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Fort Worth, Texas
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SUNDAY JUNE 30 1918 FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM 00111 MUCH OIL ACTIVITY IN DE LEON FIELD MORAN WELL REACHES SHALLOW PAY SAND OKLAHOMA LAND OWNED BY GERMAN OKLAHOMANS TO BID LEASES SOLD IN ON WAR CONTRACTS el Trip 1 CLYDE OIL FIELD Organize Hobby Club GUSTINE Texas July 29--Oustina ladies met Thurschy orranized Hobby Club Mrs Mill Betram was elected chairman and Mrs I Sadler secretary II UV OF WATER RETARDS DliIIIING IN OEM FIELD ffiiiiiiillu IN RECIPE FOR CORNS CLYDE Texas June well No I was spudded In Wednesday and drilling Is progreisirg nicely some leases and royalties have been sold to men from Brownwood and Other fields at nice 4' gurm Indications are good for another drilling contract to begin near thl well at an early date Every indication points to a MtOKLAHOMA CITY June 29--In the I OKLAHOMA CITY June tation has been extended the chamber search for enemy-Owned property till of commerce to send a delegation to 3 state instituted by the different Oklahoma City business men to Kansas county councils of defense 1200 acres City July 1 at which time a number of land in McIntosh and other counties i of war contracts will be awarded I owned by a woman now saii to be liv- Oklahoma is one of eight states in an ing in Germany has been found ae- industrial unit which has been apporAl- cording to word received today by 1 tioned by the War Industries Board Chester Westfall secretary of the Capacity and industrial possibilities of state council I this section of the country will be I According to word from a member of I presented to the war board by the dele- the McIntosh county council the worn- gation that will be sent from Oklahoma I an's name is Miss Matilda Bahensen1 City 1 living at Nleinigen Germany Secretary Westfall has notified the custodian of 1 OKLAHOMA WOMEN enemy property at Washington of the! matter Lif A LIM Irl ntirtrir MAY Here Is a Simple Recipe That Wilt Take off Corns Without Pain or Danger Enthusiasm in the ep test for this locality is growing and a company may be formed within the next few dab for the purpose of making such test DE LEON Texas June MORAN Texas June Unitliumilit5 on the It Harvey well ten miles ed Oil Gas Co of Moran has reached northwest of this place was begun sev- the shallow pay in Snyder No 1 at 42f eral days ago and the well is now down et TIey struck a strong flow of gnE several hundred feet Casilg in large at the top Of the sand The well drilled coura nthis i ti evys eillb eAi nngeut gnhl ot irn Do oet Led der-on it tlzree in! yi nb a Tr ehl se hsl-ge hl 1 composed gt er as tdse foriolni ten 0 rick and standard machinery Is being The company Is used Snyder Baird John Sedwick Al- The Downing well located on the De bany and Jackson Moran The well Leon-Comanche road four miles south is locatel five miles northwest of MoDUNCAN Okla June of De Leon has resumed drilling after ran of unusual interest has transpired in having been shut down for some reeks Several other shallow wells In difthe Duncan oil fields the Past several The prolitoters of this well hoped to ferent parts of the field are due to find days The extreme heat has made it strike the shallow strata of oil found the ray in the next week or two The hard on the workmen and operations the Erownwood field and drilled to depth ranges from 400 to 700 feet have not advanced as they might if a depth of about 700 feet with no re the temperature would drop down to cults They are now resuming work at OIL DISCOVERY CREATES 100 or less Ithls depth and have contracted to go pectors and Investors and there is The McJunkin well situated twelve The city is still crowded with pros- I 3500 feet i INTEREST IN LORAINE I I much activity In leasing and royalty miles northeast of De Leon is to be trading Leases are being taken In spidded in the material Is now on the LORAINE Texas June townships 1 north and 1 south range ground and being gottenin shape to in the local oil situation has been 8 west This is true of the east side begin actual operations The Mc- greatly stimulated by the tapping of a blocked leases being sought in town-1 Juiltin well is backed by the Quality light flow of oil on the Longbotham ships 1 and 2 south ranges 4 5 and 6 Oil Gasoline Co of Tulsa Okla 1 Place at a depth of 145 feet The west In this field preference is being shown in lands lying close to the Mil- Hawiey Gets Rain i Longbotham farm Is about eight miles 'south of Loraine roy Eigheart and Magnolia produc- ABILENE Texas June I 'Alost of the land in and around Lo- tions in sections 13 and 24 the Texas fifteen miles north of here In Jones got an Inch rain Friday night raine was placed under lease early this Co in section 36-1-5 the Vel-Dun in section 22-1-5 and the McKinney 1 'spring and it is thought that this new Other places in that section got lighter will speed up development (Texas) Company test in section 36- rains Abilene received 11 inch 1 I 18-6W i Much Leasing MORAN Texas June United Oil Gas Co of Moran has reached the shallow pay In Snyder No 1 at 425 et They struck a strong flow of gas at the top of the sand The well drilled Itself in The well tests front ten to twenty barrels high grade oil ma company is composed of Snyder Baird John Sedwick Alhanv A1 thed 425 gas illed a to well Mo- dit- find The 7 0 HOLD OFFICE SEVERAL TESTS BEING MADE IN MONTAGUE It not only is uselessk but rainfall and dangerous to cut off a corn It Is just like hair on the face The more you shave it off the faster it grows out You can remove them in the privacy of your own home without pain or danger Simply get a small bottle of Cactus Corn Compound at any dru4 store and paint the coil) with it III a few days the corn will come off without any pain and no sore feet to interfere with your work A bottle of Cactus Corn Compount costs only a few cents and Is enougl to take off dozens of corns Full di rections come with each bottle An druggist will refund yc ir money you are not satisfied Curtail Celebration OKLAHOMA CITY June 29--Re- OKLAHOMA(CITY June 29--Womquest has come from Dr A Garfield en are eligiblkto hold the offices of national fuel administrator to the county clerllicounty superintendent State Council of Defense to advise the sand couritY A-e according to a rut-Fourth of July celebration at Dew-tr to lug of Attort General Freeling given be confined to one day that of the to the cd1r7 attorney of Texas county Fourth It was understood that the In that coUnty there are women can-celebration was arranged to reach over letidates now for all these offices Worn-July 5 and 6 Garfield suggests that len have been elected to the office of to prolong the holiday would operate to county superintendent since statehood curtail the coal production The rat- I but the offices of court clerk and counter will be taken up by the Council of ty judge have always been filled by Defense triCH NOCONA Texas June deep and several shallow test wells are being drilled In the Montague county oil field by the Leaver Valley Oil Company The deep test is past the 3200 foot level and a big quantity of gas has been found Other companies drilling In the field are the Herndon Anchor the Big Six and the Nocona Others will start operations within the next month On account of the favorable logs of I Loan Uncle Sam a quarter! Buying the Rock Falls section 17 1 north 8 War Savings Stamps win do It West and the People's Oil Development Co in section 1 ls 8w there 13 continued activity in leasing between CASHIER TELLS SECRET these two tests as is also the case of that area lying between those tests and the Duncan Petroleum just north- west of the city It has been reported that Oklahoma Never-Tel The New Delicately Per-City parties associated with the land fumed Tablet Darkened Her Hair owners in that vicinity have made a location and will soon start a test well In some part of section 30 1 north 6 west In a recent letter to the Never-Tel On the west side the Little Beaver Laboratories Company Miss Florence 1t Inv qZ-1 CI 4 4 44 IlizZ In section 23-1-9 is setting in i -31 '4: i IS ---03 --4 tr r44 4 4 441 001 4 '1 1-4 Nr41 11111 iivtL We Are Drilling Now ttil 0 I wo UT E) la az 21 taN 11 I iii '4 if" 1 0 i 1101-St I 1 1 Sta II 11 't 9:1 i tots 1 tz 1 a Mt-rfe110' 4 sik 1011114111 tP" -Ail 0 as 'm 111 li eir Pli 0 11114 CEMItyi 0 ir4 tabiti 1 0 'i''''- "mg Ii- 1110gg 5 t7iiiN 0 'C 0 I am- 1 tar eak f'71' ft II i 114 rv 4 0741 AMR er 40 ww tit 1 1) 1 1- 1 g'A a 1 4 ot 4 4 -ym 44 40 a irot 01--t OA to 1 ''4- 1 4r A AV' a 41411- 1 I 1 1 IV i 1 i 4 1 1 1 i 0 i i i 4 i i 1 14 I 7: 4 'V I 1 i i 1 1 i i 1 i 4 1 1 1 4 4 i 4 i 4 4 i 4 i 4 1 i 1 4 I-I L4 Note that fact Note further that our offices are in )kmulgee the county seat of the famous Okmulgee Oil ounty We get our mail here This is our home close to he actual developments The OKMULGEE FIELD Oil ''o has many interests It is over a year old Only a part )f its stock is being sold in order to keep its tools busy in ctive development work now under way The officers are vell and favorably known here Most of them have lived Okmulgee for many years You can look us up Ask lily bank or business house in Okmulgee Any investment you make in this company is in an active going business concern whose record reputation and intentions will stand the most searching investigation casing cement at 2210 feet in anticipation 1 Wood cashier one of Chicago's of going Into the sand within the next department stores wrote as folthirty-five or forty feet lows: The Best of All Company In sectionl "I want to thank you for the free box 14-1-9 (southwest quarter) has reach- 1 of Never-Tel tablets which you sent ed a depth of approximately 500 feet me I don't mind telling you that 1 Walker Valley Oil and Gas Company i have used hair preparations for nearly Is engaged In building an Immense sur- i ten years and find Never-Tel the clean-face tank on a 40-acre tract in section est and most satisfactory of all 1 first 30 1 south 8 west which will be suf- I tried Never-Tel because the name ficient to furnish water to any number sounded good to me and believe me it of drilling tests in that vicinity is rightly named for It surely did re-Mutual Company in section 26-1-8 store the eolor to my gray hair so has reached a depth of approximately gradually that my own chum could 1100 feet and expect to pick up the never tell It is certainly a glorious oil sand within another 100 feet- thing for me and the little tablets are Fort-Ring well No 1 is still an un- so convenient to use 1 was embarknown quantity the drillers are being rassed with gray hair for ten years troubled with mud and water when there was no excuse for it Now East Side Active it is a beautiful soft brown and 1 have On the east side the Vel-Dun has to thank you for it" passed the obstructions that have been Never-Tel comes in perfumed tablet giving trouble the past two weeks and form only easily dissolved in a little is now drilling at a little more than 700 water as used It is perfectly sanitary feet Two gas and three oil sands have and will not stain the most delicate been encountered in this well but noth- skin It sells for 50 cents at all druging in paying quantities gists or if you prefer send direct to McKinney (Texas) Company Is drill- Dept 288 Never-Tel Laboratories Coming at a little more than 1000 feet in Kansas City Mo section 26-1-6 the last report showing PanY blue shale and gumbo One showing of gas and two showings of oil have been encountered In this hole i I Milroy No 6 in section 24-2-4 will LEMON JUICE 4 be finished this week and work will be started early next week on No 7 The Skelly well in the southwest I quarter of section 24-2-4 is said to be i TAKES OFF TAN I on the sand and ready to drill in Many New Locations The Prairie Company has skidded I the rig In section 13-2-4 and will start 1 drilling on a new well within a few Girls! Make bleaching lotion days 1 if skin is sunburned 4 A number of new locations have been made in this area the past week I tanned or freckled and drilling will be started The same Is true of the west side Six boilers have gone to that In the vicin- Squeeze the juice of two lemons into ity of the Magnolia discovery well a bottle containing three ounces of Or Big Fortunes in Oil Rio- Fcr It may seem rather curious for us to call that fact to the attention of anyone living- in Texas Yet there are a dozen or more companies operating in the fields of Kansas Oklahoma and Texas (whose names you probably have never heard) which have made from $1000000 to $50000000 Not one of these companies has been in existence for over eleven years and some of them only three or four years And there are a score of men who have made millions in oil in the last few of whose names also you never have beard In addition there are thousands who have cleaned up from fifty thousand dollars to a half million there yotl 1 pante name This Lease Lati Mean AM-et-me For YOU )01a3 An rror ihis apiece apiecl I have a message for you And it's about this lease ha' about it's THERE'S ROOM FOR YOU And if you play the game carefully you may win like a host of the rest of them on a small invest ment That is the attractive thing in the oil winnings on small investments The GEE FIELD Oil Co has just as good a chance as whole lot better than most of win BIG A recent tabluation of the oil production of a dozen of the largest oil companies operating in Kansas and big that they are each producing from 5000 to 53000 barrels per day It is estimated that the 'YOUNGSTOWN POOL is producing from 10000 to 12000 barrels per day now and this pool was only discovered last FALL In fact the YOUNGSTOWN POOL is one of the great oil developments of the year and promises still bigger better things And the OKMULGEE FEILD lease now looks like one of the big leases in the pool at- e-i e--q -rn ci YTr Ir TT 'S7 A rIr JULY 4TH ment GEE A re( Okla! day still I the I o- 4 I I I so I I Oft41- I have been over the ground I've studied the trend of the development of the YOUNGSTOWN POOL I've talked with scores of oil men and I tell you this lease looks good We may not get oil But the chances are all in our favor There is scarcely an oil man in the YOUNGSTOWN POOL who does not believe we will get a good well In fact I have been offered enough more than we paid for our three-fourths interest in this lease to make it mighty HARD not to sell and pocket the profit for the I ha' studied of the talked tell yol good We are all an oil POOL get a offered our thr to mali and p( I've )ment I've and I tightY ances trcely OWN will been Id for lease sell within the past four days I The greatest drawback now I I chard White shake the and you have lack of water Most of the companies a quarter pint of the best freckle sun making definite locations are building i burn and tan lotion and complexion dams and making surface tanks or ar- I 1 ier at very very small cost ranging to pipe water from some well or creek A good rain would speed up Your grocer has the lemons and any development drug store or toilet counter will supply FORT WORTH MADE few cents lassage thi three ounces of Orchard White for a As sweetly Ira- AUTOS TO PARADE grant lotion into the face neck arms 1and hands each day and see how 1 freckles sunburn windburn and tar Automobiles being produced in Fort 1 Worth by the Texas Motor Car Asso- disappear and how clear soft pad white elation will parade the business streets the skin becomes Yes! It is harmless Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock The pa- i rade will be led by a band I At 3:30 o'clock officers and directors of the Chamber of Commerce and the Nl FFP Young en's Business League will be 1 taken for a trip to the plant where Elq-13TIC EP about 300 are employed Of the 300 about sixty are women who are helping ATTACKS i solve the labor shortage question ac- Nave Cson 0 cording to officials of the company -----10--- STOP fD Edmondson Withdraws For Over ri3 Years OKLAID)MA CITY June by DR KLINE'S EPILEPTIC mal withdrawal of Edmondson REMEDY It is a ratIonal and remark-of Lincoln county as candidate for the ably successful treatment for Fits nomination for president of the state Epilepsy 4 Faiiing Sicknes0 end Kindred board of agriculture was received to- afier a ous Derarigernorts Get or order it Prtig day b1 the state election board This Se for our Dal rril leaves three candidates still In the vtai a a le book 0 rz EZ i En a field Robert Scivally of Ardmore A on Epilepsy It is Whitchurst of Dexey and Wilson Dr II ifi NE CD of CoolfTate STOCK GOES UP Look at the diagram again No 1 is the reported 1500-barrel well on a neighboring lease not far From our location No 2 is a well which has been drilling for some time on the second location from the boundary line of our lease Should this well No 2 make 1500 barrels of oil daily it will make the OKMULGEE FIELD lease look so good that you may not be able to get stock at all No 3 is our own Nvell NOW DRILLING The progress of this well makes our stock more valuable and July 4th the price goes up one-third to 20 cents a share Now is the time to buy when you get most for your money You don't have to invest much $5 $10 $15 that almost any person can buy a part in this company and in case we strike it rich would bring you big profits No Better Chance for a Big Strike Anywhere The YOUNGSTOWN POOL has been bringing in big wells right MONEY MAKERS The OKMULGEEI FIELD OIL CO lease Is splendidly In the line of development Any experienced oil man will tell you that th outlook for a big well on this leaEe is as bright as it can be We are offering you a part In this this opportunity it is a good VERY GOOD BET A modest investment may lead to a fortune for you The chance Is worth taking You rnight just as well have a part In the big profits made from oil as someone else The opportunity Is HERE and NOW Buy now Fill In the coupon and mail It today Get a share for yourself in the splendid prospects of this promising lease 110-011 oF from bouni GEE for y( a par TY prELr outlool it is a might nOW splend 41111 4 '4 at' 4 '0' 4t 4 141) iu ii It fi Here's What Your Money Buys Before July 4th 1-14 2 A0161 A 01 But I believe we have a big thing here The other officers of the company believe it And down to the oil sand our well is going as quickly as the tools will punch the hole And my advice to you is to get in on this We may not get oil but if we do it is likely to be a big one that will roll the dollars into our pockets over night And think of the 40-acre lease A good well means big things for the one of them The well is drilling now We are an operating a stock-selling company We have been drilling in a small vay for a year and with some success But this YOUNGSTOWN POOL lease is the first BIG thing we have had our hands it looks mighty big just now The reported 1500-barrel well just near the OKMULGEE FIELD lease looks very good Our capital is only $200000 fully paid and non-assessable Only part of it has been sold We own $30000 worth or tools etc Our equipment and LEASES today are approximately worth to our total capital stock A good well of any even a 200-barrel make tbi 40-acre lease a regular gold mine Two or three such wells in one year will return the full capital stock of the company And there's the chance that the first crack out of the box we may get a 1590-barrel well like our neighbor did But hers pa ny sand the toc And on we do one tiv pocketE And good stockh( The operati ing CO in a si om TOWN thing It look! The near looks 1 Our paid al it has worth 4 LEASI worth ital stc even a -10-a on or thre turn ti pany first bor di thing oil ly as et in )ut if ike-- 0 our A the I re an with NOS- BIG just lease fully art of 30000 It and aately I cap- thi Two in re-corn-at the may You don't need to deny yourself of the necessities of life to invest A mall sum will give you a part in this company Any sum is welcome But take all you can Here's what a little money will 'buy-- $-1500 100 Shares 11250 750 Shares -11E' 3750 250 Shares 15000 1 000 Shares 6000 400 Shares I $22500 1 500 Shares 7500 500 Shares 30000 2000 Shares mall take a $1500 3750 6000 7 50C 5' 11 Low to Make Your Own Com lexIon Treameni at Home jr i '9 00 Illi0 IFI'' 41 7' th i I A tali Ap 411 i -If -7 111 47 Inc2) 41111 411 4Z11 ACT NOW Faint heart never won big game Take a flier for $10 $25 $50 BOO Its worth the risk in an honest capably managed company that is actually drilling There's a good chance of winning BIG The time is short before July 4th Fill in the coupon and Mail it now Fain $10 Sf napabl There' short it now CVA 0 a TrO Qzlilbrog Ittizi ompl Le" 3 II Okmulgee Field Oil Company kmulgee Okla 2100 Bell Bldg- 4 Over Guaranty State Bank IT 1 I ame lit 1 )A 0 it 1 111 4 1 iv 1 Ito it I 1 1'4 Vil 1( (4 I i i g-1: 1 kier i 1 41-4 '141 1 til- 45441! I I- 1 ame z-rtili I COt l'ON midget Field Oil Company 1700 Bell Building over Guaranty Bank Okmulgee Olds 1 hereby subscribe for shares of th easury stock of the Okmulgee Field Oil Company a he present price of 15 cents per share and enclos In full paymment for same Said suit to be fully paid and non-assasable and a-1th the fur-her understanding that 1 shall own a pro rata Intere)-1 ccording to my stock In an tools property an 11 production now owned or to be by said tom any and that I shall share In all profits from all trar actions of the said company sszy 151 ut- tt is 0 Hon now owned or to be owned by said tom that I shall share in all profits from all trar the said company mnIgee Fie 1700 Bell Bu Okla I hereby sub casury stock he present pr 1 to be fUlli her understan ccording to il produrtion any and tba' acins ut th A Free Oatmeal Pr io escriptn Doc Its Work who hav used it report the same results I Overnight I have had" Miss nays: "My complexion waa poor and my skin rough My neck chest hands and arms were dark from expoeure New York: "It is my own discovery and The very first application of this wonderful Iiierwille oatmeal combination convinced me it takes just one night to get such marvel- ous results" says Mae Edna NVilder when that my poor complexion a nd kln blemishes her friends ask her about her wonderful would soon be a thtng of the past in a complexion and her improved appearance of few weeks all the unsightly defects had en- 1 you can do the came ttrely disappeared and I shall always use her hands and arms thtng if you follow my advice" she says il It to keep my complexion at its best all the feel it toy duty to tell every gtrl and woman time I have ommended it to my girl what this wonderful prescrtotton did for me friends and they are suet as enthusiastic Just thtnk of it All tilts change in a single over it as I am all use it before going 1 rittzbti I -ever tire of telling others just to the theater dances or parties and Its what brought about such remarkable re- wonderful what rtdifference it makes in our amts liere is the identical prescriPtIon that appearance" removed every defect from my face neck 1 Mrs writes: "Oatmeal and Derwin() handl and arms Unttl you try It you can I have worked miracles with my complexion form TIO Idea of the marvelous change it I I had many despised wrinkles and a iti1 will make in Ill5t One application The low rough skin My hands and arms woe prescription which ynu can prepare at your covered with freckles After eight wisiiks own home ts as follows Go to any grocery use of Mae Edna Wilder's wonderful cm-and get ten cent wcrth of ii'dititarY oatmeal plexton prescrtption these objectionable Lit- fects have entirely vanished I look ten a na from any drug sitore a bottle of der i wears Younger and advise every girl atd and from any drug store a Dottie I In years younger and advise every girl arc1 3 411 litj '1 1 To be to exaggerate in the outlook of the OKMULGEE FIELD Oil Co right now is very good and the man who buys its stock at the present price of 15 cents a IF hire has the opportunity of big winnings This lease may mean a fortune folyou if you buy NOW and buy a fair block of stock 1)113S 11S SIOCK Li 1 11295 pi 15 cents a Phire has the opportunity of big winnings This lease may mAan a fortune foi you if you NOW and buy a fair 11()k of stock uy To 1 gerflte OKIVIL now buys i 15 cen of big This you if block the right 1 who Ice of tunitY Ct720 -42 4'71 DICK Kee 5 nets Adv oz ov-0701111 3 4 ldio: 1 1 1 I A 41 1r41 isa- Kee: 1-- aitt 1 reit: 1 es A I DiCk alS Adv Co 1 1 40 row asreskisrt 1- emelemeno 004NE --44 44 v- 1 ir14''''' -f-ble 14-- sr krt- 4 0 St- fi 4- 4 3 To A iiii- l' 7- k) 4' 4''' a1 77' I ii 14 0 rk1 '141r ia 1 -fr f4 l- 4 4 4' A- 4 'it 114 1 ot-IA leak 1 eat -TZ '3 t'- i--1 -1- 577 41 ritP --444P i 'vr- II 1' A 1- sir 4 1 if t---t i willo Prepare the oatmoat as directed every package vf and appiy night 1 woman tu try It and I feel confident aftor and morning The firt will as- or two applications they will use It Colltonish you It makes the skin appear i tinually and be just as faverahly impressed transparent sMooth and velvety I s- Ayith it as I am I recommend it to all of I pecially recommend for a sallow skin my friends" freckles tan sun spfits carse pores rough i get the test effect be sure to skin ruddiness wrinkles ttld Ill fact evrry I follow the complete directions contained in blemish the face tmnds and arms ate heir to I every package cf derwiiio You have onlv If your neck or chest is dlsoolored from ex- I tO get derwillo and eat meal You need posure apply this combination there and the I nothing else I it is so altnple that anyone ohjectionahle defct will disappear as If by use it and se inexpensive that any girt magic It Is alsiiiutely and will or woman can afford It The manufacturer not produce or stimulate a growth of hair and druggists guarantee that there will tie No matter how rough and ungainly the a noticeable Improvement after the first apbands and arms -1r what abuses they have i or they will refund the money It bad through hard work nI exposnre to i la sold In this city' under a money refund 7 ve 11-- arid l'erry and aUti n0 Stirl hiS 0 t711-' col- guArantre by stro-o snd Fol bInstim Hi NV: 3 i I tion in 12 hours at the must Thvtaarld 4--ammer pri-j-cenilaniva.

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