Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 20, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1944
Page 6
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Page Six Brasscos To Have At Least Three More Big Leaguers Sat. l-Yctl r>avl's Wntorbury Brasscoa will lake on the jippcaranci 1 of u- big-league hall club when they slM.t-U up .i.'tiuinst ttie Mention Con- telccesi Saturday nlg!>t at S -p. m. shnrp in '.he !v.:;v> M'.!_n!c'Fv.! S'.a- dium. Msin.-iger F"avl announced today ilial he ha.-i signed throe now men who have all sown service In the ••big-time." .rn order not to It't local fans down, who :ire betting big money on the Rrat"eos to take 1 Mcrldoii, .Davi w->ti! lo work and made a few Important changes that are sun; to give h power Mt the plate extra Tile n;m\cs of (he players will not be kn.owrv uinlil pime time. but they all have assured Davi that thoy will be un hand Sattir- x!ay wln.-ii the Bntscos take llm r';_-kl. The •(• thrcij men an; well- known in local ei'.'elcK and M won't t.-iUi- the fans long to loarn who they arc. At prese-.-.* all lli:it U' known is thru he will have a new pllirlicr with a .t3-S record in the Americiiti league last yoar; an outfielder with a baltin;; aver:n;c of .801 last yoar; and an int'ielder tMiit rat;** with Ihc best of them in the National ' loop. (n addition Mil! .Toll rv. -on. <.•::- Yankce. wilil be at third .ba^u; "•it li Cy Btuck, for-mur Chlcngo Cub. aL shoi't or second: and Howie 1 Uu'K behind the plate for tho Unusscos. It IKIX been learned that Mori- lei Harder Entered "200 Club" After THUR8PAY, JULY.20-1944 don \vill IK short-handed for thi:; imi'orlanl tranu'. a.; t!i •;>• plan to come to VV'aterbury "well- loaded" with t;i<lrnt, [t is expected thai Saturday r.iglit's :wi-niio ,'iffair will Jraw one of tlu' largest baseball crowds of tlii- year lo Ihe ^tudiuti), as bulh old ;ind tie.v fans will be out in re-new one i>f the cldewt "port ri- %'alf (es in f hv ,-f :i tf. Mcl Harder 'had ;i perfect record wll.h the Clove land Indians in • ID'jn. 1IU percc-rilagc wa-'. 1000. Mel won just one game anil didn't lose any before the Tribe shipped ,him biu'.k to the minors for more Thixt ono victory was Uic beginning of a .pitching career lhal.'a still going strong. The nc?:t year. 1030—Mcl crime back up to the Indians. This timo he was l.hc-re to stay. Mel'.* list ot victories prow .steadily. He won eleven games in :i!)3P and pushed it up to 13 the next year. Most pitchers have n tough time their second year in. the'big. leagues. The baiters get to know them the first time around. -And then that so-called second year' jinx sets in. But it wasnt' I hat wny for Harder, I-fo kept rollling on—13 in; 3931—15- in 32 and 33—and Uicn he hit that, magic 20-gamc circle. Mel Hariler .won 20. Ramos InlOS't arid pushed it to 22 In 193fi. By that time he was as much a part of the Cleveland club as the franchise. 1-fe wasn't a spectacular or showy pitcher—just a good,' steady rr-an who cottid pitch and win. Me'.'s a quiet, sincere guy with p'.enly ot natural dignity. The Cleveland Inns loved him. And that's why it hurt when tho Tri-bc handed M.el .his unconditional % rc-.- lease in 10-11. Mcl had been having-trouble wilh his arm for several seasons. Eut instead of moaning about it he'd gone rig-lit on working—doing hU Rubco, Risdon Game Big Battle On Naugy Dusty THE ELITE - - . JB)^ Jackv Seeds '' • ' ' * ' ' 'immmt! ^"i' „„ ' 4 :'* 'r ".-' Chem Co.-Bristol, And Lewis Eng.rEMI Also Scheduled Tonight I In the Naiigatuck Dusty .league games toniprht at Recreation field, Naugatuok Chemical fakes 'on the- Bristol Co., Eastorni Malleable Iron meets Lewis Engineering, and U.' .S.- Rubber collides .witti Kisdon. By DUKE KAZJ-AUSKAS (Sports KdKur) .' The question they're bandyi;n|g •iiroiind-thc dugouts today is wheth- cr Buckey Walters will or won't top tiie So-winning 1 mark. The Clncinnnati veteran has a cilance to be the--101 h major lcu.g- iie'r, itnid the fourth National leaguer to turn the .trick—.tout it's- u slim chance.' T.ltc odds arc heavy Tin: i.' of Itur.-'i.'Vhot; Niiitras'.'i is bi'inir worn !>a, fivo fft.t L'.'tcli .vc'i; 1 . Tile N'dLT tlic Annrrican falls is n.'te about ora^hali' foot por year. falls al k about / FRIDAY - SATURDAY A ' "Till'; I.ONK STAK TKAIL" ami iN'r'i- Cluiptrr I'lay "O It MAT ALASKAN M VSTKKY" "(;r HHV \vi\li H()V»>S AM) STAMl'S best for the club, and trying lo (irk the soreness out of Ills arm. But things looked dark when Hard- r drew his release in September of .llMl. What most people didn't know wa.:- that Mel wns going !o have his arm operated on. And thai the club was paying for the operation. When 10-12 rolled around Aid was i: spring training carnp again. .Ready to go to work and win hack his conlract with a display of his old style. The- Indians signed turn on again that year—his 33lh con-tract with the Trlhi 1 . Ami Har'Jer showed that he still had the old power. Ho won 13 1.1 M- 1 and Suing up anoth- i'r seven last year. And that put him just three frames short of the .-••n-c-i, liOO garni; winners. The record books gave him 307 wins after !•] years in the majors—an c-iveragc of.better thar. 14 wins a year. Harder was the backbone of Cleveland's hurling staff as the '•!•! season opened. The dean of the hui-l-.-rs. He- won a couple of quick, vic'orics-.-carty in the season, ;ii-' then took the mound on May 10th agaiivst .the Boston Red Sox, for what might be the gok!-:n .200. ' Eaok home in Clevcl-MKl. !*•<• fan* were rooling for their own. pin-up guy. And even In Boston Iho iMe.'U'hers were filled with well- wishers. Tlic SC-yefLi'-old veteran took control. He scattered a si.'-.ry fr»i>- liiis in the first eight innings. And ihcii, with victory jusi. around the corner, lie .weakened. Four straight F.i:d Sox hits drove him to the .shower-- — and young Ed Klicman had to take over. The India.n-s won the bout, 5 to •I. hut .Mcl Harder wasn't on the mound when Ihe scorcboards ar.- iKiiiiic-.'d ihn final score. Bun his was i-he victory. Baseball's Hall of Fame welcomed another fighting ,-hurlcr. The match of the evening should be the Rubco-RUdon battle as. the t\vo clubs cruled in a tie with line ahem Co. for first .round honors. U. S. Rubber won the ,1'lrsl, game belwcc-ni the two.' ^ :i against, the tall right-hander, So far in the second round, the'i- ° ,, . . , • ..... Footwear hiu'.'a 2 and 1 record, and ! He leado bslh leagues today .with Kisdon is 0 and .2. Lewis defeated EMI in their first meeting but a close .buttle .is expected tonight! In .the Chcm-Bristol encounter, the Plaits Mills • club .is, the un'dcr- dog. However,' ,'the Bristol team has. played much beUc'r boll - this Jialf, and anything might happen.' 'At the start of the second round, they took .thc'Risdon Co. in a surprise victory. All games will start at 0:10 p. m. Hop Brook Course Improved By Volunteer Members Summer driving A danger signals!. \Vork on Ihe Hop Brook country i-lub course is progressing pretty- well, it was reported this morning. Due to the shortage of manpower, llvj work has been taken over by volunteer . members of Ihc club, Walter Booth, John Czaplicl;i. Clicl Underhill and Art Nauges •are working on t,!ic Greens to do the weeding necessary at this time of year. The group is making an attempt to do a ba«jc job on Greens that will stand- the club in, good stead next season. ! Two other members of the club, Joe Bey and Tony Lapiiuh, arc removing tho large trap on the first fairway, and are also planning other changes m the COLII-JO to improve playing conditions. N'ew .out-of-bound .rules arc as follows: 1st—The trap in the middle of the Fair-way is being llllcd in. Formerly, anyone driving into this obstacle was allowed ;.i free'lift. Anyone • entering the brook now on the 2nd stroke on tho .1st is al- : lowed a free lift. 2nd—Out of bounds on this Fairway, stakes on the south side. 3rd—Out of bounds. Stakes, on north side. These have been moved back about 50 feet. •llh—Stakes on south side, out of bounds. Oth—On the road is out of bounds. Gth — Out-of-bounds, .path . on south side. 7th — Out-of-bounds, Tennis .Courts: path on south side; stakes on north 'Hue. Sth—Rough tins been cut down and Fairway treatment applied on the north side of this fairway. There arc no out-of-bounds. Sth—This continues as in the past. Is'o out-of-bounds, .a record v pt ,15 wins to throe,'.defeats, and the Reds .have just star-t- ..otl in on the 'second halt of the-ir .year's program. But Waiters .will i live . to .maintain 'his present -winning-losing, ratio, and keep hurling every fourth game to hit.the ^ultras-elect 30-club. • -. " ' Walters—a converted x infielder—. is one of the most popular big league hurle'rs of the day, He's one' .'of.the best of the.decade. He.goes after every game us if the pennant,, depended on i'... And.h.-. 1 takes his., games ll.-e .hard': Way. Pic's shutout the league-load ing St. Louis Cardinals three "/limes' ; this year-. He ,hus blaniked two oUicr learns. —and has completed .15'games. In 11)39, 'Bucky's ; best year. 1 he, -,.imc wlt.'iin .reaching;.distance of 30 wins. He chalked .up 27 that season,-led Ihc lesaguc in innings .pitched and strike puts, and was voted .the mos'l valuable.'player i-n. the National league'. •And this year, Ihc Cincinnati ,-u:c is doing the same kind of hurling. He may not put .hU name alongside Ihc all-lime great Ibis year. But well-wishers all around 'the circuit are hoping he will. The general concensus of opinion around the senior loop is that it. couldn't happen to a .nicer fellow. Lefty Narducci Hurls 6-Hit Ball; L. Mascola Triples The State Amateur-Softball championships will - be -played- .il Longbrook Park, Stratford. Sunday mornings and -afternoons, August 13th. 20tii and 27th. .Due to existing war conditions it was found advisable to accept entries other than league wi:nm6rs, mainly, service teams and teams, ir. small towns .that cannot have leagues, duo .to players joining the armed .forces. .Leading teams of towns that are interested i.r.i tho st.'i.te churnpion- •ship should get i-n touch with ihc State Commissioner of Softball in Stratford. Both the men and .women winners of the state will compete in the New England Softball Championships to be hold Lin Providence. R, 'J.', September 3rd.and -llh; the winners of ihe New England meeting going to Cleveland to compete for Iho world's championship. Entries for tlic championship L-luse. Saturday Aug. ru.ii, with pairings to be made Monday, Aug. 7lh. Dodgers Defeat Walters; Yanks Trim Brownies, 6-5 :FINE CAST IN FILM SHOWING AT STRAND THEATER Summer ilriving can be hard on tires <uul dangerous ti> cut; in us unless proper prucuuttuns a retaken. To MIVL- rubber, let your Ponliac (.li-uli-r repair evun (he ymiillest crack* — iirul be Mire your car's front wheels are in (ilijjnnieric.To.savec-nifinc w.-ar. let -your Poneiac dealer check crankcasc ventilation. Thusc trotiblv sLJurcc-s, plus" others, are watched — and corrected — when you st-c your .Pontiac dealer regularly. Points to Rom«mber: the Sports record books immortalize the few baseball infl'eldcrs who have .cnrriud out .triple,.plays unassisted. But there's, only one outfielder -who ever turned the trick. And he way.Walter' Curisle, center- llclder for the old Vcr'non Tigers of the Pacific . Coast league, back 'in 3011. ' . ' ' ( At Wriglcy Field, in Los Angeles, Carlisle, and Harry A. Williams— the 1-os Angeles Time sports editor, who broadcast .the story of Carlisle play—were honored yesterday. William's, gave the triple play a live .column splash—made it the only spoils story of the day in the Los Angeles Times. -11 happened in- the sixth-inning of an Angols-Tigcr game, Charles Moore, the.first Los Angeles hitter, BUY WAR fiONDS AND STAMPS KEEP AMERICA FREE! We have chanics competent -me- \Ve use genuine parts -We have specially-designed tools to reduce repair time An excellent cast portrays dramatic story of "Are These Our Children?" the delinquency film whiuh closes its Watcrbury engagement tonight at Ihc Strand. Helen Vinson is starred as the young mother who is indirectly'.re-i , ., . , sponsible for the waywardness of <«»"C <° hc P'^. wa kcd when ho wns a pitched ball, then stole second. George 'Mct/gcr. the next batter Walked, pulling two men on base. Then came the big moment, •'. Roy Aikcn socked.a fly to short center, and tho three Angel runners sped around the bases. her daughter, and the caat also .includes Lyle Talbot. .Ivan Lc-be- doff, Noel Neil!, Richard Byron, Emma Dunn, Addison Richard:: and -Anthony Wardc. In the story Miss .Vinson kcep< her you.r-g daughter in boarding 'schools for the reason that her presence at home interferes wilh the mother's social activities. Rebelling, the daughter visits a notorious niglit .club which is raided, and after escaping falls in love .with a straight living boy. However, the daughter goes further cxccisos until fiiraally she •and her boy friend are hunted by the law, being accused of murder. How the solution of the problem of all concerned is finally brought about is the interesting and.dra-' mulic-.ciliiiuoc -to .the >film. •-•.•- .--.1 i -• Co-featured om Ml--: Strand bill •••flJ.v Unite*! Press) 'The dark clouds that have been hovering around Brooklyn lifted. The Dodgers, took on Iho toughest arelight competition — the Cincin- nati-Kcds and their night owl htirl- er-de-luxc. Bucky Walters— and walloped them, 10 lo 5. . -.The Bums, with new siecl in their backs, knocked. Walters off tho mound in thro.-; innings, with a 'fir' Then they came back ''Ir, the eighih to break a 5 to C deadlock with a savage five- mil assault agai.rst young Ann Carter. All in all i.lic Brooks' attack netled I hem 15 hits—and they made good lise of ovary blow. Weber — who rcliavod slart- cr Rube Melton in the third, frame —was the winning h-jrler. The Phil.-idolphia Pliiliics beat Hie Pirates. -I lo 2, with .hurlca- Ken Raffensbergcr [,-i!;ing tin; pilc-hing 1-ior.iors. Raffensberger tield the Bucs to six hit-s and fannctl seven to hang up hi--, ninth victory. Mo had a. shutout until the ninulr frame when the Corsairs scored twice. Nick Strincevich gnvc uj^ till four Philadelphia runs in t-he first two innings. In the only olher National league game, t.he Boston Braves, lam ha sled the Chicago Cubs, G lo 1. They ccnlered ihoir attack on ])ortsiilcd hurler Bob Chipman who gave up nine hits- and five run.s in his six innings on tho mound. Nate Andrews- posted his 10'Ji victory. Tn tho junior circuit. Iho. New York Yankees gained a full game or.i the St. Louis Browns. The Yankees bundled 12 hits off Sig Jak- ueki and George Ca.ster for C runs and a slight C to f> decision. Johnny Lindol! put hi-* bat lo good use. He poled in a three "run homer in the sixth, giving Lhu Yankees Ihc marginal run. The Tigers and the Indians went into a Ihrce-wny fourth place tic with l-he Senators. The Bengals won a 10-inning- game with the Senators, when the Washington 1 crew mode three suc- j cossive errors in the overtime inning. Stubby Ovcrmivs. who hurled Detroit to the victory, crossed the plate with the winning marker. The score was 2 to 1. Tho Clevel.-uid Indians lagg Philadelphia'.:'. Buck Ncwsom for 12 hits, and beat th'c A's 7 to 1. Mickey Rocco, with a homo run, and' Ken] Keltner, with thr:_'e singles and a double < sparked the attack— and -helped rookie Ed Klieman to the victory. The Chicago White Sox edged out the Boston Red Sox. 5 to- -1. The Pale Hot.e.madc all their runs in the fiflli frame against Bo.-ton's pitcher Joe Bowman. Orvu.1 Grove was credited wH.h. the win. Locals Come From .Behind To Win Close Battle With St. Michael's St. Francis defeated St. Michael':) of W.-i.terville for its llrsl victory in the CYO.league in \Vnturbury. The final .score was 5-3. with Lefty Narducci losing the apple foi- the .lUCIll.S. St.-Francis 1 came from behind in the sixth inning, when after a 3-2, A3IEIWCAN -LEAGUE Voslonlay's Ilomill* Detroit 2, Washington 1. Cleveland 7,'Philadelphia !• Chicago .5, Boston 4. New York 0. St. Louis 0. < The Sfcuulinj; St Ixjuis -1038 -503 New York -M 37 ..-5-13 Boston .•!•! 41 .538 Detroit -12 •!-! .'!SS Cleveland 42 -M .488 vH_shir-gl&n 41 43 ,4SS Chicago 37 42 .408 Philadelphia '3747 .440 Today's Games, T'ilchcrn New York at -St- Louis—Borowy (J.2--i) vs. Poster (0-0). Philadelphia ot Cleveland—Christopher (4-0) or Harris <.S-5) vs. romck (2-;). Washington at Detroit—Candjni (G-6) VA Ne^vhousej' (1-3-G). Boston, at Chicago-—Barrett (33) vs. Wade (1-2). .. 1 <• they came up wilh thr c -e lake the ball ";;amc. jT| 7l An«'.-3o opened the franjc' „, single, on ;» aurprlso bunt. Moscola popped up to nrel • Hcaly got on bnac on an'cr, 01 . ^ ,;f Bhortstop Ahcarns. ** 1 : J-ou l!.-iscol.i then vrocixaeii hit a triple scoring two ruiuT scored on an infield out j_o tho of the sixth by kept St. Mike's at buy f 0 .of thc'i'ame. Charley DeCarlo „„ but Lou MaHCOl.-t's triple w*. best clout: of ihc evening Hcaly iwins, Joe and Vin, ,-jid Angelo got a hlt'apiccc. NarcJucci, allowing only six 1 struck out G and gave up one C on balls. Le Ferre and Sfcft,!;. struck out fl between them. This was'the third st lory for the Saints this have suddenly found -.vitii Peter J. Foley < coaching. Their league record"!! one win and Hvc losses. The sqmd will practice at Rccrtation Ficldi at G:30.p. m..loday. The box score: .St- Francis ab h V. He.ily 3b . 3 i San Angelo c 2 1 \V. Mascola ss 2 0 J. Hcaly Ib 3 i Mascolzi If 3 1 DeCarlo cf 3 2 Mariano rf XAT10XAL LEAGUE Talking Shop In Court Beneath His Dignity Pittsficld, Mass. (U P)—Charged with vagrancy, Joseph C-ivlcvalc explained he was merely gathering material for his new book, 'Who's j Who Among American^, of "Italian Descent in Massachusetts." "At $10 a Who. I suppose?" said District Judge Ch.irles 1^. Hibbard. "Please, Judge," said t!ic offended author. "I never talk shop in such public places." Yesterday's Results Boston G. Chicago 1. Philadelphia •!, Pittsburgh Brooklyn 30. Cincinnati S. The SUu St.. Lxiui.-; Cincinnati Pittsburgh New York Philadelphia Chicago '; Brooklyn \V. L. Pet. 5r> 23 ^700 4-! 37 .043 -; l 35 .53'J 40 41 .40-J 3i3 43 .-M9 32 43 .427 35 46 .432 . • , . 33 ~i t .•! lo Australians arc said to be the world's heaviest meat eaiers. They consume an average of 2-10 pounds per year a^ compared with t_hc 103- pound average of U. S. citizens during normal peace years. • Today's Giinics, Pilcrcrs St. Louis.ot Xcw York—Cooper (10-1) and Jurisich (G-5) vs. FekJ- man (S-3) .and Pylc (0-1) or Fischer (1-7). . . ' Pittsburgh at Philadelphia—Scw- cll (10-7) and Butcher (7-5) vs. Sch.inz (7-S) and Lee (G-3). Chicago at Boston—Wysc (S-S'l and Pass can (5-5J vs. Tobin (10101 and Javery (3-13). Cincinnati at Bi-ooklyn—McLi.s.h (3-7) vs. Konstanly (3-2). . fowling 2b 3 0 Vartlucci p -. 2 0 Totals . . 2-S C St. Michael's ab h Reiih rf 3 2 Murphy 2b 3 I Ahearos ss 3 1 Garritv Ib 3 1 D. McCarcc 3b 3 o' RicarU c 3 0 J. Burns If 3 0 Fappiano cf 2 0 LcFerre p 2 l 000 0 3- Totals St. Franci.s St. ilichacl . .. . 25 G 3 39it 000 140 0—j 5 ! 201 0000-3 5 ! — LAST TIMl-;» TODAY- STRAND About 05 per cent of the abaca fibre for nmniia ropo used to be imported -from the Philippine islands or from Java.' COWBOY CANTEEN CHAKUS STAKItm Carlisle, running like Man O' War, sprinted in to make u thrilling, one-handed catch that bowled Ihis week is "Cowboy Crintccn" which stars Charles Starrett and Jane FraKoo. Also in :hc cast is Tex Ri tier, the Mills Brothers, Roy Acuff and his 1 Smokcy Mountain Boys and Girls, 'and- Max Tcrhiirie.. "Liberation of Rome," am M-G-! M timely IcaLurcttc, latest Fox' him head over heels. Landing .on his feet, Carlisle raced to second bnse. and touched the sack just as M.uore was rounding third. Mctzger was midway between second and third, Carlisle thought thut wa.;? a Irinlo piny," ,but, Umpire George Hildc- brand said that he had to toucn llrst b.'i'se to make it oflicinl. So Cn.i'lisio st,'i,rtei.l to^varcl the .first suck, passed Mc'tzgcr. on the •way, ;ind beat him by inches. ALCAZAR TONIGHT "HIS BUTLER'S SISTER" with DEANNA DURBIN PAT O'BRIEN ALSO A1>I>E1) Sl'lCCIAI, J'JROGK.VM Movietone News toon,., round gram. • .out and the a color car-: Strand, pro- L. P. RACKE 6CC Hight Street Naugatuck, Conn. BAZAAR!! St. Hedwig^s Church Grounds THIS WEEK END Saturday, JULY 22— 23 BIG DOINGS! Entertainment!' Prizes! FUN FOR ALL American Legion Victory Fair JULY 20 And Every Night — RIDES FOR THE KIDDIES -^~ FUN FOR EVERYONE. UNIQN CITY OVER BRIDGE- NEXT TO HAIR'S SERVICE STATION ^"ORmEBOYS! Stan ; n a f ox hale) v.Vi i Ronione* undtt fir* I *- 5k^ 'v When "o'lywood ^^$4. 80 " " Ovor "•«'«"' '•*&*** -ntr^ CAROLE MARTHA RAYE.MIT . '.i.hJIMMY.DORSEYii 1 dh 1 so fChM ; f3 .JOHN-HARVEV rv - Di,.ct.d by WIIUAM *. sort* . Pro<!ov .. d fc, IIVINC STAIl' .":'-.- . '.

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