Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas on April 22, 1920 · 20
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Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas · 20

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1920
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ti 1 1 1' I I I 1 it 1 I-AGE 'AVEN'rY OIL LANDS LEASES AND S'1 OCKS WE BUY—WE SELL Quick Action Both Vitwyb TEXAS CONSOLIDATED SALES AGENCY 501 Main St Fort Worth FORTUNES Ii OIL LEASES If your money Le invested in leases before the drill hits the oil sand you may become Independent over night I own and will sell 'several small and large leases surrounded by wells now drilling on a perfect structure that prominent geologists predict good for oil fields One well now showing olL and via Millions of dollars being spent for development Act quick and get !nformatloa A4dress P B X care Star-Telegrata EUT—WE SELL Quick Action Both Way& TEXAS CONSOLIDATED SALES AGENCY 601 Alain St Fort Worth FOR SALE—Oil and gas 'lease on BO acres of land one mile of the Kansas City Oil well now drilling at a depth of 2000 feet wall excellent showing of oil Well located roar miles north of Killeen Texas Address J B McFarland Killeen Texas FAYETTE COUNTY I-year commercial fo II new amia:ales of title 250 rentals: 23306 Acres 6000 Acres 3000 Acres 600 Acres 350 Acres 100 Acres 10 Acres 0 0 01F a 0 0 toe were a Immediate Deliveries PAUL J CORN Suite 119-620 Bedell Bldg San Antonio TeXILS GOLIAD COUNTY 29 Cents 27 Cents 29 Cents 30 Cents 33 Cents 40 Cents 90 Cents I year commercial farm 11 leases dated January 19t° Cartiflelites of title 250 rentals 0 00000000 44 420 e 4 fill Ww01010 0246 acres - 1010 acres -----42o 440 acres --0i0 100 acres --40o 00 acres 744 Pim Z COMIC Suite 19-420 Ban Antonio Tonna leases WANTXD TO 'LEASES LARGIM BLOCIEC OF LEASE Fort A WELL will pay $2000 cash to a man to get this block of leases for me according to my specifications Will furnish bank references And references from men who have drilled a number of wells for me and casing supply 4ompanie3 who have furnished me casing or many deep tests All correspondence strictly confidential Do not care to deal with anyone except clean clear-cut high-class people who can talk business Write THOMAS M MILANI 1144 N Robinson St Oklahoma City Okla WE BUY—WE 8M11 Quick Action Both Ways TEXAS CONSOLIDATED SALES AGENCY 601 Main St Fort Worth IN-EW MEXICO PTOTII 40 to 40000 acres 5-year leases In any of the eastern counties Special prices on large tracts From $t an acre up Buy now before the first well comes in Orttua-r-H&PRIS & CO INC rioneers in the New Mexico Field" Southwest National Bank Oklahoma City Okla roTATT BASENT We have Section 45 Block 55 P S ths heart of the shallow field 15 miles northwest of Toyah where the proven field is located We are now drilling a well in center of this section and wells are actually drilling or locations made in every section adjoining us The leases reported sold for 300 an-acre are but a short distance from this section We offer 5-acre leases In this lection as long as they last at following prices: 5 ACRES S2504 AN ACRE 29 ACRES $1250 AN ACRE 40 ACRES or more 62000 AN ACRE Get one or more of these 6-acre blocks quickly The big development in this district will Increase their value immensely The best location and the lowest price in the entire proven field w r fleermtIocu PARKER & MOORE 511 Main St Port Worth Texas LEASES FOR SALE Al210110 wanting to buy acreage nesz Mopkie cwell No 1 la Comanche County Texaa write or wire W C STARK Hasse Texas ''A '1T—P'roi S to 1110te acres ln fee or oil leases Must be Texas lands and deals must be made directly with owners Agents need not apply TEXAS NATIONAL TRUST Co 3rd Floor Mitrh11-Greor Bldg 9th and Main Sta Fort Worth Tex NEW CULDERSON FORM S3 LEASES have now ready for delivery SO sections (less what has been sold) in Culberson and Hudspeth Counties in one or more sections at only $1 per acre in single sections with a reduction for two or more to ous buyer This is form 83 commercial lease dated April 10 1920 The land patented with abstracts up-to-date for examination or I will furnish free attorney's pinion of good title This lea se is only sass miles from deep well on Figure Z ranch ou the north only 12 miles from the Sierra 11 lance field and betweec the Dan Sully holdings and the two wells drilling in 3113PC43 Bol to-nu Will furnish blueprints and full partlealmos but next Monday is latest you can bey rut your order in early and get s section or more et this lease at rock botoirn prices MitTON EVEItETT It 4 Reynolds Bldg Fort Werth Txas IEASIt8 for sale I scrim up OD government located structure between Burkbrunett and Hewitt Well to start this month write aow while price is low Dixon Sc ea& ha& ilia ictata kra4A 5:3611411A f A OIL LANDS LEASES AND STOCKS CASING PULLING Casing pulled without cost to Owner Salvaged on shares or will buy la the wall Write for our proposillon Interstate Supply Co Box 1183 Burktournett HAL IL VAUGHAN Texas Panhandle and Southwest Arkansas 011 leases the two best bets of them all CORYELL COUNTY Shamrock Texas htiamrocit Texas b-YEAR COMMERCIAL LEASIC TOTAL( FIELD 160 acres 10-acre tracts desirably located $12 acre There are good Indications that in about two months this acreage will sell for many times the price I am offering it for Write for maps and other particulars IL C Dabney Toyah Texas OIL LEASES—BUY OR SELL: ?at to West "- - Texas Small or large tracts TYLER- tomes al 4th and Taylor Sta Fort Worth Texan I The following wells are now drilling: MONEY FOR OIL MEN If you want to sell enormous amount of oil stock or oil leases write for my new winning plans which will enable you to raise all the money you want quickly for any legitimate enterprise Make me prove that what I am doing for others I can do for you and that my plans which are putting oil and lease companies over the top will also enable you to finance any proposition quickly at small cost Thousands will buy what you offer if you reach them my way Address Expert Desk 29 316 Dan Waggoner Building Fort Worth Texas WE BUY—WE SELL Quick Action Both Ways TEXAS CONSOLIDATED SALES AGENCY 501 Italia St Fort Worth WILL TRADE Apperson 8-cyl 7-passenger automobile for low priced Texas oil leases-Arthur Davidor 310 Anchor Bldg DRILLING SITE OFFERED FREE Large body of leases in Motley County offered for test well 133 Star-Telegram No RENTALS BREWSTER COUNTY LEASES Subject to prior sale or withdrawal vre are offering the following lease bargains in the great Pecos valley field 10-year commercial leases rentals fully paid for that term at 41 per acre for less than 560 acres and at $250 per acre for more than 560 acres royalty 5-year commercial leases rentals paid at $t per acre for 560 acres or more and at $125 per acre for less than 560 acres SI royalty These leases cover choice aereage in Ylrewster County surrounded by 60 drilling' wells Address Sam Houston Associated Securities Inc basement Westbrook Bldg Fort Worth Texas PANOLA COUNTY Buy & lease where you will get the Mggest play for your money ten welle now drilling in the county contracts left for forty more to be drilled within the next three years several producing wells in the county now Send for our list of acreage and prices VAN SAN-DT ge WESTMORELAND Carthage Texas cLoErz-rm LEASES WANTED We will buy new leases ono to two miles from drilling wells that are not over 600 feet down complete details must accompany your reply P O box 1423 Fort Wort la Texas 10 ZS SI AND 40-ACREI OM AND GAS LEASES All 5-year eornmercial form 113 recently made low rentals perfect titles NOTE All leases ameignmenta and plate of subdivisions recorded Subdivistons made and not on record are worth less County Abstractor's Certificate of Title furnished Price 10-Acre County— RentCoryell 250 Brewster 25e Presidio 25o Kendall lOo Gillespie 25o Dewitt 25o Mason 250 IJano 000040000 250 Hiladge 250 Karnes 25e Live Owla 60o Terrell 20o Kinney 00088 26e Rent 25et Kinney 0000900 Lee 10o $1200 Panders 100 31505 Medina 05c $1500 Upton 250 $2000 Colorado 25c 31200 Fayette 25o $1200 Bastrop 25c $1200 Kerr 25c $1000 Travis 25c $1200 Hudspeth 07c $1600 Ector 25c $2000 Bee 25c $1500 Comal 250 61000 Burnet 210 $1000 Go liad 250 $1000 Blanco 25c $900 Victoria 25o $1200 Will furnish 10 acres in above 30 Counties for $5000 Will furnish SO acres in above 30 Counties for $45400 Will furnish SO acres in above 30 Counties for SSSO00 Will furnish 40 acres in above 30 Cotuities for $80000 Immediate Deliveries EverYildig Recorded—Titles Guaranteed PAUL J CORN Suite 610-620 Bedell Bldg San Antonia Tex Phones—Travis 194 Travis 660 Tract S2000 12000 $2009 $1000 $1000 1000 $800 $700 $1200 S1000 $30-00 $20 04 2090 INVEST MENTS The wonderful fortunes at have been made from oil are most fascinating—but the percentage has been very small Oil leases in South and Southwest Team offer investments that are exceptional Numerous producing wells many deep tests now drilling large holdings of the big companies and excellent geological reports all Indicate this territory is the next big wonder field" The investor In an oil lease controls his own investment It is always saleable Prices are Licreasing with every few feet the tests go We offer 40 acres or more In the following counties which acreage we own and can positivaly deliver with good merchantable title: Mance Duvall Lynn Zara Ile Gonzales Bee Runnels Cornal Taylor Dc Wttt ISIason Gillespie Bays Kerr Webb Gelled Kendall COIPMF111 Karnes Terrell Real Schleicher Archer Brewster La Salle Bastrop l'ecos Bander& Edwards Crockett Uvalde Zapata Lavaca Ellis Les Betar Kinney' Medina McMullen Travis Val Verle Mills Frio Dimmitt Jones Atascosa -14E See Us for choke locations in FICISVOIS County If yon are Interested In large tracts for commercial leases or drilling contracts we are in position to supply them Our combinations of acreage in several counties offer the highest type of oil lease investment We solicit correspondence from the large or small investor eit company or broker -TELT us TOUR WANTS" HITCHCOCK COOPER Sz FELTNER Alain Office: suite 231 Moore Bldg San Antonio Texas Fort Worth Office: 312 Gilmore Bldg Phone Lamar 7121 Branch offices at Shreveport La and Los Angeles Cal Office 66'3 I W Heilman Bldg Address all communicationa to the main office at San Antonio Texas sourn sTfatN NEW '1EX !Cu NtYT far from "Brown ' BIt'' and "Illinois Producer No I" Just north of IteoNes County "Toyalr and "Ie11" wells: $ig cash and same amount for 4 months buys 41-acre lease 16o rental May strike it big ere you pay it out- Map free Consider sotyerly and act before these 18 pieces are gone Bank references TV S BLAcF:srrE AY 611 Niatzt 5Z feet WeTth Teams OIL LANDS LEASES AD srocus on LANDS LEASES AND STOCKS I OIL LA:DS LEASES AND STOCKS owww" owwessowooNowa"""wswwwws I SALESMEN IrBRtEERS DO YOU WANT A LARGE ?s'TIMBInt OP LEASES IN A NUMBER OF COUNTIES on and gas leases 5-year commercial form SS 25 cents rentals abstracts and certificatee of title immediate deliveries I own the lease on 11567 acres in this county and will dispose Of the same in tracts from forty acres up I can checkerboard you all over the county Get your protection in this county before the Sadler well which is now drilling at 3000 feet and contracted to go 4000 feet comes in The Thas well northeast of Copperas tneowl om I Cove is drilling at 1$00 feet1 Ls TdhreiliSinilgjebaltadawoeltLeentorthwest of Gatesville astisnfe sing A location by a New York corporation my has been made three miles southeast Of Gatesville - The Sadler welt is now drilling at 3000 feet and should be completed within thirty days It is contracted to go 4000 feet - IMMEDIATE DELIVERIES The prices on the above acreage are as follows: 40 acres 8125 an acre 80 acres 110 an acre 220 acres 100 an acre 320 acres 85 an acre 640 acres 90 an acre 1153 acres 85 an acre 35'10 acres (checkerboarded county) 80 an acre 7356 acres (checkerboarded in county) 70 an acre Imraedtate deliveries abstracts for examination and I furnish in addition County I Abstractors certificate of title or attar- 1 TEXAS ney's opinion PAUL J CORN Suite 619-20 Bedell Bldg San Antonio Texas TeL Travis 194 Long Dia Travis 660 0 a mat 800 ACRES DE SOTO PARISI' LOUISIANA Digest snap in city Mast etU at once No reasonable offer refused See me at once if interested Located on fine structure guaranteed title IER WALKER Lamar 3521 t h S t h St h St gmemmn I WISH to make a contract with a practical driller with a string of tools to sink well in proven territory in Eastland County Texas Edwin M Fulton Denton Tema COMPLETE string oil well supply standard tools tor sale O 7 triplin Hamilton Texas - 40-ACREI ell 4-ase Terrell County 'Texas Great play only few dollars map es request 403 Moore Bldg Fort Worthy Texas WE BUY—WE SELL Quick Action Both Ways TEXAS CONSOLIDATED SALES AOMNCY 601 Main St Fort Worth ON acre rani Toyah Basin 810 close to production and drilling half mile et thin land G W DABNEY Toyab Teraa OM LEASES I ceertrol MI lease permits to the ?otiose-trig counties: Duval Starr Webb Kinney and Val Verde Each permit carries with it two sections and in some instances three sections will sell to first comer at 20 cents an &CFO the purcha-ser to pay the 10 cents yearly rental which will be due in June and in some instances July This is your one big opportunity for quick action References Gulf State Bank B L HODGE 622 Beatty Building Houston Tema& WE EIJI —WE SELL Quick Action Both Waya TEXAS CONSOLIDATED SALES AapErecr 601 Main St Fort Worth 11mE WANT TO TAME A WILDCAT? Be there when it is tamed and reap your harvest of wealth I own leases surrounded by drillIng deep teats in western Part ot Mosque County For information box C B btar-Telegrant am aimmomenif OIL COMPANIES Let me put over that slow seatag company tor you quickly at moderate cost We do busiTr?se la every State In the Clam PERRY & CO 10144 Main St HAVE few choice leas in Toy ab nalki close to Bell and Laura wells prices right Phone Prospect 126 P:RATTT comrrt St acres John Kailor survey 3 mile onycrth Da Yia 3 miles west Laney No 2 now drilltng 1000 feet Laney No 1 bad 2500000 wet ran at 2500 feet $1250 acre FL Croft Hillsboro Texas STURKIE About the only real producing neld where acreage is stilt chap ROBERT CARAWAY Burton Bldg Laznar 27S1 wilj give LOGO acres for one deep well Write 216 care Star-Telegram 311711KIE FrELD acres to 300 acres $20 to $164 per acre oil In rny office from Stntcj welt which testa 332 ROBEMT CARAWAT Thrrton PI g Larrywr 17eT H Á TT-airs 603 Matn St Fort Virol Iarrtar SEMTT offer the oil and gas lease on fl acres in the heart of activities As this is a brand spanking new lease with only $t rental It is not gotng to last Long Come early and avoid the rush Fort Worth TerraL 1 WISP: COUNTY We have the exclusive sale for the ell and gas lease On three tracts close to drilling wells and can sell at a reasonable price- Make 'our rind quick for Wise county In coming to the front the name me Wltharger and many others For full information call A STILE3 601 Main St Fort Werth Texan frirt DEVELOPMENT COMPANIES—If you can driit soon get in tench with me at once ItOPERT CA RA WAY 13!IrtO7 Bldg Lamar 277 TAKE NOTICE! TAKE NOTICE! TAKE NOTICE! We have leased the office in WESTBROOK HOTEL LOEB! formerly occupied by tte Harry Hines Co We will conduct the office in conjunction with our big main office at 501 Main St Our Westbrook Hotel Office will offer in common with our Alain Office all of cur big list of over 2500e00 acres in Texas oil leases TEXAS CONSOLIDATED SALES AGENCY 101 Main St (Ground Floor) Also Westbrook Hotel 1ob5y CARLTON EAMES Sole Alanager and rroprietor i PRODUCTION BARGAIN And we CAN 'DELIVER AT ONCE for we have the exclusive sale one of principals here for few days 103 barrels 1 daily settled one well in August one in !larch fully equipped and wells cost about 50 per cent more than the slough- i-- ' ter price of 60009 Owners have aC- quired very extensive holdings in an- other s ec t I o n and must sell at once TEXAS CONSOLIDATED 1 SALES AGENCY 1 601 Main St and I 149S Westbrook Hotel Lobby 1 7061 OIL LEASE MARKET CONSOLIDATED SALES AGENCY Office Open Daily 2:40 a- ros to 530 p Carlton Eames 'Manager 1101 Main St Fort Worth And Westbrook notel Lobby THE FOLLOWING LIST If oil and gas leases are 13 elected from our 111G LIST and every one is a notable bargain worthy of the careful and immeWatts itivtstigation of real buyers REEVE'S CUUNTY—$ COO 2660 acres Sec 5 Block 70: Secs Block 55 Sec 42 Block 59 Big play La these blocks You can double your money quickly—sure buying at this low price $600 acre PRESIDIO COUNTY-43 cEN- r 14000 acres well located 6-year lease 4 years to run rental 10 paid for one year Immediate delivery with good titles 43c GILLESPIE! COUNTY-33 CErvNT91 4000 acres 6-year lease form S 25e rental wall located good titles in:IMO- diate delivery price 33e LLANO COUNTY-21 cENTR We can deliver over 110000 acres ri Llano County new lease five years form 8 10o rental price 21 for Immediate action and this means that the money must go up on Monday or Tuesday at the latest This has been offered to one or two buyers and consequently It may be sold when you come after it but if unsold you can have it BLANCO COUNTY-35 CENTS We can positively detilrer from 100 acres up to 5000 acres ail located in the extreme southern part of this county a long ways from the limestone All leases are new and for ten years with 10e rental on form 83 and the price 35e to 45e depending upon the number of acres you take Remember 10-year lease 10 rental COMAL COUNTY 40 CENTSleo acres up to 2500 acres in small Leases well located new 10c rental 10 years price 40c to 45c depending upon the number of acres you take Don't forget-10-year lease 10c renta which makes the lease worth double what It would be worth as a 6-year lease EMELT: COUNTY-75 CENTS 1275 sores or wit! dlvide tut smaller pieces Lease made a year ago: rental just paid for a year good location: form 88 liSo rental worth $1 but can seU for 75o to quick buyer VAT VERDE COUNTY—SIAS 640 to 2560 acre" practically new 1year lease rental paid up in full for the ten years abstract of title price s125 Don't overlook the fact that the rental on this lease is paid up for 10 years CORTEILL COUNTY-63 CENTS Here we offer thee etteariest and best leases fortho price this office has had the pleasure of offering Its patrons fo some time 60000 acres In tracts of 10 20 40 80 160 220 640 acres at 65o to 6120 an acre 1230 acres up for 66c to 65c per acre Form 83 25c rental Perfect titles wo deliver right from our office FATETTE COUNTY— 21 CENTS 21300 acres nearly' new lease 5 years form 86 25c rental- Ail cut into small tracts of 100 acres up Into several thousands price 26e 27c 30c depending on number of acres you take Here Is a chance for some sure shot buyer to make some money rternember our slogan: VE MAKE IT nrcIrrDeal with the big oil lease house TEXAS CONSOLIDATED SALES A GENCT 5 01 Ma!at St- Port Worth Tang And Warebreek Motet Lobby Telephones Lomax 142S Lamar 7061 Carlton Earnest Manager and PropHetor TA KE NOTICE! TAKE NOTICE! TAKE NOTICE! we have ItasPd the efilee In WESTB1100X 110TEL LOBBY formerly occupied thot rtarr7 Hines Co We will conduct the office in conjunction with our big main office at 501 Main St Our Westbrook Ilotrd Office will offer in common with our Main Office Id ef our big list of over ':000(10 acres in Texas oil leases TEXAS CONSOLTDATED SALES AGENCY Sot Main St (Grotind Floor) Al 1Vemtbrook Hots1 Lobby CARLTON EA Mr SolA 14anager and I'roprfrsqr FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM IDO TOET WANT A LARGE NUMBIeR 01 ! LEASES IN A NUMBER OF COUNTIEd I I TO FORM A SYNDICATE? f y i We even leases in about 100 Texas coon- I i ties We car give you the best selling prop- l 105itiOrt ever placed on the market- i Our entire organization gets behind you l until your syndicate is put over We wilt make it yossible for you to make thousands 1 of dollars for yourself and give your clients a real money-maker I 1 1 GET our LIST AND PRICES BEFORE ! CLo6iNt — SOUTHERN' CONSOLIDATED PET CO ! SIG Anchor Bldg Fort Worth PPODUCTION WANTLFT) : PRODUCTION WANTED—Small oil corn-Large company Eastern oil men want to pantes haring some production and wishing buy from ten to twenty barrels settled pro- to sell Or consolidate with large responatduction either in Texas or Oklahoma Give ble oil company with extensive and vain-full particulars Urst letter ! able holdings in both royalties and acreage SOUTHLAND SECURITIES Co 1 in the proven fleld will address J B Wit-Room 15 Illtri East Tenth St- loon be Leon Texas Fort Worth Texas 1 rz V'T 1' IX171' 1' READ rus Offer 5000 acres in Fan Saba County rig erected on location tools on ground Will rent reasonable water and fuel in abundance should appeal to companiell selling stock that have not drilled We will meet 3ou half way Hurry now TAKE NOTICF:! TAKE NOTICE! TAKE NOTICE! We have leased the eMee In ViESTBROOK HOTEL LOBBY formerly occupied by the Harry Hines Co lire will conduct the office in conjunction with our 'big main office at L101 Main St Our Westbrook Hotel Office will offer in common with our Main Office all of our big list of over 2500000 acres in Texas oil leases OKLAHOMA on LEASE BARGAIN - Eightv-acrti leases a Quarter of a mile WILEARGER COUNTY I offer the oil and gas lease on 310 acres being the central part of section block 14 H & T C R R survey about 12 miles southeast of Vernon close to three drilling wells This is a virgin lease when sale is made with 31 rental For a quick sale the price is only $150 per acre and we will guarantee delivery R A STILES B09 litaixt St Fort Worth Texas LEASES TOTAR OIL FIELD Legume may double and treble in sirty days in Toyah field developments are under way now that may put these leases clear out of the ordinary man's reach We hays some choice leases right in line with deep tests at $14 per acre ten-acre tract& Lest offer in entire field 0 W DABNEY Toyah Texas ETTY TEASES IN SOL ELI WEST TEXAS! AT THE PRESENT PRICES AND YOU WILL MAKE MONEY The development going on in this part of the State- is bound to enhance lease values Let me supply you with large or small tracts in the following counties at a LOWER PRICE-- Brewster Terrell Val Verde Upton Winkler and Pecos "Wire Your Wants" "BILL" PEELER 300 St Ioa13 Ave Fort Worth 'rexas Met111Nr AN com-ry Sewcral new rigs just shipped tn close In acreage $2 to $15 Ossenbeck well reported about 2200 feet production should be secured under 3000 E Croft Hillsboro 're Za3 °logical report? Who has large acreage block and wants development? Home Investment Co Morgan Texas PECOS COUNTY WITH ABSTRACT New lessee 5 years 88 form near Reeves County line N W of Fort Stockton two sections left located in block 48 township Leases in same block selling at $5 per acre and up Priced for quick sale at $175 per acre GORDON CO Theme L 406 :06-208 Gilmore Bldg Reference: Natl Bank of Commerce NEW MEXICO OIL LEASES We have 15000 acres of choice leases wtoeh we e re selling in 40 80 120-acre blocks There are now 25 wells drilling and sA many more locations close to this acreage "'eases hi this section are boned to advance and soon Assignments approved and recorded by Commissioner of Public Lands Santa Fe New Mexico For further particulars coil at office or write ANDERSON & ROBERTS 1413-15 Houston St ' Fort Worth Texas W B Westgate Mgr - MEDINA COUNTY 5294 acres south of Hondo a good county a good buy and a good bet everything ready in office for immediate delivery at only 65 cents per acre EASTLAND COUNTY This is a splendid chance to get into the Dese lemon& field at minimum cost Will sell 15 acres 4 miles N W of Desdemona at 6169 per acre This is out of the S W corner of the E 1-3 of tile T A Howell survey TVA RTLEY COUNTY Wel have an aggregation of leases in this county which cannot fail to make money for thoe who buy NOW one 459-acre tract at 6 150 Three 160-acre tracts 69 Two 220-acre tracts 260 Five 220-acre tracte 300 One 320-acre tract One SO-acre tract 400 One 160-acre tract 400 One 240-acre tract 400 Five 160-acre tracts 300 Three 160-acre tracts 1000 Five SO-acre tracts 1000 Five SO-acre tracts 1300 Two 40-acre tracts 1300 Five 160-acre tracts 2000 One 220-acre tract 4000 one Ise-acre tract 6009 Buy TODAY and reap the morrow's profit TEXAS CONSOLIDATED 1 1495 SALES A CP1NCY i 7061 501 Main Street and Westbrook Hotel Lobby Wird buy" leases in Erath Stephens Eantland Archer Wilbarger Ilardeman Mills Comanehe Wise I'arkr ilasselt Callahan Itrowo and other counties submit lowest cash Dries with maps SOUTHERN CONSOLIDATED PETROLEUM CO :10 Anchor Didg Fort Worth I OIL LANDS LEASES AND STOCKS ! SPECIAL lv °TICKS al"kdataftwOWelOWINAniftrook"0 I OW0011iosoio""OWS0006 1 I HAVE 372 acres land for lease: south- EVANS Avenue Electric Shoo Shop sil t eest Stephens County AL I Lasiter P i Evans Ave Inlow as Nesoitt Manager O Box 744 Abilene Texas !telephone Rosedale 4773 'I i WANTED—Carpenters and contract work !new or repair :'1) years' experience Roe REzvES COUNTY jdale 4040 LAN Iv va 1146AL Cal 4 VA AICA £VULO AnoseltEzVES COUNTY dale 4040 160 or 460 acres out of section 11 block AUCTION AUCTION AUCTION 13 I & G N 160 acres under irrigation Don't miss auction sale Friday night at and in alfalfa All oil gas and mmeral 465 5 outh Calhoun street Household gooda rights go with this at $50 per acre in fee law books hundreds or other articles G Terms ANT Prescott auctioneer Sale opens at 7:30 160 or 480 area out of section 12 block ELITE ACADEllr 206 JENNINGS 67 township 3 carrying all oil gas an1 1 All the newe st eteps in ball room dancing mineral rights for only 830 per acre !Telephone Maio- s2enri studio Lamar 4908 ights for only $39 per acre 1Telephone Mule- 42enr1 studio Lamar 4908 !Mrs Juanita Thurston assistant 1te8idence BON-SHAW COMPANY 'phone R 6164 6131i Main Street- I DELL WELL Twenty acres 4 12 miles northwest of Fell Well on same structure only $110 Der acre FiVP ar-1-5 in block 59 P S 1- Beeves County only Gii per acre PAINTING Interior decorating by- skilled One hundred and sixty acres 12 miles mechanics Phone Rocedale 1727 from Bell Well only 228 per acre s PLUMBING gas fitting and repair work shThouler daours)leexceinptviaolnuaell Y well ENT'ERPRISE LEASING CO PAINTING and paperhanging first-clasa Box 123 Toyah Texas work C C Waller P 1999 within IsoicaxityeadaaNn-s d Call u for quick service Rosedale 1550 One hundred and sixty acres 12 miles I from Bell Well only $28 per acre 'CLTLBERSON CO-10000 acres 5-year commeretal lease $I and 50c per acre :20 acres near Bell well Loving County 1S20 per acre' Good leases Howard County small or large tracts 10 wells now drilling Thirteen-section ranch in fee not leased (lease now worth $lt) per acre) well improved 20 miles southeast of Big Spring :close to four drilling wells price $20 per !acre to ! Jr it is oil land leases farms or ranches you want let us know JOHNSON & SHOCKLEY LAND Co Big Spring Texas VARMS AND HANCIIEt4 FOR SALE-160 acres Eastland County best farming land in the state 100 acres In cultivation 4 acres in apples: 7-room house good barns and water within 3 mlies of producing oil wells 1125 per acre or $100 per acre keeping one-fourth royalty One-third cash balance easy payments It M Ta Dant 1009 Lamar street kort Worth Phone Lamar 2147 640-ACRE Alfalfa and stock farm Pecos Valley N M i3 0 0 acres fine agricultural land can be irrigated 240 acres in cultivation 20 in alfalfa 120 wheat and oats Wantered by two artisan wells and pumping plants light lift operated by one 25 h 13 and one 4 h p engine furnish plenty of water for land in cultivation Good farm building two silos 400-ton capacity Alt fenced and cross fenced Soil is adapted to maize small grain and long staple cotton Large acreage of cotton being planted in this section this year No oil leases have been given on this land and it is the center of oil development in Eastern New Mexico A lease may in a few months be worth more than price asked for land Will sell at a bargain Address Box 63 Rowell N M w 1 LIGON & CO 162 acres of valley land 1 mile southwest of Handley 1 mile south of Dallas Interurban 112 miles southeast of Stop Haynes 110 acres in cultivation balance pasture and nearly all tillable two-story 10-room house extra large barn and all other outbuildings This is one of the best producing farms in Tarrant County price $150 per acre and will make terms W L LIGON 41: CO 609 Main St Lamar 446 REIYHARDT & CO FARM TRADES 360 acres 17 mites of city take house and notes no cash required $35 per acre 1!3 acres Canadian River land Dewey CX IC trade for houre or farm land In this county Price only $20 per acre 2700 acres in Mitchell Co near Colbrado City good improvements on good road fine grass Take houses and notes Price only 230 per acre WHO WANTS a drilling' contract on large 1 1600 acres in Hood Co good house and barn well going down on place take house block of lease wildcat territory good and balance notes of royalty Price 50- REINHADT Co 1008 Houston L 4151 R 6704 FOR SALE-2477 4409 9819 acre tracts fine agricultural and grass land 95 per cent tillable northt4st corner Martin County Texas will sett either tract or all together all in a solid body well improved plenty shallow water very best of land in line with Ranger and Pecos oil fields 916 per acre 97 per acre cash balance 95 years 6 per cent J S Little Lamesa Texas POR SALE A small dairy 6 miles out on cardinal road equipment in rood shape Two acts houaas 20 acre truck crop looking good This is paying proposition Best hargaia yet R S EERIIET REAL ESTATE 418 Burton Bldg Phone L 6030 FOR SALE-9000 acre ranch Archer County well fenced and cross fenced abundant water and grass: good barn and house full royalty on 8000 acres and all mineral rights on 1000 acres Royalty and lease alone worth this price Buy it and make the ranch clear McMullen-Barris Co basement Westbrook Hotel Phone L 4066 Fort Worth Texas FARMS cattle ranches and city property for sale Oil lands in large and &mall tracts for sale or lease in Hudspeth and adjoining counties MOORE & MOOR Sierra Bia11ea Teaaa FARMS ?Arm FARMS FOR SALE RT LEWIS MORRIS OWNER On account of moving to California in the near tutur' I have made the low prices for quick sales on the following land situated near Fort Worth: 40 acres price $45 per arra SO acres price $50 per acre 220 acres price $60 per acre 30 acres price $50 per acre 55 acres price $45 per etre SS acres price 840 per acre 120 acres price $50 per CTe 140 acres price $30 per acre 60 acres price $50 per acre 95 acres price $3li per acre 150 acres price $65 per acre 290 acres price $50 per acre 275 acres price $75 per acre 470 acres price $65 per acre 62g acres price 60 per acre 1200 acres price 25 per acre I am going to Sell this land Get busy If interested in a farm TrWIS MORRIS OWNP7R 202141 Mat!' St Fort Worth Lamar 418g DOARD AND ROMA FOR LEASE ROOM and two meals In privat latg sierra about tour miles trout Tet&B Arlington Heights On ear line TETI STUEKTE WELT TN COMANCEE ' In the southwest part of Jack County mar 8710 after 8 a in County is making very hIgh-grade oil Get TEN acres lease joinIng 048 on Company's Texas close TIP acreage from Tr still chtap Rob- tract Ste00 Dar acre Boa 258 Star-Tide-A Addrowa A Harris or G A Erickson 'VERY beet room and board till ert Caraw B ay uxton Iiljg Lat Lai 3181 &rag - - - - ! Bay C-i ljr Temaa - nings - I - V: 1 r A HURSDAY APR1C 19206 N p 08 Alkio STOCKS T SPECIAL NOTICE: 1 d for lease: south- EVANS Avenue Electric Shoo Shop 911 1 T eltpkw I t!Tnel A um InInur U 12 family la Call La 8 Jen PAINTING AND PAPERHANGING R 1390 A M Garrett GRUBSTAKE MEMBERS—Give us your address 203 Star-Telegram IF YOU want your screens repaired sleeP-- ing porch built kitchen cabinet built in or any other carpenter work call Lamar 6066 WALLPAPER CLEANERS We clean your wallpaper for one-fourth the cost of new paper Call us and we will demonstrate free Work guarantee& Fort Worth Wallpaper Cleaning Co IA 3563 CARPENTER CONTRACTOR—Let me Viture your repairs and addition& It Z464 WE HAVE a crew building cement curb and walks In Oakwood Cembtory now If you want work of this kind call Lamar 3448 or Rosedale' 54(m Wear ók A WARNING to the fishermen of Lake Worth safe!y first get your fish bait at the end of Rosen Heights car line at Harris utinnow tank first class IninnOWIL Tho old hfe eaver at the lake BuNGALowS cottages buildings any kind We buid quick accurate no wait ing for your building Call Rosedale 1593 TEXAS CONSOLIDATED SALES AGENCY! from shallow wells in Wagoner Okla Call PAINTING Atct) PAPERHANGING 901 Nista St (Ground Floor) I Kosedale 3046 cr write Box 220 R 1390 A IL GarretL Also Westbrook tote! Lobby cArtizroN EANIES NireNTED—Work in field with producing LET me figure your new and repair work Sole Manager anti Proprietor I oil company would invest some with work- No job too large or too EnialL C S Rad!ing interest I3est references Address ford Contractor L 6204 2 65 Star-Teiegram i FOR painting and calciminling call R F Zumwalt fttedale FEE me first for all kinds of hauling nand grave1 dairy loam Rua 1541 IF you want first-class painting or mining done done right prices right 14411 I R Zumwalt L 1440 VERY small aterlinc mesh przrse reward Lamar 2902 FOR building and remodeling homes call R 2692 FOR ail kinds of hauling Rosedale HO I MAKE a specialty of ladles' fancy under-- wear Phone particulars Rosedale 4090 THE carpenter and painter Is waiting Phone Rosedale 3282 Lowry & Madden ALL MAKES motorcycles repaired- Also a full lino parts carried in stock Pairtzng a specialty Take your troubles to Al Millard 1403 Houston St Lamar C338 0 T J GRADY General Contractor and Builder All Work Guaranteed Office 205 Wheat Bldg L 3108-2922 EXPERT kalsomining painting and papering done at right prices Phone Rosedale 5132 LAVE your guns repaired at 106 East Second St HAVE your lawn mower a anarpened and adjusted at 1 06 East Second St WE paint high buildings a specialty slot do paperhanging calsornining and genera: painting Prices right l'ho tie Rosedale 6331 HOUSE PAINTS all colors 8250 per gal- Ion Southern Grocery Co 1412 Houston St WE will sharpen 11000 lawn mowers I 6822 WRIGHT' REPAIR EllOP ROYAL TYPEWRITER The thoroughbred in the typewriting field Complete stock on hand Demonstratio for the asking Phone Lamar IL Flatiron Building MINERAL WATER CRYSTALS are the beat and most effective laxative on the market Made front Mineral NS elle water by the Texas Carlsbad Water Co For sale everywhere in 15c packages r boxes 74ineral Water Depot agte L 2167 PIANOS RENTED—We rent them and an-ply rent payments on purchase if desired Call or telephone us and w e will select and send one out Brooks Mays ISC Co phone - Lamar 796 1107 Iloustqn St LADIES NOTICE We make old heds Dew Uneeds Carpet and klattreas Factory 601 West Weather ford St Iamar 7145 FOR key fitting and expert rate work call Al Hilliard 1403 liouston St Lamar 38S8 SEEDS AN I rLANts mu supply potato tomato and pepper plants ready Nancy Hall Porto Rico Early White Cream Dooley and Yellow Yarn slips Prices 500 $175 1000 $315 5 000 11450 Acme and Beauty Tomatoes 100 50c 504 $150 1000 $250 Pepper plants Ruby King Sweet and Cayenne ELot 100 75e 500 $27a 1000 $4 All plants postpaid Orders filled at once with fresh plants and packed to arrive in growing condition Longview Plant Co Longview Texas FIFTY If ILL1ON sweet potato plants early market Y190 per 100b large lots exp collect yellow yarn Dooley pumpkin Nancy 500 $160 1000 $275 postpaid express roilect large late $215 L A Lind Big W0115 Texas SWEET POTATO SLIPS OPEN GROWN NOW SHIPPING Nancy' Trans Porto Ricans 8366 F O B Dallas Cash with order DALLAS PLANT COMPANY -603 Linz Building or I W ctrcK & SONS Oakland A venues Dallas Texan IMPRONICT) Porto Pico potato slips free from weevil April delivery $350 per LOGO leading varieties frost proof cabba se tomatoes and onion plants S:i60 per 1000 Rosenberg Plant Farm Rosenberg TesaA PURE half and half cotton seed for sale Ft E Main M D Thafla Texas 1 GOOD Mebane seed 1250 per bushel bl I express 0 b Snyder Texas cash with all t orders O L Jones ---—- -- PRONOGRAPII and Piano repairing done 1)7 experts at reasonable prices Work called for and delivered Phone Lamar 1811 Bo 114 Ina Piano Co 46 -Yenning Ave cAurrx t:zbEB S RUGS—RUGS—RUGS Cleaning and weaving Call Lamar 1471P Altegl CA L Ims-rur-mIcirre 00000000060006ftobit PIANO? RENTED—W rent them and apply rent payments on purchase if desired Call or telephone us and we will salect a4 send one out Brook May" & Co phont Lamar 796 1107 Houston St I WILL BUT your used piano for cash J A Chapman L $S CARPET CLEANERS rrtmc-rvar! vacuum carpet cleaner tor rep& lasheadille NM II '1 k I re' Is 4 A I t 3 3 6 - ! f I ' 1 I 4 t ' r p t i r t - 3 r t r - I t MN S p OE PI et en Di on F p lc sf w A Ilia 21 A' ti ft 4! - - tr oft ( PI f! 131 tc TI or 11 — P It SI 1 sr 11 — v Sg to - telt or telep0000 on moo we v-is' e-tuut un - -- - - -- - 121 Ph ----- --- ------- --- t 14s 4'i0 acres price S65 per acre a-mination or I will furnish free attorney 's one Lamar 7 ' TFX a- St CONSOLIDATED A 11rn common with our Main Office idil cf our - '-- ----- --"--------- send one out Brook Maya & Co phont tr minion of good title This lea se is only Branch offices at Shreveport La and Los saes miles from deep well on Figure 2 ranch Angeles Cal Office 665 I W Hellman 1 sax the north only 12 miles from the Sierra Bldg Blanco field and between the Dan SullY Address all communications to the main holdings and the two wells drilling in Hueco office at an Antonio Texas Deleon Will furnish blueprints and full parlicabilat but next 111onday is latest to e you S can buy Put your order in early and get souTHEA sTfutN NEW rxtEXICo NOT WISE COUNTY We have the exclusive sale for the oil and gas lease on three tree-qv close to drilling wells and can sell a t a reasonable price Ma ke up our rind quick for Wise County in coming th front the samo am Wilbarger and many others For big list of over 2500000 acres in Texas oil leases TEXAS rossoTToATro SALES AGENCY 501 Main Fit (Grotind Floor) Also Weetbrook Hotcl Iobby CARLTON F AMES Sole 'Manager and Igroprletor ' SALES A GbENCY 501 Main Street and Westbrook Hotel Lobby at-IL buy leases in Eratb Stephens East- land Archer Wilbargcr Hardeman Mills Comanche Viso I'ark-r Ilasnell Calla- - han BrOWO and other counties submit 7061 628 acres price 69 per acre 1200 acres price 625 per acre I am going to sell this land Get busy If interested in a farm 0 It Main St Fort Werth Lamar 4188 LEWIS 'MORRIS OWNER Lamar 796 1107 Houston St to o------ I WILL BUT your used piano for cash J A Chapman L gas eir PHONOGRAPH and Piano repairing done be experts at reasonable prices Work or ca a I ' a section or more et this -lease at reek bot- far from ”Brown BItg' and "Illinois Pro- full information call r lowest cash price With h maps for nd delivered Thone Iamar MI Boll I xisti prices ducer No 1 Just north of 1-1Poe Ns County 11 A STILES SOUTHERN CoNSOLIDATED ns Piano Co 46 Jennings Ave PEO — i MIT TON EVETtETT "Toyah" and Hell" wells: $ig cash and 601 Main St Fort 11-erth TROLEUM' C 4 Reynolds Bldg Fort Werth amount for 4 months buys 41-aere Texas 210 Anchor 31dg F AR Fort Worth I BOARD AND Roma cAurrx CLEANLr1111 lied - i 111 Texas same lease 16c rental May strike it big ere yen eeeweokeoteeseeme Ft I LEASE8 for sale 6 serval up CD govern- pay it out Map free Consider soberly and m Gt ent located etructure between Burkbrunett act before these 16 pieces are gone Bank TIT STUTKI WELL T S!! IE N ComANcyce o Hart this month write references County is making very high-grade oil e TEN lse jii acres eaonng Co ouh 640 on rripeny FOR LEASE ROOM arid two meals In privat family in RUGS---RUGS---RUGS Iota acres about roue miles from Flute Arlington Heights on car line Call Le-Rd and weaving Call Lamar MTV sd ewitt Well to st in the stw est art of D & W1 P Jack County mar 6710 after 8 a in he Bi - now while price Is low ixon 111n- W ELAcFrrE AY I 5 :s ons ltgais ilia Inclaita leA -CA4 1 611 N11111 5Z a- Texas close rip acreage from mie still cheap Rob-tract SI000 Dar acre Box 258 Star-Tele- Addrs A es Harri or C A Br VERY beet roo s ichaon room ant bo d eel 14 Orth loam tert Caraway Burtfvn Llag Lainag UST Val - - - -- x--- - - - A Bay Citlie Texael r - - v - niugia CARPET CLEANERS Fi ar 410 8 Jen- InvecTvar! scacuttra carpet cleaner tor soli& 1V gc a 046bli ” t 1 P1 -- Til 1 7 $ e k - '14 III 13 7A it Ifr: 1o r 1 4347 o 1 A I :! ) A I ral I (11:j l' OIL : t f 1 !4 'qr 1 y Yi 4:11- k ' ii : 1 "60004004 '1 1 4 TEXAS -- I V 111' 1 1 : 1 1' i 11 r 1 - k 4 P 1 ' I i i ''' il ' I t IthndIetepedyrionuiti ! i- '' 1 i P -- il I ! ii 1 1 ' -: oeveral g ' 101 walla DC 1 4-: I i - I I that prc 1I ti I oil field 4 it 4 g 1 - glut Mi 11 il '1 i V ! i velopmel Adildress iv 11 4 V i 'il 1 lir '1 :a i1 -I 1 -------- i:1 1 i- 1! TEXAS Pi i y! :1 11 FOR SA '1! i: :i of land well nol ! 'i i 1 With exi 'ii 'I four hill :1 -21 Is -1 J B Ai - 1 ki : i ! '"'t 'r'' 11 11 1 ::- -I 1 I 1 11 ' 1 1-yesr ' :I : ! J11 1 airlines AI 4 1 ' 238 t -It Ft il 600 30C ) i - 11 i 1 f- I 35 IC 41 ! i ! I II 1: i ' - i II -'1: t i 1 ill tit 4 1 'iq 1 t 11 - I : - 1H' I -I! il 41 i 11 1 1 : 1 i I- 4 I !I t 1 - : ti :t 4 it I Li t 1 1 1 t - r hi I ! U I lea -- Sill 1 i: 11 it 1 ' 4 1 i' A II t it -- 'I C 1 ':'1 r- t I' wAIrr I ' I' !J -: 3 !i win -li twit 111 ' i onecif il 1 -end re I' st numl li vompal 4- or In :IS 4: r ' :i strictly 1ri 7": 4 O with a L1 11 Clasa 1 11 ii l 17 ji 1 '- 7 Zi I 4 t P i' 1 I rEll! i I -' i' i' ii 1 -'' " -- i 1 T I Al 1 : Fra t 11 4 n t :' : any of !I tzz I' 1 en larg n l' - 1 f - ow b 11 ' 1 i - 1- "Ploi l' S z' I's tz l iI i t Ii II 1 ! r IVe ' 0 : t- I' the ht II I!' I! northw II ' 1 ii is loca center t: drilling i I l 5 ' dJoini d II l'' - : 300 al thie se It ii i lectiort -41 i I prices: 5 40 ti ' ii 1 0 Get '-i I - II ouick13 zi 1 t trict IS -i f tl Th d '' ':I in the 3 Ire l' Ell I t 4 I' q t t 1! : !! 4 I ------ i !i t ' I' AnIC !I 4 ''' : t kie -we I r!:! -P write 4 11 :' I"- -- I I 1 r - ! r : i I-7! 1 i - '' 17AN'T '' - i li : 7i or oil I must b t - I t need n -- ': il :-: -- 3 Jrd F ' - 1- 'T '' - I 1 41 r-3 i 1 NEW i j- f T‘ I 4 1 I 1 bal 1 i 0: Ilona 0 1 I ii 4 ) eon and I sections 1 p i ' ' T 1 i 71 if ) tions mt one bu I :11! I lease d i i ii Patente 1 ii I arninati iv V 1 inion - it 1 1 Veit mili 1'''' ii1-: 1 I mat the : Thane° 1 ' ti" r hIstosni de cib vnt iglyi ! Bo)' i 1 1 y 4 ' partieWi r ' i!4i 1 - P 1 1 1 1 - ' ' i i r i 'olitt JP ri ! ' i 1 I 1114 Rey i51 i ----- ' LEASME ' merit lei 0 and Hsi -i i now lob -I kol- go& boa 't : ' I i'l ' -4: - t- 1 ii Ni' tt 44i:z 111 1! I' p

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