIJ»' * JUI-I'l '«'<!-* ""'I 11 .^ miles Houth of Vhadwick. u mile ami n i ,. r , large wixe; K«»»l tin new, 1 Heckwlth I'*'*(••. Ann Jan.- KadrUrti', her unknown half north of \Vhit.- I'lueon, out- mile itmind'i.utk heater, Utahex. jars, j hen.^ and ilevlsi>|.(« if Hhe be dead, her Fruit for the Farm- C. L. Hlchard- sun, Chippewa l-'alln. Win. . Tuesday Evening, Dec. 5—7:30. ' .. eH and Their. Con- of. Krinklln Cortu-tH, on FRIDAY DECEMBER 1ST, the following; do- -proporty-; 12.-h.eiul. of JK>r«e«J der, ca>*h. over thin lunoiint l^ • • . -t-.. --•—>.. i "'7f n >Vh itpproyed ni; TKH.\lf?~rAH siimK'of SHi.Oii.nnd nn- 30 hc-ad of cattle, «omi* fresh by ilntv. x«rtit« In Jfinuury; B ( ) head of IIOKN; ^5 brood *M)W«; re«t fei-ilinK hoga; l.oot) bunhelM corn; JsOO bushwla uf oats; Truck Crop 15 btlMhelK clover time will "In . beuriiiK 6 l"-r cent inten'Mt from dat« If paid when due; othei wise, 7 pt>r cent from date of sale, No property ro- PARTY' FRIDAY-EVENING, Bertha Dettman Entertained For 16th Birthday. & ...-Mi's;: Bi'i'liiii Di'liinai'i i'litt rtitini'd ut her home wi'Ht uf Call 1 Friday eveii- IHK iu Inuior of lu-r Kith birihibiy.. Helen Cassi-iiM gave ..several nutKh-al iiiiinbt'i't) dtiriiiK tile fvenlriK and Kame.s ttiul tmisit* \ve»v-a!8o -vnjnynl;— Uainty refreNhtnentft w-eii'r a part of the pleiiH- unt aitalr. The folluwiiiK wi»r<* |iri'*i«*)ii ; trol, Illustrated- it. K, V'atiKhfui, Unl- voi'Hlty of Wisconsin. / S'rewerviitK Our l-'rillt, and Shtuit* Trees — -(it'ij, - Knapp, Hot'kford. Wednesday Morning, Dec. 6—10:00. MllHil!. liloatiim of O|Ti<-i»rH. TlioTultnrc of. Our Native, Jly- brid 'I'limiH—H. <!. Street, Hebron. Hee — KeoptiiK . for. the .FrijU (irow'or • -K-, J. Baxter, N'aiivon Wednesday Afternoon, Dec. 6—1:30, Mimic, •-...., Apple Scab and Mt'tho'l of Confrol- liiiK It — A, .1. Ciiiuleriion, Un-lvt-rHlty of Illinoi*. eed; 20 twin of hay; a full lino of machinery. l*s*ual ternxH, Mest & C, J. HOWE. 121-127* Timothy i inuvetl until .settled for. , Am-tioneerM. iM'H—.Mi'n, Hebei'ca Kaultnian, OrcRon. III. * TrimmlnK of Yottntr ^nU'-H—CJuy Jiry- ant, I'riticeton. VVftdnesday"Evening, Dec. 6-—7;30. 'Ttu- Commercial <'IUb'.und citixeiiN of Princeton will lender (in Informal DAIRY FEED . . i. . • • ' " Wo lafvi' uOtlf-d to t»iir liiu* uf dairy i'wils AMCO, of wlii<'li we will rci'civt' uur iir^t carluntl tlirs \v»'t*l<. r ' ' ->J - ' • . . . . Wu will nialvt* a spi'finl 'p 1 ''''* 1 ^. v th'Vl< m ' l ' ulu 1l |t><l>i ' r viu'U it arrivoH. reception, to whit'h till horti- i-uliuri.sts an> cordially invited and art- rciiin-sli-d to attend. SIMON MATHi:\\'. AuctloiK'«r» — Art 1'loteher, H. U Harri'ngtcji), F. O. Humify. J, O, Crom, AV.ard < 'rom. <*|i'rk»—M. K.-WK'"*. Itenkt-8. Nov. 24, 26, 27, 28. D«'c. I, 2. FINAL SPECIAL^ASSESSMENT ^C^^^^^ NOii^fc. (UTHigned Will sell «t uuctbMi. without Public -millet' Is hereby Riven .,t h »M mi0rv <. i on the Henry Vinunr furm, ^i tho Hoard of l.oc«l ImprovementH "t| in n,, H southwiMt of MotriMon, 3 miles' the Otty of Ht*>r!ii>K. llllnolH, tiled lt lj m) of Uound (Jrove, H mile liual certitlcnte of completion, accept- nortl! li( tlu . ii unut bii'.v wliool IIOUHI-, tttici' and, cowl of paying Ht-fonil Avt'iiiH' s WKDNliHDA V, DKC. «, I'JlG, from Kant I'oi'U'tlt .Stri'ct- t.» l''". s 'j at 10 o'clock xharp. Free lunch at ^TTWII. Kighth Direct, un«I»'V anil in mirwuaneej (3 JIU^I-HJK lioltriKS Ulac'^'nure, of City of HterlinK Loirnl Improvementj«- y ,.at« old,' writrht t,-loo Ibs., .Inly- iir.lmance No. 377, and thte amount j j n ,,',^ s <i yi.ars old, weSKht 1,100;- bay estimaied by the board to bf iviiuiivd : ,.,. | , 1 j ni , llt years,- weifilu l,2ou; black to meet tiie uccruiuK inti'ivRt on Tiona«, .,„>..,., fj yr-ifrs, " wT-'uTTTT ~T,rnnr"~h1ncte and vouchers issued to tinUdpiit^ the | g ,, )() i, lf r i ..| y ,, u ,. N , weight l.l»"!l; buy eolhH>'tum i.f the a»»t'»isin*'iU for «-il'.l I ilruhlinc, S years, weight l.iou; bay •vork in the Ooutuy Court of Whfte- h -el(iinft, 7 yearn, weight l.l'.'O; marc. It! - •••-•••'•••••«« '»' ^'eitrti old, weli:.h! ^-.''; bl.i. K' ''oH, '''»'\HK 3. weight '.H'O; bbicU mare, coniiiiK 3; weight '.HHi; colt eiunhiK 2; 2 lai-;t M[iiint; colts, • . ' ' *•-, ,'ii HKAD (>!' rsXTTl.K 12 -«ooi.l tiillch COWM; 2 heifer*, coini'iiy -'; G unknown hu.sbiitui. CbarSc« Henry Jt'idc.HITe, h!?* unknown heirs and de- viswrv if be be, his iftik^nwn wife. ami—;hihm—Tlmmm*--H:t«lrHff>f>.— his—un»known helCK anil dpviset",i if he be dead. lii^ unknown wifi". r>.'f>»nd*intH. Affidavit of nott-residence nf th.' altove ,u;nni-(I defendant* having b<>«»n filed in 1 "the M'iffice of. the clerk of t),*- circuit eoilft of-."'aid \Vlllte.-ilde Cotmly j iiotj.e lit hereby given ro nil of'the above named defendants that the abnv. named eomptainunt her<jt»«fore tSJed h.ln bill of complaint in said court on the > mi r }M ii 11 ,i,et. r»|.eei*ii < 01 i^tiium 01-.- fer at the Weaver Kttidlo, formerly lh.> Uaync'K Studio. 1 „ 122-H7 llontCKT CASH l'li|('l-:.S 1'AH) l-'«ilt lildeH and furs, Mant;an'>f IlarneHH Hhop. 3U» MrHt Ave. UMtf side thereof and that a fjionV thereupon ISMU-..I mil of said court igailJrit nil of the above named defendant.* returnable at the court houKf< In. ,\lorriHon in county of SVhite- WANTKD TO jury— coon I-'AHM OF sn to lil(i acres. AVrlte "J. !•'. K," earn (.a;-.etto. 121-126* I'ViH HAM-: — $750 . JSTAUK 1'LAYKR plain*, used oni 1 year, in perfeot f-oii- •liiiuK 1'rlco MK. J.<-!1 i>lion<» 312- Wl. 124tf -County, ''.Said oertilteate alwi showH that .H ban been done omnpleted in sulistantial i»f xaiu 1 ordinancts anil hus duly accepted by *aii.l .board. The Jinal co«t of improvements SCHOMAKEpRT Report For Two Month* Of Wcftdside School. of \V«>odtiidt» for two s a »hni'y iVt-tl I'm- lln- J'li'iitv uJ' I'nifoni, Ajax, CoHun SIMH! Meal. |)il i •' v ' " Meal and 11 ran. Feed Blatchford's Ciilf Meal and sell your milk. Will pay>.*M' t-at-li for ynud ruicnri) I'a.u--- ihi>' \\i-i'|<, * HtJIUS FOR fiUINUING tttmifhs I'liiiiiiK Nov. 2,', II* It!. Number of day.-* taught, .44; number of pn|ii!« enrolled, 32; miinber of male, l'ii; . number iilj'emu)i v . lih (,'nind U.ttn'l nuinbcr of- ilayn aitt'iidanee.MjUS^; aVcliUfc -daily ,| ttcndunct', UlX-ll. . ni'iibei, , abj*ent ncr tutdy foi -Were'' Ait bur. Maf /.nick, KraM, Marie Mat/nick, 'I'M ward _ yitle M'odier, James ' Mr- «iin, I.ydia l»t>ciing, Uobert l-'ullmer. l-'ied Matlitij. k, lU.-ulnh .Hrrit'l. Artmu Kl-ntt. L> tilled Kiatl, (M'VllIf- -| r> tillm;'i .- Lax.iiiire .Msidlia. ,' 'but let* UcKan. Allan Artnsttoiivr. Kulbryn . Munnioii. 'i«a\vrcn'-c l*'oe/injv. ciarinda Ku I liner. Helen AlaiKnieK. HefSie Kr.tit, (icorc.c MatKiiirU .and I'loienee Ai mstiiuifv - -TJto.s.' makim; tla; bildie.-l ;h er,'U;e.--- in Hie J>i-mont bl^' *.-xaininatioii were: Mb' f.;iaifc, i.!c."JKe .Matxi-tii U, ',( 1' , . T.tli ^liide. iii,>. Kt,,ii(, M. r.-h 1 '. . -Hh ' (.'I'aiie. A rt bur lsi,U). ;»-,'••>',. and the amount f-wiimatcd for inuthst UK whown in t.nUl>vriiticHt.«*._»i-t* a.s toi- [d^ys ; * 'Amount ilue under oontrwet . .?! LSJ2.SI Court cost** and rnvt-xsary' "X- peliwes ... ............... -f tl- '•' Interest o'ii I'u.m ' Total ..... . ... . r.Vr~.".".T.". .7.T.7*V S.672:8« 1'iiblic notice is further .given .tn»t I hi" Court IlitK «'t KitllV I'vHilicilte till •tit-'iiritiK • '«»« l>e.-einb»-r is. A. I), lyiii. al 2 o'clock )' M.. or. as *io4iii. tbereat'tei il.H the biiKinest, of the court Will pel- mis, at (he I'.nuity Cdurtrootn -in thr City of MorriMiii. llbuoih,, at .whiih tiniV and place >ou tuny be presets? aiui he heard mi "s.;ti<! cerni!eate"if you fle>-_ se ' • -. f N'ijvcmln.-r t A :i! d .^rade, l-'ie.i .M. Tti.i ;;ia<le, Floi ( in e•J'-I. j.< rude-. ' '•> I U> . Si I -,'»• , : , cnji, -Si; ;;•'!', *.hM, !C !-•('. !!>•'• Johii K. Harmt.u, Secretury. .' - ' Nov. 27. -2K. 2t». UvC. 1. - NOTici.* KroTill, deceased rbi' uiulif'.-JKnn.S' luivlns he! n ;ip- tioiiit.eil admini>ir-,tto|- of (lie estate c! N.tnnab Klfhn.' i ; .to of (be Countj', of U'liHe.-.ltle aiiii ,S,!,i.te of .Illinois, ib- i-t ahi'tl. hi-l'i'bx ^i\ ei.ntitlc'.' .tliiil he W*U .ipjM-ur tief"i<-. tbe CoiuH.y Co!.u f t »i \Yhitcs!l«lc Covi!,t> lit the Coilll H"t»»' III .Vlortlsi.'i ai tt.'- !\ bru'ai.V lei Irt. "ii ihe.liii.t .Mn'iuii-.' ill February JleM. Trmc-'Tsft-p^r.^nfr havti rftecTH, calves. on the lirst Monday In January, A. IX 1917, as by law required which <aiil cause IN nnw pending and .undetermined in waid court. l.»aicd at Morrison, Mlinnis. N'ovetn- h. r 27. I'.ilii. C. \V. McCall, Clerk, • Nov. 27, Dec. -I. )!, IS, ,_ ,,_.„_„„. -——g- ---.--.•- Whitesl,!,. County, i In the Circuit Court to the October term, A. U. l!U(i. ' " v Pavid L, Mariin'and John \v. Martin' VS. Mineral SpriiiK 'I'ark A;j,sociatioii. Foreclosure, Public notice is bertby >;iven that Ihej OU UKN'T --rt-UOtJ.M 1'AHTLY MOD«-i il cottage, edinpli-tely fui'liiKhed, block from Main Htreet, I'ock cinht bloflts from l''u-t»t Av*-,, Kt licit photK' S:"il!3, itr iiutuil'i' bclvveen "ti:3u and K, morntiUjM, itnd (S:3(i iind U evi'iiingH, at 305 Second Avenue, .Hock Falls. 'I2i» 'OH IIK.VT C-ltOo.M 'llol'SK f)\' Sixth Aw.- Moibrrn ounvenienri'H. Kadi.'. Moyi-ra. W7 »Sixl|i ,Ave. ' -COTTATTK. .Second Ave, H. l!on»- 120-12S* -KOH' HHN'T-HHVKN-UOOM Mop- i rn' at 510 Sixth Avo. GnriiKP. Iiiiltilro 001 Fourth Av<>. U'2tf WARNING 2; ti la'wt fi|)riiiB heifer undersigned m-t.^ter-iir-ehaiu 11 i-'ry- jiur- "" " ' ;suant. to a decree eiiti-r. d in the abovt •lit SI'HINU SHOVTS -12 fall pinn; !''ntitled c.ause on the' day of uc- «.,W wUh"M piuu by.hi'V Hide; 1 1 stm-lij' 1 '!"'^ A ' /'.' "'"'•, W ' U '"! A '"'"^>V. ihv FAU.M MACHLNKHV er; (Jreal WesU-ru nuuuir ' ; 1th (l.i.V of I l«.i-einbel. A, ! ). l:*lti. a! I'll, bind- h.far of 11 o'clock in the foi eiioon' of ;thiH d-ty 4ll the w* v >t d'»>r of the \n,ta\ .Mill 'maiuire fi ad' i : Tln>inas hay ^ iii the City ft Sti.-rlinj; in ,-<aid loader; Standard mow'- r. '7-foot, cut'; ;C..uu!y of \V esule^uffei for „..,., „„„ hav riike; ri.corn plow>-, 2 c.iinblnalloii •• s etl_ .\<> the nti^best .bidder lot iiul a ; SlukUer juitaiu . Itie I'otioW.iiiK "il' 1 Set'lti.ed r< at e:-," 1 four-section, i 2-HectJon; i "•'''. Vitliateil il) the'Coiinty of Wbil.--. It-foot feeder with urass "wct-tl «ide, iind State of HHimir.. to-wil: -j.ot UtHchment; " «'itm pl..^. J . ll'utVb- No. Two of the west halt ,,f the n..Mh- man and 1 l>«.-n: Fmcr.^on sulky :«'-' 1!41 U'-'arter of s.-cu-'ui 1 w. nty-tim- • jilovv; Itii-iiieh. . John l><i|e ' plow; wlH'1'ln; Ui>i-U lion Wauoii'.s; ' I witlvL' .•*ftS"* : ';Vi,-u'« > a ;niii ilii.c; corn planter; 'idian. .-sa ^ta U\ i a KI -. not th^ Han.;e f til.- f..-- 1 irib piincipal niei- ; Uilil (,-xci-pl.tni; • that' part- bob-j*U-d; !! 'i-l. "I I'onveyed i'\ .---aid he- one itoii a-iu.r±... vviiiioii ev-'-i'' 1 ''-')''»'U ASSOI-I..SI..U "to Oa'.i.l I,, me S-horse plow cveiter; une -!- \I.»r;iu and John Y\ .M.ittin by*W.-!r- ilriK eYeHer- ! s.-t "i Ion wa^.-n' : : '-'- l! >' deed, il.itid ,Vui;u-( '.It, pill'; ..mi iiprliiKW 'toj» biuiyy; 1'H'ii.i.^ral bu««'y:' s! ^" ; * J'-'" 1 of. Use. «.rt ii.i!f-,.| ilu 2 M-o'op' bo.-i(ils;".;i" lion li<.u«b*: » n;- .'>"Hbv.-est ouarter .}? s.i.l Se. U'Ui :;t foot feed rack.'' *,.-( dump pl-'uiU^;' hav i<~.,tit.ed us b-llow-- P mmun.: Msf. rack; luuiil corn .--iiellcr;' 2..hand M-. d -J'^t -.'Utsi of the );..|t.l;« -.-( c..rn,-£ ,-i iiitieiw, i tjtilc stove Wi'ii,^, 1 l-'ile boiix '- 1 ''works, lalik .be.tlei j , i reaiti separator;.,"" 1 ' milk tank'.. 1 h.mlniK milk cans; milk ! ' ; -' pail fuul funs: H cbiclun t-oop:*: '.'i 1 ,'- I'oSlTIVK'r.V N'O I1UNT1\<! ON OUH fiii-m#,. I>. A. Slick, Win. Hohtlko, Ira Kendall, Voil I'rowitnt, " Karl Haiin;i/Cha«. li easier. \Vanl-lIiinnu. Ham Shilling, John HielmrdmiM, Jaw. Hatina. -'. • I;.'(i-l33* _ WANTEO ^ WA NTK1 > -I*< )S1TION. yol iNU M AN >\ant.s to work after Hciiool ami 'Saturdays, full Hell phnm; 7«JCIt4.' ' ' I:«»SITI»»N \VANTi-:o TIII-: SALKS- people ami cai-.hh-r. of -'rim SterliiiK l>e|it. Store, are ^eekinu po.slttoys. r -.i'.iil anil .--a-- (heni lit once. •. Slnt'«i i lo.-et. Wt-dtii'xday niwbt, l^ti» i* of LTi i'iiisi IliUII, I f • tin? norilii a>i :.'!!, tbenci- rr.KriUi. lionb I Weijly-'liy> 'li:;ii'ili « ' iir.i i v t'ei-i, theiii"<- :u a not tb\ye:.t tt'..wiriii o'n the ,i)<- ,,'f HH' circle. ...ii'i.-^ nf uhiefi I-.- _-i:<; t'f.-i. a (list,' btiliiired fi i. !.'!,<••• 111 a The Flour,' Feed & Seed Mapt .Closod all day Thursday. . Sh 1'Hhi Unfeeling. -lJri<lcj,;roi.ii!i (oh the, lion* ui'i-iovc « i' b;yl • never "Oh. I slu>ulU'.«>{n(>!y It'aVtf ' ,u <• ii"'iiH'.'.J .and. t , tbe lMU-|n.ii.e ei j'.ind' tind.ei 1 . ( :•. : ,! ' i^ lii.iiiU -•• wsh ii» ^al<i k-rft'ati jsii'i.- li'Mii-ju. t- ,..,i.' ' ' ' - ' iTiU "t' - il.- '-> y ' ( . .S'.'V. iiibi ;. ;.i ii '* >-V ; '•''' I':.-'' fp. ii . VV li-i l AiiluUsi.-tl.Uoi . I AU 3 i i'- ! ' ;t - . I. i K'. K.U- li '•j: i I V. -.'. '!>• ..'. •••],*].' . " ^' v i liu.-lx l.-i em n m ei ib; aboii', 'iinotl<>> t '|i'\t l ii:rv in >t> VM'lK h.ljneS". dollbb P'/-"*' IIHIIUU:, We-S- tiU rivi-iiM bariii'».s: >i,ii,;ie hare,..,:*; baj, opvi .'(•!«' n, l..iu;<: "«-..iii e..,b, in enl.. . : '"' arcoiibe clrt !.-. C oine -boiiNeb.-'.!' -I>-'H(^; laid 'p;.--^ i r. --« ! x I'''*' 1 •< lii.-M iH,k" h.*OVe; .beatili.^ -r,love, iorlo- ai;-)-" <-'' h:rlf .-ectii'li ',:> iio\-i-i-- ;»inl i.l!-;-r l-bini:.-i loo niiiit-ii.ii- -.' t*l UirtTtto'-lT— -Hrntlr'-r-ttur^t-tt??:— Llj—.tJiH S TICK,MS 1,,'P -SAI,l: AH ;-i.uii- i-t'f! i l\ '-! ! iii:- allii.'.il' >i' viven «!|i apl'i.i.>e uti.-re -! from i » 'Ml- I \. !, /• l" t !l"> I-: ..;,• i ! ', 1- IiiiU.V! i::: )Ui '<\ d;i e.'l i.<ii .i'll t .uiiil - of VVi.i.-', ".- ..f :ti;ii ,-,.,:, ' .' r ,i,l .... eu'oii I :,••'.. ^),, fei I. l.-i . N'KW HJMLlINU ls'.A?; and we urn in jiiuiitiun to luuulle all kimU of bilk's and fur. Will pay thn niiu-ket price. Also want nil kindff of junk, }>Mi»'t Klvo away your JuM for noihhii.;. Call 1). Munlleld nn"hin'iutt street, SU-rliujf. bc-foie, you Hell. Vou net .full vuluw fur your goods, Uoth ,POTATOES-• •Hu'icK. STD.CK \ ni-:i) ' ' itivKi; otii.os. • K«i«ml \Viiiti'-,-, . :iiul N"ilbem \\ !-eoii«i!! , Ne.vy Vorker«. Prices l)i:bt_.-lli<j;b 11. Platt. 21)1 i.'i!>t - A*e, . _ ' . jv,;. );i | i i 'i (!:i> J,. 1-;.H\ 11*. Uii.iJlJo.iiL •W, K. OUNMORE Eye and Hialth Speciabtt Hr*. <s i ,... -• . ™. i a, »u. ^».* CLASSES , CORRECTtV? •. FITTED < lllftltH STEHLING, ILL. g E; Third 8t

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