Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 27, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 27, 1916
Page 4
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nun F om STERUNG. ILLINOIS, MONDAY. NOV.. 27.. 1916. Thanksgiving Sale linery Trimmed Hats .'&. price DILLON HAT SHOP 204;Lawrence Bldg. •*> • '"t-a • **v - STERLING DAILY GAZETTE AHO BAILY gfANDARD BIXTY THIRD YRAH iTITi •V !••<• Publlihwl I>aily fescrpt Sunday, T D. W. <3itAMtX'>M & R»»N». Rdltors *ncl rubllxhers. f, 111 WfSt Third HtreH. at »• Mntter •A til TtRMB OF SUBSCRIPTION. By Mail, OuUid* of Sterling »nd Rock ini >s|i entirely new prf^tdentiril 'T eotjrse. . tin re >«« <*hanii' (k ,*»!'•! Mr. lii^Mii. and a!«<! <'i.«(-ru tt-m > <••! < >l t!:< ••«!•. It !« r< |"TTP<1 .'ni i» ".j.iitiwf-tj to ninnniR' !'»!". t!i« ! Mdt-ni'V :'.!;•'" ni nr;il ttiiit hi« friends )>' !v ^ : > ^""m in !n« 'Hret-tiKit' THE DRY OR!V6 IN ^ (,< » ' ' • »• ,'ll > «1 I- >. ' r •>*»' • t > . ' « i t . ,!»'-, !. ' « r . r ( • r, i - * 5 ' •• 11, • ' . • „•.»• , . . I ,. , v » f t T • , . • ».»,, v • • • , i. • ". i •!••». t * ' \ •-•• t \ T ? r * i f " \*> * T »*-, t i • t , • ' • «-, , r' » •'«,»,'( •• i » . j > , * \t m -» ' r ' 'i ii * i • • T, I '!•«-" 1 ' i *• \\ ill, >m J' "' IT* *'t • <n ' «•>'« i \'i<~ it >i{ f"->M>->4 • m LLi ,. «•' • .t _tl_ . - •.: .u was J l 1.1 s.« Ii" !i« » i'tp * fivtiitp of i fc pin. r«f« t.. /1 n>-.tti "-n'<« "•• !• a«i ( ulin (I t>i" !•« hind tho prutii^itioTi rn"' i-nv-nt and "!».;,? thf Hf'E-'»l>||i-:i!)«. tn it" !:<•(« «•{•!» thirty .litd i'Tt\ wr-rr« <-\i--t-t ("d ;.> :it- t«-nd X!r,'ss party tn*Ttin£-, btit tri'iTf ti;,\n fin* 1 luim'rpfl niifl fiftr 'vcff m*>n of Hif V!: State* or C»n«d« 0B6 year In mlvanc*- I- •» month* In ndvanre . 1 vs th»n six month*, per month .25 By C«cri»r In Sltfling OP Rock Falls, or by Mail *i the SUrling or R»ek Fall* Pottoffice On« year In advance,., *~W Six monthn m advance. ^ j|0 Thr*« monthH In advance 1 -? O»» m«nth in ndvanc* •• -Jij By the we«k. payable to the earner .10 1920 AND MEANTIME. Th» I'f-ar 1S20, with it«< pi-«'sui«"fVi,\> fclection. In Jtmt f'»nr yenr'^ .>'/ V!i- election In that year wilt >>«• i.>n«bt .-n tiiauea that itcciimtila!e in (lie niCiin- Ume. Utit •peculation bused -m f.u ts lui w* n<yw."know them; f* at !••«!»{ if"of tbotiftht. i'>L.'". t<i i! ported that President Wilson dot's not xl u I'loblhitinn amend - i'">it»titutiisr!, whleh h" th»» pftrrttnonnt is^ne of ''hiiinc * "iitt k is petting nn in :«!id !M'< ert"CwMle bo«m is f'M'l f ri-.H n flat tire I! i« doMbtful rrn otn| v.oald be :i> : rej>!iU>le to inK<'-r men of the thirty, the «n- "prt«Kres!»lve" element which eeji (iirertitij; »rfftit« fi'ir totir < »n t!if liepnbllcnn s^tte th« euUullj iJuerestinK. .r—l!. Is <l?;c!arfd sitivi'Sy that Hiram Johnnim of '"aii- iniu is the Vn'»st prnmisitiK cnnditlattr n',««i-i'iillt-d "prujfreHsivc element" In tiff Republican party i* almost mtrn tn Ti-i\ i e fdmn!.^!)' i.i»ntr.i>l nt tho party rna- i-h!»n'ry by the time the national convention^ ttrmc The preliminarieK, It is- KIM.!, Mi'H lie svorfc^-d •«•,!»[ in "«>n>steFH A -fin."tip in the wnate. comiwisid of^'.ii, I*<itTi(lextr-r, 'Norrlc, li'iI-'oUnte Kn\«sivf Kepubllpann" in the house, can -' ponru umi « • .•«..,„ .... ., ..^ ..... — ..... Kn\=si\f KepubllpADH" in tin- house, cai b«llev« ft president vhuiild bo bound b( , , ruMc ,, ,„ „„',,,,, „„, par|y m(W , hin by two term* in the WhH* l!mi.-«», A (>r> . u w(1| , UHll)11 , J( ' c , ( , ly ^{.-te wh an<1 r , tmrol i-»nvt.titlmi. and <letermin« c< ""' Mt ' r ' t „„, ,,, llt j orin> . , HS , llv , t ftntl tllt , choiC4 . of th« thlrxl torm tradition" i» iOK^ey, in fact, hl«' wrlUnitti nre.'beln« «ju»»ted to tha Bltwct that a "K"t»d' president ,.,,., OU«ht to b« rt-turned I., -nice n« often '^^yr"; »f «™™'. l« M,l to be L the people want him. The pn-dvU-m , r 7 k " n "" Wlth - M " r< "" 1 " 1 »'« »» •""?'" ™" * ' ' wh;it in the Hryan clusn—an effective , ., . v ,,_ : coach >»n the fddeltnett. HiM- bent plRtform, put there -by^Mr. \ r , . . , , _ .... ., . . , ,, ,„,, J fri'-iuH :it precent. however, admit he Brymn. eommlttinR he ,«r > «"«»•»»««•(„,„ „,. 111111Vfl ,, ftbll . na „. fnn , U d«t* m to on« tenn; cirnl the preBidenl at th« | ^ . tlma went »t> far r»« to wrlto a letter) "" ta Mitchell l*almer. then the Democnv* j Anyhmv, i«.litjc» b<-ttt.v}» n..w and *ie hou»« I«n1er. throwing eohl wat«r on the Mnbryonlo «tu>mpt to on»en<i h '. in ly.'O will at least lntm-«tln»f. 5nt fornani t" t!;t» Jnn\iary R'S^ion i>< t1i<* I^KiPlrtfrf, 'vhirh they will ii«n'r<>l It ,it'j>f'iir!« <-<-r!ni»i that fii«» lif'ei^i.'iinre is dry H'M\ will v.,u- «'!hi:i«»n "•tatiite «m the »>oi'k«<, In i.Tf. Jlr. Hrvnn lumsfif artnm«. : tlutt the <<t;U" ••«i!) IIP dry within n ((•«• nvmths." «- v i- ij«'fitly havtntr rt-lcriMH'*' In fh« !i*-ini1>- !k'«n lfei»intur»-"B t«>|fi>t<-(i in< H»,Mt"ii. Jn tlii" < "-<! t « 1 it «"ul<! l*f« imiMi«sib!f for tho l>pni'.n rats to "h«>nf (lip lU'SVi'tili- rarui tn it." luit thfir rtrtltih iti :MI'I'|I! itisr th*» it( y rAnw woiiUl most oett.iin ly |iii\<* tin" ••flTeoi ui HD.uling the Hr- pdliil< un« t" it. .\(or« than h.'tlf th<? r-^ople in Indiana live in prohibition U-rnti'ry, l-tif the imj-ortan! fitirs nf *.ll<« state me as wet MS *'hlc;igi» i>r Xe« VcrK, ">r wetter If pridyt'ttion wins in Indiana i' will be out* of its rnnM. Jm|H>i -iunt victories s«' fnr. next in inittiirtanro to Ml«'hiffan, I'Ntr Indiana Js» one of mir must intensely ituSustrlnl states; ntul while it i» ntmparatively eaH.v tn win (ivr-rtvlx'tmingly UKrit'iiltural statc.t fur ftti, it !» rnifch harder to carry centt ; r« s f(yr thin ('misc. lt» must «-f the cities -of Indiana it in iul- rnltttHl by dry workers ttiat they will nov«r~v<Mn--*lry- T 4>P— thwnw^v* 1 *, — l»ut If i-vrr forv-ed into thp.dry colyrnn it will have to l»p clone thrmiKlt Ktnl«"-w-lde nrtictn. It .sil'l^arM nrobtiblo thnt ttii» act km is soon to be taken. STORK OI'KN TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY 7 EVENINGS PT. STOREO F! FOR SALE f~f AT HALF ;i'LAH\ ALUE Mts Your Last Cards is the time to select your Christmas cards. Why not. let us make you up your INDIVIDUAL GREETING CARDS? Some class. •'. S6e oursamples. GALT'S BOOK STORE Shaving Brushes Well lathered is half-, •slmvcd-that's what every man will say. A good lather 'means a clean and pomfortnhlo Kliave, : For every day service and lasting quality use one our Set in Rubber Brushes at 50 cents. Somo that are cheaper and dome that arc- more expensive also. • . Hendricks Drug Cp. t WAREHOUSES FULL OF FOOD. It would »e«»m that th» high price of foiKl«tu(Tn Is not exclusively <lue to nn « : xtrem»« food sbortaue or untintiat demand "on account 'of thc» wnr;" A «'hl- CAK» diKpntch the other, day had tlx 1 following: >C/ "Warehousen and coUl sturniso phintf* in t'hJc«Ko nn<t t';f HUI-- ronndlnR country are fco J.-iinmeti with food priMlm-ts of all kinds that muny -tri- uiva W lo liVceji't tn»i .• lot Mtorair«*, hut despit" Uil« tuct the jiri« - e. of all food tuinimoditie.s !>• Kjtijs. liut (»•'•, of -d- all ktndSj In f.'«cr. ull chiNM-s wer«» included tn u f« inventtgattton. "Hi .every It wan wild, the re'-or.i,. el tl.e Ht*'i."ipi* bouses showed thut there Is little foundntion for thu* cry of 'shortage' which ha« l>e»«|i • soared." . The government should at- once pro*-. ccute the (oo«l »luitks rcsiionslbie. Cold «tornjte warehouses, when nsed foi* such puri»ose«, are a ciinM 1 . The aKi- tutiun lor an embargo .on foodstuff«J abrotui wldently HOH overlooked the posNlbility of cutting; loose Uie that hold our food- in the cent era for th« »eif-evident j>ur|K>j<e of forcing prices to mount higher and higher, and prorttv to Increase accordingly. CAUGHT ON THE 1O.Y— 12 In MifeBdurl the—children . this We vote, can ma: If Missouri goes wet, Shitma on .pa! IHu Missouri remained wet, ami. th'> "Show My"- Mlaannrlana utill wt»ar tins and web feet, St. Louie «nd Kansas City did the job, Living on 15 centt* a day may be all but it 'will never be popular, iti Only two days more lo buy desirable Merchandise at these undermining prices of the Big . night one of the largest stQresf in th e twin cities clones its doors to the public for ever. The new Central Union The Tie That Bell Telephone : service ce- ' . v • - •• '' ' ments frieadsbip in both the '. - •-- "• - • p " business and social worldr and . >- • «/ puts you in imniediate touch with your business associates and your social engagements. Are-your telephone facilities '~~~~~~ " .-..,--.---..--->. As long UK pcrhoii« hero blame their appetiten on early rifling, the climate or on- hill d work, the 25 cent stuff in tcoing to look Jiki*. a, cent's worth 'of gasoline ivhen one needs a whole tank full. i* t 4 i Oeatral Telephone . -A • 'neighborly editor uaya -that the best pun of 'the sea*6n (should 'be credited tu Kin Hul)l»ari), who opined that a "girl went . dovv/ffo'wn .in a, vain at* tempt to find a of Hhoes to intttch her purse," ' . ^ Over in I<ondTnn they are trying to "equalize the «ituution between the vit-ij and poor,'" Thi» i» * Job U»»t huHn't been solved since humituity. Iw gan trying to solve problems. <'«ntere»»vv-()jrnan-eUH?t llankin tu»- Qoubtedly will be 'the only •.jin)»;r«,'.s3 "inmiite" to ^et her pictures) in all tlio papers, and the only »>ne> to whom th«i papers will rvfer as "pretty." , Arab resident* of Panul, JlesiCi*. arc leimi ted -to have ibeen ktlltni by \'illit,i,i bitndits. Riving the new binjt- "dom of Auibia a brilliant chance to write a i'arra;izu. food tfitt.ttt it>.-.*i l hup»» thai price* will , remain and And it ''should h«« renu'iubcfcd that- hw Unit. Jwti!.nctn- ItanHin revj\e«, eftt to tho -l.wiws. .At loast, < : ';ur-jn£it isn't Srunj jntuirNs "puoiii'Hy. Hi- ««>M^ ni.ikes the f'ri-tH page ;ilu>ut o\'.> t- a v.,H-k. ' . _ • ' V. . K i> !i,iic .. t !i in.ttife;!! al' : Kill U V> ii{ pii-ve. tjr.4! M!<. \\ livUju;^ to o.i> ,u>ius^i :ti-.' !, firm urges bargain seekers in this \deinity to come here the next two days; Gome and buy merehandise jit j^rices that^can^ nev^r^e^upliot^^ your last chance! Er^se; all_p^£^al^_from your memory! nThis t4 final sale" surpasses our greatest sales of the* past We've the most striking values ever presented on Dry Goods, Ready-to-wear, ~Slioes, Clothing, Floor coverings; Dinner ware, Glassware • .-. . Last Call! Buy Groceries Here! Gold medal flour now offered at a price that will cause the public to open their eyes with amazement. 49 Ib. sacks at $2,46 with a purchase of $5.00 or over in all sections of the store, Golden Sun Coffee, special sale price, package, :_ 28c Coffee -A good drink; spje.cj a'l- sal f e price, 27c America's Cup Coffee, .price the. p aek age, this sale, ''." Bulk Coffee R eg' ii 1 a r 3 5 c grade, this sale pound, ' 28c Gold Medal Flour, the 40 I sack, this' sale, '$2.54 Best clean Eke, lOc grade at 4 Ibs. •,. Preserves, large jar, 1 Q/» 25e value on sale ...., -r• • .V"-~ Pickled Pigs* Feet, 2 jars 55e; the jar.., hidividual Catsup, 4 bottles this sale '... 1 '€!/»' At/ ^ Bulk '^«f.,'. Good Cpokiiig Pota ';oeii», price the peck - This sale exceedn an> we have ever ffeld— mainly because it-happens right ut the start of the season.- Choose stylish warm coats at prices y<ui will be delighted with. We'v* brought'the_nrki? cutting libverdown to the last notch. Act at once! A gooct range of brought ihejirki* c-utting styles and xuv$*

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