Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on May 15, 1974 · Page 9
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 15, 1974
Page 9
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Mine It With A Classified! SIDE GLANCES by Gill Fox CARNIVAL by Dick Turner Apartment For Rent EMERY GRINDER. Stand power hack saw. Floor model drill press. Band saw. Jig saw. New wall oven & Plate wall furnace — gas. Electric welder. Ox acetyleen welding torch. Steer door frames. Shower base. Metal kitchen cabinets. Birch plank doors. '2 Ton chain hoist. Tap & die set. Overhead door tracks. Many small tools. L. K. Vender — Phone 792-3297. 55-lll-tfc Wanted To Rent 58 WANTED: HAY ground Vic Wendl 683-2156. 58-114-31 p Houses For Sale 63 TO BUY or sell a home or farm. call Wilson Real Estate. Jerry Wilson or Doris Wilson 792-9605. .63-18-Ac . HOUSE IN country to be moved off. Good roof, siding. 659-;j7-17. 63-114-31p Houses For Rent 64 TO FINANCE the home of you. choice see First Federal Savings & Loan Assn. of Carroll. 64-29-tfc Farm Wanted 69 FARMS WANTED CALL NOW!! I have buyers for small or large farms. Will give you a free appraisal and counseling on market value. Call or write: James Weber Exclusive Farm Salesman (515)274-4621, Oak Realty 3605 Douglas—Des Moines, la. or after 5 P.M. (712)563-30<!2 Apartment For Rent 65 APARTMENT. NORTHSinK 792-9607. 65-1 KM fo Read The Want Ads NEAR NEW 2-bedroom apt. Stove refrigerator, drapes, water furnished, fully carpeted, patio with gas grill — $165. 792-9325 or 792-2722. 65-115-Uc Used Cars & Trucks 71 11)70 PONT1AC Bonne H'dtop. full power, air & clean. $1595. Glid- dcn Auto Sales. 71-115-ltc 1971 CHEV. :l .i Ton Pickup. V-8. power steering, real sharp. 16.000 miles, high rubber. Mc- CARVILLE & SON MOTORS. 71-115-ttc 71 TOYOTA 2-dr. coupe. 4 cyl.. 4 speed, bucket seats, near new rubber, plenty of economy left here. 68 International 4 wheel drive pickup, near new brakes & rubber. Local one owner with low miles WITTROCK MOTORS. 71-lll-tfc 75 TAKE YOUR car where the experts are. Shocks, mufflers, tailpipes, batteries or plugs. You'll get prompt replacement at Peters Motors. 75-115-ltc LEASING Could leasing be an advantage to you? Stop in and we'H figure a lease to suit your needs. HERMAN FORD-MERCURY West of the Mall 792-1505 75-I96-61C New Cars & Trucks 76 1970 FORD : V F250. good condition 669-31)53. 71-114-3tp 66 CHEVY Impala Custom, sell rod tag—real cheap. 684-2944. 71-113-5tc Motorcycles 73 FOR SALE: 1973 Yamaha 360. Excellent condition. 792-9488 after 6 P.M. 73-115-3tc COMPLETE MECHANICAL DEPARTMENT Call DENNIS HOLDER CBUKOU. (own 792-9236 JOHN WHALEY CHEV. Inc. 75-7!).|tc COME IN and see all the 1974 Fords — The closer you look, the better we look — Breda Auto Co.' 76-226-tfc Auto Service 75 775x15 AND 825x15 4-ply nylon tubeless tires. $17.98 each mounted and balanced plus T.E.T. Craig's Gulf-Neppl Oil, Hwy. 30.west across-from Har- dee<s ' 75-37-21 c .SERVICE RESPONSIBILITY is one of our better salesmen. Houlihan Motor Service Center. Hwy. 71-S. Carroll. Phone 792-4787.' 75-43-tfc NEW LISTING North side. 3 bedroom older home featuring large living room, kitchen & family room. Attached garage. Well located. Priced to sell at SI7.500. Call Toda. son Jerry Wilson or Doris Wilson—792-9605 lstate 63-lH-tfc WANTED I am looking for a good personal, producing life agent who would like to move into management. We offer a fully vested contract, big overwrites, bonuses, group life and H and A, leads, and complete home office and field training of your agents. If you aren't making $25.000 a year take 5 minutes and write: Regional Director Rt. 1 Box 244 A Fairmedows South Sioux City, Nebraska 68776 23-115-6IC Motion Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Flutter 5 Move from side to side 8 Turn rapidly 12 Arabian seaport 13 Not well M Relaxation 15 Bird's home- 16 Meadow 17 Aleutian island 18 Regard highly 20 Degrade 22 Lift upward U Form 28 Son of David (Bib.) 33 Area (Fr.) 34 Commander (ab.) 35 Pedestal part 36 Malt brew 37 Spanish cheer 38 Summers (Fr.) 39 Goaded into action 41 Obliterate 42 Dress feathers 44 Demented one 48 Continued story 536th Jewish month 54 Devotee 56 Feminine name 57 To lounge 58 Native metal 59 Thought 60 Distant (prefix) 61 Negative conjunction 62 Cow sound (pi.) DOWN 1 Decrease in size 2 Summer drinks 3 Suit part 4Grafted (her.) 5 Girl's name 6 Pub drink 7 Delightful 8 Line of junction 9 Head 10 That thing of yours (LatinI 11 Nine (German) 19 Before 21 Elongated fish 23Tristam's beloved 24 West Indian island 25Sacred (comb. form; var.) 26 Mars (comb, form) 27 South American country 29 Baltic Sea tributary 30 Hari 31 Poems 32 Smelling organ 34 Government by force 40 Health resort 41 Mariner's direction 43 Organic compound 44 Liquefy 45 Plant of lily family 46 Not legal 47 That one ( Latin) 49 Sora 50 India (comb, form) 51 Afresh 52 Meadows 55 Theater sign (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) Times Herald, Carroll, la. Wednesday, May 15, 1974 Calendar of Sale Dates Claimed and Auction Sales All types of auctions will be run in this Auction Calendar FRKK if we have the advertising copy of your ad in our office. KVKRY SATURDAY AT 1 P.M. Farmers Livestock Auction.. Special Dairy Sale — the 3rd Thursday of each month. EVERY THURSDAY— 7:30 P.M. Carroll Livestock Sales. SUNDAY. MAY 19- Houschold and antique sale. David & Dorothy Dobson. Odcbolt. Albrecht & McCrca. Auctioneers. TUESDAY, JUNE II- 1:30 P.M. Frank Polking Kstate — 120 Acre land auction, Located 2 miles west & ;i i north of Breda. Meryl Kerkhoff and Loren Albrecht. auctioneers. INTRODUCING: Sherri Hale Experiences Hair Stylist School of Reece & Sybil of Lincoln. Nebraska. Blow combing Natural hair shaping The now things & hair styles Phone 792-4534 Anthony's Hair Styling & Wig Salon 107 West 6th St. Carroll. Iowa l5-H5-2k- "Dentist, foot doctor, beautician ... why, it's costing more to keep YOU going than the car!" THE BORN LOSER split with Dexter! He wore out my best wig!" by Art Sansom Spring Sale Time at THE GRETEMAN AGENCY, INC. x-s Sparkling Sump KfiiuiilllLj Ix-driimn |;IIKJ in exclusive iin-ii iVmriH :if :-fulll ifll^ctcd. delightful rei>,£yu«J. (fciuhlcli.'hMKc. Ki'iiiililul wuimds SM.KiiOMi Spi'iul -uiiinu'r in the mr fiiiKliliniirtt vimi- Icirl »l Ihi^ Inn 1 iri-leirl liiiiiie which has ciirpclinu. liirue cnuinr> kitchen, .mil Ol.Siin no i- the sellinu pncc nl ilus line linine An Ama/iim Valuo Well'd. iH'.ilililiillv cliiiirnli-d -I lieilrniini linine K.inilh rnnin. |>;ilni .il liiched e.ii'.me I.milled in Knlliim Hill- tin.-at Bin Kiineh llnnu 1 Tills new lininr liMlurcs .1 cuslnni lurch kiichcu. uiih ;)ll rlcririr .ippli.MKTv Three nversuecl livclriK.m-t 2 lull lwtl\s. .Hid ;i hun* '2H iMiMuc m.ikr lln- .in I'.vci'p. Imiiiil liiiriMin al . s!7 5l«> IMI A Home With Flair .Kmcr entr.uu'c ilininu ,r.ntni. :t l.irur lieilnmni- s|i..rmu» kilelieii .mil I.mult nniiii ILimh utiliu n,,nn Hnulilc uiirtiur y)-t .VHI INI l-'utr I'liriu-r Hand) r>i»>il sclmiil iinil chiirrh liiciiliini Nice curlier Inl n\crliiiikini: scrim- » ..... led JiriM l<lnil!l\ kllcllell ;illll ilillini; .-H'CJI. c\ Ir.i i-liisi-ls. H lu'drunniv. i|uul,|c *"'W SH.7;Vi nil Xl'U' l.istJIIU Sii|ierh cnndilinn in .mil mil This :l licdrmiin hj> ccnir.'il ,nr l.iniiK nmin ;iiul mi eii|nv;dile lenceil li.nk^anl ml a hr, ml ilul Liiulsciipcil Inl sI'j.H.'iii mi \tw liniKiHi; ilii\s arc incr ulicii MHI MI- tills cM-iliiiii :t licilriiniii ranch lleaulilnl lU'cnriiium. l.iruf warm (.niul\ nmin .mil vanlled ccilnius make lln- a Inie v;ilui a' .T.'.."iiiii mi Spjidmis l'iiiHi'iii|)ur;ir\ A Dianncil :i lieilnnim h»ine mil, nn|irc- <nc allraclmns |)clu\e rer nnui nui, liar lircjil re. lirc.iklasl m»,k IAII'.I i-cil.n »l»riiii> rli.-el> niiiMili- t.iv ^rill .in. I M'ri'rni'il Miniiiu-r li"iin I. ..u a I.. i vYI .Mill mi ^"^l wnil I lie irilMHIli: 'Hi tins spa< mils 4 licilvum . K.uniK nuiir. uilli lin-|il,nc- .' l,.,\\,* ilmilile uaraue I'nnii- l.m ,il u.ii s:u 'i">n nil To view any of these Fine Homes. Call THE GRETEMAN AGENCY. INC. Home of the Professionals 792-9730 Miki-7irJ--WH BUGS BUNNY by Heimdohl & Stoffel ff THAT'S ANOTHER SUGGESTION RDR LONGER COFFEE BREAKS, SHORTER WORKING HOURS AND MORE PAY... SCHNOOGLE. •CUP PRISCILLA'S POP by Al Vermeer WOVs/!\\ _ / LOOK AT /• THOSE L> CURVES^ 5-\5 THEY SET BETTER EVERV DAY/ VES, AMD MV FAST &ALL. IS, IMPROVIMG, TOO. 1 •STUPID BASE-BALL! SHORT RIBS by Frank Hill •Junior Editors'* Quiz on GREAT PYRENEES DOGS THE Ar?/775>/ we CQM//VG / 1 CANT SAV MUCH RJROUR EARLY-WARNIM3- SYSTEM- A MOUNTAIN EEK & MEEK by Howie Schneider FRANK AND ERNEST by Bob Thoves QUESTION: What in (hi 1 .origin of the Great Pyrenees dog? # * * ANSWER: The Great Pyrenees dog, a large working dog known for its great stamina and strength, is thought to be a descendant of an Ancient Mastiff of central Asia or Siberia. In Europe, the Great Pyrenees dog was an associate of shepherds high on the slopes of the Pyrenees mountains. He had a great sense of smell and keen sight and was an invaluable companion to shepherds and their flocks. He won fame as a guardian of the Hock and as a vanquisher of wolves and bears. He was called the Great Dog of the Mountains. Louis XIV, in the 17th century, had many Great Pyrenees at court. The breed is esteemed for versatility. Their love of pulling carts make them ideal for pack and guide work on ski trips. The dog is white with a heavy double coat of fur. The head is large and the body is immense. The weight is about 125 pounds, and his tail is plumed. He is a handsome dog with great intelligence and is devoted to his family. 5-15 (Beth Pope of Hickory, North Carolina, wins a prize for this question. Yon can win $10 cash plus AP's handsome World Yearbook if your question, mailed on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper, is selected for a prize.) PAY TAXES HERE KNOCK IT OH, ERNIE/ Me ALL HAVE TO PAY TAX**, You KNOW/ © 1974 »V NLV I ALLEY OOP by Dave Graue THAT'S IT ALLEY...THE ONE I WANT WAS DESIGNED AND CON STRUCTEO IN 2O6 B.C. BY A CHINESE GENERAL NAMED SO YOU'RE AFTER A PARTICULAR K1NDA KITE, IS THAT IT? WHAT'S SO SPECIAL ABOUT THAT ONE ? IT WAS THE FIRST KITE EVER MADE/

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