Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 27, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 27, 1916
Page 2
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. jLUMOIS.TIfiONDAY. NOV. 27. 1916. I TURKEY r^.!"' NO REASON FOR IT When Sterling'Citirtns 8>'-ow a Way, T-! . I t f' f ''I ''\ } ., . ?.,> > . -i -\*<. \\ ' •: .,'•: r.-;i«J« r of thj-i vih •» siifiVf* ((,,« ?,,;• t llr .'-V i,f ;, n ;,( i: ; !i: .; 1. ,, J; p (} ;1 , r , ,-i,.,v •ip'l d >t}£<-r<°. "f l,'i,!r,. v !!!•< will fa;! << ?>••••) !):•• \iof.i~, tt n T-fk'M".r v 1 i '"•< :: foiirid rt-';. f. i:- id whrjf a St,' : 1 irur f i; j-/i n <\i v- f't.ijik Mi<r". M >rk«mit!:. 'Sif, ^orv-j:<l Ur>.. Sff-rliot-: »:.>«; "T>;« work ! (},-> reijnfte'? ron«;iili't;ibl(. nt'i.-.j.ius find U t:;m hr-.-j-] dliTiciiff ixiif-ri rnv !>:?< k <!-. i I , S -> !• • ":•• in th«t FEEt FINE! TAKE "CASCARETS" FOR LIVER, BOWELS FND >0 CFMTS: ' DON'T STAY BILIOUS, SICK. HEADACHY, Ir \ U tth.n 1 !iav»- stoop, d. I have I.. « i, h:ird- !v :ild.- f.i m-;t!»:Men. Wh-n t >!<•«;.-• .it- I t.ii k« haxf-," on. one bo'v »,f I);t.itr-< Ki<1i!''.v f'il!-, IMS alu.tyx f-rn^x. -I fhf J (could'-."| 1'r'ce •>••, ;it i,)i d>--:t!<>r*. Ivn't .-"imply avk for :i kidney u-nifdy-^et JJnrm's Kldrtf-y I'illf* the paino that Mr. Myers had.- I-'osfer-MMhuin IV . Propi. FUiffrtlo. ..V. Y. C.i n't hflrni you *- m ^ n, 8<",t rnii m C? n and for •i f \\ r »• - j--|«ter v. ill remain and lu-ep huu.s<> for them MORRISON ALL STARS c "THANKSGIVING DRESSIN'" For the boys. • Suits^nd coats of the better grade -7-carefiilly made to give long service and to always look nicel See the new Pinch Back Over- for the boys. Q ^L' TKf .Vloi!O lAkruui I Play Firt< Game Of Ssaion On December Firtit. "fit' 1 .Moi t i.soti Uf-iMildrj! lie-Id a mt-' i inir a «hoit tirrn» nun ,uid ehantr-d the name ,„• tin- tiaieht ball UMIII. and. «ill he knmvn tinrn r ( o«- on as-thi' "Muni,, son All Siarn." Tin- Rea-nn will It" on l.»eremh«'r l»t when the |'M;I| meet the ChmloMc ''oils'. »>f Kh'illK lii«h! «hie|) \\H>> to have heen I'la^cd at l»-Hifirk haw hi i-n iani-(!l«tl In the mnnairer i ( that team. ' The «.< he.lnl.. fur the .«e.iK.m han .not l>-en completed, "11111 fctitndK IIB fit|!..^V« .it present. . her |«t t hfirlotle «'<>ll«<. !*«'<> Iftth—Ntjllmttli VitHrV Tic»-t-*, i r HOPKINS NEWS j CARD CLUB REORGANIZED. The Mt i : .n,iiif i' , i .i- i hjii it hi' ' • !!«.!. itiub <! '"/ • th'- --iiiiivier ;ii.i1i! h«. h.-t- »'t-r n , i-.. ,.,.'!•< -I ..-,.1 *' - v v,<-ld iheli l 'lr! Ilei'itst; ;•' Ms.- !,. -||. ,,( ,MJ.:.< Ajfl I i-niah'ie :a.M I'fi.ltv nu ;?t. Tin < i! '< ejjlei MilU'd at !!(.. |s,.;.-., of \| )-. : m J Mi*, l-'ii'nk .Mat find,ii" l-Yhlav eve. • lillK. Tli«-.-ijalt u ill mt <•! •••>'•• ;i wee'; uf th>- hotti",-; of ttn« different mem- berfi and five hiusdji-d uifl b.. t':<> fa- ,i f, ?! '• j ! <tid -I,.:•(.,, h -, -;, V. ;,., ,:,,.,-, , ,,-., , ... '! : r ' . . :-.! 1..- v . ,;"• i-.. - .1 f .\ i. ,,| t !.,. di'll'.- ^'". - I' <;••• ' •.,->> :-.>; H * ' -"• •• Hi. ' -!. :••• i,t!< -! n '- .-,i.-.i i,,..,. t . :; ; - ..... ..,,,, , v , ,. ,. y . "•: i' '•' '-'. \- ••:"!! « !!;.- up \\ ith a '' 'i- h<-:id. ! !•- i-i t,.! r . !t ... livi'lv ;>!• p, "• y •••kin and IO..KIM: arid -ffcflni; lit Mot).i is i \!i.i.;i\, .-( uhoh- ('.isriirct !(• :t >-ii i,. < iov,-_ l i|j,,<!-!. f.-vi-n--'fi child ;i!i> Htfn", jh-y ari. li.i! ni'i :;-: tii-vr j,'ii|n' >r si< hi'ii. —J- ( ' .iiMh MiHjttiH'UtH OBSE^V&iOLIDAY Potl Office Will Cloie At tO|00 A. M. Thanksgiving p«x. LILISON DAILY GAZETTE K&RISON, ILLINOIS. MONDAY, NOV. 27, 1016. 'Ml < fANERS' MEET ! FAREWELL SURPRISE *tr'« Class Enjoy* Eve- ; Tendered To Mr, And Mn. George 'With .Mrs. Taggett. | Robcrtion Saturday Evening Bner*. Mr«. A. K. P«rnienl« r'« J Stitnrdiiy evening tibout twenty T, tC. Hundiiy Hehooi, held f friends and neinhti,n» gathered nt th« \l(tt meeting nt the hotm> of hoim* of Mr. ami Mix. r.cor> ;ctt on I'Vidny cvchinn. . non, fi\'« and one-half mile.M i were pleamintly B|H'nf \\ith -.<* town, und tendered them u fnrewHl , . TI»uik«ifjv'lnK nxitnliiK to olmcrvi' lh<- holldtiy. anil then, will !>«< nn di'llvi-rl^ji liy ihf (.'litliTM. Tin' lianli.x lii the rlty (Ui'l »ttninty uftlrcft uill H|M«I ljp"r|o(n»i! all day. RECEIVESTEPQRTS Report* Of Bi-monthly Exsmi Coming In To Supt. Price, Thr- r«>|inr(>« from th«* rrrpnt % bl- montlily <<xiinift;ntlonH of t!ir> rural THE GALT,SCHOOL WpN. It II.IM bfi-ti derided thil! liir- i !;i H • ll'l'il Hull the ll:U: ,1? the H'ljiliil^ '"111 -MI iiivnl. wliii-li \\.is ill. (!!,«!. l>\ i tniHfiil," iii.nli' in (lie Tiimilx-i >', r. \\ttftli-d to I lie \V«tinls!de fi liool. .... . HOPKINS BRIEFS. ('mil ' dint ii went tn Sierlinu Wed.. c-t ,,in- ,,( I,., ,),.,,. i.,,, h' (l;:i(^> -' ''•' = • !,'., d! ^'i-'i h. !p. d ...u u.i-. !, ; ,dly cuppi. (I '•••I !:vf-.-! unlil \V. .in.--d;,y .' wh« n ' hi- ' ' ;!.i|I;o., !,. , .,;;;, ..,,. ), U,.,, [„» ),.,,( ,,, !•'• kill.',] . T:ii'- ni.iki-; tin-'HI-, ond hoi--' 'If- I'l.o-i h .-: i.-l ,;„! ill.' |o- -: I- ,, -' \- I' d;,.',\ I,, him. LADIES ASSIST NEIGHBOR. PbuiKday !-v<-i-iim: in n-pon-<r. to in- '.itatiiMis, «i\-, fi-l I.H!I.-- xv >n'ded tin it V\ll« !(• tin \ till! Ill -• \i-!.ll hout-K Mllilt . at the Imnie nf iilf (i.trtnix, Mr. mid Mr«. Hhun ( ifiiieti. Mr. and .Mr*. \Vc«dey Wink, of ii.ik- !e>, Kun.. went In (Jult Tuesday, -\there Ihe.v are fipeiidliii; a few d.-iyi« at tin- •lh»tw~tTf ->it* <t;«lpr.- Mrs. lirr.rije Smllli.' 1 ht fill;. As TlVst.. «.| t nt i-oitlil i-i't ai'.iiitd t!i<- in-'f. rr.'.i to, «.-•••« id iiiij.i.t r.-itrw. i-ii; the i-vijiiiii: ,M t , j-',, v ,..,., v ,.,| !.i(lii-i Hi,.,. ri-rre>!um..|it , and li n\<-y fur bi'it. '» ih" work |.|'-Hlii!! liian t; .BOIIII- v\;)ir r.-itrw. linr- Mfli<Mili» »r« |ff«'l-.»>(| Sup! UK «tunlx. A Rturo Which cnn.sed much Wtt» a ThankfiKivliiK turkey dl'lll- •<uriirii«>, Mr, nnil Alrk w«<ro tlit'ir m«)n thi* nrrlyn! of (expected KUCMtl), but noon re- it ml proved ns usual, n in which the cont of: -dinner may l><—rt*H and lloMti KXr -rrnnrng—wmt with cards and nn Hf>rvfi.l Prl<>»! .juul—htlUAV... that ununiinl work Is hciiiK done thlH year by both the. ten< her* and piipllx. The next bt- monthiy examliiiitlon \vilf be held on Jitnuary ly, 1!«1T. . AT DAVJ^HOME Mr. And Mre. C. A. Diivif* Entertain At Six-thirty Dinner. Mr and MM*' C, A. Davix enter at a xtx-Hilrly dinner nt lh.,|y> MIH. Wood, of f'l to Ohli-iiKO Wi'dtii-Nilay for a fewdnyx \ with frle.ttdti. 10. W. Mtti hell^hax Jiad a new fur iiui-«» liiKlalied in. Iiiw farm and tWO h yn with tht- i. Taff- j" Mr. tint! Mrn, itoherltton will I'ctlotiN j Monday, to Morrison, wh»-r*< thfy i ted' ii tlrio n«w n-HlUonco at SOI wctoj\\'e8t Morrla htr«H*t. They were'iriven MI bcatitlful casserole by tlli> KUMtS Hi* (t ..ue>.tK j partiiiK remembrance. all enjoyed nn imusuiUly The two notiH of M^r. and Mrs. Rob- ei t»ou wlli operuio the (Hriii und their on NV.pKt 1'iirk I'Vtdav John l-'leldltiK . Client Monday with In Dixoti and took in the democratic rally in SterllllK Monday menltiK. Miss Mnry Kraft, of t'oletiv, vlHlt- d relative}* and frlcmlM In this vicinity recently. Mr. and MCH. Krnent Stern motored to Clinton Saturdny and .spt-nt the day. Mr. and Mrn. IU< hanl unken und family ."pent Stiluiny- at the home of Mr. and Mr«. l-:<\ < OIIIIN In l^inerxon. Mr. anif MIN. \VIII Dettman entertained at a birthday party ut their me near~-C5alt J-'rlday Mr. and ,Mrn, Fred J^andherr and family entertained n't their home for dinner Tuesday, Mr*. Henry Iteyern Hint chlJiiriMi, of SALVATION ARMY VISITS TOWN Two \ouni4 ladii-h, tin mberx of the Salvation Aiinx, ta\'e a conc«Tl and n .short addic.-,-* «'ii Main street Satnr- lay afternoon to nt\ attentive .'fid re- ..•ipon-ive audi<-nce. Tiny \v< rr> sollcit- iiVt;' fimriH • (iVr r.-lii f of destitute c-iiil- •rt rrn—^nit-.-TSTifrTTTt rft-lrr~nrlTtrnr- T-T vrrn t dolhll -i ,.to\\i(|-|) their object. . ROADS GETTING BETTER. The roads are ra«t uctlini; in n><m\ condition in .«pite of the heavy rains of the mi'jdli' of the Week, due to the heavy traffti\ A irreat deal of Mhelled corn is cotntni; to m.irki't, which with the I'etnrninu f coal soon down the hump.* and leaves th" r better than' could he »'.xpfcted "al time t/t tlju year. BOARD AT A STANDSTILL. I'neertaiiity as to the effect of the recent court di-cir-ion on the townrdilp difttlct hiuh ;' Nittn'lMiih ' haM (i-- (nblr- i'lsht.e.<>n 'prenenl with Miia|idriiMonH and idnk carnatioiiK l-'nllowhi^ the dinner proKr<«KHlvt» «i\ A hanilod enrhro furntahcd "th« metu for,the evening. BIRTHS '--Mr l and XirV. Mrs. P. R (iwelln received wprd Sunday, that a baby son wa« b< rri to Mr.- and .\ir«. Mn*. I-'rcd Houseman xpenditm week nt the home of her jmrehtN In Sterling in Stff.llntr,. The yutthKc*! "Mon ot Mr. and.Mr. 1 *. AhioH Hurkholder, of Clyde, in HcrioiiH- ly III, '" ... Tho KnoJi .«< hOol bad n day's vacation Thursday on account of the ill,. I In a tcMipotary cessation of t •»' on the p.irt of the board of education who desire Ue know wh"»-re they are at before cpending <tny.of the la.xpayei-M money. . DANCE WAS ENJOYED. The tjocial dance uivi n )<v Thursday evening \\~s\n well 'intended and the crowd present enjoyed m-vt-ral hours of pleaxute-lo the exodlenl IUU^_ i fiii'-i iirclur"tm-juL lc fl!|-fl I i- K. c'.. I'arkor, of Pulton, at hospital that rnornlnK. Mrs. Parker wan formerly Mi«s Irinn <IWC||H of this cay. PROBATE COUm" RECORDS ' ;OTrla _, Inventory iil*-d -and approved. Ap praltk-menl bill tiled and approvci Petition for »alo of )ieiHonal propcrtj at privatH mh< UU-d and allowed urn ordered. <»rae«> A, Ucyoe, [Claim alhnved, John llutt, '|5,oo, • Ooorso 1L Shcphard, do- Invttntory tihul und approved bill IlleU ;md appiovtul: TobliiH KatltYman, deceam d allowed: L. H Kaufiman,"_isau.'- H. Hmith, |4'H.-»r. Final ami distribution or- If he Modern a , , « « • . Breakfast Cup is served to all the family o denying the children for fear of. larming them. ••'.-' . -no hesitation on the housewife's irt lest it make her nervous, -no, doubt about the wisdom of a econd cup for the husband for fear |f disturbing-his digustion. This snappy flavored table drink, ' popular nowadays, is ^ ropoi-t dered. KntaU> James II.' Koark. deceased Inventory tiled and approved, K»tat« Hannah Krohn, dcfeaspd. fionrt Ulcfl unrt npprovcaT — rhv 7 i»iTtT>ry Illc-d and" approved. -I4»mr»--W'iimi|ni"IilJVrIoJ>H.' deceased. Will adriilUed to probate, t Ksiato Nancy Holton, .decca«cd. A pi pralsemeiit bill tiled and approved, JCatatu JameH H, Hlmpstm. deceased, AppraiHpment hill 'tiled anil approved, j K&lut* • UtMiriro . \V. Potter, deeeasud liana Used at $5,61111, iliwl and up. proved. ' • . _ corgc, W. DUlenhvcK. 4c( fused, l.'inal rcjiott uppruytul and discharge ordered. , • Quurrtlnn- William A, Varhrough, report nx -to Hilda Yar, now Williams, filed, Miwl r«- IlleO,' Hi-pon 'UpprovcU, co»i« TO-' niitte<! and dl«chur«w ordined ~r\tD ward, JumoH !•'. AlcHride, . l<'jnal rcpyrt approved and dlschargt on tT<'<l. . •• • Kstatc J,eon u, Mcin.w. dt-eeaMCd- Hearing on final report and objections " I*,.). Humphrey wilt moke- hi* hbm willi II(H daughter. Mrs. "Kobert Matthew, of Hutiml drove, thl.H winter. \<'lilard Murry has had the Interstate telephone put In his rexidMice in .Malvern. . Mr«, Henry IteyefH and family of l-'meiKon Kpent .Monday at the home of parenui, Mr. and Mr«. W. l>. H> I.witters, In Oenenee township. Mr. and M rs A If red < >nk«n and family »*pt nt'Kunday at tho home of Mr. ami MIH, (Jeorge finlu'n. In StcrllUK. "MiHM by Kntft i« H|>ritillnft the week end wltlrMiHM lleh'j»_l)eitman In Gall. Uernard l:!ehren.s recently «helled 2,000 ImshelM of corn, which lie' «ioW for eighty-live eentH i»\>r httshel. Mr, und Mr*, l^rnest Ktern and fain- ily, apent Sutjiluy and totdv, diniu>r at home^if her MJiiler, Mr. ami .Mrs. SterilUK. COAL SHORTAGE RELIEVED. Tli" arrival of fcvcriil,. earw. of...._c.o;il haw miuK- the fuel citnati..n tntich ea-ii r in this vicinity, altliou^h. patronx for all Formal Occasions Holiday Season and its many formal-affairs" are fast approaching. Particular men depend upon this store to supply, them with correct evening clothes, furnishings and shoes. YOU may step into this store and select a. dress suit ot'-efrn'bct fabric, fit and style at a cost of $27.50 or .$40. It will be pressed and ready for your use an hour atterwards. OlLK dress vests — dress shirts, ties, and collars --dress~ gloves, ho?e, and shoes—dress cuff buttons, and shirt studs and many little things that complete a carefully, chosen outfit "arje here awaiting- your choice. See.dur West window. ~<TI iii tit- inori 1 . than ro r> " Trt TiT Deeds and it though') that the d'eal- •-I-K have tin- siliiatlun well in hand. .'• Mrs.' Kllem Crand |^tiik«, North Dalinta. is e.vperled to', arrive llere tliis we.-ij t.espeml seVeVtil Weeks her .-\s»a. at Hound Crove, Iviin 1'i'Uu'H jit Emerson. John Umdherr and Hoy Thilen made •hnslnt'HH trip to Morrison Thursday iftl'I'lUIOII, ' Unhurt Matthew has hail a furnaee Hit In lii.H farm reHldenee.. 1 TAMPICO NEWS and her parentx m T Ktewart (Hm.stead. of 1'rophetxtown wa.s in .Tampieu traiinaciliin h'uninoKK Saturday afternoon, tnakinK Home en- tlniates anil eloHiiiK lip other MAY INSTALL ELECTRIC 0 LIGHTS, Tho director*; of the Tampii'o-xchuols are i the adylt-abllity of the schoi.l IniifdinK wired ii'nd for (lie V'im'pped with elertTlc ..„,.„., .... ,.,. henellt ,,f the .students who eoitld UH< the liiiihlinK niKhts for various if lights were inntallod. . Little Harold Smith, ,«nn of-f A M'i ; ,l,' v. ,.,,, c. . wa, taken w ,,dd,,,.v with ,-,-,^i ! ' ,5 '„ ,,",;,, ,! ^^n ?*" Monday ni.h, and *,,,^,. v ,,,, „:„•- ^\ tll .,"^ ,'^^ ^ ^^ H ^ wa-s very wick and thrc.-i! broin-hiii.s. • -ii with M-IH ti-vef- ~: relative?)' Hh--kba'cdt. • TAMPICO BRIEFS, Mr. and Mrs. 1C. r. liulleiiharh upont ^veral hon'rs trajiHactitm huwim-ss In Sterling .Saturday aftertiooti, /Hie little Mm of I'rofesHor and Mix. <'. A, .Smith i.s maktna rapid reeovery •Til.- tnany friend*'of Kural «'..rrler :,-, Ttdei.^'^'/^'!'^'^ Olen .sieailman in-.-,,! to ie;!i'n : .! ,i ,. , |,, v , ,. that In Milwaukee he |«,« r.,..iv,-«l ••...,;;;•.,, I'ri.ihu'.in ih'i - couraKement ahoiit bis nii)i|.il »-\-e. • cjinl j;|-(,,i|.-- - e and hax K«n;e to the' hosjuuu for treat - ,,(-\ nrrrown T •!! 'c- n Illelit. The expert Ktses everv enfi,(.'- ? ,,•, ''..'I,,, '•''!'••»•' •'•" Vl '-" t I'nil * a«eme,u that in iwo : w.-eki u^itii.ert''.'i.'u'.'.!' ' ,"'" ,7 ' !1 'r ! "' ; "" :: '''"'"" a.t tho hoxpitul he will hive hi=. eye;,;!X'7r;iii-,!'!ii.- li'^'ll^.- '''""' " f '' W .is;ht as Kood an ever." >• t . ,'." " ; '<<-,)!. >., .. The Kpworth League, m-t , r.',',','",';"""," ' '' U "'"'--""i rii.-H.luy evening with Mr, and Mi>, .Vi,,',:.; ,''.', ^''??'.?' '''"'!' '"" U ' h< '''" K. Denison ami trnn.aeted'.he ,,,,. m i,. ( !' V ,X M '" ""' "" k ViM " lu; IV|f '- ly linsliu-Kn uf the league. J'|aii« wen ; \> "^ ^ • , ' ~< , , for a K.,.-lal to he .... .....! . - . '"'' '• : ' 51tl "• ! '«-'<ht'-e, \ iv.t,- w th his attack- of. and witlt n MQRRISC^BRIEFS .Sheriff l'l. T. lierry went to Krio on |oJlitial linsinef.s Hfttiirildv. W: II aut<-hell went Vi.» PiJltim" ,S;.i't- i|jw,v I«r a vi«it with friend*.- ' Mls«' Carry I'urrie «pent Kmtirduy i ith tiiriiUN in Clinton. SVuite Lewis*, of ('hit ago, wuw a vvceK lend visU'ir in thin rity M»>, \\'. S I,;t»jht»r und dumtrhter, Vlr, WILL RECEIVE SUBSCRIPTIONS I 'art ies" wishing to subwcribo lu The 1 Oiiisette or to renew tlusir 'MlbMci iption.s tthouUl t.ikt" advantage (if tlt« preHent ratt.*it and B»'l l.n <)n tho kioinul tfo'or bi-fot'i* there in any rai«e in the rates,of Ktitwriptiou. aa there will be no bargain days nor coiile^iH uijiler the pre.sent management. ' Ank for rates on vain hUU, iulvi*rtUe« and wajil alia. N. 10. ^^tLJwm^ojuLjieaiS-^yell^^^^^^ •Mr, and .\Jr«. Htnton iirown and M. IX Sti-adtnaii ijtoturrd to' "Mtpflitif* Saturday «|ieudliiK. a few 'hour* on tui.--iiies matters. I', <!. Betohtol. of {Sterling, JK hulld- InK a tenant hoyne on )I!H .farm north of town, in preparation for u renter, -who will move in next sprm Mrs. Sa'rah ')•',. ICinthair is l«> I'-ave in a few da>,s fur the .Sunny .South where Mie will wpend v t|ie win- t-t'r us ha.s IKH-II !H-I- fur infinv yearn. ••veiling uf jj(.c. s <lurinf.r tin Tin- Harmony ciuh met .-it the of MI-N, l.iiiira ertiooi.i iiiNlead of with Mrs. «'. A. -•tin- .severe il!ne.s* of the. later';; i,.,it«. (he thatiK.. at" a i t»e h..ur,i There Wei-e ten iaiSie.s prei.ein and a! liiin, jiav-jii.eti- f'll' UUnl.ell- «-,'li|ain, \\hei,. they WMV .tuned .Saturday. ie ; . \~> nin:.-, I,- Mt-:, . Sv.ei t , m d i! U ni;fiter, !«> y;-il !e)a(l\(;4 uvef Stm- pn>iiared l.y Airs. f*. A. • Smith was I tterved ami ronsi.iTfd of litiii.s, liiiHer, t mashed .potatoes, ' croatltecl i ehii;ken, pumpkin pie, wi'ih ' whipped; cream, «ike and oofiee. 1 . , Mr. and Mrn. J. A! 'IVach , u RELIEVES SORE, TIGHT CHESTS 1 H.MILUGAN BURIED Funeral Servicw Were-Largely Attended By the Friends. The funerul .servicesi 'of the late J. II. Millt^an \vm< held Friday afternmin There-Was Nothing So Good for Congesticn r.rjd Colds as Muctard Hut the n!!! : fa '!>•:inul and c:pj' is vv f.i't tiu 1 r( nnrstarsl pi trr ittul \\ ii'h.iV-t.'.Ju- IH.tir. .Miisterwle tl.'t-, i;. It is a (:!• an. v.-ltitc uinii'H- t, r.s.ulc -with o'clobk, Hcv. t>f the s;hur^h, i.C went tt> Ste'rliii^ HiiHiiiiay for i is.}n»(l vlult- «-ith .friends in that' city i*. \Vuii;l\) ill ((( WUt» U Well worth trying by-those whft «f*l f t at the .M. K. church *". \V. Tluiniton, ItaviiiK them in -chart^t Thv chun'h wa« \vell filled with friciidM of the dc- i-ea^eil who carne to ptiy their last re- HpCCJs to olli' they erilenTlii-il, The (i. A, K. Koii* of VtUeraii.s und \\'. li, I.'. at tended ui a !>ody Tilt jlowcr.s rtt'ic liioisl beautiful. Music was furnished b> Mesidamew and -i }{,-'r|ha with Murs- pi-mo. __ Th«. ,Hairy liJ'Uhl, of HteiliiiK, jyvasf u ^ia- itur in thin i'jty .Satmd.iy Mr«. .\Nl.hur K'ilt\ht;*iK» tiii.) ,\H,«K. Iv.stiiei ('l^oii KpeiiC,, Sulntii:i\- wall (t il-IOlf, .(II 4'|tl||...lti , : - . Mif.s Ai.jia' i-.,t!ei,. <1|.Al,,«tJh,!,eti U 1., . ?5jl«'lil Hit: U';.-K end ,, t_ {_(. e hullle_e,r" l;"i-| T.ITF; : ui\ nr~'^n7i~Ti'TT.u5T."r ~i •> -.11 ..•iTT.Tr __ Hrown: / T r:uik \VtHl. Halph (Jcurj,:.- Ir-hrrwDO!),- ,\t I hur -lto Strouw.s, \yho .wcrv K'-ins »if .. Th»'-dei. > ca,-ed.j\yan the tlard tiH.'iii.'ier nf th.'. C. ,\. -K.'vallc.! fn t!,,- pa.-t lii..iU!,- fi.'tn tin- ,S.inu«« -1 '(!. »St' ; :n 3 MANY Mls"FOfi"fu"NES". „ .Vv;,in l.l.-r,'d i'lun, ...iie ,,f <!r.i.'. m.-n, h;.,.- ii u! SruU h-.i-.l. - In ^.,,1,1, )>;'lp t'ut the 't:t .- t:ml. it is it .works v. dvii'-s r.'.-i .h!i>u r the ti :''U f.-st Jtisl r.;a? •«:>;:• .\ ? i!;:tcr»Ic in \ thi On-rv r till i :•'. ' t!v. Sir (it_ I'i'tfii ji.u-vcil',3 piiciiinuui.1), -\ ' c'r;;iic,. at Uu- 'r<'rs •

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