Fort Worth Record-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas on March 21, 1920 · 18
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Fort Worth Record-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas · 18

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 21, 1920
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rAGE MIRO! 20 '1020 FORT WORTH RECORD 4 7-a AI in Mk 1 liZIAIIK 11 110 V ow a u in I ta LA 1 i T i i yah basin The uplift is shown not I say he said about all there is to be said be devoted to" Shreveport and the North -- I li S- P rcliromi company s survey No : this hole The Ward county well also is only by the fact that the rook in the right now Lo uisiana oil fields Mr Cornfield abstract 1090 recently reported on 'expected to bit the oil sands at 2100 and Following is the drilling report of op- 11' (sepal from its apex IlOrth dips to the I Pecos has the live wires E Phoecian !representing the mugazine is in Shreve-sand is shot down awaiting supplies 2400 feet is the g oat of the Lm eean test south but is also shown on tile lave 4it Howard alone is sufficietit to put a pullet I port lining up Mrs Cornelia Walsh the erations in Archer county as compiled bY TIe Burktiiisher I hi company's well in Loving ' the c:ountry south of it A deep swale in the field as far LIS plibliCity and Prel- 1 MagliZilletil North Louisiana correspondW O Yoling local operator: No I It Chisholm survey shut down at The Sunshine corporation also is pre- i running back several miles marks the onotion is convened Howard is playing ' ent Wiit) Will i4upply nrtieles concerning ral feet paring to start a blitillOW teSt ill SP tion C The Iiiillible Oil Well No 1 N E cors " : a pex of the anticline or the break in the !Pecos across the boards Ile Made a kill- development in the Five Field and l'hi Oceola Oil company has a rig in i 15 blo '2 ck Reeves county also two tests t ner Dallas county sehool hied survey iplift caused like the opening of two I ing in Home Oil Refining buried a hooking after the business end of the transt for location No 1 on block No' tear Toyab lake Reeves otinty foldin rs g doo as MIWIWII M by the eno-lbutidie in Tillman county and ctillit' back protsisition drilling at 17li5 feet 6 Palo Pinto county sehool land survey The SIIIIS'hilie corpo retion is headed by llinal slopes of the &latently northwest of Dundee Alfred Tinally Judge Will Brady Major to life again liTitillelally speaking in the i Tile supplement will contain a large The Bell weil is located in the Center I limner field You can't keep Howard :number of pages and several of the largest SilkLangford-Soott well No 1 N E about one mile The Wichita Valley Oil company has D J Brady IL T Biggs Of Pecos and 4 i 1 corner T E & L Co surrey No 1‘1011 !pea of the greatest anticline In Ithiwu i interests operating in this territory have made two lieW locations mirth of Dundee Boy D Barnum treasurer Judgo Brady 1 ' 'e N drilling at 3tilri feet 1 exas Geology tittches that at the base I Phoecian e0VPred Washington for the I taken space The art work in the Ruti- n! well known in this section of 1sa- of the slope of every mien anticline will Nw york World performed as private ' pletuent as it appears la the "dummy" siniftir (to )O won 1)M a )il advises operations will begin Mime— Ilhe corporation maintainisi headquarters No 1 N E corner lot '21 block No 5 th'il'''Y u I be found a collection of oil aud geologY secretary for the late Joseph Pulitzer " I also teaches that under the apex of everY journalist and since then has turned a few h inLos Angeles until recently and is Clark & Plumb pasture ilrilling at :"4ii Th Horseshoe Western Oil company AIIPMPENEINEIPMEMIMP lef't has a rig up for a test two miles south of draling in the Montebello field of Cali- 1 closed anticl n ine is a collectio of il The other stunts that mark him am a cal:wide -- - s - -sis fornia -A coo ey adins 1 Dr Erick so n ge i 10- Bell test promises to prove that these man Wateh his smoke i f the Bell well ittirk rcher Oil mpat kroh r it M k ' - ' — well No 1 edg tcciiiiite tg I 6-0 One Thous and n for Acre itil ll No 1 company ha on B B s! T ucker and Dr deductions are absolutely correct pumps fifty barrels daily for three weeks " stic i feet made a I oo t i we gists worked out the Peon! dirt tor Soma of the wise owls ran always be s e :Sunshine eo Holliday S ontheastern Oil ecmpac !1 & ( raiirijail company's survey -si rolmil BASIN GEOLOGY 1 i RUAIANIAN OUTPUT 'depended on to act as e killjoys These well No 1 14 14 blwk 3 Clark & Plumb ': abstract clllM south of Mankins der- th rporation Totah basi n i 11 a 1I I ike a ha If bola w ki I ten you that tile Txas elfin rite eig tiodiday sontheastern oil CMpig TIN 4 " " ' '"" " n ' " ''' m A ' ' Tol1 BASIN till'AlLOGY RUMANIAN OUTivr 'depended on to) act as killjoys These! well No 1 14 H Hoek 3 Clark & l'hinth 1: abstrait 11:ll soirth el Manklus der- Toyali basin is shaped like a half a 1 boys will tell you that the 'lexas e4111 Nog ure installing new mahinery at 710 nck "P a" ""14 in machinery saucer with the base of the ShltivS Ctql- IS LARGER IN 1919 pany drilled two deep dry holes in Toyali 1 4- - - - - - feet I verging on the central area of v Ilit'll 1 h Basin What of it? f! Amber Oil company's well No 1 hi'k 1 TRAPSHOOTER REILLY Bell well is the center This basin is 120 THAN YEAR OF 19171 Iturkburnett has dry holes so has No 37 W IL Coleman d 's ran' drilling 1 IllileS long by 60 m he iles wide with t Ranger and they get ern ill even field' at l'aki feet l CONFIDENT HE WILL !monoclinal ' slows from the mountains ! l Toyah is tnenty miles southwest 111'eece at -akt feet CUAHOLIN I HE WILL !monoclinal' siopes from the mountains IToyili is tssenty Ini-lcs southwest of Peoos Amber Oil company's well No 1 south all sloping toward the Pecos river The 1‘-stliNtyros Mar oh 20—Ruman- : Stanton Troxel and a flock of El l'ilso end adjoining Tow nsite of Ifol!iiiiiy in at GET OIL IN PECOS first Is drilled in tho 'famploo field ian protluction of oil for the firmt half 'men are drilling deep and shallow wells alio feet and well No 2 spudded in were located near the too of the slopes f 11119 is larger than the total produc- In Toyith and getting g soe oil — Dow -Baker CO company's well No I icONTINI- ED FKVA PAGE ONE 1 of the basin but they did not get largo ti On of 1917 The figures on the other Toyali has aliallow holes that make ell 1 block 17 C A Mangold subdivision shut I — I wells becallso the stratas had been hand are less than half those for the : at 150 feet not much a barrel or so a down at 300 feet Too till company from tlimin to the i drained of their oil to the lower part of entire year of 10Is During the first 'day but Toyah oil nieu point to the fat Dee & Bellimrt wa No 1 block No whitelitiker rati 1 w Lere a location has the sloPe When wellS ‘N ere Ilrillq1 at air months of 1010 the produotion that a chemical analyi ham ahos it that 26 l' Mangold subdivision rig up and - OlOCE e the bott om of the slope the 1111'i:est pro- : littIOUllted TO r1270011 tOns against 449- j tbia oil is worth as high as $30 a barrel ooen ItittiO Ott SelNoll 1 I L A il Moving in machinery during in the world were found tkal tnnS for the whole of '1017 A ml 1- I tor its lubricating qualities' Tos-llohlon Oil company's Nvell No 11derrick is already up This will be the Ity multiplying the Imigth of the 'foyall 2(0000 tons for 191S Great Britain I Toyah will tirofit by the Preilt4 IMonl block 10 C A Niangold subdivision drill- ' nest test to be spmbled in in Peeos I basin lllit miles by tho width of its has contraot41 with the Steaua Itorlitalitl i It is a part of the field which covera a Mg 710 foot I county slaty's- sits 5tt tidies and then by a quar I Concordia Vega Petrol Illook and Aquilla territwry 1(tn miles loug and six ts in i ItA 1110 & heliport well No 2 block No lirldiN: d'111 ter of a mile the thickness of the oil ' Francollo a o man cmpanie or 0 s f 5000 1 wide and maybe more I block 10 C A Mangold blibdiviSiOn drill- ' next test to be spudded in in Peees l basin n 1l0 'Mice by tho width of its has contracted with the Steaua Romania l It le-a part of the field which covets a Mg 110 feel county slop say 50 miles qu and then by a ar Con V P eordia ega etrol Illoek and Aqui lia territiwry 100 miles loug and zii)(ty LIU It4 i Ih'e & heliport well No 2 b o IRION COU NTY loek N ter of a mile the thieknees ef the oil Francollomana companies for 50000 wide and maybe more i 5 Mmegold subdivision loi-iation 1 bearing rock under the basin it runs! tone of oil to be delivered at Constanxa "0" --- - "- 1 In Irion eeitity the NIIRI'"'''Iti' °it & from 100 to reel feet in thiehnees one or RrailaX comparatively small amount ILEGISLATIleee TO 4fl Iteldn'ont thl e°111I'a"S m well No li Befitting cenipanY im il'eailng Ole arrival can rindiee the great body of rock that I of this year's production ham been et- FOR NIIIITAR11 'I It INING I block 14 Nlangiild subdivision setting i of 1e00 lukI of ten in11 lupe before hem - easing at 500 feet - nits 014) iirtimPli 4o Olt 1 pOrtOd WASHINGTON Nlarch 110--Chairnian 1 gi"III"g 14"1fitilI"' "t it' 1-'""it "e"' l This eollection or iii it im believed Kahn of the hottee military committee ---t---- Tex Oil eorporation'e well No 1 II- i shieh sas drilled at jear Casing hal extends for many mile olive the river I Build Large Tanks today eelected a sub-committeim to frame & T C raiirotiel compater sore- No l'i i aireall) been tiros ii from the shallow and for a untidier of miles up the slopes i N lotle i March tei--The Stan ovi d- legislation prdin sal g for univer eon- block 4 drilling at 1':5ii feet test seventy-five feet instant shit h gave E W Long after this slope collecti011 WitP made aril Oil vompany is to own the greatest tare training a majority of filch is le 51 A Extension Weil NO 1 biOek I sliowingm of oil at 431 and 44S feet It ca ("0 feet of rock to be ii posited upon l oil tankers in the world It has ordered 1 ei'msidered favorable to tho adeption of Palo Pinto county school land survey' wits to test these sande that the shallow l the surfarie of the Toyali bastu as it sae two tankers of 20:eiO Maid weight tons I training plan RepreePlVtlitIVPh Dent drilling at 1500 feet I well was drilled ' when thee mountaine were uplifted an- which will break all reeorde The veil- Alabama and Quinn Mississippi Demo-- Dundee Gil & Gee company's Ivell N I Reek Sprilgs says that aecording to 'other uplift oertirreil in the vicinity of i eels will en-et about el1500000 reek Carilerate are the only selections regarded as I blisik 11 Pain Pinto compam) school reliable reporte Itellielum & Trees have the hell well Thie uplift is Nvhtit geed- i go capacity for liquid fuel will be 140- unalterably oppotied to compulsory train- i hind survey drilling at 950 feet devided to drill a nes hole ou account of ogists term a closed anticline This up- l 000 barrels lag 'Warrior Oil con pant well No 1 block 1 the gas pressure causing a big cave-in 2:1 l'alo Pinto eonnyt sehoel land survey whieh caught a string of tools some- - - - - - - - -- -- - --- - -- -- - -- - reported on sand at 1010 fet l here bete tem 34010 and 31400 feet The I ziereevsleereer Tyleesiregeerepirigre- ' ' "-'--- i-: - '-' --1 -i ''''417-'"Z77r77774141""r e 1 E Dow et al well No1 centre part derrii k new in use is an old OM' and in 'iL'igiaeeIfielimiii4iia4bgaigeggdegegmeetegeggegkigagat - ' - -- - - - -ie- -- - : - - i - William Mann surveY abstract 211 lost bad emelition A new rig is said to be hole 400 feet skidding rig at Kerrville while from another souree it ite Nlankins Oil & Development eompliny' either ev s hns been learned that there are materials -- well Ne I S E eoruer S P railroftil ' en route for the repair of the old rig In -- Oniy 20 Unts Left - eompany's survey No 1 abstract 4"1 ent it is vonsidered very likely 4 drilling at 4150 feet installing pump that a Lew well will be put down William Mann survey abstract 211 -lost bad condition A IIPIV rig is said to be hole 400 feet skidding rig at Kerrville while from another souree it Mankins Oil & Development eompany's has been learned that there are materials well No 1 S E corner S P railroad ' en route for the repair of the old rig In companys survey No 1 abstract 4'!1 either event it is vonsidered very likely (frilling at 050 feet installing pump that a Lew well will be put down 1 1 l'erkins well central part 1 Col- There were only three changes during ling-worth survey abstraet No OS drill- I the iveek in Ilenaril Mason and Kimble ing 1110 feet skidding rig 1 eounties In Metiard county easing arThe Ationtie Oil & Development eorn I rived!for the Itrazios-Nlenard Oil & Gas ' nettle's well on the Ed L Meara panys well No 1 N W part Allison - ''Yn o :ration HMI Waq 111Vetl out It will De set Arnis survey drilling at :lust feet Burk - A reher - I tome pa to 142 feet to permit the resumption of ( ''''' e'"I'''''n ! drilling There have been showings of well lot 4 block 00 Amerfran 'Prihune hot It oil and as in this well New C olony C011ipsuy's subdivision spud- i 1 In maam gcounty Cochran & Stuart ded in i' were reported to have at last straight- O I lot 2 l'rtCity Oil & Gas crenpany'‘ ''''" ' ened their Well which 1A84 down 111S N bl'''k )4"1'''rian Tnibline I feet and were pulling the casing Whether New Colony company's subdi ision drill- 1 this means that the test is to be aban- in at 450 feet I dotted or that the pipe will be reset is Union Ott & Produeing company'a I not known here During the week the well No 1 blow k 21 I )enton e1111111 I Delva-Tes Oil company in Kimble connschool laud survey N''' 2 drilling at 650 ty drilled from 050 to 700 feet in the feet well No 1 block 1 Patterson well Ford-MeClendon Denton county (school land survey N 3 MARSHALL ASKS FOR drilling 1 N INSTILL CIE") DELFAiATES Sidua-Burk Oil company's well No 2 N E corner Brazos eounty school land MACON Ga March 19--An appeal survey drilling at 090 feet for Georgians to select an uninstructed The Staley Oil company's well No 1 delegation to the San Franciseo conven- f"errnan Emigration & Land company's tion was reeeived here today from Mark survey No 2 drilling at 3i0 feet ' Thistlethwaite private secretary to Viee Royal American Petroleum company President Thomas It Marshall who de-- has purchased a rig and will PrPet same l (dared that this was Mr Marshall's re-on 11 Carson survey No 151 as soon as ' quest The Viee President is in Arizona ralrl I C 1 F Hip Hip Hurrah Stuff MANY TESTS oRlitin Iteagmer tictns ar e able to haul material to Ira Bell Former Insurance lolit:l'ittlliciitit Po'I'D o' it' nli llierttLe:ifint''Thre 1 Section of Petroleum Age Pinley-Minnich et al operating cm Mr I Man Drills Well in Pecos cooling off of the eartha cruet through Overnight Wild Rush Ages mud WI made slowly for Pecos-Toyah Basin LU i Call & Sanderson lease one mile south! to Tell of Louisiana Field !t Holliday have completed their sev- Abner Davis in Field eologits i s Gs claim that such an uplift tailed in seetion 20 block '2o ages and 1 SHREVEPORT La March 20 --A!rt I ARCHER couNTy etth olut:irl a 1ftidnidiries rmeTellinefi aritgas (t4 atattltr)te ! ic N 1600 feet and produces around twenty bar I rids to the nell osristEil ltiri PAGE ONE1 inch in 0 years — --- — — Laura drill will hit oil at 2100 feet ages ago It uplifted slowly possibly au 10 but at the present time ------ tCoNTINTED FRoN( PACE ON!) entire section or supplement to the April i8SUP of the Petroleum Age a monthly has utilifted to the extent of 1200 feet "All depende on how much the Bell l peridoical devoted to the oil industry in i The Gi Oi m lliland l copany's well No Eight inch casing is now being run in Ihis illifl is egarded am an authority nill 1 is Vila 017 tine 8 iciTl ter of h not shows owis my the pump" said Hill and ill whi it it r - d about all there Is to be said be devoted to ShrevP e ort and the North --- !1 S P railroad company's survey No this hole The Ward county well also is oillYytt lbynit8h1(1" latq let12 it fi e ''roe11) Va Ilot 1 riaghtle n:8V1 I lin' uisiatia oil ' fields Mr COrnfield nf op i 11L11bsitritiilto t 1 (no!n racviaqiittillyig rseuppopritieeds on e4g4wifedeettonihtlitlet lgIniolil of a lit!: aLtee211110011 teens Following i th dri : s e lling report ennal from its apex north dips to the I Pecos has the live wires E Phoecian 1 representing the magazine is in eratio Shreve- south b ut is also shown on the faee of illoward alone is sufficient to put a punch i u M 'port lining p rs Conlia Vaih t re Nshe ns in Archer co unty a s compile d by ! The Iturivtiosher I hl company's well in Loving 'ma1:: Sc S 0 tit IWZM72 tritiZ3 r 14 1-4 t il OF TEAS anti:- LOvi 7p4q4 41 M'S C g' Owners of 1 70000 Acres of the Cream of the Acreage in particularily noticable and Shreveport and the entire North Louisiana district will derive far reaching benefits front the supplement hich will present tit ! most dependable of the several sources of the nation's future Oil 14upply before 04 oil world MI the general public in forceful and telling 111811110 DRILLING ON DIXIE WELL NEAR Iii1ONft Og moNlinE Ta Mareh 20--With Indio cations of sueeess in the attempt to find' oil in the Dixie well ten tulles southwest Nionroe drilling operations will be l'e MU moil at once and the WPII drilled tt) a depth of 3500 feet Operations at this well have been stopped for some time And it wilt believed the hole had been abandonNi but it is said the shutdown WAS otiose(' by washouts and muddy roads whieh made it impossible to obtain fuel sari 1 thwest Syndicate PECOS TEXAS Lands leases royalties production and city property Information on the field cheerfully furnished by experienced oil men Westex Abstract Co BOX 79 PECOS TEXAS Abstracts furnished on short notice Write or wire us your orders t:BC C 0 s Fiel ()unties 'NI DRILLERS 0 E FA 411-US LAURA VICTO LEEM AN AND GROG A "N 4 ELLS We Extend a Hearty Welcome and the Glad Hand of Fellowship to All Legitimate Oil Men TEL !: ' I ' N " A N ''' 'EX PEC 1: - TEXAS zatcv:sz:ozrscá:11otrxzlilli:mzmlAs(104&'zzol Only 20 Units Left SYNDICATING 80 ACRES IN LOUISIANA Located Section 21 Township IT Range 10 Webstcr I'arish La right between Homer Caddo and Bull Bayou which are bringing in from '20fest to 40000 barrels high grade oil every day This is Our Syndicate N 3 and we don't intend to offer another at this price With almost 200 wells now drilling all around our sit acres we believe that in PO days or less we will be able to pay ISuir from 4: 'trate! to $1000 for every unit you buy now at $35 1Ve have divided this SO acres into 30 units and offering l' them at $35 per unit First come first served "EIGHTY UNITS AT $35 PER UNIT' - - WE HOPE TO RETI RN 0i3O00 FOR EVERY UNIT IN LESS TILAN 00 HAI'S This is not an oil company nor do we intend to drill We simply hold this SO acres for the rising values ': You can readily see the possitilties of your small investment when you realise that the Homer Field is about six months old 1Ve expect an over-subscription in one week aud we urge you as we did on our other syndicate Don't wait till its all over Send us immediately your cashier's check or money order for as many units at $35 each as you desire not to excowl 10 units We reserve the right to return your money upon over-subscrip- - i tam FIRST COME FIRST SERVED Certificate of interest will be mailed upon receipt of your remittance ' Attorrkey's Opinion on This Lease Sent on Request BAUM INVESTMENT COMPANY r TEMPORARY TRUSTEE 435 Burton Bldg Phone Lamar 3421 Fort Worth Texas r ' rt It Ir - 1 4 R 3 0 -441 4 0 1) 0 I 411 El t t JP p

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