Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 20, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1944
Page 8
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TEETH That Loosen Need Not Embarass Mnny wearers of fnlse teeth hfive suffered real embarrassment b«icnus<< their pin to dropped, slipped or wabbled ut Just th wrong time. Do not live In fear of this happening to you. Just sprinkle a. little FASTEETH, the ulkullne (non-iicld) powder, on your pliile.s. Holds false teeth more firmly, so the.y feel more coniforta- ble. Does not sour. Checks "plate odor" f denture breuth). Get FASTEETH nt any drug Btoro, In Arublc cuiiiitrlvjt toiliiy, It l.i » tiellevetl tlmt wlioii two people j .•at BRKAI> to(f<'th«T, n my.xtlc I -ond of union IN effcc'tctl IN--!; twron them, thii« forming 1111 t>n<lurliiK friendship! CITY BAKERY 171 Maple Street TKL. 3078 Local Soldier Reported To Be Prisoner Of War S^rt. Johnii O. Hadzega, son of Mr, and Mrs. Alex Had/,ega, of Cherry st'i'uet extension, is now a prisoner of war in Germany, the International Red Cross has Informed ihls parents. Sgt, H:idzuga, a member of tho Army Air forces, was reported missing after a flight over emcmy territory, June 30. He- was reported missing several weeks ago but. his parents held out hopes that word of his ea/cty. would be rGiuivtid. Sgt. Hadzogn. entered the Army in January, .11M3. He attended (ih.c Erldfgport Trade school prior to his entrance inio the service. :THUB8DAY, JULY 20.1M4 First steamship to cross tile.At- lantic was the RisingSun. It went from Brtlain to South American ports in 1818. Record Gathering Is Expected At The Elks' Bake Here Exalted Ruler Edgar Leach announced today that close to 200 arc expected to attend the annual cliimbakf! of the Naugutuck lodge of Elks that will be hold on Sun- dny, July 30, at Schildgen's Grove on the East Waterbury road, Henry Schlldgen, Jr., will prepare the bake and breakfast will be served'ut 30 a. m. with a-sports program following. The- bake is set for -I p. m. Guests from Waterbury, .Torrlng- ton, Ansonla and Derby are expected. Raymond J. St. John is chairman of the committee and assisting him arc: EdwuriMIennessey,' John McGroary, Gus K 1 i m a si ew s k I, Louis Comiskey, Henry Schildgen, 3rd, Louis T^'lano, Pierce Casper, James Wrinn, Algrld Kazemekas, and Patrick McKcon. Senator Brewster T II' AL ' -i-*!*•'"''' Tells About Tour Of War Camps Displays FDR Note AM Motel of T)i$tiHCti0ti smartly appointed rooms • 3.85 — Double from $5.50 Centrally located near leading ilorci and th«atr*< Complolo dinnori Irom $1.50 aro lofved in tho beauti ful Ronaiuanc* Room. The Now Caia Royal flower lobby/ 1 ronovaiod and air-condilionud whuro quc»l> may enjoy our laiuoui Now England Specials. Machias, Maine, July 20—(U P) —Senator Owen prewster has dis-; closed what hu terms '-'some very i ntoreslJinjr, 1 .facts" about prisoner of war camps. .' Br.owstcr says that the camps' deep in the Maine woods are being iheated by opal from Pennsylvania,. At. the same time, he added, New England residents .are warned that they may not be able to get coal next winter • to^jioup -their hornet warm, . . / ' : ' . . . And. Brewtter charged '-that twice as many new..staves .'have'been in- sUilled as. are necessary to take .care of,'the . heating"problem : In-, volvcci. ' . •• .\ • . ' -," Brewstier spolto at;'.a'Republican' field day at the Jacksonville camp grounds. Ho said that German prisoners: are being divided .into Nazi and, anil-Nazi groups allegedly to avoid trouble. And he added: "Certainly. no such distluctlon was observed ; when they were shooting our sons overseas." Brewater recently, completed a laur of prisoner campo with a Senale Truman sub-committee. I I 1C* U*Local ooldier At Keesler Field Sen, Samuel D. Jackson, perimi: nent cliuirmiin of the Duiiiucnitlu National .Committee, displays' In Chicago the letter lie received from ' 1'ri'Kident Koosevelt »»B Unit lie personally prefers to huve Vice-president Henry A. luce UN his running- mute, thought he was not attempting to. dictate his ^nomination. (In- ternatlonul) W%l- te, nl- Walnut Ridge Army Air Field, Arkansas, July 20^Pvt, Henry O. Adamson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Adamson of 54 North Houd- ey street, Naugatuck, Conn., has been transferred from Walnut Ridge Army Air Field, Ark., to Keesler Field, Mississippi. Pvt. Adamson has been stationed nt Walnut Ridge Army Air Field iince November; 1942 IRENE DUNNE HAS A GREAT ROLE IN FILM AT LOEWS FREEDMAN'S -, - % -,*•-,-vs. „ . NOTICE — STORE CLOSED ALL DAY MONDAY DURING JULY AND AUGUST FREEDMAN'S GREAT NOW GOING ON! Store-wide Reductions On All Summer Merchandise - The greatest woman's role ever -written conies t.o tho screen with Irene Dunne its heroine in Metro- .Goldwyn-Mayer's presentntioh of '"The White ClilTs oC Dover" based on A'licc Duel- Miller's poem "The White Cliffs." Rom.'ince, courage, laufrhler, heartache -ind adventure blend into one in this ^Lory ijf an American ffirl whose first glimpse of Engliind's white cliffs of Dover bring- her the one love of her life plus the faith and hoart to understand a people other than her own. Miss Dunne. Alan .Marshal, Frank Morgan, Clarence Brown and Sid- .ney Franklin—,'lvo . names of. note in Hollywood—combine talents to blim; to .life an acclaimed poem of-today's headlines-—a poem which 'so 'criptured the imagination of. the •public that 650,000 copies of -it have been published. Once a^:i:n Miss Dunne is' tho principal in an un,forgettable screen love story. As her partner. Alan Mnrshal -wins his most'important screen role to'date. "He is seen as the young; English ibaronct, • whose whirlwind cour't- 'ship • of an American girl brings •the couple an unforgettable love which surmounts separation, war and 1 , even death. One of the screen's handsomest actors, Marshal will •be remembered for romantic leads opposite such stars as Ginger .Rogers in "Tom, Dicic and Harry" and Merle Oberon in "Lydia." -Frank -Morgan as a typical American, finds humor, drama and intelligence in liis role of. Hiram Dunn, newspaper publisher and father of -Irene Dunne. Keen and blunt, his Yankee tourist role is a worthy successor to the small town teelgrnphcr of "The Human Comedy." Plus on this hit program you .will find 'a selected program or shorts and latest news of the day, Heavy Fighting Raged In Normandy As Allies Make Gains , (By United Trowi) Hard umd .heavy fltrhilnir m""*!' soutli and east of Cacti today. The British and Canadians slugged Uieir way ahead for further (rains. General .Elsenhower!;* headquarters annuonced Uia.t they had reached l,wo .more Nazi sironigholdw: Vimont, eight miles below Cocn. and smack on the road That- runs to Paris. And Troarn, .seven milcii east of Caen. an/J the Naziw' left, flarik anchor post. On, the lietls of that announc — mcnl, front' dispatches later this momlng- tMdd violent Mtrect fijrliL- iii£ was taking place-in bot.h towns. Troarn, you'll recall, i.s the jjtra- l.e#ie point wihich the British held .briefly in the early duys of the iniv-ision. Now, however,'they are back in force, part of, the l.remcndous formations of men and machines which General Mfcrtgomiry ho-s massed for his new offensive, now in its third day. Other reports up lo this hour hwlicate that, Troarn's rail station has be^n . token. And as the Allies scored' gains of up to miles, United Press War Correspondent Richard D. McMillan reported from the front ithal. Nazi resistance had begun to stiffen. It's c/uito likely that Nazi Marshal Rommel Isjnus'lering his forces for another all-out attempt 10 stop the British and Canadian breakthrough. Rommel got his ringers burned badly, the first time. Meanwhile, British troops are holding up, the right wing^of the offensive, forci'ng the Germaj'i. buck in the Noycrs sector soulti- W;isi of. Caen. And west of Caen—on tide American front— Lieutenant General Brad,ley's me.n, mad;; advances we=t of captured. St. r.x>. There is r;o • late news of tbo American action in the Lc.ssny and Pc-ricrs a.reas. :J YOU CAS PICK OUT PINE $45 SUITS * IN ANY CROWD OF WELL GROOMED^ MEN — AND NAUGATUCK IS REPRESENTED. They, dominate the gathering— They're an upstanding — outstanding example of quality fabrics — likeable patterns—fit —hand tailoring, style and smart supple lines to prove the .artistry of our hand craftsmen in sculptured classics. .'J '•£ •> * Baby Conference Here On Wednesday The Red Cross Well Baby Conference wi;i be hold at the JociiJ Red Cross headquarters on. Wednesday, July 26, from 2 to 4'o'clock, it was announced • today. T.ho conference will -be in charge of Dr. David Elueslone,«l by Mis-. Mary Ciaffc-y, Rod Cross nurse. IUJV WAR BONDS AND STAMPS LADIES' DRESSES and PINAFORES Now $2, $3 $4, $5, $6, $7, $8 Valiu.-s to !f:i4,9:") LADIES' SUMMER SKIRTS i/o Price $1.50 and $2.00 LADIES' PLAY SUITS and SLACK SUITS Now $3, $4, $5, $7, $9, $11 Values to $.14.i>0 LADIES' SHORTS, SLACKS and OVERALLS Now $2, $3, $4, $5 Values to $(>.!);"> One Group LADIES' COATS and TOPPERS •Now $7 SUMMER PURSES ' $1, $2, $3 Values to $5 "BARELEG HOSE 48c Pair NECKWEAR 1/2 Price 2 GROUPS LADIES' BLOUSES , i/ 2 Price $1 and $2 • • ' CHILDREN'S SUMMER SKIRTS 3/ 2 Price $1 Group Children's DRESSES and PINAFORES : $1 CHILDREN'S PLAY SUITS and SLACK SUITS Now $1.39, $1.97, $2.97 ;;. Values to $3.98 — Sizes 2 to 16. .. •• 'V-'. Waterproof Watches For Servicemen Sllocliproof mid \\;M.t'rproof BULOVA Military $^*J50 Watch .. CANT KEEP GRANDMA IN HER CHAIR She', a> Lively •• a Young»t«r^ Now her Backache U better • M.iny nuffcrem relievo nagjinc baclueha quickly, ouco they ditcovor ihat tlm rwil c»u«ii of tbcir troubln may. bo limi kidncv«. _ 1 ho Jcjdneys unj N aturo'a cliicf w.iy of lik- init tLo CXCOM acid« nud WMIC out of DID Ijjood. They help nioit people pa«« about 3 pintji u d^v. When disorder of kidney function perraiti poisonous mattor to remain in your blood, it rn:iy GAUM DjtKjtilJf back:ichu, rhcumaljo paint k-K pruiis, losi of pep mid tnerpy, guttin K u'> ninliu, AWL-NICK, pufEnt-M under tho even ln.'ad:icliL-» nnd diliiucw. Kro<juent or scanty Ii,inp;ii;e8 ^-iUl omaruujj and burning Bomo- iiiiios (ihon-B there ii uomethini; \vron» with "•Mr kidncyi or bladder. Record Counroun Service IMMEDIATE SERVICE! BATTERIES RECHARGED OX OCR "Speedway Charger" Average ONE HOUR. SERVICE TEMPLETON'S CORNKR WATERUDRY DIAL 4080 . (No Toll Churcc) LOVISE ELECTRIC CO. 8 Church Street SPECIAL TO DUE DANCING FRIENDS!! Friday, Saturday Johnny Rock 'n' Hi* Rock and Rye Boym • Polka* and Sweet Music • BUI Luback Polka 5 to 9 Sund»ym White EagU Restaurant BRIDGE STREET; Member of Connecticut. ,. : Reiitaurant AsuoclaUoa" CHILDREN'S H ALTERS, . 29c - -•3'.:" :: . ANKLETS, All Colors'" i-V; 27cpr. Visit Our 50c and $1 Bargain Tables THE M. FREEDMAN GO. Ladies' Watches BULOVA^ — LONGINES Larjfc Selection WM.SCHPERO — Upstairs — . IIOPSON BLOCK 180 CHURCH STREET White Enamelware Percolators Double Boilers 8-Qt. Cooking Pots 4-Qt. Cooking Pots —•— NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NEAHY BUILDING Tel. 5212 DIVIDENDS DECLARED TO DEPOSITORS JULY 1st AMOUNTED TO $86,000.00 NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed YOUR KVKGLASSES SHOP jr. C. H. Totnlinson Ncary Building Naujriituck, Conn. STORE CLOSE1J ALT, HAY EACH MONDAY DUKINU JULY AND AUGUST 100 Years of Service For over 100-years this plant has continuously served our nation with quality, footwear and other fine rubber products, both in peace and in war -' '• ' ' ' UNITED STATES RUBBER CO; Naugatuck Footwear Plant Great Oak Farm OXFORD ROAD Tel. 5049 ,MILK — EGGS Dollvery To All Purts Of NuiiRratuck . ; PROMPT SERVICE! ! Bring: your vacation dry clean* injr here anil bo ansurod of J.i(;l)crnian's prompt Hcrvlce. D. LIEB1ERMAN 26 CHCRCH STREET $ . 4. — S P'E'ID I A X S2-PIECE DINNER SET (Cor G) SCHNEER C *^ CRIOIT JtWfLIHJ ** U2 Soulh Main J». _ 4.'» 3 ' ) * NEW BICYCLES • BICYCLE TIRES & TUBES ' GARDEN FERTILIZER \ ' LAWN FERTILIZER * ' HY-TROUS LIQUID FERTILIZER SPRAY MATERIALS KLEEN-FLO CtaniiH Your OH Tank '"• » • . CondiUoiiH Vour Car Molar '• ^. CHIMNEY SWEEP . Cleans Furnace Flue* "'T OIL DRUMS — STANDS — FAUCETS CEMENT PAINT . Transparent Filler and 4 Colon The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church St Phone 5236 .

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