Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on November 27, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 27, 1916
Page 1
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It Ifttiftf p«ept» know whe dctt't know wh«it ydu have oof your she!v«« id ttll. onpp|* T j F^MllM»--' jjph adfflBt*-** ^wflMSiiwwMiMr «ij!SftM* ^RBlfe* MmHmnwinBf nnPSr* ^ SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO. AND DAILY STANDARD . STERLING. ILLINOIS, MONDAY, NOV. 27"! 1916. ADVEEflSINO |« Mtina P««P>» who don't know what you hsv« on you' «h«l« ve* to s*H. PRICE TWO CENTS. HIS TASK IS TO DESTROY ROUMANIAN ARMY ANNUALJEETING Of Northern<lllinois H. S. Occurs Next Month In Princeton. THE PROGRAMS ARE OUT A SUNDAY MORNING FIRE Prominent Horticultural-sis Of the State Are On the Program. fin- Horticultural HI» idy of Not them IlllhoiH will hold M« Ifteenth an- unfit meethw nnd fruit exhibition at Princeton. 111., Tiii^day and Wednesday, Dec-, (i und «. Copies of tin- pun Kram anil |ir>-miiifn 11,-U ar*- now hi'lhg •> distributed tuy the HecreUuy, I.eKoy I'OWITM, of HU-rliUM- The itfllri-rs_i»f • the Koolfly arc: Tfefdilcnt —A, \V. Rrayton. Mt, Mor' H*. i. F!r«tVice-President I* H. P.ryanl. Princeton. Secretary—i..eHoy Power*, stvrllmj. Trpasurer—L, II. Cutler, KnstDubu- qu*. MeHinKH of the .Hoclety are held an- miHlly »ntnt» plaei> within it« territory -»ml—nr*»-free t«> .werywrnw.- hortieulturlKlH of Illinois and hurlnK . «tat**H furrtlidi an Inl 'and Instructive firoKriifn _iif addrctv«**K un all llni'H of horticulture, A fruit exhlhft IN hold In 'connection with UK- proRmmr tu-wWL'fJLcyi'.r.y'". 1 !! ' H '''''.meni- «d to tiring or Kcnd fruit ahn~To coiii^ pete for the prize*. A ~ (treat many people of thin vicinity Hhould plan to attend, tm the .pronrani this yi-ar l« excellent. Oft Dee. f>. at 1:30 p. hi.. Jason Woodman, of Michigan, a member of the Michigan Htate Hoard «f A>;rleulture. will upeak on -'"Hurls' and IjUe Blight of Potatoes, Cftum" and AlethodK of Control." Thin in an'Important subject to farmers a« well u» fruit growerM, ?:30 p, m., IVe, _C>, UL,lc, VauKhan, nwnlHlnnt prc>feH»or. of 1'lant Pathology, "IJnlvwraity of Wisconsin, will. K(,VC an Illustrated nddr«'MH on "Truck Crop DlHcant'M and Their Control." At the name MeHHlnn lii'o. !•*. ICllapp, <>t Hock- Residence Fife - Th- r< * f i-;« t hoiidt. ^i^ to hundred d" H '.'clock, the I 'nn-41 t -•tartfd (.. and ttif'i j, !n a e|..«f I <-hurcb. T bottom «.f the' co..k ! he hottoln . and dr. selling i» riti flic. end the tire, nnd the lire di-pnrtmi-nt of L. D. Osterhoudt Caught Frqm Ftreless Cooker. !«-it'-e '•( Mr. and .Ml--, t.. 1 > l»4 S'Afh sivmii. w.-i*--. U' m..f" H'IIK ( ; !.'! hoiidt by fir n v li sin In the 1 Ih Mi|-;«-r a* at- .stoii*'N in TIRES OF FARM ONLY 4606 DOLLARS STATE OF SIEGED VON FALKENHAYN IS DOING THE BEST HE CAN HE SAYS; IN INTERVIEW ' ./ r ftirnt < fi« -ml floor, otln-1 fjiN and tc*- Imx. ftrticl'v wf-rr >'pp<-d <m th»" door, A nfii;hl>iir diKr-fiv- iinnif'diatt'ly callf-d Tin 1 Or' 1 had niadt- s-:, hut the drpart- th«- h!azi> witli of nii-nl Hhd Inn in -il.-i. (Mary Smith Deserts Life On I Amboy Farm And Returns To The Noisy City. ;SHE WAS FOND OF COMPANY; (Couldn't Have Young Men Callers So She Gives Up Her $10,000 Chance. one-third beinti. ,2.~ of ;<lmi|( I -IK .-if \V;i'i;r rciifali''.'! of thru i'l The •-. W-ri-k'-UeVd is a '"• •JJZP i-f thf t win si jiopulatitin >f ailvfrtlsiim Maltie "at The WOMAN WILL RECOVER Mrs. Loomis Who Was Shot By Her Husband Before He Totrk His Life, Improves, .HnuiU t'-rday. and I Stiilth had th all yim HI, t'nclf , yr-s- ii !HH;h! y lones-oine," in Arnhi "Yens, iniuhiy |imi-*i>ni", Louiw Ktf-w more i ban fond of Mary while .«he «;iii with us. Hhe way to old fiilks' hearts, like tins, but 1 .filppoKc wbe was ened of her girlhood sllpplnu ;ind wanted the fun and Mcite- tbat bi'lonc." to her years. Money Not the Caute. ua.Mi't ntoiicv'ihaV look her from added. "I had increaM'-d her i liif-l Auun.-<t.rand $111,11110 \va« a HeportB from the Colonial hospital at ! meiv trlfh> of whacl intended to leave Geneva are lo the effect thai -Ml* her If .«hc fultilb-d her agreement. She Pearl Loomix, fmmerlv of Dixon. who knew this and *!i!l flic went." wa.« shot by her hu*bar.d, ci.-iyton > -"she left iine\pi.c|e.||v," Aunt Louisa !<• infills Thursday affernoon followinf.'jd'clarvd. "\Ve phmnt-d on having a which lip committed HUM fib'-, was rest - j farewell dinner for our Mary on away ni'-nt "If iii." \sai;i': tllei'e her if ('Continued on I*n«e Seven) lUMEOIOIft Mexican Held On Oharge Of Trying To Stab Wife Who Won't Live With Him, Samuol Trtpla, been living in .v«>ar, VfiiH nrrvHtt rant wworn out H Mt'xlcan. who has l^rliiiK for the pant ! thlr noon on a war- by hi« wife, I,ueiltc Tapla, n tH'Krf«». 'Mm. Tapla SUJ'M -they huv« beon murried. Ihruc . yt«a,r«. but tlwit In 1 IWIM open MO ahu.ilvo and drunk «o matiy tlm«4 that nhi' left Sterling liiKt KprhiK. where tjlit'y w<>ro H'vliiK ut the lime, to avoid 'hifn. 8h« cumo buck from Mp|liu», where »ho how, been' ItvttiK, n few days S inday he learnod K)U« 'wa.s hen- «.i r HlHler's home on Avenue M, and ulic says he was very much intoxi- rated und IH-KIHI (MinthiK at h«>r whon «hc refused to return and live wilh him. H« then, she nays, drew a IOUK knife from his pocket and with a cur^e Mturted forward aaylnK.' "1 will . kill cover) were increaxiiiK steadily. .Mr. and Mra_ Jiilph Irfwimlw. i of Clayton Loomis, who have taken the children, reside at llata\ia. l-'nr eight years tltf-y lived at (Jcncva and ton±LL U ' ! ,'*'' ! ? ."OteJ there until a week JIRO Tlie funeral of LoorniK was held Sunday morning fr«im the homi of Mr and Mix. l-'red Moetxet, ir.!i Kirn Kln-el, iJatnvia. MrK. ,\b «>t?.cl IN u sinter o-l Looml*. The burial \\I\H in the <;.'ir- 'ield (t mcii ry, wot of tl.t- St. Charles' Hoys' School. Mr. Loomix w;m norr. June, ii, |sst. Hi'- wan. a pnlnter by trade nnd him la«t place or employment was at tin- Applctnn factory at I'.ata- via. „ i'ay. iiil I am f hf-r M> (sorry xhe friend** wer«' WILL CLOSE STORE \'ettt, h»»catl«f > invittti,'' ------ " " ~ "Any nun frnnds among them?" Aunt L'.ni*:i "was iiKki'd. i "<) my. no! Mary didn't have men ! friend* She wax without romance." I "Maybe," xald t'ncle Jimmy reltec- ! lively, "I hat wa» f he .trouble." I "What was that?" said Aunt Louisa. ; '"«i, ihlnkin' aloud apun." said l'iK-|e Jimmy. " . • j Ca*t About For SuccoMor. ' Mr. and Mr*. I'rinkhurst s<nid thai ( Mary'w successor may be picked In a • few days. Mis* Mat tie Crowder, who 'now lives* with Mr. and Mr*, I. W. Pinnell, near Kanwax, |JI.. is iinmiH' the ,fiirlt bi-lm: coitMldcri'd to take the place cilii-s, with The price Item l» the K.c ,| line. Putinu on»' wek in ii'<"*iibrr The \Vak< fb-td Item ki-pi track of all lb" i i"|iii s!.s for free spar.*' which were i'i"si-ntfd lo that paper and from i>ne muirep and another the aceiim- iilaii'd demsim} for free Hpace in thin small country dally for <mV- Week amoji'nivd to $l.*'>0t; at the rate of H'e a line. The ,«a me people who have no ht'siuuK'.v in making niirh ri'nuestH k for free newspaper Mpnce to boost their propo'ill'iriH aloiu; would nev» er tliUik of KoifiK to" ii grocery . store or a dry good* nOtre and UKkinu for r.c worth of KoodM of any kind frei». \\'hib> thin p/irticular week. The \Vak«'lleld Item nuyH, phoWi'd M latfer demand than UHUH!, the re- <(u». U.IA made mi Tin* cinu'tli'. i<\• »-ry w«"-k would amount to from JS'tit to ll.oiiii and (ill thw paper several tinier. The time hiiK comt 1 - when the niMVHpaperH miiHi ^et paid a fair price for Hlelr Mcrvicei just the name an other denlerx In .<>thrr kindf< of Koiuls and the m xVNjiapftf J im tt ilit>tii«elves art.- beglning to_ The public him never been to blame. The public It* fair and willliiK to pay for what it Ketn. alone to blame for glvhiK KO much of their nub.-tanc.?- uway without .cum pen wa I Ion, FINAL ARRANGEMENTS !Villa Coptinties His Move To i Encircle Trevino In Chi^ ! -huahua City. STREETS FULL OF DEAD Attack On Juarez Wittyn a Few , Days Considered a Possibility Now. I'l Pafo. Tex., Nov. BT The .storm- ini; of Cbihtirthna city by nn army of 1,0110 men under the personal command of fjr-n, Villa, wit!« Mtill '.n p|-o»{r<-?-s early today. Mexican difaHo authorities are -*endinK every Cm raii7.lHla HohH**r available to the iclb-f of llu> benelK. <-d city. Thi.H Is the fifth day of th« b.attb- for the;- : .iiiHi of Cljlhuahua Clly which in the key lo northern Mexico, In xplle nf every eff'.rr of the defacto ofTlclnla no word of the fate of (!eii. Trevino and bin KiirrlHon him leaked out since noon Saturday. That Villa and his* forcen are still rticircllnx tk>*' cily, j however, i« certain I The lo»s in trie four day'M Deplores the Suffering of the Women and Children But Says Roumania Played With Fire arid is Getting Burned. .!of. Mhi' h<>t .fi>|i nnc- Purchaser Of Sterling Depart- -—mntjJtore Stock Will Move It To Canton, 111. — K ft; \^ mi «tiu k of tin- H arrival from hi* Ka i (inlay and in wild |mr«, liau'd l)<'|i;irt!n.ent Ht In Cmiton. ackini; the Nt hom !h III.. Lhf -. l ,'|tit!at!<j «lfiu>«f{»phrr urban fall and ivnotincoO ecMHlon as.. a bvli-ollc hrirexs. "f!i!t II will take time to heal up the wear of li'»«iiu; Mnry," nalil I'tiele .liniins. "\V«* Iwid liM-otriv HU .much attnrhed to lie)'. 1 !•»!(" yon, s)ii- WHK likf our; own. She wan'ottr own Mary, by CCOI-KI'! Of roni'm.', Vi' expect »mim> one i-l«o to lit in «'is happily a* Mary by anil by. tnn nrnt -a |Are Being Made By Officers For ] The Annual 'County. 1 mers* Institute. r44 •Mai v' iK It r«-atl\ to l)i« inovocl to Can- The li.ieal' store Will In- "closoil U't'dneMda'v ni^hl. .Mr. \Vhltia-y had -ilrst dfridnl -Ui conunu*' oi«'raliiiB the ^loro, tint liitfr dct'UU-d to move tho hlot'K- to Jiis Htoiv (Continued on T&eo Three) YOUTHFULBANDITS In lile Mr tin- ' antoit. Sterling pcoplo wi xi'd with tin* anni>iii|e-_'.RiJi:u.t.._.);tia.t.. \Vhltjicy hail--i'te!:jdet^ to operal* Htoif and ft ill -rV'Kfet that ho h»>- titl it impofslMo to do an. you." Her niftier threw herself between the couple and waved her life. She then mvlc her eucape. The man WIIH itrrented by -Chief of Police llanlock junt before noon and lodKf in jail, lie will have, a hearintr before JudKfl Weaver, at -I o'clock thl^ afternoon. - ^ ,.. HURT BYJBUZZ MW Shop 8up«rint«nd«nt Badly Injured Hi Wood Shop Thit Morning. U. \V. D#rwent. shop miperlntendent of the Wneoln. MntiiufttcturlnK eom- puny. wan pe&Iuuiily und painfully injured thin forenoon - nhortly ,uh«jr 10 o'clock. He- Wfts engaged In teaching tt new hand the dangers of operating a buzz MUW and showing him how to operate H eorrectly, und 'in some man. iwr the ullck; of wood he was utditK enught and now baek with tremendous -force, Htrt.Uinijr Mr. I'erwent in tlie Mtomuch. Ue wa» taken .at OIKC to lh!e olYU'«^of the shop uurgenn aiul what -'relief waa poH.slble "lie groat pa In nnd thit* tuix continued moat of the i!:ii It can not b(< lold'hrtW Ht'IiollH his iliJlHicM ,11 «S fi»r u <luy or two, COE |ROf HERSluiLDING Oi«pll»y Room Being Made In North- w«|t Corner Of Building. Co»> Hro» MI** iftnodilnm ih. ti i->- tiiblltdunent on S\"i -it Thlid f-liiit to c make un auto di>.plas io»in m ihe nurthwent'eotnet ot the huiulinK The dluplay room luin lu-cn m .he npposite nt the .rtxiui but ii f-lu t oil tin from the Milli e Thi i>i ^ n.»m will be \eiy well ligtitid, i» then- will titt two hug" WJUdowj^ on Us o M,h i. ui Uw» riHi DRUNKS WEREJROUNDED UP Four Were Arrested Over Sunday And Fined Today. ThiK morning was a busy time foi the police courts," as the result of thi- over Sunday roundup. • ICdward Hoyle went to Harmon Sal unlay night and imbibed freely, -and on the way bacft rode on the Hluibb nu piiMtfiiKer. . There i« a wjU'clal law orunuln men rhliiiK on pan iralnx, and Tt Is up to the conductor, If he finds »ueh a peruuit on tho train, to turn him over to tin* po liet> ind 7nalte u'^omplattU. Tliiit .wax done in the rase of l>oy|e, T'H» hiu providi-s u Hpecial punishment, mon. than in the eiiiso of ordinary- dtunkf. the minimum line beiiiK twenty- live to the police 'he wan very drunk an'd WOK Jodged^ In jail over Sunday. Thin ''"''" Weaver where ho pleaded Kuilty to the cfiar^e and \\aw Kivcn the minimum llnemid co«t»,.mukiiiK a total of 184.50, This wan paid. Three men are wild to have.gone to a small «haek uIoiiK the south bank of the river last night, and there drank a iiutijitiiy of li(|iior. nuid to Iiave N'en bought at one 'of the KiilUm IIOUKCM west ' ttf this city, on the way baek about a:0u o'clock, when In front of Uoyc-r'8 tnn on U'eat Third 8tr**e.t, the three K"i into an altercation and got out of the iar and on thet poich of the Inn. \vheiti the> were lighting when tho p(dui;< urrrted .(MUeer Kugeiie O'Conni'H aiiented the tbiet and |i)iuod them in the lockup over ni^ht. ThU the thiie Jimeph Uiennaii, k Ijiiaii and IVtis Knutman. .1 i-'Hll-, ul Hi-ink di.-Ji'i<u-rl\ and mdt'icni l.HU'U.tuc, .iii.l e;n :i »a>a Hue of tin duil.tiK ,tiui CO^IM amounting tu $1J •», \Uikh was paid THE WARNErfHOUS*E SOLD To Settle up Estate Two Hou*os and Lots Were Sold Saturday. At the pllblt,! s.ite of two hoilhej, oi the \\' iNt.ili. in Stvl lillK, H.illll dav John (3 \S i l/i II boimht one ol liic' hou-,t s and. loth foi J.l^.iii Thi v was ih<< hoithc -kiiDMii as tbt Ueoi L-, a), Ul. It w ill be f v.t nl ^ Hi{U.ire. nnd the |,utlUon^ •» > Ihe Hour lo the i ctli!i< Thi >-p aed a*> ~Ui*> «dhi i. "iri.t u >, turiu'd nun a KI in i at ! . * ' '' C«e Hnithei»- bi>t i'i K "ab.i'jit one hundiio I* ' , the I ti i;i'ftt -M.U ii i. ii •he c-rty. I \\ ii nt i hou-i. Si\tb iHtiiin >•( it 1H..1 Mt" Plank till \\ H 111 I H. U- '(>) I'll .111 it |I>1 kand.Lli a liouuhl tin i^tMi' l>'* I (t'i d U I Unl lilt .1 i ! Vi I I'll' IIIH II . li'llli I Held Up a Stock Train At Olin- ton Saturday And Robbed Caboose. Police. ;tnd rftHroii'd. detectives are ci'arehiui? for two marked youtiil'nl U.uulilM who held up it riiiruKo and North Western through stock train in .rUijion. I'uVI SrituF<Tay"nlKlit~Hird tried to maki? their eKcape on the .sanit- train. . The imndliH. were ridini? the bumpers on l ho forward end of the train when the train pulled out *)f Clinton. Four men ,who had been held up in tho fabnotte and rolibcd reported their lOHKtis to the conductor, who waited until tho middle of the bridge »pan- iiing the MiHMisHippi river wfl.ti.rviU'>U'd before tui'indint; a vvaining lor the engineer to Ktop. . Hy thlj-i rnwo the conductor hoped lo hohl iho handily i>n the bridge until the train crew, re-enfoiv'.-d by police, could catch them. The banditti, however, drew revolvers and escaped by .Li!Jl!*UlK-.ULJ.'y*_ l! !iyJ_«lLUie brldtte. after which they disappeared in the ma/.e of tnirnk>- - . : i-, II. .swungWi of Meehanlcsville, la,, who reached ChlcaKo wiili'three other vletlruM of then holdup, told the Htory of th« robbery Jn Id* room at the ll(»tel Hrevoort, Ilo nujd tlu- banditN reeelyed only about $100 in ca»h and three watclu-H for their troiibhi. • k vler- pr^lilcrit uf the \\ hitemdt, Countj- Mirmorn Infitltult'. was in !bh; i-Jty \thl' •ifi.'r.m.on, m«k- irtic «oine of tln> tiiinl arraiifjenieniH for thi' institute' whi< h In to ta!'.«> placi* In, . . to reports_r.uuchliui_thc .border, •f'atinot eHtimnti' the lopKef." rend one mennntje, "but the Mlreetn of the city are filled with dead. Impossible to pick up the Wounded hf-«>uuM<> of the lneennant tiring, Many bnihlltiKH in the city have been dhnuiKed by Hhcll lire." Durini!" the early (IffhtltiK -Saturday rnornlnu Villa ^uecf*eded in Kettim; a j foothold in Xarco avenue but machine |Kim lire hurled him back. At another, jiirne hi i* forces cained the church of iHatiturio de (tuadalupe on the we«t sid«« jof the city. Phe.M.1 front 75 militneter KMIIH demolished the church and Car- raiiKlMta »oIdleVn Heattered the ,sur\'i- vorji. " Wlri'ti are Hiill xvpen to Corral, lf> mlle.-4 fiam tile cap'Stal, but th.'111111- tary optiritior there informed (!en, c ( ou- zah'M, at Juiiri'% that no refugees hud reached him, In I'. M. offh'i.t} circh'K it in Htaittd certain that ChilUiahna in in a Ktat** of xliw or niftmttit>'i> would have bfoimht si.imc tti»wv«, At the HHtiH' titni' it IH certain that Villa ha* «'ot yet <'ll'|Htr< — the illV ; : H> Call \V, Ark'-iman. {'.Staff Con •••-)».nib-nt of 1'filled PreH.^.J Head'iuai-ters of (ien. vo r'^IUen- hayn. in tlie Ti iin-i\-Ivaninn ,\!p", IU 1 | \V irelff," to Sayville, L. I. S'ov. 21.- • "("Jnr ta»k N to dcsiroy the Uoumanian army--and that we are doim; IM 'bent I we ' .in." . I So Mpnk" S'lni 1 -'alkeidiai n tml.iv. Ili^ jbrnw-t wrinktr*ii bn hi'.- t-yer -|nti t-:l»nl j:iM 11" submitted b> i)Uesti.iit]H ifi;/ild* jillK'^he • VictorimiM p|'i>t;|-es.H of ".Ills "our (lyerM," be conllmied. "report that Koumanlan roadn are bhu-k with people and VVIIUOIIH bearing refilgeesi. lleeing from little Wallachia toward the Alt river. Tbnt j« Ihe terrible part of wiir but thai women and children muni b<- put to fiich misery— that l« terrible. Hut i'l was I!"Umania'« . choice. It pkiyt-d with fire too loiiK and now it IH yetting burned." "How siooti do you expect to «et UtichareHt ? he wax asked. "Do we want lfuchare.«t?" he ri>- Hpotuler Irnmi'dlately. "l-h-ery time we lake charge' of a tjlty ,we have to feed the population. We are not bothered by that i|iieHtion. 'we are poldierx. Our task If- to destroy the Itoumanian army and thai \vc are' dolnu as best we can." "May I' auk another <tue«tion. >our i:,\'-i Ht'iicy "" .1 it.vkcd. Tlie Herman' ci-neralV e\ebrowH upward and downward' Mil. lite eye* looked out- wharply, as only (ien. von Fal- kenhayn'w cye.« do, as he nodded !lilan«. I have been In Ulls war fof jlwo year 1 * and a half and I can nh<- onT> i-v-rTain ndrijM atiotlt It tff—=tt (certainty of uncertainty. I am only j certain "f oini thltiK—that wo "Hflll ' Sealed ,'icr."4n from Oen, von F»I« Ikenhasn *VMK tin- i.;hlef of Htaft and t\ jacked him about the-operiilionx around 11'niiovit.. HI- responded: i "In war fan- here,- the cavalry rforward like a wnake ilito new terrt* 'tory with ii« fanjjii watviiiR In the\alr,,? jWben the f;imiH encounter obntacl«« Jthey are drawn into (he snake'H mouth. i Then the faiiK.i are extended again. At Ihe present we are th«_ enrouto '__«dvanclli thr and ' it filth- • been, nigh hiM efforts the InHtitule ha* been brought uj» to the hitch Miaiulard it lias 4t(?iiin.'ii. Mr, Pcii«h WI^IICH"to «ay to :iie farmer?* -of \VhlteKide cimVr- (,s !i.- wiwlifx «-vi-rv DIIH of tlu-m to in iii(4 in the bi'.si lie l',Vs\ ii/ tbi» wuy or .nu in produetn. fur jt-^ilf Kreatly a,Id lo thi' appcarnm e and stucens o' tlii' iiiMtiluti' exhibit. wishes to have them prepare their e\lilbltn. for much cmintH on-appearance, to the I JudKe-s. as well ,ax the' public. If o»i»» j has not >*uindent Dumber of peck mea- J Mire* any hardware dealer will he K lad to Innn ihrm. for it will not hurt them. This lias been-done in •other cities, Ilu al*o yaid there in every indiia- Uoii of ih IK. bein K the blguewt county. iiisiiiii(.> ever held In thin vicinity: The best of Mpi-akcrs -have boon irom tho Klate The Household of w(i(ch Mr». P. held in the past, tht! V, M. C. A. 1—fcf 1-1 «•( "Win n will the Koumanian army lie jdeHtroyj-d "" j A few officerM, utandini; ntvtrby, jMnib-d, but (Jen. you Kalkenhayn look- iii| hi.s ijiicMtiDjiM aw he Haid: i ' "Ham or pri'-w, n nil Iron 0. ur nvmi * },». jerina ti .'. r< « 'jw. — : — — --- --- -- j To an .observer here It BPpmB th»t;l [von Kiilkenhtiyn'M nuccettH In cutting. j off the, Houmanlan HOHO which (out In the Halkanx, lia» dextroyed th* j noxiiblllly of the allicft brldKlnjf th*:' JKup beiween MomiMtlr and the Danu I and ha*) halted the ItUHttlnn . hope* | another road to Conxtanlnople, _ •effect the .operation*! of (Jen. VOfl Fftlk<t t | jenliayn will have on the Kuntdan »C« Ulvitii-K, offloern hvre refune to icujiH, but everyone »'xpect« still Ur iU:lnlnK with Ihe ItounmnlatiB but;: j In confident Ihe opcrationH will KO for* -5 fwaid, j Are Drawing Two Ring*. j < Jen. von i-'alkunhayn'K wing 1 i«i lit jiiliy drnwiiiK tw«» rlnK« about the i»«?3 jinaininu Houmnnlan forrPH In Wa jchia^and Craiova, an important jdUHtrial city nf HiO.ot) people. to6 the (lermaMM 4ire oixiupylng nil of little Walhtchlari territory, though may take .several doyn to clear out KournanlariK hidden in tho forests cities. Uetwtieir xeven and 10 (the poNMihlliticN of «n attack on -Jucra?. in a few days, (.ire loomi.n.if biK. Two dfNcrteix from CIMI.*(< band declare that before the attack on Chi- IniaiiiKtJ.'eKan U!ju..i3aluziir,.wit,« ordt:r- ed by Vill-i iii come porth after thej'' of the capital. Less than *ouj|||inois Faces Another Outbreak Kolcucc department, iiKh IM Intensely |M- to exceed, all others ThiH >vill lie held in while the Inatltute will he held in the High school. CABINET WILL RESIGN ; Situation in Grwce Threaten* to Cau.M Another Change. tWt tin- (a'!<t CLOSES MARKETS the jirunent time. (U Juarez in GERMAN DIVERS NEAR Of Foot And Mouth Disease. THREE STATES AFFECTED to h<> hftttli>d up th« w.|ll bo Inter**!? Houmaniuns dc they will - Officials dt'clare It Ing to «ee what the cide 'to do-^-whelher or Hurrender. He-port K reaching ('Sen. von Falken hayn Indicate thut ihoCierman opera tlotiH are |ir<iKn.HsiiiK Hplendldly. It the HoumaulHn f{»rce» wi British Cruiser Warns The Ai-, Kansas. Missouri And Nebraska lied_Shipa OX DangeriOl German U-Boats, (By -1' nit txl Pif»«) Nt«w Votk, N. Y.. Nov. 27. — \Vlrt- IPHH flu MICH froni a UritlHh t'rula««r wurned all i*ittt v nt" uhlpplntr to he on Hit 1 lookout for (U«rmun Hulimurines. Th«' wuriilne WII.H lnti*ti8llU««l by >'(>- 'hlntf N?i-w York itmt n Report Dreaded Epidemic ro (Hy I'uited Pre««) i-ld, ill.. Nov. 27, today faced another outbreak of thi foot ami mouth dine«M>; the dreader stuck epidemic that has) cost the tux- of the' »tate milliotiH of {Hy Unlied Rome, Italy, Nov. 27, -• 1 l)lupatohe« from AllieiiH riecjart) that ihi- rt'MJftna- t Ion of the cabinet is imminent. . ni»putchoH from Oreece durliiB the hint few days indlcntfd diwHoliHfon. of the cublni't formed on October 10 by Ii. Ijunbrim. UeportH Kalurday- de, clared the minister <if ju.stlce lul re CITY COUNCIL, MEETING Little Buiinest Transacted at It* 8e»fion Thit Morning. At the meetiti!,' of (he.cify cotmcll thi-s moiniiiK \ery little wait btouKht the body. The main featuu- of \\w sewion \\utt the oideriiiR «»f the |ia.\meiit of bondH and Intel cut to the amount of i l,7o J 5(1 nther mallei* \M-rc biMU^hi Up lot dim usaioii but uothiim wan biouKht lo .i vote' GREAT 1/2 PRICE" SALE QF DRESSES—ALTERA- TIONSJREE., Salo Begins Tomorrow at Chester'* at 9 A, M. Wi ,ni d,.i i to- Kid, .ind m nidii o lediu* >Si toil, ••( in « 1 all 1'u v-~ •> ijnii kl\ >v< h.n'- ;mi' ihtoUKh "in mite lini- 111 I pti k« d out a ' VMI||IO» lit vUilih \\" is ill |4 n i ml h li it i In it., -.MI Inn D i|!> .'I llii u on 1IH MI_ Un iun f n< >\i tinn 'i 'j pi >n ull! Imd . -•' Uiny it ui . "<• Hint; U ul J 'I'll., at •<! _ ( ^ In lbi-< till i «it;ncd. Demandu made by Admiral Fotiret of the sillies for dlHunnaiient of the tlreek foret's and the revolutionist!* or Ven iitelos forces) at Crete" lukih'K''"m°u i h a' pro-ally wt.and, caiiKed the tuuitruj iiiiiiliilry evidently to be hard put. The T«itnbn»« inlnlxtVy waw the fourth formed in Greece in ut* many uiontim. SUICIDE OR ACCIDENT? Joieph Brooks, Theatrical Producer, Fell From Hi* Apartment. (H) railed 1'ii'tin) VoiK, X y, Nou ^7 - .lohi-ph \,cll Know n tlleiilf diiii-r. fill 01 jumped tlooi nt liis .i|i,aiuictil l H l.ilicil ].'> texliItMK in ntti>-id to t ilK i M c| I !»1 lull Id U he w.i;-. I, illi d Jit t\ i* b > \> ii <• >ti <!f.i and v\,ss i un- net li d «n)i .-"mi of liu i.tlnorfH l lodiu tioiiw Hlo « lie ialil (>l.|i<'it Hut --he «,l~, IIM in n< .idioiiiin, i ni^t in lion lo ?>i c in i in tlii \\iiiduvs ii I Xi « l pio- fi»4u the ei^liili lUni vvai iusi.iiit- i In h.i\ thai uji bll'lK- fnin and hii-«bniid s are ncarliiR the United, preparatory to making whole, i^. raid* on tdiippinK, - ."- j* The watiinu: was llrnt hva'rd from! the HnllKh cruiser l4int-UHter which! t'pon' receipt of word from t'ity that tin outbreak of the in Kansas, Nebraska and Nouri, Slate Veterinarian O. H. icli'Kra(ihcd that the stocU yards at a,nd the National Httu-k yard-, adv.H.,1 a., HtiUHh Nh ,» lo «ravei ;-,-;' - ", -^^ \™^ ,, wlthoui iiBldH and to ^.prepared to : ( ,,,„„,. encounter the I -boa is in. the water t ,,, siK!|l>(f . fo) . , nimp jj a , e . HhiuKhter. 41ftwe*?n-Kubl* t -l»«tiind—und- -nurth wf-|.__",_,p_- __ _. :- s —g-.i/—n-n-inR-nn^ror~to Herniuda w.>«i of CO .l^iWi.. . L 1 Kanm.H'city to lean, If the outbreak A I1uim>1 : |1! ! H :». "" r< ; i !'; l " 3U NKW V"^.Uutre la «uuy...luo.l.juwl nu,uUi 1wi»-!*ucli MubinartneK are umoiiKf; -. •„ • i, .... . _ .. ., ,. ! Meanwhile ull nt'cesxury '"'•' unuill iKlamlH otT the New "--•••• eihire cuuHt. and otii' IH »nld to lie the l?»53 which wink flvi- MhlpM In tin- HhipH of the i'iu«nit«> (Juiv to arrh'0 thlK wtn'k uru; art- be.|iiK lukt'ii to stop thu nhoulil it appear in Illinois. Inaxnuich a« Uu* pt'iioil of inoculti- lion la froni ,««>v«?n to ..21 day* the. dln- may hav»>"'alrcudy' b«»i;n brought power« que ,o ainve tn K weeiv are; ^ a.-cordhm to tlnv belief The Uico.aa and annouia t.'unarderHU- ^ ^, t ,mci«U l«from t»u-j:ow;- tho I.apland from i M ,; a|) . • ; , 0 VuU-U Liverjiool, and ihe .Uucw Acosta, Ij with iKmsciigf-rH from (lenou. . The HritiHh Hermu*diaii, the Kroun- Itiud und the Philadelphia, which have JtiMt .arrived here, picked tip Ihe vvarn- iiiK at the Itritiih hi.iilun at litinitida The winning ic.ul (Jii\ ci linn nt Station, liitinilton, A H M I.) ((.ill f.u all l!ii!if.h merchant \eawel«) «1('\ ei niilent \uunini4 Ucl . niiin Ini u mas be njct au,s lu the MUinllc, «fpec|ally t.U ile-, , _ .. wchi Avoid the nade louuh,|Ambassador Gerard Will Tell n.nii wait no lulu* ind in i»icp,iud Germany The Notes Are , their lii>rd.s for IndifatluHs of "Uu* diw- cast 1 . ShlpittiMit of i*>t tilt* from l hi 1 inffct; (>t| ati'a.s in UiV ulinvf Mtutf'iS; ha« a.l- n-ady bei'n».Htoppt.>il AMERICA'S LAST WORD Ih Illi 111 UK •) " WOTED SUFFRAGIST DIES " "~* Mrs. Boisg8\am Will Be Buried I Now Yoik State, Of 'Past. ' c IH K'-bci ( ,1 llcndi*! l (Mill Coi i < hpoiidi-ut ol 1 nlli d Pi«"»si \\ .^bttuaoa It C -N»\ -1 Am h t.--. uli'i < !i i u d will iik. b,u K to ltd llu In \t will. Vim ll< a » I I.M \\nVi 1 un 'tin ihiitiiii'i •-ini,!i'»i HUM will tupph* Mi - I I titled Pi i «•>! l » , i' ill! N'"\ -'? - Till' ..... i ., . Un bub ll'lui ot lite .idnillil-ll.UuiU f 11 H ! M ' i 11 M I 1 * ~ ' 11 ISSUE STRIKERDER b,r'..-b.»«.d il,«. nil,., il -UVUC-, vMII '"«"* • I'l.l-.- «J» wll! !>.- in • ',-, U.. HIM.)..! P.MI.. u t.. miojni th» «:. i man K,.V, . n Ibit thi- 1 I lllliit M >li"i HiUli'l'- ' 'H, l'<U I not , ilt 'Hi plf'-O 1< ) , hail NOTICE it 1,11, <!' t ' i ••• t h in Infill ' I I, U i*< !•< PURCHASED PIANOS ^1 • -U-. J, li i. -. I . . d I ' i I i i MI 'in I •« K IM 'iM «* i ) In I > ill I : ( ' >V>. I 'If 1 I Uill •) . ! t . th. v\ I , I illll- I ll'l , 111,1 I II- i! L, 'it ' " ib< t i • ii> ^V-^j*t.i*^t*- I I W \\ I 11 i I I 'I II ' I 'i i.l J V,— III" 1 ' Canadian Mi net ^JPhi eaten To l\t Inik ulitioii-, i! itni. u "'"'oii-i -I II. pie K aii- i i nib' (i I..'! i ! , .(.".i> .ifi i 11. , . il l> i \i i k'n M .'III! Vh \h ! . • f ui. I , i 11 IIP I i !>• in , ,,! i |,,HI ,o n ."li.i ii l > I'Mti vvl < I" i ' ..W - il"ir tt'i. i-!tl j , , , , |>1 > 1 Vi If l> I'll' I !" ><l .I Ill II, III U I ' . I ' I I til ' •(! U I II s >!"' un _ _t.i i i i " is • ' • u' S" i lifi H.I , " » l!1 ' " • lt I±i!'. J_ IU ' 'J '_ *-"_ -. t, j u ,s i, n HI. t. d,i t.' i i id* i i i I •" ! " i!l •'' ' *'•',* - • i in- i ' \\>'< , | >r , |,i ii i" it i, l i it,,] i ,ii 11 > ! i' i •! t'i i 1 in b H'nii, l hmu li I h* , , \ c i i n ,| l • • .' in 1 < i j ''i 1 b ' "111 i i ' s t ui I pi' I il I. i j, tll , , !, ! . ,i s. l [ ,!i,i ! t, I li ' .i. IK [ %. 11 '!,< . »«,i. chime a new line an far baek aa , Alt river. giviriK up the- entire west! part of their country, with Ita valuable Hton-A, mont of which are own* by Kijfiland. lOiiKland has ordini pun-haHed -tin-no Ktorcw to keep lh« out of f.ernmuy'n hiuidn. The imj j ant *ucreNsen achieved by Von . 'hayn will open up the Danube to trana^j portation facilities for many miles. _/Vtt fur uff iciul . comment JM made t nm Hituation of tin* central powers againat Houmania Is ri'Karddd ax excellent all live pawHi'H are now In Oerrnan Austrian l(andn, HOPE ROUMANIA ESCAPES. tHy L ? nl(ed PreHH.) oijdon. KIIK., Nov." 27.-~New8 German Hourcea canned renewal of today thut Uouirmnla a may extrlcaU' Itself from the precarloui poNition in which-Ita fprcea In clua have been plafced by Gen, Kalkenhayn, Of prime lw*dtf for this hop* {« utter lack In unofficial Gurman v. u ,,,. , menti* of /uiy clttimii or .large captur«:| of priKoiierM or war munition*. If Ho«jyjL»f«!i« M«L.Mtual!y_.bt_... _. : ., B9l ,^ ped by the encircling movement around!,• Turnu and Hevorin, reachii •er lo Oralova, 1r in deeJarwl Berll reportH would hnvo ohro'nlclod th« ture of men and Miipplles. •tie IM exprcMHi-d bw«u«e It In kno\,, heie that (be ItoumaniiuiN Hucceeded }| rt-moviiiK their ttrtlllory from Cralon before thut elty fell into the handy the enem/. Hnpu IH also tuken ..^,, re-port* from c.erman Hource,» that fur«%? cher pn»Kren« beyond the Alt IH be ""' layi'd beuuuHt* t>f tin- condition of roadn. GERMANS TAKE^LEXANORIA, (Hy Tnited Prens.) Ittllin/tier. Hy VVIreleHM To Buyvllbj, L I, Nov 'il -Alexandria im« b««B •aptuit-d fiom the Huumunian» in Waj« Inch la. avcoidlllK to un official t<tat«*. mem today. CRUELTY IS CHARGED. (Hy Tutted Presa ) Home, lint) Nov' 'il —WlreltHa r#« *\ 'Hi;. <e< eivtd.'tieiv fu>m Petrogr&4 lecl.uc that "ihe iieiinunM "are com* itiinK hoiiiblc acts m western Wa}» i liia pill,iKinu v and nu4»«ui.'rinK tlid' RETIREMENT ANNOUNCED. illv I'liKed 1'resa ) ' K'i< h,4i< •<(. iioumaiuu, JVov. 27, — in mini fiom the Alt and Topolou iiile i.isiuaiiL wan ,uuiounc('d in t ilu i \\ >.i, iii meiit loduy. . BULGAR8 DEFEATED, * i|i> I'nlted I'i ani-n, Xw, 27, ••! JmlKanan «ttuek» on •-, i LI, ins ,.ii the tviu.i tnnit, was 11 nniid tiido Un ilu* allies left tin it i!i IIIH t iijitlnut r* ttfi ir ut tin. m»uiit iitti »l iMinob QUIET ON BRITISH FRONT. 1 "i d . In..' N«.\ .Ji Artillery in it i ii,.inn] l \ itiuiiM but other* ui i .1 p i i n, il Iii ill b Hi.lit I i j. 1 ', I i ,1 « i l ' tl II-!,'

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