The Monroe Journal from Monroe, North Carolina on March 24, 1922 · Page 2
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The Monroe Journal from Monroe, North Carolina · Page 2

Monroe, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Friday, March 24, 1922
Page 2
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The beet c : in the wcrU cannot :rc Juco a rl::fcc4"ry meal fr n satisfactory feed. Ycu cannot cntract nu-) triticnl'iz II13 food dcecn't contain. Our fc zd i 3 dirercnt f r t o Jo PLane 36 When Many of United in Bonds of Matrimony Marriage Records of Union County, Beginning With the First One Recorded in 1851 Until the Present Time, To Be ' Given Through Columns of The Journal . Marriages in 1859 Jan. 10th, Isaac H. Reid, free negro, to Betty Moose by Rev. M. A. Connelly. Jan. 26th, George P. Austin to Rosa Gaddy by Esq. S. H. Parker. Jan. 27th, J. W Therrell to Nancy Givens by Esq. J. W. Price. Jan. 23rd, Thomas J. Huntley ttf Harret A. Edgeworth by Esq. G. W. May. Feb. 8th, Wtilliam Helms to Elizabeth J. Fincher by Esq. J. W. Price. Feb. 10th, Shelby Polk to Elizabeth Simpson by Esq. E. Williams. March 1st, Samuel Crook to Dru-cilla Beasley by Esq. T. C. Wilson. Oct. 2nd, Stephen P. Little to Francis A. Marsh by Esq. J. H. Woodard. Sept. 15th, Charles Dees to Bar-' bara Osborne by Esq. Henry Long. Sept. 11th, General Griffin to Jane Starnes by Esq. Charles S tames. Jan. 16th, William Moreti to Sarah . C. Condor by Rev. C. Moretz. Jan. 20th, Burr el Dees to Sarah West by Esq. John E. Austin. Jan. 27th, F. B. Traywick to Mary A. Little by Esq. J. H Woodard. Jan 27th, Wilson Broom to Elizabeth Starnes by Esq. Charles Starnes. Feb. 6th, D. M. Howard to Ellen Austin by Esq. B. A. Austin. Feb. 10th, James C Hargett to Martha Godwin by Esq. E. Williams. Feb. 15th, John F. McCoy to Celia - Mullis by Esq. B. A. Austin. Feb. 23rd, James H. Thomas to Lydia E. Hamilton by Esq. M. W. Cuthbertson. Feb. 28th, Thomas Watts to Rosa Helton by Esq. J. L. Collins. March 9th. John Swrest. to .Tan Haneger by Esq. A." Harkey. March 10th, George W. Hale to i Mary Ldies Dy tisq. u. W. May. March 11th, George C. Davis to Abegale Moore by Rev. S. J. Fincher. March 10th, Thomas James to M. A. Elloby Esq. J. L. Collins. March 17th, Charles E. Trull to .Rhoda P. Helms by Rev. M. A. Co-nelly. March 29th; John S. Hunter to Eliza Crowell by Rev. C. Moretz. March 24th, George N. Rea to Sarah A. Hendley by Esq. J. S. Ritch. April 3rd, Tison Mullis to Mary J. , Little by Rev. E. Williams. April 10th, Briant Harrell to Mary : Phillips by Esq. J. L. Collins. I April 20th, Dr. Benjamin Chears to ! Rarnh A Hrorln hir T?t Tin. V D t insrton. May 8rd, Israel Hargett to Ann M. Morrison by Esq. T. C. Wilson. Mav 9th. Jesse Yandlo tn FlUTnhoth Trull by Esq. A. Harkey. : I May 14th, Sampson Hinson to Sarah ! .. ! 1 T! "V a A . . . ' I Vfiwe o.v Jsq. a. a. Austin. ' June 2nd, A. W. Maness to Alsa Chaney by Esq. J. H. Woodard. June 30th, W. A. Austin to R. P. Little by Esq. Henry Long. July 3rd, Epram Starnes to Nancy Holden by Esq. Charles Starnes. Aug. 11th, A. J. Myers to Hannah A. Cuthbertson by Esq. W. P. Muse, i - Joseph York to Hannah S. Freemen - py asq. w. r. Muse. . Aug. 11th, Enoch Williams to Mary Gurley by Esq. R. Staton. Aug. 14th, Hosea' Presslar to Eme- -,uiib oiarnes oy Jisq. Uharies Starnes. ',;K' Jesse Hancock to : Martha Funderburk by Esq. Daniel Walters. i, Aug. 30th, Jhon A. Norcat to Nancy -Fincher by Esq. J. H. Price. Aug. 31st, Eli Stesrall to Jane E. Nash by Esq. 46. H. Parker. Sept 6th, John N. Porter to Susan-;.Mn Keziah by Esq. J. H. Price "th,,Malichi Adcock to Dru-f-dJIa Tadlock by Esq. S. H. Parker. AU7. Z4r,fl. William YnnHlo t If Trull by Esq. A. Harkey. ' , Aug. 21st, D. M. Haigler to Eliza-' fceth Eudy by Esq. B. A. Austin. i Sept 29th, Samuel Tarlton to Salma ! Williams by Esq. E. Williams. - Oct 8th, Frederick Staton to Rhoda ! Sharon by Esq. R. Staton. " 1Jt.h' Nemrd Broom to Susan' A. Baker by Esq. Charles Starnes. I .Get. lath Tkn.. D. I A. , . t w marv i .JSunpson by Esq. E. W. Williams. ! Oct. 20th. John Osborn to Elizabeth! Vinson by Esq. Daniel Walters. ' ; Oct 26th, J. E. Green to Sarah M. I Marsh by Rev. W. M. Rushing. : m Oct 27th, M. Hyers to Marah 'E.' Timmons by Rev. W. T. Brasington. i. Oct ,31st George Coteney to Har-I net Jenkins by Esq. J. L. Collins. ' : ! Nov. 2nd, Osborn Thomas to Julia Whitley by Esq. W. H. Collins, v Nov, 3rd, Jackson Holly to E. E. i . Stricklin by Esq. J. S. Collins. - r Nov. 2nd. Robert M. McGinn's to ' El zabeth Wolfe by Esq. J. E. Irby. i Nov. 8th, William D. Mask to Mar- ' Caret J. RnwlanH Kv Nov. 15th, John L. Phillips to Eliz-Rbrth Harrell by Esq. J. S. Collins. No. 14th, John Maddox to Sarah Grflin by Esq.. R. Rogers. Nov. 17th. Phillip Irby to Amanda Kirhardoon by Eso. J. E. Irby. wNov. 22nd. A. N. W. Belk td Sarah TTrlkup by Rev. C. R. Smith. No. 22nd. S. H Williams to Elizabeth E. Griffin by Esq. G. W. May. Nov. 23rd. Thom r'i Stricklin by Esq, J. S. Collins, i Nov. 24th. Samuel M . ... . tOOVJII !a Jane McCorkle by Esq. T. C. Nov. 26th. Milas' A" Hartis to Jane .nian ty Ksq. J. s. Ritch. ! '". 6th. William Helms to Umcy 'elms by Rev. Calvin Helms. I c. 15h, Josenh W. HcMurray to H J, Howard by Rev. D. P. Rob-t. '. - - 13th, John J. Trull to Martha " by Esq. G. W. iray. . 1"h, J. T.I. riihar-'ion to : ' s bv I'.so. T. C. T. Jann. . I . C!vin C. Price to Mary ; ly L. T. C. Wilson. Our Ancestors Dec. 18th, M. P. Mask to Susan Dawkins by Esq. S, H. Parker. Dec. 29th, A. M. Hargett to Isabel Godwin by Rev. Calvin Helms. Dec. 22nd, T. J. Bivens to Martha E. Rowland by Esq. S. H. Parker. Dec: 27th, James P. Price to T. C. Price by Esq. T. C. Wilson. Dec. 28th, James W. Vickory to Emeline Wolfe by Rev. S. J. Fincher. Dec. 29th, Moses J. Short to Han nah Montgomery by Esq. J. E. Irby, Marriages in 1860 Jan. 19th, James J. Harkey to Eliz abeth btilwell by Kev. C. Moretz. Jan. 17th, Needham Whitl.y to Sana Kushmg by Kev. W. M. Rushing. Jan. 19th, John Medlin to Rebecca Helms by Kev. Calvin Helms. Jan. 24th, Salathiel Helms to Dru- cilla Conder by fcsa. T. C Wilson. Jan. 19th. Coleman Williams to Khoda Helms by Esq. M. W. Cuth bertson. Jan. 26th, William Griffin to Mar tha J. Fincher by Rev. A. L. Stough. Jan. 29th, John Belk to Henretta Broom by Esq. Elias Preslar. Feb. 5th, I. Jackson to Sarah Baker by Esq. A. Stegall. Feb. 8th, Alexander Bennett to Jane Bass by Esq. B. D. Austin. Feb. 23rd, Samuel P. Irwin to M. J. A. Walker by Rev. S. W. Irwin. Feb. 21st, Joseph W. Bivens to Martha Bennett by Esq. S. H. Parker. March 3rd, John Pierce to Eliza Bass by Esq. W. Stegall. March 8th, John J. Medlin to Patience Smith by Esq. B. D. Austin. March 22nd, Andrew J. Griffin to Martha A. Griffin by Esq. E. Williams March 27th, Noah L. Hinson to Sarah J. Curlee bv Esq. R. Staton. March 28th, J. E. Smith to Leah Dry by Esq. R. Staton. April 22nd, Murphy Usry to Elizabeth Broom by Esq. Elias Preslar. May 10th, Wm. Henry Krauss to Mary C. Wolfe by Esq. J. W. Price. May 9th,,W. H. Gribble to Malissa Lenty by Esq. W. C. Collins. May 24th, Alvi Watts to Lydia Mc-Guirt by Rev. B. G. Jones. - June 5th, Thomas W. Keziah to Martha Bullard by Esq. T. C. Wilson. June 5thj Stephen G. Hasty to Mary L. Benton by Esq. T. C. Wilson. June 1st, D: M. Rose to Sarah Ring-staff by Rev. J. F. McLure. June 28th, Simpson Watts to Pink-ney Foster by Rev. B. G. Jones. . July 14th, James McElroy to Rebecca Baker by Esq. J. W. Price, July 22nd, Thomas H. Starnes to T)liza A. King by Esq, J. E. Irby. July 8th, T. B. Harrington to S. E. i3ass Dy Esq. B. D, Austin. - Aug. 14th, James R. Griffin to Sarah A. Mullis. Aug. 15th, William King to Mary i arker by Esq. S. H. Parker. . Aug. 25th, William Honeycutt to Mary Richardson by Esq. D. F. Hay-den. Aug. 30th, Andrew G. Trull to Jane Stegall by Esq. J. S. Ritch. Sept. 4th, Samuel Rape to Sarah A. Morgan by Esq. B. C. Ashcraft. Sept. 6th, C. Correll to Henrietta Belk by Rev. B. G. Jones. Sept. 14th, Cyrus Lucas to Elizabeth Mullis by Rev. A. L. Stough. Sept. 10th, Samuel T. Haney to Mary A. Haney by Esq. B. C. Ashcraft Sept. 18th, Harris Hargett to Sarah . Broom by Esq. A. Harkey. Sept 27th, Thomas Seagby to Martha Crook by Esq. T. C. Wilson. Sept. 27th, James M. Taylor to Martha Moser by Esq. W. P. Muse. Oct. 2nd, J. W. Hawfield to Amelia . Wolfe by 'Esq. J W. Price. Sept. 30th, Bisha Brothers to Eliza- 1h Hartsell by Esq. W. P. Muse. . Oct. 3rd, Willie Rogers to Mosey Stegall by Esq. B. D. Austin. Oct. 29th, Green B. Helms to Luanda Preslar by Esq. Elias Preslar. Oct. 30th, Armsted Helms to Catherine Price by Esq. M. W. Cuthberston. ' Nov. 1st, H. M. McCall to S. E. Yandle by Esq. W. P. Muse. Nov. 4th, Jesse G. York to Margaret A. Cuthbertson. "" Nov. 4th, W. B. Long to M. A. S"mpson by Esq. W. P. Muse. Nov. 8th. Henry Godfrey to Martha Riner by Esq. S. Billue. 1 - Nov. 13th, Wm. H, Howie to Sarah E. Winchester by Rev. B. G. Jones. : Nov. 13th, Wm, A. Bivens to Mary Asncraii Dy e,sq. a. j. Asncralt Nov. 22nd, William Haigler to Martha C. Kindley by Eso. J. M. Price Nov. 22nd, Jeremiah M. Hinson to Jemina Whitley by Esq. W, H. Collinj. Nov. 25th, John W. Short to Nancy Richardson by Esq. Elias Preslar. Nov. 27th, Sanford G, Howie to Nancy C. Winchester by Rev. B. G. Jones.' Dec. 12th, James A. Marsh to Pene-lore Marsh by Esq. S. H. Parker. Dec. 18th, Joseph C. Fincher to Martha E. Stevens by Esq. J. S. Ritch. Dec. 22nd, A. J. Nelson to E. E. McCain bV D. B. Robinson. ' Dee. 27th, William E. Maness to Sarah A. Hargett bv Esq. J. M. Price. Dec. 25th, James N. Gordon to Cath-erlne Gordon by J.' W. Price. ' f Dec. 26th, J. E. DSlrme to J.-W. T. Bkkett by Rev. A. L. Stough. Everyone loves the man who pays his bills promptly. v -si - WvW. IIAIIGEIX Dealer in PLU:3I:.3, suprurs Very Kte-alb Prices Ciirjrcd. AH Work Gu-rcntced.5 hone 372-?v. IJonroe, 11. C To the Voters of tl:2 13th Judicial District We, the undersigned citizens of the Town of Hamlet and Richmond County, earnestly and heartily endorse the candidacy of Solicitor M. W. Nash, of Hamlet lor re-nomination as So licitor of the 13th Judicial District. During all the years that Solicitor Nash has been a resident 01 Hamlet he has been a leader in the affairs of our Town and County. As City At torney for over ten years he has at all times used his influence for progress. In all campaigns for the enlargement and improvement of the public schools he has been a leader for the movement ' As a member of the Stqte Senate, Session 1921, he attained high rank as a Legislator, easily becoming one of the most influential members of that body. Knowing the reputation by Solicitor Nash as a Legislator, our Governor when a vacancy occurred in the office of Solicitor in his District, tendered him the office. He has, in the short time since his appointment, made such a reputation that places him among the top rank as Solicitors. He has ably and fear lessly prosecuted the cases on the Dockets of the District, and if re nominated, will continue to add to his reputation. The Citizenship of Hamlet are sol idly and earnestly requesting the vot ers of the 13th Judicial District to give him a re-nomination, and we pledge to the entire District that in him they will find a vigorous, upright, ana able oincial, and one who will reflect honor and credit to the District. BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF TOWN OF HAMLET, H. P. Austin, Mayor, R. M. Adams, s R. N. Rhodes, W. H. Fetner, N. D. McDonald, Felix Cannon, Commissioners. E. H. Mahone, City . Clerk and Mayor. J. H. Braswell, Chief of Police, J. C. Leigh, Recorder. BOARD OF SCHOOL COMMISSIONERS, ' W. R. Land, Chairman, Mrs. C. C. Hudnell, J. P. Gibbons, L. K. Backman, School Commissioners. C. S. Warren, Supt of School. HAMLET CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, J. P. Gibbons, President. T. F. Moffet, Sec-Mgr. HAMLET, Y. M. C. A., D. W. Glover, Secretary, L. H. Gibbons, E. A. Harrell, ' S. O. Turlington, Attorney s-at-Law. Rev. W. C. Martin, Pastor M. E. Church. ANNOUNCEMENT To the Voters of the Thirteenth Ju dicial District: I hereby announce mv cnnMAarv for the office of Solicitor, subject, however, to the action of Democratic party at the next primary. " If I am nominated, I shall make a vifnrntia ramnnicm in Hohnlf n-F nr - i r r ... v& party and it 3 candidates. If elected i snau aiscnarge the duties of the office in an honorable, efficient and conscientious manner and nrntont hs interests of the state and society. I snan, aiso, see. tnat every defendant gets a "square deal." I shall prosecute, but I will never lwrownfo I shall make a fair and impartial pros ecuting attorney ana know nothing in my work but to do mv full duty. I shall make nn falra nnnlui 1 - w f VIUIBCa 1AJ influence voters to support me. I will nut csmounage. upon this platform I ask vour Rim- port Sincerely yours, GILBERT H. RUSSELL, Laurinburg, N. C. 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C, on or before the 11th day of February, 1923, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons indebted to said estate will please make immediate payment This 10th day of February, 1922. v M. L. FLOW, Ext. of -. Mary Cooper, Dec'd. NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION Having this day qualified before the Clerk of the Superior Court of Union county, North Carolina, as administratrix of the estate of Jno. D. Brooks, late of the county of Union, and State of North Carolina, this is to notify all persons having claims against said estate to present them to the undersigned, or to her attorney, on or before February 7th, 1923, or this notice will be plead in bar of their recovery. All persons indebted to said estate will please make immediate payment This February 7th, 1922. (MRS.) RILLA A. BROOKS, Admrx. of estate of John D. Brooks, W. O. Lemmond, Atty. deceased. NOTlfF. OP SAI.P. Under and by virtue of an order of ' v - Maau VW V Mil V V yi the Clerk of the Superior Court of, TT : a... i ceeding entitled Mrs. Rilla A. Brooks, administratrix of J. D. Brooks, dec'd, Vfi Walter 'RrAnlra At fil tha hma Ka ing No. 566 upon the special proceed- ins uuvnev ui emu Kuumjr, me uuuer- me v-ierK oi tne uourt as administra-Signed commissioner will, on the itrix cf the estate of J. E. Garrison. 3ntll Itav nf Ua,)i 1099 - J.....J l.i. - . x ,,, ' -",- at 12 o clock m., at the court house """""." , w oic to the highest bidder for cash the fol-' , , 7 . and being m New Salem township, T I Winn I'rtlinf IT rJtth rnvnlinn J. "vv. vvu, uc-j SC1? tfolhTs-: v , j J t r. tt : J i "t v . i J. E. Hargett and others, described Bfi T-l I Tiro Unvinntnn k nklM a. 1 " o wwa W uvuil 4Wa as follows: Beginning at a maple on the bank of deep gut branch, J. M. Haro-ptt'a enmor mil mm S K9 V 10.29 chs. to a stake in an old field; thence N. 57 1-2. E. 5.70 chs. to a stone in an old field; thence S. 3 W. fi.22 rha. tn a P. ft.- nn smith sila Euto road; thence N. 36 E. , 8.61 ch. I "w MirJhSrWi ? W executed v Ri.nni-t' lino Ttv..! o ni. "w K lu. oaT oi uciooer, and duly re-I SS&i1 r.nhTeioS-w5of t i the office of Registr of t o HZil j Z IZ tiV n r o to a stake m flat by two W. 0. and B. cum: thonoa jl 7ft v 9i3 ..h. . itot i n t.....T r T i. peen maoe in tne payment of the ob-SJV". Ik TS!ai?ri J?? therein ..sred, the under- q tj' o l io C t ' "- ?l jft.2.- VinatLlhl"C cedars on bank of Haw branch; down Haw branch 19 chs. to a stake SSS :SLZ kSSS 47.90 ens. to the bpcinninir onntnin 7 Vv V - . r. inir 160 aerps mni-A nr laco innrui by A. D. Austin, surveyor, Jan. 20th, ana Known as tne uaDril Simpson old place. 1 2nd Tract- Adininino tlm tona .t J. C. Baucom, W. N. Purser and oth ers, Dounaea and described as follows; Ttacinnincr at a R ft P n an1 o v h , v.. v. aim stake in Jas. C. Baucom (formerly saran wunams' line; and runs S. 48 W. 7 chs. & 80 links to a stake; thence S. 43 V. 13 ih -inJ an - ..u. u .u vv to a stake in a line of another survey of the 17 1-4 acre survey : thence with saia line n.a he. chs. to a stake hV A P. O n TlH tKrflfl tiinaai 41ahoa with Jas. C. Baucom's line N, 60 E. 32 chs. to a stake by a pine in said Baucom's line; thence with his line S. 47 W. 39 chs. and 70 links passing his (Baucom) corner to the beginning, containing 22 3-4 more or less, known as the J. T. Baucom land, conveyed to J. D. Brnnlm hv (I W PI rrar Ann - - - j w V TT HI1U wife, Sept. 6th, 1906. Hrd lYact: Adjoining the lands of Ci. M.' Simnann ifirat tront okntio A. scribed) and others, bounded as fol lows. Beginning at wv H. Austin's post oak corner and runs with To- bitha Helms' line in a nroatarn lirso. tion to G. M. Simrtson's corner; thence with said Simnson'a linp tn the line of Saunders Baucom's land; thpnfe with tha aai4 Ra ------ awv WMIU WW U V. O AiilC to the John Rushing line; thence with tne said raismng's line in & southern direction to the beginning and sup-nosed to contain 1ftft aki1A MAM a - - -" oowao aaivav Jl ess, and known as estate land of C. u Brooks which he purchased from R. P. Tarlton and wife by C. C. Brooks.' ''., The CommisKinnpr will nnlu a 1-4 undivided interest in tract No. 3, it being the part owned by John D. Brooks at time of his death. This the 27th day of February, 1922. W.O. LEMMOND, Commissioner. NOTICE OF SALE OF CITY PROP- EKTY. Under ' and bv virtu rtt tha loot will and lAKtampnt. nf Msn fiAna deceased, I will sell to tha highest bidder at the court house door in Monroe, N. C. on Mondav. 3rd dar nf Anrit 1922, at 12 o'clock, that four-room house and lot adioininir the lnf of G. M. Tucker. Curtis Paire. S. A. L. Ivailwav and AtKaira L .,,. . i Thfl nm Hinop la m trnnA n mmm n niio with eliwtrir. 1 ' f ' f a mrA ter nd just north of the railroad trrossm at Southern Cotton Oil Mill. I V't rvT Irt FL -m tfa .... I , . 1VV i r, t T-V.ln.-- MMM ii Ivkka a.M- .S i'M iii, Jin? r in rrrnap min i-'" boiiib jiri- ve y before s&.e day or on day of p ! :icsale.- '.:"' . I it?, a. vwm vsoa, re ..n. iu January, nl tf.e-Uiril 1st January, liCl, i. i.t f ';te on inf. nca wi;h rj--""r,l r i'y an l t.:l r m-1 ill cf prrthas laor.ry Ujr'l i f.t.j. r ' :.r r. -rv: i t. a r 'tin '3 On f aid Vi .petf , . ,. KiS Of It . . c r n I. i. L, ..... .E W I NIL . 11. L. 1 TRUSTEE'S SALE Under and by virtue of the powers of sale contained in a Deed of Trust executed on the 29th day of January, 1919, by J. E. Waiger and wife, Sallie B. Waiger to me as trustee, which said Deed of Trust is recorded in the cifice of the Register of Deeds of Union county in Book BX, page 256, default having been made in the payment of the indebtedness secured thereby, and demand having been made on me by the holders of the bond therein described, I will offer for sale at the court house door in Monroe, N. C., on Saturday, the 8th day of April, 1922, at 12:00 M., at public auction for cash the lands therein conveyed and described as follows: Beginning at a slate rock standing in the east edge of the east prong of the Lick Branch, A. J. Fowler's corner of his home tract, and running thence down and with the various courses of said branch to a black gum bearing old corner mark, and standing in the mouth of the drain; thence up and with the various courses of said drain about 64 chs. to the point where the said drain crosses the Secrest Short Cut Road: thence up and with the middle of said road Dtaring about south 17 E. 13.45 chs. Long's corner in said road indicated by a stone standing on the East edge of the said mail thenpo with tha !! Long's line S. 70 W. 12.61 chs. to morro"! ' me oeginning, containing 17.I6 acres, This the 8th day of March, 1922. W. S. BLAKENEY, Trustee. NOTICE TO CREDITORS Having this day qualified before ucuctku, mie oi uuiun county ana state of North Carolina, this is to no- uiy an persons holding claims against said estate to present them to .luc uuuorsignea, auiy autneniicatea, on or before the 8th day of March. . . . . ' wis, or mis notice win be plead In bar of their right of recovery, All persons lnaeoiea to saia estate win please make prompt settlement. - . mis March 7, 1922. MRS. FANNY GARRISON, Administratrix of J. E. Garrison, J. C. Slkes, Attorney. . deceased. NOTICE OF SALE .. . KT eecis xor union uountv. N. a, in book A W naira 12(5 Hefanit hav,-n, ?00K A' ,w'? Pge 'b- default having signed trustee will se 1 at publ c auc- the highest bidder for cash at TSdo Zn on MOn0e, - U" Saturday Kh 25 1922' ffla land lyinir ana Deme m Monroe townshin l.vmg ana oemg in Monroe township. Union County, North Carolina, and more particularly described as follows: Beginning at a rock by a white oak, J. M. Stephenson and E. W. Elms corner, and runs with a line of Elms survey South 8794 East 24.41 chains to a rock by a black and three pines; thence North 58 East 4.15 chains to a white oak, Gilliam Helms corner; thence with his line South 30 West 86 thains to a red oak stump, by four black jacks, M. M. Secrest corner; thence with his line North 58 West 15 chains to a P, O., i. M. Stephenson's earner; thence with his line W East 28.70 chahu co the beginning, containing 54 acres, ! more or less, and being the land conveyed by S. D. Helms and wife to, Riley J. Outlaw dated third dav.of October. anil Kv aaM fi D. Helms, after said had been sold by a. u neims, mortgagee, by deed to the Monroe Insurance & Investment Company by deed dated February 6th, 1916, recorded in Book 51. page 110 A description of the above tract of land la filed In tha fWmt nt hmlr in . - . H V..1. V UUU IX ... the Register of Deeds office Book Survey of T. W. Secrest, March, 1914. shown thn aaM traot tn 52 acres more or less. Sold to satisfy provisions of said deed of trust . W. S. "BLAKENEY, Trustee, This February 23, 1922. NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION Having this day qualified before the Clerk of the Superior Court of Union county, N. C, as administratrix of the estate of Huldah Gulledge, late of the -county of Union and State of North Carolina, this is to notify all persons having claims against said estate to present them to the undersigned, or to her attorney, on or before February 7th, 1923, or this notice will be plead in bar of their recovery. All persons indebted to said estate - will please make immediate payment This February 7th, 1922. (MRS.) PEARL L. McNEILL, Admrx. of estate of Huldah Gulledge W: O. Lemmond. Atty. Deceased. FINAL NOTTCK OF PAVING AS- ; ' 8E8SMENTS ; ' TTT m.n.j l AM uj uiRucu a. sifticuieui iu cv- .Mtkml. Af A. . . call at the City Hall and settle lame If you want the advantage of paylne - a-ai, . . . . . ' on insramBeni pian. x ins pian will uvk W VAivU-U IUUVU IVUKCF IU ViiUntJ It a. . nAt nam AvtAnHod wmiiam a a a.- wno are in arrears in tneir payments las von have. a::owi.i the ent-ra m. count to mature br tha loose of your rryments, tut we win rive you tr.ts C ---ortunitv if at ',!a la not a throat hut a hns'np a '-r!"crc'.t.lon which ovust be met with : s co:i casa as tae city neeia the tl n. nlvA .VI. n . f.n..Aaf eA t,, vaii ttrAnat- . ...... .f ; w ... . .... 1 C 'f ( k BlT.1 Tr. uf.urcr -7 : i::2. NOTICE OF SALE OF VALUABLE FARM LANDS Under and by virtue of a judgment of Jas. L. Webb, Judge holding the courts of the 13th Judicial District of North Carolina, signed on the 24th day of February, 1922, by consent of all the parties of record, in the case of Hiram Orr, Administrator of Jas1. I. Orr,-deceased, and the heirs at law of Jas. I. Orr, vs. Dr. T. N. Reid, and others, and also by consent of all the parties of record in the two cases in the District Court of the United States, for the Western District of North Carolina, in which Chas. Hall Davis, and others, are plaintiffs, and the heirs at law of Jas. I. Orr, deceased, and Dr. T. N. Reid are defendants, to which said judgment reference is hereby made for a more particular description, we, the undersigned commissioners, will on Saturday the 1st Day of April, 1922, at the court house door in the City of Monroe, Union County, N. C, offer for sale at public auction on the following terms, to-wit: one-third cash, balance Dec 1. 1922. with interest on deferred payment at Bix per cent, title to be retained until all of purchase money is paid, the following described property, which will be re-surveyed and subdivided and plat will be on file in the office of Clerk of the Su-perior Court of Union County, N. C, for the inspection of parties interested, and the following is a description of the lands: First Tract: Containing 187 acres, and being the same land conveyed to Richard B. Davis by D. A. Covington and R. B. Redwine. commissioners on Sept. 17, 1895, Book 25 page 606, Second Tract: Containing 104 acre's, convey to Chas. Hall Davis by L. M. Secrest on Sept. 17, 1895, see Book 25 page 498. Both of said tracts lie in Vance township, Union County, N. (X, and are fully described in the pleadings in the above entitled action. This the 25th day of February. 1922. W. O. LEMMMOND. JOHN C. SIKES, Commissioners NOTICE OF SALE North Carolina Union County. By virtue of the power of sale contained in a deed of trust executed to W. S. Blakeney, Trustee, by B. Gordon on the 21st day of September, duly recorded in the office of Register of Deeds for Union county, North Carolina, in Book A-l. page 29, default having been made in the payment of the obligation therein secured, the undersigned trustee will sell at public auction to the highest bidder for cash at the courthouse door in Monroe, N. C, at 12 o'clock noon, on Saturday, March 25, 1922, the following described property: All that tract or city lot of land lying and being in the City of Monroe, County of Union, State of North Carolina, adjoining the lands of A. A. Secrest, R. Redfern, and others and bounded as follows: Beginning ab a noinfc nn tha Smith eirla nt W'trtAan. 1 " W". WMW. B.UW V. . . UlUOIi Street in the City of Monroe, N. C, 75 feet East of Henderson Street, at the North-east corner of lot owned by A. A. Secrest and runs nearly South 165 feet to an alley; thence nearly East with said alley 180 feet to an iron stake; thence nearly North 165 feet to an iron stake on the South s de of Windsor Street; thence nearly West 180 feet to the beginning corner on Windsor Street, as is more fully shown and described in three deeds recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds for Union County, N. C.. a follows: First, in book 41, page 753; second, in book 43, page 70; third, in-Book 43, page 135, to all of which reference is hereby made for a more complete description, excepting, however, from the operation of the above description, or deed, that lot of land, or City lot of land, sold to R. Red-fern by the Bank of Union and prop erly recorded in book 52, page 559, m office of Register of Deeds for the County of Union, State, of North Carolina. -.-J.' Sold to satisfy provisions of said deed of trust W. S. BLAKENEY, Trustee. This February 23, 1922. o.'r'ji i;zlfcD no:.!: stfzstii ALlrza Ulj Vtt ci Tcr Tire Ova Zlxj tl recovery. Pmtat Rock, Ala. Mrs. C ML BtegaB. ef near hew, recently relaUd ths toK IowIej Interesting account of her recovery: "I tu la a weakened con-100. I was f!cx three years la bed, uIJerlEj a great izil of r' ".a, weak, rcrrocs, i-reestl,,. I irai eo weak,' I eou':Vt wali uto-i tl Taor; l ist tU ti L-jr jn4 ry 1 .;:. tho - I v t t t e jl I t.:i tvyf:-I If'.rlirr-1 rtt 1 1 -t r t t-j r..:it r r i r : r- 'r. I : ; . 1 1 lt'- :.)( t i s - -.t i fax... . r U.X L.t tl ?. - r ' ' '' , i f t t i i - i : - f t i-. i - - , t .. . ' : I i t 1 f ' I I - 1 1 .:: . - I t t i i i r: I : 1 1 7 C

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