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Fort Worth Record-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas • Page 1

Fort Worth Record-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas • Page 1

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:

Wahl Fast TrsasWednetoday generally fair wanner In northeaat portion Er-rally lair Thursday West TerasWednesday and Thaws-flay or 117 Let no day pass without doing your utmost to help make the world safe for democracy I VOL XXII FORT WORTH TEXAS WEDNESDAY MORNING JULY 3 1918-TWELVE PAGES NO 262 IL USH A I OOOOOOO Ob "VVI) TH Ri Gr' i ti I 1 -4: I I I A iv so wg 11 i) 11 0 I wagrwoo It 1 it tik ft 11 4 All iv )1 I Ai i THESE FAIR LASSIES BRAVED THE RAIN TUESDAY TO SOLICIT MEMBERSHIPS Olin! et ii PREM) ENT AKES PUBLIC RECORD OF 'REALACHIEVE' ENT pd I I I 0" ivr s4 4 -7 i 4 01 4 Gives Out Letter Received From Secretary Baker Detailing Transportation of Khaki-Clad Crusaders Since May 8 1917 Service of Navy Commended I i113117 04 A 14 t'''0 4 I' 4 s- 44 A 444 71'' filogif 17- r- 1-7r "A)! 1'4 (4! '4 4 1 '4 s' 4 Lt '1 i 4NA0 vsq faelL7-Ss1 6 1 i 4 Lit11 'Z' Ist' ki 414: i 4 7 W- S'' 14'' 1 -N! 4tAti It' 'f t11i Z' r' 4 ilk 4 1' 1' 16 4 It NE v' 4 re 1 y'-7 3t etv i 1-7 is 4 1 :4 -vp 1" 1 4v-t- (- ''4'(4 '4 't: 4)' I 14 411 1 4" y4'f'I 't 4 I "1 iii' I '''0 1 i 1 11- i K' 4 4 i '4 4' 11 '4 f's-' 1ki P'1i iv i'k 1 1 44t) 4 Ns? '-c 4 1 4 24 4 4 NA i A eli I 31 Apwq' 3 i SZ 1 4Vittit 14' -0(' I 4 1 4 VO ii-' oq c) 7- 141 4 Alta "14 4 "'74 a' 41 sf44 1 1' 41 1' tv: 0 fl '''SAtz i ''''A lit AN- -4 4 g'-' A-' VIR4 ''c 40'1 trAft'1-1 i '--'Wt 4 4 It I OM' 4' AS A i'' ''w111'llfiw'rrr 1 1- A I i emIttlYfq0-74t ''t L' 4 ''''1 '4! 1 1 --447-''--- 1 i'''''-'4: '4: v'k' i 'S47 -1L 'P' i -A': 7- i' '''tii' 31'-'A-r i ''''xik c---- -141 r-' 7 'e A 7-'4'N 4 i- -q 'ioT047t '1 5'''4 1N'i 41'4 -1' A a li! 4 'c I I tsE 44: 4 4 I 7 fIN Atl 4 '''dJ ''s 7---- "0 'it qi-: i 1 It'1)1 ti'--(4':" '''4'17uk4114-41'144 gl i 47-74' i 1 '1 A--: i AA( Vs 4 r7f 'i 4 -t-'ipAIt(''''-1i-7 4 1 1 i--- tt-'ti 4 00-- 1 1 4 4-2' 4N Tr' 17r7- '1- wo''''" q'-4 e4i: 1 ''Ir It' 4 it' 1- 7 ierrY'VK "11'4 r1 470c'1A4A40'404441640441U444tAt 444 (I LlsodierisZate' 'k'' 'i 1: 41 a prier? IVASIIINGTON July troops seo overseai rumbered 1019115 July 1 This was made known tonight by Prnident -Wilson who gave thq public a letter film Seci'etaty Ilaker disclosin a record of achievement which the President said "must cause universal satisfaction" and which zivo additional zest to our national celebration of the Fourth of July" The first American shores 'Nlay 1917 General Pershing following twelve days later and at the end of the month 1718 mon had started for France June saw this number inereased by 12261 and thereafter khaki clad "crusaders" from the HE DE Amolla western republic went overseas HEART OF AME1114 Left to right: Misses Josephine Lehane Mary Louise pair of ardent workers A meeting of captains and team ing Tuesday But despite the incte- workers of the A membership ment weather many continued their efforts campaign will he held at hoadquar The government has appointed a speterm Wednesday morning at 9 o'clock tciaI commission to recreation to formulate plans for the continuation to the soldi rs and business men have their cluhm but no ont except the NA of the campaigns A is planning for the girls who are Rain prevented the teams from work- to take the places of the men at the itatk Marewtente Made The March sailing of 232H were REJOICES AT SPEEDY Int-reamed in April to 117211 May saw another 244242 men embark end It month 276312 wore sent away making a total for three months of DISPATCH OF TROOPS 1379210 This Secretary Itaker astd later put th troop movemnt six months ahead of th original program Substantially thirty divisions are now In ole ranee ready for whatevr 4-44-- move th German staff haw In preparation Som of etworte-fitelairms already PreSitit'llt WilSOTI IS St lit ertlynt have been formed into the first field arrrey under Melo! General Liggett upon receipt of the letter from othre Sr bolting trench at t4'eretary Ilaker is as follows: jmportant POintS the battle 11 "I have today received the sod still inherit 144v 'bees broken up and brigaded with this French and I OI IGIVI112 letter from the secreltritish troops And ao when the Ger tan' of war which seems to me rnan thrust come the Amorbutus will 1st called upon to play no mull part in contain in formation that will tnkiinit it be so satisfactory to the coon-Marked Output Imprievelnest Secretary Baker wrote the President Ty that its publication will he thkt the supplies In 'ran for the 1 welvoined fi nil wi ye ti(11 '11 gi i 1000000 men who have gone ix shown! tional zest to our national cele- bv istst reports to be adequate and brat 0 July: added that "the output of our war in- 'orat ion or me rurt it or uly: REJOICES AT SPEEDY DISPATCH OF TROOPS 16 KILLED MD 200 INJURED11111110 IL EXPLOSIONS SYRACUSE War Powder Wrecks HugeDENTON LAO Plant and Rocks City Like an Earthquake Fire Is Cause of Ills METAL IN Nu Explosion al0011a0 SAMMIES LAE CH FIE CE ATTACK mmom40o01 Huns Suffer Heavily and Lose 500 Prisoners as Americans and French Strengthen Battlefront Nearest Paris 01mmft1Emm 1111 JAMES ifilew York Tribune-Fort iVerth Record Cable Nervier) (Copyright islai WITH THE AMERICAN ARMY ON THE MARNE July the most important military Operation they have se far executed American troops to right captured the village of Vaux and also Bois De La Roche west of Chateau Thlerry and advanced their lines on a front of several kilometers occupying strong strategic positions The American line whih before took a sharp inerard bend toward Thiolet now rued almost straight from Boil-reaches to hill 204 The fight much of which I witnessed gave eloquent tribute to the work to be expected of our artillery It was the first time we had effected an operation with exclusivel American guns and our arLilery work won warm praise from the French officers Aviators 'lake Purl American aviators in considerable numbers took part in the operation guarding our atiVIttit4t 'against the attack of enemy al rpIias and keeping the scene free from Boats flyers After a clash of five of our machines with a greater number of German planes two of our machines are missing The prieoners an far counted number some 500 including ten officers The attack took place in front of the stretching village of Triangle then north of the Bole Clerembauts across the Paris road and running south of Vault Vaux was an important objective being considered vital to the Germans for holding Chateau Thierry The fight had been planned for ten days Our intelligence officers had learned to an exact Idea the details of the villages Maps of the two villagee were made on a large scale showing not only every house but the nature of every house and every rave wine cellar or other retreat that might hide soldiers These caves were known to harbor Germans and were certain to he their refuge On these mope every battery was given a number of houses to destroy every Cave was assigned to some gunner who was to close the entranees To the infantry were given maps of the villages and to the squads under corporals was assigned the job of cleaning up the cellars containing Germans To each cellar Was assigned ai) many Americans Artillery Leta Loose At o'clock yenterday morning our artillery let loose on Vaux The guns scattered along a long stretch were centered on the unfortunate place Thent in a merciless methodical faehion we set to work to depopulate Vaux of the Buns All morning our guns big and little pumped high explosives and gas Into the village The aim was the CONTINUED ON l'AGE TWO RECESS PLANS FOR EGRESS ABANDONED WASHINGTON July today disposed of much important legislation but encountered a variety of obstacles in Its program to recess this week until Aug 10 Hopes to close down tomorrow before the Fourth of July holiday were abandoned The resolution authorizing the President to take over the telephone and telegraph lines the 812000000000 army appropriation bill the proposal to increaee the government guaranteed price for wheat to $250 per bushel and war-time prohibition were among the issues in the complex legtsiative situation delaying a recess Speaker Clark tonight eald the recess plans had 'gone glimmering" The plans were to have the resolution empowering the President to take over telephone and telegraph lines reported to the house and lie over until August Leaders were agrPed that the army appropriation bills would be completed before any recese is taken Slow progress on stellate legislative amendments to the bill was made today by the conferees Aviator Is Injured By Propeller Here Seeord Lieutenant Arthur Parsons of Gloucester Mass a pilot at Tanaferro field was seriously injured by the propeller of a machine he wag ayTueadav Fe was taken to the post hospital whore he was operated on It won reported Tuesday night that hie condition an critical Launching 31Prchant Ships Is Del to Huns (Associated Pess) WASHINOT0N July 2 No Mors defiant answer could be 4 itivPn to the enemy's challenge said a cablegram received today from General Pershing in reply to one sent by Chairman Hurley of the shipping board informing 0 the American fighting men in France that the shipbuilders at home would launch 100 merchant 0 ships July 4 0 44ivi 66 PRI Iest -er 341444444(vs POLITICS IN NEED OF IA OE'S INFLUENCE 311fr SPEAKER SAYS Mrs Lena Gardiner Addresses Enthusiastic Audience in North Fort Worth "The vote in the greeted instrument of power ever given to women and they ran nee it to benefit their children and themselves" declared Mrs Lents Gardiner Prenident of the Fort Worth Suffrage aertociation before cheering audience of North 5'ort Worth women at moms meeting held in Marine park Tueminy evening "Women should vote because the mother instinct in them will cause them to bring about many needed reforms" coltinued Mrs Gardiner "For instance women worked for the plumage of the national anti-child la- bor law This act has been declared unconstitutional by the United States supreme court and the only way the women of the country can get this reform established is bY the women of free suffrage ataten going to the polls and electing candidates to congress who will vote for the submission Of the measure as a constitutional amendment After they have forced its submission the women can secure its adoption by first gaining the ballot In a sufficient number of states And the women of America serve notice on all and sundry powers that have opposed and nullified this act that they will never stop in their efforts to cave the children of this nation from wage slavery Mingle Moral Standard "One thing has occurred in this campaign in Texas that has never occurred before in any other campaign in thin state to my knowledge and that is that candidates have come out in the open and declared themselves for a single moral standard for men and women "It is significant that under the old political system when WOIllen were put In jail for alleged infractions of the moral law nothing whatever was done to the men who were equally as guilty This sort of injustice is going to be ended by public officials who will have to rely in the future upon the ballots of women to place and keep them in power" Mrs Gardiner gave a brief history of woman suffrage in America She said that the first convention on women's rights ever held in the world was held in the United States in 1848 Something Wrong No church is open for political meetings" she cried and this proves that something is radically wrong with 1 politics It is high time that the churches were thrown open for political discussion of issues that affect the lives and destinies of 100000000 Americane Women will some day bring about a correction of these conditions" This declaration was greeted with great applause Smith spoke on the technicalities of voting and explained to tne women just how to cast a ballot Ile welcomed the women into politics and raid that it was the proudest day in Texas history when her sons gave her daughters the ballot Politics needs woman's refining influence he averred He urged the women to attend precinct meetings July 27 He asked all women who had registered to hold up their hands and about half of those in the audience did so About half of the others responded when he flaked for a similar signal from those who Intended to register A number of candidates were given a few moments each in which to make their announcements Vancouver Union Shipyard Workers Walk Out on Strike mmomono (A stociatri Pros!) VANCOUVER July shin- )ard workers said by their leaders to number approximately 2000 laid down their tools at the Coughlan shipyard i here today Professing unwillingness to operate machine Arleen by power upplied by the Western Canada Power company whose union electrical work era lie on strike 0 -me Spanish Influenza Is an Undesirable tRoclaf tel Piest) AN ATLANTiC PORT July 2 --An a precaution against the Introduction into this country of Spantah influenza recently reported as prevalent In Ppain a Spaniatt paesenger liner which ar rived here today was thoroughly furni gated and those on board thoroliahly fixamitted bY federal and state health officers by Bryant Johnson Virginia Caron and a front These atria must have rest and pleamure The 1 A offers them both Every member who mubseribes to the A brings Camp Dunwurkin the dream of the business girl nearer reality This is to be built at Leke Vorth It wilt be open to all who are members ITH HIM AIRMEN wwwmmamabumi A igociated Press) WITII THE AMERICAN ARMY IN FRANCE July air squadron composed of nine machines had a thrilling half hour this morning north (Jr Chateau Thierry with a German flight squadron of the same number At three of the German planes were driven down plunging to the earth and up to 6 o'clock tonight two of the Ameticans had not returned The ttnerican pilots credited with bringing down the German planes are William Hoover of Hartsville Cl Alfred A Grant Denton Texas and John McArthur Buffalo The American airmen acting as a patrolling party came upon the enemy ehortly after 'T o'clock in the morning and immediately attacked The Amer succeeded in getting above their adversaries and after furious exchanges at an altitude of more than two miles drove the Germans down a distance of a mile Two of the American aviators saw one of the Nieuports driven by an American pilot go into a dive and disappear but three American pilots have reported that they observed the American go through the fusillage of three enemy machines and saw within a few minutes of each other the planets crashing earthward Numereux Bullet Holes The fighting was fast and furious and all kinds of maneuvws were brought into play Finally the Germans made off hurriedly When the Americans returned to their field they found that two of the machines of the patrol were missing and they have not been heard from so fan The nature of the engagement was evidenced by the numerous bullet holes in the machines which returned One of these had been struck thirteen times one bullet grazed fahe gas tank another cut a strut while the fusilage was like a sieve a sieve a Storm Damages Crops Itt Two TV States (Associated Prase) FARGO July to growing grain and truck gardens estimated today at from three to the million dollars was minted in North Dakota and Minnesota by hailstorms that struck the two Wes late Monday afternoon Titiman PM! Dee lining IVASILINIITON July 2 Senator Tillman South Carolina who suffered another stroke of paralysis laat week wa eleelared by members of his family today to be declining The paralyshv was said to be progresmive and leaving the menator who has remained 111100111100119 Suatioy lose responsive ilia heart remalha strong EINS TO TAKE HER ALL LINES ARE UNDERWAY (Aoowed Press) WASHINGTON July for enacting legislation before the Rummer recess authorizing President Wileon to take over the telegraph telephone cable and radio myetenis went forward in congress today while three members of the cabinet emphasized their approval of the proposal before the interstate and foreign commerce committee The house committee after hearing the cabinet Baker and Daniels and Postmaster General to meet tomorrow to prepare a report on the resolution of Representative of Amwell If Louisiana whieh has been indorsed 6y President Wilson The only fight expected is over the question of a time limit for government operation A limit suggeleted today was opposed by all three witnestes Seeretary Daniels and Pontmaster General Burleson frankly advocated permanent government ownership of wire and radio communications Mr Baker urged government Control rioting the war an a military necessity to protect government secrets and faellitete the transmission of government dispatches The heads of th1 two war-muking branches declared their attlude wee not influenced hy the strike of Western Union operators callel fnr July 8 and was based entirely upon military needs Mr Burleson long an advocate of government operation of communications said the threatened strike was one reason for action at this time Representative Gordon of Ohio moved that the Aswell resointion be taken from the commerce committee end re- fel-red to the military committee since It wee proposed an a military necessity The motion was carried without opposition but upon hearing a statement by Chairman Sims of the comnieree comtnittee the house reversed Itself 1 S-- New Orleans Cabarets tire Ordered Closed It Et It tit EEC LETTIL Washington July I 1919 My Dear Mr Preadroit: More than one million 'lowborn hose sailed from the porta of thin country to participete in the war id France In reporting thin tact to you I feel you will tic Interested I data shooing the prozrean of noir military effort The first ship earrying military per nnnnn I sailed May itt 1917 haw IRE on board bane bonoltsil Nth 4 and membern of the nurses corps General Permitting and bin extol( sailed on May 20 1917 The PPno berktiona In the months front Mar 1917 to and includiug Join 191g are the 1711S June 12201 July 12loot August P4223 September 32n23 October 3s2S Aotember 21010 December 44n40 411770 rehrnarY 4027 March P3S11 April 111712 Slay 244342 June 274272 Aggregating 1019115 The total number of Doom' re turned from abroad lost at pen and casualties In 2105 and of these by of the superbly efficient protection the navy kali given our trnanport syntem only 291L base been lost at sea The supplies and equipment in Franco tor all troops la by our lat eat reports adequate and the output of our woe Industries la thin coon try in bovring marked improve meat I practically all linen of nee memory equipment and apply Respectfully yours NEWTON BAKER TIIK PRESIDENT'S REPLY To which I reviled The White lioune lAanhington July 2 1919 My Dear Mr Secretary Tour letter of July 1 confetti a very signifiennt piece of news lad an equally alisalticant report of the forwarding of I during the past pear to the other aide of the tinter It la a record which I think munt cause uslivertint oaths faction becalme the heart of the country la uquestionably In this war and the people of the roiled Staten rejoiee to see their force put faster and fester Into the great Mirotale which in denigued to res dustries in this country is showing merited improvement in practically all lines of noceasary equipment and sun-Secretary Baker said be disapproved of speculation as to the future records In troop movemente declaring he did riot deeire to have "past performaneee made the being of speculation tor the future" As reserves for the million arid tow It France filOre than anreeser 1000000 are now in training in the 'United States and 3000000 American enidiers will be under arms by the end of thia month while Information recently furnished to ronieress by Brigadier General Wood 'acting quartermaster general disclosed that his department is planning to Clothe 4- 00000 men next Jan 1 Heavy Cells toe Nest Year General Crowder recently told the senate military committee that class I registrants will be exhausted by the first of the year and added: "Everybody expects heavy calls to be made during the tint six months of next year" Mr Baker said it was worthy of mention that the month in which German CONTINLIM ON FAON TWO SCRAD INSPECTS WORK IN COAST ME glAeletred Prrst) SAN FRANCISCO Cal July 2 Charles Schwab director of the emergency fleet corporation and Charles Pies vice president and superintendent of steel ship construction who will witness the greatest ship launching in the history of the world here July 4 arrived intSan Francisco today "I am here to 'peed up construction in the Clip yards along the Pseitic coast and if any fistrticular yard does not seem to be doing its full share it Intuit 'get up in the collar' hut I do not eltpect to find any slacker ship Verde" Mr Schwab told city and army snit navy official's at an informal reception In his honor AMERICAN-RUSSIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OPENS ITS OFFICES (Actociated Press) WASHINGTON July AmerVanRussien Chamber of Commerce'ef New York today opened offices in the departnient of commerce building in accordance with the program of business interests and government officials In preparing for economic aid to This sin The vhamber is a commercial or luiniestion devoted to furthering bunt-Items relations between the two nations No official today would comment on the situation or the progretts of Amer 0 (Associated Press) SYRACUSE July 2---At least aixteen persona were killed and 200 Injured and the huge plant of the Se-mot Solvay company at Split Rock near here virtually wrecked by two explosion' of trinituloul at 9:30 o'clock tonight Terrific COnCUSSIOnS from the explosions of the powerful war pow der rocked large business buildings in the center of this city smashed plate lass WinflOWS and caused a panic in the residence portiona of the town as though it had been shaken by an earthquake The explosions followed a fire that had raced beyond control and spread to the vats Two of theee let go burying many workers utoir an avalanche of debris and scattered the fianies to adjoining buildings At a late hour tonight the flames were burning fircely atep there WaS danger of More explosions Volunteer firemen were powerless to stay the progress of the flames Aid Wita sent from Syracuse but at midnight the water system broke down hurled in All Direct ions' A shift of 'NO workmen Wall in the plant when the fire the origin of hich has not been ascertained broke ut The workers made efforts to subdue the flames and later in speeding to safety were caught in the first of the two explosions 'Men were hurled in all directions Two caught between burning buildings were blown through a wall Still alive hen picked up there was not a shred of clothing on their loodiea The second big explosion foliowed fifteen minutes after the first and the combined force of the two crumpled buildings in the Vicinity The homee of workmen acroes the road 'from the plant collapsed and burning timbers were blown to the roofs cf buildings across the rellroad tracks which divide the plant In half PERSHING CONGRATULATES TROOPS FOR GALLANTRY AT CHATEAU THIERRY 1 (Associated Press) WITH THE AMKRICAN ARMY IN FRANcE July 2 --(lenerial John Pershing hue sent his congratulations to the American troops' operating in the Chateau Thierry sector for liteir gallantry In rerent fighting His message to the field commander in the Chateau Thierry sector reads: "Pleane congratLiate in my name the officers and men who took part in the action in the Chateau Thlerry region on the afternoon of June 25 when 240 prisonerN and nineteen machine guns were captured from the enemy" Peaking Rolle et Denton nrs7oN July slow soaking rein fell over all of Venton county to day Thin will he of much benefit to corn although the crop hoe been damaged by the hot weather deem the world NEW ORLEANS July cabs-Cordially and ineerely yours rete in New orleans were ordered at WOODROW WILSON midnight Saturday closed untli further Hon Newton 10 Daher notice following a conference late to-See ee tary or ia me day between pollee officials and rep- resentatives of the federal overn men Katteee Dietyllintee Crossett Superintendent of Pollee Mooney who WITat THE AMERICAN ARNIT IN issued the order said it wits at the reFRANCE July German em- quest of tae war department peror has dietributd iron crosses ga- About two weeks ago several bun-lore amongthe American forces hold- dred men were errested when federal trig new lines westward of bill 204 officers assiated by city police raided The distributIon of course was not some of the larger cabaret in the direct Pvery prisorter taken by Amer- "tango belt" Saloon sections of the leans one and extremely few retain cabarets may continue to operate maid them Superintendent Mooney a

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