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The Winfield Daily Free Press from Winfield, Kansas · Page 1

Winfield, Kansas
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Saturday, November 19, 1921
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wi ID) ILD I AILY H li VOLUME XXXI. WINFIELD, KANSAS, SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 19, 1921. NUMBER 147. MORE MILEAGE MAKES THEM COSTLESS WOLFE TIRE COMPANY Phone 963 'ft 'Dw Pi II. m - JAPAN OBJECTS TO CHINESE POLICIES mI.mwsv m mm a wmmmmmmnm DOWN SHE GOES. At Cambridge End of luartcr; Yule 3, Harvard 0. first Agrees to Some Parts of Celestial Bill of , ' Rights But Opposes Others, it is Reported. : Washington, Nov. 19 Japan today stated her position on Chinese und Far Eastern questions in the arms limitation con-leieuce. The statement of Japan's policy In me far inaui was i.iuue lo lue full comuiltiee of the coufereuee on Fur iusiein. u.uesuous uy Aa-mirel Baron ivatu, rauKiug mem-her of tne Japanese uoiegudoii. j Members oi me Japanebj ueie-gailon explained touowmg me meeting mat the aduress oi i3arou Ku.o ias uot a airect reply to' the Chinese- proposals but wua a statement of Japans' position in response to' the proposal maue to the committee recently by Cnma. iiaron Kato is unaerstood to 1$.M)JT IS KILLED IX ATTEMPT AT A IJOIU5EKV. Montpelier, Ind.. Nov. 19. rAn unidentified; bandits was killed today when four men attempted to rob the post- office here. Jerry Enlge, 45,,-police- man, .was wounded by a "lookout" when he frustrat- ed the attempted robbery- Engle shoi ana killed the man who wounded him. The other three bandits escap- ed. '' - I Chicago, Nov. 19 Ten persons' were killed at Summit, Illinois, a' Ipiilnncn milinvh iAftutr i.iioti mi t automobile in a funeral procession' was struck by train number four, I the California limited, on thT Santa Fe. Washington, Nov. 19 A .direct vote on the question of refusing to seat Truman H. Newberry as senator from Michigan was assured today when Senator Walsh, Montana, democrat. Introduced a resolution providing that Newberry be denied a seat- becauu&8 of the expenditure of too much money in his campaign. API WANTS I TONNAGE It-!' fl! :f;-A':'-:V;;, c A j- 'i .r'.tt.w : i - 4 NEW OATILESHIP TAKES TO WATER NEW AMERICAN SUPER-SHIP LAUNCHED AT , NEWPORT NEWS. JAPS LAUNCN ONE (il.NMKX FIGHT A KATTMi. IX STREETS OF DEM-'AST. Belfast, Nov.. 19 Fifteen gun-men fought a thrilling battle in Hie darkened streets of Belfast early today. It was the third shooting affray of the week. An armored car swooped down on the ' Bally Maccarrett area where the fight was in progress and scattered the contending parties after one man had been wounded. ' FIX DETAILS OF NSACT' A v,J "2 f" An American Craft Takes, to Water, Another Mighty m Ship in Japan is Also ' . Launched. have expressed the agreement of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fife' were Japan to some of the main points Winfield shoppers today from Ver-of the Chinese proposals ,to have non' Township. luKen issue witn ouier parts of ' 7 the Chinese statement and to have' ignored some remaining j arts. Japan is as heartily in tavor of the maintenance of tne open door In China as any.other power, Kato is believed to have said. Japan also supports the maintenance of territorial integrity of China, Kato atuo is understood to have declared, and in principle is In favor of the administrative in. tegrity of China, Then, Baron Kato, was said to have stressed the peculiar position of' Japan in China and the Far East generally because of her geographical proximity. It is the position of Japan that this peculiar position of hers must be recognized. . This attituda is believed to Tin vfjnnHarl tn tlio nnrmRitirm . tn various agreements between Ja- piabratinir her "'ten princio'es " tWs V- poncy . 8." . reat Britain, suggests, a pan and the other powers regard- ' tTJll to Lwer China's iSng cpI.tal. S liP t0n"age' ,n decr6a8e in the ""marine ton- , --; f -iq flisnncr. lIllUreKIIOIl was Kltll ..nwa rami naH . om Hflio a omoiia. that the United States would op- tioll o the iong distance subma-pose moves from Japan or any rine There is a great deal of other power for increased capital ( force in this suggestion and when CIliNA BEGIKS HEAL BATTLES Hefot'o Coniniittee of Thirty Ce-' lextiitls Start RchI Battle for FiTedom for Far East-, ern Xation. thirty her real struggle for free- Jap RcJeKation Will Insist That Japan 'Should- Have ' Jios'e Ships Than Allowed I'nder IIiiK'lios' Plan. j Washington., Nov. i9 Japan will firmly insist on an increase in capital ship tonnage over that allowed her in the Hughes' pro posal for limitation of naval arma Newport News,. Va. Nov. I S America's newest and most powerful battleship the West Virg.'nia, slid down the ways here today to take its place at the head cfthe fleet of the United States or on top of an international naval juuk heap.' , . . . . , , ...... i it una cue ,vuiicil ui viitj v uiiu hear home and secretary of labor It be dedicated next June by kn6?1 prayill or all ead of war the custom of a maiden christening chips of war goes on. Little Miss Alice Mann, o! Bramwell, W. Va., sent the monster on its way to be prepared to dea' 'yit-rieath. v .. that will ' miles will Congress ToiV'.y. SENATE: Continues debato on Newberry election cabe. . HOUSE: Resumes Consideration of nily Resumes consideration of Maternity bill. Appropriations committee con-viders deficiency appropriations, i SEC. WEEKS, THOUGH ILL, ARRANGES FOR . bALE OF PLANT. TO GO - I Thi3 200-ton silo at Mooseheart, 111., was dynamited to make way for a ccmpenile in honon.of James. J, Davis, founder of the Moose- PreBident Harding. A campanile? Oh, that a big bell tower. DISCUSSION WITH FRANKNESS MEANS ARMS CONFERENCE IS -MAKING PROGRESS IN SESSION. 2 - i s 1 he"nniuiioa on tne u. ipleted ship FORTY YEAH S ii mm V H. Albright & Co. Celebrate Anuivereary With a ... Dinner. Thomas A. Edison to AiJ Ford in Estimates of Cost of Completing Great l Dam. . BY HERBERT WALKER United Press Staff Correspondent. "(Copyright 1921 by United Presi; j Washington, Nov. 19 MajJr details of Henry Ford's, offer ij jeet were agreed upon at a bedside conference between Ford anj iSecretary of War Weeks lat night. Weeks who is ill, called Ford in. Thomas Edison wai5 selected to go with Ford to Muscle Shoais and make a final estimate of the 1 The firm of Pa H. ( 1 cost of completing Albright & Power Dam. the Wilso.i Company is 40 years old. It is the oldest firm of its kind in Kansas and is also he largest firm engaged in the 'business of farm BY WILLIAM JENNINGS BRYAN mant n nnnrrtin p- tn onthnritntivft (Copyright 1921 by United Press) I ... Japanese quarters today j I Washington, Nov. 19 Discuss-; The Japanese, believe their ion is the beginning of agreement dreadnaught tonnage, after the and the time i3 now being spent in American program for limitation discussion. ' , of naval armament is put into ef- There is a commendable frank- feet, should be 70 percent as great ness in the proceedings. . Xecog-as that of the United States and nizing the difference between a Great Britain instead of 60 per- principle and a detail, the delega- wasiungton, Nov. i cnina s cent as proposed by Secretary of tc3 are suggesting modifications delegation started today before State Hughes. , ' which may, or may 'not alter the the Far Eastern committee of I This significant information principle. I was obtained by the United Press ( Two of these modifications de- following the vigorous statement mand consideration at the pres- dom from her' bondage. Sho had by a high .American spokesman of ent time. ing the . Far East, such as the propositions. 'Anglo-Japanese alliance, ana tne chlna weks a new deal all Lans' ig-Ishii agreement. around a chance to run her own u; naa opportunity to eia- affalrs Jn her own way but " hoMi In' nart. hr ln nrinninlen . . . . . .. . . . .. x. Ship tonnage. , ... r x- giving regara to liuereais oi me and America and England joined outside worid.. Before the com-the general discussion. After ( miUee met at . u O.clock lt was the session, tne American aeiega One 'Man Seriously' Injured and MlcIi Damage to Sells-FIoto Tent F ws lke on - Bigrept ant. ' " ' Orange, Texas, Nov. 19 Floto big bull elephant of the. Sells-Flcto Circus is dead, one ma,n i3 severely injured in a local hospital the circus company is making ex tensive property repairs, and thu it is whipped into shape it will, city is trying to get a new hold sleeples3 HI ELEPHANT hump ens These will be backed up by J 4 five j loalls operated as a partnership of inch guns, four 3 inch anti-air-craft-guns, and two subirerged torpeio tubes. The approximate cost f f the West Virginia will be ?2.r:,000,-000. - 1 .ii'irnnl lUUDlUliUl. The story of the formation of the company was told to a .party consisting of the employes of the conpany, by P. H. Albright yesterday. It was the annual dinner About sixty-five per cent com- ".,u -..''., ,.j hotel. After a very fine turkey dinner served in three courses Mr. Albright, infa few words told the banqueters liow it came about that the firm of P. H. Albrigh't & Company, was organized. In the fall of the year IS 81, Mr. already I nlete. $15,000,000 has been spent upon her. Government Morgan, West Vir-gimu, and Davis Virginia and Representatives Gocdykoontz, Echol3 Rosenblooro and Bowers, West Virginia, attended the launching. The United States and Japan in aH probabmty resuU ln the on its nerves after tion was summoned to meet at 3 p. m., and another meeting of the Pacific committee was called for Monday afternoon affour o'clock. Washington, Nov. 19 The first crisis in the arms limitation conference appeared near today. Despite a warning by the United States that the major points of America's sweeping program for limitation of naval armament must be accepted, Japan was insisting that her capital shir tonnage under the plan be increased tb a. ratio 70 percent as great as that--of-'the United States and Great Britain instead of 60 percent as. suggested by iSecretary Hughes. " The United States is standing firm on its program and vigorously opposing what it regards as un necessary bargaining and dicker u ing. nhino was to nresent to whole conference, sitting as a Far Eastern affairs committee, an elaboration of her 10 point prop-ram submitted this week, and thus seem to ne in a pobiuou ui supprR1,sion of aU submarines in-almnst. direct onnosition on the . . , th tata nf ho (tav'n SARDlnn I .. - .. .. - - . . I BlIUBU 1U1 UUCUM.B. UI pUDOO. u " question or. limitation oi uavai armament, and the first fignt ot . ii t-,l tne conierence la tuieawuou. i,mn,.,,, .,I0 it- hn 'Hi o oQ i..,i. ..... . ml fAnJ nf ' .. 1 butt. M ftciioiuua illiiin. KtL lUUtCV;U perhaps the success of the Far Eastern conference itself would hinge on acceptance or rejection As an inexpensive weapon ' of i defense nothing has ever equalled night, the result of a rampage of Floto, after the afternoon perfor niance of the circus yesterday caused when some practical joker of point four in the 10 principles Lnthe Japanese situation hf rei' e,!Phant lnStead ' already presented by China This, calls for a showdown of all secret treaties and commitments between China and the outside world. Under the Chinese regarding the naval question in the conterence on limitation of armaments: ' 1 The Japanese government nnH dfilearation here has fixed a proposal all such undertakings not rati0 of 7Q percent or the not likely that the final agree- commoiinlaee neannt li- .-l, i .1.. jr..;..A . meiu win wtjiiKwii iiiu After an all riight search by a power ot any nation. heavily armed posse of 100 men umltl' - ia """""lilie elephant was found three as ureal Britain to aoouan every, mils ,n the country this morning. now revealed will be void. Under this clause if accepted it is expected the world will see a remarkable picture of inter offensive weapon of war and to reduce to the lowest posible point . i.. Anni1ial.DM1 Witll japans ,.av, ... """'""" I the defensive weapons.- , the American and British navies jg fee which Nippon understood to be g Jn favorfng a guf. nrpr 'j fori in iniqt nil AS thQ ftD- . national bargaining, secret diplo- minimum for Japan ln , fceht defensive armament. .. . .... . . . ... SOIUIB I111U11UUIU 1U1 T fi IUa rv,.,,iot,in o,, o-irps toil ran marv with us niiiect tne exmoiia.- .... "or, Z ,ki,a . capuai 'be confined to defensive liuh v uuauu,. o "his is -ii eonr.iaerea ooiuiuu .. j ... . . . : i, I there- win i The Chinese said they would not insist on immediate fulfill- work be little objection, be , i Hif.rn' of tne Japanese goverumeuw - ,oiicn nn ik,v to bur liovort tn lavfl r.pp.ii seiueu un n ... ii ment of all their dreams,, but de-' " thG ,acauese dele-' wi n unnecessary uei..- ueiu.e - , nrenaration - gates leu ioi. " aui..fe.., -rove lal matters Detore uie un- on.inter-nronosal sired a . chance to bring all hurriedly It i3 the offensive armament that haa aroused the ire of . the ... iliUl a a tv-, nr, or rha thintra TiRar- . , ty' ki' hnrt as revealed umcu u.V,'';"r,:J world and this armament, wnetn trlrtc,,' Am potenuaries uere antsr u6o. ln au, -- proposals were presented., i DroCo, ot extinction, the following; r 3Xne increased ratio for the Put , tn Pr , extinction, iAhrntinn of such agree- .. 3 lne A"CT mi The British suggestion in His lip was curled in rage and red shown in his eyes. He received many charges of lead, when ho started to renew hostile activities. Ne.w he is lying in state, pending funeral arrangements. Henry Watson, 50, circus man was severely injured whon attempting to quiet the elephant, he was tossed against a tree. At the hospital, it was reported Watson Eufferdi three lToken ribn, internal injuries, a sprained ankle .and scores of bruises. must be Tearing loose from his I moorings, Floto decvlared . war ic" sicninftl ihfi wnrlrl 111 rpnrill amJ Japanese navy is sai a ar ' Eard to giving ship yard enough , when he began to taste the tobac Japan was expected to make somejment (at least as far as the lat- ments as the Anglo-Japanese alii- ye been preE,3nted definitely by , ance-antt. tne Laning-Mu. the Japanese delegation work to maintain the .organiza- response. Th smaller powers were ing strongly to the support of the United States on the submarine issue, raised by Great Britain's suggestion for a reduction of the American tonnage figures. The technical Eub-committee oi au. .-' als continued discussion of ' the submarines problem, The United States navy was launching at Newport News the battleship West Virginia wuu -ny-!iirr bythe Hr-l generation' before the MZTZr2l ps is concerned. China wants an all-Pacific "agreement" substituted. - 2 Respect for cnina s tei-mui ial integrity, for instance, to the 11 l" ,ul""""" co. ills IH31 jicis were to iano veu- to that tlon ft03S no-'Blr'Ke'a'-.'Bt,1'"""a.' geance upon the circus. Light thrown to The show lot resemble da full is said to be firmly convinced that L"nPd tbe voiCe of eon- Petings, side shows and refresh-the empire must. have a navy 70 , Tow tli bas stands were attacHed . tiercent as strong as Ureat Britain ,,. nt tn lm' Tlie circus crown ammeaiateiy The Japanese navy to a man din of the munltion fac- eign customs control and postof-l deenge . o .the country JrownJ bJ- i wnnM he abolished. r..t - i,f on nnwp.r tn Da.tiesnipi i noonto Ifunlf it niiE-llt not States for the P rmnr dispersed; no 1 1 vuii't, ' . To those na wnnm ue ituuiio". - pir.f ii,ot anv nnwer . , qi.U- nnt ai",1"al .... it,nbiori iiVfi ' -imriressive : eere- 3 f reeing ui "-o miht send to Far Kastern waieis. - - uoiuM".!. - - -t,!- Ilia OI lumiai.iiiio Japanese navy was launching the Manchuria lliuui Akagi, another omiPr Briand of France was . hrin; hefOre the nrpnariDK . .!- who i the siton- io;n resemDiea a tun grown cyclone.. Gradually the con- i-i-if con1 tn war h.flstprn wateiis. ...v.. -'-. . nnait -wrao pnrriprl intn tipw tfir- alone from Japa nese military and officerg of the Japanese navy n'"' hidto rest in" ritory. For a time the elephant nnlltlcal control but also from , o . tMa nllvienon as , known soldier was laid to re.t m ' V ; .;;i;r,w maneu- the oresonce of the . representa- umieu. ' the result of their fleet maneu . othing was, A posse of Orange's marksmen vers and their war games over , . tn9 ' two" was formed and the elephant hunt charts of the Pacific ,',',. of siient-nrayer. 'in the surrounding "jungles" be lt is wortny oi note iuut ' ... ., u omA still- tfln. Wild rnort ., circulated PE1U5LEB IS IETAINEO FOLLOWING A MUiSDLit. ' New York, Nov. 19 Joseph Kaufhan, peddler, was detained as a witness today in the murder of Mrs. Elizabeth Mayer, 82 year old recluse, found strangled in her lonely home near Hicksville. TELL AILS GET Of RAPPE CASE Nurse and Physician Slated to be First Witnesses in Trial of .Film Actor in Banquet , , Affair. Ford left here soon after tlu conference and will confer witil Edison in New York today. ' "If you and Edison will go to Musgp' Shoals and make an estimate as to the cost or the com pletion of the work we can settle j the details in two minutes," Weeks is reported to have said to Ford. . ',.', : ' j Ford's night visit to the Week's i residence, Avhjre tlw secretary of war is 'confined, to his .'bed by ill- J ness, followed the earlier conter f ence between Ford and .Secretary of Commerce Hoover. - -Ford had dined on liis private car and was preparing to depart" 'for New York Whfhe was called on the teIephoneind asked to alu' s,u ia'; '"' ' ""'"' visit the secretary ,nf war. at-, his i making some examinations , and . T . v . nr,v J taking applicati'ona'iof -a ,Alarni loan company At the hotel he met J. IJ. More. Mr." Moore inquired and found that Mr. Albright lived at Sedan, and was go ing home that afternoon. He said he was going to take the train that afternoon and they met home. I-'-,(rtf Sitlf. roi ', 'Torfl' and Weeks discused the . whole project and apparently settled everything exceptthe final estimate of the cost of completing the big dam. -v .' Government engineers r $?.orts on the cost of finishing, the dam economic control. .Establishment of limitations upon Japan's grasp 4, Eventual abolition -of extra territoriality It is wortny ot , Thfi world need3 ,he same still- gan. Wild,- - report- miral Baron Kato, the minister ot . i V!.rls a throinrticnt the nieht San Francisco, Calif., Nov. 19. Details of v the dramatic death o Virgina, film beaty, were to be told today as the prosecution warmed to its case against Hoscoe Arbuckle. Miss Grace Halstead, surgical nurse at waiteneiu sanitarium, where Miss Rappe died and Dr. Arthur Beardslee, house physician of the St. Francis Hotel, who attended Miss Rappe immediately fallowing -her injury, were to lay the ground on which the prosecu tion will base its attempt to ob tain the prosecution of Arbuckle for manslaughter. The jury may visit the Arbuck le hotel suite although an ac curate map of the room and tne furnishings already have, been drawn on the, court room blacK board. ; , Dr. Beardslee will, testify as to the condition of Mis3 Rappe immediately following the party when she was carried by Arbuckle dressed in a bath robe, pa ',imas vnrw o miiVi fl Q IK OOrt flflA rirkl- at the depot and rode together to 0ne. governn;ent ' estimate jiiK runs.. A team was there awaiting Mr. Albright and when they left Mr. Moore said he .was coming to Se- J., J., n n1-w-t4 limn n c- rr ll ! T1 UUll 111 a BIll.ll w n,,,H l1lr 19(1 0(10 HUH if Anna n, which he did. Mr. Albright " r-L Ford, with Edison, chief engin- -. eer Mayo... and General Secretary " E. G. Liebold expect to visit, Mus- sel Shoals within ten days, for the j places the cost at $28,000,000; .; another fixes if close to $45,-' , 000,000. Ford has expressed a belief that the work can be com- agai in the mean time learned who Mr. Moore was and that he represented a large loan company making investments in this part of Kan- .,l . n.rifi ',i.i, purpose of .making the necessary bright to come to Winfield with ' ... . t him. He accepted here and spent several days or a week. When the visit was up they went together to Kansas City for a week. . At the close of the visit Mr. Moore asked Mr. Al bright how he would' like to come to Winfield and engage in business with him. The proposition War, accepted and the firm of P. II. Albright & Company, was organized. The books for the new firm were opened up in November 1881. That firm has been in business continually ever since They came ' examination upon which to base j- men estimate. 5 ,; :. j Following 1 their neport to Secretary Weeks, the secretary of war is expected to report a rec-i ommendation to congress, which, if favorable, will request an ; appropriation of the necessary funds to do the work. ' No changes in the original Ford proposals were made by Ford , in his conversation, with either ,. Hoover or Weeks. A tentative suaaestion that Ford reduce the leasing period for the Wilson powf er daw from -100 years to , 50 1. l.rt Iti.oi, T-oatorilnv .7. P. .. v years and that Ford merely, lease Rmr was nresent and related ' .. J how he happened to come to 'Win field from Topeka where he had come to look over Kansas land. He was invited to come down here where land was selling for $1.25 an acre. He came. That was in 1870, fifty one years ago, Col. Manning had established a store in a two story log house. He gave Mr. Short two corner busi- noss lots and six resident lots if ha would build a it. ness. the Nitrate plants for the same terras, instead of purchasing them outright were proposed, but the Detroit, automobile manufacturer declined to give , the suggestion any - consideration. third Plenary session of the con-1 jn effect' wWch n.,loo rrnnce S position China wants the conference miral BaronKato, tne mm nea9 today -in the -navy yards a throughout the night. Natives did ' and a woman's hat through ;the . road bullt to Wichita and then v . . the Imperial Japanese j. ormit the world tir.t cara to sleeD. Watch nartie3 ' mrri,i nf tha lintPl tn n Rpna-I ..,,. w a ohnri wbvs off. Tiied at THvin Falls, Idaho . Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cooper have received a mesage, reportln the death of their daughter-i hotel and run law- Mrs- Ed Cooper of Twin Fa.. That was his start in busi- aao, nev aeatn occurred The lumber for the hotel Tuesday November 8 from a had to be hauled from Emporia which was the nearest railroad. ' fer ly Mi .Lena Vaneaton of But that was. in the day of few this city. She and Mr. Cooper railroads and not much was were married in 1917. thought of it. Later on the ran-j ference Monday France's po an land armaments. --- - ),. .hat will rifirmit the woria net care to sleep, watcn parties directing his country s stano. !t!tnrh0rl noon the p fr.rmfid.on Drotected corners is considered one ot- .me iu T -, - . ...... . . He - is considereo horrors of, war and to seek the and m the outskirts of the city. 5 2oynota K P'iwav that leads to universal A spirit of relief prevailed- and perpetual peace. 'Watfier Kansas: -Fair and night and Sunday. cold to- Oklahcnu Tonight fair cold; Sunday fair, colder, severe freezing. to put a time limit on commit- . . . n elr.nff H ooira o-ive out-siaera a ."i' hold indefinitely upon her nation- ' ranking member i rnannfrps n iho nrpmiPT. crtit.a wants to be guaran-. b" , t.l or.nronosal I The naval holiday, if tt teed as a neutral in case of future ' e asked not only be of ,lne. must be real, n that there can be no grab- D!"e. , Tanfln'a capital ! "Peace, Be still,", once calmed e rhta imdpr the stress Ior . ... , Htatfid the sea. why not use the 111 II Id til l.Cl i,vw nln t rvn TlMfH II II L LVJ IIU . i f war. :::: , ain tvne of-vessel of m'and -to flniet the yards o u ot agreed today. 7 She is particularly anxious dfef lve character. Japan which comes the ships that give io that. a Pacific tribunal be estab- ;antg"t0 approximate the '. ton-, the af- corridors of the hotel to a sepa rate room which had. been engag ed for her. He will, also give his that was only a short ways off, forty miles. The town erew and those who. H. Drowden and J. L. Bell were in'Winfield, today on business from Beaver township. opinion as to whether, the woman i had opportunity to make purchas-died from "external, force applied es early and hang on to the land have been made rich. Chase Johnson of the Newkirk ! office 'told of his early day exper- Frank Laskat of Liberty township was a- shopper in Winfie'd today. . . , ' (pr the1 death of Flcto was report I It was the most exciting night ul c .ru.c,. a .... in this section of the country complaint charges.. ;; ,- com- c, , is.tniinl Tnrtian davs. it . MISS Haisteaa ,Wlll testily as wiMl ,h firm nnrt with the ot .. -h trinv- . i to Miss uapp e: conauion auring v,i,;vi, nfN,o Ho tnld of the i n,or ivt Miliar Tknm. tvt;i. the last two days of her , fatal verv low prices of land and bow iH,rn. Mary Woodul, Floe Blue Those who attended Werec Ci A. Johnson., Rav S. Johnson. J. L. Ajiers will leave Sunday lished so that questions not now of & greater navies. djusted-can ne illness and iof seeing the .autpp-i gn(tiers tried to mortgage their Helen Sage, Hazel Burns, Fred B. the submarine posed. However . .ii. j n.iiVb- rt P1sa- as was nrsx sup- euip huu 1.0.. v.....v.. what vessel is pant Valley were in Winfield to- Temrrra,u Lowest flight 19,- Highest today 40. 1 that this tvDe of ves-t " -nd'anv new problems can be consid- ot tUe Hght cruiser, or I Sidney Carter of Liberty town with ered. 1 g China wants roreign troups removed. especially Japanese ramned l"Verritories where China last claim? is no justification junder any treaty or otherwise. It is stirred by the deadliest storm... morning for Manhattan where he sy performed on he body by Dr. 'holdings for more than they ask-", Adams. P. H. Albright, Mrs. P. H. ferred to is still a mystery. Free Press by the week 15c day. will ioin Mrs. Akers and son Paul who are visiting- relatives there. The family will leave in a few days for California. ' E. W. Craven was in Winfield today on business from Ox'ord. C. W. Wilson and George A Beach were Winfield business visitors Saturday from Hackney. Wlliiam Ophuls'who testified yes- ed for the land in sale. He gave Albright, Emma W. Grovcr. H. L. teray. . 'his' experiences in examining Barbour, Mra Barbour, W. J 1 nr nnimis was rrnsa-MamiTipH lands. . Wilson. A. IT. Burdette, Mrs. A closely bv the defense on the ques tion nf whofhor "a I'll Tt n ru TY.Io-hf . . ' i , part of the business not have occurred from natural , , . cause The advance in the price of Burdette. Gladys Cougher, TT. .T. P. land has been a very interesting fhort. Verna Day, Maude Lam bert. Mrs. Isabella Rawlins, Ches- Col. O'Connor and V. G. An- ter I). Shane, G. W. Collinson, J. derson, guests of the party were II. O'Connor, W. G. Anderson. J: IV .

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