Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 20, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1944
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JULY 20, 1944 NAUOATUCK DAILY NEWS K Kindling &.».."• V ., -, . a A .. .. . ^f Isn't •' Woocl When Advertised Below ' Employment Wanli'tl—Mulo ing >» K-i \Vuy.iiilc " 1!l " Inli'ri-!»t4»<l in nU'fi. 1 J 11T. or full Fnrm urn! iVurs- I -ART TIM'K MO U.\INGS- Finishing clept. Good ', rniii)(!' oxpoiionce unnecessary. KISIH'X MFt!. H>. »IOO SO. MAIN ST. WAT EK BURY I I Mun Wiintfil for Iliilry t\ou*r. Milk, lijfhl.i, Rood \Vm. K. CurtlSM. Tel. Nau- 50-10. F.irm For Sale lliiiiMcs .For'Suits NKW S-IIOOM cultilKtt. viiciint; also G-UOOM bungalow with three quarters acre • kind; new JO-ROOM 2-family IIOUBO on Went; side. A Shepley, Telephone 'J-133. 1'OIC tv\I.K—Two family hoiitu', 11 rooms. 2 car garage and barn.' All i.'nptm-emonls. Lot 84 x 160. At a sacrifice, Tel. 3-54U3, Bridgeport, Announcements . Automotive tout And Found LOST—Monduy uftornaon, III Mur pliy's r store, wallet .nontainln 'yiiih of .money th.. bills. En wart Mrs. 'Frank Ku'eia, 102, Mapl street, or call 3255. Help \Vmitrd — w hour* ii week. i,!iv Apply Nniisatuck News.. Ti'l. 2228. l <lust- Oood Daily TEACHERS STUDENTS HOUSEWIVES! ! FULL OR PART-TIME WORK AVAILABLE Milking Fuohvenr r'ni.!,' Summer Months Experience Unnecessary i:! KOOM House. All Improvements a i 121 Aetna .street. Apply nt 39 Nottleton avenue. HOUSE KEYS with 'trinket oh chain found. Owner miiy 'have .same by Identifying 'and pa'ylnif for advertisement. Apply News. UI,ACK COCKKR SPA til IS t FOUND. TELEPHONE 3114. :tu Wiintvd To liny I-'IVK or K room IIOIIHU with modern improvements. Fairly now. lr'.ox N-O, care ot News. I For Hiilldliilf lot, 120 by KM /<><>t on Shirley street, two miles from NnuKi'tuck off New Haven rotid. Price J1GO. Cnl! Water-bury 4-4CC1, TWO llnlldliiK |-o ts In I'ro-ipi'ct I'or sale. Phone Naupr. 5524. For Rent Wiintvd To lleitt K«>IIR or tlv»; room* wiinled to relit by two uduU.s. Box "J" In care of News. M • RUOIIIH To Rout IJU.NCtl. of koyx, all . Automobile •keys. Near New Dam -Sunday Kcward. Telephone. 3484. RED COCKER SPANIEL — "LUCKY" — CALL 5808. REWARD. HAVING LOST my RUM rullon book A i-s-sued lo me by the local rationl'ngr board, I ha re by file application for a new one. JOSEPHINE .ELSE. HAVING loHt my CUM ration book A, issued me.'by the local -rationing board, I hereby hie application for a new one. ANTHONY KOONITSKY. TWO plt>. ROOMS, furiilNh.'d fur coil- Apply t>9 Johnson atreet. APPLY AT United States Employment Service .1:23 Bank St. ' ' r , I \\"atci-l>nry, Conn. Stdblll/ation Conditions UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Ni'.u^aUick Footwear Plant NAUGATUCK CONN. KXl'KKIKNCEU Girl or Wouiuii— lev jr^neral hotiseworlc. Good salary. Tel. Watby. 3-Ori»G or Box 'K,' cure of The Nftws. THREE ROOMS UN u|uirtiiient or lnili\-iJua!s. Steam heal. Single pi'i-soii.s prcftrrecl, Hotchhisu St. Call D33S. AnnuiiiicenicntH MONUMENTS Special prices on All Memorial* V. RICHARDS 200 So. Main St. • Naugatuck Merchandise Household. Articlen .... ;AUTHOEIZEP-,- Sales'Service ,'. Pnijta,' Acce'saofleg Malcolm .W-. 1 'Starr Corp. '48S. Wa't'ertown •Ave'.'". Dial '6-1148 1941 ...'C'ONVKRTIBIiK 'Club Coupe Ford for .sale.. Radio', arid; h'eater. . Excellent • condition. ;-Clenn,. Tel: 4841. 312 Scott St. ; .. ..,' .FOR SALE!.-"! \ , AB'C... Washer -Uasy'.rV/ashcr Hamilton. Beacon Vacuum Cleaner •Electric Iron . 'Frnncis 'Firrnitiire 'Go. «» NORTH MAIN STREET V Telephone. 3000 Automotive 14 ' 194.0 Willys' Sedan- •1938 Foi'U Tudb'r "PRICED •BEH£>W,::.CEILING" Pn&kard-Watevb'iiry, Inc. 182"wiitertown Avenue -Dial 4-B108 VVII1TK Knumi'l Combination Oil and Gas Range. Practically new. Owner .''leaving,'.town. 'Pliohe 5408 after -1:30. Contractors 22 1'alntlng 'APKR HANGING und/-Fainting, W. ' F. Cota, 17 Cedar Street. Tel. 5455. Merchandise l r c«?ij Anil Fuel V'OOn—Buy now and NUVIS $5 per cord. Cut any length and delivered. H. Sills. Prospect -i13-0759 BABY—Cur MBttW, 1'luy pens, Imtlil- netts, cribs, high chairs, Knntwet mattresses,, toy?). THE RADIO SHOP 180 Grand St. Wiiterbu'r'y Merchandise . Wniitcd To Buy CALL 28IO— II you h-ivc :in.yl.hlii(c to sell. Sinj;nr sowinpr machines, bicycles; old 'furniture, rags or junk. Ri(,'ht iJriccs paid. CAS II for Y ° 01 ' MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Mecca Music Co. 203 Bank. 4-1422 BANK Kiifc iiupimlt IWXOH walil^d, Highest ciidh prices paid. Wire collect, write or phone what you hiive to offer, J. E. Murphcy, Republic G08'l, SIS Ycatman Ave., Webster Groves 19, Mo. 'Koop 'Crlli—iloiilili; eli-c- trlc plate, MoKce Ever Cold ice box,Large size. Call 338-1. FOll SALE—Small loe Iwx, HO ID, capacity. 28 Carrol) Coui't, up- stuii'8. • 'DEATH T6 11OACIUJS" will rid your house- of roaches and anL-i,- or'money refunded. ,$1,2!). AUtxm:i Phai-macy or Union City acy. STOltli Itc-rrlb'unttor, fi(ic<;r arid scales. T, J. Montambault, r.32 North Mahi street, Union City, Tul. 2G83. Merchandise Services ClilllS — Ciirriaccs, Pl.-iy IVnH, Larsc sciection of toys. Lowest prices In town. BEACON KIDDIE CENTRE 73 GRAND ST. Wtby. 30>> MUSIC « buy, «rll, nxKhangt, and rrp:ilr all kinds- of instruments. Lowest prices in the city. 3SO-382 So. Main St., Wathy, Conn. Services 3'rofi'sn'onal Service* EXCKK.USNT IW5-UPHOt.STBBV —Allen's Upliolsicring Studio, I G-rand Street, Watcrhui-y. 38 Wnntcd To Itcndor Scrvlccii ELECTRICAL Itcpalrini; Service Appliances a speciulty. Ray Decker, -102 N. M.iin St. Tel. " ScrvlccH Use Want Ads—It Pays! , A',1 of the land in four Nevada counties is* owned by l.hc federal government. Solve Your COAL PROBLEM Now Install an Automatic Coal Stoker usins: non-restricted low cost stoker coal. Do not delay, aslt for Free ho.'Uirijj survey. We have new stokers on h.-ind )-oady to install, also oiic used stole en. WATERSDRY AUTOMATIC COAL BURNER. CO. 3*0 S. Main St. Wtby. Phone .1-G770 For Services, Se^ tho Want Ads ATTENTION J-JIeccroluz Owfaerm —Repair*, genuine parl* 'and (ervice. By bonded Electrpliix Man.. I. Nlascn, 3 T«!re«a Xv«. Telephone. 4822. GIlABOSKl'S Tbidlo Hrfmlr Shop. Radio's expertly repaired, moderate prices. 'Phone 5C17. Cleaning And Dyeing KtKVMAN'S 's Great Dry Olea Firm, offers its first class cleaning not only in family mcnl.s buf, blankets, ruffs and er specialties in this field. KIEVMAN'S 70 Church Street dry oth- BUZ St/VWYKR By JtOV CRANK THREE riirnJshi-d rooni.H. nil con- vi.'niences, for two adiilta. Acl- dn-ss Box A, in cure of TJiu New.-t. Kin Tor Rent OARAGE, 1HI Mriidow St., rwir. Iniiuin- Ralph i3. Pu.tho, care of Gem TlieaU-r or Walter A. Nor- wnsh. cure of Nonvash Shoe Store. Next To War Bonds One Of The Best Investments Low Rates - - - Large Results , Want Ad Rate* Worda Lines 1 Day Prepaid Charge '3 Days Prepaid Charge 'fi Days Prepaid • Charge ews Want Ads a.s soon as action. Announcements i i J'er.soiml , Kn — Triilni'd lints or praciie'il ruii'HO tonano'- if <lt i .Hir<>d. Goo/i Ktubill'/.rition plan. Tel. attiTid Main ^ahLi'y Wtby »IK.V, WOMEN! WANT Stimulants in Ostrex Tonic Tablets pen up bodies lucking Iron, Vitamin Bl, Calcium. Trial size costn littlo. Suvn REAL mojicy, Kt't SI siKu. Ask about big money- suvinK "Eoonomy" slxe. At all drii>rj;ists—in N:uif, r atuek at Al- h-n's Cut Rate and Nuugnluck For Sale llonsrs l'"or ! ONK-FAWII.!' of -I rooms rm'h. nil modern improvements, |jrr-w.'u- built, 3 years old. Reason f<,r selling, owner in .service, ti roum, 1 family nous", fill Im- pf u'.'»Trif<ntx /ilso 3 yeafs okl, situ- (iti'd on 3-1 acrr- land, price SS.,'00. If you want to buy or sell see P/it.iy Lrtbrlolrt, 172 High street, I'lifini- Z-\r>» or . r iS3-l. District of NmiKiituck, ss. Pro- I/ate Court, July liith, 3944. Kst.'itn Of Albert K. Schrull, late of Nauf,-atuck. in .said District, deceased. Thu Administratrix having exhibited her administration account wit)) said estate to this Court for allowance, it is ORDERED—That the 2Gth day 1 to 35 1C to 20 21 to 25 2G to 30 31 to 35 3G to -10 •11 to <15 •1C to 50 01 to 5!j CO 'to 60 If palrl • c 3 1 4 1 5 1 '6 1 7 1 3 1 9 1 10 | n | 12 | within )n .27 .36 .•15 .04 .63 .72 .81 .90 ;99 3.08 .30 .•IS .CO .72 .8-4 .00 I'.OS 1.20 1-.S2 1.44. one week after consldercc th* | .03 •| .84 I i.oa I 1.20 | 1,17 | 1.C8 :l 1-89 1 s.'io • | 2.31 I 2:02 .90 1.20 1.00 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 3.30 3.GO insertion, advei aa prepaid. Air T 1 1.08 | 1.44 | 1.80 | 2.1G | 2.52 | 2.SS ! 3.24 | '3,'flO | 3.9(5 I 4.32 •tisemcnt will bdav 1.47 1.92 2.40 2.88 3.3G 3.84 •1.32 4.80 5.28 C.7C be r /WE'D BETTER GO '/ DEEPER INTO THE / JUNGIE, SAWYER, AND I SPEAK ONLY IN A IOW V MONOTONE.; BRING YOUR TOMMY- OEFINITEtY WPO*«J/ THERE'S NO SIGN OF .VAN FLEET, OR THE GASOLINE. 1 CAN'T UNDERSTAND IT. HE KNOWS THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS MISSION, AND THE IMPORTANCE Of THAT GAS. I— r'Ll WAIT ANOTHER HALF-HOUR. ftURIIY, U BE HERE ETT-\ KETT PACT. ROBIVSOX OM SO HE S5NDS M!S LOVE -AMD IVANTS A DATS I'LL FIX I FOUND irON THE F012CM." ITS' A MESS/HANS. LETTER PROM THAT NAVY GUV THE 0-0 CEHSDrZ- J SKCKKT AGENT X9 of July A, D. 1944, at two o'clock 4:00 p. in. VWABC—Broadway Matinee' WOP.—New.s; Cam-ljlinj;: Ramblings WEAF-WTIC—Backstage Wife WATR-WJZ—Ethol and Albert 4:l,'i p. in. : WABC-—Hom« Front Matinee : WEAF—Stella Dallas WATR-W.TZ—Don Normani Show In tho nt'tcrnoon at nfllce in Naugatuck, the Probat be and th O.VlJ-I.'.A.Mff.Y, (i room )i»M.»(% 2- Ciii 1 uurtix<: S4900.nO. Two-family h o u s i'. J-riKhlnnd avenue; two- faniily hinisc. J-fondlcy street; 'V.c-.'arnily Spring street, .ffihn Hi-nly, IIS Church street. Ti-!. .103). I wimo Is n.i.iJgncd for n henrliiff on thi.- allowance of said Administra tlon Account with said Estate, unc this Court directs the Adminis tratrix to cite all persons intcrestcc therein to appear a said time anc pinco by publishing this order in some newspaper published in N Huven County and having a circulation in said District, and posting n copy on the public siyn post In the town of Naufratuck, where the'd lust dwelt, and by sending, poHtafe'e prepaid, a like notice to each of the known heirs residing outside this District at least three dnys before said day asslfc-ned. STEPHEN J. SWEENEY, Judge. PRIVATE BUCK f '«a's down too <low without th« «xfro Back the Attack — Buy Bonds Buy War Bonds For Victory WOR—Rambling with Gambling 4:30 p. m. WAEC—Off the Record WOR—Full Speed Ahead WATR-WJZ—News 4:45 p. m. WABC—Ray Scott Show WEAF-WTIC—Wldder Brown WATR-WJZ—Blue Correspondent 5:00 p. in. WAEC—Fun With Dunn x WEAF-WTIC—When a GlrP Marries WOR—Uncle Don WJZ-WATR—Terry and Pirates 5:15 p. m. WEAF-WTIC—Love and Learn WJZ—Dick Tracy WOR—Chick Carter WATR—Melody Review 5:80 p. m. WEAF-WTIC—Plain Bill W-ATR-WJ Z— Jack A rmst rong WABC—Navy Music School WOR—Tom Mix Show 5:45 p. in. WABC—Wilderness .Road WEAFF-WTIC—Front Page Fur- rcll WATR-WJ2—Sea -Hound WOR—Superman "6:00 p, m. WOR—News; Prayer WEAF—Jaci; -Arthur WJZ-WATR-WT1C-WEAF—News 6:15 p. m. WTIC—News WXTR—Music for Dining WEAF—Serenade to America W;755—Hop Han-igrin WABC—Ted H using WOR—Newsrecl 0:90 p. m. WOR—News . WABC—Jeri Sullivan WATR—News; Serenade WEAP—Serenade; Bill Stern WJZ—Whose •War? Band WTIC—Strictly Sports (1:45 p. m. WOR—Stan Lomax, Sports WABC—World Today WJZ—New.s ' WEAF—Music You Want 7:00 p. m. WEAF-WTIC—Music Shop WABC—I Love a-Mystery WOR—Fulton Lewis, Jr. WATR-WJ55—Musical Mysteries 7:16 p. in. WOR—Victory .is'Our Business WABC—Pa-ssing -Parade W12AF-WTIC—News of the 'World , 7:30 p. m.. WOR—Confidentially Yours WABC—Mr. Keen . . WATR—Drama Series : WJ}2—Diaiuie aricl Jesters WTIC-WEAF—Bob Burns-Show 7:415 p. hi. WOR—'Ain.swer Man WEAF— : News; Mclnlir'e Orch. WATR-WJZ—OPA Talk 8:00 p. ill. WEAF-WTJC—ThOia We Love I WABC—Suspense VV/-WATK—Watch World Go By WOR—News 8:15 p. m. WATR-WJZ—Lum 'n' Atoner WOR—Nick Carter 8:30 j>. in. WOR—Qulx Show WABC—Death Valley Days WATR-WJZ—Town. Meeting WEAF—Aldrich Family <J:mi p. m. WOR—Gabriel Heatt.'er WABC—Major Bowes Show !):10 p. m. WOR—Screen Test 9:30 p. m. WABC—Dinah Shore Show WTIC—Village Store WATR-WJZ—Spotlight on Monroe WOR—Starlight Serenade 10:00 p. in. WABC—Front Line WTIC—Hai-y Savoy Show WEAF-WJZ-WATR-WOR— Democratic Convention 10:15 p. ni. WJZ—Transcription; G. Hicks lOl.SO p. in. VABC—Here's to Romance WEAF-WTIQ— Maruh , of Time •J'i:00 p, m. ALL Stations—-News 11:15 -p. in., WJZ—To be 'announced WABC—Soviet Music WEAF—News « :30 'p. in. WABC—Viva America! WEAF-WTIC—New World Music WJX—'Dance Music 12:00 Mldnljfhl WATR—Slgra Off WJZ—News; .-Fields Orch. WABC—New.s; Dorsey Ofch, WEAF—News; Roy Shield. Co. WOR—McGrane, Stern Orclis. 12:30 n. in. WTIC—DosiKn; N"ew.H WOR—Dean Hudson Orch. ;W JZ —Luca-s Orch.; Showcase WABC—Tommy Tucker Orch.' By ROBERT STOKJta f GO ON PEOOLINC THESE GAS I COUPONS, BUT FROM NOW ON VOU CAN SRUT STILETTO'5 V TAKE AMONS , YOJGi;V£.,.r AIN'T" OME TO INTERFERE WITH SAIALL NOW THAT 5TILETTC HAS OUT A HAUNTiMfi LICENSE , I'LL /»AKE YOU A PROPOSITION /HONK SMC* STiliTTO TER5 IN THE APPLE OKCHAf?0? TH(*NK YA BAKNEV GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH By DE BECK some O' TvAerv\ 6LU6-GREENISH O' VOR'N \WOULO PER fV\N SHOX , SNUFFV - PRESENT O 1 ve oesfvuvjt ft FER CUC?IN' LEETLG OF TvV Ht\V)OUV-POX-" VWHKT WOUI.O VE CRPW6 (Y\O5T, SNUFfV KICK BBADFOKD MiJlehidm Arrives— John Law Admits Doubt 'Houston, Tex.—(UP)—R. G. Slio- quist of Houston was so convinb- Ing In his claim th'at he "re'a'lly did "come to 'a stop" dt a atop sign ithat Traffic 'Court- !Tudge Walter !Chalmei-s scratche'd his head and 'turned to the urrustihg officer •quizzically. • Patrolman -M.. F. Davidson first 'grinned, then blushed, and blurted; "It's possible, your honor. There 'were 'lots of cars. 'Even a police- 'mun makes a mistake once in hla 'life." 'His 'reward was hearty TiTrid- shuke from Ih'e alleged offender. Judge; "Case dismissed." By WILLIAM UITT and CLARENCE GRAB WE'VE .GOT TO DISAPPEAR SOMEPLACE - BUT'WHERE CAN-WE GET BEHIND THESE 5WRUB5, MUGGS AND SKEETER By WALLY BISHOP West Poimit military academy now occupies land which at one lime was'part'of tlie empire .ol the British crown. I DlDMT SEE AMYONE ABOOT fro ASK, &UT I TRUST ALL RIGHT. TO PAlrJT TUIS PICTURESQUE OLD ME SAYS MOTTO PAlKIT OLD e>AOw~ Bur ue-'o LIKE YOU TO <S(UE UlM AM ESTIMATE ON THE House AN THE COWSHED-' ILL GO ASK MY WELUOr SONNY/ DO LIVE ^-"i, ,. dors hugo jeeps and .fore gliders War Bonds !!'> .Department

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