Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 5, 1963 · Page 21
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 21

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 5, 1963
Page 21
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Gotesbur ister-Moil. Gdfesbur fig ^ c 11 QmHMI Ad? i Ont* Offa Mount 7:10 A.M. t6 4t» KM. MftHdlf thru I* dlMt» A.M. to ft P.M. fliturtliy ~ Ph. MI4M1 L Classified Want Until 10 A.M. v - • * - i Mondayttint Saturday until 9:18 A for publication tarn* d«y. ! *:••••.*'& A. ; ^ T- i GLOBING 1QUT All used in ventoty Mobile Homes, ci*ar- i fitlctfi, t>lf*e No reasonable deal snce Sale nandn fu*e t bank f 1* ou buy. Farm Utah., Implements-:* HUTCHCROFT IMPLEMENT STORE YOUR JOHN nunc DEALER Rte, NO. 1M on Grand AV«. pon white mane and tail JP- USED Lownct wins* Organ, Mall. SiVi $m00 OVM to 91^1 M . jLislie - Bl ^' IgHMTNothing town*-* moo, on Ph. aw-iotl, Canton, ANbiko Anius bull 3 |ri.._at Jat7ri «fi prices. Call 342.3843 alter ft. POI CHenn England, I miles, north of 1899 N. Hendraon - S4I-M14 Good Thlfigi to Eot-41 Have a Picnia with Dixie Cream Donuta VARltTltS T1r«i - Acetnottet«Pirtt^4(» Chtvy. V-(k, 475; newly rtbullt automatic ttana- misswn *ot '85 ttuouih '6? CMevy t , |?5. .Phon> 376-6873. Top Carriers M.W and up. Auto Muffler Serv« lc«. 161 West Main. 'Atttof aad Tntto-U COMING SOONH LARGEST SELECTION OF OSED TRUCKS IN THfi MIDDLE WEST AotOi tad Trtck»-4I Aatoi and fntck§~42 Autot and fnt«ltii-4f.. BUYINO i on timet Call Tony Llaehwe. at Milleft Mu- Bldtf., 342-4821, lor (lnineUtg. tua), 411 Bank of Qalespurg 1953 MERCttlY NEW and USED. CARS - TRUCKS JEEPS HENDERSON CHINA BOA Rent a Camera Money to Loeo-14 AUTO * TRAILER FINANCINO Peta and SuppU „ , whan oat ouatomera tend theit mMmmmmmm . |loo Oa!]y| fmildi , Th. ooldtn Rule u out ^575 HARL1J Y DAVIDSON BALER TWINE SIAMESE KITTENS 10 weeka old. Call 343-8989 . .»„« REGISTERED Dachshund pup^ ur S^ a ?.TA^2l ,t iR' r ^ , .5 , » a ?" «P les ' Bob by Xarde, 2 miles er Twine. Ralston-Hanna, 1183 phone 482*6110 Alexis. sggg ^r /^.r! a s G id'. Mow«r (all rough) Cheap. OLD 9 Bar Rakea — Cheap. BARRON IMP., Oalesburg For Your Vacation Slide l*fojectorf 500W. , W ^ LF . „ _ ?$M2° W r— M S* K m*!to. Low inter*! rate. • 16M sound —..—47.00 Dally ALLS O 36M Camera -_..-f 1.50 Daily • Polaroid Camera —12.00 Daily • 8M Camera ------ J l.oo Daily fioitft iild Mo(or»—37 MAY WE HELP YOU 1 fMWW mu * lflWK ' Motorcyclei • Bicycle* Scooter f**41 FORD SALES 1050 CHE Radio- power-.^ iteonni.jr.... brakes. Autbtftotl* tranArtlaHon, 1026 Dayton Drive^ ,^_^^ky m '54 PLYMOUTH BelVldet** fiTOJ cuahman motor *c ^ten T JW^ ^ Fair condition. 303 MaplO AVi< Phone 342-5724. 1952 FORD WAGON $199 JU 2-11361 Aleshlre Uaed Card. 164ft Mfttt* —' Blvd. SWORTH flNANCf C& law Honda *Ai«>i« alt m s4.i*aoiA *™ Honaa Motorcycles — da. fully eouippj bargain price, i—1960 T All *pHeVa, aU"ai«ei, 8hapes"and Hardtop, f200. 62 N. Chambera. descriptlona. So cheek with ua ARE YOU looking for a late before you A buy. ^ ^ model Oldsmobile? t have a Aledo, 111. * DOttT FORGET well kept, Very clean 1062 Oldd- * IK* WK STILL HAVB CAMPERS mobile 88 4-Door Hardtop, with CvPtltm Antft RANDELL OMC radio, heater, automatic trans- W ^llUVai AUIU 1060-74 1 -I rormerly R Ac K Motora l^^.PSy?! ?& e - rl «*%. m* r ' M MONSBA oonv. 4 *peed on thej^ Chevrolet atick, only ed at jW2 Monmouth Blvd. - ,4- r- * * • USED C :^Im month old »50 beautiful 1 year old 21fr lb. A.K.C Chihuahua. $35; 0 week old A.K.C. toy White French Poodle, color purple, |75. All the best money can buy. Mrs. Jack Bell. 528 WESTBAY EQUI P. CO. Brooks, 342.6361. E. Kewanee—New Holland Illi^iM^ZM: DALMATIAN PUPS Reg] Champion - aired, cheap Ch. Dal., Pug, Chihuahua studs. Mrs. Lloyd Carlson, Woodhull, Bob, Bill, Floyd, Claude, Kate & Sue. MIDWEST PHOTO 158 N. Broad — 342-6149 DUTCH 'BOY MAKE offer on beautiful 15-ft. Crosby boat, trailer. Mercury 400 E. Everything like new. See at Gene Youngqutst's, Cameron, 111. PhonO 61 on 22. : 22 FT. FACTORY built pontoon boat with 22 horse motor and canopy, sell reasonable. Phone 342-0012. J4 . . ^ iJTEfT Radio, heater Scootera. at reduced pr Come in and see us. WALTERS BROS. 55 S. Chambers ?4?.ft01R brakes, back up lites, deluxe in. floor, bucket seats. Local car. £3 5 u,ck ha /4 top Mml 342^215 terior and new tires. $2695. Ph. »81 IMPALA 4 dr. hdtp., 6 cyl. Mercury 4-door J49B SB?/ 1863 FALCON Futura convert- 343-8485. . auto. RAH. Can't be told 5* ^ T ^j*^ M £ ^I^I* 19 * >rices.l ib i e; bucket scats, automatic 1M1 eTTmrnAicrn f uric imi trom new * t*™* owned. We ^rade and JTlnanee transmission, automatic, top de- 'SWSffl Sft™^ rad " htf " BOTRUFP AUTO SALES luxe interior, radio and heater. .tfJI" nvP-dHvc * Vadift and heatl . . N,CG ln ? nd out * tr AM . w,iii. nM #-»«n *Att in&a snut, ovcrarive, radio ana neat* I R A x/nr vcu;Anrw HONDA SALES At SERVICE Botruff Autoftt Cydo Sal M 342-3910 |Very low^Tiileage. Call 34^17M|™f n ^^»riM'rf"-^I'M VpUCSWAOBM conv. Very Autos uft iracki-42 1953 BUICK Hardtop 2-Dr. V-8. an offer. Going to Calif. Call Oneida 483-2731. New Car Dealers—43 nice, low mileage car. 59 FORD wagon 4 dr., auto. Brand new 8 cyl. motor, •57 CHEVY Hdtp., 8. auto. R& Nice sharp car. New Car Dealer »~4S a HAROLD'S automatic trans- trie start with controls, good condition. Phone 343-6208. fused. Phone 343.8580. 1HC Knoxvillt Road. Phone 342-5916IPUREBRED Boxer pups, 6 weeks ROSELLE , FORD TRACTOR Your Ford and MM implement, * Induatiiai Equipment Dealer. SERVICE & PARTS ALWAYS ON THE SQUARE i. - 289-910* old. Reasonably priced. 6 miles north on 150, first road North S ast Cozy Inn, 3 miles West, ohn Humes. Ph. N, Henderson ME4-3171. a. Give I TINV Toy Poodle puppie your dog the best, bathing and grooming at Poodle Parlor, 342 915. 1520 Mon. Blvd. Miscellaneous—3ft Knoxvllle. l W1DMER & DREDGE Allla Chaimen — New idea ftlaqtKffle PI. — TR ft-Mlft "AVON FARM SUPPLY STl £t NOW Avon, HI. HO ft-Sft47 Oliver TUCKER'S Williamsfield, 111. MASSEY FERGUSON AND PARTS AND SERVICE Massey-Ferguson 26 Combine IH TD9 w/End Loader IH-H IH-123 Combine IH-141 Combine IH-180 Truck Chassis LEWIS G. MARKS Auctioneer For the Finest BLACK BROTHERS Corner Main Be Seminary USED 8-f t. Werner Ebony Grand Piano, f 195. Phone 343.9356. FRED LORD CHEVROLET CO. Bateman. Phone 343.6024. 1032 FORD Coupe, dust plum, MOTOR SALES 759 E. Main nprf , ^^lU™., '67 OLDS aa* b7.: auto., R&H. USED CAR SPECIAL USED CAR SPECIAL " VOLKSWAOEIJ. aun roof. 1959 Ford 4-Dr. Faltlane BOO. m ^? n °^t\t^M^ e Z°^n^ FORD 8 auto.. R&H Radio, heater, white. Real nice . R . mnn ui*. o $2095 IOV aa. mom- See: Gene Swanson \yir T«U««T ^K'VZ DON LERSCH-LOUIE ORMS Galesburg LINCOLN-MERCURY 4 « 3 ^Sff »JP?-!?.*S 8 ' 55 FORD. Nice ear. Ready. '63 STUDE., small 6, overdrive. Pickups, Ford. Chev. St Stude., Power steering, brakes. Auto. "6" Cylinder. Cream puff. $1195 Open Eves. Til 8:00 120 N. Broad 530 E. Main St. See: Harold Thompson Galesburg LINCOLN*MERCURY 120 N, Broj 1963 Evinrude with '57 Corvette motor with tri-power, new tires, in A-l con. 2 Year Guarantee on £iUon. »iay be seen at 1539 • # L. Brown Ave. Parts & Labor - 1958 DODGE—9599 CREDIT TERMS AVAILABLE Low mileage. Real nice car. OUTBOARD SERVICE AJeshlre Used Cars. 1045 Mon. Main Be Cedar 343-3810 Si^ New Car Dealers—43 Mb' 43- New Car Dealers 43- New Car Dealers Trade n Travel Volkswagen lo Care Free! Trade Nowl «w/ ONE ONLY New 75 H P Evinrude O. DICK'S Going Vacationing? Go Care Free! Trade Nowl \ \ 1962 RAMBLER American Custom 4-Door Sedan $1595 1961 RAMBLER Custom 4-Door Sedan $1495 USED CARS tor."E'lec7s"tart, Generator, Shift . fC rn rAD* CDCn Al 11222 SSSXSSHiE 2"5 °i° r T , 6 ; C ?V Straight stick $1295 '80 PLYMOUTH 6 Cyl., Auto., P.S., P3., Radio, W/Walla ft 895 Controls. Orig. Price $1073.00 USED CAK brtLI AL 1959 CHEVROLET 6-Cyl, Bel Air 4-Dopr Sedan ?19?51*59 FORD Galaxie V-8 Auto. ; SEWING MACHINE REPAIR Mow $77300 ' I960 Fo~rd Galaxie 4-Dr. Hardtop.|l»57 PLYMOUTH Suburban 4-Door Station Wagon :]595|'59 FORD Custom V-8 sCTtiHT Radio 1, 40 H P Evinrude fave Cruisomatic. Radio, heater, P.|l??7 FORD ^Country Sedan S/Wagon_.» i5?5l '55 C & F ELECTRIC 829 E. Main—342-6813 2, 35 H P Evinrude fave steering. Real sharp. 2, 25 H P Evinrude $ave $1 795 New' idea I Qualified teachers and a com- WANTED •^tomer to ( teke Christy Coal Company See: Dick Welty NeWWeal plete stock of new >nd » R «d r^flgff^ff ^™y£" 465 E. Berrten Ph. 342-0155 rtnl»«hniMf LTKCOLN-MERCURY instrumenta—For Sale or Rent. Now $109.95. No down payment, 15 FT. fiberglaa run-out; and 7 a month at Gambles, 420 E. trailer $350. Phone 342-1083 af- ain. ter 4 P 120 N. Broad AU Main. ter i r .m. I -T pj-| FLESHER a«^^rrs"M:| In Tune With June JO., nauiu, w/waui —.9 ova Radio, White Walla .—$1095 „I 895 . CHEVROLET V-8. Auto., Radio „_ $ 495 1956 BUICK Super 4-Door Hardtop Sedan $395 *55 CHEVROLET 6 Cyl., Straight Transmission 1495 W»»T,, ^ .^^^ ^„^, R *57 CUSHMAN Motor Scooter. Just Overhauled $100 MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM CHEAPER CARS FROM $50 UP. YOU OWE YOURSELF A DEMONSTRATION RIDE IN THE NEW 1500 VW STATION WAGON. SALESMEN: BOB BONEY—ED DRASITES—BILL UNDERWOOD. Hours: Mon. Thru Sat. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.—MonWed., Frl. Eves til t Martin Motor Co. HOUSE OF MUSIC 64 S. Cherry Publio Square. The Salvation Army Red Shield Store. USED APPLIANCES Your Authorized Rambler Dealer. Bucaneer Motor. Boat three yrs old with practically no usage. May be seen at Devore & Parsons Marina, Oquawka or call Galesburg Import Motors * MEMBER GW Used Appliances Magic Chef Gas Range 229.50 Ph. 60 Abingdon Hotpolnt Elec. Range $49.50 ^ITI w^tm-w mfrntm Bendlx Gas Dryer $59.50 LEE IMPLEMENT CO. Mont. Ward Elec. Dryer „$59.50 McCormick Tractors and Imp- G.E. Portable Stereo --.--IJg -W Brillion Mulchers. International Admiral Table Model TV..$89.80 Trucks Coronado 30" Elec. Range, SALES and SERVICE Like New $99.50 Oneida, Illinois-Phone 483-2811 ErigWaire Refrigerator, Full width freezer, like new $109.50 J2"25 342-5221. Price $300.00. 39.95 143 E. Ferris St. 12 MONTHS USED CAR GUARANTEED WARRANTY 343-1415 • Authorized Volkswagen Dealer 2194 Grand Ave. Ph. 343-3139 IN THE BASEMENT AT GAMBLES 420 E. Main. Finest Service in GLASS Ringlien Lane's Glass i a «i Main 342-2£ Appliances/Kitchens 425 E. Main St.—343-9900 Beautiful Aluminum Siding «, 9 ATTRACTIVE COLORS . eA . „ nrn 483-2841, Free estimates, Installation ar- required. $6.50 a month at Gam- ranged. No money, down up tojbles, 420 E. Main. JAMES COLGAN CO. Your John Deere Dealer Yatea City, ML Ph. 358-1360 Abingdon Farm Equip. Massey-Ferguson, New Idea Stt miles North on Rt 41 Phone 403. DEAL for Deere at Oneida. Open evenings busy season. Good buys on used machinery demonstrators. Thede's at Aledo, Kewanee, Oneida, since 1868. Call anytime. 483-2842. / , HAGBERG-THEDE Oneida, 111. USED MACHINERY 1961 Model 25 Oliver Self Pro- S elled Combine w/12 Ft. eader. • _ 1960 Model 30 John Deere Combine ExceUent Condition. 1953 Massey Harris Model Super ' 26 Self Propelled Combine w/10 ft. Header. •. 1948 John Deere Model 55 Combine w/12 Ft. Header. IHC No. 45T Baler. 1060 N. Henderson—Open 9-9. JD No. 116W Baler. Rent a spinel Piano, $10 Mo. Fairview Farmers Elev. Co. BYERLY MUSIC FAIRVIEW, ILLINOIS 1299 N. Henderson—343-6914 Phone 778-2216 2—8 Pc. DINING room'suites— eeps — GMC — M&M — Ford $59.95 each. Good livipg room Farm Machinery Fox Forage suites $15 and up. equipment _MC_Onto,Dryers DQYLE FURNITURE For: We Finance — We Service |* Autos • windows • Desks Tabletops COME IN AND SEE THE NEW JOHNSON Outboards For "63" WE FINANCE Whitworth & Moore Main St.—KnoxvlUe Sporting Supplies—38 In a Newer Used Car froi Inman's Used Car Center: '63 VW Sunliner, like new, 8,« tK)0 miles. ONE OWNER • • • • • • • * USED CARS Kar Korner 62 Chev. Nova wag. 4-dr. auto lrrors 1955 INTERNATIONAL bus camper. Sleeps 4. Hot and cold running water, completely fur-|, .a tn w«a- oio 9QH nished. Good tires. New paint 18 W. Main MMHa job Good gag m ii eage . Largest Auto Glass Installed bus made. $400 down take over While You Walt balance of $810 or $58 monthly. WANTED reliable party to assume payments on a new Electric dryer. No down payment 6 cyl, red AT THE RIGHT PRICE '62 Meteor 4-Dr. V.8. P. Steering. Look at this. v 62 Lincoln ConL This Car Has Everything. '60 International Pickup, %-Ton. 24.000 mi Chev. Monza Cpe., 4-speed|1962 FORD Galaxie Tudor. St. Shift. Small eight, (hi CQQI W59 Mercury Monterey 4-Dr. One owner. Clean, Automat Radio, w/waUs. Like new W ^ ^ Y ^ Q^.J^^ radio, blue 5 yrs. to pay. On Sears modern tzation credit,plan. SEARS ROEBUCK & CO. Galesburg. 111.—342-5141 VINE RIPENED TOMATOES Melon On Ice Vegetable and Flower PLANTS WANTED reliable party to take over payments on a Radio Stereo combination. 6 months old. $99.95, no down payment. $6.50 a month. At Gambles, 420 E. Main. VACATION SPECIAL APACHE CAMPERS As low as $50.00 down — See us Today! Largent's Marine & Sporting* Commercial Drive ABINGDON, ILLINOIS TRADE WINDS CAMPERS Sales - Rentals. LaVerne K H. Roe, Box 85, London Mills. |'62 Olds S88, 4-dr. Full power, blue, clean. r 'si Rambler 4-dr, 6 cyl. dark green, auto, radio. 60 Olds, 88, 4-dr Hard top. full power, nice. Hydr. 1961 GALAXIE Starliner Hardtop Cpe. St. shift, overdrive. Radio, w/walls. Very nice car— 1961 FORD Club Sedan. Cruisomatic. Power steering, brakes. Whitewalls 1961 FORD Galaxie 6 -Cyl. St. shift. Car is just like new. 16,000 miles VACATION PLANS-often start S^jSS i U "JYOV it contect with the extra CASH from *>ur£ July^1 fli c °"« nc * items sold by Register-Mall £• SuWSiJffJ^SSSi ™ ne 1960 FORD Thunderbird. Auto. Full power. Electric windows. Radio, whitewalls '60 Cad Coupe DeVille, air, 1959 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4-Dr. Hardtop. Want Ads. Wilkins Market K «? s ™£™ HOUSE PAINT Reg. $7.58 Gal. Special $5.98 White and Colors 342-5202. Evenings please. Nimrod Camping Trailers Buy or rent. Tates Texaco, Seminary & Fremont. Trailers--39 WE NOW have the new NOMAD T-MAJ. t_ , TO . ^i. itravel trailer. Stop and compare Pittsburgh Plate GlaSS construction and prices. LAN- power, Alpine white '59 Olds 88 4-dr. Green, power, 1 owner. 59 Buick LaSabre, 4-dr. power, radio, auto, 1 owner. V -8. Powerglide, power steering. 1958 FORD 4 -Dr. V-8. St. shift. Radio, Tutone paint. Clean inside and out. $1695 $1695 $1395 $2195 $1095 495 f 58 Plym. 4-Dr. 8. Automatic Real Clean Car* Ford 2-Door, 500. Auto. Radio, Heater. '58 Rambler Sta. Wag, 4-Dr. O.D., 6-Cyl. f 57 DeSoto 4-Door. Auto. Radio* Heater, T ^'57 Lincoln 2-Dr. Hdtp. Full power. Priced to sell. Olds 4-Dr. 88. P. Brakes, Hydramatic. '56 Ford 2 Door 6 Cylinder, Straight Stick* '55 DeSoto 4-dr. Automatic. Priced to Sell. r^'55 Buick Roadmaster 4-Door. All power. J L 1 1957 FORD Station Wagon. V -8. Auto., Radio. Would make a swell second car. Priced to sell 1957 FORD Hardtop. 8-Cyl. Auto., Radio. Runs '55 Merc. 4-dr., Automatic. Ready to Move. '54 Buick 4-dr. Full Power. A Nice Car. '53 Pontiac 2-dr. Automatic. Runs Good. 142 N. Seminary 342-3194 TRAVEL TRAILER RO SEVILLE. ILL. SALES, »59 cad Coupe DeVille, blue good. Handles nice. 395 ^ 58 Cushman Motor Scooter. 395 Owatonna Self PropeUed Wind rowers. —* FAYHEE IMPLEMENT CO. Prairie City, 111. Poultry and Supplies—28 428 E. Main—342-4310 $3.50 A MONTH All the Rust free soft water you Tires • Accessories Parts-40 & white, air, power. 1956 FORD Fordor. Fordomatic. Radio. Make a nice vacation car and only 345 HAVE ITEMS FOR SALE? Tell can use. Also good used soften S our prospects with a low er for sale. Calesburg egiater-MaU WANT AD. ter Co. 175 N. Cherry aU BABY CHICKS 12.000 Price $15.00 per 100 Rock • Cornish & White Rocks AVAILABLE JUNE 8th. GERALD WEAVER 342-516L Oversize Carpet REMNANTS 10'xl5' to 12 , xl4' $99.00 PALMGREN'S 429 E. Main - - - 243-9291 REPAIRS Washers, Dryers & Heating SPANGLER'S 366 N. Prairie — 343-9818 COFFEY'S 0SED FURNITURE 325 W. South St.—343-8365 ELECTROLUX (R) SALES and SERVICE 74 N. Cherry * 343-2103 •58 Buick Spec. 4-dr. New tires, 5—1959 CHEVROLET Biscayne 2-Doors and 4- CP CQQ .1 ilnnrc Star tint* of *P : TTTi . i Open Sunday — 1 to 4 p.m. TON air conditioner, in good p 0 r fast service caU us. Caah Hatchery & Hardware 'condition $75. see n at Gam- on ^ Honegger Associate _,. Ibles, 420 E. Main. .(DALE COFFEY. AUCTIONEER leld.JR.I .Am. A MONTH aan-2240 — Willlamm«o. $4.00 A MUWTH I CDir^mAIDC All the soft water you can use.| ri\IOlU/Mt\C Lindsay Soft Water Co., 42 S. Cherry> _ — Floor Model Maytag, SO HEAD feeder pigs. J err y ONE WEEK ONLY Elec. Dryer Save $ 80.00 Heady, Rt. 1, Wataga. First - X S house west of Henderson^ Cor- Heavy .thick Colors. Demo. Save $120.00 ners on 150. Phone 342-8357. M ny on, 6 ^auUflU cowrs Fri ^ dalre Auto Washerf Hotpoint Refrigerator , $29.95 G.E. Refrigerator |49.95 Livestock—27 TRADE-INS QUINT'S TIRE SERV. 642 E. Main—Open 'til 8 USED TIRES PASSENGER — TRUCK FARM IMPLEMENT .99 & Up Large Selection Guaranteed OPEN EVENINGS GALESBURG TIRE & VULC. power, clean. 57 Chev. Bel-Air wag. Auto, 4-dr, radio, sharp. doors. Starting at GOOD SUPPLY OF USED TRUCKS Gene Swanson — Harold Thompson ~ Dick Welty GALESBURG Lincoln-Mercury JIM SHERWOOD, Owner MEMBER GW 12 MONTHS USED CAR GUARANTEED WARRANTY MANY OTHERS TO CHOOSE 210 W. Simmons 342-2713 West % mile. Harvey Heady, Ph. 342-8354. HAMPSHIRE boars, long, rugged, good. Vaccinated and REG. $9.95 SPECIAL $6.90 BRESLIN'S 44 N. Seminary — 343-9091. READ THE WANT ADSI INMAN'S 172 S, PRAIRIE ST. "Complete Financing and Insurance coverage handled Immediately at time of purchase. Do your auto financing with automobile meal" Open Eve. 'till 9;00 Sat. 5:00 Phone 342.1188 WEAVER YEMM 120 N. Broad 342-4121 • * * * * * * NOW'S THE TIME TO GET WHAT YOU'RE MISSING WHILE CORVAIR CHEVROLET O.K. Used Car Lot Cor. Prairie & South Ph. 342-5613 Open Mon. thru Frl. til 9 P.M. CHEVY n Showroom 247 E. Simmons Ph. 342-2178 Sat. 5 P.M. 43- New Car Dealers Robert Steele. n BurS cash register, $50; j CERTIFIED Meat type Poland e be | ge , ec tlonal $50. 342-4837. China Boars and Bred Gilts VTMr . n ft glflsa fr 0n t draw- for Aug. and Sept. farrow. Pro- S^^^^TO^^^, duction records available, J. *3L1^ P W&: ™*it «arl 36" Embassy Gas Range Financing AvaUable WEEDS duction recoras avjuwoij ~HfpsVer S7'50' small cor- 658K Busnneu. — $15 bookcase desk; New porch THE ESTES Sale Co, is now en- 5^ ng tiu.95: Lawson Trading terlng the field oi direct buy- post, 926 E. Main. 343-1918, 343- Ing of slaughter cattle, For 624l ; more net dollars on your »d cattle, call I.averne Estes, |68. 2379, or Kenneth Toncray, 6473047, Canton, Save commission, trucking, yardage. Be sure to call for our estimate before you _ v . n sell. We still have one of tta ROOF V.P. highest markets in JiUnois for l,wwl your stock cattle and feeder pigs ANGUS bulls of serviceable age, Vw blood Unas, 1st house north of Gilson corners, Route 07 & 8. Clifton Adams. Clear 'Em Up Fast With The Rugged 26 Tested, approved and guaranteed, traded in on Frigidaire Appliances. JOHNSON APP, 102 E. Main 343-9317 RAY COOLEY FURNITURE STORE 1655 N. Henderson St. The Place to Buy ~ The Place to Sell. Call us for fast service. Closed Sundays. Ph. 342-6612 PUCKETT BUICK CO. TAKE VACATION OR i SEE IT AT OLSON'S W. Main *~ 343-2019 EAST END Furniture. Bedroom suite, $50; wringer washer, $25; AAAVA/PR I bunk beds, $50; chest and dress* W CIS | er , $25. Ph. 343,2696. 1963 BUICK Spec. Skylark TRY US NOW! We're really ^, , T lirU u ^ loaded with bargains, Like Convert. Loaded with ex used spinet organs, Hammond 4c others. Used Spinet pianos and WEEKEND TRIP IN ONE OF OUR GOOD USED CARS Double Checked V V Used Cars GOOD CHEAP. USED CARS "SALES - R - POPPIN" at CROWN MOTORS ANNUAL Clean Sweep Sale Value Rated Used Cars At Clean Sweep Sale Prices $1395 $1095 1961 1960 MERCURY Comet 2 -Dr. St. Stick FORD Fairlane 500 "6", 4 Dr. Aut., R., H 1955 OLDS 88 4 -Door. Green and White. 8-Cyl. Auto. Radio. Q 959 1959 1958 1957 tras. Just like new. NEW Magnavo* Spinet Organ. Grands. Try us now-^We'll sell Wal^-lncl. Bench $577.50. BYERLY MUSIC 1299 N. Henderson—343-6914 TO LOAN Sows and gilts. Owens and Gordon, Inc., 20 Circle Drive —_ irTTAfn ^ vnTT ^^?l ^n , ? Galesburg! 111. Ph. 342-0408. WHAT DO YOU N**D.' SEE' its FOR mixed fertilizer, Orwig's have it! Hardware, limestone, rock phosphate, paint, laWJft** free soil testing. Buying grain plumbing and pet supplies. Also, remember we do custom A Ar »TK71 /"*f W-boy weed iPWlng. I IT \A/ (IS, REX P. JOHNSON Wi vv ° JOHNSON GRAIN CO. I 710 N Henderson—343-6413 Call Oneida^-483-3911 or at 1 7ia w * « enaer5 °" *>« Nite Oneida 483-3961 PONY CART and harness. Glenn Schrodt, south of Galesburg, Rt. 41, Lake Bracken corners, mile west. 1st place north. BULL CALVES—3 grade Char- olais cross bull calves dropped April 1 and April Jl, sired registered bull Ozark Prince 73. calves are on mothers, they IF IN NEED OF A USED Refrigerator — Stove or TV THINK OF BERG' everything but the waUpaper 1962 BUICK Electra 225 Spt. while the boss is away. " A t _ CHAS . s. GAMBLE MUSIC Co. Cpe. Auto trans. R., H M 564 N. Henderson Kenmore Gas Dryer—$45 Call 342-2873 ASPHALT TILE In Stock—B&C Colors 7c and 9c KIMBLE KARPETS 132 E. Simmons—343-9260 SPECIAL Corbin's Furniture Store 565 N. West Street Open Daily 8:30 A.M.-5:30-Mon. and FrL 'till 9 SPECIAL 7-Pc Studio — Matching chair, 2 stepend cocktail tables, mat chins table lamps, only $129.50 P.S., P.B., w/w tires. 1961 CHRYSLER New Yorker. 4-Dr. H.T., Auto, trans. R„ H., PS., P.B., w/w. 1959 BUICK LeSabre 4-Dr. Sed Auto trans. R., H., P.B. & P.S., w/w tires. 1957 BUICK Roadmaster 75 4- Dr. H.T. Auto trans. R., H.» P.B. & P.S. w/w tires. 1960 BUICK Electra 225 4-Dr. H.T. Auto trans. R., H., P.B. & P.S. Air cond. w/w tires. 1960 OLDSMOBILE Pynarnic 88. 4 Dr. H.T. Auto. Trans. R.H. PB & PS. w/w tires. 1959 PONTIAC Catalina 2-Dr. Sed. Auto, trans. R., H. ( P.S., w/w tires. 1958 OLDSMOBILE Dynamic Good rubber. Clean-Only $295 1955 PLYMOUTH 4-Door. Dark Green, 6-Cyl. Straight shift. Make a nice second car—Only $95 1955 FORD Tudor Hardtop. V-8. Straight shift. New clutch. Solid Black. Gold interior-Only $345 1956 FORD Custom Tudor. Blue and White. V-8 eng. Straight shift. Good rubber. Clean.-Only $295 1956 CHEVROLET 4-Door. 6-Cyl. Automatic. Green and White. Rubber like new. Rides and drives nice—Only $495 1956 JEEP Tudor Station Wagon. 4-Cyl. 3-speed, Light Green. Low miles. Handy to have at $595 1956 FORD Tudor Fairlane. V-8. Fordomatic. Blue and White. FORD Custom 2 Dr. St. Stick, R., H FORD Fairlane 500 4 Dr, Auto.. R., H. , Auto., R., H : ra .. a .. u . r ; $ 695 $1095 $1095 395 BUICK 4 -Dr. Hdtp. Auto., R., H., P.S., P.B. Air Cond FORD Custom 4 Dr. Extra clean inside and out—Only $495 1957 FORD Fairlane 500. Tan and White. V-8. Fordomatic. Ait- conditioner. Like new rubber. Extra sharp. 88, 4-Dr. Sed. Auto, trans. 1957 FORD Custom 300 Tudor. Gray and White. V-8. Fordo- R„ H., P.B. & P.S., w/w mat i Ct Good rubber. Low price of $450 tires. 1958 CHEVROLET Delray (6). 2 Dr. Sedan. Std. Trans. Heater. Good tires. 343-9805 show hUh muscling and /are 258 g. Simmons St. O. T. JOHNSON CO. Used Appliances and TV's Antique**** large for age. Cows available U desired. F- W- MorUr - " Galesburg. Phone 343- desired. F-\W. MqrUn|^B. g. Prices Reduced orTAll ELECTRIC & BATTERY FENCES And Also BATTERIES B-L-S FARM STORE » 441 E. Maia-G^burg 125 E. Main—343-2112 TEA-LEAF Antiques. 342-1806, X065 N. West St. Wanted to buy or trade in good condition, MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM For a New or Used Car See: FRANK GRETHEN—USED CAR MGR. 1957 CHRYSLER Tudor Hardtop. Pink and White. Auto. V-8. Power steering and brakes. Completely overhauled. Buy a Bargain at McCreery's Now. 2—Steel combination ea*^; J* 0 * china, furniture, clocks. lUSeUJ. . . . f VTPTriTJT AM rirnccAr* ms Fred Swedenberg Paul Ltndberg Charlie Simpson o mi c „ lQ „^„, u a AT-a n rrr VICTORIAN Dresser; marble top *~5S& S ^Se le si49 95 bC S9fl 00 ^ bIe - che5ts °* ^awers, tables. suites were l«».W • 299.00 chalr9 fl&t&, dolls, lamps, jew- Remnant f2*>-»5 elry> We pay top prlce or 'trade 1—12x10 Carpet Le^tb Furniture, 456 E. Main If0/ Wiirs .^L 'awson ^Twij^g Post, (Anne^) /928 E.'SlaJLa. 34W918, MEMBER GW 12 MONTHS USED CAR GUARANTEED WARRANTY KELLOGG & TOMPKINS CLEAN SWEEP - VALUE RATED - CLEAN SWEEP '62 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4 Dr. Auto, Heater. •62 OLDSMOBILE 88 4 Dr, Ht. R„ H., P.S., P .B. •62 CHEVROLET Impala 2 Dr, H.T., At, R., H., P.S., P.B. '61 OLDSMOBILE 88 4-Dr. H.T., At., R., H., P.S., P .B. '61 Pontiac Bonneville 4 Dr. H.T., At, R., H., P.S., P.B. •60 OLDSMOBILE Super 88 4-Dr, H.T., Aut., R., H., P.S., P.B, '59 CHEVROLET Biscayne 4 Dr. Auto., Radio, Heater. '58 BUICK 4 Dr. H.T., Auto., R., R, P.S., P.B. Air Cond. •56 MERCURY 4 Dr. Wagon. Auto., Radio, Heater. •56 CHEVROLET 4 Dr. Wagon. "V, St Stick. R., Heater. CLEAN SWEEP-NO DOWN PAYMENT SPECIALS 15 Good Cars From $100 to $800. Payments From $5.95 to $40.95 Per Mo. Experienced Salesmen Can Handle All Finance Deals At Our Showroom or Lot. SEE US TODAY FOR CLEAN SWEEP PRICES. DALE WINDISH - DAVE SWANSON BILL PETTIT - BILL RICHARDSON - JIM FINERAN EARL SHAY HARVEY KALIN. CROWN MOTORS INC. Tom Oakes — John Altine 149 W. Main St. Opea Eve. til' 9 Sat. $ PJtf. Fh, 3«-5Wl Fords NEW Falcons 342-0177 Thunderbirds Trucks Main West Sts. USED mm 342-0X70 > Open 9-9; Sat. 9-5

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