Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas on December 31, 1922 · 35
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Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas · 35

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 31, 1922
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-ar red Uy On :he L gyOAY DECEMBER 31 T922 FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM FIVE GIRLS' ORCHESTRA TO GIVE RADIO WATCH CONCERT RADIO GROWTH DURING YEAR SETS NEW RECORD SCHEMATIC ARRANGEMENT OF HULL TUBE fjty j)IIE MAY WORK GREAT THIMBLE TUBE W CJZCVFT Th abovt diagram shows tha achomatic arrangement of tha new Hull Thlmbla tuba In a regenerative circuit without "A" or "B" batteriea Tha filament currant la obtained from tha aecondary of tha atep-dowr transformer Tha plate voltage is obtained from the alternating current maina by the rectifying action of tha tuba Any audible affect from the A C In tha telephones) la reduoad to a minimum by the filter circuit which consista of tha resistance and condensers The conneotion for the "Thimble" la clearly shown CONDENSER IS BY JACK BINN3 The year that is Just closing has bean tha moat remarkable In the Mftcry of the radio art Not only DM it een the growth and development of the publlo Intereat in broad casting but In reaima of soiable Invention it haa been the most prolific period ainca Marconi utounded the world 26 year ago vita the announcement that be bad communicated between two pot nun without tha aid of connecting wires So rapid did tha Invention fol low upon each other that one la !eft confused by their multitude It la my purpose therefore this week to recapitulate them In their proper groupings so that the radio fan may have a comprehensive Idea of their great Importance Taking first the receiving Fide we find that two vastly important new systems were produced during the year and two other systems developed and placed on an affluent basis In the former the most important of the two la Major E H Armstrong's super-regenerative Ystem This Is the system which has brought untold Joy to some radio fans and sore mental anguish to others ideal Future Receiver From the point of music recep tion It will be the Ideal broadcast receiver of the future Its merit ' however does not remain restricted j to muaio reception In fact that Is but Incidental For short wave wireless telegraphic reception It will undoubtedly revolutionize future commercial communication because of Its remarkable amplifying j powers on extremely short waves below 100 meters It will aid in taking away much of the present confusion in marine communlca- j tlon caused by the excessive wire- i less traffic which now exists on the seas The surface of super-regenerative poalbllltle haa only been scratched The other system ta tha directional wireless communication apparatus developed by Gugllelmo Mar-toni and hla assistants This system utilizes wave-lengths of one meter in length which are reflected in a direct line toward the receiving station Just in the same manner aa a mirror reflects a beam of light Undreamed of possibilities lie In the future development of this system It makes radio light- One of the most Important units souses an Immediate possibility and th var4ab0 will give a measure of secrecy to m a raal° receiver is tne anaDio radiophone conversation wjhlch condenser ana yet iaen on tne was not believed possible a year average It Is the worst construct- i fr ed Dart obtainable Most of the I o two systems which have been developed up to a practical I conuensers oi una ij basis during the year are first ! be purchased are designed more ! radio frequency amplification as frnrn nnnt nf v!ew 0? aDDear- applied to short wave reception anf than from the Important char acteristic of electrical efficiency What is probably thei greatest fault of the majority of variable condensers Is the electrical connection to the rotor plates Most of them rely entirely upon a thrust tearing which revolves against a spring to give sufficient contact The result is that serious losses occur which materially affect the general efficiency of the circuit At the present time broadcasting 1b done on short waves either of 360 or 400 meters length This means that the radio frequencies involved rangre from S33 333 to 750000 cycles a second At these high fre quencies capacity Is a very Important factor In determining the efficiency of n set 8o!der Flexible Connection Of course those fans who hav such condensers as described aDove end are not anxious to Invest !n other should take steps to make their condenser more efficient They can do this by carefully soldering a short flexible connecting wire upon the metal shaft which carries the moving plates and solder the other end of the wire to the place rT thd condenser where the eon- rectlon Is normally made to that instrument This remedy snouia oe T 1 - L T wmmm- — i J i — r7 Jnonnc CHANG y DNE OE MAIN UNITS OF RECEIVER and second tne reriex system Dy means of which a vacuum tub can be used for simultaneous amplifier- tlon of audible and super-audible frequencies The grave difficulties I which confronted eneineers in con nection with amplifying the high frequencies involved in short wave radio have been overcome by means at carefully designed transformers Gigantio Tube Produced On the transmitting side the d- I wlopments have been equally phe- j somenal In rapid succession an-sWneements were made of the suc- Pafal production of a 10-kilowatt tscuum tube a 30 -kilowatt and : finally a 100-kilowatt tube These announcements had scarcely been digested when a statement was Issued covering the details of the development of a rectifying tube of the 1000-kllowatt order This tube will have an important bearing tpon the future transmission of ! Radio Development Has Made Rapid Strides During Last Year Radio tomorrow will cloae the most eventful year of its history and enter a year of development which appears certain to be equally widespread although just what line of development the new science of the air waves will take ia hard to forecast A brief review of the progrees of radio throughout the Nation in the last 12 months strikingly points out the place) it la taking in the life of the country Jan 1 1922 there ware few broadcast! stations In operation and those were of small power output and of doubtful efficiency In Texas there were but two broadcasting stations in tha air one of 20 watts and one of 5 watt Since then the country haa a network of radiophone station totaling in the neighborhood of 600 with no letup In the rata at which they are increasing aa the last two weeks of December saw 17 new broadcaster licensed to transmit Included in the total are more than a score of nationally famous stations whose programs are heard all over the North American continent with fixed regularity The number of receiving sets in operation can not be definitely ascertained but it ia estimated that they are between 3500000 and 5000000 The investment and maintenance of this enormous number of receivers and broadcasters run into an almost incalculable figure Radio has patently outstripped the measures adopted to carry it on in an efficient manner and legislation is inadequate and hampering to the proper growth of the greatest single new factor in American life during tha last decade Two identical bills introduced Into Congress for the purpose of preventing chaos in the ether have been pigeonholed for months while Congress took up other matter Radio haa suffered greatly as a result Interference between listeners and amateur transmitter and between powerful broadcasters operating on the same wave length as required by law has crept in but in spite of this the radio game has grown in enormous strides The work for the coming year seoma to have this problem as one of its big tasks and one that must be accomplished if satisfactory development is to be had In Texas report to The Star-Telegram Indicate that receiving sets have found their way into every strata of life from the isolated farm and ranch to hotel lobbies business houses and thousands of home eattered ail over the Lone Star State More than a score of broadcasters two of them Class B rating are brcadcaating concerts new market reports and other feature daily to the listeners power along wires across the country The 100 -kilowatt vacuum tabes will undoubtedly give us trans-Atlantic radio telephonic wmniunication under conditions approximating commercial require ments during the cming year Duriner the year we have seen tne emiopment of a standard broad - asting station of very high effi -dsncy and steady output wherein tbs modulation of the voice cur-rwts has reached the point of per-nJCHon We have seen these broad -at!n stations successfully connected up to long distance telephone so that events of national im portance could be broadcasted dl- t The engineering problems wercome In accomplishing th!? ron 1rtrd lTiqiirmniintabl a time aeo Among the notable wus eo broadcast were the OfM's series bas--baIl games Prs-t Harding's address to the Confess In Washintrtrm the Philhar monic concerts In Now Tork and worgee Clemeiiceau'i farewell ch to America Two New Reoelvlna Tube Among the new inventions which -plates should be care fully straightened out The capacity of a variable con - denser depends upon two things — the area of the plates themselves and the thickness of the dielectric In the case of most variables the dielectric Is air and consequently its thickness Is the measure of distance between each of the rotating plates and each of the stationary plates Thla being the case It will be readily seen that if anything Is placed on the plates thtir distance from one another so far the thiok- F nees of air between them Is con- j cemed will be decreased and the ! total capacity of the condenser ma- j terlally altered Under the circumstances there- ! fore it Is very necessary indeed to carefully protect the condenser j from moisture and dust Wherever possible the receiving set should be I inclosed In a dustproof cabinet In I cases where this is impossible the plates of the condenser should be carefully dusted off periodically In this operation extreme care la necessary so that the rotor plates WiU not be bent our of alignment ES IN RECEIVING BY JACK BINNS A novel vacuum tube which bids fair to revolutionize radio receiving apparatus has been developed and perfected In the laboratories of the leneral Electric Company at Schenectady by Dr A W Hull The details of this remarkable tube which eliminate the necessity for "A" and "B" batteries were described by the Inventor In a recent paper read before the Institute of Radio Engineers Described in simple language It Is a tube which will operate on the ordinary alternating current light circuit through a step-down transformer It is so designed that not only is th filament lighted in this manner but the plate circuit voltage Is taken from the same source and usefully applied through the self-rectification of the vacuum tube itself 'While the tube haa not yet been officially named It haa received the unofficial appellation of "The Thimble Tube" This title haa been derived from Its peculiar construction which consists of a metal hood placed over the filament Otherwise the tube follows conventional design Transfer in Base In its assembled state the tube haa a step-down transformer built Into ita boee and the whole assembly can be conveniently he'd in one hand The current from n alternating light circuit Is used to heat the filament which In turn indirectly heats up the "thimble" placed over it There are thus two Rape over which the electrons must pass inside the tube Since the filament is not actually in the active circuit of the set and is merely used as a source of heat for the thimble the alternating current hum Is not heard In the telephones The well known valve characteristics of the vacuum tube Is taken advantage of In order to supply the high voltage necessary In the plate circuit of the tube when used as a radio receiver In this case the alternating current la rectified between the filament and thimble the latter acting aa an accumulator of electrons giving the plate a constant positive potential with respect to the thimble In describing he tube before the Institute Dr Hull illustrated a number of circuits and one particularly in which it could be used to best advantage through the self-rectlf 1-catlon feature thus eliminating "B" batteries This circuit is shown in the diagram arcompsnyiriK this article It will be observed that In this diagram there Is shown a filter circuit which consists of two condensers and a resistance This fil- ter in conjunction with the peculiar action of the thimble Irons out the pulsations which result from the rectified alternating current and thereby reduces the hum which might otherwise mar the results In the receivers Thimble Acts as Accumulator Perhaps the best way to Illustrate the action of this novel tube is to liken It to that of a pumping sta-tlon and a reservoir The pulsations caused by the pump In its action have no effect upon the reservoir where the water Is stored owing to the surface area of the latter The result Is that when water is turned on at a faucet along the line con-nected to the reservoir the f'ow and pressure are practically constant If the pump were to be connected directly to the faucet however the i flow of water through It would be : WBAP Silent in Memory of Late T Holt Hubbard All Sunday afternoon programs of WBAP The Fort Worth Star-Telegram radiophone station will be cancelled today aa mark of respect for the late Thomas Holt Hubbard who died suddenly Wednesday morning The only program of the day will be the watch party concert beginning at 11 o'clock Sunday night and the sermonette and concert by the Swedish Methodist Church set for 3:30 o'clock will be held the following Sunday at the same hour Thomas Holt Hubbard during the time WBAP was In operation was a staunch friend of the radio and Its staff and was of invaluable assistance and counsel both in the presentation of programs himself and counsel In arrangement of concerts No request for help made to him waa ever declined and the entire radio staff of WBAP Join In regrets for his passing Thousands of lister ere throughout Texas and the United States have become familiar with the singing of Hubbard through radio and he waa always sure of a popular reception whenever his voice went out Into the ether waves Radio Program (WBAP) (Claas B Station) DAILY FEATURES EIVE HAWAIIAN SERENAOERS 9:45 to 10 a m Opening market quotations 485 meters 11 to 11:30 a nx United States weather report late cotton and grain quotations first call cottonseed oil Department of Agriculture fruits vegetables and cattle divisions quotations 4S5 meter 8 to 3:30 p m Closing market quotations 483 meters 3:45 to 4 p m Financial review curb stocks bonds and cotton 400 meters 7:15 to 7:30 p m Bedtime story texcept Saturday) 7:30 to 8 p m Concert or other features 400 meters (except Saturday) SPECIAL FEATURES ON NEW YEAR PROGRAM very spasmodic Indeed due to the pulsating action of the pump Thla Is practically the same thing that would happen if the filament of the ordinary type of vacuum tube were connected to an alternating current source through a step-down transformer as many radio fans of an inqiiialtive turn of mind have already discovered by actual experiment With the Introduction of the thimble or metal hood In the Hull tube however the action Is more like that of the reservoir because while the filament still acts like the pump the thimble becomes an accumulator of electrons Comes From Early Experiment The development of this tube followed that of an experimental design produced a few years ago In ono of the scientific research laboratories when it was desired to have a tube whl h would havo a uni -potential on the electron emitting surface This la not available in the ordinary type of vacuum tube because one side of the filament Is negative and therefore emits more electrons than the other side which Is positive The wonderful possibilities of the new tube are easily apparent especially when the requirements of such modern circuits as the super-generator the super-heterodyne and radio-frequency amplification are taken Into consideration where either a large number of tubes are required or else a very high voltage B battery Is necessary- In this conectlon it Is of course possible to step up the voltage that can be placed on the plate circuit of the Hull tube by the simple process of utilizing a step-up transformer until the required veltago Is obtained The rectifying action of the tube continues irrespective of the voltage Just when the tube will make its appearance can not be stated at the present time Dr Hull in his paper predicted the possibility of developing such tubes so that hey could bo connected directly to the alternating current light circuit for purpose of lighting the filament direct from th 110-volt supply without the need of a step-down transformer HEART REVIVED BUT STOPS PHILADELPHIA — While undergoing an operation Mrs Charles Hupp's heart stopped beating Massaging started It again but an hour later It stopped and Mrs Hughes dled (400 Meter) Sunday Dec 31 (There will be no Sunday afternoon program today from WBAP as a mark of respect for the memory of Thomas Holt Hubbard who died Wednesday) 11 p m to 12 midnight Special watch party program presented by the 20-piece girls' mandolin orchestra of the Knights of Pythias Home at Weatherford Texas Monday Jan 1 'There will be no proarrams from WBAP during the daytime hours on New Year's as markets will be closed) 7:15 to 8 p m Vocal and Instrumental program by members of the Mansfield High School Mansfield Texas 9:30 to 10:30 p m Concert by Wagner's Hllo five Hawaiian Ser-enadera Tuesday Jan 2 7:15 to 8 p m Dance concent by Jlmmie's Joys University of Texas professional orchestra Austin Texas 9:30 to 10:30 p m Program by the Harmony Club of Fort Worth Wednesday Jan 3 T:1B to b p m Concert by Mrs Helen Fonts Cahoon accompanied by Guy Pitner 9:30 to 10:30 p m Concert by the Texas Hotel Orchestra-Thursday Jan 4 7:15 to 8 p m Concert by Bonner's old-time fiddle quartet 0:30 to 10:30 p m Concert by the Fort Worth Premier Professional Symphony roh tra Friday Jan 5 7:30 to 8 p ni Concert by Becky Campbell aged 10 vocalist accompanied by Miss Margaret Myers both of Alvarado Texas 9:30 to 10:30 p m Concert by the Texas Christian University Saturday Jan 6 6:80 to 6:46 p m Review of the interdenominational Sunday school lesson by Mrs W F Barnum leader of the Barnum Bible Class of the First Methodist Church 9 : 30 to 10 : SO p m On Saturday and Sunday The Star-Telegram observes a "silent night" courtesy to its tube set listeners wishing to try for long distance records BY G C ARNOUX Radio Editor The year 1923 which promises to be the greatest in the history of radio will be ushered in promptly on the stroke of midnight by the famous cowbell of WBAP and two programs of more than usual excellence have been booked for the coming of the New Year A special watch party program has been scheduled to be presented by the 18-piece Girls Mandolin orchestra of the Knights of Pythias Home at Weatherford The girls will come in automobiles to the radio studio and the New Tear's Eve program will commence at 11 o'clock lasting until midnight The New Tear's night program will be given by Fred Wagner's Hllo Five Hawaiian Serenaders whose initial WBAP concert given some weeks ago proved so popular with the fans that many requests for a return engagement have been received This program will be from 9:30 to 10:30 o'clock Jan L The early period on that date will be given by a group of singers and musicians from the Mansfield High School under the direction of Principal B E Wentworth Included in those who will present this program are Glenn Farr violinist : Misses Fay Blessing and Ruth Massey pianists: Miss Lela Xifonsr soprano and Ysleta Curry reader A full program of high-class entertainment during the month of January is promised for the fans The 9:30 to 10:30 o'clock program time is already booked solidly until Feb 5 whll the early concert period is well supplied with programs that rank with the best "SHOT" BY PEBBLES SCRAXTOV Pa — During blasting operations near here a pebble driven by the explosion hit a man 300 feet away and fractured hla skull DUTCH SMOKES UP AMSTERDAM — The price of ierars has advanced owing to the recent strike of Dutch cigarmak-ers SEND FOR RADIO 1923 ' CATALOG Cover all standard product New low prices Immediate shipment Capital Radio Supply Co Largest Exclusive Radio Distributors in the West" INDIANAPOLIS IND THIS PRACTICAL RADIO SET Only $800 Fully Guaranteed MOTHER LOVE CHICAGO — When James Soames waa fined for being drunk and beating his mother the mother paid his fine Ing condenser terminal back to the remaining binding post on the dry - - — — — i n rrt nnn i ti Hiiiai I save a bearing upon the m- an( from the remain- types of receiving vacuum —-the tTifrriMo tnVi recently bulbed In fhoatt columns by jgjWa of which the tube can be 'terav-' cu!t without the nid of anv bat- Ha whatsoever and the sod :m applied very carefully however and j when completed should not In any j wav Interfere with the normal operation of the Instrument Neither should it be fixed so that tt wouid tend to short circuit the rotor and stationary plates The plates used In the etmfletiiw should be strong enoua-h so far sjj j the rotating portion Is concerned to stand up under ordinary opera-tlon so that they do not sret out of j alignment and cause a short circuit to the stationary platee In cases where there Is doubt regarding the clearance between the plates a very simple test can be made Take a small pocket flashlight bulb and Join a small dry cell to It Place one wire from the cell to the bulb another wire from the rafywasaBBjBaeaMnHlEKBjjnBai tf&69WPjBh KSKflasBYVQ "k lasa? SmSBSSdbs cell When this has been done rotate the condenser very slowly If the plates are short circuiting at any ro'nt you will be notified by the bm L burn wnicn win hkh m - — Street wh:ch is an excellent olnt fa 4 Wherever there is notr:er notable event during the ! r 'was the radio telephone teats - 5 rotor - V& t f Amr-WA we experimental radio station 1 radio apimnwna - — — Deal Beach N" J In thee tests flee w °M!narv land line telephone ! The most remanui ""fi"" I Ml rr was eonneetert dlr-cf to the 41o tee h - w -c- lei: BPftes from rffi-s Jn the down - "sons on a ship li midocean It Only n matlor nrnta hitfr!'i- System will be placed on a IPrv I ' v-— 1 aj — 7--- ls" so inn miy Vfr a tn1 aar ahlrj without havln? any the final America tests was that they were conducted while the wireless operator aboard the ship waa using his wireless telegraph equipment f--r the purpose of transmitting wireless telegrams In fact the same aerial was used for both purposes without any Interference being experienced The future Is very bright for radio development v The followine units are essential ranel drilled ready for vou to hook op 1 Variometer $350 1 Rheostat $ 75 1 Variable Condenser 200 1 Panel 150 1 Peanut Tube 650 4 Binding Posts 16 1 Socket 75 Wire and Spaghetti 40 1 Grid Condenser 35 1 "A" Battery 50 1 Phone Condenser 25 1 "B" Battery 175 Total for Complete Peanut Set $1841 Effective over a range of 1000 miles Hook-up furnished Our new Free Maps and broadcast schedules will be ready soon Write for vour copies 'If It's Radio We Rav© It" THE RADIO SHOP 107 West Ninth Street Lamar 6612 Fort Worth Texas RADIO SPECIAL Parts for Peanut Tube Set $1750 Mounted on til 4 bak elite panel tn fine mahogany finished cabinet highly affective hook-up diagram furnished Clear ranxv 1000 to 1600 miles We carry all kind af reeerring sets and suppflea and our bttel-nea policy Insure you against making a mistake In buying a receiving set Let ua explain this Important factor All DE FORE8T APPARATU8 and PARTS at 30 DISCOUNT From Established Pricesi M R 0 Receiving Set — Large strongly built honeycomb coil Inductance (which give longest range) detector and two stages of amplification: wiU bring In any station In I'nited States and code stations In Europe Established price including coils $11760 leas Q net price Sllr0 De Forest two-etage amplifying unit B P I h handseme cabinet give wonderful results connected to any set Increases volume of sound 20 to 0 times price 14800 lea 80 $Ut0 r Ftoreat two-atag amplifying unit X T tOd prloe t8 00 tea tC 2450 An of these Item are unquestionably the best that can be bought for any such prlcea De Forest Variable Balanced Condensers — Finest and best made — If plate Established price $475 less 80 net 9333 48 plat $600 leas 80 net $350 D Forest VTolrred Bake me Sockets $l-0O Vera 80 TC D Forest Rh— itaf 81-KS lean 80 Feamrt Tube Sea mad with D Forest part will be the beat that cam be had W furnish wiring diagram and Instruction Radio Electric Co 106 WEST NI NTH STREET Man Order Riled Same Day Received 1 This set is furnished complete with 2000 ohm head phones 100 ft aerial wire insulators switch and all parts necessary for a complete installation r RADIO PARTS AND SUPPLIES Binding Post nickeled eachSo Binding Post ComposlUon each lOf Binding Post double typo each 15C Contact Points each 1 Switch Stops 2 for 5 li-lnch Switch Levers ea 35c l-in Switch Levers ea 25c 3-lt Inch Brass Sliders ea 15 S-in Brass Slider RodVj ea lOc 3 -inch Dials composition each SOc Filament Rheostat each $110 Vernier Condensers — 11 plate each $-15( 21 plate each $oOO 41 plate each jOO Condensers plain type — 23 plate each ' S300 43 plate each $350 Spaghetti foot 5 Head Phones — Frost 2000 ohm each $350 Frost ot00 ohms each400 Brandies superior each$800 Mounted Crystals each25C Crystal Detectors each 75? No 200 Vacuum Tubes each 9500 ro 201 Vacuum Tubes ach S650 No w D 11 Peanut Tubes each $650 peanut Tube Sockets 75c Wire — Cotton covered or enameled all sizes lb spools each30c Aerial 7 strand 100 ft ea 60f Aeria1 14 solid 100 ft ea5© B ' Battery volt eaSl75 "B" Battery 22 H volt eaS225 "B Battery 21' V volt eaS300 "B" Battery 45 volts ea$500 "A" Battery 45c Any articles not listed write for price Mail Orders Given Prompt Attention A J ANDERSON CO Radio Headquarters 10th and Houston Sts Fort Worth Texas

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