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The Greensboro Patriot from Greensboro, North Carolina • Page 2

The Greensboro Patriot from Greensboro, North Carolina • Page 2

Greensboro, North Carolina
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W. N. SCALKS. A. M. SCALES. Iiiterestiiijr Items. I- utati: IT Edwin Booth was stricken nUvlnrr "Othello Greensboro Patriot. wmic Ttfe lUce Uetba. The question of ncro suffrage cr.n no lonrcr be rearcJetl as cs- Scales Scales, at Lar, OREENSB0R0 C. Fractico in the State and Federal Courts, a Southern question; if it Office over the National Xank jan31 3m ROBERT BI. DOUGLAS (f Store nr r- if--A'. -rfc i 4 ATTORN A LAW ha not actually ceased to interest alf of the Southern States, it docs not virtually concern them all. To be convinced of this, it is only necessary to examine the following tabic, showing the relative white and black populations compiled from the census of iSSo. and the majorities in in iSSo: GREENSBORO. 'JiTII CAROLINA nhU. i -Wrf t.llarf Bptrli Ik Ik'ia I 4rt II. all it Hior. i ii, i.vtf. WILL Practice in the State and Federal Court in the counties ot OailforJ. Randolph and The Flrt PreIleiit. The following is the official record of the election of George Washington as the first President of the United States: Monday. April 6. 17S9. The President of the Senate, elected for the purpose of counting the votes, declared to the Senate that the Senate and House of Representatives had met. and that he. in their presence, had opened and counted the votes of the Electors for President and Vice-Prcsidenti of the United States; whereby it appears that George Washington was unanimously clcctcdTrcsiJcnt. Whereupon the following certificate and letter, prepared by a committee, consisting of "Messrs. Paterson, Johnson, Lee and Kllsworth. ere adopted by the Senate and signed by their President: P.c it known. That the Senate and Mouse of Representatives of the United States of America, be- Rockmeham. Office over Porter Dalton drug store. dec4-tf A I.Iie' EnJ. I Concord TimeB.l Mr. Gus Sclzer, aged about 35 years, who lived near China Grove, died last Friday of consumption, and was buried Saturday. He was a pronounced infidel, believing in -neither a God nor a future of any kind. Two weeks before death, he, knowing death to be imminent, went; out. to' a poplar tree near the yard and 'under its shade marked off the place for his grave, giving instructions as to how it was to be dug, the mode of He said he wanted a layer of cedar brush at the bottom of the grave, his body placed on top of this, wrapped simply in a blanket, then another layer, then a layer of boards, and then filled up with dirt. He said that when: decompositionj set in and when the sap of the jtree drew him upj to thc limbs, he could, perch on. top the tree and view the surrounding scenery for the ages to come. Mr. Setzer was perfectly rational to the last of his exis4 He was visited during his If The State Medical Convention melts at ElizabcihiOy on the 16th instant. 4 1 Sales of leaf toJaic.i on the Oxford market last Wek amounted to 300,000 lbs. fo SS.OOO. The value of raifrcfc property in this State is It pays to the State a Jayf $25,000. There are now 2ip rptis on the rolls at Wake-lyirot College. This is a highly favosa; tjf showing. The State Doarcf of' Education has eliminated thifcliIue back speller" from the list of school books. -J The Richmond -Arjcf Danville railroad company r(bild fifteen new bridges betweyi Charlotte and Richmond, The Grand Lodge Odd -Fellows of this State! mvds at Fay-cttcvillc May will be in session three dayii The Young Men! istian Association has determjid to build a hall on the campyst the State i I in Rochester. Woman feejs where man thinks, says! a writer" Yes, I that what makes man bald. Life is shortonly four letters in it! Three -quarters of it lie and half of it jan Rochester cat got drunk on beer. That goes, to prove that beer will Mr. Wanarnakcr will, it is said, continue as superintendent of his great Sunday school at Philadelphia. i i Of course Solomon vyas the wisest man! A man with 700 wives has good chance to get instruction. I'L' Miss Marjf Anderson has'suf-ficiently recjovcred; to sail for Europe, Her brother and his wife are witlvher. The hunt for Tascott, the alleged murderer fof millionaire Snell, of Chicago, lias cost up to date 5 so, 00O, it t'i DEi E. W. TATE, PRACTICWrO PHTSICIAIV. itUst, Mil MII.WI "vi GREENSBORO. NORTH CAROLINA 1 I nta4illal H'nl lk aleraal Kia t. i 7 I I I- wni ta 't -t irk Offers Ms Professional Services to THE IMPERFECT' HANLKtRcniKr The Might! imperfect HarjuliPil sellins fairly at half pirice, and twl-thir the eitiions -of Greensboro and surrounding country Kr.t4 sr. 1. -MI --a. ft. 4 1 li-t -t. rj.r. T.r.M--. 1 1 I 1.: i-- 'A I -65-Offiec at rorref JTPalton'g drus Ftore. When not there can be found i residence on Asheonro streot. oi'lKWite Uol- 1. U. Keotli s. lunll-ll sale at Io-cr an.l it Tuelt tlie for tho they frill bcoh bo a memory. FairiwurniCir Ii I I tS are tho now: 25, 50 and T.V. tea-h, fl- pru-ea lor the finest ITn i The Piedmont Bank OREEXSIIORO, X. Does a General Banking Business. I ft I ing conveneu in inc ui) uimotan. of New York, the sixth day Linen Hanaken-Inets. -i i 1 FASHION ABLE OA "111 V.XU '111 W'a have cxooctlod every wasting illness by several minis April, in the year of our Lord one University to cost 5 uAooo. ters. who endeavored to point For the present in located in the Peojile' thousand seven hundred anu Governor l'owlc luS appointed hirrPto the way of eternal life, but the underwritten, ap 1 I Prof. I. I. Ludlow hi John ttointed President of the Senate jianK iiov. A. M. Stalks, President. I J. M. Wi.vstkau- CasIIier. in vain. The peculiar instructions of Mr Tucker and Prof.) Vnable Short Wraps and Long i t- i.t -F tt I rtrt (-t. 'I i 1- for the sole purpose of receiving oncning and counting the votes Setzer were fully carried out, and Thus there have been since three Southern States holdi.i;; black majorities. South Carolina, Mississippi and Louisiana. The white majorities all increased from the decade of I Sro-1 S-SO, and the negro majorities increased during the same period. It will be farther seen from the table that there is a jroup of six States that have sufficiently lare majorities of white to render the colore 1 vote of little or no importance, Arkansas, North Carolina. Tennessee. Texas and West Virginia, and to these Florida may be added. Negro suffrage is practically but little more of a problem in these States than it is in Ohio or Indiana. It. M. Doctj'LAH, Attorney embodimout (f stylo, gowl ta(o 1 he was buried on Saturday exact On the whole it is. tho iuot 1A the Klectors, did, in the presence on tne otaie ioaru; ojf ncann. An old negro man nsncd Hertry Miller, died in Davrdvi county a niRECTOKK: fJov. A. M. SoaleK. XI. Winstead, of the said Senate and House coiuparalivolyunoxponsive ly as he had directed. Hanged, but Xot If ad. Representatives, open all the cer A. Oddl. Lawrence S. Holt nave ever stiown. we nave tli I I 3 I 1 tificates and count all the votes Samtiel Ii. Trogdon. 4 I "Mary whith havd vest jfrcnt-, A special Smithville, the Electors for a President and few days ago. Hcjis id to have been a confirmed i c'J'-eater." "Uncle Sam oril wide his pockets and. took 50,708. 14 through the Wiasvi revenue pockew ana large says: Last Saturday morn for a Vice-President; by which it FOR SALE. appears that George ashmgton esi was unanimously elected eraWo tiliae- that are cfjuarjy styS-h I -I I' Tho lonir ing a negro man stopped at a well known negro farmer's house and stayed several hours, and he returned Sunday and stopped all office during the rrtpni" of March i 1 At My I rotc you a letter the i that, supple, is Offer or Sale, i agreeably to the Constitution, to the office of President of the A plan is on fob: f4 the estab Wireetpiro, Lfm.nj New ON Very accommodating farm and mill, i-ituated 43 i milus west of Hitch l'oint. lishment of an iptfusfial scht3o night. Monday morning the farm sTrarrc. I wine liii1 United States of America er saw his truest arranging his in; t- I you a copy cf at Maxton, RobxscJi county on the old plank toad, to The tiirm con- iicre? of good wheat, corn and tobacco i i 4. In testimony whereof, I have fik it letter I have Irom our build- 'kerchief around his neck, and $40,000 will be ex ings. i me iuniLiuuu wuu umi unu iui with a cotton iein attached, ill iroiolled by water-iower, with an overshot wheel feet, in uiotu frnawl ra.s, mi fashionable s-Iiapcs. In short wrsps the ftylcsare and r.ew;hflp t-tan 1 clothIokji-kx-) vio with one-' iitit.jhir f.if in front of. Vickbur" It i saw that it was badly skinned and The Virginia Fruit and Vegetable Packers! Association has decided on 60 pounds as-the weight for a bushel bf tomatoes. During4 heavy thunder-stof at Gonzales.lTexas, on Wednesday, a flock of wild- geese were struck by lightning and seventy-eight of them were killed. The Conservative press of Mexico attack President Harrison ajnd Secretary of State Blaine, claiming that they are ambitious to hdve the United Skates possess Mexico. Palmier, of the njew minister toj Spain, is worthy, jivhiLe jier husband is rated at -They- might get along, in Madrid Vvithout being cramped, Herri Krupp's income is Baron Von Rothschild, of Frankfort; 4.000.000, while poor Herr Von Bleischw'eber, the blfnd Berlin Bah)cr, lias 2,500,060. They are tlfe -thicie richest mien in Germany In certain localities in-- New York city ground costs per acre! and rent, calculated at 6 per amounts! to pir There. 4rc over five thousand acres occupied by the business portion of New York, jj; i According to Hoffman's direc coui-ty a little a clsc observer, who en- In Henderson dm meter. The neighborhood iff excellent, -tiering a fin iwitronnife ami business tothttinill. swollen. The negro on being closely questioned, confessed that hereunto set my hand and seal. John Laxgdon. York, April 6, 17S9. Sik: I have the honor to trans mit to vour Excellency the infor to tell the truth: Rcjbcson, while son of. Alex -iWur i if. For further nartioular. call on or addres J. II 1 1. ere never a more thor- playing in some ktratV sat fixe to he was Mack rrancis, who nad favor. i Myrover, of tho GreonsboM I'ATaioT, who will give all nodded in'ormation with the been hanged Friday at Lebanon, anu wsmiyui uu eariy sv.iectMti On n. There is still another group of three, Alabama, Georgia and Virginia, with large vhitc majorities that arc growing larger. These will soon cease to fee the disturbing influences of the negro vote. Thus the circle is rapidly growing smaller. It is probable that under the influence of white immigration Louisiana may now have, or will soon hive, a white majority. Mississippi and South Carolina will, be left as the only States o-hly tIKheartcncd army than this is property, etc. K. M. urtli t-Lu, jan4-tf Fayettevillo, N. C. mation of vour unanimous election and that he had been resuscitated the straw, and was ci jadly burn cd that there is his re covery. fi oi an style. A word an all because it is unilcr such by his relatives. It will Jje remem COTTON. NAVAL STOKES. to the office of President of the United States of America. Suffer drar.t anil bljcrman as bercd that Francis's neck was not A mule which -Yorty years NEW PLUSHES Vijjh i cac ii ilctirr.atin. its, ranks broken, and that the rope slipped, old died in a few me. sir, to indulge the hope that so auspicious a mark of public aew art aailw" ja J.Vi, hundrctls of poor fcl- and he was not strangled. Mis days ago. The ajrpt. served in 11. W. 1IICRS, arc from smali-pox confidence will meet your appro heart continued to beat for twenty the war -I -Mis-, more ronrpicunusr Vt-rt-creon. in a cavalrt regiment and eged to be Eldest mule bat inn and be considered as a sure every other mal minutes, when thc physician pro was all Ouial Old ji-l-'ard pledge of the affection and sup hvthc t-vpartment is in all North Carolina UK holding ncirro majorities. nounced him dead. The description 'tallies with Francis, and the G- El C' browns. bluos ami feds port you arc to expect from a free 1 that what was once a question as broad as the South has narrowed It is said by 'the wgroes that there will be no CesHion of their yard. people in that neighborhood be uith delirium tremens. I-i Memphis. 5maIl-j)X patients arc to ualk through tlc trtctN from Camps to hospital. and enlightened people. I am, sir, ith sentiments of re AND- lieve the. negro is alive. Other itself down to the compass of two spect, your obedient, humble ser NEW States. 'ETSrAT I Pit VAI'li exodus movement inuring the summer. It has btcQ a belief on the part of many! viitc people a parties between Lebanon and Smithville have claimed to have ilrunkcn rule lroin Conimissiou Merchant. The indications arc that as the ju: -etiei a ut: 'lino in (lovcrn r.s bruthcls I ir-rv seen Francis since the hanging. Velvets c-t tnat it would stopuil tall. Aliu JK-r yard. How 1 the Southern States with white majorities secede from the direct vant. John To his Excellency Geo. Wash irfgton, esq. lnc all Idmr. l.i. I U. White Caps arc it Vork in Cur irfiico near! Hi hi i-it tint ilrar.t, wh was behind due Hundred Years Ago. One hundred years ago, thc 6th excitation that originally belonged rituck countv. At! a' Mace called at ort Itcr.rv. drunk at Done! iitalij; I tory, just piiblished; at Milwaukee, the Roman Catholic population of the' United States is 8,157,676. Thc total number of priests in the Correionl'iict Soliciled to negro suffrage, which in reality prioc. SI. 25. of -April, 17S9, John Langdon, of Trails they- vvhippdlcrnan a few-nights past. Several c.wner persons alone constitutes the sectional is at driven back from Ox The fi correspondent at itiid li AiiKit crcd. New Hampshire, President ot the 'I sue, their political affiliations will Charlotte. C. telegraphed the country is of whom have received (wrritig notices Mi is in command" MADRAS. be indicated bv public questions marked with skuM cross- Chase. things following last night: Your correspondent to-day ob Senate, in New Yorkcity.dcclared George Washington elected President of the United States by unanimous vofc of You cann. tlafford tn overlook vik display1 if iti bones. are members of religious orders. There are 2,799 parochial schools with pupils. It NORTH W4JER STREET. I rut. I noble Army of the i. need of Curta tainevl from reliable source infor of essentially different characters. Their material interests will not point them to the suffrage as a It now appears! tli? be pretty ippi ii. wasted by the Hie lojims and Vjdrj' thdT definitchv' settled tHat hc Presby drant. 5tuTM! College. I A Canadian paper wants 'to N. C. mation to the effect that Mrs. Stonewall Jackson has never been offered the Charlotte or the Rich concern of dominating importance. WI LM I NGTOX, janlS-ly best yahra yit oflered ati itsjil(ii (u-uiar ti y( Ii know why five million Canadians i or ntriI or The" young Republic in the 1 tcrians will locate State Orphanage at Floral Hj.nK Robeson Ordinary questions of national Madras, is thJ Curtain of ajh oliU h' for Ijil.riVri'.-if i. i.l l- broadaxe. stage of its existence hewed well. No man was better mond post-office uiiiin-rooick sui.ikfntf rootus it should pay more to be governed than sixty miWion. Americans' pay. The thirteen cabinet officers at Dl county, using thq Ving-disuscd college buildings Ihe for that will influence their sym-uthics as vvcll as their actions. The South will not indefinitely hr. mi i-r-. mi durability Mrs. Jackson still declines I I POMONA HILL NURSERIES amu account of Til Ji known than Washington, or more and -spendid faunde'rignir. Iiiunlji fi'l-si-' iit s.ry anything only that she "know nothing to say," and pre i'" l'w an army. I have r.t feeling abjiut it. but I know is ii. araonh the whole Ii tttircd generals a tn h- i n.t Grant superior. tritJl.m. 1-Vcmont. McDowell. I ranklin. even l'opc or certain to pursue a conservative course when such course was an Ottawa receive $105,000 a year, while the eight cabinet officers of Harrison Tlie Ladies' MenW'-al Associa king room at the remain soitd. uisinicgiatioa is inevitable. A mere sentiment or wis hung ith Mai nis Curtains. mperative necessity. Jefferson the United States receive tion of Wilmington rias -invited General William vinn Co.v, of memory will not prove a cohesive POMONA, x. Twif ana a Half Miles West ofreeustjoro, N. fers to avoid anything for publication. She very much mortified at the criticism of the Danville Tinws Vas indignant that a Bill of Rights OOO. 1 c. orcc strong enough to perpetuate MadnisJjy the yarl, 1' c. up. Madnis CJurtaiusJtl.T" antFuj. lad not been inserted in the Con Kalctgh, to dehverth; address on unity of jxihtical policies in a nation where Htlitics is governed by stitution. Both he and rranklm Memorial day, Mv vTloth. Thc r. Uuulvl IfC an ii the present Com- of last week, in which Editor General accepts jfh-' invitation. were leaning strongly with Tom "main lino of 'tho Richmond and Danville MEN' TS NEARLY CO! material interests. 1 hesc things Ilouldin said he hoped she was too aine in the direction of Wench and his subject "From A Railroal passes through tho grounds and with in Km 1'cet of the ollii -o. i ti Army the Mis-i Will you wake up some are as sure to happen as anything A. yoiiknow wo been t'l t-ilij-j-i "inf 'ituj li radicalism. Washington was of Saleui trains make regular stops tivice daily each iv. v. that can be predicted of the" of MfifV lTn lend Press etersburg to Appontttox. Tlie Pittsboroj KiL'rJ says a I these t.nd we have no all men the man for the first Pres r.ot.os for tho iicTv- uoso inieresit-i in iruu an-i iruu erowing arej prices to 'ut' i-id-iiSo aliiiu-t iit-ijid idencv. cntel ihentf. V. ell. they coraiauy i-nvueii inspect ints, mo largest nursery tho Sta and one of tho lareost in tlie youth named Riley; Iossc, was There was a time when the good a Democrat to accept any position from the Administration. Excepting the Danville Times' article Mrs. Jackson is gratified at the kind.y criticisms of the press throughout the country. I am told that the whole affair and the lino M.eS in" very lii- a I'ihav' It'jin brought here to jaij ht Saturday llemarkiible Motive caucrs oi inc routh. ty united wish to tape a Arrv.y of the Mivsissippi Ti.i there i awful th-way the foolish old v. i thought to lc a man cause he is not insane lvaiifat-eof this unfilaUi. Lori'iLfidii suth. sj-tm-k consists ot Apples, Feavhes, rears herries, Flums; Japanese Forsini Apricots Figs. Mulberries. Ouinces. ltcans, Strawberries, Riispbernes, Currants bv deputy sheriff Albert Snipes, Of the' many curious develop action on a line of policy distinct- k. Hero is the tioditioti the do so this we stock. CiMercnt from the one adopted, -Gooseberries. Fie Plants, hiyrlish Walnuts, Chest nuts, Kosea, tvergreens, stiaile trees, A of Matthews toyrnihjj upon the novel charge of catvC-Ag off and stealing thc soicv a pair of miht have secured vastiv has greatlv embarrassed si o('e Shirts iiiw )c. We' haVe es. the negro tily sizes'ijV-, Mrs. have All tha new and raTe varieties, asjwellasthe old ones, which my new for Iss'i will i modifictl condition of suffrage, but and she would 14" ii ft ing. In God's show. hav boots belonging to htone. that time ami opportunity been glad to have avoided it all. Give your order to my authorized aeon c-r order at i lie waiting l- nr. ments of ingenuity, we have been most impressed by an account in the Newport Journal, of the moving of a large residence a distance of five miles, one and a half by land, and three and a half by water, without in the least disturbing its inmates. Thc but 'I I. now W.ohai Shirts 11 SI oasscd bevond recall. The Durham Jit says: A I 1 1 w. We haii It is not probab.e that she would accept any post-office that might offered her. and it is certain vcprescntativc from oe western iiireci irom me nursery, i Corrc-pondeiico solicited, Catalogue free to applicants, Address J. "AN LIXDLEYi, Poa-ona, Guilf.ird county, N. C. Siitrtsji IK and IS. The practical lesson from" these iews is that the pjonle of Mis r. rcctnettts Pity he and get out the wav, chcl this s. rx 4 growl- part'of the State; lst returned Mi: sissippi must rely upon themselves that neither Charlotte nor Rich S7c Shirts now -Wo from Washington cilv. where he hat 17 aiil IT? 5. YOU CAN GET er a permanent adjustment mond has been tendered her went to grind "a 4iilc hatchet. isv.e ti something more icing asked going on are sold tho ri- YVhen the-e wili hi' A HUAITII TI, riflostra I i i. I. 1 I 7 these. i former price a a tod) 14 inmiitltk incre, ne replied ncre is a bi'tlcriu ttlii We hut AMI ill Itelline all prieo-iiiiSrtssiljiiK 3Ck; SJiirtat itL good deal of churnln? but devil Tin: kiniMOM of kick. It is true tfcat neither the Richmond nor the Charlotte office was tendered to Mrs. Jackson, as the Lexington office was; but it is 'M dozen left sijijil ill hen they atje Mc.Mmv west iist i weakened hourly by deser-t i the grca; evil. The thing lu-cdful to stp it is for the ish little ineir auairs. external ar.i is coming. It was never from one national party, and was never intended to be extended in any measure by the other in Mississippi. 1 he situation is unquestionably no more Uitlil August 1 iiiiiii iri-n-'-iin about that celebrated school, ZEH IR. I You should do this if you contemplate patronizing any school next Prepares for Trnrhinit, for ICu.iur.ii, or fr Collrur work on in: dull rx 4nly afford lhc work t'iejGovernor Pre 14 iii thoe- Voi jt-iiirtl asserted most positively- that Col house belonged to a Mr. Brown, who determined to change his place of i residence jfrom Jamestown to Middletowri, Rhode Being attached to his did family home, he decided to tajkc it along, which he has successfully accomplished "Ey! rolling it 'to the nearest harbor, loading it on scows, and towjng jit across the bay, ornamented at all points ith flags, and saluted by artillery on every hand. It must, indeed, have been a novel sight. mansion was iMonftiyaltcr three have no size to give each mmander p.trttnmts piwtr to shoot I hev inu-t be sliotbv years rsried. Gov Parsons inquired if Mrs. Jackson Absolutely Pure- strained, with all the apparent ernor Fowlc says if vll continue 'J SlHiirnlii last This school is finely located in the Piedmont region of North Carolina, (near Greensboro.) where giod board can be had (alter she had declined the Lexington ost-office) could be in The President's weak. NEW EKINCKS. This pom tirr rii-ver varies. A marvel if purity. 1.... I nn. .1 clmlv Ki i I Id 1 tit I 1 a strength -and who an1 elegantly furnifhml Society Halls, beautiful than the and annot bo sold in Chapol. and is winpletely e.uiwed.. One of the tinted to accept the Richmond or f-'tiM-k of I iiiirriv'. The than wo indications pointing to an increased tension. rtrtit "Mh alullna. i. 1 jt Si. North Carolina is not onlv one and that the jans ill be carefully followed. 'tie first arid second floors will be.j.?mpleted in handsome stylej the ihid of thc year the byiliSig will be iii-'i ii. i mi- umuiuiio few UriMIM 1 1 ii m-tlie outh over ut j.Ttiy pi Idling liuuvanitariani-m and hi the Army. take 'him by the throat i kn ck lu ad against a wall weiciit Hiuifi or paosiiuaio iniwaers- coiii omy in I puate po1 Jso'il only in the Charlotte office. How far this correspondence proceeded is not A. M. U. HOLT, Address J. jM l-t'iu'V i- ai mo nta i oi nie cl.i.-s i.ri. lioy Kl(i 1'oWIlKf lmi Wall cans. i. 11a July 2'. tf. Oak Kidgo. N. rtreet. Mewf of called to a line at 'rs per yar-j i'ilf "trir nnii i i.e i i roum in nis senses tn certain. I rob ably it was stopped before Mrs. Jackson made up her mind by "the insuperable obsta curtains, svarfs, tidies, 'jf 1 l''H'. the richest ami progrcs-o States, but war business? I The Statesville Landmark says that Mr C. V. Grobe, the jeweler, who is uncommonly skillful with LARGEST i Work. Flhe latest Lainbri Heavy, Deep Cord Friiitro in wjier. i say inerej.i... cle Coh Parsons alluded to. takes care not to hide her viv iu vl.u would feel tlut i. i 51, il.5 and Si -er i 'lie i gen- The Richmond people would be glad to sec Mrs. Jackson post thc pen, has written the Lord's Prayer on a card inside a circie God service to kili fcrally well represented at every master when. Mr. Cullcnworth's the size of a gold dollar. The JEWELRY. w. II A. riting is legible and there is room occupied. A comptiny of capitalists has been lormtyl.l Ashevillc with $150,000 pald-uiapital, and will enter largely wn'ithe manufacture of furniturc Ashevillc, and into thc in Swain. Jackson, and icon It is one of fhvfjargcst enterprises in the moiiiain section of thc State. There is some Jafii about the date of the cncamiimtiit. which is time is out, for well they know ,1... I I ONE OF THE -zziLiiisrES 1.0 it ii I it it cic not feared that n.ltianal n.x bjgger loo. 1 thcr; nhclhtr commercial, vet the pdi-ul Congress, mjnufjcturin uh a 1 pnvate emeus K1 am, cSdom fails to have some tl? Since tho iritro duv'tiorr till Hi; at the bottom of the circle to 1.141 woutu never iaKc ine demand hoen steiidily in freiiS.iv i I OIF1- oiace except upon condition that spare, not more than two-thirds We have alrejidy-heon obeised t'S matters, as ii a ht she" should be the absolute and lines. tell you; and fruarantod it t' be exactly of thc space being occupied. Mr. Grobe did the work; in thirty-five minutes ithout the aid of a mag untramclcd head of it. Mr. Cul 1 1 Plated for phitod; p'Id lor k'' Tho shapesj are tho Very Jatestl qii I. a re r.iger would Why pass our r.Af..' cum'e and he conscript their own I is a positive nifying glass. I migwurui aivvays saia mat ne would gladly step down and out for Mrs. Jackson, but the whole reproductimis of the lilost c'xpeli 1 tT':" fV, ALL- ConliDnierres, LJt lire it varietal one push her claims to the front and press her advantages. A fe years ago Western North Carolina was comparatively an unknown region. Now few portions of the country are better known to prospectors, land-buyers, lumber-getters, and capitalists interested in projecting railroads, and IN TOW OF July 9th. Many of ft: troops in There is a remarkable state of irl? tO of Pius; Jiro'ic matter seems "oft." thc hast think tlie. l'tcr part of I-: affairs in the Kinston section. mee to every trulv lval man July a better time. expected It THEBEST STYLES. I a. in Some-negroes are (aspirants for S' l.i Twurrr I'rrarhltij the Turrli. 1 St le. 1 GOOD YALL lis IN MPS LI tnat at least 1,500 tmjn will be in omce, anu tney nave employed a I a- Thoro is no (ot up in the heH- ia man who was formerly a --civil camp. 1 he date changed to a later one. las JioTVcneral or THE LA1IGEST tLNE OF hav. lljttcrnuts. Ii 1- iv. ie a test he elected Governor 1 Do hot thin I am talk- derweaf. and tho saies of prt I'll. 1- i iiii.uiv. in ivi iui ill- physicians which last are doing a ancc wc filui thc apo.rance of great deal to settle up the section onc? nf rtllf service examiner to instruct them go on 'roeorli yjl ff In addition to this1 queer move der has yet been issvild in reference to thc matter -I and make it a place of summer I I monthd'salos ijii Underwear -iiij j) 'ru 1 nets. Wo do not propo-o to 1 NllOW 1 in: ra ment they are holding prayer-meetings daily, at which they ask- i JL :1 Cv, 'residence for Northern people. In ao-ut. hatuhc Un nanibir of an.ltarijn I a ti tatkin Dr. V. N. Scawelli.vho is sdc- 3 ob ts iu ni-n out a few items doserviuc ofspf I i and. i -i i woes that the hands of the President ctaiiy engaged in oig3 ihzine farm ..1, a paper 0:1 use inuic Excdleht quality Dra jvH'V- 1. may be laid uponjthcrri so that ers' alliances in Virginia, has been adventurers in the pages of the Forum "delivering a tirade against the South, and even going so far as to rival Wm. T. Sherman's "torch and dagger" cry with his own suggestive ami incendiary rrophecies of violence. It is hardly necessary to s.iv that thc au- With, fwie tu'-v yoke, wido embroidery rufTn), taking a little rcstfaflb home in their services may be required above. Only 50c per pair. geruru ir our Army anj sjn. jfV Utic of ii." 1 Carolina, which was read be' re the International Longres at It is this btatc. Hcsay.HUlrttthe order the ijovcrnmerit. i I)rav. r. ci Superiorlerado of lle.iv'y -Muslin; trimmed with torcjion urowinj; rapidly jnt'itiembcrship r.d favor in all Virginia riisr GBIGEITSBORO, with horrinsr, braid. Only T'-Wper if i tiic prodaetixi ol Ur. HenrvO mote on toe white man. 1 I "lllil 11.1 If 1 thor of this latest attack upon the which he has visitodj5lc expects bare -ki-1. Fine Loiislalo Cktil IjFic. i to say that the trutfbership is of torchon s'eiMtfi tr.u I hhitDUof thelrag- V. -1 1 outa is that literary frec-booter of IkMoii. and nugnt beantl assassin. Al- Of tho" nesttLeatlinnrjManufacturets, such as ZEIGLEU, ALLEX MAUVIX, Wm. DOKSCII and others. 'The Largest Line of torchon Iac. Tic each quadrupled by the rnbf thi5 yea most cuiious announcement ever seen in public is made by M. F. of Antioch Robeson county. He says: have in the past nine j'ears been arrested sixty-five times. I have been in jail twenty-three times, in seven different jails. I have been twelve times convicted and served eight months in jail. I have criven a Witll Ko Gowns of extra heavyiMuilin derr ty fine embnji inn. fclfcL lives in urunswicl (ounty, is in ifra'le- Arrest a- I trv Henrv May I U- tourjjec. A fellow of 1 lor estern and 1. i 1 -1 1 A II I tieason. the baser sort, he failed to pcr- York Tl' 'f I 'ulc' cajole or frighten the dc- IE ugge, rms to Ccnt of Nofth Carolina Hr. Mauy dea.s,:, ta an jnto themselvrs neck, sloevo and yoke. Splenu bio muslin-. antTextra value. Only each. CIT1T. jail on the charge of his wife. He is a )f; Johnston county and rcccnllyf ipoved to Brunswick. Day bfqr yesterdav dti-jiinbriqivn. SkirU of Cno Heavy Musljin, amor, t.itc- an-t 'tw fle, two clusters of. in A SPLENDID LINE JUST RECEIVED THIS WEEK. l.f thr mcrts in.uc tucks ahove. jStrong "Musiin justified bond every time and I WIS rrJ. r.arm4 l.i-; and clirirird tliey put a true estimate upon hi character in-trad accepting his own false value. -Only 7c each. i k't can do it again. -It is a crreat at dinner Carroll, tt, charged, gave his wife a wine in r.uiwivr if in ci cry tt i I i Dry Goods and Notion Departments record, and Moore announces itin a very graceful way. t. which he had putj fison. 1 wife was heard to eryHut, Woodwaril i ever since ition. sought re' KnIand i-. nearly 2 i i i Minr.c-t.i and riu i. in Ktn-tvky and Tennessee. Hj; in it: ri- t.r inter- i i i TIIKV BACK IT IP, you given an hour have you giver Villi- ut' I AUE ABSOLUTELY COMPLETE IN ALL THE LATEST ST LYES Tho Miwrior morits, ax a blood imriflrr trying to it.i-.iun a eiv iii.iuun i i -t-1 she dead, was 'camhizt 'I! Western Larolina. TI B03TOT remarkable. irsc tnat uas mi iionoiablc and rmrc Ui, I i. i ile woman has beta vsent to the tnat it not fail to revolt from cMt4. the woman ha 'a. mid hivionitiiioj touid, jioksi.ssc.1 by')r l'imf'8 (Jolilen Medical Discovery, warrant iti manufacturers in nellin it (a.s they are doing through druginsts) under ic i lure a positive guarantiee that, if given fair am etuurer. .1 AND NOVELTIES. NOTE I invite tho most critical examination of my stock. In quality auil (variety it cannot be surpasMed in Greensboro prices everybody Unows admit only of the elascst nnfpiir on first cost. I fully appreciate the liberal patronage of the citizens ol (i reensboio and the surrourniin- eountjy. LY FAIIi DEALING I UOFE TO ALWAYS IIJIT IT. Respectful I (nif llrqifl iu(s Dr. D. W. C. 1 trial, it will cure all du.eaeH ariising from i i -t r.t'.i inn diiiiiis iiiiisf, iuigiii or torpid liver, a.s indigestion. juuuuLiue inciter, pqrLuenies tiro Ti iiMi-t llA i'L- I- if. J. Mo. I If T.maiT will, rin iivU ik or l.lncul i. or urunutW vdi-N, you or dyjsiM-jia, and all humors, or blood jii. i by tutm- boio. the i ir.u -it all VutiJ lr Iik ani taints, from whatever cause arisimr. skin, seal pn ml scrofulous affections. Tho i ui iKu.ui aim ran ruri hv Ilr II Mc Fj- arc sorry they did not. in i terms inv. a benefit or euro, or moniv ri- u- m.m i Mrt-utlifLiu -WASHINGTON; 1 tuind. ueci i -U' i UN I i ''a

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