Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas on July 23, 1922 · 38
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Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas · 38

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 23, 1922
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t t I - : 1 ( : t4 2 " - ' r t i - ' ' t ' - 1 ' A ! t - f Z I z t z I 11 ' 4 4 - t i - 1 1 '4 f ': A z4 1 4 : '' 't 1 A - i-'Z i ' ''' 1 a 1 ii S WEEKLY B TUR STAR-TELEGRN RADIO WILL ') SPEED UP SERVICE BY G C ARNOUX Radio Editor Establishment of a new and exclusive feature of The Star-Telegram broadcasting station NVI3AP for the special benefit of Texas busIness men and business interests commencing Saturday July 29 is announced The new feature will be an accurate and comprehensive review of business conditions throughout the ration and the Southwest with an Interpretative digest of happenings and trends in the business world both general and in detail which 'will be telegrpahed every Saturday Morning from the head office of R Dun & Co in New York City for the exclusive use of The Star-Telegram radio WBAP is the only broadcasting station in Texas that has such a service and it is believed that it will he of concrete and practical value for a large number of business men throughout the State The new feature will enable the business interests to keep their linger on the pulse of business and -will give them the fastest possible Information as the weekly review does not reach Texas by other means until Tuesday I3usiness men may get it over The Star-Telegram radio the same day it is released in New York The business review and forecast as given out through the courtesy of R G Dunn & Co has the reputation of that firm behind it and may be depended upon for absolute accuracy It will be broadcast by WrIAP each Saturday night on the 0:30 to 10 o'clock period This time was chosen because at that hour the 1argest number of business men are able to listen in ' Sparks From D Estes of Vernon reports be gets 'WRAP weather reports daily on 4S5 meters four to six feet away from the phones Star-Telegram programs are beard 'Nista" on the home-made set of the Liberty Garage at Red Rock It is planned to add another stage of amplification to this set shortly - The last Sunday services of the First Methodist Church were a welcome feature of the WRAP programs at Brownwood according to Alton Stewart who has a set with detector tube only made altogether by himself-have been listening in on your concerts and programs daily and am glad to say that I bring them in Very dear and loud" writes Joe H Hunter a radio enthusiast of Chico He uses no steps of amplification He also gets 1VBAP with a crystal detector on a four-foot loop antenna Chico Is 55 miles from Fort Worth Bessie Okla radio fans listen in for baseball returns every evening as sent out by The Star-Telegram radio set according to IL W Stout who uses a -Westinghouse RC set 'with a loud speaker ncir gets your 8:45 o'clock mar-et report every day as well as your other programs which come In perfectly most of the time" writes John Crenshaw Bosque County Post No 24 American Legion H F Lewis of Waco reports getting WBAP while out on a fishing trip 1!5 miles from Fort Worth He ertated that radio programs in between bites make fishing doubly attractive "Let me congratulate you on being first with the markets and first with the baseball news of all the broadcasting Etations" writes in William if Stokes of stokes Brothers Lampasas who has an efficient radio receiving set in his store Howard Christian a 12-year-old radio fan of Fort Worth has built by himself a crystal detector set with which he gets program of both the Fort Worth and Dallas Billy Riddle of Joshua is another WRAP radio fan He writes in to state that Star-Telegram broadcasts come in strong and clear on his crystal set From Bynum comes a report from Rev M F Bell that he enjoys the programs of WBAP very much He uses a home-made regenerative set and on July 18 got Denver Colo Using a detector tube only Bell Is pastor of the Methodist church Radio Program (WBAP) FIlEt Consolidated Radio Program SUNDAY 10:757 to 11 a in WPA—Time 11:01 a m to 12:15 P m WBAP —Services of the First Methodist Church Organ prelude: "Repose D'Armour" tHenselt) by Will Foster Hymn "Rock of Ages" by the congregation Anthem: "Come Ye Disconsolate" (Schnecker) by the Quartet Scripture lesson Offertory solo selected by George Jones Sermon: "The Palladium" by Dr J W Bergin Hymn "The Solid Rock" by the congregation Benediction 2 to 2:15 p m WBAP—Sermonette by Rev J A Bell pastor of the Highland Park Methodist Church 2:30 to 3 p m WFAA 3 to 3:30 WPA—Concert 3:30 to 4 p an WBAP—Late election returns 6 to 6:30 p m WPA 6:30 to 6:45 p m WPAA 6:45 to 7 p m WBAP—Baseball scores 7 p m WRR—Police report 8 to 9:15 p m WRR—Church services 8 to 9:15 p m WPA—Church services 9:15 to 945 p m WPA—Concert 9:30 to 10 p m POLICE CHIEFS OF 200 CITIES IN RADIO TESTI the pulse of business and Messages to the chief of police of ire them the fastest possible more than 200 cities in the United ition as the weekly review States were delivered by members )t reach Texas by other of the American Radio Relay until Tuesday 13usiness men League in the second great transt it over The Star-Telegram continental radio telegraph test le same day it is released in which was declared to be a cornork plete success according to aniusiness review and forecast nouncement just made by heads of n out through the courtesy the league at Hartford Conn folL Dunn & Co has the repu- lowing the work of checking up on of that firm behind it and results over the entire country depended upon for absolute The second test was held June 3 y 4 and 5 and it required nearly a 11 be broadcast by WTIAP month to get all data -assembled Lturday night on the 0:30 to and determine the results of the ck period This time was test because at that hour the The third nationwide transcontinumber of business men are nental test was made the first half listen in of July and results of this will be announced later During the three days of the June ' test no less than 134 messages Were FrOM dispatched across the country do' i spite the very bad atmospheric con- i ditions which prevailed during the Texas A erial I very bad atmospheric conditions s period These messages were deliv ' period These messages were delivered in 30 states and two Canadian prQvinces IThe idea of the rela was to show the national value of the telegraphing amateur in times of emergency" according to F H Schnell traffic manager of the league "which is borne out by the fact that no station knew exactly at what time this message was started It originated in San Francisco and spread out over the United States and Canada like-a huge cyclone In some cases the message was picked up at a distance of 1500 miles In some parts of the country lightning storms interfered with the reception and transmission but the stick-to-itiveness of the amateur was displayed SAN BENITO RADIO - CLUB IS ACTIVE SAX BENITO July 22—The San Benito Radio Club organized in January consisting of six charter members has grown tg be an organization of more thilin 60 members About half of this number are active andmeet weekly The radio set consists of a Westinghouse detector and two-stage amplifier A complete Voca loud and phone set is also a part of the equipment Since the club was organized members have listened in on meitie broadcast from Schenectady N Y as well as music broadcast by the Denver News besides picking up the Texas stations and the amateu- stations over the valley Several Mexican stations are heard the most frequent being Tampico (XA1) The sending station consists of one-half K W spark set also five W tube set The club has four licensed operators The officers are Roy E Russell president R W Thacker vice president and D G Eubank secretary-treasurer Business meetings are held once each month and code practice each week Throughout the Summer static conditions have been such as to interfere with listening in The public will be invited to hear the concerts and other interesting things from the air this Winter LINDALE MAYOR HAS INSTALLED RADIO SET EINDALE July 22—Pate Kelly mayor of this community has the distinction of installing the first radio receiving set in Linda le It receives programs from a distance of 40 t) miles The present set is not as large as the one Mayor Kelly originally ordered but was sent to serve temporarily until the More efficient equipment can be delivered plans tq add two stages of amplification by Winter R L Walde of Walters Okla has just completed a receiving set using detector tube only with a home-rnatle coil two variable condensers rheostat A and B bat 31 P Bell pastor of the Metho- 1 using detector tube only with a dist Church at Benjamin reports home-made coil two variable con-getting AVBAP broadcasts "Your' densers rheostat A and B bat-programs are fine I use a home- 1 teries grid leak and condenser Znade short wave regenerative set i The set was hooked up stithout us-with detector tube only and can ing solder and with this arrange-hear you as plainly as if you were 1 ment he reports WBAP came in in-the room" he says I exceptionally clear "We take no credit but congratulate you upon the "lima Fee how you could make efficiency of your broadcasting Much Improvement in your eta- I station We receive reports from tion as everything is just right" I your regularly" he states writes in Boyd F Davenport of 1 Ranger He is using a home-made The carbuncle to which the an-set with but one tube and reports (dents attributed fantastic proper-getting "wonderful results" He ties was no other than the ruby WIAC Galveston Is New Texas Radio Station Another broadcasting station has joined the Texas radio family bringing the total number in the tat e to 16 The latest addition is the Galeston Tribune station with call letters WIAC which received its Ai-sense last week As the station is not in North Texas it offers no complications in the schedule problem The States of Kentucky and Mississippi went on the national radio broadcasting map last week when Louisville and Corinth were licensed and there are now but two States in the Union—Delaware and W-yominj '—without broadcasting stations 'every other State in the Union having one or more dispensers of news and entertainment via the ether Eleven limited commercial atations licensed last week bring the grand total in the country to 406 exclusive of Canada Following are the new stations: - WHAO—F A Hill Savannath Ga WHAP—Dewey L Otta Decatur IlL WHAN — Southwestern Radio Company Wichita Ran KFBR—F A Butrey & Co Havre Mont WHAS — Courier-Journal and Louisville Times Louisville Ky W1AA—Waupaca Civic and Commerce Association Waupaca Wis WHAQ—Semmes Motor Company Washington D C KFBD—Clarence V Welch' Hanford Cal WHAR—Paramount Motor Supply Company Atlantic City KFAl---Reno Motor Supply Company Reno Nev WHAU—Corinth Radio Supply Company Corinth Miss fENGLISH RADIO AT STANDSTILL DURING DISPUTE English radio fans are looking with envy on their American cousins in the great game of radio according to advices received frozn Great Britain Nwhere the amateur and novice alike are all set to "go ahead" but have nothing to listen to Radio broadcasting is at a standstill in the British Isles due to the inability of the 23 radio manufacturers to agree on a scheme for broadcasting Unlike the United States it is necessary to have a license for receiving in England as well as for transmitting and up to this time the total of 9500 receiving licenses —as against 2200000 receivers in the United States—have been Issued while 400 licenses for transmission have been taken out—as against about 15000 in this country Not more than 20 broadcasting stations will be allowed in England proper according to present indications and it is certain that several weeks will elapse before any definite steps to catch up with America can- be taken due to the controversy between the manufacturing interests as to type or types of receiving apparatus to be allowed and divergence of opinion on other subjects The Post Office department in England will direct its radio broadcasting activities ROAD MARKER WILL RECEIVE RADIO ORDERS Special to The Star-Telegram Instructions by radio will be received by Lewis Hancock of Dallas while on a two months trip to mark the Southwest Highway which runs from Caldwell Kan to Corpus Christi according to his plans Hancock passed through Fort Worth en route to Coleman where he will begin his work of placing markers along the entire route The official car of the Southwest Highway and Motor League is equipped with an uprght aerial and a regenerative set with which he expects to be in daily touch not only with the Texas stations but to receive instructions from his headquarters office as well The marking car is completely equipped with camp outfit and during the evening on "the broad highway" he will listen in on concerts and news being given out some hundreds of miles away The first lap of Hancock's trip will be from Coleman to Corpus Christi and he will then return to Coleman and mark the Southwest Highway from that city to Caldwell GONZALES BANK TO INSTALL RADIO SET GONZALES July 22—The wireless set ordered some time ago by the Farmers National Bank of this city has arrived and will be installed in the bank at once This set Is a Westinghouse Type R C with a radius of 2000 miles giving connection with New York Kansas City and other leading centers of the country It is equipped with an amplifier which will enable anyone Inside the bank to hear distinctly the radio news Crop reports etc will be distributed throughout the county to the customers of the bank 1 MINES MAY USE RADIO 1 IN RESCUE WORK' WASHINGTON July 20—The Bureau of Mines is contemplating the use of wireless telephone in connection with mine safety and mine rescue work DOG WOUNDS KING'S COUSIN ATHENS— Countess Elizabeth Karageorgeritch cousin of the king of Jugo-Slavla was attacked and badly lacerated by her dog at an Athens hoteL I THIS DIAGRAM illustrates the hook-up of the new one-tube super regenerative set described in this Issue FIRST AID TO RADIO FANS Question: Can a toy transformer be used in place of a storage battery successfully if so how? (2) Can a tin roof be used successfully as a counterpoise? (3) There is a 'Westinghouse set here and the carrier wave Is easily found but the signals can not be brought in NV you suggest some remedy? The set is a DA and RA (4) Please give me the address of the A H Grebe Radio Co—J K R Nacogdoches Texas I Answer: No (2) No not for !receiving (3) This is usuallythe ease where the transmitting station is not modulating his wave sufficiently (4) Richmond Hill New York Question: If living two miles from a fairly strong broadcaster is a detector set with two stages of amplification about as satisfactory as an amplified tune set? (2) How much voltage and what kind of batteries is it advisable to use? (3) Could an indoor loop aerial be used satisfactorily at this distance--S M Eastland Texas Answer: No if you are referring to a crystal (2) Twenty-two and a half volts for the detector 45 volts for the amplifier (3) Yes with a vacuum tube set Question: Is it practical to use a circuit as the one 1 am sending you on a crystal set? What would be the capacity of the two variables required to give a wave length range of 150 to 500 meters?--G C Cleburne Texas Answer: Not with any success unless a large aerial is used The capacity should be 001 M P D Question: Can connections and ground be No 24 copper wire? (2) Do the connections have to be soldered? (3) Does it matter if the wire on the coil is not wound closely in some places? (4) Please tell me the things that are absolutely necessary for a crystal set to receive about five miles--J L Fort Worth Answer: Yes this may be used but a large wire is much better (2) Yes (3) Yes it should be uniform (4) The set you describe contains these essentials and will work if properly hooked up Question: How would you hook up a 005 m f d capacity variable condenser on a crystal set describod in the booklet by The Star-Telegram?--M K M Fort Worth Answer: Connect the variable condenser across the complete coil Question: I have had excellent results with my crystal set since I wrote you but I want to get a more efficient set now and have decided on the Armstrong super-regenerative set What do you think of it? (2) Which will be best for it my 200-foot aerial or the loop? (3) Can the new RAC audion tubes be used as detector and amplifier? (4) What amplifying transformer would you recommend? (5) Two different hook-ups have been print-lied each supposed to be correct Can you furnish me the right one using two steps and the information as just how to make one?--B G1 Meridian Texas Answer: We think-7 it will be 01 K (2) Armstrong recommends the loop aerial for his three -tube set (3) Yes if sufficient plate voltage is used (4) Radio CorporatiOn 712 (5) Both hook-ups are correct See Sunday's Stirr-Telegram July 16 for full description of Armstrong's three-tube set We have no more details than are printed there Question: Sunday's Star-Telegram described the Armstrong super-regenerative hook-)up and in it two choke coils are used What size coils are these and could I purchase them anywhere? (2) Would duo-lateral coils of the proper inductance work all right?—J H B Groesbeck Answer: One hundred milli-henry each open core Try 200 turns of No 26 cotton insulated wire on a Ford coil iron core for each Question: In the construction of the CW transmitting condenser described in The Star-Telegram will tinfoil two sheets together answer 1 the purpose of thin tin or copper? EIMIMMOM1D Radio Sets Free We positively give a genuine RADIO RECEIVING SET free for a few hours' easy work Guaranteed to receive within a radius of two hundred miles Send no money Write us for particulars We want every boy and girl to have one Write us today Address McDOWELL-DEIIIMER C01535 Ilayden Ave E Cleveland Ohio We have a limited number Grobe CR-9 and Westinghouse RC Receivers at $13000 Also Tubes Phones Magnavox and supplies of all kinds at regular list prices Prompt shipment The Republic Radio Company GAIN ESVI LLE TEXAS (2)WI II license be required to operate this set?--M B Mount Vernon Texas Answer Yes (2) Yes Question: Why is it that I can tune my set in and hold to the vartometer that goes to the grid leak condenser and as long as I hold my hand close to the dial I can hear but when I take my hand away I can not hear the program?--C A IL Eden Texas Answer: This is body inductance Shield your front panel with stove pipe' iron allowing holes for the shafts and binding posts etc Ground same This will stop most 4-if the capacity effect from the body Question: My varlocoupter is wound with 66 turns a tap being taken off each of the first seven turns and one from each group of seven turns thereafter Would It increase the receiving range to have more turns on the vario-coupler? (2) If not what could I add to increase the range?--D H M Sanger Answer: No (2) One stage of radio frequency amplification a higher aerial and critical adjustment on the B battery and a good tube WIZ SAW WIFE LAST WHEN SHE WAS 6 HYANNIS Mass July 22--J D Bodfish blind attorney who has announced his candidacy for the attorney generalship has not seen his wife since she was six years old nor their three children the oldest of whom is nine Bodfish worked his way through the Boston University Law School graduating at the head of his"class He has mastered the four systems of reading and writing used by the blind POLICE ORDERED TO SALUTE MAYOR NEW BEDFORD Mass July 22 Salute the mayor! T Members of the local police force are practicing their best salutes as a result of a mandate issued by Chief Doherty ordering his force to saltue the mayor—or get into trouble "The mayor is head of the police force What he says goes Hereafter he'll be saluted orsomebody will suffer!" says Chief Doherty Cured Her Rheumatism Knowing from terrible experience the suffering caused by rheumatism Mn J E Hurst who lives at 508 E Olive St B-65I Bloomington Ill is so thankful at having cured herself that out of pre gratitude she is anxious to tell all other sufferers Just how to get rid of their torture by a simple way at borne t Mrs Hurst has nothing to sell Mere ly cut out this notice mail it to her wtih ycur own name and address and she will gladly send you this valuable Information entirely free Write her at once before you forget—Advertisement RADIO SPECIAL PRICES NOW WITHIN itEACH OF ALL Small Standard Jr $1350 Sets special sale at Manufacturers' prices now $500 without ear phone $750 with phone All tested and guaranteed Just as effective as the larger sets for city and town use Dealers write tar prices Be sure to get "The Ford of the Radio Now"—cheaper than you can make them Standard Radio Company 611 Southwestern Life Building Dallas Texas 12122111 EERE MM!IMOIMl2 FORMICA PANELS x 9 x 1-8 $110 x 10 x 3-16 $105 3 -Inch I D 3-Inch I D 4 -Inch I D 5 -Inch I D Mail 1ntailMEE11111111 FORMICA TUBING SUPER-REGENERAT1VE SET IS ANOTHER RADIO SENSATION OF MAJOR MILTON ARMSTRONG Following hard upon the heels of the announcement of the Armstrong super-regenerative receiver LI comes another radio sensation from the same youthful wizarel of radio Major Milton Armstrong in which he introduces a super-regenerative set using only a single vacuum tube The wonderful thing about this latest achievement in radio receiving apparatus is that a single vacuum tube performs simultaneously the functions of regenerator oscillator detector and amplifier The results obtained from it using an Indoor loop antenna are equivalent to the regulation regenerative receiver with two stages of audio frequency amplification used in conjunction with the best possible aerial under ideal atmospheric conditions Four Methods In System There are four methods by which Major Armstrong succeeds in obtaining super - regeneration In this one it is accomplished by the simultaneous variation of the pOsitive and negative resistance of the circuit This is achieved by means Of the second feed-back circuit (shown in the diagram under Nos 13 14 15 and 16) which Is adjusted to oscillate at a lower frequency than the incoming signal The proper phase relation between the negative and positive resistance are obtained by adjustment of the condensers 13 and 16 and the coupling between the coils 14 and 15 It will thus be seen that the two large duo-lateral coils 14 and 15 must be In an inductive relationship to each other It will be found that this relationship is critical and the greatest possible care must be exercised in adjusting this relationship as well as obtaining the correct amount of capacity in the two condensers 13 and 16 Although these two condensers are shown as variable in the diagram they do not necessarily have to be of the regulation variable air condenser type They can be made up of a number of fixed condensers connected in parallel with each other and so arranged to multi-point switches that any one of them can be brought Into or taken out of the circuit In other words they can be made variable in sIeps How Loop Aerial is Made The loop aerial can be constructed on a square frame three feet long on each of the four sides The wire can be wound around this frame either in solenoid Or spiral fashion If the former there shuld be 10 turns each spaced a quarter inch apart and if in the l'Ater form there shoulld be 12 turns each spaced a quarter inch apart Ne 18 cotton covered bell wire can be used The loop is connected across the primary of the varioeoupler which is shown on the diagram as coils Cocoanut Oil Fine For Washing Hair If you want to keep your hair in good condition be careful what you wash it with Most soaps and prepared shampoos contain too much alkali This dries the scalp makes the hair brittle and is very harmful Mulsified cocoanut oil shampoo (which is pure and entirely greaseless) is much better than anything else you can use for shampooing as this can't possibly injure the hair Simply put two or three teasponfuls of Mulsified in a cup or glass with a little warm water then moisten the hair with water and rub it in It will make an abundance of rich creamy lather and cleanse the hair and scalp thoroughly The lather rinses out easily and removes every particle of dust dirt dandruff and excess oil The hair dries quickly and evenly and it leaves it fine and silky bright nut fy and easy to manage You can get Mu 'sifted cocoanut oil shampoo at any drug store It Is very cheap and a few ounces is enough l tn last everyone in the family for months Be sure your drug-'gist gives you Mulsified---Advertisement 1 MINIMIIIIMC x 18 x 1-8 $200 712 x 20 x $400 any length $V11 any length 512 any length - $151 any length $23! Orders Shipped Same Day ReceivedT $110 per ft $125 per ft $150 per ft $2-35 per ft 107 W 9th St f 3 and 2 respectively The tuning to the wave length of the incoming signal le done by means of the condenser No 4 The secondary of the variocoupler Ehould have about twice the number of turns it normally has when used for ordinary purposes The grid battery shown in the diagram as No 5 consists of two pocket flash light cells joined in series giving a total of approximately four volts The negative terminal of this small battery must be joined to the grid The filter system is the same as that recently shown in these columns with the three tube regenerative set Resistance and Choke The 12000 ohm resistances and the 100 milli-henry iron core choke coil are standard Instruments used for filter purposes in telephone repeater circuits and they can be obtained from stores handling telephone supplies They will undoubtedly be On the market In quantities In the near future Condenser No 8 can be built up of fixed units in the manner described for condensers 13 and 16 in the diagram In this particular circuit It must be remembered that there are seven critical adjustments to be made This is the price that has to be paid In getting one vacuum tube to perform four separate and distinct functions successfully This fact is not stated to discourage the experimenter but to Impress upon him the importance of very delicate and careful 'adjustment It will also serve to remind him that in the event of failure at the first time success can only be Obtained from complete mastery of the adjustable parts of the circuit The subsequent results will amply repay the trouble For experimenters who are at some distance from broadcasting stations a single stage of audio frequency amplification can be added to this circuit The leads to the amplifying transformer wilt be placed where the telephones are shown In the present diagram (Copyright 1922 New York Tribune Inc) principle that radio must be primarily for types of serrdce can not as satisfactorily bete other means of communication that radio should not be ts‘ general where wire telegrapl telephony or printed public would be as satisfactory It sible that the scope of this mittee's activities may be er beyond the subject of broade and that it will act as an at body to the Secretary of Corr: in matters of Governmental regulation and will consider dio questions of interdepartri interest FORT WORTH TEXAS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL EIGHT PRO STATIONS Ft 1111AIIICET3 Eight "primary" broadcast tions will cover the United s with radio market news as relp by the Government daily acts to a system established by the partment of Commerce tilav recommendations of the Int partment Advisory Committfe Governmental Radio Broadct These stations are: Ark va (Navy 5950 meters) ( Lakes 171 (Navy 4900 plc Washington D C (Postoffice meters) Omaha Neb (Pot 9500 meters) North Platt (Postoffice 4000 meters) Springs yo (Postoffice Let ters) Elko Nev (Postoffice meters) and Reno Nev r office 3200 meters) Continuous wave code alma used and the primary station Used to broadcast this intom to local broadcast stations lot broadcasting The committee laid dole 6 is a Prescription for ( Fever and La Grippe It most speedy remedy we k preventing Pneumonia agagrEMEMIElpol The TRUTH About PAINLESS 11110F1 We claim that our modern methods for fillinest ostrat "IF ITS RADIO WE HAVE IT OUR PRICES ARE RIGHT We will design your set for you or we will bu:1 from your design Our mechanics are at your service at any time and the charge for their work reasonable You are welcome to consult our Technical ExPert on your radio problems There is no 'charge f° ! advice or inspection If you are not buying from us you do yourself arl injustice for we will save you money both in t-e price of supplies and in the fact that We give sound advice T- - W -- e have prepared the Consolidated Broadail Schedule for Fort Worth and Dallas to give P)1 !i Call or write for it Our Free Radio Broadcast Map will be here in 3 few days Have you asked for your copy? - Mid Continent Radio Corporation LaMar 66'' :1 tions and Injections are ab 7? so- 41:-4f 4 lutely as painless as human AAILL -: 45449 f ' -al ft hanhdosnceatint rsetnadteemrlenItt's4ancldetricitd- iy 1?::::::49: 1 : tP S-- r'O '' riW you ever stop to think just how 193 Important it is to have an hon- s:' ::': 11 Set Teeth est dentist fix your teeth If 6 ::::- i you expect to depend upon the :)::s:N :i3::4e advice of your dentist and :::::4: ' 4 Guaranteed place entire confidence in him '::r 1--P 1 —you will avoid trouble save Vt :-f 1 Our Price money and he satisfied with 'F-Ig Mayo Dental Service n F1 -: h $500 DR O K MAYu DENTAL- SURGEON Opposite Metropolitan Hotel I - Old Mitchell-Greer Bldg Ninth and Main Lamar: illossossass 1 I A J ANDERSON CO Complete Stock of Radio Supplies Tenth and Houston Sts Lamart k 1 al 1 RADIO SUPPLIES I Visit our newly opened Radio Department 11el our Daily Concerts Complete stock G A SuPP11 dc 4 tk: 1 1 I sm I : ! 1 1 - ! : ! I I:: I IS' - " 41t ' g l': :I I : r - t clus 1 : e grar 0 for 1 I Ines: o : Corn: Inn( !i 6 1 for ( -1 e In '- y we I )nia ' t moan 1 111101 0 -- 4 "-1 :'' --: ApeH:': :Ittli! p '''Z''': i : : :4 k t If ' i 7044mgas I I I 1 :—S 1 I ar 1:':! I P--7 --TEN a' - - - - - 1 I -aii - ----' r? ' ' ' i "All 111 PI t 41 11) S WEEKLY SU Si ESS RI VIEW FEATURE '1 ' - - OTRILITI IPM1filli 1 D Il 'D):a ll LAC Galveston 11 THIS DIAGRAM illustrates the hook-up of the new IISUPER-REGENERATIVE SET IS r I p IT onill- Also Tubes Phones 'Magnavox - - r:'r( 14:1'‘ rs 1 ' a : 5-'14'-i - 4 - ti -4: Our Free Broadcast Aap Will be hen and supplies of all kinds at regu- 0 l'' ' frt - 1: few days Radio l Have you asked for your copy lar list prices Prompt shipment ) - -41Atmie-‘ iroillr--s -- k"' Jiff - 1 1 -- The Republic Radio illatri'' ' -I ' - -AI 0 - ' ty tk 11 1 I J o Corpora Company R ' of - Mid Continent Radio - ‘ I "- 'teöttot tIAttliw - kik ! 4 FORT WORTH TEXAS 107 W 9th St Lam GAINESVILLE TEXAS 104 East Tenth St Lantrir 7936 1 1 - WHOLESALE AND RETAIL 7 - 1 Ft 7 7 134 yOUrSell both in the we give Pr' I Broad to give yoU here in 3 DPY ioration -Lame 662 wfrolomemoommzigv 1' s !SINGLE TUBE SUPER PEGENEPATVE PECEVER--- 77 8 1011 - 6 9 - 5 3 1-4 111 I 18' I 12 - 4 ' -- 155 14 b ZaB Mr Aervi rtaeor 710B0WIP Art e fitt s -4-

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